Completed ― The Former Supreme Saint, Who Lost Everything to Her Sister, Is Cared For by the Crown Prince of Another Continent

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“Liserotte Niclas! You have neglected your duties as the supreme saint by staying in your room and painting all the time! Therefore, I revoke your Supreme Saint status and our engagement!”

The Crown Prince’s blue eyes were the color of anger, and he pointed his index finger at me.

“With all due respect, Your Highness, I am doing my duty as Supreme Saint. Every morning I pray to the crystal and put up barriers all over the country. And I have his majesty’s permission to paint during my rest time.”

My job as Supreme Saint is to pray every morning in front of the crystal in the temple and set a ward to cover all of the Hallstein Kingdom’s land.

There are many saints who heal the wounded, but I am the only Supreme Saint who sets barriers.

It takes a tremendous amount of magical power to build a protective barrier. I cannot do any other work because I have used up a whole day’s magic.

Once the barrier is done, the rest of the day is free. Since I like to paint, His Majesty gave me paints and canvases to paint in my free time.

“Shut up! While you were painting your horrid pictures of flaming lizards, eight-legged horses, and old men’s heads, your sister Mira was doing the saint’s work! Mira was doing the hard work of treating the wounded and listening to the poor!”

My half-sister Mira quickly stands next to His Royal Highness the Crown Prince.

I know that treating the wounded is a saint’s job. But I did not know that it was a saint’s job to listen to the poor.

His Majesty always said, “Liserotte only has to put up wards, the rest of the time you can paint as you like…”

The treatment of the injured could be done with magic, but it was impossible to listen to people’s concerns with magic alone. I should have asked His Majesty a little more about the work of the saints.

“Mira is much more suitable for the Supreme Saint than you! Therefore, I appoint your sister Mira as my new fiancée and the new Supreme Saint!”

The Crown Prince puts his hand on Mira’s shoulder.

“Rest assured. Onee-sama’s place as a Supreme Saint will be taken by me. I’ll do better than you, both as the prince’s fiancee and Supreme Saint.”

Mira looks at me and giggles.

“But Mira alone will not be up to the task of setting up barriers…”

As Supreme Saint, I have lived in the royal palace since I was eight years old and have cast barriers all over the country.

This is because my magic power was unmatched, while my sister Mira’s was just a little above average.

“I don’t have to be the Crown Prince’s fiancée, nor do I need the status of a supreme saint. But please let me do my job and put up the barrier as before!”

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Since my engagement to the Crown Prince was decided by His Majesty, I have no romantic feelings for him. I don’t care if he breaks off the engagement.

But a saint’s job is different. Mira is my little sister, even if she is a half-sister. I can’t leave the palace and leave everything to 14-year-old Mira.

Without the barriers, demons will enter the country and threaten the lives of the people. If Mira overworked herself to put up the barriers and collapsed…

Then at least let me continue my work as a saint. It doesn’t need to be a supreme saint, just an ordinary saint, or even a low-ranking saint.

“Hmph! Don’t get carried away just because you have a little bit of magic power! Look at Mira’s left hand!”

The Crown Prince says something to me, and I look at my sister’s left hand.

On the ring finger of Mira’s left hand is a sparkling gold ring… no way.


“Yes! The golden Andvaranaut ring, the ring that increases magical power a hundredfold, which my father had his scholars make!”.

I knew that His Majesty the King had Andvaranaut made, but he told me that he would give it to me…

“You seem to think that Andvaranaut belongs to you! My father has always loved Mira more than you! “Mira is a good-natured and gentle girl!”, “There is no one as good as Mira!”, “She fulfills the duties of a saint at such a young age!” With these words, he praised Mira!”

Mira was well-liked by everyone because of her cheerful personality and sociability. From my father, my step-mother, the Crown Prince, and the people. His Majesty the King also liked Mira better.

“Andvaranaut is more deserving of a hardworking Mira than you!”

“Is this the wish of His Majesty the King?”

“Yes! This is the will of my father, the king! With Andvaranaut, which multiplies magical power a hundredfold, Mira can lay a protective barrier over the country! Liserotte, you are no longer needed! Now get out of my palace!”

The Crown Prince twisted his neat face and shouted at me.

“Where is His Majesty the King? I would like to greet His Majesty one last time before I leave.”

I guess with Andvaranaut, Mira will be able to establish a barrier.

But I at least want to greet His Majesty, who has been so kind to me, before I leave the palace.

“My father is away! He doesn’t even want to see you!”

His Majesty the King recognized my magical abilities and gave me the rank of Supreme Saint. He praised my drawings and allowed me to paint in between my sacred duties.

I wanted to say a few words of thanks to His Majesty before I left the castle. Even that won’t come true in his absence.

“Thank you for all you have done for me, Your Royal Highness.”

I bowed deeply.

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“Goodbye, sister.”

“Get out of here! You stink!”

“Hewitt-sama, I feel sorry for Onee-sama even though it’s the truth, ufufu.”

His Highness pinches his nose and Mira covers her mouth with her hand, giggling.

The paints I use are a little special and they smell a little because of the chemicals used to make them. The smell of the paint must have permeated my clothes and hair.

I was painting in my room until the Crown Prince summoned me. I was brought here without any time to change my clothes, so I may smell a little.

“Your Highness, may I take my paints and canvas with me?”

I want to paint even if I’m kicked out of the royal palace.

“How brazen! Both the paint and the canvas belong to the royal palace! The paintings you made with those tools belong to the state, too! They don’t belong to you! Leave it!”

The paints and canvas were given to me by His Majesty the King. I did not receive them as a gift—they were lent to me.

So all my paintings belonged to the King, and I was allowed to paint with that promise.

I liked painting, and as long as I enjoyed it, that was all that mattered to me.

His Majesty was kind enough to hang my poor drawings in his castle.

I painted a flame-clad spirit salamander in the kitchen, a dwarf in the smithy, Leprechaun the cobbler’s fairy in the cobbler’s workshop, Mímir the god of knowledge, who has only his head in the laboratory where Andvaranaut was made, In the stable there is a painting of the eight-legged horse Sleipnir, and in the great hall of the castle there is an image of the god Frey, the goddess of fertility and wealth.

I did not stick to my paintings because I knew that somewhere in the castle there was a painting I had painted.

But if I were to leave the castle, I’d like to have one or two of my favorite works at hand.

I wanted to take my paints and papers with me so that I could paint when I left the castle.

But the Crown Prince refused.

“What a ridiculous thing to ask for more than a castle to live in and eat in for free!”

The saint’s work is free. I was provided with a place to live, food to eat, and clothes to wear. That was enough, wasn’t it? I was greedy.

“All right, I’ll give up on paintings. Have a good day, Your Highness.”

“Get out!”

“I wish you all the best, Mira.”

“Have a nice day, Onee-sama, I’ll be happy even if you don’t tell me.”

I bowed once more to His Highness and turned on my heel.

“I’m finally free from that old fiancee!”

“Hewitt-sama Onee-sama might hear you, ufufufu.”

I knew that His Highness the Crown Prince did not want to be engaged to me, who was two years older than him. But I did not expect to be treated like an old lady at the age of eighteen.

“Liserotte’s hair is so white, she looks like an old woman! It’s disgusting!”

“Ara, Your Highness, it’s not white, it’s silver, but it’s true that it’s a disgusting color, ufufu…”

My silver hair, inherited from my mother, is a rarity in this country, and is often looked at strangely.

“I like Mira’s golden hair that shines like the sun! “

“Thank you, Your Highness, I like my blonde hair, too.”

My stepmother and Mira, has shining golden hair and jade green eyes. They were both admired by everyone for their beautiful looks.

“You’re still here? Get out of my sight, you gray-haired hag!”

“Ara, Hewitt-sama, you should feel sorry for my sister~ ufufu. “

“Get out of this country because it will get in the way of Mira’s new Supreme Saint’s work! And never come back!”

“That terrible Hewitt-sama. Onee-sama has nowhere else to go but my parents’ home. But even at home, she was a disgrace, so there’s nowhere for her to go~”

For ten years, since I was eight years old, I have worked in the Royal Palace as the Supreme Saint, and I have finished my duties today.

My sister robbed me of my fiancee, and I was forced to leave the royal palace I had grown accustomed to without being able to say goodbye to His Majesty, to whom I am indebted.

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After leaving the palace, I went to my parents’ house, the Dukes of Niclas.

His Highness told me to leave the country, but I could not go anywhere without money.

In the ten years since I came to the castle, neither my father nor my step-mother had visited me once. But I have no one else to turn to.

The duke’s house is surrounded by a high wall, and you can only enter through the front gate. The servant who was guarding the gate happened to remember me, so I was able to enter the premises.

I haven’t seen my parents in ten years, but I don’t have time to be sentimental.

I rang the doorbell and told the butler what I wanted to do, and he told me to wait at the front door. I was sad that I could not enter the house after coming back for the first time in ten years.

I waited at the entrance for a few minutes.

“What are you doing here! You useless b*stard!”

My father, whom I met for the first time in ten years, was a little older than I remembered and had a plump figure.

“It stinks! Honey, don’t let Liserotte into the house! The whole house will smell like a dump.”

My step-mother looks at me and frowns.

My step-mother’s appearance… I’m sorry, I don’t remember much about my step-mother’s appearance in the past. She moved to the house right after my father remarried my step-mother.

“I know, don’t worry, Liserotte won’t be allowed in the house.”

My father pinches his nose and raises his eyebrows just like the Crown Prince.

“Father, I have a favor to ask you. I need to borrow some money. His Royal Highness the Crown Prince asked me to leave the country, but I didn’t have the money…”

“I’ve heard about you from the royal palace! I heard that you have been neglecting your duties as a Supreme Saint by painting creepy pictures!”

“What a shameless girl you are! Meanwhile, Mira was a saint who healed the sick and wounded, listened to the poor, and participated in the church soup kitchens.”

