How To Train the Wolf King – Accidentally Spending the Night Together and Triggering the Death Flag, I’ll Tame Him To Aim for a Happy Ending! – Chapter 18

Chapter 18: “Progress, OK.”

In the afternoon courtyard, vibrant greenery and colorful flowers bloomed as three men and women chatted.

“I dozed off during class…,” 

Flora said this with a dejected expression.

“It’s like old times at the academy, isn’t it?” 

Serge chuckled.

“Flora-sama is doing well. Please don’t be too hard on yourself,” 

Margaery comforted Flora with a loving gaze.

Margaery discreetly turned around and beckoned Anya, who was standing in the corner. The called maid quickly approached.

Margaery received something handed to her and smiled again at Flora.

“It’s mint chocolate. It refreshes your mind and helps you stay awake.”


Flora’s eyes became teary.

She reached out and picked up a piece of chocolate, then wrapped her small lips around it.

Placing her hand on her cheek, Flora exclaimed, 

“It’s delicious! Your kindness, Margaery-sama, brings tears to my eyes!”

“I prepared it for you, Flora-sama. Now, please enjoy it to your heart’s content.”

“I will…! I’ll eat it and do my best in the evening classes…!”

“Yes, that’s the spirit.”

Margaery smiled and offered the chocolate, while Flora happily ate it.

Serge couldn’t help but burst out laughing at the two of them.

It was the blank time between morning and evening classes. 

Taking advantage of this, Margaery held a small tea party to refresh Flora. Although it was decided hastily, Serge happened to be free and immediately came when he was asked.

“What kind of class was it? Flora got sleepy.”

After laughing for a while, Serge wiped away his tears and asked.

“She’s always so motivated; it’s unusual.”

“It was a history class…”

“That’s Flora’s strong suit, right?”

Serge tilted his head in surprise. As he said, Flora, who came from the church’s orphanage, was knowledgeable about history and religion.

Margaery smiled wryly and answered in place of the shrinking Flora.

“It’s because of the teacher’s voice. The professor who came today was Professor Bennett.”

“I see.”

Serge nodded in understanding.

Professor Bennett is a historian. He rarely teaches because he is a researcher, but he is a well-known scholar affiliated with the Royal Academy.

It is a very valuable experience to take his class. However, unfortunately, his tone of voice is too soothing. His voice is exquisitely inviting to sleep. Even during their academy days, most of the students who eagerly gathered for the professor’s special lectures were rowing their boats in magical drowsiness.

“I hate to say it, but it can’t be helped with Professor Bennett.”

“But, Margaery-sama was awake the whole time.”

Flora glanced at Margaery. In response, Margaery nodded with a smile. 

“I’m knowledgeable about pressure points that can wake you up. The space between your eyebrows, the top of your head, your middle finger, and the base of your thumb…a less noticeable one that I recommend—is around your hand. If you’re interested, I can teach you later.”

“You’re amazing.”

Serge was impressed, half in disbelief. Beside him, Flora tightly squeezed Margaery’s hand.

“Please, I would love that! I need to be able to stay awake, no matter what. I might have important ceremonies where I can’t afford to be sleepy.”

“Fufu, I see.”

While smiling at Flora, Margaery suddenly remembered the morning class.

It wasn’t just because of the pressure points that she didn’t feel sleepy.

It was because the content was about the history of the saint.

(Saint Flora, huh?)

She secretly gazed at Flora’s profile as she talked happily.

The origin of the saint dates back to the time of the first king. The first saint was Lyra, who later became the queen. She was known for sealing the spirits of the calamity, called the demons, in the Valley of Lamentation with the first king.

Since then, when a black-haired king is born, a saint also appears in this country. Usually, the power of the saint is born in a woman with magical power paired up with the king.

(First Saint Lyra. Second Saint Luna. Third Saint Emilia. Fourth Saint Liliane. Come to think of it…they all awakened when a Wolf King was present…)

Thinking about it again, it was a question. 

In the novel, Flora also awakens as a saint during Julius’ reign. The Wolf King and the Saint Is there any meaning to their regular appearance in this country?

(I remember in my past life, there was speculation that the mystery of the saint would be revealed in the third part.)

Margaery pondered this.

After the Academy Arc in Part 1 and the Bride Training Arc in Part 2, “Cinderella Suddenly” comes to a close. 

After the death of King Julius, his half-brother Serge succeeds him as king. Flora, who has awakened the power of the saint, stands by Serge’s side as his queen. The Kingdom of St Legrand welcomes a new dawn, and that’s where the story ends.

However, among fans, there were rumors of a phantom third part. The reason was that there were many settings that were not deeply explained, such as the “Wolf King who is born regularly” and the “saint who awakens at the same time.” 

Fans were excited that these mysteries would be the theme of the third part.

(I was also looking forward to it, but… before that, the author died in an accident.)

She sighed and closed her eyes.

Margaery didn’t know if the third part really existed or if the mystery of the saint was solved. At this point, her honest opinion was that she didn’t want any more events or mysteries to arise.

While lost in thought, she was called out.

“So, Margaery… Margaery?”

She was startled and noticed that Serge and Flora were both looking at her.

Margaery cleared her throat and smiled.

“I was a little lost in thought… What is it?”

“Do you meet with His Majesty, my brother?”

“His Majesty?”

She blinked at the sudden mention of his name. It seemed like the topic had changed completely while she was lost in thought.

Serge scratched his cheek, looking troubled.

“I’m going to meet my brother officially… You’ve met him before, right? I wanted to hear what you talked about beforehand.”

‘Yes!’ Margaery did a fist pump under the desk.

She had heard from Julius that the two of them hadn’t met yet. Julius had been avoiding it on purpose, but it seemed like he had finally made up his mind. He had also mentioned this morning that he was looking forward to it.

(Julius-sama is also on board! I have to do my part to make sure things go well!)

Margaery smiled coolly, feeling incredibly excited inside.

“I didn’t have a deep conversation with him, but… His Majesty seemed to be concerned about Serge-sama. He said he wanted to do something brotherly for him once in a while.”

“My brother said that…”

“Yes. His Majesty had a very kind look in his eyes at the time. I was very impressed.”

It was a lie.

In actuality, she pressured him under the dog ears and fluffy tail and couldn’t say no.

However, things can be said differently. And, it was true that Julius was somewhat concerned about Serge.

[…So, how was it?]

Early in the morning, Julius suddenly asked Margaery this after talking to Serge.

Interrupting his stretching, the king looked up at her. Margaery tilted her head in confusion.

“What do you mean, how was it?]

[My half-brother and his fiancé. Did they both seem happy to see you?]

[Yes, we’re having fun like we did in our academy days, thanks to you.]

[I see.]

The king gave a curt response and went back to his stretching.

‘Was he probing for the upcoming meeting?’ Margaery briefly thought so, but when she caught a glimpse of his profile, he seemed a little happy.

Seeing that, Margaery couldn’t help but grin.

(Oh my. He really did think about Serge-sama.)

Margaery had thought that he had called her solely for his own benefit, but it seemed that wasn’t the case.

As expected, all they needed was a small push as siblings. With that, they could step forward together.

With newfound confidence, Margaery said to Serge:

“Don’t worry. His Majesty is surely looking forward to meeting you too.”

But then Julius spoke with a chilling voice and sharp gaze:

“If I’m in your way, don’t hesitate to get rid of me. Although, I don’t think you can kill me.”

Julius’s voice was freezing, and he had a sharp gaze.

Serge’s face was tense and pale.

Hiding behind a pillar, Margaery trembled at the sight.

(Why…why did it have to come to this?!)

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