Completed ― The Villainess Is Sick of the Whole Thing, so She Decides to Pretend to Have Amnesia

Completed ― The Villainess Is Sick of the Whole Thing, so She Decides to Pretend to Have Amnesia

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Cecilia Foagat, a duchess with bright red hair and a black, enchanting dress, face thickly made upped and her bosom bare.

Her fiancé, the country’s first prince, Hubert Rey Travelia, was chosen for her at an early age. A prince with golden hair and blue eyes.

Her friend Evona taught her about the prince’s tastes and the latest in makeup, and Cecilia has been his fiancée ever since she was a little girl.

She says he likes sexy women, so the dress always opens wide around her chest and has a calming shade.

She said she liked a woman with a lot of makeup on her face, so she put a lot of makeup on her face.

She said she likes women who aren’t too smart, so she pretended to be an idiot.

Dresses without a shred of class that she didn’t want to wear, thick makeup. Talking like an idiot.

It was torture for Cecilia, but she still had to do her best to match the prince’s taste as her fiancée.

The result.

Cecilia learned at Hubert’s birthday party that the engagement had been broken off.


She didn’t understand the meaning.

Suddenly, the instruments stop playing and a knight leads her to the center of the room. She looks at Hubert and, for some reason, Evona, who somehow cuddled beside him.

“This is… what did you say?”

Hubert said in a clear tone with a look of disgust on his face.

“I am breaking off my engagement to a vile, wh*rish  woman like you. In exchange, I nominate as my betrothed the beautiful, chaste, and cultured  Marquess Evona Randall!”

Although the engagement was supposed to have been made at the order of the royal family, Cecilia is upset whether the Prince can break off his engagement while the king and queen are on a diplomatic trip.

Moreover, what he had just said made Cecilia raise her voice, not understanding what he meant.

“Your-Your Highness Hubert… you don’t like me?”

Hubert said he would laugh at the remark, as if to be ridiculed.

“How can I like a woman like you who is so stupid that she can only claim her body? I prefer women like Evona here! She is the one for me, with her beauty and dignity. True love. Isn’t that right, Evona?”

Evona smiles, her cheeks flushed red.

“Well, Your Highness. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I love you too.”

Unlike Cecilia, Evona wears a pretty white dress, and her hair is gently braided, soft and neatly done.

Cecilia looked at the scene and felt ashamed to be a fool for being deceived, bit her lip and stared at them.

Hubert’s brow furrowed at this attitude and he said.

“You can’t be my queen. You will never be my queen, hahaha!”

“Too bad. Ufufufu! I’m sorry~.”

Cecilia was filled with sadness that she had been deceived and that the prince had not thought of her at all, and she left the hall as if to run away.

Just as she was about to enter the carriage, he was grabbed by the arm to hold her back, and Cecilia turned around.

“Miss Cecilia! What’s the matter!?”

There stands Syxe, Hubert’s brother, the second prince, staring at Cecilia in surprise.

Syxe did not inherit the color of the royal family’s hair and eyes.

He had jet-black hair and eyes, the same color as the first king of this country.

However, no matter how much he had the same hair color and eyes as the first king, his appearance was not well-liked by the people because of the coloring, which is rare in this country.

Perhaps that’s why Syxe didn’t show up very much in front of the public, but Cecilia and him have been close since they were young.

“Your Highness Syxe… I’m sorry, but I have to leave today…”

She says in a tear-stained voice, and Syxe lets go of Cecilia’s hand and hands her a handkerchief.

“I don’t know what’s wrong, but you need to get some rest. I’m sorry I stopped you.”


Cecilia got into the car, clutched the handkerchief and burst into tears.

She has worked hard on her queen’s education, but it’s all in vain.

Hating herself for being so stupid to be deceived, Cecilia kept her voice low and continued to cry.

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Cecilia lay in bed the day after her engagement was broken, her eyes red and swollen, in a daze.

——I don’t want to think about anything anymore.

She held her head and tried to forget about it, but the image of Evona and Hubert on stage, smiling broadly, lingered in her mind as the lady-in-waiting approached her with a surprised expression on her face.

“Are you all right, miss? Young Miss!? Do you have a headache?!”


While Cecilia was wondering what she was talking about, the lady-in-waiting called for a doctor, and in no time, the doctor began to examine her.

Then Cecilia has a sudden thought.

The engagement was just broken off yesterday.

A broken engagement is quite a shock.

“How are you feeling?”

When the doctor asked her that, her mouth started to move involuntarily.

Cecilia was already fed up with the whole thing. So she tells a lie.

“I…know who I am and all that, but I can’t…remember what happened yesterday…”

She thought it would be a bit problematic to say that she had lost her memory of everything, so she decided to say that she had only lost the memories of Hubert and Evona, who had given her a shock.

Cecilia thought so and told such a lie.

While answering the doctor’s questions, Cecilia decides on her current situation.

[She remembers that she was the first prince’s fiancée, but not the person named Hubert or her (former) friend Evona.]

It means that she remembers everything about her daily life.

The doctor nods and listens with a mysterious look on his face.

Cecilia is sent back to her room and sits idle in her room, thinking that amnesia limited to two people could be quite useful.

Normally, she had to change into a complicated outfit and apply a thick coat of make-up first thing in the morning, but she didn’t have to do that today, and time seemed to move more slowly.

Then, her parents appeared in a panic in the room.



Cecilia opened her eyes wide at the flustered appearance of her parents, who usually looked straight ahead and calm as aristocrats.

“Oto-sama? Oka-sama? What’s wrong?”

At these words, her father, Ralph, and mother, Chelsea, hugged Cecilia tightly.

“Was it such a shock to break off your engagement? But it’s just right. It’s better for Cecilia to forget about such an idiot.”

“Yes, you don’t have to remember such a horrible man and woman!”

Cecilia was taken aback by her parents’ words because she had been taught that royalty was something the nobility stood for at all times and had learned this from her parents’ behavior (actions).

“O-Oto-sama, O-Oka-sama… That’s royalty. “

Ralph and Chelsea said angrily in response to Cecilia’s panicked voice.

“Royalty? Haha. How can you stand up to a stupid prince just because he’s royalty when he hurts the lovely


“Yes, Cecilia. We know you’ve worked so hard. Yes, your makeup and dress may have been a bit flashy, but breaking off an engagement because it’s not to his liking? What! We don’t want a prince like that! He’s not worthy of our cute Cecilia!”

Her parents’ annoyance increased, and for a while, Cecilia had to listen to her parents’ complaints about the prince, which she had not expected.

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One day, some time after the engagement was broken, Cecilia’s friends came to visit her. The weather was fine, so they set up a table in the garden and a small tea party was held.

Cecilia ate the sweets with relish, knowing that she had been holding back to keep in shape, but now she would not.

Her friends are all happy to see Cecilia, who has decided to stop wearing such makeup and fancy clothes and instead eat sweets along with her.

“It’s good that Cecilia-sama can be herself now.”


“Have some of these cookies, too, Cecilia-sama. Here you go.”

Cecilia can’t stop her hands from moving on and on and on.

Her friends, who also think she has partial amnesia, told her she was rather lucky to have lost her memory.

Then, unexpectedly, the ladies began to chat, as if to vent the resentment they had been holding in.

They all called Prince Hubert “that man” and Evona “that woman,” as if they knew they should not be disrespectful.

“That man is a real as*hole. I have to say, Cecilia-sama looked amazing in that makeup. And in that dress, frankly, we were all thrilled!”.

“Yes, Yes. That’s right. “

“We wouldn’t have looked good in that dress, but Cecilia-sama had a beautiful face, so that makeup would have suited only Cecilia-sama. And in that dress, she looked so glamorous that it almost opened a new door.”

“That woman is really annoying me.”

“Me too!”

“I always thought she was casually appealing to Cecilia-sama, but she had it all planned out!”

“She looks like she’s on Cecilia-sama’s side—what a woman!”

“And she’s so deceitful!”

The conversation was getting more and more heated, and they reminded her of her parents the other day and said it in a panic.

“Everyone, don’t be so angry. I was a fool for not noticing.”

The ladies present said, in unison,

“””It can’t be!”””

The ladies sniffled and said.

“We know about Cecilia-sama’s efforts!”

“I mean, if you had a good grasp of the school’s grades, you would know right away how good Cecilia-sama is, wouldn’t you?”

Everyone nodded their heads.

“For privacy reasons, the school doesn’t disclose grades publicly, but even so, Cecilia-sama’s excellence would be hard not to notice, given that she has won the school’s prestigious award for the best student and the best book report award,”

“And that silly way of speaking was really, really cute!”

“Foreign diplomats were also fascinated by her way of speaking.”

As her vocabulary gradually deteriorates, Cecilia becomes embarrassed and her cheeks flush.

“I’m so embarrassed. Please don’t say anything more.”

Cecilia puts her hands on both cheeks and looks up at them with a troubled look, and the ladies’ hearts are pierced.

“””Cecilia-sama, I am so glad your engagement broke off!”””

“I’m so glad you didn’t marry that idiot.”

