How to Be a Son-in-Law – Chapter – 2

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“What a pain in the ass.”

Kirk grumbled to himself in the carriage because he didn’t like the way the tie felt.

Tonight he’s been invited to a dinner party with the Marquesses of Duston. It has been a regular event since Kirk was ten years old when he became Leafa’s fiancé.

He dislikes it, but only because he is too lazy to attend formal dinners and cannot treat Leafa as he is accustomed to doing in front of the Marquesses.

The Marquesses of Daston in the Kingdom of Sarnina are the first of the five marquesses, and they are trusted by the royal family.

In the kingdom, they’re one of the wealthiest noble families because their land is full of fertile granaries and other resources.

The Marquesses of Daston are a female-led family that has welcomed sons-in-law for generations, but men have a strong position in the Marquesses, and the head of the Marquesses is a man with absolute power, even though he is a son-in-law.

It is said that Tifa Duston, the wife of the current family head, has never been arrogant, as is often the case with family daughters, and has never disobeyed her husband, Alan.

She was known in social circles as a good wife and a wise mother who supported her husband in every way.

Raised by such a mother, Leafa never disobeyed her future husband, Kirk.

Even when the future Marquis of Duston regularly puts her in charge of his own assignment, she does so without a murmur.

She is a somber woman who likes to dress plainly, but her face is quite pretty and her body is not as bad as Lana’s.

Although she is very stubborn and still won’t let her lips touch his, Kirk is surprisingly fond of his quiet fiancée. He can’t wait to see how her coy face will change on their wedding night.

A mansion in a wealthy area of the Royal Capital, a lot of servants, a humble but obedient wife, and a beautiful and unhindered mistress are all living in it.

This is the future that awaits him as sole ruler of the Marquess of Duston. And for that, he’s willing to put up with a few restrictions.

It’s only a matter of a few years before he inherits the title.

The carriage in which Kirk sat drove through the great gates of the Marquess of Duston mansion with a sardonic grin on its handsome face.


After dinner at the Marquess’ mansion, Kirk was invited to the salon by the Marquis of Duston. As usual, they had a pleasant chat over a glass of vintage red wine.

The Marquis is quite lenient with Kirk, his son-in-law-to-be. He is adamant about putting him in charge of the estate, but he tolerates other things, such as womanizing and spending a little money, as long as he doesn’t step out of line.

This is probably because he understands better than anyone else the hardships and burdens that only a son-in-law can bear.

The Marquis himself seems to have only a full wife and no second wife, but he did not forbid Kirk to have a mistress.

That is why Kirk flirts with Lana in front of Leafa without hesitation.

Kirk is in a good mood, so he looks at the elegant sofa where the Marquis is sitting.

The chair has been in the family of the Marquess of Duston for generations, and only the head of the family is allowed to sit on it.

For his family, the poor Earls, it is out of reach, no matter how hard he tries.

It’s a symbol of the promised rose-colored status that his father and his legitimate brother, who always put on a big face at home, can never get.

“By the way, Kirk.”

Kirk smiles slightly when the Marquis calls him, with a dark thought in his mind that it will be his sooner or later.

“Yes, what is it, Marquis Duston?”

“The engagement between you and my daughter Leafa has been broken by mutual consent of the two families.”

For a moment, Kirk’s thoughts paused.


“I want you to know that from this moment forward, you will have nothing to do with this family.”

The Marquis’ calm voice, unchanging as ever, swirled words Kirk did not understand.


“Count Lagat has given his consent. Since it’s a dissolution of the engagement, there’s no alimony, and you don’t have to pay back any of the money you’ve wasted over the years.”

“W-W-Wait a minute! No, why on earth would you want to get rid me?!”

Confused, Kirk stood up and held his head. The glass of red wine rolled on the floor and stained the carpet.

“I-I’ll admit that I’ve had my fair share of flirtations and spending sprees! But until now, I haven’t been blamed so much!”

“Of course, I won’t break off the engagement just because of that.”

“Why then!? Have you heard anything from Leafa? I apologize, but we recently had a disagreement over a point of view. I didn’t want to believe that, regardless of what his only daughter said, the head of the Marquess family would be so selfish as to break the engagement of two nobles.”

In response to Kirk’s accusatory tone, the Marquess smiled coldly.

“If my daughter were to marry you, I would not think of breaking off our engagement for such a thing.

She is a member of the aristocracy, and she will not object to the decision about marriage. “

“Then please cancel it!”

At Kirk’s exasperated words, the Marquis’s face changed.

Kirk winced as he saw the anger on his face.

“Silence! Do you think you can overrule what has already been decided?!”

The voice rattled against his eardrums, and Kirk instantly turned pale.

The usual easy-going, eagle-eyed Marquis was nowhere to be found.

“If you don’t know how to be a son-in-law, you can’t be in charge of the Marquess of Duston! Don’t ever show your face to me again!”

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