Completed ― Thanks to Being Expelled From the Clan, I Was Released From the Hardship of [Buff]-ing Everyone in the Clan

Chapter 1: —And the Girl Is Abandoned

“She’s no longer useful to the clan. She has been expelled from the clan as of today.

This was said by Garga, the clan master, at the bottom of the dungeon.

“At long last, we can say goodbye to the incompetent one.”

“It’s very refreshing. I’ve had enough of breathing the same air as that orphan.”

“She was a creepy b*tch until the very end.”

The rest of the clan was cursing as well.

Nobody attempted to help.

The clan members had come to an agreement and were leaving the girl at the bottom of the dungeon.

A girl alone in such a place.

Eventually, she would be “devoured” by demons lurking beneath.

Nobody in the clan feels sorry for her.

(My head is throbbing…)

Ninya, the girl who had been left behind, feeling in pain.

The girl has been suffering from headaches for a long time.

The headaches worsened with each passing day.

Because of the headache, she frequently has difficulty thinking.

(I’ve been abandoned…)

Because of the headaches, it took her a long time to realize this.

What caused this to happen?

Members of the clan took her to a dungeon, as she recalls.

She assumed the goal was to conquer the dungeon as usual.

But the real reason was quite different.

That was the true goal. If they leave Ninya deep in the dungeon, she will be declared missing as no evidence would surface.

It would be detrimental to the clan’s reputation if they simply expelled her and she was discovered dead in the dungeon.

“Are you certain? We don’t have to directly do anything?”

“Why bother with that? Or do you think she’ll be able to survive in the dungeon?”

Garga responds to the clan member’s query.

“Haha, there’s no way she’ll survive, right?”

Nia’s status in the clan was low.

Because she only has one skill.

And that skill is 【buff】, which is a support skill that raises the status of others.

However, she is unable to increase her own stats, rendering her completely useless in battle.

During the battle, she just stood there like a doll, and the other members went out of their way to protect Ninya.

That is why she was despised by all members.

Nobody expected such an incompetent Ninya to survive the dungeon.

(How did this happen?)

Ninya, who was suffering from a terrible headache, was thinking about this.

The clan members had already vanished before her eyes.

Yes, it began eight years ago.


Ninya was an orphaned child.

She did not know who her parents were.

She ended up in an orphanage, and the director of the orphanage gave her the name Ninya.

And then there was the day she turned seven.

All of the orphanage children’s skills were evaluated at a special event.

Skills are developed. For example, training in sword will improve your sword skills; studying magic will improve your magic skills; and so on.

Still, talent is needed, and some people can’t learn sword skills no matter how much they train.

So, the fastest way to learn the skill is to first figure out how good you are at it and then train based on that.

However, some people are born with rare skills.

Such skills are known as “unique skills” because they stand out from the crowd.

And Ninya’s 【buff】 skill was a unique skill.

“What is this skill?”

The appraiser who examined Ninya was taken aback.

“She possesses a unique skill.”

When the appraiser said this, the orphanage children who were watching them exclaimed, “Wooow!”.

“Unique skill…?”

Ninya had never considered herself unique, so she was perplexed rather than delighted.

“However, it’s a skill called 【buff】. It’s a skill that raises one’s status. Besides, it’s probably a growth type of skill.”

The appraiser said something odd, but it was overshadowed by the joy of the other children at the orphanage.

Then came the event that changed Ninya’s life forever: the discovery of this unique skill.

“I heard there’s a child here with a unique skill.”

Garga, the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】’s master, appeared.

The 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 was a newly formed clan with fewer than 20 members at the time.

“Yes, I’ll bring her to you right away.”

The director then introduces Ninya.

“This is the one with the unique skill. “

“H-Hello, my name is Ninya.”

Ninya greets him with the slurred speech of a seven-year-old.

“Would you like to join our clan, Ninya-chan?”

From then on, the orphanage was in a festive state.

Being an adventurer was a dream come true for the orphanage children.

Everyone wished to be an adventurer, wielding swords and wielding magic. However, only a few of them were able to develop the necessary skills to become adventurers.

Despite this, a seven-year-old girl was recruited into the clan.

A well-known adventurer must be accepted into such a clan.

Ninya was proud.

Many children congratulated her, but some were sarcastic.

But, Ninya didn’t particularly want to be an adventurer, but she knew that everyone else did.

So she was so happy that she imagined herself as the hero of a story.

“Yes, I’m in!”

As a result, Ninya decided to join the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】.

But Ninya had no idea that this was the beginning of hell.

A child with no relatives was useful to every clan.

That is why adventurers seek skilled children from orphanages.

They cared so much that they went to the trouble of funding orphanages.

Orphanages were always in financial trouble, and the adventurers who donated money to orphanages were extremely valuable to them.

As a result, the orphanage was eager to work with them.

For example, they would instill in the orphanage children that being an adventurer is a desirable profession.

Therefore, what awaited Nina from now on were the days of hell.

Chapter 2: The Source of All This Is a Headache

Ninya’s unique skill 【buff】had a feature that distinguished it from other buff-related skill.

It is a growing skill.

The strength of a normal skill is determined the moment you acquire it.

Ninya’s skill 【buff】, on the other hand, becomes stronger the more she uses it.

As a result, the clan made Ninya use her skills for an extended period of time, even when they had nothing to do with the battle.

Eventually, Ninya’s 【buff】, which was initially limited to a few minutes, could be sustained for several hours.

They then forced Ninya to learn new skills.

They made her fight demons with a sword, memorize grimoires in one day, and go through other arduous training.

In the end, Ninya never learned anything other than 【buff】.

As a result, Ninya was branded an “incompetent” who could only 【buff】.

Nonetheless, Ninya’s 【buff】 was more effective than the standard buff skills.

Ninya’s 【buff】 is more than twice as powerful as a standard buff skill, which is only 1.1x as powerful.

Ninya’s 【buff】 lasted one hour, whereas a normal buff skill lasts no more than five minutes.

The 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 grew quickly thanks to Ninya’s 【buff】 skill.

However, the clan was becoming a burden to Ninya’s health.

One by one, adventurers who wished to benefit from Ninya’s favors applied to join the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】.

The burden on Ninya grew as the number of the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 members grew.

Everyone insisted on getting Ninya’s buff.

As a result, Ninya was sent on various adventures and was constantly forced to 【buff】.

As a result of Ninya’s overwork, she broke down one day.

It was a foregone conclusion.

Ninya couldn’t even hold a proper conversation anymore, and she frequently became dazed, not knowing whether she was awake or asleep.

But it would have been fine if that was all. However, the effect of Ninya’s buff weakened with each passing day.

The reason is unknown.

“You’re an incompetent who can only buff, and if even that 【buff】 weakens, you’re nothing more than a liability!”

“You’re a liability who can’t fight, so just 【buff】 well.”

This was something she was told more and more.

Ninya, on the other hand, is broken and shows no reaction. Some of them became so enraged by Ninya’s attitude that they physically assaulted her.

Ninya, on the other hand, had no reaction to the beating.

In an attempt to at least restore the effects of her 【buff】, the clan increased their use of Ninya.

However, no matter how hard they pressed Ninya to use the 【buff】, the rate of increase became slower.

In the end, the effect of Ninya’s 【buff】 was ultimately insignificant.

Ninya has now become an irrelevance to the clan and was eventually kicked out of the clan and abandoned inside the dungeon.


(My head hurts…)

Ninya is still alive after being abandoned in the dungeon’s lower levels.

Ninya’s breakdown was primarily due to this headache.


She looked up to see a multilegged-dragon approaching slowly with a groan.

(Will it devour me…?)

Ninya pondered.

But there was no sense of impending doom.

Ninya didn’t mind if she got eaten.

Frankly, she was tired of living.

Ninya’s ability to think had been impaired by the headache, and she was now unable to motivate herself to live.

That was the moment when

—○Skill 【buff】has attained level 99. Now that it has reached level 99, the skill will now evolve○—

She heard a voice from above.

Chapter 3: Ninya-chan’s Evolution

—○Skill 【buff】has attained level 99. Now that it has reached level 99, the skill will now evolve○—

(A voice from heaven. That’s something I’ve never heard of before.) 

Ninya thinks.

Someone had once told her that when she mastered a skill, she would hear a voice from above.

Ninya had never heard the voice from heaven before because she had never learned any skills.

She was aware that the more she used her skills, the stronger they became, but she was unaware of the concept of levels.

That was new to her.

Did the other adventurers find out?

But, she was not surprised that she reached level 99, because she had been using her skills all the time.

Of course she would have gotten there.

—○The skill 【buff】 has evolved to 【buff/modified】.○—

Ninya was attentively listening to heaven’s voice.

—○By evolving to 【buff/modified】, the restriction that “one cannot 【buff】 oneself ” was removed○—

(Oh, I can 【buff】 myself now…)

She wondered if she could have contributed more to the clan if she had evolved to 【buff/modified】 sooner.

( Huh? My headache is better. )

I wonder why? I wonder.

Ninya suddenly realizes she is not applying  【buff】 to anyone anymore.

Perhaps the 【buff】she used to give others has faded with evolution.

The headache was caused by the pain of buffing all the clan members.

Ninya’s mind was clouded by a terrible headache, which meant Ninya subconsciously buffed everyone in the clan.

She gradually regained her lost ability to think as the headache subsided.

(Yes, I’m going to be eaten if I don’t do something…)

The massive multi-legged dragon moves slowly, getting closer and closer.

(I’ll give it a try.)

Ninya stands up and thinks.

“All status 【buff/modified】.”

She feels a surge of strength.

However, if you think about it rationally, this usage is inefficient. Even non-essential ability values are being boosted.

“Unbuff. Physical Attack Power【buff/modified】.

Once all 【buff/modified】  statuses have been removed, 【buff/modified】  is only applied to attack power.


The Multilegged-Dragon snarls and leaps at her.

Then she aims at its head as it gets closer to contact.


and unleashes a fist.

The multi-legged dragon’s head retracted with a thud.

“It unexpectedly works…”

She thought as she watched the Multilegged-Dragon get blown away.

“Could it be that it’s weak…?”

She had no idea how strong she was.

And Ninya had never considered herself strong. This is because Ninya grew up being called “incompetent”. That explains Ninya’s low self-esteem.


It appears that Multilegged-Dragon worked in groups.

When they saw that one of their own had died, a swarm of Multilegged-Dragons attacked at once.


As she speaks, she delivers a punch, and any Multilegged-Dragons who are hit are blown to pieces.

“I’m still weak.”

Ninya scores yet again.

A single blow blew away the Multilegged-Dragon.


Ninya suddenly realized that a Multilegged-Dragon claws had sunk into her back.

The attack hit Ninya, and she was blown away.


As she is hit by a wall, Ninya falls with a strange cry.


The wound heals as she chants.

Ninya thinks to herself, (this is a convenient way to use it.)

“I was so focused on the attack. I kind of regret it.”

There were still a few Multilegged-Dragons ahead of her.


She then applies 【buff/modified】 to not only attack power but also agility.

Then it became possible to travel at breakneck speed.

She annihilated the Multilegged-Dragons one by one.

“Haa, they’re all dead.”

There were several dead bodies of Multilegged-Dragons in front of her.