“I’m thankful to that idiot in a way!”

“Ladies! don’t talk like that.”

Cecilia’s flustered look was adorable, and the ladies blushed.

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Time goes back a little while at the ball.

Syxe saw Cecilia crying as she got into her carriage and drove away.

Then the place was enveloped in a strange atmosphere.

The only people who appeared to be having a good time were her brother, Hubert, and a woman who had recently stayed near Hubert.

“Brother… I saw Cecilia riding in the carriage just now… What happened?”

Syxe suddenly appeared in the hall, and the nobles attending the ball bowed their heads in panic.

Syxe’s appearance caused Hubert to wrinkle his brow.

“Why did you come? Ha~a, you’re making the place quieter. Get the f*ck out of here!”

Syxe paid no attention to the harsh words and continued to speak.

“Brother, what have you done to Miss Cecilia?”

The anger in his voice made the atmosphere in the hall even worse.

“Cecilia? Wahaha, I broke off my engagement to that stupid woman. Thank goodness!”

“What!? Brother! The marriage between the brother and Miss Cecilia is an important alliance between the royals and the dukes! It is not an engagement that can be easily broken. Especially not when Father and Mother are not present!”

The usually mild-mannered Syxe raised his voice, causing a commotion in the hall.

Hubert clicked his tongue and said,

“This is none of your business. I’ll talk to them when they get back. Ha~a, I’m tired of talking to you, you idiot~. Get out of here!”

Syxe glared at Hubert for a few seconds and decided to turn and walk away.

Syxe left the hall and walked down the corridor to the Prime Minister’s office.

The Prime Minister of the country, Randolph, who is in his office in the palace,

He knocks on the door.

Randolph, who had been looking over some papers, rolls his eyes in surprise at Syxe’s appearance and stands up.

“What’s the matter, Your Highness Syxe?”

He knew Randolph was busy as the king and queen were on a business trip, but if he did not take care of the situation immediately, there could be a split between the royal family and the dukes.

“That idiot seems to have broken off his engagement to Miss Cecilia on his own at the ball.”


At first, the Prime Minister is confused about what Syxe is saying, but once he understands the content of Syxe’s words, his face begins to twist.

“You’re saying… Anyway, I’m going to contact the Dukes immediately and apologize… A~ah, it’s a time like this when neither the king nor the queen are here!”

“No, that’s exactly why the idiot broke his engagement now. In his own way, he used his “wits” to break off the engagement now that Father and Mother couldn’t be persuaded.”

Hearing Syxe’s usually mild-mannered words, the Prime Minister looks at Syxe with expectant eyes.

“Well… Have you changed your mind?”

Syxe looked at Randolph with angry eyes.

“Yes, I have. I finally realize that I can’t trust this country or Miss Cecilia to that idiot brother of mine.”

At these words, Randolph inwardly said, (Well done, Foolish Prince! Thanks to you, the sleeping lion has been awakened!) Randolph clutched his chest.

Randolph put his hand on his chest and bowed his head.

“You deserve the Crown Prince’s title. Are you ready?”

“Yes, I’ll call “them”. I’ll show that idiot what reality is… He’s guilty of hurting Miss Cecilia.”

Randolph bowed his head and nodded to the angry Syxe.

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After the ball was over, three noblemen rented a certain restaurant, and began to pour alcohol.

The restaurant was deserted because it was rented out, and the three of them started to drink as if they were trying to vent their resentment.

“Ha~a, because of that idiot… we wouldn’t enjoy the benefits Cecilia-sama would bring.”

“It’s true, isn’t it? He’s already… the crown prince’s life is over, isn’t it?”

“Indeed, ah, no, don’t tell me.”

The three of them attend the same school, but in reality, they are the prince’s retainers within the school.

They helped the prince at times, encouraged him at other times, and casually told him about his flaws.

For what it’s worth, the prince had no problem with his studies, but his arrogant nature was too much to handle. Because of that, it is not demonstrated in aristocratic society.

But at the most recent ball, they finally gave up.

The three sighed heavily as they drank the bubbling wine in one gulp.

“Ha~a…all our hard work has ended in vain…”

“It was all for nothing. It was my father who asked me to do it, and I did it right even though I didn’t want to…”

“The crown prince is not going to make it.”

Hubert is, to begin with, a careless individual. He’s not easily persuaded to do anything other than what he believes is right, and he’s always been a source of contention at school.

It was the three of them who stopped him before it became a problem.

It was always the three of them who had to run around.

“What are we going to do now?”

“We’re in that idiot’s inner circle…”

“We should have kept a better eye on him. We could have kept Miss Evona in check on campus…”

“I never thought this would happen during spring break…”

Sighing heavily, they blame themselves for not being able to stop the prince, and their heads hurt.

It was as if it had already been decided that there was no future for them.

It was then.

The room had been reserved for a private party, but when the door opened, a man approached the three of them.




“Hey, are you drinking?”

It was Syxe, the second prince of this country, who appeared there.

The unexpected appearance of Syxe caught the three of them off guard, and they froze, but quickly switched heads and bowed.

“””Greetings to His Highness the Second Prince Syxe.”””

Shaking off the alcohol in their bloodstream, the three men rack their brains to figure out why Syxe came here.

But the answer soon comes from Syxe’s mouth.

“I know you guys are fantastic. Because you guys were so good, that idiot was able to do it without causing any major problems at school.”

The sound of his voice made them break out in a cold sweat.

Syxe went on.

“This incident must have been something you didn’t know about during the spring break. That’s why I’m giving you a choice.”

Syxe said with a smile.

“Are you willing to cut off the connection with that idiot and join me?”

The answer came quickly from the three of them.

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It was less than a week ago that news broke of the second prince, Syxe, paying a visit to Cecilia’s home while she was absent from school for medical treatment.

Cecilia had not been informed of the fact that her parents were set to meet Syxe.

And right now, in the guest room, Syxe and Cecilia’s parents were meeting.

“Thank you for allowing me to visit your home today. I know it’s early, but I would like to apologize for what my brother did to Miss Cecilia. I’m really sorry for my foolish brother.”

Cecilia’s father and mother wrinkle their brows as Syxe bows deeply, not brusquely like his older brother, despite the fact that they are the retainers. To be clear, they have no interest in the royal family that harmed Cecilia and have even discussed leaving the country and relocating to another country.

However, Syxe’s apology was unexpected.

The second prince, Syxe, was often shunned because of his appearance, but in recent years, his seriousness and sincerity have been recognized, and some have even attempted to elevate him. However, he was always willing to back up his elder brother, so there was no rivalry between the two.

Between Cecilia’s father and mother, the question arises, ‘Why did Syxe do this?’.

When they wondered if it was for his elder brother’s sake or for the country, an unexpected word came out of his mouth.

“I am ashamed to be the brother of a man who would break the engagement of an innocent Miss Cecilia at a ball. After this incident, I have decided to give up on my brother.”



Cecilia’s father and mother stand up from the spot with wide eyes, clearly understanding the meaning of his words, but soon sit back and fill their mouths with a mouthful of tea.

“So… Your Highness, but you never showed any sign of it before.”

Syxe nodded with sad eyes and then looked straight at Cecilia’s father.

“Yes, when my brother and Miss Cecilia are still engaged, and I thought that if it made Miss Cecilia happy, that would be enough.”

At these words, they both cleared their throats.



Syxe said to them in a firm tone.

“I adore Miss Cecilia… She’s the only person who has ever looked me in the eyes since I was a boy and who has never despised or shunned me. She’s been my savior.”

Cecilia’s parents blushed when they were exposed to pure emotions that were too direct, even though they weren’t theirs.

It was sweet and sour.

Cecilia, who had been listening to what was said outside the door, blushed and ran back to her room to avoid being found out.

She happened to see Syxe coming in through the window and followed and listened, despite the fact that she knew it was inappropriate for a young lady to do so.

The ladies-in-waiting were taken aback, but watched with warm eyes as if it were an aftereffect of amnesia, but when they saw Cecilia’s face turn bright red, they couldn’t help but wonder what was going on.

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Cecilia writhes in distress in her room for a while, but the ladies-in-waiting appear in the room in a hurry and quickly fix her clothes, make-up, and hair.

Cecilia was originally beautiful, even without makeup and fancy hair. Before, the ladies-in-waiting sometimes wondered whether Cecilia’s application was really good or not.

But because it was a request from Cecilia, they made it beautiful and adorable, even with thick makeup.

But they can now pour their whole heart and soul into Cecilia even more vividly.

“You really are beautiful, Ojo-sama.”

“I can only think of this as a blessing from God.”

“It’s going to open a new door.”

The ladies-in-waiting muttered such a thing.

Cecilia looks at herself in the mirror and wonders for a moment whether this is really all right.

She wonders what Syxe will think of her, since she always wears heavy makeup.

Just as she is thinking this, there is a knock at her door, and she learns that Syxe is waiting for her in the guest room.

Cecilia thinks that she has to keep her cool, but this is quickly disrupted.

Her parents were not there.