While I was walking to the Duke’s house, a messenger from the royal court came to inform the Duke.

I was on foot, the others in a carriage. It seemed I was overtaken in no time.

As Supreme Saint, I was working to put magic into the crystal and form a protective barrier, but I wonder if it has not been conveyed to my father and step-mother?

I can’t use any other magic because I use all my magic to set up protective barriers.

So I left the treatment of the sick and injured to other saints.

And I didn’t know that one of the duties of the saints was to cook in the church and listen to the poor. Even if I had known, I would not have come because I was forbidden to leave the royal palace and restricted from meeting people…

“Father, step-mother, there is a reason…”

“Shut up! The fact remains that you lost your position as a saint and your engagement to the crown prince was broken! You’re a disgrace to the Duke’s house! Liserotte, you are not my daughter! I disown you as of this very moment!”

“You should be thankful for the kind and wise Mira, for the Duke’s house would be in ruins if she hadn’t been at the Crown Prince’s pleasure.”

My father curses at me with an angry mark on his forehead, and my step-mother raises her eyebrows and glares at me.

“Get out! Don’t you ever step across the threshold of the duke’s house again!”

Father turned his heel with an angry face.

“You can make money by selling your body! But even the peasants won’t come near you if you stink like that! Ohohohoho.”

My step-mother turns her heel, laughing.

The door to the house is slammed shut by the expressionless butler.

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I stagger through the large garden that leads from the mansion to the gate.

It is a long way from the house to the gate.

I wanted to see at least the last portrait of my mother.

Ten years ago, my mother passed away, and six months later, my step-mother and father married, with young Mira in tow.

When I learned that Mira’s biological father was my father, I was saddened to realize that my mother had been betrayed by my father all along.

Mira was four years old when she came to live with the Dukes. For at least five years, my mother was betrayed by my father.

“Are you from the Duke of Niclas? A letter to Liserotte Niclas-sama.”

When I came to the duke’s gate, a mailman spoke to me.

I can’t see the gatekeeper, perhaps because it’s shift time.

“I’m Liserotte Niclas.”

“What? You are?”

No wonder the mailman was surprised. The Crown Prince called me out while I was painting, and I left the room without time to change, so I was still wearing my smock. And the smell of the unique paint on my clothes. This doesn’t make me look like a duchess at all.

“Well, she must be the Duchess of Niclas, since she is on the premises. Please sign for it.”

I wrote my name on a piece of paper and received a letter.

“..It really says Liserotte Niclas. Is that the kind of dress and perfume that’s popular among aristocrats these days? I don’t know.”

With these words, the mailman mounted his donkey and rode away.

If the mailman had arrived a little later, I would have gone out of the house. He might not have believed me if I told him I was a member of the duke’s family. I’m glad I was walking slowly.

The letter had a beautiful wax seal on it.

When I looked at the sender’s name, it said Aldrick Ludendorf.

Aldrick Ludendolf-sama, a handsome neighbor prince with jet black hair and obsidian eyes.

His mother was friends with my mother. While she was alive, Al-Sama stayed with the Duke for a month.

That summer, when my mother was alive and Al-sama was there, we had a lot of fun.

Al-sama is the first person besides my mother to praise my paintings.

When I was painting a flame-clad spirit salamander, Al-sama looked at the Salamander and said, “Cute.”

I was very happy because it was the first time that someone other than my mother praised my painting.

When I was painting the eight-legged horse, Sleipnir, he said, “It’s beautiful.”

When I was painting Mmir, the old man with a lifeless head, he said, “Wonderful!”

He also said that the smell of the paint was “It smells good!” and “I like the painting, including the smell!”

He was a very kind person.

We lost touch with each other after my mother passed away. As the Crown Prince’s fiancée, I had to go up to the palace and was only allowed to see a few people.

If I hadn’t received the letter here, we might not have been involved for the rest of my life.

When I think about it, it is a miracle that I received the letter at the right time.

Even now, ten years later, my heart is still warm because Al-sama gave me the letter.

I carefully cut open the envelope and took out the letter.

“Dear Lisaotte-Niclas-sama,

How are you doing?

Are you still painting?

I loved seeing you paint.

I remember those summers with you.

I am sorry that Duchess Niclas has passed away and that we have lost touch with each other.

I wish I could have visited the Duchy not only that summer but every year.

It is not fair that I am the only one. I wanted to invite you to the Ludendolf Empire.

I wondered if you could make that dream come true now.

If you don’t mind, come visit the Ludendorf Empire. You are always welcome.

Let’s talk about the memory of the Duchess Niclas.

From your faithful friend Aldrick Ludendolf.”

A drop of water dripped onto the letter and stained it. My eyes are burning. Al-sama still thinks of me as a friend!

I miss Al-sama! I want to talk about my mother’s memories!

I decided to go to the Ludendorf Empire, where Al-sama is located.

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The morning sun rises from the top of the mountain peaks.

Yesterday I left the duke’s house for the port city, because the Ludendolf kingdom where Al-sama lives is beyond the southern sea on the continent of Blume.

It was night when I arrived at the port city because I went there on foot.

I had no money for lodging, so I rented a room in the eaves of a kind woman’s house to shelter me from the night dew.

The air in the early morning is very clean. I heard that people’s mornings begin early with the sunrise. Soon the streets will be busy.

Until yesterday, I was a Supreme Saint, praying to the crystals and setting up the protective barrier at this time of day.

From today, my sister, Mira, will be doing the same.

My magic has returned after one night. I can now use my magic power to heal.

If I could get someone to hire me as the ship’s doctor, I might get to ride on their ship for free.

I thanked the landlady and headed for the main street to go to the harbor.



“What the?”

I bumped into a person because I was looking away.

“I’m sorry!”

The people I bumped into were a man and a woman in their early 40s. The man had red hair, a thick beard, and a stout figure, and the woman had orange hair and a plump figure.


The man frowned and put his hands on his hips. Did I hit him that hard?

“I’m sorry, I’m looking away… Are you hurt?”

“No, it’s not the young lady’s fault for this pain.”

“This old man is a blacksmith, and he hurt his back. So we came all the way from the Ludendolf Empire to ask for help from Saint-Sama here.”

“But the effect was not as good as their reputation. I had the young, blonde-haired, blue-eyed Saint-sama cast a recovery spell on me, but it only temporarily eased my pain.”

“Mira-sama was it? She was a very haughty saint.”

So the saint who healed the two was Mira.

“We came all the way from the next continent and paid a lot of money to be healed by Saint-sama, and now this…”

A man frowns and puts his hands on his hips.

“I also had my hands treated while with my husband. It healed only for a moment, but after a few hours, it came back.”

I looked at the woman’s left hand and saw that it was shaking slightly.

“I’m sorry about that.”

They came so far from their home country to come to us, and we couldn’t help them…! As Mira’s sister and a former Supreme Saint, I feel responsible!

“Why are you apologizing, young lady?”

“It’s not your problem.”

Both of them looked at me with a puzzled look on their faces.

“If you don’t mind, could you let me treat you?”

“What? Can the young lady use recovery magic too?”

“Yes, a little, but I’d like to heal you both as an apology for bumping into you.”

I can’t just let them leave like this.

“I don’t mind, but, hey, Gueret.”

“I don’t mind either, if you don’t mind.”

“Thank you very much.”

With their permission, I immediately cast a recovery spell.

“Your waist, isn’t it? Maximum Recovery Vesselung.”

I put my hand on the man’s waist and cast a spell. A faint light envelops him.

“You can’t be serious! Can a young lady like her do the highest level of recovery magic?!”

The man’s eyes are blinking.

“Your left arm, isn’t it? Maximum Recovery Vesselung.”

A faint light covers the woman’s left arm.

“How is the affected part?”

It had been ten years since I had cast a recovery spell, so I honestly wasn’t confident.

“It doesn’t hurt at all! On the contrary, I feel better than before I hurt my back! It’s like I’m back in my 20s!”

“I can move my arms freely! Where did the numbness go?!”

The man bent backward at the waist and did a backward roll. The woman is waving her left arm and spinning it in circles.

I saw their faces light up, and I felt relieved.

I had not used recovery magic for the first time in ten years, so I was worried if it would work, but I am glad that I was able to heal them properly.

“Thank you, young lady! You’re amazing!”

“I’ve been numb for years, and now I’m cured like I never knew I had it! Thank you!”

They shook my hand and thanked me.

It’s been a long time since anyone has thanked me, and my neck is itching.

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“Thank you so much! I’d like to do something for you, little girl. Is there anything you want?”

“Is there anything I want… I’m sorry?”

As a sister and former Supreme Saint, I was just following up on my sister Mira’s treatment.

“In spite of appearances, this old man is the exclusive blacksmith of the Ludendolf royal family, and I’m the exclusive seamstress of the royal family. I’m taking a break right now because of an injury, but I’m going to work as hard as I can when I get better! So if there’s anything you want, don’t hesitate to ask!”

The woman smiles and pats her chest.

“Then I’ll take your word for it… I want to go to the Ludendorf Empire, too. If you don’t mind, could you take me with you?”

The couple look at each other.

“All I need is a ride on the ship. I’ll earn money for food by cleaning and washing dishes on board!”

There was a brief silence. It’s impossible, isn’t it? It’s presumptuous to ask for a ride on the ship just because I did a little healing magic on them.

I’ve been in the palace all this time, so I don’t know how much it costs for a ship ride to the Blume continent, where the Ludendolf Empire is located. But I’m sure it’s not cheap. It was shallow of me to ask two people I had just met to pay for it.



Suddenly the couple burst into laughter. Did I say something so funny that they laughed?

“No, that’s not it!”

“Of course it’s OK! We are going back to the Ludendolf empire. Come with us!”

This time, I was taken aback. I can’t believe they agreed so easily.

“Thank you! I will never forget your kindness!”

I bowed deeply.

“Raise your head, I’m the one who should thank you. You healed my husband’s back pain and the numbness in my arm.”