“I knew it was weak monsters.”

(They only looked strong on the outside.)

“Oh, my headache is gone before I even realize it?!”

(I can finally concentrate on my thoughts!)

“Now, what should I do?”

Ninya ponders in the lower levels of the dungeon.


Ninya’s 【buff】 held another important secret.

A normal buff, for example, increases attack power (1.1x the attack power of the entire party); regardless of how many people are in your party, the attack power remains 1.1x.

If there are two players in the group, one player’s attack power (except the caster) is multiplied by 1.1; if there are three players in the group, the attack power of two players is still multiplied by 1.1.

As a result, whether the party has four or five members, the value of 1.1x remains constant.

This, however, was not the case with Ninya’s 【buff】.

Although Ninya posses incredible storage of power, as the number of targets increases, Ninya’s 【buff】 becomes less and less effective.

Ninya’s buff is a giant pound cake that everyone can share.

Now that Ninya is no longer buffing everyone in the clan, she can reap the full benefits of the 【buff】 all on her own.

As previously stated in the pound cake analogy, she can now have the entire pound cake to herself, which was previously shared by everyone.

What happens if you have access to a level-crested 【buff/modified】 all to yourself?

The strongest are born.

Nevertheless, it is a long way off for Ninyaherself to know about it.

Chapter 4: Ninya-Chan, Find a Way Out

“So, where am I now?”

Ninya is looking at her surroundings.

“No matter how incompetent I am, I know this is a dungeon!”

She intended to make a sound effect. However, there is no such thing.

“Well, there are only weak monsters here, so it must be the dungeon’s upper level.”

The truth is that it was the dungeon’s lower level.

Multilegged-Dragons, by the way, are B-class monsters, which means they are extremely powerful.

“Oh my goodness, I have no idea why I’m here… Oh well, I guess I’m incompetent.”

Ninya was depressed.

The headache was to blame for everything.

Nina’s ability to think had been hampered for a long time due to the headache.

So she’d spent many days simply doing what she was told in a subconscious state.

She had no idea where she was because of this.

Nina is a naturally talkative person, but she had a headache that made it difficult for her to speak.

This was the real Ninya.

“Well, first of all, I was taken in by the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 and then they…”

She remembers a lot of things.

She recalls being beaten, given strange medicine, and forced to fight demons with a sword.

(Heh? Wasn’t I terribly mistreated?!)

Nina finally realized what was going on.

(In particular, I believe clan master Garga did a lot of things to me! I’m getting kind of angry now that I remember.)

“Hmph! Hmph! Hmph!”

Nina’s feet stomped on the ground.

(I’m surprised I’ve survived this long.)

Ninya thought about this deeply.

If Ninya had been more sober, she would have experienced a crisis and chosen to flee the clan.

But her headache kept her from thinking that far.

“I’m tired of the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】. I have to keep 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 from finding me.”

If they find her, they’ll probably put her back on drugs and force her to use the 【buff/modified】 all the time.

Ninya wishes to avoid this.

To do so, she must leave the range of the【Gray-Brigade-Clan】’s activity.

(Well, before that, I have to get out of this dungeon first.)

But Ninya had no idea where the exit was.

(I’m in a pickle.)

She was at a loss for words.

Ninya didn’t have a map of the dungeon with her, and her headache made it difficult for her to remember how to get there.

“Ugh, I guess I’m incompetent after all.”

Ninya’s favorite word is “incompetent” because it’s a remark that the clan’s members have frequently made to her.

“It’s pointless to cry over spilt milk; let’s go exploring first.”

She has no choice but to explore the dungeon on foot because she doesn’t know.

“Agility【buff/modified】, Strength【buff/modified】.”

She ran through the dungeon while wearing two 【buff/modified】 stats.

Her speed was so fast that she could easily outrun an S-class adventurer.

although she didn’t realize it.

“There, the exit!”

A few minutes later, she finds a way out.

However, the exit is only for this floor to the previous or next floor.

There is still no escape from the dungeon.

You need to enter a blue or white glowing transfer station to teleport to another floor.

But there is one issue.

“Maybe it’s the entrance to the next floor.”

Ninya isn’t sure which one is an exit to the previous level or an entrance to the next.

As she recalls, one of the circles is blue and the other is red.

Ninya was supposed to be used to exploring the dungeon and switching between floors, but she couldn’t remember which was which.

After all, headaches are the root of the problem.

“Well, whatever works.”

Worrying about it does not guarantee that an answer will be forthcoming someday.

So she decided to charge headlong into the blue transfer line.

“Oops, maybe this is the next floor?”

There’s also a chance that this is the next floor up from where she was before.

“It doesn’t look that different from the previous level, does it?”

A forest unfolds before her eyes.

The sun was rising even though the dungeon was beneath the earth. And to this day, no one understands the reasoning behind this.

“All right, let’s run once more and find a way out!”

So she 【buff/modified】 her agility and strength and ran in all directions.

Then she heard a rustling noise in the front.

“Oh, there’s a demon!”

A poison-clawed dragon stood directly in front of Ninya.

She suddenly realized something.

“If I fight this demon and compare its strength to that of the dragons with many legs, I’ll know whether this is the next or previous level!”

The lower you go in a dungeon, the stronger the monsters become.

Even Ninya was aware of this.

If she fights the Poison-Clawed-Dragon and is weaker than a Multilegged-Dragon, she is on an upper floor, and vice versa.

(Perhaps Ninya-chan is a genius?!)

Ninya-chan was pleased with herself for her inventiveness.

“Okay, agility【buff/modified】!

Ninya is prepared and charges in.

The Poison-Clawed-Dragon became aware of Ninya’s presence and expelled a large amount of purple mist from its mouth.

“Oh no! It’s poison!”

It’s easy to guess that the purple mist is poisonous.

She can’t attack unless she can get rid of the poison.

(Oh, that’s right!)

Ninya has a brilliant idea.


It’s not a problem if she’s poisoned and healed at the same time, right? Perhaps Ninya-chan is smarter than she thinks!

With this, she can get closer to the Poison-Clawed-Dragon.

“Keh-hoh, keh-hoh.”

She feels a little pain when she is hit by poison, but she can force her way through with her Natural-healing-power【buff/modified】.

“Physical-attack-power【buff/modified】! Take this!”

Upon getting close enough to strike, she punched the demon.


The strike sank the Poison-Clawed-Dragon in a single blow.

It was so weak.

“So this is the upper floor!”

Ninya was ecstatic.

(If I keep looking for the blue transfer station, I might be able to escape the dungeon someday.)

“Let’s get to the next blue transfer station as soon as possible!”

So Ninya continued her journey, 【buff/modified】 her agility and strength and looking for the next exit.

It’s worth noting that the dungeon is designed so that when you go into the blue transfer station, you go down to the lower floor.

Chapter 5: Ninya-Chan Encounters “Newbies”?!

Few demons could match Ninya’s agility 【buff/modified】.

As a result, Ninya was free to roam the dungeon.

She could ignore dragons on the road, as well as attacking dryads and Griffins.

(I guess the demons can’t follow me because I’m getting closer to the upper floors.)

Ninya was thinking frivolously.

In reality, Ninya was making her way to the dungeon’s lower floor.

Nonetheless, Ninya had one concern.

(I haven’t seen any other adventurers at all.)

Generally, the higher you go, the more likely it is that you will meet other adventurers.

But she didn’t notice any.

Why is this the case?

(It doesn’t really matter!)

Ninya-chan gave up thinking.

It was pointless to think about it because she would never find out anyway.

In fact, Ninya-chan had no idea she was going deeper into the dungeon at all.

Right then—

“Damn you—Dirty creature!”

An angry man’s voice could be heard.

Then there was a clash of swords with a demon.

(It’s another adventurer!)

Let’s go check it out for now.

But, she can’t just show up and surprise them, so she’ll hide in the bushes for a while and see what’s going on.

(Fufu…a five-person party.)

A swordsman with a sword in his hand faces a demon as the vanguard.

A magician is chanting an incantation behind him.

A priest is healing two injured adventurers further behind them.

The opposing demon is called Gigante-Conejo.

Its size can reach 5 meters, making it the largest of all rabbit demon species.

Its rank is A-class.

(What a massive rabbit! It’s also adorable! I’d like to fluff it up.)

Ninya-chan imagines herself jumping into the big rabbit’s stomach and shouting “Yay!”

(It’s large, but I doubt it’s as powerful as it appears—Afterall, cute demons can’t possibly be that powerful.)

Ninya was a little silly.

But you can’t blame Ninya.

She had been persecuted by the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 for a long time and had suffered from headaches. That experience turned Ninya into a moron.

Yes, Ninya-chan was just a hapless victim.

(However, those adventurers are in trouble. They must be newbies.)

The dungeon’s upper levels are usually a hunting ground for inexperienced adventurers.

By the way, the people fighting right now are all A-class adventurers and skilled fighters.

(The best time to grow as an adventurer is when you can get rid of the hardships. Good luck, newbies!)

She was speaking from the position of a veteran.

Ninya has been an adventurer for eight years, so she can be considered a veteran.

The adventurer in front of her, on the other hand, was clearly older than Ninya.

When the swordsman facing the Gigante-Conejo was blown away, Ninya was watching the battle with bated breath.

Only the magician was left.

The magician desperately casts his magic, but the Gigante-Conejo appears unfazed.

At this rate, the adventurers will perish.

“Isn’t it a veteran adventurer’s job to help newbies?”

Ninya says, leaping out.


Then she threw a punch.


The Gigante-Conejo lifted off the ground with a loud thud.

However, because of its size, it appears that it cannot be defeated with a single punch.

“Then another shot! Physical-attack-power 【buff/modified】!”

She delivers another punch. But the Gigante-Conejo still won’t go down.

“Then, I’ll just keep hitting!” uryaaAAAAa!!”

She delivered the punch over and over again.

And when she came to her senses, the Gigante Conejo had fallen.


Ninya wipes off her sweat.

(I guess it’s hard to do damage with only punches after all.)

When Ninya escapes the dungeon, she decides to purchase a sword.

“T-Thank you a lot…”

The female priestess expresses gratitude to Ninya for her assistance.

“It’s fine, it’s fine. It’s also my job.”

(It is one of an adventurer’s responsibilities to assist newbies!)

“No, we’re grateful for the assistance. By the way, you’re very strong.”

It was only natural for Ninya, the “veteran” to be stronger than the “newbies.”

“W-Well, I suppose so hehe~…

On the other hand, she doesn’t mind being praised.

Ninya was embarrassed.

“Don’t flatter her, Myktis. She’s part of 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】. She’ll make us owe her and charge us a lot of interest!”

Suddenly, the party’s swordsman lunged at Ninya.

(Eh?! How did he know Ninya-chan was a member of the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】?)

“A-Are you an esper?!”

Maybe he’s actually an amazing person.

“I can tell you’re a 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 member by your outfit!”

“My outfit?”

The 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】, as the name implies, wore trendy gray clothing.

Of course, Ninya was dressed in a gray cloak.

“Oh, I see.”

Ninya is convinced.

“Anyway, I despise the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】! So don’t expect a thank you for saving us!”

The swordsman declared.

It’s understandable that the swordsman would say something like that.

The 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 ruled Nelsoy City, where the S-class dungeon is located.