When she asked the butler, she was told to “talk to each other” by her parents. But, of course, the butler and attendants were there, so they were not truly alone.

Two people sitting face-to-face with warm tea and sweets

Cecilia glanced at Syxe, and Syxe smiled at her.

“From the looks of it, did you hear?”

Her shoulders shook, and Cecilia gave a small nod with a blush on her face.

“Yes, I’m sorry. I saw you through the window and listened secretly.”

When Cecilia says this honestly, Syxe looks surprised and then smiles.

“I see…”

Cecilia attempts, nervously, to inquire as to what was bothering her.

“U-Um. I think I look different than usual. The makeup, the way I’m wearing, um, Your Highness Syxe, do you…”

Cecilia wants to ask him what he thinks of her, but she is at a loss as to what to ask.

Should she ask him what he likes? And what will she do when she finds out what he likes? And will she work on them like she did on Hubert?

Cecilia searches in her mind for the right answer.

Syxe smiles gently at her and says,

“You have always been so beautiful, Miss Cecilia, but today you look very pretty.”


“What kind of things do you like, Miss Cecilia?”


In a flash, Cecilia thinks.

——What do I like?

The kind of things she had to put up with in the past?

Then she slowly opened her mouth.

“I… I don’t like fancy things that much.”


“I like cute things.”

“Hahaha. I’m sure it looks good on you.”

“A-And I like light colors better than red.”

“The distinct colors will look good on you, but light colors will suit you too, I’m sure.”

“And then, and then…”

Cecilia realized once again that she had been overworking herself. Then she felt that Syxe in front of her was willing to listen to her opinion.

Syxe said quietly.

“I am very glad to hear what Miss Cecilia has to say.”

“Don’t you want me to adapt it to your tastes?”

At these words, Syxe steps in front of her, kneels down, and squeezes her hand.

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“I like you just the way you are.”


Cecilia opened her eyes wide and then understood the words and blushed.

“Well, I mean…”

In front of Cecilia’s puzzled eyes, Syxe took out a small box from his pocket and said to Cecilia.

“Since I was a boy, I have already fallen in love with you.”


Syxe remembers his childhood.

When he was still a child, Syxe was always shunned because of his appearance.

The only reason was that he was so rare in this country.

Even though he had the same color of hair as the so-called wise king of the past, it didn’t serve as a shield. Former king of the Kingdom, 100% isekai’ed (Lol)

The stewards and maids-of-honor kept their distance from him, and he made no real friends.

Cecilia was the only one who could smile like the sun at Syxe.

[My name is Cecilia, fiancée of Hubert-sama, and I greet His Highness the Second Prince Syxe.


[Hubert-sama is busy today, so Hubert-sama told me to spend time with His Highness Syxe. Um, is that alright?]

[Um… Yes, I don’t mind, but… Don’t you hate being with someone like me?]

[Eh?! Well, if it’s okay with His Highness Syxe, I’d be happy to spend time with you.]


[Yes. Ufufufu, what do you want to play?]

Ever since the day she saw that smile as bright as the sun, Cecilia has been in Syxe’s heart.

——Every time I saw her at the palace, I looked forward to talking with her.

——How many times did I thank Hubert in my heart for ordering her to play with me?

——And how many times did I despair that she was not my fiancée?

——I kept closing my heart and telling myself that she would never be my fiancée and that all that mattered was that Cecilia was happy.

——But now the lid is off.

“Miss Cecilia has never once turned me down. You have no idea how much that meant to me. I’ve always had feelings for you. But I’ve kept my distance for your sake.”

Syxe holds Cecilia’s hand.

“But I don’t want to do this anymore. I can’t leave you to my brother.”

“Your Highness Syxe…”

Syxe opens a small box.

Inside shone a silver ring with a beautiful gem.

“Please, will you marry me? I promise, I will make you happy.”

“B-But how should you tell His Majesty the King and the Queen?”

“I’ve already spoken to them. Please? Will you give me the honor of standing next to you?”

Cecilia’s face flushed red, and her gaze wandered.

She has never been stared at with such feverish eyes before, and her heart is pounding.


“Miss Cecilia, I love you.”

At these words, Cecilia bites her lip and slowly opens her mouth.

“Yes, with pleasure.”

Syxe broke into a happy smile and slowly slipped the ring onto Cecilia’s ring finger.

Then she took her hand in hers and said,

“I will make you the happiest woman in the world.”

Smiling happily, Cecilia nodded, wondering if she would ever be happy with this person.


Lolilord: Cecilia is confused AF

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A few days later,

Hubert and Evona pulled and kissed each other in one of the waiting rooms before the ball began.

“You can’t go any further. You’ll ruin my makeup~”

“Aah… I can’t take it any longer. Hey, why don’t we miss tonight’s ball?”

“No… His Majesty the King said he had something important to discuss.”

“A~ah, I see.”

Hubert looks disappointed and stands up, calls for the butler, and arranges his clothes.

Evona also gets her makeup done by the maids, and they start walking together again.

“I wonder if my father and mother finally decided to accept our relationship.”

“That’s right. I’m sure they do.”

Hubert thought he was going to get into trouble when he broke off his engagement to Cecilia on his own, but surprisingly, neither the king nor the queen said anything, and Hubert wished he had broken off the engagement sooner.

Since then, the nagging he used to receive has diminished considerably, and now he has plenty of time to have s*x with Evona.

“I wonder if I’ll finally be named the crown prince.”

Hubert said excitedly, and Evona laughed happily.

“I’m sure you will! I’m looking forward to it!”

The two of them entered the ballroom in an exhilarated mood.

Normally, they would be greeted with applause, but today there is only the sound of an orchestra (fanfare?), but no human sounds.

When the two wonder why, they feel uncomfortable staring.

“What is it?”

“They must be in awe of His Highness the Crown Prince, aren’t they?”

“Oh~, so that’s what it is.”

Hubert chuckles at the glances he receives.

——From now on, this country will be on my shoulders, together with Evona.

That’s when it happened.

With a fanfare, a round of applause rang out.

Hubert and Evona look around to see his brother Syxe and a woman of uncommon beauty appear at the door where the King and Queen would normally appear.

Hubert swallows at the sight of this stunning beauty, who could easily be mistaken for a fairy.

Her silvery white dress shimmers in the light.

Hubert’s gaze is drawn to her translucent skin and peach-colored lips, despite the fact that she is wearing only a hint of makeup.

“Beautiful… Who is she?”

Hubert says, unintentionally, and Evona widens her eyes.



Hubert looks at Cecilia with wide eyes.

“What? Are you kidding me? That beautiful woman is… that Cecilia?”

Hubert gulps his saliva again.

An evil thought flashes through his mind.


Such thoughts are quickly dispelled when the King and Queen appear behind Syxe and Cecilia, smiling and congratulating them.

——Wait, something is wrong.

Just when Hubert thinks that something is wrong, he hears faint voices.

[Cecilia-sama is beautiful today.]

[She fits in well with His Highness Syxe.]

[This kingdom will be secure when Syxe and Cecilia-sama succeed.]

[His Highness Hubert is finished.]

Hubert abruptly turns his head toward the voices.

——Who said that?!

But the voices are coming from everywhere.

[It’s a relief, isn’t it?]

[Yes, His Highness Syxe is now the king’s vessel.]

[His Highness Hubert can’t do it.]

Sweat trickled down Hubert’s back.

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Cecilia was looking nervous as she stood next to Syxe, but when Syxe squeezed her hand, she calmed down a little.

The king and queen flanked Cecilia and Syxe.

The king raised his hand to stop the applause and began to speak in a slow tone.

“Today is a great day. I hereby name the Crown Prince as the next king of the kingdom.”

The room fell silent.

The king patted Syxe on the shoulder.

“My son Syxe, the second prince, is fit to be king. Therefore, I appoint Syxe as the next king and crown prince. In addition, he is to marry the Duchess Cecilia, and together they are to support this kingdom. From now on, I ask that you all lend your support to these two young people.

Slowly, the applause grows louder, as if in approval.

The room was filled with applause, and Syxe and Cecilia came forward and bowed as if to thank them.

“Now that I am the crown prince, I am going to walk for the sake of this country with even more determination.”

“I will walk carefully for my country, step by step, on the road ahead.”

Their words were met with another wave of applause.

But then, as if to cancel out the wave of applause, a shout echoed through the hall.

“Father! What the hell is going on?!”

Hubert’s voice caught everyone’s attention.

“I am the first prince! I am the one who should be the crown prince! Isn’t Syxe an abominable being?!”

At that moment, a wave of mocking little voices hits Hubert.

[What a fool!]

[How could he not see His Highness Syxe’s capability?]

[His Majesty the King has made a wise decision].

[Looks can be deceiving. In the first place, Syxe-sama has the same hair color as the Wise King of old!]

[I can’t believe he doesn’t understand his position]

Hubert’s face contorts, and he raises his voice.

“Shut up! Shut up! You don’t respect me?! I’m the first prince, and I’m supposed to be the crown prince of this country! Am I right!”

But no one agrees with him.

Hubert turns his attention to those who used to be his aides and shouts.