“That’s right, I couldn’t work because of my injuries and the business was going down the drain.”

That’s a relief. They are both very nice people.

(Stomach Rumbling)

I haven’t eaten since yesterday, and my stomach is growling.

My cheeks turn red with shame.

“Don’t worry about your food! You’re our benefactor, so I’ll feed you to the fullest!”

“That’s right, don’t be shy! You saved our lives! We’ll feed you to the hilt!”

The couple I met in the port city were kind people.

“I’m Gueret. This is my husband, Delhi. What is the lady’s name?”

“My name is Liserotte Nic…”

I almost said Liserotte Niclas, but then stopped myself in a hurry.

“Just Liserotte, no last name.”

I am no longer Liserotte Niclas because my father disowned me. I can’t use the name of a duchess.

“Liserotte, your name is elegant, as is your face.”


I tilted my head. When was the last time anyone called me elegant?

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Clear skies, calm azure seas, fresh breezes across the sea.

“Liserotte, what are you doing?”

“Margaret-san, I was praying to Njord, the god who protects the sea, for safe voyages.”

Although I’m no longer a saint, I should be able to protect this ship from the demons living in the sea.

Come to think of it, I also drew a picture of God Njord when I was in the castle. Where was that picture displayed again? It’s no use worrying about it.

“Liserotte is religious, isn’t she?”

“No, I’m not.”

I was lucky enough to get on the boat. I just wanted to do what I could.

“I forgot. I came to call you because it was time to eat.”

“Thank you very much.”

Shortly after meeting Delhi-san and Margaret-san, I boarded a ship bound for the Blume continent. The ship was just about to leave, but we managed to make it in time.

“The waves are calm and the wind is blowing, and at this rate we may reach Blume continent earlier than planned.”


I hope so. I want to see Al-sama soon.

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The ship’s meals are mostly fish dishes. It’s been a long time since I had fish in the castle because I could only eat bread, salad, and water.

We were told that praying saints should not eat meat or fish, so I was only allowed to eat a limited amount of ingredients.”

“This white fish meuniere is delicious.”

“The seaweed salad is also very good.”

“The soup also has a good seafood broth.”

I sat around the table with Delhi-san and Margaret-san. It’s been a long time since I had dinner with someone because I always ate alone in my room.

“Liserotte, come to my room when you’ve finished your meal.”


“I’m going to remake my clothes for you.”

“Are my clothes that shabby?”

I was painting in my room when the Crown Prince called me out of my room and soon after I was kicked out of the castle.

So I am wearing a white smock over the white robe of a saint. It is not a very pretty garment, as there is paint everywhere.

The smell of paint on my clothes has disappeared after one night, so I don’t think they smell as bad as they did yesterday…

“It’s not like that, but I have extra clothes.”

Margaret-san smiles and articulates her words.

“Liserotte, don’t worry, she’s very picky about clothes because of her profession.”

Margaret-san’s job was a seamstress, wasn’t it?

“It’s a waste to leave such a beautiful woman in front of me as it is.”

Who do you mean beautiful?

“That’s why you should come to my room, and then everything will be settled.”


Margaret-san’s impulse got the better of me.

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“What do you think, my masterpiece, Liserotte!”

When I visited Margaret-san’s room, she immediately threw me in the bath, gave me shampoo, and cleaned.

After the bath, Margaret-san took my measurements, and I sat and waited while Margaret-san altered my dress… She’s really a seamstress serving the royal palace.

Margaret-san was so fast that I couldn’t even see her hands, and she adjusted the dress in no time.

She put me in a royal blue dress, put my hair up halfway, and lightly make-up my face.

“Wow! Is this really Liserotte? She is a different person!”

Delhi-san exclaimed, with a surprised look on his face. Have I changed that much? I don’t know for myself.

“She was always beautiful, but this will make her even more beautiful.”

Margaret-san speaks proudly.

“If I had a son, I would make her my daughter-in-law…”

“Well, Saint Mira, who we met in Hallstein, was beautiful, she’s just as beautiful as her.”

“What are you talking about? Liserotte is much more beautiful than that phony saint!”

I never thought the day would come when I would be compared to Mira, who has a reputation for being beautiful…

To say I am more beautiful than Mira would be an exaggeration.

There’s no way I, with my mediocre looks, can compete with a pretty girl like Mira… It’s silly to compare us.

“Okay! Let’s go to the cafeteria and show it off to everyone!”

“Don’t be silly!”

Margaret-san scolded him, and Delhi-san is getting farther. They are a good couple.

And then, at that moment, “Hey, someone! Get the ship’s doctor! Get me a towel to stop the bleeding!” We heard people running down the hallway.

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“What’s going on?”

There’s a commotion outside, so Margaret-san opens the door and looks down the corridor.

“I’ll go check!”

I heard someone calling the ship’s doctor.

I may not be a saint anymore, but my recovery magic might be of some use!

“I’ll go, too!”

“Me too!”

Margaret-san and Delhi-san came with us.

When we went out on deck, we saw a man lying on the deck, bleeding from the stomach. He was a dark-skinned man in his late twenties, dressed in a sailor’s uniform.

Next to him was a fishing rod and a slender fish about the height of a child with its mouth pointed like a spear.

The fish had several stabs in its belly and seemed to be out of control.

“What happened?”

I asked someone nearby.

A blue-faced sailor explained the situation, “I was fishing with him, and when the rod pulled out, a sharp-mouthed fish came out and pierced him right in the stomach…!”

The ship was warded against demons, but normal fish were allowed to pass through.

It was my fault for not knowing that there were fish with mouths as sharp as spears.

“The ship’s doctor! The ship’s doctor!”

The sailor who was stopping the bleeding beside the fallen man screams.

“The ship doctor. He’s drunk in the dining room…”

Another sailor replies.

“Damn it! He’s fired! I’ll feed him to the sharks!”

I can’t watch this anymore!

“Sir! Let me help you!”

I ran through the crowd to get to the fallen man.

“Who are you? Are you a noblewoman?”

“I’m not a noblewoman, but I can use a little recovery magic! I might be able to help him!”

I reach for the fallen man from the side of the man who is bleeding.

The wounded man’s face is pale, and he is breathing painfully. If he is breathing, I can help him!

“Maximum Recovery・Vesselung!”

A faint light surrounds the man’s body.

When the light disappears, the blood stops flowing and the wound is closed.

“Huh? What was I doing? Why am I covered in blood?”

With a dazed look on his face, the injured man raises his upper body.

Thank Goodness, I was able to help him.

“W-What the hell are you… Who are you?”

The man who was stopping the bleeding looked at me with a blank expression.

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“Don’t push me, it’s my turn!”

“Don’t you dare step in! Get in line!”

“Please, look at my leg injury!”

“My back pain is also…!

“Please treat my fish-eye too!”

The news about the crew member who was attacked by a fish on deck became a hot topic of conversation and people rushed in.

The captain assigned us a room, which quickly turned into a tailor-made clinic.

Delhi-san and Margaret-san are organizing the patients who are pouring in.

When I asked everyone about the situation, they told us that they had paid a lot of money to be healed by a saint from the country of Hallstein, but it didn’t work.

They were too poor to go to the clinic even if they were injured.

As a former Supreme Saint, I feel responsible for having imposed my role as a saint on other saints.

I can’t believe that the treatment was not effective after spending so much money and time coming to Hallstein country… As a saint until yesterday, I couldn’t leave it alone.

And the name that comes to many of their mouths is “Mira.” As a sister, I can’t leave those whom my sister has treated imperfectly.

“Hey, there! I’m telling you not to cut in!”

When I had treated about 20 people, Delhi-san raised his voice. It seems like there are people making a fuss in the hallway.

“Even so, Saint-sama’s magic power is limited, isn’t it? I’m a decorator, but I’m burned and my fingers can’t move!”

“My daughter has a big wound on her face! She is only ten years old! She can’t get married!”

“Heal my broken arm first!”

They are fighting over the order of treatment.

Delhi-san and Margaret-san are telling them to keep the order, but it doesn’t seem to have much effect.

“Well, I can treat up to 1,000 people a day, so can you tell them to take their turn?”

I have the magic power to treat more than 5,000 people, but I don’t have enough time to treat 5,000 people a day, so I limit myself to 1,000 people a day.

“One thousand people a day!”

The commotion in the hallway subsided and became quiet.

“Those who cannot be treated today will be treated tomorrow. So please don’t fight.”

It would be several days before the ship reached the continent of Blume. At that time, I should be able to treat everyone.

“W-Well… if that’s the case.”

“We’ll just have to take our turns…”

“Grandpa, go ahead.”

“I’m sorry about this.”

The passengers, who had been fighting for their turn until a while ago, began to keep their turn. Some even gave their turns to the elderly.

“I’m glad everyone understood.”

I’m relieved to see that everyone has followed the rules.

“Liserotte, were you that high in magic power?”

“It’s amazing just to be able to use Maximum Recovery Vesselung, but to be able to heal a thousand people a day… That’s out of the ordinary.”

Delhi-san and Margaret-san looked at me in amazement.

How many people can a saint heal in a day?

I don’t know how well because I lived alone in the back of the royal palace and had no contact with other saints.

Delhi-san is exaggerating, I learned Maximum Recovery Vesselung when I was 7 years old. I am sure that most of the saints in the royal court could have used it.

His Majesty said, “Liserotte has a lot of magical power, but it is still ten to thirty times (10x – 30x) more than other saints.”

Therefore, I could leave the country without worrying and leave the task of setting up a barrier for the whole country to my sister Mira, who was equipped with the Andvaranaut and whose magical power had increased a hundredfold (100x).

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Early in the morning on the sixth day by ship, we were able to safely reach the Ludendorf Empire on the Blume continent.

The crew and passengers repeatedly said, “Thank you very much.” and bowed their heads.

I feel a little nervousness in the back of my mind. This is what it feels like to do something good.

There were no more than a thousand passengers with the crew, so I was only busy for two days, and I could enjoy the rest of the trip at leisure.