In the city, there are differences in how you are treated depending on whether you are a member of the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 or not.

For example, if you are a member of the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】, you have first priority when purchasing weapons and preferential treatment when selling materials.

Furthermore, the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 can eat without having to wait in line.

This is because the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 gives away a lot of money, but it is also true that other adventurers find it annoying.

Furthermore, many 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 members are arrogant, which frequently leads to conflicts with other adventurers.

Most adventurers now avoid the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 as much as possible, because fighting them in Nelsoy City makes it impossible to survive as an adventurer.

As a result, the A-class party held a grudge against the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】.

Even though they are an A-class party, they are not part of the clan, so they have had to deal with many disadvantages.

“But she’s a girl, and we owe her thanks for her help.”

The priestess consoled him.

“Hmph! She must have gotten stronger using some rumored 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 secret potion. They’re full of guys who got strong through deception but still exude bigotry! I despise them!”

Ninya, by the way, is the rumored “secret potion”.

The 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 wanted to keep Ninya’s existence as hidden as possible so that it would not be discovered by other clans.

However, advertising Ninya’s existence is the quickest way to attract people.

As a result, the plan was to advertise that the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 possessed a secret potion that would strengthen them.

By doing so, they have succeeded in attracting people while concealing the existence of Ninya.

“Hey, Randy—Leave it at that.”

“Why do you have to fight her just because she belongs to the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】?”

Randy, the swordsman, was also condemned by the other party members.

They were blaming Randy partly out of conscience but also out of fear of making an enemy of the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】.


Randy, the swordsman, became quiet.

“I’m really sorry. You must have been offended.”

The priestess stated.

“No, it’s all right.”

In fact, Ninya was fine.

On the contrary, she wanted to sympathize with him, saying, “Yeah, I understand. The【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 It’s the worst, isn’t it?”

“But still, to easily defeat the Gigante-Conejo, you must be at least in the SS class.”

The SS class.

(Isn’t she overpraising me?!)

But Ninya did not feel bad.

“Well, I’m definitely stronger than you newbies.”


Ninya didn’t mean anything negative when she said those words.

However, their party was the best of the best that could reach the dungeon’s lower levels.

True, they struggled against the Gigante-Conejo, but that was due to repeated battles, and if they had been able to fight under ideal conditions, they would have easily defeated the demon.

They, too, have pride.

The priestess, who always treated Ninya calmly, was no exception.

And yet, just now, they were mocked as “newbies”.

“Fu, fufu bullcr*p!! You don’t have the right to call us newbies just because you’re a member of 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】!!”

“Even I’m upset about that.”

“That’s true.”

“Y-Yes. That is something I would like to see corrected…”

(Eh? Why are they angry?!)

Ninya had no idea why they were so angry.

Potato-tan: This chapter explains Ninya is currently between the ages of 15 and 16.

Chapter 6: Ninya-chan’s Crying

For some reason, Ninya’s remark enraged the adventurers.

The reason is “unknown.”

(Should I apologize in any case?)

Ninya considers.

(However, it seems strange for me to apologize when I did nothing wrong…)

Ninya-chan was unable to bow her head sincerely.

“Please retract what you just said for the time being…”

The priestess, who had remained calm throughout, looked at Ninya with displeasure.

Her eyes are terrifying.

(I’ve seen these eyes elsewhere…)

Yes, that’s right.

The same as the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】’s eyes.

Ninya’s mind was suddenly flooded with flashbacks.

“You incompetent!” and was beaten up.

“You noncombatant, don’t get carried away!” and was beaten up.

“Why do we have to act as human shields for this incompetent?” and was beaten up.

The trauma that she had almost forgotten until then came back to her.

As a result of this.

“Fu…Ugh…FUewuuuuuuuu~ “

Ninya was starting to cry.

Her eyes were welling up with tears.

She had never cried like that in 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】, so why were her tears falling now?

“Oh, um, I’m sorry! We didn’t intend to…”

In contrast, the priests begin to flutter about.

She hadn’t expected her to cry.

“Hey, Myktis, you’ve got to do something…”

“Yes, Myktis is to blame…”

“Yeah, yeah.”

The other adventurers blamed Myktis, a priestess.

“Eh? Me?! Why am I the only one who feels bad?!”

Myktis exclaimed in a fit of unreasonableness.

Several minutes later.

“How are you? Have you calmed down…?”

“Sniffle, sniffle…”

Ninya, who had been coaxed by Myktis, shook her head and nodded in agreement.

“I’m sorry. We were also a little stubborn over something so insignificant.”

“I have no idea what’s going on with Ninya, either, but I’m sorry…”

Ninya still did not understand why they were angry.

“Look, your nose is running. Use this to clean it up.”

Myktis presented her with a white handkerchief.

“Yes.” Ninya nodded her head and, for some reason, sniffed the sleeve of Myktis’ dress. Myktis’ clothes and handkerchief were covered in snot as a result.

The other adventurers looked at them as if they were mother and daughter.

If you say it directly to Myktis himself, she’ll be angry.

“I’m not even old enough to be a parent!” Exactly like that.

“All right, then, we should probably get out of here.”

Randy, the swordsman, says as he stands up.

The others stand up as well.

(I suppose I should say good-bye to everyone…)

Ninya pondered.

At that moment, there was a rustling sound of shaking grass and trees.


Everyone prepares for battle in an instant.

(What’s the deal? What has changed in the atmosphere?)

Ninya was the only one who remained composed.

“…Oh my god. How unlucky are we?”

Randy muttered something.

The demon emerged from the bushes, looking deformed.

A humanoid figure with bright blue skin that is muscular enough to be seen from afar and massive horns growing on its head.

It was an Agile-Man-Eating-Ogre.

Its rank is SS-class.

It is distinguished by its small size in comparison to the typical D-rank Man-Eating-Ogre.

Because of their smaller size, their muscles are tighter, and they are stronger and faster than the average man-eating ogre.

Even if you try to flee, you will be unable to do so because the Agile-Man-Eating-Ogre is faster.

(Isn’t that a very small Man-Eating-Ogre? Then it would be weaker than a regular Man-Eating-Ogre, and even inexperienced players should be able to defeat it.)

Ninya-chan’s mind was as straightforward as ever.

It was most likely due to the long-term headache, which had drastically reduced her brain cells.

“I, Gil, and Ash will try to halt its movement. Meanwhile, we require your support!”

Randy, the swordsman, gives orders, and the other three people move to the front line.

“Hey, 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 girl! Are you going to help us or what?!”

Randy asks Ninya.

It is humiliating to seek assistance from the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】, but the situation is what it is.

Because of what they saw earlier, they already know how powerful Ninya is. She will be a valuable asset if she can help them.

“I am not going to help you.”

“Damn, I knew those 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 guys were scum!”

Randy spits the words out.

(Once you’ve defeated a Man-Eating-Ogre, you’ll be a full-fledged adventurer! You must break through this barrier without my assistance!)

Ninya-chan is helping to train the “newbies” from the shadows.

Then Ninya watches them.

It was an A-class party, after all.

They were not simply annihilated by an SS-class demon, Agile-Man-Eating-Ogre.

They may have been badly injured by the constant fighting, but with a little rest, they had recovered sufficiently to fight.

The Agile-Man-Eating-Ogre was then struck from three directions by their quick movements, which somehow limited the demon’s actions, and the magician who was waiting behind them cast a spell.

It’s a fantastic combination.

They gradually harmed the Agile-Man-Eating-Ogre in this manner.

However, the Agile-Man-Eating-Ogre gradually gained the upper hand as the time passed.

The swordsman and shieldman in contact with the Agile-Man-Eating-Ogre could no longer keep up with the demon’s speed.

Then, the formation finally broke.

This would give the Agile-Man-Eating-Ogre a chance to attack unilaterally.

(I suppose even a weak Man-Eating-Ogre is difficult for newbies.)

Ninya-chan is still thinking optimistically.

Chapter 7: Ninya-Chan, Fighting the Ogre

Ninya was contemplating something.

When to join the fight against the Man-Eating-Ogre with newbies It is not advisable for one to become overly involved.

First and foremost,

(How powerful am I now?)

This question popped into Nina’s head out of nowhere.

Ninya can at least fight now that she can use 【buff/modified】on herself.

Nonetheless, Ninya remembers to be told.

“Why is your 【buff】getting weaker and weaker? It’s almost ineffective now! You incompetent!”

(My 【buff/modified】  should not be that powerful. Still, it appears to be more powerful than these newbies.)

Ninya assumes she is now rank D or E, then these “newbies” are rank  F.

(What is the rank of the Man-Eating-Ogre again?)

She can’t recall anything specific.

However, it could not have been that high.

That’s why she couldn’t decide if she could defeat the Man-Eating-Ogre alone.

(From what I could tell, they could only win by a slim margin.)

Ninya thought so after witnessing the Man-Eating-Ogre’s battle.

They are indeed powerful.

(Well, I guess I’d better join the fight.)

As she watches, the Agile-Man-Eating-Ogre is about to finish off one of the adventurers.


Ninya moves at breakneck speed.

She then steps in to mediate between the Agile-Man-Eating-Ogre and the adventurers.



Ninya, who lacks both a shield and armor, is forced to take it with her naked body.

Ninya has been blown away and injured. She was hurt, as expected.


Ninya’s injuries heal in an instant.

Then she takes a step forward.

The Agile-Man-Eating-gaze Ogre’s is now fixed on Ninya.

Apparently, she managed to generate some resentment.



The epic battle between Ninya and the Agile-Man-Eating-Ogre ensued.

Both sides reach top speeds and race through the dungeon in all directions.

Their speed is so fast that the ground beneath their feet is gouged out.



Demons on the ground were sometimes reduced to ashes by chance when they were stepped on.

And if there was an opening, they’d throw fists at each other.

“Evasion rate 【buff/modified】!”

When you are attacked, history has shown that the odds are stacked against you.

That’s why Nina prioritized avoiding attacks over receiving them.


And if she managed to evade, she would strike with her fist.

She ensures that the damage is done in this manner.

(As one would expect from a Man-Eating-Ogre, it’s powerful!)

She could still afford to think of something like that.

(But, he did not sustain as much damage as I had anticipated…)

She must have already punched him many times, yet despite this, the Agile-Man-Eating-Ogre appears to be in good health.

(Oh, his skin is flaking.)

Suddenly, she noticed.

It’s most likely due to her extensive fist strikes. The area where she was punched was swollen.

(I guess punches are not enough, so…)

Ninya concludes that this is the case and immediately takes action.

Keep a distance from the Agile-Man-Eating-Ogre.

“I’ll borrow it for a minute.”

Ninya then takes Randy’s sword.

It is a one-handed sword made of iron.


But Ninya had already left when Randy spoke slurredly.

“Okay, now I can do some damage!”

Ninya is closing in on the Agile-Man-Eating-Ogre once more.


At the attack’s range, Ninya dodges the claws of the Agile-Man-Eating-Ogre.


She slashes the sword at the Agile-Man-Eating-Ogre, and then,  “Sharpness【buff/modified】! “

She 【buff】 the sword .

And once the edge of the sword is aimed at the Agile-Man-Eating-Ogre,

“Critical hit rate 【buff/modified】!”

