Did the Hero Ask Me to Die? – Part – 1

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Before the deepest valley of the Demon Territory,

As his sword pierced the Demon King’s heart, the Demon King staggered back and fell to the bottom of the valley.

The End.

The death of the Demon King, avenging the good of all living things.

But the dark clouds in the sky did not clear, and the thick miasma remained in the air.

The hero muttered to himself as he peered into the valley floor.

“I guess we can’t end his life completely…”

Then he took out a small crystal ball from his waist bag and threw it to the bottom of the valley.


He slowly turns around and looks at me.


Support-san is the name that the heroes call me.

When he calls my name, I take a step forward.

The hero continues.

“Your turn.”

I didn’t understand a word he said and replied.

“Yes. Well…, what should I do?”

To be honest, I’m a lousy auxiliary mage who doesn’t measure up to the heroic party. Unlike the party members, I am not capable of doing anything great.

At my reply, the hero scowled, a melancholy expression on his handsome face.

“To the bottom of the valley.”


I let out a pathetic voice.

Did the hero demand instantaneous movement by magic?

No, I can’t use such a high-level spell.

When I was silent, the hero said to me strongly, with a pitying expression on his face.

“I want you to throw yourself into the depths of the valley for your country, for your people. If you sacrifice your soul, the Seal Crystal will take effect and the Demon King will be sealed forever, never to return.”


—You mean…

You want me to die?

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