The crew provided us with free accommodation in the most luxurious room on the ship and free meals.

I only saved the sailor who was fishing on the first day, but the sailors were very kind to me.

Come to think of it, I cured the old cuts on the captain’s face and treated the crew’s arm and leg problems. Was the luxurious room a reward?

I was embarrassed that some of the crew and passengers called me “Saint-sama.” or “Goddess.” I am not a saint anymore, and I am afraid to be called a goddess.

The sailors and passengers pooled the money and rented a carriage for me.

It is a magnificent two-horse carriage.

It was a great help for me since I was planning to walk to the capital because I had no money.

I also received a lot of souvenirs, such as bread, cheese, juice, and so on.

Since I started this trip, I have met many people with beautiful hearts.

“I’m sorry we had to ride with you.”

“No, we are going in the same direction, and I don’t know anything about this country, so it would be great if Delhi-san and Margaret-san could come with me.”

It takes about half a day by carriage from the port town to the capital.

I know nothing about the Blume continent or the Ludendolf Empire. So I am reassured that Delhi-san and Margaret-san, who are familiar with this country, are coming with me.

“We’re going back to our home in the imperial capital, why is Liserotte going to the imperial capital?”

“I know someone in the capital, I got a letter and thought I’d go and see him.”

“Ara, a sweetheart!”

Margaret-san stares at me with a twinkle in his eye.


I couldn’t help but let out a wild cry.

“No, he’s just a friend.”

Aldrick-sama is a good friend of mine. Aldrick-sama would be offended if I called him a sweetheart.

But what is that feeling? When Aldrick-sama was called “sweetheart” my heart was pounding? Is it just my imagination?

“Liserotte’s sweetheart. If he’s a weak man or a bum who keeps changing women, I’ll have to beat him up!”

Delhi-san said something very dangerous and cracked his fingers.

“Yes, if he’s a bum, we’ll have to rehabilitate him into a real human being. If he’s a hopeless piece of trash, I’ll introduce you to another guy. I know a lot of knights and civil servants, ufufufu.”

Margaret-san is smiling merrily with her hand on her mouth.

For some reason, Aldrick-sama ended up being my sweetheart.

Is it all right for Aldrick-sama to meet the couple?

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“Liserotte’s sweetheart lives in… Here?”

“Yes, maybe.”

“No, it’s not a house, it’s more like…”

We got out of the carriage in front of the imperial palace.

Ludendorf-sama is the fourth prince of the empire, so he must be living in a palace.

“I know! He must be a civil servant or a butler who lives and works in the castle!”

“There’s also a knight’s quarters in the castle.”


Would Delhi-san and Margaret-san believe me if I told them that my friend is the fourth prince of this country?

“Hey, what are you doing there!”

I was standing still in front of the gate when the gatekeeper became suspicious.

“What are you doing here, Delhi-san, the blacksmith, and Margaret-san, the seamstress? This is the main gate. And weren’t you on vacation now?”

The gatekeeper was an acquaintance of Delhi-san and Margaret-san. I was glad to avoid the appearance of being a suspicious person.

“Thanks to this girl we met on the road, she’s been a big help to me. We’re trying to return the favor by helping her find a friend.”

“I see. What are you looking for, young lady? I may help.”

Will he let me in if I show him the letter from Ludendolf-sama?

“Excuse me, I’d like to meet the person who wrote this letter.”

He holds the letter in his hand.

“Let me… See! T-This wax seal…!”

The gatekeeper rolled his eyes when he saw the wax seal.

“Silver hair, violet eyes…! M-May I have your name?”

“My name is Liserotte.”

“Liserotte-sama! Is your family name Niclas by any chance?”

How does the gatekeeper know my house name? Come to think of it, the name of the house was written on the letter. But why did the gatekeeper panic?

“That’s right… or rather it was.”

Now that I’ve been disowned, I can’t use the Niclas name anymore.

“I see! I’m sorry I spoke to you so casually! Please come in!”

The gatekeeper straightens his posture and suddenly starts speaking respectfully.

Both Delhi-san and Margaret-san are surprised at the sudden change in the gatekeeper’s attitude.

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The gatekeeper led me through the gate to the palace.

Another gatekeeper rushed over to inform the palace of my arrival.

I was now a commoner, not a daughter of the Duchess of Niclas, and even though I had a letter from Aldrick-sama, was it right to let me through so easily? I hope the gatekeeper won’t be scolded later.

After a short walk through the large, well-kept garden, we arrived at the palace.

A magnificent palace with blue roofs and white walls.

An elderly butler was standing at the entrance of the building. He was the chief butler, and he would take us to Aldrick-sama’s room.

I thanked the gatekeeper and left him, and followed the chief butler.

After walking through the gorgeous chandelier hall, up the stairs and down the glittering corridor, there was the room.

The head butler knocked on the beautifully carved wooden door and a cool voice said, “Come in.”

Was that Aldrick-sama’s voice? When I met Aldrick-sama before, he was eight years old. I only knew Aldrick-sama’s voice before the voice change.

It was the same for me. What would Aldrick-sama think of me now that I am an adult?

My heart started pounding in my chest, thinking that Aldrick-sama was on the other side of the door.

When the butler opened the door, I saw a nostalgic face.

His hair was the color of a raven’s wet feathers, her eyes were black pearls, and her skin was as white and beautiful as porcelain.

He is much taller than the boy in my memory, with a matured face and a dignified atmosphere, but there is no mistaking him.


“Liserotte! You’re Liserotte!”

Aldrick-sama strode up to me, picked me up, and started spinning around on the spot.

“Silver hair that shimmers like the moon, eyes that shine like purple crystal, skin as white and fine as snow! I’ve missed you so much! You haven’t changed at all, Liserotte!”

“Aldrick-sama hasn’t changed either…!”

Aldrick-sama looks more fearless, brave, manly, and divine with the grace of royalty. But it’s hard to say that in his presence.

“Liserotte has become beautiful.”

Aldrick-sama’s handsome face is now tinted red.


Well, what does “beautiful” mean?

As a child, Aldrick-sama used to praise my paintings, calling them “beautiful” and “pretty.

Now I don’t have a painting… Is it what I wear that I get praised for…? Didn’t Aldrick-sama praise the royal blue dress for being beautiful?

I must thank Margaret-san for lending me the dress.

“Ahem. If you don’t mind, Aldrick-sama, there’s a group of Liserotte-sama’s friends stuck together in the hallway…”

A blue-haired young man in a military uniform in the corner of the room coughed and glanced down the corridor.

“I see. I’m sorry, Liserotte. I was so happy to see you again that I got carried away.”

Aldrick-sama finally lowered me to the floor, so I moved away from him.

“No, I’m sorry. I’m sorry too.”

I should not touch him unnecessarily, since we were not children any more. Even though we’ve known each other since childhood… I’m now a commoner and he’s a prince.

“Let’s start over from where we met again. Welcome, Liserotte!”

“It’s been a long time since I saw Aldrick-sama. Thank you for seeing me, even though I came without warning.”

I curtsey, as befits a lady.

“And the people over there.”

“Let me introduce you to Delhi-san, a royal blacksmith, and Margaret-san, a royal seamstress. I met them at the port of the Kingdom of Hallstein, and they have helped me a lot along the way. It is thanks to them both that I have come to the continent of Blume.”

They took me on board the ship when I was penniless, fed me, bathed me, and lent me clothes to change into. A kind couple who took me to the imperial capital when I arrived on the Blume continent.

When I saw Delhi-san and Margaret-san in the hallway, they were frozen with their mouths wide open. Was there anything shocking?

“Well, you took care of Liserotte. Let me thank you.”

Delhi-san and Margaret-san were in a state of shock.

“Li-li-li-Liserotte… sama…? His Highness Aldrick and… you…?”

Margaret-san, who is finally able to move, stammers and asks. Margaret-san’s body is shaking a little. Is it cold?

“Yes, Aldrick-sama’s mother and my mother were friends, so Aldrick-sama and I were childhood friends.”

“It’s been ten years since we’ve seen each other.”

Delhi-san and Margaret-san fell over when they saw us smiling at each other.

“Li-Li-Li-Liserotte is a friend of His Highness Aldrick…! Oh, my god…!”

“Many gaffes against Liserotte-sama’s sweetheart…! On..on, we’re being rude!”

I rushed over to them, and they were both foaming at the mouth.

“Oh my God!   Maximum Recovery · Vesselung! Maximum Recovery · Vesselung!”

I immediately cast a recovery spell, but they didn’t wake up.

“What should we do…!”

“They’ll be fine. They just fainted from the mental shock. Chief butler, Take the two to the infirmary. We owe them a debt of gratitude.”

“Yes, sir.”

The chief butler called his colleagues, and Delhi-san and Margaret-san were carried away on a stretcher.

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On the table are an ornate tea set, herbal tea, and colorful macaroons.

“And that’s what happened…”

Aldrick-sama asked me and I explained how I came to the Ludendolf empire.

“That’s unforgivable! Instead of valuing and cherishing Liserotte, who had contributed so much to the defense and development of the country by keeping a barrier over the whole country for ten years, they abuse her, scorn her, neglect her, break the engagement with her, and deport her?!!”

Aldrick-sama had a blue streak on his forehead.

“So what will Liserotte do now?”

“Fortunately, I can use healing magic, and I’m thinking of putting my skills to good use.”

“Then you should work at the royal palace. I will write you a letter of introduction.”

“No, I can’t cause any trouble for Aldrick-sama…!”

“Don’t be so watery (水臭?)! We’ve been friends since we were kids, right? You can count on me! Liserotte can stay here forever if she wants!”

Aldrick-sama takes my hand.


“I couldn’t do anything for you even though you’ve been having a hard time for ten years. I wanted to be by your side and support your mother when she died, but I couldn’t do anything! I want to help you! From now on, you can talk to me about anything!”

No one had ever said such kind words to me when I was in Hallstein Palace.