“You guys! Catch those who just said rude things!”

But none of them moved.

Hubert’s close aides are a thing of the past.

A badge of support for the Second Prince shines on the bosoms of his three closest aides.

“Hey, can’t you hear me?! You guys!”

Syxe comes down from the stage with Cecilia to confront Hubert, who can’t even remember the names of his own aides.

His aides are behind Syxe, and everyone in the hall is watching their every move.

“Giovanni, Lauren, and Victor. Would you like to go back to him?”

Syxe said as the three men bowed their heads.

“””We have already pledged our allegiance to His Highness Syxe.]”””

Syxe nodded his head in satisfaction and turned to Hubert.

“Brother, you don’t even know your own people’s names. You will never be a Crown Prince.”

Hubert gulped and turned his attention to Cecilia.

“Cecilia! You will help me, won’t you?!”

Cecilia tilted her head at the sudden words and said,

“I’m sorry, it’s none of my business.”


Syxe sighed heavily and said.

“She’s my fiancée now. Please refrain from calling her that.”

“What!? Heh, whatever you say, she loves me.”

Syxe twisted his face at the remark.

“Cecilia! You’ve always loved me, and you’ve always been there for me! What is this? The memories, yes! I’ve been told you have amnesia, haven’t you? That’s why you were fooled by everyone!”

Cecilia was irritated by these words because he had knowledge of her amnesia but had never visited her, and now he wanted to use her as a shield.

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Cecilia stared at Hubert.

The marriage between the royal and ducal families had been arranged, and her parents had taught her to live as an aristocrat to protect and respect the royal family and help the country prosper.

That’s why Cecilia has been able to live her life even though Hubert didn’t listen to or ignore her.

But Hubert cut her off so easily.

Cecilia quietly took a breath and said,

“I’m sorry… I don’t remember.”

Up until now, Cecilia has played and tried to be liked by Hubert, as advised by Evona.

But it was not because Cecilia loved Hubert.

It was because it was her duty.

Cecilia bowed her head beautifully.

“First Prince, I am the fiancée of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Syxe. From now on, Syxe-sama will be my only one. What happened before is irrelevant. I only fulfill my role as a nobleman’s daughter.”


Hubert twitches his cheeks.

Evona gives Cecilia a complacent voice in a flustered manner.

“Cecilia-sama! We are friends. Why didn’t you tell me?!”

At these words, Cecilia quietly recalls the time when she first met Evona.

——Yes, I thought we were friends.

But now it is clear to Cecilia that she was just being used.

“Excuse me, my friends?”

Cecilia says this in a troubled manner and glances around the hall.

Several of them quickly step behind Cecilia and stare at Evona with a cold, intimidating look.

They are the ladies who have worried about Cecilia and encouraged her with letters and tea parties. These ladies are Cecilia’s true friends, whom she should cherish.

That’s why, with a beautiful smile on her face, Cecilia said,

“My friends are here.”

Evona’s face twitches.

“Please, don’t forget the past! We’re best friends!”

Everyone’s faces contort at these words.

Hubert impatiently grabs Evona by the arm.


Evona frees herself from his grip and rushes toward Cecilia, holding her hands.

“Right? You’re my best friend. You just forgot, didn’t you?”

At these words, Cecilia shakes her head and gently pulls Evona’s hand away.

“As I said before, my friends are here, not you.”

At this point, Hubert and Evona finally noticed that all eyes were on them.

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“That’s enough. Hubert, You’re not going to be the Crown Prince. When you broke off your engagement to Miss Cecilia without my permission, that path was cut off.”

Hubert begins to fret at the king’s words.

“Why is that!?”

“This ball is a gathering of those who will support the kingdom in the future. Do you know who these people are here for?”

Hubert looks around.

But he does not recognize them at all. No, in fact, he has seen them. But for some reason, their names do not come up.

He had never been in trouble at a ball before.

“Why… damn it… Syxe you…”

Syxe shrugs and nods.

And Hubert recalls the fact that when he enters the ball, he immediately hears bits and pieces of information about what is going on.

“Everyone here voted unanimously for Syxe and Cecilia to be the next king and queen. Too bad you didn’t get a single vote, because you would have been neck and neck with Syxe if Miss Cecilia was with you.”

“It…can’t be.”

Hubert looks at Cecilia as if to cling to hope, but Syxe stands in front of her to intercept.

“Brother, I wish you happiness with Miss Evona.”

Syxe then happily escorts Cecilia to the dance floor.

Their figures are as beautiful and fitting as a page in a picture book, Hubert’s head is down, and Evona’s face twitches.

“I was supposed to be the queen! You slu*t! How dare you have such a relationship with Syxe-sama!”

Cecilia said as she turned around,

“Be careful with your language. You will degrade yourself even more.”

Cecilia happily returned with Syxe to the glittering floor.

Evona was aghast at the words and clenched her fists.

Syxe chuckled and said to Cecilia, who was standing next to her,

“Well done.”

“Was I mean?”

“Hehehe, not at all.”

“I’m glad. I feel a little better now.”

The glittering dance hall

Syxe and Cecilia start to dance to the music to the applause of the audience.

Cecilia looks at Syxe.

“Are you sure you want me?”

“Hehehe, if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have wanted the throne to begin with.”


“I love you. Please be prepared for what’s to come.”

“What are you… ?”

Syxe said cheerfully.

“I want you to love me properly, so I will whisper my love every day from now on.”

Cecilia blushed.

“Please be gentle with me.”

“I’ll do my best.”

They giggled at each other and were blessed by everyone.

Hubert stares at them, biting his lip in frustration.

And then he thinks.

——I’m not going to let this end.

His mouth twists into a grimace.

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After the ball, Hubert returns to his room and starts laughing.


He had never envisioned anything but a future where he would be the Crown Prince.

——Syxe as the crown prince?

Anger and smoldering emotions tore at his heart.

He can still hear the deafening voices of those who are against him.

In a fit of rage, Hubert smashes everything in his room and tears the pillows with his sword.

“Screw you!! I am the one who will be king… damn, damn! I must make him understand!”

In those animal eyes, he remembers Cecilia today.

——She was beautiful.

At first sight, he knew that this was the woman he was looking for.

At the same time, he began to feel anger and hatred toward Evona.

“She is the one who broke me and Cecilia apart… We loved each other.”

In his mind, truth and fiction began to overlap, and Hubert’s thoughts created his own story to suit his own needs.

“Yes… Evona brainwashed me. Cecilia loved me, but she (Evona) didn’t want to tell me that. What a witch! Syxe must have planned this. To take Cecilia away from me…”

As he keeps destroying the furniture in the room, Hubert mumbles a few words and then stops.

“Oo~h poor Cecilia must have cried a lot when she was taken away from me. She must have forgotten me because she suffers from amnesia. Yes, that’s right. I’ll make sure she remembers. And then maybe she will come back to me.”

There is madness in Hubert’s eyes.

“When Cecilia comes back to her senses, I’m sure Father will understand. And Syxe is no good. I have to get rid of him somehow…”

A mumbling voice echoes through the room like a curse.

“Aa~a, wait for me, Cecilia. I’ll save you.”

In his delirium, Hubert smiles ecstatically.

A few days after Syxe became the crown prince, Cecilia walks through the school gate for the first time in a long time.

Cecilia had attended the Royal Academy but had to take a break because her engagement had broken off, but she would return today.

However, Cecilia, who was originally in the second grade, was moved to the same grade as Syxe, who is a year below her.

Since she was previously in the same class as Hubert and Evona, the school and the royal family decided it would be better if she went to the same class as Syxe.

The queen’s education had to take up a lot of time on the schedule because there were too many classes.

Cecilia, at this time, is still unaware that Hubert has begun to go mad.

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Cecilia was facing Hubert with her back against the wall.

It’s not a particularly deserted place—it’s just a common hallway.

Therefore, passersby are wide-eyed.

[WTF?! Are you all right?!]

[Someone should go in and help!]

[But he’s also royalty.]

Cecilia is not always guarded because she is on campus.

Hubert stands in front of her, strokes Cecilia’s hair, and murmurs.

“You’ve forgotten how much you loved me. So I’m going to remind you.”

Hubert muttered affectionately, but Cecilia exclaimed in horror.

“Please stop. I’m Syxe-sama’s fiancée!”

“Don’t worry. I’ll make you my fiancée again in no time. That’s what I wanted to tell you.”

Cecilia tries to push back against Hubert’s chest, but she is no match for the man’s strength.

——Why are we in this situation?

Cecilia has not been in this situation for a long time.

She had no problems until a few minutes ago, when she greeted the teachers once again.

However, as she finished her greetings and was about to go to her class, she was surprised by Hubert.

The surrounding students immediately noticed that something was wrong and called the teachers and the school’s security knights (guards).

“Tsk! All these people are getting in the way of our love… This sucks. I’ll come back. See you later.”

Hubert pats Cecilia on the head before the knights and teachers appear, then he leaves and disappears.

Cecilia’s heart was pounding and she could not hide her anxiety, wondering what had just happened.