She cast another【buff】 element on the sword as she swung the sword down.


The Agile-Man-Eating-Ogre spits blood and lashes out in rage.

Then it seems to have run out of steam and collapses.

Ninya has triumphed!

“Oh, I’m sorry for borrowing your sword. I’ll give it back to you.”

Randy receives the sword from Ninya.

“T-Thank you…”

Randy accepts the sword. He couldn’t be happy despite the fact that Ninya had saved his life.

“Hey, you. What’s your name?”

“This is Ninya…”

“So the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 has a secret weapon like this…”

Randy murmurs in hushed tones.

“Hey, is Clan Master Garga stronger than you?”

“Y-Yes… I can’t even touch him…”

She’s not sure why he’s asking about Garga.

She’d rather not be reminded of him.

“I sorry; I know I’m asking a lot of you. You’ve been a tremendous help. So, we’re leaving right now.”

With that, Randy and the others left quickly.

(I feel like we’ve become strangers…)

Was Ninya the only one who thought they were getting along better?

Randy, in particular, who had been so hostile to the had been so hostile to the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】, had gone completely polite.

“Hey, aren’t you going to take the Man-Eating-Ogre loot?”

“You can have everything. You are the one who defeated him.”

(Even if you say so…)

Ninya doesn’t have a bag to take with her.

Well, Man-Eating-Ogre ain’t worth much money anyway.

“Well, what are you going to do now?”

“We’re leaving. If we stay here any longer, we’ll die.”

“Oh, If you’re leaving, I’m coming with you.”

“No. Even though we owe you, we’re unable to work with the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】.

Myktis, the priest standing beside him, also nodded.

And then the adventurers left.


“You were such a jerk back then.”

As the A-class party returned to the surface, they casually mentioned Ninya.

“Really. She could be more than an SS class with that kind of power.”

“I can’t believe she’s a member of the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】.”

These adventurers had only one goal in mind.

to form a clan.

And to develop that clan into one that can compete with the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】.

They had a party name.


They were also discussing using the same name once they formed a clan one day.

“Stop being so down! Someday, we’ll be like that!”

Randy corrects the depressed members.

“Yeah, I suppose so.”

“We can’t lose, either.”

The members of the party responded to him.

They were moving forward.

Chapter 8: Ninya-chan, Fighting the Boss

Ninya’s first priority is to get out of this dungeon. And to avoid the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】.

Therefore, seeking the blue transport station that was supposed to be the way to the upper floors, she dived even deeper into the lower floors, one after another.

She thinks she is going up.

She could escape the monsters without fighting them thanks to her agility 【buff/modified】.

It helped that the dungeon formed a large forest area. It would have been impossible to keep running away from the demons if the path had been narrow.

Finally, at the end of the dungeon, she arrived at the boss’s room.

“This place is big, huh?”

The moment she arrived, she noticed something odd.

The forest that had been there all along had completely changed.

Now it’s a large open area.

In the middle, there is only one huge black tree.

Its length exceeds 20 meters. However, there were no leaves on it, indicating that it was dead.

Aside from that, there was nothing noteworthy about it.

“Let’s just go to the tree and see what we can find out.”

Thinking so, Nina approached the tree without any caution.

A split second later, the massive black tree begins to move.

“Ah— “


The next thing she knew, she was flicked off by the tentacles of the huge tree.

What Ninya mistook for a branch turned out to be a moving tentacle.


She vomits blood.

The surprise attack made her barely conscious.

” N-Natural-healing-power【buff/modified】.”

She quickly recovers.

She also notices that the massive black tree has four goat’s legs and is slowly approaching her.

The Goat-Writing-Giant-Black-Tree.

Rank SSS-class.

Several adventurers have reached the deepest part of the dungeon, encountered it and have all been killed.

It is also the demon that the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 is most determined to defeat.

And Ninya was forced to fight this demon without her knowing this.

” Agility【buff/modified】!”

Ninya runs in a straight line to the Writhing-Giant-Black-Tree-Goat.

” Evasion【buff/modified】!”

Ninya is attacked by a swarm of tentacles as she gets closer.

Ninya avoids them one by one, closing the gap between them.

” Physical-attack-power【buff/modified】!”

Ninya then punches the Writhing-Giant-Black-Tree-Goat.

(Huh? It didn’t do any damage!)

It appears that the attack is being absorbed.

That’s exactly how it feels.

” Ah…”

Tentacles are closing in on her.

” Defensive-power【buff/modified】!”

She’s just in time to 【buff】 the defensive power.


However, the tentacle’s attack was lethal.

Ninya is blown off her feet and falls to the ground.”

” Agility【buff/modified】.”

Ninya stands up and returns her attention to the Writhing-Giant-Black-Tree-Goat.

She then punches at it while avoiding the tentacles.

The Writhing-Giant-Black-Tree-Goat, on the other hand, is unfazed.

And then the tentacles strike back.

(Why doesn’t it work?)

Nina has a thought.

But, even as she thought about it, she had no other way to attack the Writhing-Giant-Black-Tree-Goat

” Attack power 【buff/modified】.”

That’s why Ninya repeatedly punched Writhing-Giant-Black-Tree-Goat.

And again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again —

” Attack power 【buff/modified】!”

Ninya has been hitting the demon for the umpteenth time.

And yet the Writhing-Giant-Black-Tree-Goat is not even a little bit fazed.

” Ugh!”

Ninya was being flung away once more by the tentacles.

” Gghh… Gahhhh…!”

Ninya stands up and coughs up blood.

(It’s impossible… I’ll never win…)

At some point, Nina concluded.

(I want to escape…)

However, there is no way out.

She must defeat it in order to escape.


She returned her body to its original condition.

But her spirit is still worn out.

(I can’t… I’m not going to win.)

Tears begin to fall down her cheeks and fall to the ground.

She thought it was pathetic to cry during a battle.

But she couldn’t help but cry…


the sound of the wind blowing.

Before her eyes is a tentacle fast approaching.

” Agh!”

Ninya is blown away and falls to the ground.

(It hurts.)

The tentacles attack Ninya once more.

(I don’t want to be in pain anymore…)

Then Ninya tries to escape from the pain, thinking only of escaping from the tentacles.

” Agility【buff/modified】,Evasion rate【buff/modified】!”

Ninya just runs away in a haphazard manner.

There is no adventurer to be seen.

She’s just a crying girl who desperately wants to be free of her fear.

But the longer she runs, the worse things become.

There was nowhere to run by the time she realized it.

“Haa… haa… haa…!”

A wall hit her back.

Countless tentacles blocked her escape.


It was the Writhing-Giant-Black-Tree-low Goat’s cry.

I got you.

The Writhing-Giant-Black-Tree-Goat seemed to want to say so, and then it swung its numerous tentacles like whips.

Over and over again.

Whap! Whap! Whap!


Ninya curled up on her knees and took the blows.

(It hurts!)

Even with increased defensive power, it still hurts.

(It hurts!)

One tentacle after another attacks Ninya.

(It hurts!)

And Ninya’s injuries mount up over time.

(It hurts!)

How can I get rid of this discomfort?

(It hurts!)

I was like this every day when she was in  the【Gray-Brigade-Clan】.

(It hurts!)

How did I overcome it…?

Ninya had a flash of inspiration.

Chapter 9: Ninya-chan Do Your Best!

Ninya was thinking hazily as she was attacked by the Writhing-Giant-Black-Tree-Goat.

When she was in pain, what did she always do?

Ninya had little recollection of her time in the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】.

The only thing she remembers is that she was beaten up a lot.

Being told you’re “incompetent”

The rest is… she was suffering from a severe headache.

The headaches made it difficult to think, and Ninya was like a corpse even though she was alive.

What, after all, was the source of the headache?

It was because she was forced to use 【buff】beyond her limit.

And now that she’s been kicked out of the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】, Ninya doesn’t have to worry about headaches.

That means Ninya was subconsciously preserving the 【buff/modified】.

Ninya hasn’t given her all yet.


The Writhing-Giant-Black-Tree-Goat has stopped its attack.

because it had already determined that the girl in front of it was dead.

A pool of blood has formed around her, and she is motionless.


Without warning, the girl stands up.

Why is she still alive? The demon wonders.

But if she’s alive, the demon will do what it’s supposed to do.

It strikes Ninya with its tentacles.


The unthinkable occurs right in front of the demon’s eyes.

The girl held the tentacle in one hand.

Its gaze meets hers at that precise moment.

That’s when Writhing-Giant-Black-Tree-Goat feels fear for the first time.


That was the look on her face.

Her mouth was half open, her eyes unfocused.

Except for the hand holding the tentacle, her other hands were limp and weak.

Then she said,


The next moment, the Writhing-Giant-Black-Tree-Goat falls flat on its side on the ground.

The demon still couldn’t figure out why this had happened.

Then it realized.

A girl pulled its tentacles with her hands.

That was all it took to turn the 20-meter-tall body and fall flat on its side.

Ripp, Ripp, Ripp, Ripp, Ripp! A ripping sound was heard.

The demon noticed the girl pulling another tentacle with her bare hand.

The Writhing-Giant-Black-Tree-Goat rushes to pull the tentacles out of the girl and moves them.



The girl grabs the Writhing-Giant-Black-Tree-Goat’s tentacles again.

Ripp, Ripp, Ripp, Ripp, Ripp!

And then another tentacle is pulled out again.

It was a one-sided slaughter from then on. Ninya pulls out the demon’s tentacles one by one, each time releasing a gush of black bodily fluids.

Nonetheless, Ninya continues to pull out the next tentacles.

The Writing-Giant-Black-Tree-Goat makes a desperate resistance by moving its tentacles, but is always stopped by Ninya’s one hand.

The demon is being dismembered while still alive.


( My head hurts…)

This was the only emotion that Ninya felt as she slaughtered the Writing-Giant-Black-Tree-Goat one-sidedly.

Her head hurt.

Her body is moving independently.

The Writhing-Giant-Black-Tree-Goat had died before she knew it.

Ninya, on the other hand, kept pulling out tentacles.

Just as she finishes pulling them all out, Ninya falls to the ground.

(My head hurts…)

Ninya needed to rest for a while.


(Huh? I fell asleep before I knew it.

Ninya rose slowly.

(What was I doing sleeping?)

“I can’t remember…” Ninya thinks as she looks around.

“Geez, this is gross!”

A swarm of tentacles has scattered around her.

“Someone” must have extracted the tentacles because their cross-sections are strangely grotesque!

“Where is it?”

Ninya looks around the room.

The tentacled creature appears to be dead and motionless.

(This is a dungeon. But what was I doing again?)


She thinks as she crosses her arms.

She couldn’t figure it out, though.

(Oh, well, never mind!)

Ninya had a positive attitude as ever.

(Is there anything else?)

Ninya’s thoughts began to wander.

“Oh, it’s a treasure chest…”

At the far end of the room, she noticed a treasure chest.

Treasure chests are common in dungeons, and this is most likely one of them.

Ninya approaches.

“I wonder what’s inside?”

Ninya gets excited.

The most exciting aspect of a treasure chest is when you are about to open it.

“Wow! A ring!”

Inside was a ring.

At first glance, it appears simple, but closer inspection reveals the intricate decoration.

“Hm, hmm♪.”

