An Unconscious Genius Magic Tool Maker Wants to Live a Leisurely Life – Chapter 26

An Unconscious Genius Magic Tool Maker Wants to Live a Leisurely Life – Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Golem’s Core

The golem, a humanoid magic tool weapon. When most people hear this name, they probably think of a giant mineral creature created by magic tool technology.

It has a rough, brick-like stone body, made up of several layers, and a sturdy humanoid shape about the size of a brown bear. The golems that appear as gatekeepers in dungeons and in stories have such an appearance.

However, in modern times, golems come in various forms. Not only humanoid shapes, but also golems modeled after quadrupeds, birds, and fish have been created.

They are installed to guard important facilities and sent to investigate places that are difficult for humans to infiltrate. Their uses are varied.

And the most important part for golems is the core, the heart of the machine.

“This is the core, right? And it’s pretty high quality… why would something like this be here?”

“Oh… probably the former director’s personal item.”

“The director’s?”

More precisely, it was the former director’s personal item.

I gaze at the golem’s core that I picked up, looking closely at it. It emitted a pale blue light and was as beautiful as a jewel.

“That person was knowledgeable about golem-making. Her personal research theme was supposed to be creating an autonomous  golem.”

“An autonomous golem!?!”

A golem is a magic tool.

It has no emotions and operates based on simple commands given by the user.

Various situations are set up to be handled by replacing specific commands with magical formulas.

The more commands there are, the harder it is to make a golem.

Despite this difficulty, many golem makers dream of creating an autonomous golem.

One that has its own will and can take action through its own thinking, just like a human.

“So the director was trying to create an autonomous golem too.”

“It seems so. She pushed her work onto us and was doing her own research she wanted to do.”

Lidoria-san, with an exasperated look on her face, speaks with a sigh.

It seems that the research has been going on since before the former director took her position.

Many magic tool makers have something they want to accomplish throughout their lifetime.

For the previous director, this core was probably it.

“Lidoria-san was also involved in the research, right?”

“No, I wasn’t. And besides, there’s no way she would let me be involved. That person has a habit of taking credit for other people’s achievements, but doesn’t like it when someone else takes credit from her.”


That’s just like the previous director.

But honestly, it was a little surprising.

That person had a goal she wanted to achieve as a magic tool maker too…

“…I’m a little envious.”

“Huh? Envious of that person?”

“Yes. I don’t have it myself, but there’s something that as a magic tool maker, I want to create in my lifetime…”

It’s a lifelong goal.

Many people say that it’s an important element for a magic tool maker to grow.

I don’t have that.

I have things I want to create at the time, but without any meaning or purpose, I don’t know what I want to make.

So, I think it’s enviable that the previous director had that.

“Isn’t that okay? I don’t have one either.”

“Lidoria-san doesn’t?”

“I don’t have it. I feel like I had it when I was younger, but now I don’t. Besides, we had no choice. We were too busy with work, we didn’t have the luxury to think about anything else.”

“…That’s true.”

As Lidoria-san said, we didn’t have the luxury.

We had to finish today’s work no matter what, so that we could finish tomorrow’s work.

It was a repetitive cycle.

Even on our days off, we were thinking about work.

I haven’t had much time to spend on my research lately.

“That’s why we have the future ahead of us. We can finally settle down and take our time to find what we really want to do.”

“That’s true.”

Thanks to His Highness, I have a little more free time.

Now, I just need to find what I really want to do.

Yeah, I hope I can find it.

“Well, now that work is finished, let’s clean up and go home for today.”


Lidoria-san starts organizing the processed documents.

I wanted to help too, but I noticed the core I was holding and stopped in my tracks.

“Lidoria-san, what should we do with this?”

“Is it the core? Well… I was told to store all of that person’s belongings in the warehouse and put them in a box for now.”

“…What happens after that?”

“I heard that we’ll keep it for a year, and if she doesn’t come back by then, we’ll dispose of it.”

“Dispose of it…”

“Well, It can’t be helped. She left it behind.”

I gaze at the core in my hand for the third time.

No matter how many times I look at it, it’s beautiful.

I’ve made a golem before and even made a core when I was less skilled than I am now, before entering the court.

It’s a little frustrating to see that this core is more sophisticated than the one I made, using some really good material.

“It’s such a waste.”

I thought so.

I understand that it’s the former director’s personal belonging.

However, once the thought has crossed my mind, I can’t stop thinking about it.

“Excuse me! Can I take care of this core?”

“Huh? What are you going to do with it?”

“It’s presumptuous of me, but I was thinking of trying to complete it as it is.”

“Are you going to make it? The autonomous golem that person developed? Why bother?”

“I thought it was a waste. After making it this far, it would be a shame to dispose of it. Above all, it’s sad for this child…”

“Sad…is it?”

I wonder what I’m saying to a tool.

Even if I end up being laughed at, there’s nothing I can do about it.

However, the magic tool isn’t at fault.

I didn’t like that person, and I won’t be able to like her in the future either.

But I’ve become interested.

What that person wanted to create

“It’s fine. After all, it would just be thrown away if left alone.”

“Thank you very much!”

“Besides, I’m a little interested too.”

“That’s right.”

I feel like Lidoria-san and I are very similar.

While realizing that, I tightly grip the core.


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An Unconscious Genius Magic Tool Maker Wants to Live a Leisurely Life

An Unconscious Genius Magic Tool Maker Wants to Live a Leisurely Life

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Freya Roaster works as a court magic tool maker. She was a promising new talent who entered the court at a young age. She loves creating things and was delighted to be in the best environment possible at the court. However, four years have passed, and she has been overwhelmed with work. She was assigned over five times the amount of work that is normal for one person, and working overtime and on holidays has become the norm. Despite her efforts, one day her fiance suddenly broke off their engagement. Having lost her only support, she was shocked and walked around the court late at night. Then, unexpectedly, she met someone on the way. This is a story about an unwitting genius magic tool maker who meets a prince and creates many miracles with her power. It is a story about her own happiness.


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