Teachers and knights rushed to the scene, but since Hubert had already left, they could not say anything, and the atmosphere was indescribable.

Then, Syxe came running in, looking panicked.

“Miss Cecilia!”


“Let’s move to a different place for now. This way.”


He took Cecilia to another room and learned what had just happened.

No harm had been done.

But Cecilia sees the madness in Hubert’s eyes and begins to tremble.

Syxe hugged Cecilia gently.

“I’m sorry about my brother.”

“N-No, he didn’t do anything to me. But somehow I got scared.”

“Yes, well, I guess it’s just that Miss Cecilia doesn’t remember him.”

“Eh?—Ah, yes.”

Just now, Cecilia was remembering something she had long forgotten.

Cecilia forgot to tell him that her amnesia was a lie, and she shut her mouth.

——What should I do?

“U-Um, Syxe-sama.”

“Yes? Oh, but I’m glad Miss Cecilia forgot. It’s better to forget.”

Cecilia was growing impatient, wondering what she should do now that she’d been told this with a fresh smile.

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Syxe then accompanied Cecilia back to her house, went back to the royal palace, and then to Hubert’s room.

Cecilia was his current fiancée, and he needed to protect her.

The Academy is impartial at best and inaccessible to royalty at worst. The royal family can use their power, but they prefer to settle things among themselves whenever possible.

Syxe knocks on the door and, with Hubert’s permission, enters the room with narrowed eyes.

He had heard that there had been a rampage in the room, but all the furniture had been replaced, but the walls were still scratched.

Hubert sipped his wine and took one look at Syxe.

“Brother, please explain to me what happened today—Miss Cecilia is my fiancée.”

Hubert slammed his wine glass on the floor in anger at that moment.

“Ar~a, my hand slipped in spite of the grating voice.”

Syxe was undaunted.

“Do you think such threats would make sense?”

They looked at each other, but Hubert averted his eyes and stepped on a broken wine glass with his shoe.

“Well, but Cecilia will come back to me eventually.”

“I wish you wouldn’t call someone’s fiancée. Besides, it will never happen.”

Seeing Syxe say it so clearly, Hubert said amusedly.

“Ahahaha…Cecilia doesn’t love you.”

“Really? This is just the beginning.”

Syxe remarked.

Hubert is amused by the collapse of Syxe’s expression.

“I’m glad she has amnesia, because Cecilia will love me.”

“Will love you? I don’t know about that.”

“How could she not? Evona herself stated during the interrogation that she wanted a good relationship with his (former) fiancée, so it’s true, isn’t it? Evona had made her change her preferences for my sake. She was the one who put so much effort into making me like her. Hahaha!”

“… Don’t be so sure about that.”

Hubert shakes Syxe’s heart.

When Hubert steps on the shards of the wine glass, they shatter and make a crunching sound as he walks toward Syxe.

“Cecilia loved me.”

“That’s not possible.”

Syxe looked at Hubert and said

“Please stop approaching Miss Cecilia.”

“Ha~a. Well, here’s what we’ll do. I’ll stay away. But I will not refuse Cecilia’s advances. Okay?”

Syxe laughs when he hears these words.

“Of course, Miss Cecilia won’t get close to Brother.”

“Ahahaha. I wonder if that’s true.”

Syxe leaves Hubert’s room with wrinkles between his eyebrows.

Hubert pours a new wine glass filled with bright red wine and mumbles.

“Cecilia is mine.”

Hubert downed the wine in one gulp.

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Hubert stopped approaching Cecilia in the school after Syxe spoke to him.

Cecilia is relieved and thinks she can enjoy school life with Syxe from now on, but lately, Syxe has been acting strange.

Cecilia wondered if she had done anything wrong, and ventured to ask while she was drinking tea with Syxe at the cafe.

“Well, you seem to be acting weird lately. Is something wrong?”

Syxe rolled his eyes, a little surprised at the remark, and covered his face with both hands.

“No, there’s nothing wrong. It’s just…”

“Just what?”

Cecilia waited for Syxe to say something, but he glanced at her and muttered,

“I realized I’m a more intolerant (narrow-minded) person than I thought.”


“I’m sorry. It’s nothing.”

Syxe then deliberately shifted the subject and did not speak further.

This has left a hazy feeling in Cecilia, and for the past few days she has been sighing and thinking nothing but about Syxe.

And then, when she was absentmindedly eating her afternoon lunch in the cafeteria,

A rustle came up, and Evona came in front of her.

Cecilia wondered at the sight of Evona, whom she had not seen for a long time, and Evona smiled prettily and said, in a coquettish voice,

“Long time no see, Cecilia-sama~.”

When she did not reply, wondering what she wanted from her, Evona sat down next to Cecilia’s seat and began to talk.

“Well, I’ve been thinking about it and I was wondering if you would give me another chance as a friend? Wouldn’t sweet Cecilia-sama accept me~?”

Cecilia sighed and straightened up, wondering what this was all about.

“Evona-sama, I think I answered that before.”

As Cecilia turned to leave, Evona grabbed her arm and said, with a sly smile,

“Yes~ Cecilia-sama doesn’t know the first thing about love… She can’t get along with His Highness Syxe without me, can she?”


“Ufufufu. I’ll tell you something good… the reason Syxe-sama is having trouble is something Hubert-sama said to him, isn’t it? Ufufufu.”

Cecilia’s brow furrowed as she stopped herself from brushing her hand away.

“His Highness Hubert?”

“Yes~ hey, Cecilia-sama, how long are you going to run away?”


Evona grabbed Cecilia’s arm so tightly that her fingernails dug into it, and said.

“If you can’t talk to Hubert properly face-to-face, wouldn’t that make Syxe uneasy? Why don’t you face him instead of running away?”

At these words, Cecilia shakes off her arm and says clearly,

“This is none of my business. Besides, isn’t His Highness Hubert already your fiancée?”

His Majesty the King had ordered the engagement of Evona and Hubert. Hubert is expected to renounce his royal title and marry into Evona’s family in the future (as a son-in-law).

But Evona’s face contorted, and she said,

“What I want is the Queen’s seat.”


Evona smirks, gets up from her seat, waves her hands in the air, and walks away.

“Ufufufu. I’ll definitely get it for sure and show it to you~. “

Cecilia, dare to say nothing.

Then she thinks

“Then let’s face each other.”

——Indeed, I can’t pretend to have amnesia forever.

Cecilia sighs and thinks about what to do.

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Evona’s words haunt her mind.

Cecilia sighed heavily and wondered if she should tell Syxe about this incident, and ended up spending a few days without saying it.

——As Evona says, am I running away?

She wonders if it is the right thing to do, as she is the one who will eventually become queen.

“I should be able to solve this problem on my own.”

In fact, it would probably be easier to solve the problem by talking to Syxe.

——It will be safe if I stay away from His Highness Hubert until graduation and do not get involved with him further.

Cecilia sighs and wonders if this is really the right thing to do.

Looking up, the sky is blue and cloudless. Cecilia sits alone on a bench at the back of the auditorium, thinking.

Cecilia shook her head as she watched the white clouds drift away in the wind.

“I can’t go on like this, after all.”

——I must tell His Highness Hubert that I have no romantic feelings for him, and I must admit to His Highness Syxe that I am not amnesic.

At this thought, Cecilia stands up and looks at her watch.

At this time of day, Hubert would be in the library reading a book. However, the books were only entertainment books, and he had not even picked up anything difficult.

Cecilia immediately thought of this and smiled at herself for being so familiar with Hubert’s habits since she had been his fiancée for many years.

She opens the door to the library and walks straight to the seating area where Hubert used to sit.

A comfortable seat with sunlight and just the right amount of breeze.

This was Hubert’s special seat.

Hubert had asked the butler to prepare a steaming cup of tea on the desk, as usual, even though food and drinks weren’t allowed in the library.

Hubert looked up and laughed when he found Cecilia.

It had been so long since he had smiled at her so straightly, as he had when they were young and newly engaged, that Cecilia involuntarily took a step backwards.


He called her affectionately, giving her goosebumps.

It was as if he had anticipated her arrival.

She felt uncomfortable, but she knew she couldn’t run away, so she put her strength in her legs, and Cecilia bowed in front of him.

“Greetings, your highness.”

“Oh, no need to be so formal. Come on, sit down here.”

Hubert pointed to the seat next to him.

Cecilia, on the other hand, sat a little further away, perplexed as to what Hubert, who had never allowed her to sit next to him before, was up to.

Hubert shrugged and said fondly.

“Until a little while ago, Cecilia and I talked about love next to each other, but amnesia is a sad thing.”

Cecilia rolled her eyes and question marks flew around in her head as she did not understand what was being said.

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Cecilia wondered what he had suddenly said, but Hubert kept talking.

“Cecilia, you have always cared for me… of course I have cared for you too… and now that you have amnesia, you’ve been lied to by everyone around you.”


As if on cue, Hubert makes a face and tries to hold Cecilia’s hand.

Cecilia turned away, dodging it.

“Cecilia. Remember your love for me.”


