“I Don’t Love You,” Said the Ice Magician to His Unrequited Love, Who Was Disguised as Me – Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Birthday party for His Royal Highness the Prince 3

The second prince’s birthday party.

Finne stood in the middle of the glamorous stage, struggling with her weakness in social circles. The spotlight that dyed her vision white burned her skin.

(What should I do. . .?! What can I do. . .?!)

Her thought process was in a state of confusion that seemed to shatter into pieces.

(I’m bad at sports and have no sense of rhythm, so dancing is impossible. And I’m tone-deaf, to the point where Mr. Ghost would laugh at me if I sang. . .)

The more she thought about it, the more hopeless the situation seemed.

(No, but I have to do it! Please, God! Just this once, make a miracle happen and let me dance an amazing dance!)

She relied on her vague memories and stepped out some semblance of a dance.

The next moment, Finne found herself looking up at the ceiling in a position that felt like the end of the world.

(I’m so bad at sports that my body is doing something incomprehensible. . .)

The air in the frozen venue was tense. In the stillness that felt like time had stopped, murmurs leaked out.

“W-What was that. . .?”

“She was moving like a ghost.”

“I don’t understand. . .What was she trying to express. . .?”

Feeling her face grow hot with confusion, Finne stepped up to the microphone.

(If dancing won’t work, then singing will! Please, let a miracle happen!)

With all her heart, she opened her mouth.

“. . .”

She was so nervous that no sound came out at all.

Finne’s eyes filled with tears.

“W-Why is there no sound. . .?”

“Could it be. . .she’s trying to sing without making a sound. . .?”

“I don’t understand. . .What is she trying to express. . .?”

(I was having fun, why do I have to suddenly suffer such a huge embarrassment!)

Anger welled up inside her.

There must have been some misunderstanding, but she wanted to throw everything away and run away from the irrationality of the world. 

(That’s right. If it’s come to this, I’ll just do whatever I want.)

Finne, who had given up, stood up straight in the center of the stage.

(I won’t do any proper entertainment anymore. I’ll send everyone flying with my magic as a greeting!)


For Allen Roston, the second prince of the Roston Kingdom, the entertainment performed at his birthday party was boring. The impressive skills that had moved him when he first saw them had become dull and no longer moved his heart after seeing them countless times.

However, as the second prince, he couldn’t put it into words. If he said he was bored, this entertainment would disappear. But how would those involved in this entertainment feel at that time? They might feel like their efforts and dedication were being denied.

Moreover, public imagination is always fierce and unforgiving.

[That acrobat messed up at the second prince’s birthday party.]

[That’s why he was kicked out. He was already on the decline anyway.]

[It was ridiculous to invite such a silly act to the party in the first place.]

Baseless rumors could spread.

(I can’t let these feelings out.)

This is also true when having personal conversations in his private room. 

He doesn’t know where the conversation will leak from, and often, the way it spreads as gossip causes more damage.

As someone who carries the responsibility of the country, he has learned to live while suppressing his emotions. 

He observes his surging emotions with a cold eye as if they were someone else’s problem and composes himself.

(Life is full of boredom and suffering. That’s how it’s made. So I’ll kill my heart and fulfill my duty.) 

Even towards Finne Creutzfeldt, who had to hastily take on the role of a substitute due to the opera singer’s absence caused by an epidemic, his heart was completely cold.

(She seems to be a show-off. Not that it matters.)

However, her performance that he had been looking at with a cold gaze was different from what he had imagined.

(What is that completely incomprehensible and mysterious movement she’s doing. . .?)

Bewilderment and confusion.

Why did she think of performing something like that on this grand stage?

(What is she trying to do. . .?)

In front of the bewildered audience’s gaze, she seemed to have made up her mind about something.

She firmly stepped on the stage with her two feet and gently drew something in the empty space with her right hand.

Something began to dance in the venue, fluttering around.

Silently falling onto the table, it was snowflakes.

Semi-transparent ice crystals like feathers danced in the air.

Snow falling under the chandelier in the palace.

And what appeared were water spirits.

The spirits, who were adorned with fantastic beauty, flew around the wide venue with pleasure.

(Summoning magic to call forth spirits. . .There should only be a few people in the kingdom’s magical world who can use it. . .)

Magic formulas unfolded one after another.

Countless spirits and snowflakes danced beautifully in the sky.

Eventually, a huge magic circle appeared in the background.

From a beautiful ring of light emerged a dragon made of water magic.

The dragon and spirits danced in the snow-filled sky.

(How. . .how beautiful. . .)

A world so beautiful and fantastic that it didn’t seem of this world spread out before them.

The second prince couldn’t even begin to guess how long the dance of the spirits had continued. 

It feels like it was a long time, and yet it also feels like it was just a brief moment.

The spirits disappear, and Finne Creutzfeldt bows.

No one can speak.

All they can do is stare in disbelief.

The magical technique is beyond any standard for the future duchess of the Duke’s heir.

(Who is she. . .) 

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