Ninya hums a tune and places it on her index finger.

The ring automatically adjusts its size to fit Ninya’s little finger.

“Heh heh heh, it’s so cute!”

Ninya was very happy to receive the ring.

She’d never received a genuine gift before, so her delight was even greater.

Maybe that’s why she didn’t consider the ring’s effect.

“Ah, there it is! The exit!”

A transfer station was located behind the treasure chest.

She should be able to get out of this room once she’s inside.

So she went inside right away.

” Oh, I can get out!”

Ninya finds herself outside the dungeon.

Ninya has conquered the dungeon by herself.

But she is completely unaware of it.

Chapter10: Ninya-chan Is Going to a New City

Ninya was unsure of what to do now that she had been released from the dungeon.

The adventurers she passed were in awe of Ninya, perhaps because she was wearing a gray hood.

Being a 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 member in this city had that much clout.

“For the time being, I must return to the clan…”

Wait, wait, wait.

(Why do I have to return to the clan?)

Ninya recalled.

that the clan had deserted her

(This means this is your best chance to escape from the clan!)

Once she decided to do this, she immediately went ahead with the plan.

First and foremost, she must flee the city of Nelsoy.

“Hey, you’re Ninya… “

Suddenly, she was startled to see a man.

He, too, was dressed in gray, and it was clear that he belonged to the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】.

(Oh no, I’ve been discovered!)

” Agility【buff/modified】,strength【buff/modified】!!”

Ninya immediately fled.

” W-Wait a minute!”

Ninya hears a voice but ignores it and runs.

(Did he catch up?)

There appears to be no sign of a pursuit.

Perhaps Ninya-chan is faster than I imagined?

However, you can never be too cautious.

Because you never know where the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】  will appear.

We must leave Nelsoy City as soon as possible.

Ninya then heads for the next city.


The city of Wynn, located far from Nelsoy, is known for its large number of inexperienced adventurers and is not subject to the jurisdiction of the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】.

A girl was wandering inside the Adventurer’s Guild in the city of Wynn.

(Adventurers are really a bunch of ugly oldies.)

The girl’s name is Neneli Elgard, and she was looking for adventurers to form a party with her in the guild.

Neneli was the Elgard family’s third daughter.

She has a negative memory of her two older sisters, who “mistreated“ and “abused“ her.

She dislikes older people as a result of her experiences.

(If I want to form a party, I prefer younger people or people my age. It would be wonderful if there was a cute girl who adored me.)

She curls her lips as she imagines a cute girl calling her “Oneesama!”

Neneli had a peculiar taste.

While she was contemplating this, she noticed a figure who appeared to be an adventurer walking through the guild’s door.

Neneli couldn’t see the figure’s face or gender because he was wearing a gray hood.

The figure was small, possibly younger than she was.

The figure’s gait was shaky and unsteady.

” Hey, you.”

Neneli was intrigued, so she approached the figure.


Neneli noticed her eyes when she turned around.


At that moment, Neneli was sure.

big eyes, translucent silver hair. Her mouth was small, like a small animal.

Her face was a little dirty, but you couldn’t tell the difference because of her bright white skin.

(I want her to be my little sister!)

Neneli’s thoughts had already turned to desire.

“Would you like to form a—”


Neneli was about to ask her if she wanted to form a party with her when the petite figure let out a distinct stomach growl.

“I’m so hungry — “

The hooded girl said, leaning against Neneli.


“You eat a lot…”

“I haven’t eaten anything in days. Thank you so much um… “

“It’s Neneli—Neneli Elgard “

“My name is Ninya—Neneli. Thank you so much for treating me to dinner!”

“That’s nothing at all.”

Neneli and Ninya had left the Adventurers’ Guild and had come to a nearby restaurant to fill Ninya’s stomach.

“So, Ninya-san, you’re an adventurer, right?”

“Yes, I am. “

“But you don’t appear to have any equipment?”

“Wahaha, you’re right…”

Ninya says this while scratching her head.

“By the way, may I ask what your job is?

“I guess I’m a support…”

“A support?”

Neneli tilted her head at the unfamiliar word.

“I’m skilled at buffing allies.”

” Hmmm, is that right? Is there anything else?”

” No, there’s nothing else I can do.”


The buff skill itself is not a bad skill, but if she has no other skills, she’s like a doll who can’t fight.

“However, I’ve recently learned to buff myself, so I’m thinking about grabbing a sword or something and fighting!”

” O-Oh, I see.”

She can at least fight if she can buff herself.

Neneli hopes she has at least one or two swordsmanship skills.

“Hey, Ninya-san. I’m looking for a party member to go on an adventure with me. Do you want to come with me?”

“Oh! I’d be happy to join you, and I’d like to thank Neneli-san for your hospitality!”

Nina stood up and bowed with these words.

“Also, please call me Oneesama.”

“I don’t understand.”

She gave her a blank expression, unsure why.

“Ugh.” Neneli bit her lower lip.

Anyway, Neneli was very happy to be able to party with Ninya, although she was a little worried because Ninya could only use 【buff】.

On the other hand, she was unconcerned, even if Ninya was incompetent.

No, in fact, incompetence was more than welcome.

Neneli desires to be loved by someone.

(Then let’s prove to Nina that I can be relied on!)


(I’m going to make her call me “Oneesama!”)

Neneli’s all fired up.

Chapter 11: Ninya-Chan Goes on a Hunt

Ninya ended up partying with Neneli.

(I want to thank her for the dinner, so I need to give it my all!)

Ninya was excited.

She realizes she’s never been close to a girl her age, except when she was in the orphanage. Ninya was ecstatic in that regard.

Neneli possessed a slim back and curly hair.

She was holding a staff and was most likely a magician.

“Yes, you said you wanted a weapon,” Neneli, who was ahead of her, said to her.

“But, I don’t have any money…”

(My only possession is the ring in the treasure chest. Would I be able to recoup my investment if I sold it? But, I like it and have no plans to sell it.)

” Then I will buy it for you.”

“Eh, I feel bad…”

Unlike rice, weapons are not cheap.

She doesn’t think it’s appropriate to accept it.

” Don’t worry about it. I have money. “

” B-But…”

“And having a party with you will be difficult if you don’t have any weapons.”

Neneli stated, but Ninya was still unconvinced.

Neneli sensed this and said, “In that case, how about I lend you the money and you buy a weapon with it? You could repay me gradually with the money you earn from hunting demons with me.”

“That’s a good idea.”

“Then, let’s go to the weapon shop right away!”

As a result, they went straight to the weapon shop.

“What kind of weapon are you looking for?”

“I’d prefer something light.”

Because it will be difficult to carry if it is heavy when it is not [buff].

“I suppose a dagger.”

Neneli then pulls out a dagger.

“It looks expensive.”

The one Neneli brings appears to be expensive, with gleaming decorations.

“Because you’ll be using it for a long time, you should get a good one.”

But, as Neneli points out, there must be a limit.

“This is fine.”

Ninya chose a dagger that was lying in the corner like trash.

It was rusted, and the blade was a bit jagged.

“Is that what you want?”

“Yes, I don’t want to waste money on weapons.”

Ninya’s plan was that any sword would do the job, as long as it had [buff/modified] on it.

The shopkeeper told her it was junk, so she was able to purchase it for a very low price.

“Thank you very much, Neneli-san.”

Ninya bows her head.

“If you want to thank me, you can call me Onesama.”

“I’m not sure what that means, so I won’t.”

Neneli frequently attempts to persuade Ninya to call her “onesama,” but she refuses because she does not understand why.

Neneli’s lips purse in frustration, but she doesn’t show it.

“I can’t wait to go hunting now that I have weapons.”

Ninya was insistent, so they went hunting.


A forest lies beyond the city walls of Wynn.

The forest is said to be home to demons that are easy to hunt for beginners.

“By the way, what is Nnya-san’s rank?”

“I’m F rank.”

“Then you must be a novice. Don’t worry; I’ll teach you everything you need to know. By the way, I’m already ranked E.”

“T-That’s incredible…”

Ninya has been an adventurer for eight years, but she has never killed a demon, so she is classified as ranked F.

She could have denied being a novice, but that would have required her to explain the [Gray-Brigade-Clan], which she did not want to do.

So it was safer to pose as a novice.

“There’s a wolf-wolf around here.”

Suddenly, they saw a wolf-wolf in the distance.

Because wolf-wolfs are fast, it’s best to attack them from as far away as possible to avoid detection.

“That’s right, I’d like to put your support skills to the test.”

Neneli makes a suggestion.

“Yes… But, don’t get your hopes up. It won’t have much of an impact.”

Ninya remembered that she had been thrown away because her [buff] skill was getting much worse.

So it wouldn’t have much of an impact, she reasoned.

“Isn’t Neeneli-san a magician?”

“Yes, I am.”


Ninya activated her skill.

“Then I’ll give it a try.”

Neneli then took her staff and began to chant.

” Flamebullet-Varaderama! “


A loud, deafening bang rang out.

“Oh my goodness…”

Ninya mumbles involuntarily.

The entire area is engulfed in a massive blaze.

It would be too much of an attack to kill just one wolf-wolf.

” Eh…?”

Neneli was astounded as well.

She’d never used such potent magic before.

“That’s incredible, Neneli-san! I’ve never witnessed such powerful magic before!”

Ninya praised her with open arms, which made Neneli feel good.

“Eh, y-yes, this kind of magic comes naturally to me.”

Neneli couldn’t stop herself from getting carried away.

“But it’s too powerful to retrieve the wolf-wolf’s material.”

She examined the wolf-wolf body, which had been charred into black with no trace of it remaining.

“Well, in that case, I’ll try to keep my power under control the next time.”

Neneli searches for her next prey with these words.

She finds it.

A wolf-wolf pack is prowling around in the distance.


Ninya [buff]’s Neneli.

Then she chants, “Flamebullet-Varaderama. “


Again, a deafening sound.

Not just the Wolf-wolf pack, but the entire area burned to the ground.

“Wow, that’s some amazing magic!”

Ninya exclaims joyfully.

Neneli thought she had already suppressed the power of her magic.

(Is it because of Ninya’s [buff]?)

But that would make Ninya’s reaction strange.

“However, if you don’t hold back a little more power, we won’t be able to retrieve the materials.”

“Y-Yes. I suppose so.

So they continue walking and come across a wolf-wolf.

“You don’t have to [buff] next time, Ninya-san.”

” Uh, yes. I understand. “

So Neneli starts chanting without the buff.

” Flamebullet-Varaderama. “


A flame bullet the size Neneli is accustomed to is unleashed.

The wolf-wolf is killed by the flamebullet.

“We should now be able to safely retrieve the materials.”

Ninya rushes to the wolf-wolf with a dagger in her hand, saying this.


Neneli was contemplating something.

(No matter how you look at it, it was Ninya.)

“U-Um, Nīnya-san…”

“Yes, what is it?”

Ninya, who was disassembling the wolf-wolf, comes to a halt and turns around.

“Isn’t your [buff] unusual?”

“That is correct—Because It’s a unique skill. “

It’s true that being born with a so-called unique skill is uncommon, but that’s not what Neneli wanted to hear.

“No, that’s not what I meant, but how much power does your [buff] increase?”