Cecilia almost burst out laughing for a moment.

She was at a loss as to what was going on in Hubert’s head, but she had to make it clear to Hubert.

“Your Highness, I beg your pardon, but I have no such recollection.”

Hubert looked hurt as he mumbled something about wanting to jog her memory.

“You’re forgetting that Syxe used you to become the Crown Prince!”

Cecilia felt a momentary pain in her heart at these words.


She put her hand on her chest to see what it was.

Cecilia feels a strange, unspeakable sensation in her chest that makes her put her head back.

Hubert continues to talk as if he is trying to brainwash Cecilia.

“Syxe was well aware that I would eventually ascend to the throne. That’s why he used Evona to separate you and me and took you into his hands as if he were righteous.”

Cecilia was about to reject Hubert’s accusations once and for all when the door to the library opened and Evona and Syxe appeared.

Evona leaned on Syxe’s arm and looked at her with a grin.

“Look, Syxe-sama, Cecilia-sama is with Hubert-sama.”

It sounded as if she had found the scene of an affair, but that was not what Cecilia was focused on.

Evona was entangled in Syxe’s arms.

It was incredibly uncomfortable, and something hazy was brewing in her mind.

Cecilia is perplexed by this strange, inexplicable sensation when Hubert gets up, walks over to Cecilia’s side, and says.

“I did not approach Cecilia, Cecilia came to me.”

Hubert tried to touch Cecilia’s shoulder.

Cecilia quickly stood up and took a step back from Hubert, while Syxe approached them quietly, pulling Evona aside.




Evona was taken aback when Syxe abruptly swept her away, Hubert was taken aback when Syxe rushed forward in front of him, and Cecilia was perplexed by Syxe’s expression.

Syxe has a slightly angry, sad look on his face.

For some reason, this makes Cecilia’s heart skip a beat.

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Syxe grabs Cecilia’s arm and picks her up.

Both Hubert and Evona were surprised at the sight, and of course, Cecilia’s face turned red in surprise.


Cecilia mutters in confusion, and Syxe says it in a clear tone.

“I want both Brother and Miss Evona to stop plotting any more. This is the last time I will underestimate you. The next time you try something like this, even I will be offended.”

Hubert chuckles at these cold, dismissive words.

“Plotting? No, I’m not. I’ve told you many times that Cecilia loves me, okay? It’s you who’s tearing me and Cecilia apart.”

Syxe frowns at Hubert’s words.

Evona wiggles her body prettily and says, in a cat-like voice,

“It’s true~. Cecilia-sama was in love with His Highness Hubert at first, wasn’t she~?”

Cecilia wonders what’s going on and tries to retort, but Syxe starts to walk away, carrying Cecilia in his arms—she almost bites her tongue.

“I warned you.”

With that, Syxe left the library and, with her still in his arms, got into the carriage that had been prepared for them.

While she wondered where they were going, the carriage drove towards the royal palace.

In the carriage, Syxe was silent and gave off an aura of “not wanting to talk to me”.

Cecilia is therefore still in Syxe’s arms in the carriage, but when they reach the palace, she opens her mouth.

“U-Um, Syxe-sama, how did we get to the palace?”

“I will send a letter to the Dukes later asking for permission.”

“N-No, that’s not what I meant.”

Syxe then became silent again, and Cecilia had no choice but to go quietly in his arms.

In the guest room where they arrived, Syxe told the maid-of-honor to bring them tea, then sat down on the sofa with her on his lap and hugged Cecilia tightly, saying nothing.

Cecilia wondered what was going on, but slowly opened her mouth.

“I’m sorry if I’ve given you the wrong impression, but I went to see His Highness Hubert to…”

“I don’t want to hear anything.”

The embrace tightened, and Cecilia panicked.

“Listen to me! I went to see His Highness Hubert to tell him that I would never be his fiancée again and that I would never like him!”


Syxe looks up in surprise, and Cecilia clarifies.

“I’m not pleased with His Highness Hubert. It’s only Syxe-sama that makes me nervous and happy…”

Cecilia was sure that Syxe made her heart beat faster than she had ever felt it with Hubert.

Perhaps this was the beginning of love.

Blushing, Cecilia said.

“So, um, I’m embarrassed. Please put me down… kya!”

Syxe’s face turned bright red as he looked up at Cecilia and hugged her tightly again.

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Cecilia hugged and opened her mouth, knowing that now was the time to confess what she had not been able to say.

“U-Um, Syxe-sama.”

“Yes? What is it? “

Syxe moved away a little so that he could see Cecilia’s face and tilted his head.

With her heart racing, Cecilia opened her mouth.

“I… I… actually…”


“It was a lie that I had amnesia!”

In the next moment, there was silence, as if time had stopped.

Cecilia closed her eyes and waited for Syxe to speak up, wondering if he would be upset with her. When she hadn’t received an answer, she opened her eyes to see Syxe’s eyes wide open in surprise.

“Well, I’m sorry. At first, I was shocked that my engagement was broken, so I wanted to forget everything, so I lied out of the blue.”

“Please, wait a minute.”


Syxe gulped down the tea in front of him and exhaled heavily.

“Miss Cecilia, may I ask you one question?”


Cecilia was prepared to get into trouble, but Syxe’s question was completely different from what she had expected.

“Miss Cecilia…Did you ever like my brother?”


For a second, Cecilia didn’t quite understand what was being asked, but finally she understood the words and shook her head.

“No. I’ve tried to have a good relationship with him, and I’d prefer to be on good terms with him if I could, but, well, I never liked Hubert-sama—I never liked him in the romantic sense, I mean.”


Syxe posed with a vigorous gut-punch and hugged Cecilia happily.

“I thought so!”

“Eh? Eh?!”

“Oh, that’s great! I’m very, very glad Miss Cecilia didn’t like my brother, because that would have distressed me very much.”


Syxe smiled happily and stroked Cecilia’s hair and said,

“because my brother began saying things like,” Cecilia loved me, “and so on, which was very stressful for me. But I’m relieved now that I know it’s not true.”

Cecilia said in a flustered voice to Syxe, who looked very happy.

“U-Um, for some reason, His Highness Hubert seems to think I was in love with him, even though I wasn’t. Well, we really don’t have that kind of relationship!”

Syxe nodded repeatedly, happy and satisfied with these words.

“Yes, yes. Really, that’s good, that’s good.”

Relieved, Syxe hugged Cecilia and patted her on the head for a long time, while Cecilia, who had thought he would be angry with her for lying—the sweet atmosphere sent question marks flying on her head.

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After dropping Cecilia off at the duke’s house, Syxe returned to his room in the royal palace and put his hands on his temples to think about what to do in the future.

The steaming tea had long since gone.

Then, knocking on the door, three former members of Hubert’s aides appeared.

Giovanni, Lauren, and Victor each held different documents and told Syxe about the work they had been given.

When Syxe had finished listening to the report, he asked the three of them.

“How is my brother?

The three looked at each other with a wry smile, and then Giovanni opened his mouth.

“Well, I’m afraid he’s really starting to go off the rails, sir.”


Syxe smiled, crossed his arms, and said to the three.

“I think it’s time to get serious about my brother. What do you think?”

The three nodded in agreement at the remark.

“I think that would be a good idea.

“We can’t afford any more royal scandals, and I think that’s a good thing.”

“It’s a little late for that.”

Syxe smiled with satisfaction as he saw the three of them shaking their heads, and then he decided on a course of action in his mind and said,

“What about Miss Evona’s father?”

“We have all the documents on embezzlement and tax evasion.


Syxe tapped his fingers on the head.

“Any problems with Brother’s involvement?”

“No Sir. We have all the evidence we need.”

Syxe nods.

——A certain amount of crime and evidence are now in place, but there is still a final path needed.

As he ponders what to do, Giovanni holds a document up to Syxe’s eyes.

“What is this?”

“He seemed to be getting impatient and was preparing to take forceful action.”

It made Syxe smile and nod as he looked at the document that Hubert was plotting behind the scenes.

“All right, let’s bring this to a close.”

At these words, the three of them thought for a moment, gathered up their papers, and bowed to Syxe.

“Then I will arrange and lead the knights.”

“I’ll arrange the evidence and the witnesses.”

“I’ll go to the back, assess the situation, and report back to you.”

Syxe said, with a smile, he was pleased with his three outstanding men.

“I’m counting on you.”

“””Yes sir!”””

——All that was left was to push and finish them off.

Syxe drank the cold tea in one gulp and smiled.

Chapter 22│Read translated stories and daily updates at:

The class was over, and Cecilia was getting ready to leave.

Syxe appeared preoccupied these days, apologizing to Cecilia and leaving as soon as the class was over, or even skipping the class altogether.

Cecilia let out a small sigh as she wished she could spend a little more time with Syxe when,

“ufufufu. Hey~ Cecilia-sama.”

Evona appeared in front of Cecilia’s eyes, clacking her shoes.

Cecilia suppressed the urge to sigh again at the sight and said, with a smile,

“Evona-sama, what brings you here even though we are in different grades?”

