An Unconscious Genius Magic Tool Maker Wants to Live a Leisurely Life – Chapter 27

An Unconscious Genius Magic Tool Maker Wants to Live a Leisurely Life – Chapter 27

Chapter 27: We’ll make a golem

“Here it is, around this area!”

Lidoria-san rummages through a wooden box and takes out a thick booklet.

There’s no title on the cover, and it looks like a simple report with a considerable number of pages.

“What’s this?”

“It’s a report on golem creation. It was left behind by the previous director.”

“A report?”

“Well, in this area, your personal research achievements count as your accomplishments. That person reported her progress and boasted about being an excellent magic tool maker to the kingdom.”

It was the first time I had heard about it, not about the previous director, but about how reporting personal research achievements could be recognized by the country.

I had never heard of that before.

According to Lidoria-san, everyone working in the court seems to be reporting not only research achievements related to their work but also those outside of it.

“Well, I didn’t have that much leeway, so I haven’t done it much.”

“Oh, I didn’t know that.”

“Well, normally, the director should explain it to you…”

So that’s how it is.

Since the day I entered the palace, the harassment from the previous director had begun.

Even though it was our first meeting if it was when I had just entered?

It was said to be because she feared being surpassed, but now I feel like that person just dislikes me…

“Please use this as a reference. I’m going to throw it away anyway.”

“Thank you.”

I received a report from Lidoria-san and briefly checked its contents.

What kind of things did the previous director write?

I was surprised to find that she had actually written a well-organized summary of the key points.

“This report… is easier to read than mine.”

“Well, that person is actually capable of working. Even before becoming the director, I heard that she worked very hard for the sake of her career. I think she became like that after becoming the director because she worked hard to get there.”

I can’t imagine the sight of the previous director working hard at all.

Of course, that person wasn’t in the director’s position from the beginning. 

Thinking about it, the only director I know is the one from the past four years, and I don’t know anything about her before that.

I wonder what kind of person she was?

I was a little curious, but I’m more interested in the core that I have in my hands.

“I’ll go back and investigate right away.”

“Please take it easy. You have work tomorrow too.”

“It’s okay. I’m used to being busy.”

“That’s the same for me too. But it’s too late once you break down. Please don’t push yourself too hard.”

I nodded in agreement.

Because I know how hard work can be, Lidoria-san’s words carry weight.


After returning to the royal palace, I immediately returned to my room and started reading the report.

It’s about the size of a fairy tale book in terms of page count.

Just skimming through it would take a considerable amount of time.


“…It’s easy to understand.”

The way the previous director summarized it is easy to understand, and I’m able to read it quickly and smoothly.

I’m flipping through the pages at a pace that’s clearly faster than my usual reading speed.

It’s a somewhat frustrating feeling. 

I also need to learn how to write reports that are easy to understand like this.

I was also taught things other than making golems.

“… Alright, I think I got the gist of it.”

In conclusion, this core is only ten percent complete.

Although it has commands for startup and shutdown, the crucial action patterns are not programmed.

The materials used are the highest quality “magic mirror stone” and “magic crystal stone” that can be obtained in this country, mixed with several types of special minerals.

Magic mirror stone is the only inorganic substance that has the ability to generate magic power on its own, similar to the magic crystal stone used as the core of magic tools, but they are completely different minerals; magic mirror stone generates magic power, while magic crystal stone has the ability to store magic power.

Normally, golems require a replenishment of magic power.

Golems operating in the kingdom have a daily timing for replenishment, and golems encountered in dungeons are supplied with magic power from the dungeon side through a special mechanism.

Autonomous golems must generate and store magic power on their own, without requiring replenishment.

As a golem core, this one is constructed as solid as possible. 

The situation is to make the exterior firm and work on the interior later.

On the contrary, it’s convenient.

It’s troublesome to have half-hearted commands.

“Select command patterns and prioritize them…”

I immediately started thinking about the commands to write in the core.

Just like making a magic tool, the more commands there are, the higher the difficulty of creating it.

For a normal golem, it is sufficient to give it five to ten commands, but…

“For an autonomous one, at least thirty… no, forty is needed.”

In order to respond flexibly, various patterns must be given.

Among them, the most important command is to think for itself.

Record information and think based on that information.

I want golems to do what we humans do every day.

I think again.

The difficulty of creating an autonomous golem.

It’s like creating a completely different life form with our own hands.

It’s truly a divine act.

“That person must be desperate.”

Once you start, you won’t stop.

I want to see it completed.

The excitement of stepping into unknown territory drives me forward.

Perhaps this is it.

The goal that I want to achieve in my lifetime.

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