His Majesty the King praised my paintings from time to time, but basically I was alone. His Majesty the King didn’t like it when I got involved with other people.

Aldrick-sama’s words are very touching.

“May I take your word for it?”

“Yes, you can! You can count on me!”

Aldrick-sama smiled. Aldrick-sama’s face comes closer… and I close my eyes in panic.

“Ahem, Ahem! Aren’t you two a little close?”

A cough from Aldrick-sama’s servant brings me back to myself. The man clearing his throat is the young man with sky-blue hair who has been in the room since we entered.

When I opened my eyes, Aldrick-sama’s face was so close to mine that the tips of our noses were touching.

I can’t shake the feeling of distance from my childhood.

The prince of a country is no longer a child, so I have to pay attention to the distance.

“Kyle is here?”

Aldrick-sama called Kyle, the young man with the sky-blue hair.

So the young man in uniform’s name is Kyle-sama.

“Of course, I would not leave the Crown Prince alone with a young woman to whom you are not engaged. I know his highness is happy to see the woman you’ve had a crush on for years, but please don’t skip all the steps and run wild.



Kyle-sama called Aldrick-sama “the Crown Prince.”

But, Aldrick-sama was supposed to be the fourth prince….

“K-Kyle, what are you talking about?! Liserotte, it’s not, it’s not… I admired Liserotte because…”



“Aldrick-sama, you’ve been crowned. Congratulations. I apologize for the delay in congratulating you.”

I did not know that Aldrick-sama had become crown prince because I lived a secluded life in the royal palace. At that time, I had very little information about the outside world.

Just being the fourth prince is a big difference in status from me, a commoner, but being the crown prince is even bigger. Aldrick-sama has become even more distant from me. I have to be careful not to get too familiar with him!

“Well… Is that what’s worrying you?”


Aldrick-sama puts his hand on his forehead, stunned.

“In front of Liserotte-sama, the Crown Prince is intimidated. Liserotte-sama is a tough cookie. What should we do, Your Highness?”

Kyle-sama puts his hand over his mouth and chuckles.

Did I say something funny?

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“Aldrick-sama has asked the gatekeeper over and over again to send the young woman with silver hair and purple eyes named “Liserotte Niclas” to his room when she came to visit, so that he could see her at any time.”


So that’s why the gatekeeper was excited when I told him my name. Now I understand why he knew my family name.

“No, that’s not how you say it…! Kyle, don’t say unnecessary things!”

“This is a cover fire, Liserotte-sama is so gentle, she won’t notice your indirect way of talking.”

The flustered Aldrick-sama and Kyle-sama, who speak calmly with a quiet face, seem to be very close. They looked more like old friends than a lord and his subject.

“Cover fire?”

“It’s nothing!”

“Is that so?”

When you put it that way, it makes me a little sad, like I’m being left out.

“Liserotte-sama, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, used to send letters to the Dukes of Niclas every year.”


There was only one letter I received, but Aldrick-sama sent me letters?

“Kyle! Don’t say unnecessary things!”

Aldrick-sama looks at Kyle-sama sharply.

“I’m sorry, I haven’t been able to reply to you.”

“Well, don’t worry about that. It hasn’t reached you anyway, has it?”

“I’m sorry, but I only received one letter from Aldrick-sama the other day.”

When I returned to the house for the first time in ten years, I miraculously received that one letter in person from the mailman.

If I had left the house five minutes earlier or five minutes later, I would not have received the letter from Aldrick-sama.

I would have wandered around with nowhere to go, and I might have died in despair of this world.

I am so glad that I was able to receive Aldrick-sama’s letter at that time.

“You have nothing to apologize for, it is the Dukes who are to blame for not giving you the letter.”

There is a high possibility that the letter from Aldrick-sama that arrived at the Duke of Niclas was disposed of by my father or step-mother.

“It is my fault for sending a letter to you, the Supreme Saint engaged to the Crown Prince of another country. I was a fool. So don’t worry about it.”

Aldrick-sama lays his hand on mine.

“I’m glad one of those letters found its way into your hands. It led you to the Ludendolf Empire.”

Aldrick-sama’s hand touched my cheek and wiped away the tears that threatened to fall.



Aldrick-sama’s face comes closer…

“Ahem! Ahem! Ahem!! You’re so close! Your Royal Highness, if you want to do something like that, you should propose to Liserotte-sama first!”

Kyle-sama clears his throat, and Aldrick-sama’s hand moves away.

I turn my head and cover my face with my hands.

It’s embarrassing to get too close not once, but twice! Even though we haven’t seen each other for ten years, the feeling of childhood distance is still there!

“What… What are you talking about, Kyle!”

Aldrick-sama is very annoyed.

“What? Were you going to make a pass at Liserotte-sama if you didn’t want to marry her? You’re disgusting. You should die…”

Kyle-sama gives Aldrick-sama a cold stare.

“Don’t say such a terrible thing so casually! I’m not going to have a casual relationship with Liserotte! I’m serious about this! I mean it! I would give my life for Liserotte!”

“Then confess quickly—Liserotte-sama is beautiful, elegant, and graceful. Liserotte-sama is free now. She will catch insects in a second if you leave her alone.

“I know! But… my heart is not ready…”

“When will you be ready? Today? Tomorrow? The day after tomorrow? Or ten years from now? If you take that long, Liserotte-sama will surely belong to another man!”

“Damn…! You’re so relentless.”

“It’s the duty of a retainer to spank the Lord’s lazy ass.”

“All right, I’ll do it now.”

“That’s better, I’ll turn around.”

Kyle-sama turns on his heel and faces the window.


Aldrick-sama knelt in front of me, sitting on the sofa, and took my hand.


My heart beats fast when his obsidian eyes look directly at me.

“Would you like to go out with me on the basis of marriage?”

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“… !”

Is this what you call a proposal?!

When I got engaged to Hewitt-sama, His Majesty the King and my father decided on their own, so there was neither a proposal nor a confession of love.

It was a political engagement, and I wondered whether I would have a white marriage (A marriage that has not been consummated) even if I married Hewitt-sama… That’s what I thought.

“Well… Um…”

I have to say something.

Aldrick-sama looks at me with the eyes of an abandoned puppy.

At the end of the summer ten years ago, I remembered Aldrick-sama returning to the Empire.

Aldrick-sama had those eyes that day.

I remember how my heart tightened as I saw the carriage going away.

At that time, I thought I would see him again next year.

But it was ten years later that I met Aldrick-sama again.

I was… How do I feel about Aldrick-sama?

Aldrick-sama is a dear friend.

But what if there was something more, something special…?

I didn’t feel anything when Hewitt-sama was with my sister Mira or when Hewitt-sama broke off the engagement.

What if Aldrick-sama was with someone else? What if they were walking arm in arm or hugging each other?

My heart aches just by imagining it.

“I… I don’t want Aldrick-sama to get along with other people. I don’t like it.”

“What do you mean by that?”

Aldrick-sama tilts his head as he hears the words I’ve barely managed to squeeze out.

“I don’t know about love or romance, but if Aldrick-sama was walking arm in arm with someone else, or hugging each other… I wouldn’t like it.”

“That means…!”

Aldrick-sama looks at me with expectant eyes.

“Maybe it’s childish possessiveness, but just the thought of Aldrick-sama being friendly with someone else makes me nervous. I can only give you a vague answer with such unclear feelings… I want to be by Aldrick-sama’s side. Is that alright with you…?”

I placed my own hand on Aldrick-sama’s hand.

“Of course! That’s enough for now! Thank you! Liserotte!”

Aldrick-sama smiles broadly.

Aldrick-sama grabs me by the waist and lifts me up.


“This is the best day of my life!”

I began to spin around.

“Your Highness, you are too excited. How can you be so excited after receiving a barely passing grade?”

Kyle-sama shrugs his shoulders.

“I’m going to get a perfect score from now on!”

Aldrick-sama smiles like a flower bursting into bloom.

“Aldrick-sama… My eyes are spinning.”

He spins me around so many times that I feel dizzy.

“I’m sorry.”

Aldrick-sama stopped spinning and put me down.


Aldrick-sama helped me to my feet.


Aldrick-sama’s face was so close to mine that we looked at each other and couldn’t help but laugh.

“Aldrick-sama, please take care of me from now on.”

“I’m also looking forward to taking care of you. I’ll do my best to make sure Liserotte doesn’t fall over.”

Kyle-sama looked at us, smiling at each other.

“Please don’t play with each other too much. I’ve had enough of you two flirting for a while now…”

Kyle-sama whispered with a wry smile on his face.

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“This is Liserotte’s room.”


Aldrick-sama led me to a room ten times larger than the one I had been given in the Hallstein kingdom.

There was a chest of drawers that the craftsmen must have put all their hearts into, a vase of beautiful fresh flowers, a glittering chandelier, and a four-poster bed with white lace curtains.

The closet was full of colorful dresses, and the drawers were neatly stocked with accessories.

The dresses were the latest fashions, robes à la française. The pièce d’est-à-porter, with its numerous ribbons and floral decorations, is sumptuous. The sleeves are ornate with cuffs and tiered lace.

The vato pleats that flow from the back collar to the hem of the dress make it look more beautiful.

Accessories include a choker with ribbon, a hair ornament with flowers, a pearl necklace, brilliant-cut diamond earrings, and a fan with a gorgeous design.

Gemstones include sapphires, rubies, black pearls, amethysts, emeralds… Gemstones of different colors sparkle and shine.

Shoes and hats of all kinds. Formal hats padded with flowers and ribbons, beautifully designed high-heeled shoes.

“Um … Can I really use this room?”

After ten years of living in a room with only curtains, a small bed, a simple table, and chairs, this room is too dazzling for me.

“Of course! I prepared it for Liserotte!”

Aldrick-sama squints his ebony eyes.

“I came here today without warning. How did you get the dress and accessories in such a short time, let alone the room?”