“I came to see how Cecilia-sama is doing, you know, who is about to be rejected by His Highness Syxe.”


The sudden remark made even the other girls in the class sit up and take notice.

Evona’s voice was so loud that Cecilia got a headache and shook her head.

“His Highness Syxe is not that kind of person.”

Evona smiled and clapped her hands in amusement at these words.

“Oh~, then, why does Syxe-sama write to my house so often these days?”


“Oto-sama has been receiving letters from Syxe-sama lately. I’m sure it’s a marriage proposal letter.”

Cecilia is momentarily annoyed by these words, but quietly shakes her head.

“You’re being disrespectful, Evona-sama. I believe in His Highness Syxe.”


Evona’s brow furrowed as her mood suddenly turned sour.

“Do you really think His Highness Syxe loves you? That’s because you have the right title! Without those, you’re worth nothing!”

With these outbursts, Cecilia began to lose her understanding of this woman named Evona.

——I used to think that she was a kind, gentle, and reliable friend.

This was probably because Cecilia believed in Evona so much that she did not argue with her.

But Cecilia is changing, too.

Cecilia smiles gently.

The students who stayed in the class, gasped and watched the two.

“Evona-sama is right, I am a duchess. That is why I was chosen to be His Highness’ betrothed. That is the duty of a noblewoman.”

“H-How unhappy is a marriage without love!?”


Cecilia thinks quietly and says, holding her chest.

“If it’s love, there is.”


“I love His Highness Syxe.”

At Cecilia’s words, the students in the class blushed, and Evona slammed the desk in annoyance.

Chapter 23│Read translated stories and daily updates at:

“Stop screwing around!”

A shout echoes through the room, making everyone present tense up their shoulders.

Hubert enters the room, his face flushed with anger, and stares at Cecilia.

“You love him? You’re a cheating son of a b*tch!”

Cecilia was startled by these words, but she expressed herself clearly.

“Cheating? No, I’m not. My fiancée is Syxe-sama. I’m not cheating.”

“You must be cheating! You belong to me!”

Evona shouted in agreement.

“That’s right! You were Hubert-sama’s fiancee!”

Cecilia is deafeningly quiet, but her mind races as if she were mocking someone for the first time.

——Are these two idiots?

Then Cecilia took a quiet, deep breath.

——But, I am the one who started all this.

She had made up her mind. She looked straight at them and said,

“Syxe-sama is my current fiancée. This is my advice to both of you. You should not discuss these topics in a public place like this. If you’re still not convinced, perhaps we should go to the royal palace first?”


“Are you trying to fool me?!”

——Because there are a lot of students here.

Cecilia felt that Hubert shouldn’t expose himself too much, and that it would be a smear on Syxe’s name.

“That’s enough! Miss Cecilia, haa… Sorry, I’m late.”

Syxe appeared on the spot, breathing a little hard. Cecilia felt that he might have come in a hurry after receiving the news.

“Brother, Miss Evona, I have something to say to both of you, so let’s move on to the royal palace. “

Hubert frowns at Syxe’s words, while Evona’s eyes light up, and she nods as if she thinks this is good news.

Hubert looked at Syxe and chuckled.

“All right, It’s about time we settled the matter.”

“Yes, Brother.”

Hubert and Evona were put in the same carriage, and Syxe and Cecilia got into different carriages.

Syxe holds Cecilia’s hand and says,

“Did that scare you?”

“No, it’s all right. Um, what does he mean to settle the matter?”

“Yeah, about that… Maybe it’ll surprise Miss Cecilia. But whatever happens, you have to trust me.”

Cecilia considered Syxe’s busy schedule and concluded that he must have been preparing for something, so she nodded.

“All right, But can I be honest with them later about the fact that my memory is not lost? It’s my fault that I didn’t tell them properly in the first place.”

“Yes, of course, but since it’s the two of them, I don’t want them to interpret it in any way. Can you just say that you remember?”

“All right.”

Cecilia was determined to convey her intentions firmly.

Chapter 24│Read translated stories and daily updates at:

Moving to the guest room of the royal palace, Hubert and Evona sit opposite Syxe and Cecilia.

Cecilia has never been in this guest room before, and it is a little different than usual.

Hubert and Evona may not notice, but they are a little farther apart than in a typical guest room, and there is a sense of unease in the room.

Cecilia wonders where the uneasiness is coming from, but decides to focus on the conversation that is beginning.

Hubert’s face is a little stiff and he looks as if he’s cornered by something more than when he was inside the school.

“Cecilia. And you, Syxe, get serious. I keep telling you, Cecilia loved me. If you care about Cecilia, you should step aside, right?”

“That’s right. It’s heartbreaking to tear apart the people you love.”

Cecilia looked at Syxe, wondering where Evona stood, then took a deep breath and opened her mouth.

“I have something to say to both of you.”

Hubert and Evona turn their heads at these words.

Cecilia clenched her fists and said, in a clear tone,

“About my memory, I remembered everything the other day.”

Hubert and Evona stood up at the same time, and Evona was the first to open her mouth, with an embarrassed expression on her face.

“W-Well, did you really remember? Maybe not all of them?!”

“Y-Yes, that’s right. Not all of them!”

After putting their words together, as if clinging to their last hope, Cecilia tells them clearly.

“No, I remember everything. Evona-sama pretended to be my friend, lied to me, told me the exact opposite of Prince Hubert’s preference, and forced me to break off my engagement.”

Hubert then opens his mouth in an attempt to save himself.

“What?! Evona, what a wicked woman you are! How dare you separate us! It was all Evona’s fault!”

——What a flimsy remark!

Evona’s face turned pale, and she screamed.

“Hubert-sama! Isn’t the plan different!?”

“Shut up! You evil b*tch!”

Seeing their ugly conversation, Cecilia coughed.

“I am sorry, but I believe you said that a vile, whorish woman is not suitable for your highness… You prefer a chaste and cultured woman like Evona-sama who lies to you and services you, don’t you?”

At these words, Hubert’s cheeks tightened and Evona’s face turned red in anger.

Chapter 25│Read translated stories and daily updates at:

Hubert let out a deliberate sigh.

Then he quietly turned to Cecilia and said,

“Well, that’s all right. It doesn’t change the fact that you’re going to marry me.”

These words made everyone in the room turn their heads.

A group of people dressed in black and hiding their faces entered the room through a hidden corridor and surrounded Cecilia and the others.

When Cecilia saw how quickly things changed, she clung to Syxe, who squeezed her hand reassuringly.

Evona was also surprised by the sight and looked at Hubert.

“H-Hubert-sama? What’s this?”

“Well? I guess. I thought I’d make Syxe and you disappear here.”

Evona was very surprised by his words.

Evona clung to Hubert and said in a cat-like voice.

“D-Didn’t you say we’d cooperate?”

Hubert shook off Evona’s hand and said with a sly grin.

“How dumb b*tch you are. Well, I was a fool to fall for the deception of such a woman. I had no idea how much you coveted the position of queen. But now I am awake.”

Hubert then looks at Cecilia with sultry eyes.

“Cecilia is the one who deserves to be queen. We’ll make it look like a crazy crime by Evona and take care of everything together, Evona and Syxe. Let’s put them in the same coffin.”

“Hubert-sama! You can’t be serious!”

“Ahaha! You want to be with Syxe badly, don’t you?! Then that’s good!”

Cecilia clenched Syxe’s hand tightly in such a gibberish exchange.

Hubert smiled, shook off Evona’s attempt to cling to him, and reached for Cecilia’s hand.

“Cecilia. Come here. “

Cecilia shook her head and said clearly.

“Even if you kill me, I will not come to you.”

“…What did you say?”

Hubert raised his eyebrows and raised his voice.

“Don’t be so cocky when you’re the one who always gets the short end of the stick! Hahaha! Well! I’ll teach you a lesson later! Now go forth and kill Syxe and Evona!”


Hubert shouts,

Evona screams and tries to run toward the door.

Then the men in black raised their swords.

Syxe looked at the situation and shrugged his shoulders.

“Brother, you really are a fool.”

Some, the men in black change their stance to protect Syxe and Cecilia, and knights rush in from outside the room.

Syxe said quietly.

“Well, thanks to my foolish brother, we have all the evidence we need.”

Syxe squeezes Cecilia’s hand again, reassuringly.

Chapter 26│Read translated stories and daily updates at:

Hubert’s scheme was a very poor scheme.

Hubert, who had no people in aristocratic society, turned to the underworld. A nest of people who would sell information and kill as many people as they could for as much money as they could get.

But when asked if they can be trusted, they have to shake their heads.

Because those who are motivated by money will eventually sell their information to those who have more money.

It only takes a moment for the place to be overrun, and some of the men in black are caught and restrained, while others escape.

Even if they manage to flee, the underworld has already cut them off by the time they arrive here. They’ve decided where they’re going to end up.

Because, under Syxe’s direction, the three best men in the inner circle have it all under control.

Giovanni, Lauren, and Victor are in the right place at the right time, and when they finish their tasks, they stand at Syxe’s back, staring at Hubert, expressionless.

