How to Be a Son-in-Law – Chapter – 1

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The Marquesses of Duston, one of the five marquesses of the Kingdom of Sarnina, are a matriarchal family.

The current head of the family, Aran Duston, was originally the third son of an earl, but became a son-in-law of the Dustons, who had only one daughter.

His predecessor also became a son-in-law in the same way.

This means that the Duston family hasn’t had any male children for a long time. This means that the family is known as a matriarchal family in the Kingdom of Sarnina.

The current Daston family also has only one heir, and that is, of course, the daughter.

Leafa Duston is 16 years old.

Her chestnut-colored hair is fluffy, and her droopy eyes and light freckles on her white skin make her appear younger than her age, but her beautiful blue eyes, as if cut out of the sky, sparkle with strength of will and intelligence.

There, Leafa was called to a common room at a high-class school for noble children.

She looked dead at the man who called her, but didn’t say anything.

“You’re still as boorish as ever. Why don’t you take a lesson from Lana?”

Leafa’s fiancé idly brushed back his fringe as he embraced the baroness in her revealing dress.

Kirk Lagat, He is the second son of Earl Lagat, a blond-haired, blue-eyed prince of a man.

Leafa’s dress, even though it was simple, was made for her by a fashionable shop in the Royal Capital. The color of the dress matched Leafa’s hair color, making her look even more pretty and elegant.

“What can I do for you today?”

Leafa asks Kirk in her usual flat voice.

When she addresses him, her heart is cold and hard as a stone, so that is the only way she can speak.

Kirk looked into Leafa’s Noh-like face and tossed the papers on the table in front of him.

“The usual. Get on with it. “

Leafa picks up the scattered papers and looks them over. A quick look at the documents shows that they are about current flood control work in the Marquess of Duston.

“When is it due?”

“Next week, get it done. Don’t let them find out like you always do. If they find out, you won’t be able to marry me.”

Leafa flipped through the last of the papers and made a schedule in her head.

That wasn’t going to be a problem.

“A dull girl like you won’t be taken seriously by a nice guy like me unless you’re the daughter of a marquis. Make sure you serve me well.”

With a smirk and a nasty grin, Kirk threw a crumpled napkin at Leafa.

The faces of the marquess’s personal bodyguards following Leafa turned pale with anger. But they swallowed their anger as Leafa folded the napkin and placed it on the table as if nothing had happened.

“Kirk-sama: Are you still not finished talking to this woman? Lana is bored.”

Lana Shilti, the daughter of Baroness Shilti, looked up at Kirk and clutched his arm.

Kirk, a stunning man, and Lana, who, despite her outfit, exuded both fairy-tale beauty and an alluring air (particularly around her breasts), were like paintings.

“Ah~, I’m sorry, Lana. I don’t want to deal with this woman either.

But that’s the kind of woman I need if I want to inherit the Marquess family.”

“Iya~a, Kirk-sama, you’re terrible. I knew you liked her more than me.”

Even as she said this, Lana’s face was filled with a sense of superiority.

There was no way Kirk would ever love Leafa more than Lana! She thought so.

“If I inherit the Marquess family, I’m going to confine this woman to a remote corner of the estate! I can’t make you the main wife, but I’ll make Lana my second wife, and she’ll look after the house and social matters. I’ll buy you all the dresses and jewels you want with money from the Marquis family. I’m excited about the wedding. I want you to do everything you can to provide me with a beautiful heir like Lana.”

Kirk rushed to hug Lana, kissing her on the cheek and spitting sweet nothings at her.

“Ah, yes, hey, Leafa. Tomorrow I’m taking Lana to the retreat at Salina Resort to rest and recover. Make arrangements for accommodation.”

“Ye~y. I’m so glad, Kirk-sama. Lana would love to shop at Guenther’s in Salina again~.”

Lana’s voice, laced with sweetness, struck a nerve in Leafa.

Every time she hears it, she feels a muted discomfort, as if she’d found a wisp of a finger.

Kirk, on the other hand, stretched out his nose and hugged Lana, saying, “You can buy whatever you want.” And then he crawled his lips down Lana’s neck.

Leafa looked at her maidservant and personal bodyguard, who were always by her side. With that, the two who had served her since childhood prepared their master to leave the room.

“Make sure you get the best accommodations. I don’t want Lana’s soft, white skin marred by cheap bedding.”

He smirked and added, “Her skin leaves marks easily.” “Ny~a It’s still daylight~” Kirk leans over a shy Lana, and Leafa leaves the room.

“It’s unfixable.” Leafa’s voice did not reach the ears of the excited couple.

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