It’s not easy to find dresses and beautiful accessories that look like they were sewn by artisans who put their heart and soul into every stitch.

“Perhaps this was someone else’s room?”

Is it for his potential fiancée?

“His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince, had new clothes and accessories every year, just in case Liserotte-sama came to visit…”


Aldrick-sama did this for me?

“Don’t tell her! Kyle!”

Aldrick-sama wrinkles between his eyebrows and scolds Kyle-sama. His face is faintly red.

“This room has been waiting for the owner for many years, and it is no exaggeration to say that it has been Liserotte-sama’s room for ten years. Please live here from now on.”

“Really? Aldrick-sama.”

I asked Aldrick-sama. He covered his face with his hands and looked away. His face was as red as a tomato.

“… I knew that Liserotte was engaged to the crown prince of Hallstein. Still, I couldn’t give up on her, and I thought that if for some reason, Liserotte should break off her engagement to the Crown Prince and come to visit us, I would ask her to use it.”

“It’s creepy, isn’t it~?”

Kyle-sama says teasingly.

“…I’m sorry, it’s heavy… I don’t blame you if you think I’m creepy…”

Aldrick-sama was red to the ears.

After my mother’s death, I thought that no one who cared about me would show up again.

His Majesty the King helped me with my sacred duties, but it was the kind of help a lord would give his subjects.

Aldrick-sama may be the only one who cared for me not as a saint but as an individual named Liserotte.

“No, I’m very happy, thank you.”

When I smiled and thanked Aldrick-sama, he broke his face and exhaled deeply.

“Good, I thought Liserotte hated me.”

“It’s impossible for me to hate Aldrick-sama.”

Aldrick-sama’s face turned crimson again.

Did I say something strange?

“Your Highness, Liserette-sama looks tired from the long journey. Why don’t you let her rest?”

“Yes, I have a studio where Liserotte can paint whenever she wants, I’ll show you tomorrow.”

“A studio…!”

I’m more excited than when I saw the dresses and jewelry.

“I’ll arrange for a maid. She’ll take care of Liserotte’s everyday needs. You should take a good rest today.”

“Thank you for everything.”

I have never had a maid since I lived in the Duke’s house as a child.

Is it okay for him to be so nice to me?

But, I’m so happy.

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Meanwhile, Mira, the new Supreme Saint in the kingdom of Hallstein on the Nebel continent, was about to begin her first job.

Mira had neglected her duties as Supreme Saint for a week in order to enjoy the pleasures of bed with Crown Prince Hewitt.

Mira visited the temple in the royal palace for the first time as Supreme Saint. The sun had already risen and was about to set in the middle of the sky.

Even though Liserotte came to the temple before the sun came up and cast a spell on the crystal and set the barriers.

“I’m tired. Let’s just quickly set up the barriers and have Hewitt-sama call the jewellers for the afternoon, and the hat-maker and shoemaker too.”

Mira is wearing a dress with a ribbon tied around the middle of the bulge of her bigora sleeves. The collar was richly decorated with white lace.

Mira was wearing an accessory with a square table-cut sapphire.

She wore thick-soled shoes that made her legs look long and skinny, and her hair was in fine curls with jeweled ribbons tied at the sides.

All these things were gifts from the Crown Prince Hewitt.

When Liserotte was Hewitt’s fiancée, Hewitt never even gave Liserotte a pen or a handkerchief.

Mira, in a glittering, fancy dress, holds her hand over the crystal.

When Liserotte visited the temple, she was dressed in plain white cotton. She was not given any other clothing. Plain and simple—that was the image of Liserotte when she was Supreme Saint.

Wearing a glittering dress and a strong perfume scent, Mira looked better at the party than at the temple.

The priests and saints frowned when they saw Mira’s flamboyant attire, but no one could say anything because she was the Crown Prince’s fiancée.

Mira, on the other hand, paid no attention to their looks.

“From today on, I’m the Supreme Saint. Everyone, worship me and make me happy.”

Mira holds her hand over the crystal with a confident face.

Then, the Andvaranaut ring shed a sinister light.

“What…? Wait… What’s this?! What’s is this!!”

From Mira’s stunned body, magic flows through the Andvaranaut ring.

“Huh…! No…! Someone… Someone please stop!!”

A huge amount of magic is flowing through the crystal. Mira’s face twists in fear.

“Gah! “Goho,goho!”!!!!”

Having lost all of her magical power, Mira vomits blood and falls to the ground right where she is.

But even with all of her magical power depleted, it was impossible to create a protective barrier that would cover the entire country.

Equipped with the Andvaranaut ring, which multiplied Mira’s magical power by a hundred, she was able to put up a small ward that barely covered the royal city.

However, this was only the beginning of the collapse of the Hallstein Kingdom.

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The Crown Prince Hewitt, who was in his room, was astonished to hear the news from the chief priest.

“Mira collapsed in the middle of setting up the barrier?! The barrier was only done in the capital?!”

Hewitt’s face turned pale.

“Why! Mira was wearing the Andvaranaut ring , which multiplied her magic power by a hundred! If Mira, who has more magic power than anyone else, wears the Andvaranaut ring  and holds her hand over the crystal, she can easily create barriers all over the country!”

Although Mira was not as powerful as her sister Liserotte, a former Supreme Saint, she had more magical power than most saints.

“Even if Liserotte had more magic power, it was only a hundred times more than Mira’s, right? Andvaranaut’s ring, which increases the amount of magic, should have been enough to make up for it!”

“With all due respect, I can only say that Liserotte-sama had more than a hundred times the magic power of Mira-sama.”

The young high priest’s face was pale and his body trembled.

The chief priest, the other priests, and the saints all thought that Liserotte’s magical power was about a hundred times greater than that of Mira.

It was not expected that Mira, even equipped with the Andvaranaut ring, would not be able to put barriers in the whole country.

“This is ridiculous…! How much magical power did Liserotte have…!”

Hewitt regretted that he had ordered Liserotte’s expulsion.

“If this is the case, I shouldn’t have refused when Liserotte asked me to stay in the country and put up the barriers!”

Hewitt bit his lips.

“But it’s been a week since Liserotte left the royal palace, and until now the barriers have been fine!”

“My guess is that the barriers have been maintained for the past week because of the residual magic that Liserotte-sama poured into the crystal…”

“This is bad…!”

Hewitt muttered to himself, sweating from his forehead.

Thanks to the barriers, the Kingdom of Hallstein was never afflicted by demons or threatened by invasions from other lands, and was able to keep the peace.

“All priests and saints, put magic into the crystal! Reestablish the barriers!

“Yes, sir!”

The chief priest bowed to the prince and left the room.

Before Liserotte became Supreme Saint, a hundred saints enchanted the crystal.

After Liserotte became Supreme Saint, she was able to put barriers into the crystal by herself, and her predecessor was relieved of their duties.

Since she alone did the work of a hundred saints, Liserotte’s magical power was considered a hundred times greater than that of ordinary saints.

But the saints before her had worked with their lives on fire and their life spans shortened.

When they were told by the king that they were to be relieved of their duties, they were grateful for their longevity. But the king, fearing the disclosure of his secrets, imprisoned them in a remote palace, where they lived the rest of their lives in dark, cramped rooms.

Only the king and the previous chief priest knew that the saints had sacrificed their lives to put magic into the crystal.

The chief priest today does not know that the previous saints had sacrificed their lives because it was not passed down to him when he was replaced.

Liserotte hasn’t been informed of this either. If she had known, Liserotte would not have left this country, leaving behind his sister.

“Reporting! His Majesty has returned! Your Royal Highness is asking you to come to the Throne Room as soon as possible!”

Hewitt’s face changes from blue to white at the words of the guards who entered the room.

Hewitt muttered weakly, “It’s over…”

The king, who had gone to a neighboring country to attend an international conference, has returned home.

The priests and saints present are unable to ward the city as it was. They don’t have enough magic power or numbers.

Hewitt was completely at his wits’ end.

But the situation was far beyond Hewitt’s expectations.

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“You stupid son of a b*tch!”

“Gubebugoooooooooooo !!”

As he entered the throne room, Hewitt was struck by the king’s waiting for him with a mulled wine.

Hewitt’s body rolled three and a half times before crashing into the floor.

The king is old but tall and still practices sword fighting with his soldiers. Hewitt, on the other hand, is a frail, scrawny scion who skips classes in swordplay and sticks fighting under false pretenses of sickness.

It’s no contest. He was hit by the king’s big fist, and a star flew in front of him.

“You broke off your engagement to Liserotte while I was away and got engaged to the worthless Mira on your own! And you gave Mira the Andvaranaut ring that I was going to give to Liserotte!”

The king had deep wrinkles between his eyebrows, a blue streak on his forehead, and yelled at Hewitt.

Hewitt, who had been scolded, held his beaten cheek and was trembling slightly with a pale face.

“F-Father… You were too kind to Mira. You loved Mira too…”

Every time the king saw Mira, he praised her as a young but hardworking saint, a wonderful, witty girl, and lovely.

“I was just giving her a compliment because she is Liserotte’s sister! You’re following me up with that misunderstanding! That useless saint! If she wasn’t Liserotte’s sister, she wouldn’t be worthy in my sight!”

The king spat and cursed Hewitt.

He was so furious that he wanted to slay Hewitt if he were not his own son.

“Why did you give Mira the rare Andvaranaut ring?!!”

The king grabs Hewitt by the collar.


Hewitt guarded his face with his own arms, thinking he would be beaten again.

“Once the ring is fitted, it will not come off even if you die!”

“I-I-I-I-I’ll pay for it!”

“Pay for it? Do you know how much it cost to make the Andvaranaut ring?


Hewitt exclaims stupidly in response to the king’s question.

“Three years’ worth of the national budget!”

“What…! Three, three… three years of the national budget…!”

Foolish Hewitt doesn’t know how much the state budget is, but he knows his allowance isn’t enough.