“It isn’t much. I’ve often been told that it’s completely useless.”

Neneli scratches his brow. (How can that be?)

Neneli wondered why she was so oblivious to this.

“You know what I mean? First and foremost, this is what I am capable of doing without your [buff].”

Then Neneli displays her Flamebullet-Varaderama in its normal state.

“And this is the power of the Flamebullet-Varaderama with your [buff].”

After Ninya [buff] ‘s, she cast another Flamebullet-Varaderama.


The Flamebullet-Varaderama is released and inflated numerous times.

“Do you understand what I mean?”

Neneli reasoned that Ninya would have understood if she had explained it this clearly.

“Neneli-san’s magic is truly incredible! I believe you can defeat even more powerful demons with this!”

Ninya regarded her with admiration.

(This is it, isn’t it?! )

This was what Neneli was looking for.

to be adored by a lovely little sister. This was Neneli’s deepest desire.

“…Nevermind. Yes, you can show me more respect!”

“But, I can’t do anything compared to Neneli-san, so would it be a nuisance if we formed a party together?”

Ninya looks at Neneli like a small animal.

(H-How adorable!)

That was Neneli’s thought.

“Yes, you can have a party with me in the future if you call me Onesama.”

“No, I don’t understand, so I decline.”

She was bitterly refused.

Neneli was taken aback.

“I-I can’t be your little sister, but I’d appreciate it if we formed a party so I could repay you…”

Neneli reflected on Ninya’s anxious plea.

(I really want her to be my little sister.)

“Ninya, I will never abandon you!”

Neneli hugged Ninya as she said these words.

(And one day I will make you call me Onesama!)

Neneli swore to herself.

In addition, the strange power of Ninya’s [buff] had long since been forgotten.

Chapter 12: Ninya Discovers the Power of the Ring

Ninya and Neneli ventured deeper into the forest, where they might come across more powerful demons.

Neneli’s original plan was to hunt only F-ranked demons and be done with it, but since Ninya’s [buff] was known to be powerful, she decided that going to the deepest part of the forest would be no problem.

“There they are.”

A swarm of giant ants was in front of them.

” Magic enhanced [buff/modified].”

Ninya [buff]’s Neneli, and she chanted.


The dozens of giant ant ants are then engulfed in flames.

“I believe we can salvage the materials from this!”

Ninya stated as she gazed at the dead giant ants.

Because the giant ant is more resistant to fire than other demons, it retains its original form.

“But we can’t transport this many demons at once.”

They have bags, but they cannot carry all of them.

“Well, after everything we’ve done to beat them…”

Ninya sighs and hangs her head.

Then, suddenly, she felt her ring glistening.

Was it my imagination? Ninya examined the ring.

The ring then took on the form of a box.

“My precious ring!”

The lovely ring had transformed into an odd box, and Ninya was outraged.

“N-Ninya…That can’t possibly be an item box, right…?”

For some reason, Neneli appears to be very shocked.

“What’s an item box?”

She had never heard of it before.

” You have no idea what an item box is?! “

An item box, according to Neneli, is a magical item that can store anything.

It is said to be only found in the deepest part of the dungeon and is highly sought after by many adventurers.

“Really?! It can’t be such a fantastic item. I stumbled upon it by chance.”

The ring was found in a treasure chest in the room where she awoke.

Such a ring couldn’t possibly be a great item.

“T-That’s right… Such an incredible item cannot be obtained easily. But it is possible, so let us try it.”

Neneli places the giant ant’s carcass in the box.

The carcass is then sucked into the box and vanishes.

“W-Well, it hasn’t been decided whether or not it will be an item box yet!”

As she spoke, Neneli kept putting the carcasses into the boxes one after another.

Eventually, all of the carcasses vanished.

“W-Well, it isn’t… We haven’t decided yet that it is an item box… If it’s an item box, we should be able to take out what we put in it…”

Neneli spoke in a trembling tone.


Nina nodded and reminded the box.

The carcass of the giant ant that had just been sucked into the box was then thrown out all at once.

The ring Ninya was holding turned out to be a real item box.

“Y-You…, where did you get the item box?!”

Neneli asked, shaking Ninya.

“I-I discovered it in a treasure chest in the dungeon! I only just found out that it was an item box…”

“So you’ve been in a dungeon before—By the way, where did you find it in the dungeon?”

“Well, it was on the upper floor because there were only weak demons in the dungeon.”

“T-That’s right… There’s no way Ninya could have conquered the dungeon by herself.”

” Haha, there’s no way I could do that— “

“Yes, that’s correct.”

For the time being, Neneli was convinced.

She reasoned that it’s just a coincidence that Ninya can get an item box on the dungeon’s upper floors.

“A-Anyway, if you have an item box, why not make use of it? “

That’s why Ninya keeps putting it in the giant ant carcass in the item box.

If Nina wishes, the item box can be changed from a box to a ring.

Ninya is relieved when the box becomes her favorite ring again.

“We still have some time. Should we go any further?”

As a result, Ninya and Neneli venture deeper into the forest.

“Wait, there’s a man-eating-ogre in this place.”

Neneli stopped suddenly.

Man-eating-ogres are D-rank demons. Based on their ranks, they are not yet prepared to fight it.

“We’ll take a quiet retreat so it doesn’t find us…”

“Eh? Why?”

“It’s too soon for us right now to fight a man-eating-ogre.”

“Eh? I’ve previously defeated a man-eating-ogre. It’s a demon that even a novice can defeat. “

“No, that will never happen.”

Once you defeat a Man-Eating-Ogre, you qualify to be a D-rank adventurer.

Because it is customary for adventurers to graduate as novices when they reach D rank, the Man-Eating-Ogre is regarded as a stepping stone to advancement.

Therefore, novice adventurers often set a goal of defeating a Man-Eater Ogre.

Even so, fighting a Man-Eating-Ogre requires a party of at least four people.

There are only two of them right now.

“Anyway, it’s a piece of cake if it’s Neneli-san’s amazing magic!”

“W-Well, you’re right…”

As a result, she cast a spell.

” Flamebullet-Varaderama!”


Sure enough, the Man-Eating-Ogre died with a single blow.

Ninya then placed the corpse of the Man-Eating-Ogre in the item box.

We’ve collected enough demons. Let’s go home for today.”

They decided to return to the guild under Neneli’s suggestion.

Chapter 13: Ninya-chan, Selling Materials

Ninya and Neneli were on their way to sell materials at the Adventurers’ Guild.

The Adventurers’ Guild is not like a clan, which is a group of adventurers who work together. Instead, it is a kind of public organization that buys materials and mediates with requests.

” Am I allowed to sell materials?”

Neneli approaches the guild’s receptionist.

“Of course, but let’s look at the material first.”

The receptionist looks at Ninya and Neneli.

As far as she can tell, neither of them has anything resembling materials.

“Sorry, the quantity is a little excessive. Could you please take us to the warehouse?”

“Yes, that would be fine…”

The guild has an attached warehouse where large quantities of demons are frequently transported.

Demons are dismantled in the warehouse.

As a result, the receptionist directs them to the warehouse.

“I’m sorry, but where are the materials?”

For all intents and purposes, nothing in their hands resembled materials.

“Take it out, Ninya.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Then she focused on the ring.

The ring transforms into a box, and many giant ant’s carcasses emerge from within.

“Wait, wait a minute, what is this?”

“Did those girls hunt so many demons on their own?”

Surprisingly, the adventurers around them exclaim in surprise at the sudden appearance of demon carcasses.

“Y-You’ve hunted a lot of demons…”

The receptionist was astounded as well.

“There’s still more.”

A carcass of a Man-Eating-Ogre was then discovered in the item box.

“Really…they even killed a man-eating-ogre?”

The onlookers were even more taken aback.

“How much are you willing to pay for all of them?”

“Yes, I’ll do the calculations right away.”

The number of materials was counted by the receptionist.

“I’m hoping we make a lot of money.”

“Well, with this much, I don’t think it’s cheap.”

Ninya and Neneli decided to wait until the calculations were finished.

Meanwhile, the other adventurers begin to gossip.

Two unknown and still young girls hunted a large number of demons. It was natural for rumors to spread.

“Hey, hey, you’ve hunted quite a few demons there.”

Suddenly, they were approached by an adventurer.

He was tall and muscular, and he carried a large axe on his back. He looks like a strong adventurer.

“You didn’t get those demons through some shady means, did you?

The axe-wielder grins.

“What do you mean?”

Ninya looked startled and backed away behind Neneli.

On the other hand, Neneli gave a firm response.

“Am I right? I’m pretty sure you’re an E rank. And I’ve never seen “her” before, but she’s clearly an F-rank. It’s odd that two people like that would bring so many demons.”

The axe-wielder declares loudly.

The other adventurers who had been watching the situation began to agree with him, saying, “That’s true, isn’t it?”

“What if it’s strange? The fact remains that we brought this many demons with us.

Neneli said, thinking that they had gotten themselves into trouble.

(Perhaps I’m bragging a little too much.)

Neneli is wondering as to how to resolve the situation peacefully.

“No, that’s the major issue. For example, we have to think about the possibility that you took credit for someone else’s work.”

With a sly grin, the axe-wielder said.

In fact, it would be a major issue if it was discovered that you had taken credit for the work of another adventurer. In the worst-case scenario, you may be expelled from the guild.


Ninya took a bold step forward.

The adventurers watching were eager to hear what the girl who had remained silent for so long would say.

“Listen, Neneli-san is a great magician! She has no trouble defeating demons of this caliber!”

Ninya declared proudly.

Neneli’s heart screamed, (Eh? What are you talking about?!)

Ninya’s [buff] was the only reason Neneli’s magic was so powerful.

“Wahahaha, you’re a great magician?! I don’t think so!”

“Are you questioning her?!”

“Yes, I do. I’d like to see her in action if she’s really good. So, how about a fight with me?”

“Okay, she’ll do it! Go for it, Neneli-san!”

Ninya was the one who was directing the conversation for some reason.

“W-What are you deciding on your own, Nina?!”

Neneli couldn’t stop grumbling.

“Eh, by any chance, was I wrong…?”

Ninya fell silent.

“I just wanted to let him know that Neneli-san is a fantastic magician…”

Ninya apologizes with a raised eyebrow.

Neneli, who’s watching her, thought.

(You’re an angel…!)

Unintentionally, Neneli’s nose is about to bleed.

“W-Well, I can’t help myself because my younger sister asked me to.”

Neneli turned to face the axe-wielder.

“I will demonstrate this big sister’s power!”

As a result, Neneli and the axe-wielder fought.

Chapter 14: Ninya-Chan, Watching the Duel

A duel between two adventurers.

Many adventurers had rushed to the site, not wanting to miss such an exciting event.

“Can you tell me who that girl is?”

“I believe she is a magician named Neneli.”

“Is she strong?”

” No, she’s just an E-rank magician.”

“Her opponent is Aguinda, a C-ranked adventurer.”

“Then, does this even qualify as a match?”

“Well, according to the rumor, Neneli has hunted a lot of demons.”

“So that’s how it came together.”

“Aguinda will easily win this one.”

“However, I’m rooting for Neneli-chan!”

“I want Neneli-chan to step on me.”

“That Neneli girl is said to be the daughter of a nobleman.”

