How to Live as a Wandering Knight – Chapter 116.1

𝐒𝐨𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐧 𝐒𝐢𝐞𝐠𝐞 (2)

𝐒𝐨𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐧 𝐒𝐢𝐞𝐠𝐞 (2)

“To tear a troll’s neck apart, what. . .”

One of the vassals spoke incredulously, causing Galen to blush. Frankly, even he found it a bit preposterous when he said it.

However, if he was the type to know shame and back down, he wouldn’t have tried to seize his nephew’s land in the first place. Galen stubbornly insisted.

“I heard it clearly. Travelers in the fiefdom knew it, and so did the pilgrim monks.”

“How can you believe rumors spread among the insignificant and ignorant? Do not be swayed by such baseless rumors. What if it’s a deception spread by the enemy?”

At the vassal’s words, Galen gritted his teeth. It was a statement he had heard directly from a high envoy of the order, but he couldn’t reveal that here.

‘Baseless rumors! Ignorant fools!’

Having received a letter directly from Johan and the order, Galen had been greatly anticipating Johan’s rumor. Johan was their savior, set to realize their dreams and desires.

Of course, the rumor of tearing a troll’s neck might have been an exaggeration.

But there’s always some truth in every rumor.

If the rumor of tearing a troll’s neck had spread, then he must have participated in troll hunting and made notable contributions.

That was enough. For his young age, it was more than sufficient.

Galen and his brothers prayed fervently for Johan to enter the castle soon and take Iselia.

“No matter how great that young knight is, he won’t be able to cross the walls of Karis Castle. We have this fortress and our soldiers.”

“Can we hold out for long? The enemy came too quickly. We’re not fully prepared. . .”

“Won’t reinforcements come?”

“Reinforcements? If the vassals had fought properly. . .”

The ridiculous rumors put forward by the Asada family’s kin were ignored, but there was indeed a division of opinion among the vassals.

The shock of Johan’s rapid advance was significant.

The army had already camped in front of us before the meeting could even conclude. . .

Because of this, there were suggestions to hold out along the walls, but there were also many suggestions to try negotiations. Going to the order for a trial could open opportunities for bribery or persuasion.

As these suggestions came up, Galen and his brothers smirked cunningly. It had been worthwhile to spread the word that ‘negotiations must be made, a trial at the order is necessary.’

“Can’t we launch a surprise attack?”

“Your Excellency the Palace Steward, please restrain yourself! If you fall, this fiefdom is finished!”

Iselia was a well-trained knight but lacked experience in large-scale battles. Her experience was mostly in quelling small bands of rogues or monsters.

If they were captured in a surprise attack, the fiefdom would be doomed.

“Understood. I comprehend.”

Iselia nodded. She might have lacked experience, but she wasn’t so obtuse as to not understand the words of her vassals.



“A solid fortress indeed.”

Karis Castle was not located in the middle of a nearby town or city, but a bit further away, on a steep rocky cliff right by the coast.

As a result, the only accessible path was from the front. Not to mention, the castle walls were not low, so its defensive capabilities were admirable.

“It seems this area is prone to frequent attacks.”

There was only one reason to build a castle on such a cliff, leaving the large towns behind.

After all, the Asada family itself originated from a pagan family that came from the Eastern Empire. Being a strategic point on the sea route meant it was naturally coveted by many.

Hadn’t Johan also come desiring it?

“It seems our time to shine has arrived.”

The Dwarf captain, McKald, spoke up. McKald had quickly become friends with Johan. McKald was a distant relative of the dwarves from the Balpa family.

As dwarves who devoted loyalty once contracted, their steadfastness needed no further mention.

Among the dwarves were siege engineers. They had already started gathering materials nearby and were ready to begin preparations.

“Just give the order, and we will begin construction.”

“No. I don’t plan to attack head-on. Let’s wait a bit.”


The dwarves didn’t ask why. They simply followed orders.

‘The soldiers on the castle walls seem to be in good condition.’

It was remarkable in itself to station hundreds of soldiers there ordinarily. Normally, soldiers would just be loafing around.

Just like the structure of the castle, it was evident that the area was prone to frequent attacks. This made it understandable that the soldiers were well-trained.

It wouldn’t be bad to rush in, break the gate with a battering ram, place ladders on the walls, and launch an all-out assault with catapults. . .

But the urgency was not on Johan’s side, but the enemy’s. Besides, Johan had many points of confidence.

“Send people to the nearby towns and cities to demand tribute for protection. And don’t forget to threaten that no supplies should enter the castle, or they will not be forgiven.”


By blocking the entrance to the castle and waiting leisurely while receiving supplies from the surroundings, Johan could wait even more resolutely the more advantageous his position became.

It was not the persistence and savvy of a young knight. The military priests recorded all these events and reported them upwards.



If a favorable opponent remains still, the disadvantaged side becomes more anxious. As the army camped and just waited in front, the atmosphere inside the walls became eerie.

The envoys who went outside did not return. If they weren’t captured, it had to be assumed that the vassals were just watching and waiting.

“What about marquis Crucho? viscount Ginolen?”

The marquis was a loyalist of the Emperor, and viscount Ginolen was a proxy ruling the Emperor’s southern territories. Both were supportive forces that could help from the west.

“They say they can’t make a move. . .”

“. . . . . .”

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