“I gathered a hundred of the best scholars from home and abroad, spent three years of the national budget to create the Andvaranaut ring, and then you gave it to a useless little girl while I was away!”

The king was so angry that he gave Hewitt another blow in the solar plexus.


Hewitt cries out, holding his stomach.

“Liserotte has 10,000 times more magical power than an ordinary saint! The plan was to attach the Andvaranaut ring to Liserotte, increase her magic power by a hundred times, and create barriers over the Nebel continent!”

The king began to talk about his plan to use the Ring of Andvaranaut.

“The cost of making the Andvaranaut Ring was paid for by other nations on the condition that we place barriers all over the continent! When Andvaranaut was completed, we would demand a large sum of money from each country for the use of the barriers!”

The king wrinkled his brow and clenched his teeth.

“What do you think will happen when other countries find out that Liserotte is gone and the Andvaranaut ring is now useless?”

Hewitt cannot answer the king’s question.

“The king will be approached by an IOU from a foreign dignitary demanding the return of the money spent on creating the Andvaranaut!”.

“Oh, no…!”

“Until now, we have made treaties in our favor on the basis of establishing barriers all over the continent! If other countries know that Liserotte is not here, There will be war!”


The clumsy, stupid, bird-headed Hewitt finally understood the gravity of the situation.

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“Guardian! Are there any guards?!”

The king yells.


Two guards come in.

“How’s Mira doing?”

“She coughed up blood and collapsed, so she’s resting in her room.”

The guards tell the truth.

“Wake her up and make her enchant the crystal right now! Let him continue whether she vomits blood or not! If she collapses, pour water on her to wake her up! If she runs out of magic, let her convert her life span into magical power! She’s young, she still has a lot of life left!”

“M-Mira is going to die!”

Hewitt turns pale and clings to the king.

“This happened because Mira stole Andvaranaut’s ring, which was meant for Liserotte! She must take responsibility! If you insist, Hewitt, I will put your magic power into the crystal as well!”

“I-I can’t let you do that… Please forgive me, Father…!”

Hewitt easily backed down out of self-pity.

Hewitt’s magic power is less than that of a normal person, and even if he put his magic into the crystal, it wouldn’t do him any good. The king knew this and said nothing more.

“Then call the Duke and Duchess of Niclas! They may know where Liserotte is! And make them take responsibility for Mira’s scandal! Mira stole the Andvaranaut ring, which cost the state budget three years! I will seize all the property of the dukes!!!!”

“”Yes, sire.””

The guards salute and leave the room.

“I hope Liserotte still has feelings for the Duke and Duchess. We’ll use them as bait to lure Liserotte out! Until then, well keep them alive!”

The king does not know that Liserotte is no longer in the Kingdom of Hallstein or even on the Nabel continent.

And the fact that it will never be possible to bring her back…

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Two hours later, the guards brought the Duke and Duchess of Niclas to the throne room.

Their hands are tied behind their backs and they are treated as if they were criminals.

“Your Majesty!Why are we treated like criminals?!”

“What have we done to you?!”

“So noisy!”

The king struck Duke Niclas with his fist and slapped the duchess.



The Duke’s nose was bleeding, and the Duchess’s cheeks were red and swollen.

“Your daughter Mira has stolen the Andvaranaut ring! Three years of the state budget were spent on this ring! You are therefore deprived of your titles and all the property of the Dukes of Niclas is confiscated!”

The former duke and his wife turned pale at the king’s words.

“My God! That ring was given to Mira by His Royal Highness the Crown Prince! How could she have stolen it?!”

“That’s right! It was the Crown Prince’s engagement ring.”

“Shut up!”

The King kicked the former Duke and former Duchess.



The former duke and his wife spat blood out of their mouths.

“Even if we confiscate your property, it’s not enough to pay for the cost of the Andvaranaut ring! We will bury you alive at the border as human pillars!”


The former duke and duchess gasped at the king’s words.

“Where is Liserotte? Bring Liserotte to me and I’ll forgive you! Liserotte, who had nowhere else to go, must have gone to the Dukes!”

“L-Liserotte is, um… She came to the Dukes, but…

“The prince broke off his engagement and banished her… because she was dirty and smelled awful… W-We sent her away… W-We don’t know where she is…”

The king’s veins snapped at the words of the former duke and duchess.

“Squeeze as much magic out of them as you can and throw them in jail!”

“Yes, sire!”

The former duke and his wife were taken from the throne room by guards.

“Let go! I’m the duke!”

“Let go of me! I’m the Duchess!”

They shouted and went on a rampage, but when the guards beat them, they became quiet and were taken away.

“Find Liserotte! She must not have gone far because she has no money!”

“Yes, sire!”

The king ordered a search for Liserotte, and the guards left the throne room.

“I will not let you go, Liserotte! I will find you!”

The king’s eyes were bloodshot. He clenched his fists and said to himself.

But Liserotte never stepped on Nebel’s soil again.

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A few hours later, the guards who had been tracking Liserotte returned.

“Reporting! Liserotte-sama left the Dukes of Niclas and went to the port where she boarded a ship! “

“A ship? Where did she get the ticket? Liserotte must not have had any money!”

The king was alarmed to find that Liserotte, whom he thought was in the country, was abroad.

“She befriended a couple she happened to meet and bought her a ticket.”

The king murmured, “Somebody’s done something unnecessary! I’ll find them and tear them to pieces!” He clenched his fist tightly and punched the wall.

“And where is Liserotte headed!”

“Yes, she seems to have boarded a ship bound for the Ludendolf Empire on the Blume continent.”

“The Ludendorf Empire…!”

The King remembered that Liserotte’s mother had been friends with the Ludendolf Emperor’s consort and that the former Duke of Niclas had told him that the Fourth Prince of the Ludendolf Empire had once visited the Duke of Niclas’ family.

Realizing the value of Liserotte, the king killed Liserotte’s biological mother, betrothed her to the Crown Prince Hewitt, and sent her to the castle as Supreme Saint, in an almost prisoner-like condition.

He killed Liserotte’s mother, who was on good terms with Ludendolf’s imperial concubine, and severed her ties with the Ludendolf Empire, but ten years later, those ties are still there.

The king bit his tongue and stomped the ground.

“Did she rely on the royal family of the Ludendorf Empire? Damn it! It would be troublesome to be protected by the royal family!”

The king’s brow furrows, and he grits his back teeth.

If you forcibly bring back those protected by the royal family of another country, it may lead to war. He hoped she’d cross the sea, relying on another acquaintance.

But Liserotte, who had holed up in the royal palace for so long, was unlikely to have any other acquaintances.

“I don’t care where Liserotte ran off to! I don’t care if it was through tears or threats! Bring Liserotte back! Once Liserotte is back and the barriers are established once again, the Ludendolf Reich is at our mercy!”

With the former Duke and Duchess of Niclas and Mira as hostages, Liserotte will surely return.

The kind-hearted Liserotte can’t abandon her family, and it would be easy if the barriers were in place once she’s back… So thought the king.

Just then another soldier entered the throne room.

“Reporting! The picture of Njord, the god who protects the sea at the dock, has disappeared!”


At the dock, Liserotte’s paintings of Njord, the guardian deity of the sea, were displayed, hoping for the safety of the voyage.

Liserotte’s paintings were imbued with the power of the gods and spirits. Knowing this, the king had Liserotte paint pictures except for the time when she visited the temple to put up the barriers.

Liserotte liked to paint, so she did not feel forced to do it, but enjoyed it.

The king assumed that someone who knew the value of the paintings had stolen it.

“What do you mean it disappeared? Was the frame stolen?!”

“No, the frame and the canvas are still intact. Only the painting inside has magically disappeared and the canvas is blank!”

“That’s impossible…!”

The frame and canvas are still there, only the painting has disappeared, as if erased with an eraser. It is hard to believe at first sight, but if it has something to do with Liserotte’s departure, it is not impossible.

“Reporting! The sea is so rough that it’s impossible to launch a ship!”

“What the…!”

Another guard came in and reported to the king that the sea was rough.

The king could not believe that the disappearance of the image of Njord, the god who protects the sea, and the fact that the sea was stormy had anything to do with it.

“Check the painting! All the pictures Liserotte painted! And report anything unusual about the place where the paintings were hung! The paintings of Njord have disappeared. Most likely others have disappeared too!”

The king ordered his guards with a shout.

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“Reporting! The image of the flame-clad spirit Salamander in the kitchen and the image of the dwarf in the forge are gone! We can no longer make fires in the kitchens, we can no longer cook, we can no longer work in the forge, and we can no longer strike swords and spears!”

“Reporting! The picture of the cobbler’s fairy Leprechaun in the shoe workshop has disappeared! The shoemakers cut their hands with knives while cutting the leather, and hit their hands with shoe hammers, causing many injuries!”

“Reporting! The picture of the headless old man Mímir, God of Knowledge, in the ring research center Andvaranaut has disappeared without a trace! The researchers have become so stupid that they can’t even do simple arithmetic anymore!”

“Reporting! The picture of Thule, the military god without a right arm in the training ground, disappeared! The knights don’t even know how to handle the sword properly anymore!”

“Reporting! The eight-legged horse Sleipnir in the stable has disappeared! The calm horses have suddenly started running amok!”

“Reporting! The image of Frey, the god of fertility and wealth, has disappeared! Reports are reaching us from all parts of the country of severe crop damage due to cold and flooding!”


“That’s enough!”

The guards come in and report that the paintings have suddenly disappeared, weakening the troops and causing the horses to run amok.

“I can’t believe that Liserotte disappeared and the paintings disappeared too!”

The king sat helplessly on the throne and held his head in his arms.

The paintings of Liserotte were inhabited by gods and spirits. The kingdom of Hallstein had become prosperous because of them.

The weapons forged in the forge were very offensive. The shoes made in the shoe workshop were beautiful and sold at a high price.

Frey’s influence made agricultural products abundant every year, while Njord’s protection guaranteed a safe voyage, and trade with other countries.