“She certainly appears to be one.”

“But why would a noblewoman want to be an adventurer?”

“No, I’m not that knowledgeable.”

The assembled adventurers predicted the game’s outcome as they pleased.

Most of them already predicted a victory for the axe-wielding Aguinda.

That was, however, to be expected.

An adventurer’s strength is determined by his or her rank.

An E-rank adventurer will never be able to defeat Aguinda, a C-rank adventurer.

“Um, Nina. Can’t you apply your [buff]?”

” Eh? But a duel must be fair and one on one.”

“Y-Yes, your right, but…”

“Don’t worry, I guarantee that Neneli-san is strong! “

The self-assured assurance troubled Neneli.

(But I can’t be weak in front of my little sister!)

“Hey, hey, I’m ready when you are.”

Aguinda stood there with a composed expression on his face.

(I have no choice but to do it!)

Neneli decides in her mind.

She chanted while pointing her wand forward.


With a puff, a small mass of flame is released towards Aguinda.

“Hahaha! What a cute spell! I can handle things like this without using my skills!”

Aguinda swings his axe down.


The force of the air generated at that time is sufficient to disperse the mass of flames.

(Ugh…I didn’t think my magic could be so easily undone.)

Neneli cannot perform magic any more powerful than this.

(If that’s the case, I’ll have to overcome him with numbers!)

“Flamebullet-Varaderama! Flamebullet-Varaderama! Flamebullet-Varaderama! Flamebullet-Varaderama!”


She releases a total of five flaming masses.

“Hahahahaha, this is nothing!”

Following that, Aguinda raised his axe and slammed it into the ground while chanting.

“Rock sealing blast!”

All of the flames that Neneli had cast went out when the axe hit the ground.

(T-This is…)

She was naive to expect one of them to hit him.

It wouldn’t be enough for her alone.

Neneli was reminded of this reality.

” Hey, hey, is it over already?”

Aguinda provokes.

( I can do this. I can…)

“No way! I can’t! I need you after all!”

Neneli had no choice but to literally cling to Ninya.

It’s pitiful, but it’s unavoidable.

“Well, I don’t think my presence will help.”

Ninya, pulled by Neneli, stepped forward.

“Hey, hey, two against one is cowardly! Well, I don’t mind at all!”

As a result, Ninya entered the duel.

(It’ll be fine now.)

Neneli is relieved inside.

” Hey, who’s that girl?”

“I’m not sure. I’ve never seen her before.”

Ninya’s appearance piqued the adventurers’ interest.

“Isn’t she a newcomer then?”

“Then is Aguinda’s victory any different?”

“With that hood on, I can’t see her face.”

“But I’m sure she’s cute.”

“Perhaps I’ll be her fan.”

“Aren’t you betraying Neneli-chan?!”

Even when Ninya appeared, everyone was confident that Aguinda’s victory would stand firm.

“Neneli-san, let’s hurry up and use your magic to defeat that man.”

“But, I can’t perform any more magic!”

” Eh?!”

What do you mean? Ninya thought.

The duel would be over in an instant if she had Neneli’s magic.

(Wait a minute!)

Wouldn’t that man die if he was struck by Neneli’s magic?

However, killing is not permitted in a duel.

That is why Neneli is unable to use powerful magic!

Ninya grasped everything.

“I see what you’re saying. Leave it to me!”

Ninya nodded her head with a straight face.

As she recalled, most of the adventurers in this city of Wynn were novices.

( I’ll see if I can beat him myself. )

“How long are you going to keep me waiting?!”

Aguinda grew impatient.

“I understand. Would you please take a step back, Neneli-san?”

“Huh? You’re going to be the one to do it this time? Hey, hey, haven’t I been played for a fool?!”

Aguinda chuckles.


The next moment, Ninya vanished from the scene.

Everyone thought so.

“Um, can you please be serious with me?”

Ninya, who was standing directly in front of Aguinda, thrust her dagger into Aguinda’s neck.

“Huh— ?!

Aguinda’s mouth opens and he becomes stiff.

“W-Wait, what happened?”

“Didn’t she move in a split second?”

“Hey, do you think that girl has such amazing skills?”

The adventurers who were watching started to reverberate.

(Who on earth is this girl?!)

Neneli, who had never seen Ninya fight before, felt the same way.

“Please be more serious next time.”

Ninya removes her dagger and moves away from Aguinda.

” I-I guess so…”

Aguinda pretended to be calm, but he was nervous on the inside.

He had no idea what had just happened.

“Are you ready?”

” I-I got it, I’m ready.”

The fight was restarted.

Then Ninya and Aguinda engaged in a fierce battle.

Chapter 15: Ninya-Chan, Fighting a Duel

“All right, here I come!”

The axe-wielder, Aguinda, raises his axe.

After that—

“Heavy Swing!”

He swings down at Nina while activating his skill.

” Evasion-rate [buff/modified].”

Ninya avoided it by shifting her body to the side with minimal movement.

“Not yet!”

Aguinda swung the axe repeatedly.

Ninya, on the other hand, avoided them all.

(It’s too slow…)

Ninya pondered.

Because the other party wields an axe, it’s only natural that he’s slow.

“Physical-attack-power [buff/modified].”

Ninya takes advantage of the situation by kicking him.


Aguinda’s body is lifted into the air and flung backwards.

” Hey, did she just blow away Aguinda with a kick?!”

“I thought the axe users should make him durable at all times.”

“But he was blown away by a simple kick?”

The adventurers watching the scene were taken aback.

“It’s too weak…”

Ninya says what she thinks.

I guess they are newbies after all.

“No, not yet!”

Aguinda leaps to his feet and roars.

“What… You’re still going for it. “

The difference is obvious, but he still wants to fight?

“I’ll show you what I’m made of! Berserker-Mode!”


In exchange for being able to attack harder, last longer, and move faster, he becomes more aggressive and will even slash his allies.

“Berserker-mode?! This is crazy! “

“The worst-case scenario is that the girl dies.”

“Someone needs to stop him!”

Observing adventurers begin to panic.

Berserk-mode is a skill that loses one’s sanity and continues to kill everyone around it.

Some adventurers flee, fearing they will be caught in the middle of it.


Aguinda’s eyes were bloodshot, and his entire body pulsated.

Then he lunged at Ninya with a swiftness not befitting an axe-wielder.

“Am I supposed to lose because you’re too slow and your movements are so predictable?”

Even in berserker mode, Ninya found it slow.

“Agility [buff/modified].”

Ninya vanishes from the scene the moment the axe swings at her.


Ninya then put her foot forward, appearing beside Aguinda .

” Ah…?”

His foot became entangled in Ninya’s forward foot, causing him to stumble face-first.

When Aguinda regained consciousness, he was eating dirt.

“This is not right…”

Someone mentions.

It was like a match between an adult and a little kid.

This isn’t even a game.

“Who is that girl?” Everyone was curious.

How come such a powerful adventurer was unknown until now?

“Hey, young lady. What’s your name?”

An adventurer standing nearby spoke to her.

“My name is Ninya.”

Ninya responds, and the adventurers around her murmur.

“Do you know anyone named Ninya?” That sort of thing.

“What is your rank, Ninya-chan?”

“I’m an F-rank.”

Ninya responded, and the adventurers began to make even more noise.

“Isn’t it strange that she’s F-ranked?!”

“You are right; they should update it right away.”

The adventurers started saying these things together.

The guild’s receptionist, who had been in the back of the room, then entered.

“Please excuse me, Ninya-san, but I need to update your rank.”

“Ah, yes…”

Ninya responded, rummaging through her pockets, wondering where her adventurer card had gone.

“So what’s her actual rank?”

“She defeated the C-rank Aguinda, so she must be B-rank or higher…”

“No, she has to be at least A-rank…”

“But, I doubt they’ll let you get an A-rank without any achievements.”

The adventurers were conversing once more.

Ninya suspected something strange was going on.

It’s as if she’s being misunderstood.

“Well, we certify Ninya-san as a D-rank based on the guild’s regulations.”

Ninya’s only accomplishments include defeating a man-eating-ogre,  giant ants, and a C-rank adventurer in a duel.

The details of the duel indicate that Ninya has a rank of C or higher, but the ranks are still managed according to regulations.

“Come on, she ought to be at least C-rank!”

“That’s right, that’s right!”

However, the adventurers who were watching the duel were dissatisfied with the decision.

“Well, even if you say so, the rules are the rules…”

The complaint embarrassed the receptionist, who had been informed of the decision. The receptionist’s authority was insufficient to handle the complaint.

” Um, excuse me.”

Ninya suddenly speaks up.

As Ninya speaks, the other adventurers fall silent.

Everyone is eager to hear what Ninya has to say.

“I’m saying this because there appears to be some misunderstanding.”

After a pause, Ninya took a breath and said,

“I’m not that powerful. It’s just that the person on the ground is too frail. I’m sure he’s a newbie.”

At that moment, everyone in the room thought the same thing.

I don’t think so!

Ninya, on the other hand, had a long history of being ridiculed as incompetent, so she didn’t believe she was strong at all.

“Wait a minute, Aguinda-san is still a C-rank adventurer.”

The receptionist tried to correct her.

“But, doesn’t C-rank mean you’re still a newbie?”

Everyone in the [Gray-Brigade-Clan] except Ninya, she recalls, was ranked B or higher.

That’s why C-rank feels like a newbie to her.

“No, being C-rank is a great accomplishment.”

“But he’s extremely frail.”


Aguinda, who had been told he was frail, was too embarrassed to stand.

“That’s because… Nina-san is powerful.”

“Fufufu, there’s no way I’m strong.”

Ninya says with a laugh.

“A-Anyway, I’ll handle your D-rank renewal, so please return later to pick up your adventurer’s card! “

The receptionist then dashed to the back of the room.

(She escaped.)

The adventurers watching the receptionist thought so, too.

“Ninya, you are truly incredible!”

Neneli approached her as soon as the receptionist left.

“Neneli-san is more amazing than me!”

“P-Please don’t do that, you’ll give everyone the wrong idea.”

She spoke while covering Ninya’s mouth.

“Hey, is Neneli really better than her?” She could already hear people talking behind her back.

“A-Anyway, I’m sure no one will object to the large number of demons we’ve hunted now, so let’s go get the reward money!”

The materials’ prices have most likely already been calculated.

Chapter 16: Ninya-Chan Is Going to Her Home

“Wow, we’ve got a lot of money!”

Ninya is happy to receive the reward money.

In addition, she was given an adventurer’s card with a rank of D.

When she thought back to her time in the [Grey Brigade Clan], she had never personally received a reward.

That’s probably why Ninya was so enthusiastic about her first experience.

“How would you like to divide the reward money?”

Neneli said.

Yes, this is the reward for hunting with Neneli.

She couldn’t possibly get it all.

The monetary reward is calculated as a percentage of the total contribution.

(Well, what did I do again?)

Ninya recalls the hunt.

(Eh?! That’s right, I didn’t even kill a single demon.

Ninya didn’t have to do anything because Neneli’s magic killed them all with a single blow.

In other words, Ninya-chan isn’t eligible for the reward, is she?

“I-I’ll give all the rewards to Neneli-san…”

Ninya broke down in tears.

“Wait, why is that the case?!”