Hubert opened his eyes wide at the appearance of the three and collapsed.

It only lasted a moment.

Hubert was confident and dreamed that he would get everything.

But it shattered in an instant and dissolved into dust.

“Why? Why are you interrupting me?! You used to be on my side…”

The three looked at each other as the words were whispered.

“I followed you because my parents ordered me to.”

“I have never respected you.”

“We are convinced, of our own volition, that His Highness Syxe is the best candidate to be the next king.”

Hubert bites his lip at these words and looks at Cecilia as if to cling to her.

“You… Cecilia… You have been thinking about me, haven’t you? Will you give me a second chance?”

Cecilia shakes her head, her words so selfish.

“You had so many chances to start over. But it is you who have fallen away.”

At these words, Hubert winces and looks at Syxe.

“You’re my brother, aren’t you? How can you do this to me?”

Syxe looks at Hubert, who is putting himself on the back burner and mutters,

“Brother is such a fool, even though you got everything.”

“Then give it back!”

Syxe shakes his head at his plaintive cry.

“I can’t leave it to Brother anymore.”

Hubert hangs his head and is led away by the knight.

Meanwhile, Evona is trying to sneak away.

Chapter 27│Read translated stories and daily updates at:

As Evona tries to sneak away, Syxe notices and gives instructions to the knights.

“Put Miss Evona in jail, too.”

Upon hearing these words, Evona rushes to cling to Cecilia’s dress and cries out.

“P-Please! Please forgive me! I will never do such a thing again!”

Cecilia wondered what to do as the knight tried to pull Evona away from her.

“I beg of youuuuu~.”

Evona desperately clings to Cecilia’s dress, trying not to let go.

“I have already gathered evidence of the deception of the Marquis and the attempted assassination of Miss Cecilia. There is no way to save you anymore.”

Syxe made it clear to Evona that she would give up.

Evona began to tremble at these words, but she still hung on.

“Cecilia-sama! I’m sorry! Everything! Because you had everything that I envied you! I wanted it too! I wanted it too! It’s not fair, It’s not fair, it’s not fair, it’s not faaaaaaaaaaaaair!!!!”


These words remind Cecilia of her former self.

Why did she put on heavy makeup, as Evona said, and try to match Hubert’s taste?

——It’s because I wasn’t confident in myself and didn’t make my own decisions.

Cecilia regulates her breathing and speaks clearly back to Evona.

“I used to envy your confidence.”


Cecilia said to the stunned Evona.

“As a result, I relied on you. But I now realize that wasn’t the right way to go… to listen not just to one person’s opinion, but to many people’s opinions, and to have faith in myself. It’s difficult, but it’s what I must do from now on.”

To which Evona retorts.

“What the hell are you talking about?! You should have done what I told you!”

“Our paths have diverged, Evona-sama. Please let go of my hand.”

“I-It can’t be…”

Evona hangs her head and lets go of her hand and is taken away by the knights.

As she saw her back off, Syxe gently hugged Cecilia.

“I’m sorry for making you feel scared.”

Cecilia shakes her head.

“We had to confront each other eventually. So, it’s all right.”


She will never go down the same path as Hubert and Evona again.

Cecilia needs to stand firmly on her own two feet from now on.

Chapter 28│Read translated stories and daily updates at:

Evona’s family home was destroyed, and Hubert and Evona were moved to a remote area in the north.

Because the royal family’s feuds were quite scandalous, the king quickly decided that it was best to deal with them privately.

It was only after they left that Cecilia learned they had been taken to the northern border.

“The northern frontier?”

Cecilia asked, thinking she had misheard, and Syxe nodded.

Is this a sufficient metric, or is it worse than an execution?

The northern frontier is said to freeze everything in winter and summer, and there are no major cities or towns located there.

Only asylums where sinners are rounded up and forced to work their entire lives until they die in order to repent of their sins.

It’s not an environment for two aristocrats to endure.

None of this would have happened if they had been less greedy. The desire for the throne, the desire to be queen, and the consequences of defiling their own hands are all the result of one’s own actions.

Self-inflicted, karmic retribution.

The misdeeds of Hubert and Evona are then passed on to the children as folktales.

[If you do something bad, you’ll be taken to the ice!]

[If you are greedy and have no regard for others, you will lose everything, just like the wicked woman.]

The unspoken words were passed down through the kingdom, setting a bad example for children to follow in a straight line.

It was only a few months later that the date for Syxe and Cecilia’s wedding was set.

The whole country rejoiced at the news and looked forward to their wedding day.

Chapter 29│Read translated stories and daily updates at:

Cecilia gazed at the bride’s finished outfit and breathed a sigh of relief.

——It’s a very beautiful outfit.

Cecilia looks at it in the dressing room and counts the days until the wedding. It’s so beautiful that she thinks it would be a shame to wear it herself.

Most of the preparations are complete, and all that remains is waiting for the wedding.

Their time together is limited due to Syxe’s work as Crown Prince. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have personal time.

Cecilia, on the other hand, desired to spend more time with him.

“Ara… When did I become so selfish?”

With a small murmur, Cecilia stands up and leaves the dressing room.

Cecilia has already relocated to the royal palace and has been treated as a school graduate.

Originally, her academic ability was sufficient and her education was progressing smoothly.

Syxe and Cecilia’s wedding is hurriedly planned in order to clear Hubert and Evona’s affairs.

As Cecilia walks down the corridor with her servants, she sees a beautiful garden and heads for it.

Today was a free day off after a long and busy day.

The ladies-in-waiting walks alongside Cecilia as she walks out into the garden, carrying a parasol on her head.

“How beautiful.”

She was admiring the flowers in the garden, which were in full bloom.

“Miss Cecilia!”

She looked up and saw Syxe, who was running toward her, perhaps in a bit of a hurry.


Cecilia’s face brightened, and she took a step closer.

“I saw Miss Cecilia walking in the garden, so I went to see her.”

“Really? ufufufu. I’m so glad to see you.”

Cecilia smiles at Syxe’s words, and they walk together in the garden.

The lady-in-waiting and the butler step back as Cecilia and Syxe hold hands and walk slowly in the warm sunshine.

The wind blows gently between them, and the flowers sway happily in the breeze.

“I’m sorry I haven’t had much time to talk to you.”

Cecilia shakes her head and squeezes his hand, then leans toward Syxe.

Syxe’s cheeks blush at her spoiled gesture.

“I want to get married soon. I think about it every day.”

“Me, too.”

Syxe rolls his eyes as he hears these words, then turns to Cecilia and opens his mouth, hesitantly.

“U-Um, you know.”

“What is it?”

” I love Miss Cecilia with all my heart. I wonder if Miss Cecilia has fallen in love with me a little bit?”


Cecilia’s face flushed bright red at the sudden words, and her eyes darted around in a panic before settling on Syxe, as if she’d made up her mind.

Syxe also looks nervous at the sight of her and tenses.

Of course, the ladies-in-waiting, the butler, and escorting knights who were watching with bated breath were all breathless at the sweet and sour exchange between the two.

Needless to say, the atmosphere was fraught with excitement and thrill.

Chapter 30│Read translated stories and daily updates at:

Cecilia musters up the courage. Perhaps it was the courage of a lifetime for her.

“I, I, I mean Syxe-sama…”

Her face is bright red and her body is tense.

“I-I-I love you.”

Cecilia says, with an almost audible squeak and squeal.

At that moment, Syxe blushed red and hugged Cecilia.

The ladies-in-waiting, butlers, and knights were all applauding, and everyone was high-fiving, smiling, and yelling.

In the midst of all this, the two of them dove into their own private world.

“I’m glad to hear that.”

“Me too.”

Syxe hugs Cecilia tightly.

Syxe would have liked to smooch a little more if it had just been the two of them. Syxe sighs inwardly as he casts a casual glance at the crowd.

And then he thinks.

——I can’t wait for the wedding date.

His wish came true soon after a while.

Syxe and Cecilia pledge their true love to each other in the church set up in the royal palace.

“Syxe-sama, I look forward to working with you.”

“I also look forward to working with you.”

Following the church ceremony, the couple introduces themselves to the people of the city.

There was applause from the people, and everyone congratulated them on their marriage.

The sky was blue and clear, and it seemed to shed light on the country’s future.

Everyone shouted with joy.

“Hurrah for Crown Prince Syxe and Crown Princess Cecilia!”

“Good luck to you two!”

“Well, Prince Syxe and Princess Cecilia look good together.”


“Hey, mama? What happened to Prince Hubert?”

“O-Oh, Shhh. Don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret.”


“You-know-who was sent to a faraway land of ice because he did something bad.”

“R-Really? So if you do bad things, you get sent to the land of ice?”

“That’s right, boy. And if you’re greedy, you’ll lose everything, like the wicked woman.”

“Okay! I won’t do anything wrong, and I won’t be greedy!”


“That’s right~.ufufufu.”

Even during the congratulatory applause for the couple, the two, Hubert and Evona, are chastised.

The citizens of the city teach and pass on to their children that the shortest path to happiness for a human being is to live an honest life.


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