Soldiers were invincible thanks to the blessings of the god Thule, and horses were large, shiny, and swift on their feet thanks to the blessings of Sleipnir.

The Kingdom of Hallstein has developed under the blessings of the gods and spirits. But this will not be the case from now on.

He also angered the gods and spirits when he tried to make Liserotte more powerful with the Andvaranaut ring and built barriers all over the continent.

“Send a ship and bring Liserotte back!”

“But the sea is stormy!”

“I don’t care about that! Get the ship out now! Go to the Blume continent and bring Liserotte back from the Ludendolf Empire, even if you have to kidnap her to do it!”

The king’s reckless actions have seen a number of ships set sail for the Blume continent, only to be lost in the sea forever.

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A year has passed since Liserotte came to the Ludendolf Empire.

Liserotte has been hired by Aldrick to treat knights in the royal palace.

She sometimes goes to churches and adventurers’ guilds to give her healing magic to adventurers and the poor.

Aldrick, who is a worrier, has sent a dozen female knights to guard Liserotte, so that she can go to the all-male knights’ barracks and the guild, which is full of ruffians.

To Liserotte’s surprise, there were no saints or barriers in the Ludendolf Empire.

Putting up magical barriers in the Ludendolf Empire makes monsters flee to other countries, which makes the Ludendolf Empire safe but increases the damage from the other countries.

Instead, they use a large number of adventurers to thin out the demons and monsters to prevent stampedes, and to be careful not to damage towns and villages.

When large numbers of monsters were sighted in the forests and wilderness, the knights were sent out to destroy them.

Materials such as fur, claws, and horns are obtained from the bodies of the monsters. These materials can be used to make armor and weapons that knights and adventurers can use to fight better.

High-quality weapons and armor were exported to other countries and sold for a lot of money, which helped the country’s economy grow.

The Ludendolf Empire successfully coexisted with demons.

Liserotte spent five days a week at the royal palace treating the knights, once a week at the church or adventurer’s guild treating the poor and adventurers, and the rest of the time in her studio painting and relaxing.

“Liserotte, what is the subject of this painting?”

Aldrick sipped his tea and watched Liserotte work on the canvas.

On the canvas was a divinely handsome young man.

Aldrick loves Liserotte so much that he doesn’t mind the strange smell of the paint.

Aldrick was spellbound by Liserotte’s serious face as she turned to the canvas. He loved even the smell of her.

But when the man on the screen turns out to be someone other than himself, and a very handsome one at that, he wonders if Liserotte has found someone she likes.

A touch of uneasiness suddenly crept into him.

Liserotte only draws gods and spirits, not humans, which he thinks is good, but there’s always a chance of “someone”.

Aldrick waited anxiously for Liserotte’s answer.

“This image is of the god Heimdall.”

“Heimdall… God?”

Aldrick was relieved when he heard the word “god.”

She had not been drawn to a handsome knight or a young adventurer.

“Yes, God Heimdall is a god of light, born of nine sisters, the daughters of the sea god Aegir. It is said that he needs no sleep, can see a hundred miles day and night, and can hear the faintest sound of growing grass.”


Aldrick gave his honest opinion.

“It resembles Aldrick-sama, it’s brave, dignified, and magnificent.”


Aldrick’s cheeks reddened at Liserotte’s praise.

“When I met Aldrick-sama again, I knew I wanted to paint this picture. But I was in a hurry to finish other paintings, so I finished this one too late.”

Liserotte felt she had to hurry to finish the paintings of gods and spirits she had left behind in the Kingdom of Hallstein.

During the first two weeks of her stay in the Ludendolf kingdom, Liserotte devoted herself to painting.

The Dwarf, the cobbler fairy, the Leprechaun, the headless old man Mmir, the god of knowledge, Thule, the man without a right arm, the god of war, Sleipnir, the eight-legged horse, Frey, the god of fertility and wealth, and Njord, the sea guardian

When she was finally satisfied with her work, Liserotte began working on her treatment the following week.

Liserotte’s paintings were placed in a suitable place for them to be displayed.

The flame-clad spirit Salamander was placed in the kitchen.

The painting of a dwarf is located in the forge.

The picture of the cobbler’s fairy, Leprechaun, is located in the cobbler’s workshop.

The image of Mmir, the ancient headless god of knowledge, is located in the Imperial Academy.

Thule, the god of war, is in the knight’s training hall.

Sleipnir, the eight-legged horse, is in the royal stable.

Frey, god of fertility and wealth, in the throne room.

The painting of Njord, the guardian deity of the sea, is in the temple dedicated to the god of the sea.

“I want the image of the god Heimdall to be hung in Aldrick-sama’s room.”

“In my room, is that okay?”

“Yes, as long as Aldrick-sama is okay with it.”

“Of course it’s fine!”

Aldrick broke his face at Liserotte’s offer.

Liserotte had painted a picture for him, and Aldrick could not have been happier.

Until now, Liserotte’s paintings had only been displayed in temples, teaching halls, throne rooms, and other busy spaces, but never in private rooms.

Aldrick was elated to have Liserotte’s painting displayed in his private room for the first time, as he felt that Liserotte was making a special impression on him.

“There is something I was going to tell Aldrick-sama when this painting was completed.”

Liserotte looked at him with serious eyes, and Aldrick’s heart beat faster.

“What is it?”

“When Aldrick-sama proposed to me a year ago, I wasn’t sure what I was feeling. I couldn’t explain what those feelings were, although they were hazy as I imagined Aldrick-sama making love to another woman…”

With a thrill, Aldrick waited for the rest of Liserotte’s words.

“After being with Aldrick-sama for the past year, I finally found the right words to express my feelings…”

Aldrick gulped and swallowed hard, hoping for a good answer.

“I guess I was “jealous” of a woman who was close to Aldrick-sama. It’s silly of me to imagine Aldrick-sama getting along with other women and being jealous of them.”

Liserotte laughs to herself.

“I thought Aldrick-sama was a good friend from childhood, but I was wrong. I thought Aldrick-sama was, um, I adored Aldrick-sama as a man.”

Liserotte’s cheeks turn as red as cherries.

Liserotte realizes this after living in the Ludendolf empire for a year.

Aldrick is there for her, in the shade and in the sun, helping her, and his presence grows larger by the day. She realizes that this feeling is love.

Hearing Liserotte’s words, Aldrick broke into a smile.

“I am so happy! Liserotte!”

Aldrick hugged Liserotte.

“Um, Aldrick-sama, I was just painting until a while ago. The smell of paint… doesn’t it smell bad?”

Liserotte was heartbroken at the thought of Hewitt, Mira, and the former Duke and Duchess Niclas frowning at the smell of paint on her body and clothes when they called it “stinks.”

“I’ve never felt the smell of Liserotte before as something bad!”

Aldrick loved everything about Liserotte, including the smell of paint.

Aldrick knelt down and took Liserotte by the hand.

“When the day comes when Liserotte accepts my feelings and loves me as a man, there’s something I was going to give you!”

Aldrick put a purple crystal ring on Liserotte’s finger. The amethyst was the same color as Liserotte’s eyes.

“I love you, Liserotte. Will you marry me?”

Liserotte’s face turns as red as a tomato.

After an instant, Liserotte nods her head.

“Yes, with pleasure.”

Aldrick hugged Liserotte, whose cheeks were stained with tears, and spun her around.

“I’ll make you happy, I promise!”

“Aldrick-sama, my eyes are spinning!”

Their joyful laughter echoed through the studio.


As he hung the picture of the god Heimdall in Aldrick’s bedroom, the present state of the Hallstein kingdom came to Aldrick’s mind.

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Bad weather has devastated crops, and crop failures continue to occur. Trade with other countries has been hampered by the heavy storms and heavy rain, and ships have been unable to sail.

The supreme saint, who was called Mira, was emaciated, her hair was gray, her skin was dry, her eyes were hollow, large dark circles appeared under her eyes, and her voice was hoarse, like that of an old woman. From time to time, she vomited blood, but she was not allowed to rest and poured her magic into the crystal, battered and bruised.

In one day, powerful subspecies of monsters sprung up and a lot of people fled, destroying the area without barriers.

The knights, so weakened that they could not wield their swords properly, were no match for them, and the order was easily destroyed.

The king and the prince are struggling to escape debt collection and living like tramps in the downtown area, suffering from a pile of bills from royal families in other countries asking them to “pay back the cost of making the Andvaranaut rings!” every day.

As Mira, the king and the prince, wished, “If only Liserotte had never left…” and asked heaven for Liserotte’s return.

Aldrick followed the scene in his mind’s eye with an ice-cold expression.

“You deserve it, because you kicked out Liserotte.”

Aldrick spat.

“Liserotte is loved by the people of my country and lives happily. It’s too late for them to realize the value of Liserotte now.”

Aldrick had no intention of returning Liserotte to the Hallstein Kingdom.

The King had put Liserotte under house arrest when he realized her value, that the Crown Prince had treated her with contempt and abuse, that Liserotte’s father had sold her to the royal family after her mother died, that her stepmother had treated Liserotte like trash, and that she had been a victim of the King’s corruption.

Aldrick pretended not to have seen the images that flashed through his mind.

Aldrick smiled and went to bed after getting a favorable reply from Liserotte.

That day, Aldrick had a dream.

He dreamed that the Ludendolf Empire was a prosperous land and that peace would reign for a long time…


The Ludendolf Empire after a thousand years.

The weather is mild, the crops are thriving, the sea is rich in seafood, the military is strong and brave, and the civilian population is graceful and knowledgeable.

The people were deeply grateful to the famous Emperor Aldrick and his wife, Empress Liserotte, for allowing them to live in peace.

Even after Liserotte’s death, people cherished her paintings, and people continued to visit their graves for a thousand years after her death.

As Aldrick dreamed, the Ludendorf Empire developed. Aldrick was adored as the Holy King, and Empress Lisaotte was worshipped as a goddess.

Aldrick and Liserotte lived happily together until death did them part.

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