How to Live as a Wandering Knight – Chapter 116.2

𝐒𝐨𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐧 𝐒𝐢𝐞𝐠𝐞 (2)

Neither the marquis nor the viscount had the leeway at the moment. They were in a situation where they were pouring into the Empire, even incurring huge debts. On top of that, mercenaries were running amok in their fiefdoms.

In such a situation, relatives of the Asada family like Galen strongly argued that ‘This matter arose because Iselia’s crime was exposed and the order intervened, the situation will be resolved if only Iselia is punished,’ and a decision was made.

We’ll just stand by for now!

From the perspective of the marquis and viscount, as long as the feudal lord remained loyal, they could turn a blind eye to internal power struggles.

“I’ll try to negotiate.”

“. . .Understood. Proceed with that.”

Iselia spoke with a face full of fatigue. She was originally not trained to be a feudal lord.

But after the count died, she had been enduring conflicts with relatives, so it was natural for her to be mentally exhausted.

“Shouldn’t we wait until they send an envoy?”

“Are you still saying that? They have no intention of sending one. They want us to send first.”

Johan’s army was exerting pressure by not taking any action. Even the loyal vassals were mentally shaken by this pressure.



Johan wandered around like a feudal lord, meeting village chiefs and priests. A few silver coins were enough to win their favor. They knelt and bowed their heads in front of Johan.

Insignificant rogues and monsters nearby also became targets for subjugation. Though they were just goblin and kobold dens, Johan eradicated them all with the eastern warriors.

“An envoy has arrived.”

“They’ve come later than I thought. Are any relatives of the Asada family involved?”


“Let the envoys wait, and call them first.”


Galen swallowed his saliva and walked through the camp. He had seen mercenaries a few times. Unlike the clumsy ones barely dressed in a thousand armors, these mercenaries were well-armed veteran soldiers.

As an envoy of the hostile camp, he received murderous glares, jeers, and mockery while walking. It was impossible not to feel tense.

‘Stay calm. He’s just a green young knight.’

The knight had a fearsome reputation but was still young. Galen was confident he could toy with him given the chance.


The moment Galen entered the tent, it felt like his breath stopped. The figures inside the large tent were each gruesomely distinct.

A knight looking like a butcher, a barbarian warrior from the northern east, a suspicious-looking wizard, and a giant wolf lying in the middle.

“Ah. . . Galen of the Asada family. . . Sir.”

He planned to enter boldly, but his body reacted on its own upon seeing this. Galen couldn’t even meet Johan’s eyes due to an inexplicable sense of oppression.

“You may lift your head comfortably.”

“Th-thank you.”

Galen took a deep breath internally and composed himself.

“Thank you for coming like this. I was despairing over how to judge the atrocities committed by the elf of the Bluea family. . .”


The wolf made a sound, and the young knight calmed it.

‘Is it hungry?’

“. . .It’s truly a joy that you’ve come from the order. Glory to the gods!”

“Glory to the gods. So why isn’t the acting count coming out?”

“Well, because he’s a shameless and unashamed man who’s holding out! Sir, you should lead the soldiers and condemn him!”

“The walls are high, the passages narrow, and the soldiers well-trained.”


“Are you suggesting I take my soldiers into such a place?”

“Ah. . . I mean, with you and your soldiers, it should be enough. . .”

“If the elf of the Bluea family receives proper judgment, this countship will be ruled by them.”

“No! Obviously, my nephew. . .”

Everyone in the room chuckled. It was a laugh of disbelief. Galen felt humiliated but restrained himself. He was the desperate one, after all.

“Even so, there’s nothing in it for me.”

“. . .I’ll try to make the best possible offer. . .”

“Enough. I’ll speak, so listen well. Go and open the door.”


Galen panicked when an arrow flew at him. The castle’s defense captain and the soldiers were under Iselia’s direct command. How could he open the gate under their watchful eyes?

“Sir, the situation inside the castle. . .”

“I don’t want to know. I don’t want to hurt my soldiers just because it’s an order from the order. If you want to see Iselia judged, you open the gate. Understand?”

Johan acted like a mercenary captain in a hurry to avoid losses. Galen was flustered but also relieved.

It was reassuring to see the opponent act understandably. It seemed like there were no hidden agendas.

“But. . .”

“Open it. Answer me. Understand?”

“I. . . I understand. I’ll try to open it somehow.”

The intimidated Galen couldn’t reply and retreated.

And somehow, he really did manage to open the gate.

Two days later, at dawn.

Johan was leading the elite forces and breaking through the castle gate.



The envoys who visited the camp were treated and had fallen asleep. Galen, who had returned earlier, somehow opened the city gate by coaxing a few captains.

As soon as the signal was given, Johan rushed in. He first secured the city gate and then called his soldiers.

A thousand dwarf soldiers approached, playing their tribe’s special drums, causing a commotion at the city gate. The other soldiers inside the castle were taken by surprise.

“Close the city gate!”

Iselia, leading her soldiers, ran from afar. Already, dozens of people were lined up near the city gate. Some of the captains had betrayed and were standing there, including Galen’s face among them.

She gritted her teeth and shouted.

“Traitors! I will kill you!”

“That, that person is an elf from the Bluea family! You must capture that person!”

Johan nodded. Anyway, now that the city gate was wide open and under control, it was only a matter of time before the soldiers arrived.

“Let’s go.”

Johan’s horse neighed and dashed forward. Fern, the warhorse that had gained much experience following Johan, was no longer easily scared. It didn’t stop even as dozens of soldiers charged at it from the front.

“This guy. . . Argh!”

An elf knight, cursing and glaring at Johan, was flung away. Another soldier trying to stab with a spear was also thrown aside. A soldier pulling out a shortsword with a shield was catapulted into the air.

Johan, charging like a man possessed, leaped among the enemies and crushed their formation. In front of Johan, the enemies turned from elites to a disorganized rabble.

“Damn it, that’s not human. . .!”

It seemed like an invisible giant hand was knocking away anyone who approached Johan.

Suddenly, Johan realized that there was no one in front of him. He had broken through the enemy lines.

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