“Because I haven’t killed any demons, I’m not qualified to receive the reward!”

“N-No, without your [buff], I couldn’t have defeated the demons by myself…”

“Neneli-san, you’re so thoughtful of me… I’m sorry.”

“It’s not that I’m trying to be thoughtful or anything,…”

Neneli looked troubled.

“And I wouldn’t be able to hunt as easily if it weren’t for that ring of yours.”

Indeed, she would have had more difficulty bringing back the materials without Ninya’s item box.”

“So I’ll just take 10% of the reward.”

“Why would you do such a thing?!”

Neneli then raised her five fingers.

“Alright, this is Ninya’s portion!”

“Eh, you’re going to pay me this much?”

“Of course. You are entitled to this much.”

Neneli forced the reward money to be split 50-50.

In Neneli’s opinion, Ninya should get more than her, but this would make things less awkward.

“Thank you very much, Neneli-san; let’s see…”

Ninya gives Neneli a portion of the reward money.

“And here’s the money for the sword.”

She had borrowed money from Neneli to purchase the dagger before they went hunting.

She returned the money to her.

Ninya had planned to return the money in installments, but because the sword was cheap junk and she had received an unexpectedly large reward, she had enough money to pay for the sword.

“Speaking of which, Ninya, where do you live?”

“Well, that’s something I’ll have to consider.”

She’s confident she can find a place to stay with all of this money.

“Why don’t you come over to my house?”

“Is that all right?”

“Yes, you are most welcome.”

So Ninya went to Neneli’s house.


Neneli’s house was a two-hour carriage ride away.

When she arrived at Neneli’s house, her first thought was, “A mansion!”

“Welcome home, Ojo-sama.”


Ninya was taken aback once more when she saw the maid who had come to greet her.

“She’ll be staying with us for the foreseeable future, so please treat her as a guest.”

“Yes, certainly. Neneli-ojo-sama.”

The maid respectfully bowed in response to these words.

“I-Is Neneli-san a noble by any chance?”

“Yes, well, we’re just low-ranking noblemen.”

“But it’s still incredible! Perhaps I was rude to you without realizing it…”

“I don’t mind if you keep acting the way you have been. On the contrary, if you change your attitude, I’ll be in big trouble.”

“Yes, yes! I understand.”

Even after being told that, Ninya was still nervous.

“Hey, who is that girl?”

“Ara, Neneli has a girl with her.”

When she entered the house, two girls came from behind.

They look to be older than Neneli.

Are they Neneli’s oneesans?

“Hello, my name is Ninya.”

Ninya felt compelled to say hello, so she introduced herself.

“My name is Kaeri, and I am the Elgard family’s eldest daughter. “

“My name is Nina. I am the second child.”

Everyone greets one another.

Both the first and second daughter. Neneli is the third child.

“Wow, Ninya-chan. She’s adorable!”

“Onesama! This child belongs to me—Please keep your distance from her.”

Neneli pulls Ninya closer to her, as if to intimidate the approaching Nina.

“Oh, come on. Let me touch her for a moment. “

“No, you cannot. It’s detrimental to Ninya’s education.”

“What did you just say? Are you making fun of me?!”

“In fact, you’re a moron.”

“Oh, you completely lost my temper right now!”

Nina says as she rolls up her sleeves.

It’s like they’re going to fight at any moment.

Ninya looks at Kaeri, the eldest daughter, to see if she needs to intervene, but she just smiles and laughs and makes no move.

“Ninya, hurry up and come to my room.”

Neneli then pushes Ninya’s back.

“You can’t just run away. Hey!”

Nina yelled, but Neneli ignored her and went to her room.

Nina did not pursue her either.


I’m sorry for my rude sister. You must have been taken aback.

“No, it’s all right.”

But, in reality, she was taken aback.

She had not been involved with many people her own age, and she had not seen siblings’ quarrels in her experience.

The earlier exchange appeared to be a real fight or a joke. Ninya was unsure which was which.

“By the way, it’s a fantastic room.”

“I don’t think so,” Neri said modestly, but it was an incredible room.

For some reason, the bed had a ceiling, and there were a lot of shiny trinkets. There were also books everywhere.

Ninya, on the other hand, possessed only a ring and a dagger.

“Speaking of which, where are you from, Ninya?”

“I’m from Nelsoy.”

“Yes, I see. So your parents are also in Nelsoy?”

“Well, yeah…”

She doesn’t have any parents, but she can’t help but hide it after seeing Neneli’s luxurious home.

“I can’t imagine leaving my parents at that age and becoming an adventurer. You’re truly incredible.”

“I-I suppose so…”

Ninya is embarrassed by the compliments.

I don’t think it’s a big deal.

“And how old are you?”

” I’m 15.”

In hushed tones, Neneli says.

“I had no idea we were the same age.”

Were you under the impression she was younger than you?

“Yes, why don’t we take a bath before dinner? This house’s bath is ginormous!”

“A-A ginormous bath…?!”

That sounds very appealing.

I’d love to.

“Then let’s get going!”

Neneli pulls Ninya’s arm.

She is looking forward to taking a bath.

Chapter 17: Ninya-chan, Bath!

“Wow, it’s enormous!”

It was a very large bath.

Needless to say, she was ecstatic.

” Fufufu, I’m glad you like it.”

Then Ninya washed her body with soap and Neneli washed her hair.

“I’ve wanted to touch your hair since I first saw it.”

Neneli was running her fingers through Ninya’s hair.

They then soak in the bath together.

This is the first time she’s ever been soaked in water this deep.

It feels great.

“I wish I could take this bath every day.”

“You can take this bath whenever you want if you become my little sister!”

And then she hugs her.

With the proper argument in mind, I believe that you cannot become a sister if you so desire.

Then something soft hit Ninya’s back.

(Huh?! H-Huge.)

I’m not going to say what it was, but Neneli’s was massive.

Hers… was flat.


Recognizing Neneli as an enemy, Ninya decided to move away from Neneli to intimidate her.

“Ara, are you going through a rebellious phase?”

Neneli said something she did not understand.


When they get out of the bath and dry their hair, it’s time for dinner.

Neneli’s mother, who was present, said

“It’s unusual for Neneli to bring a friend.”

“That’s nice; I wish I could have bathed with Ninya-chan.”

“Nina, don’t embarrass her too much.”

Neneli’s sisters, Kaeri and Nina, were also present.

Neneli’s father can also be seen in the background.

Compared to her sweet mother, her father looks scary, maybe because he frowns.

She also has two older brothers, but they are not currently in the house.

“Do you mind if I join you for dinner?”

The meal is lavish, and the servants are busy serving it.

It’s safe to say that Ninya’s status is the lowest.

Despite this, she sits among the nobility.

“Ninya, you don’t have to be tense. I invited you as my guest, and it is our duty to provide you with the best hospitality possible.”

“That’s right, that’s right, and being an aristocrat is just a title, but it doesn’t mean much in practice.”

“Well, I think Onesama should behave more aristocratically.”

“What did you say!”

Nina rolled up her sleeves and stood up.

“It’s because you’re so crude.”

The rest of the family bursts out laughing when Neneli says this.

“I’m sorry, Nnya-san, but aren’t we a strange family? “

The oldest sister, Kaeri, said.

“I-I don’t think so…”

Ninya is an orphan.

So she had no way of knowing if it was a strange family or not.

(They seem to be very close.)

Nonetheless, she was jealous.


After dinner, she was relaxing in Neneli’s room.

“I knew you’d look great in it!”

“Yes… Is that so?”

Ninya was now wearing Neneli’s clothes.

A white top with a navy skirt It was frilly and resembled an Ojo-sama outfit.

Her hair was also tied back in a ponytail.

Neneli said she was good at tinkering with her hair because she always curls hers.

“I can give you the outfit if you like it.”

“It’s really not appropriate.”

“No, they are too small for me to wear now anyway. So please take them. “

“I-If that’s the case, please give it to me…”

What exactly has grown in size? Her breasts, of course.

Then she changed into a variety of other outfits. It was similar to a fashion show.

By the way, she was able to get those clothes, too. She has an item box, so it doesn’t matter how much she has.


At midnight, after Ninya went to bed, Neneli was walking alone in the hallway.

“Oto-sama, I’m coming in.”

“I’m sorry for calling you in the middle of the night.”

“No, it’s not a problem.”

Neneli walked into her father’s room and sat on the sofa.

“So, what’s the deal with the girl?”

He asks directly.

Neneli knew that was what he was going to ask, so she wasn’t surprised.

“Are you referring to Ninya?”

“That’s right. She’s a commoner. How can you invite them as guests?”

A commoner cannot normally be treated as a guest in a nobleman’s house.

Neneli, on the other hand, did so without his father’s permission.

It’s understandable that his father would condemn her.

“It’s very simple. Ninya is not your average adventurer. This is an adventurer who will most likely go down in history. It’s only natural that we should become friends.”

“What do you mean?”

Then Neneli went over everything that had happened today.

“I see.”

Her father nodded in agreement.

“I’m still not sure from what I’ve heard, but your story sounds interesting. You’ll keep working with the girl.”

” Thank you for your understanding.”

Neneli bowed and walked out of the room.

She is relieved that her father understands.

Despite the fact that she had a feeling it would go well regardless of the outcome.

Well, Neneli did not have any calculation in her mind, but simply invited Ninya because she liked her.

(She really is an interesting girl.)

She looked forward to tomorrow.

Chapter 18: Gray Brigade Clan’s Collapse

“We’re now going to try to conquer the dungeon!”

The City of Nelsoy

At the dungeon’s entrance.

Garga is currently delivering a speech.

His speech was delivered to the elite of the [Gray-Brigade-Clan], who were about to clear the dungeon.

There are a total of 99 people.

“This isn’t just an expedition! We’re going to defeat the boss that no one has ever defeated before. We’ve been training and preparing for this. How can we possibly fail? We must not fail! Let’s win, men!”

Garga concluded, and the clan members yelled enthusiastically, “Woooooooooooo!”

“Hey, the [Gray-Brigade-Clan] is about to defeat the last boss.”

The speech was heard by many people who happened to be nearby.

Except Ninya, no one had conquered the dungeon in the city of Nelsoy.

However, the [Gray-Brigade-Clan] was completely familiar with the dungeon up to the 49th level before the boss.

The map depicts in great detail the characteristics of each floor’s demons.

The [Gray-Brigade-Clan] was extremely cautious when attacking the final boss.

Many skilled adventurers have died in the past while attempting to defeat the final boss.

That kind of strength was expected of the boss.

That is why they want to clear the dungeon with a large group of 99 people.

They fought the demons sparingly in order to conserve their strength.

Then they made great strides to the 48th floor.

However, there was one concern.

“We’re not doing so well as usual.”

The adventurers said.

Garga was thinking of something similar.

not as vigorous as usual. can not move quickly. getting tired so easily. But there was no problem in the fight, so they’d gotten this far thinking it was all in their heads.

“The 49th floor is up ahead.”

The floor preceding the boss.

This 49th layer is home to a unique type of demon.

It is a demon that grows stronger as the number of adventurers increases.

If you encounter this demon alone, you should be able to defeat it easily.

It may be a little more difficult with 10 adventurers, but you will defeat it.

But it is impossible for 10 people to defeat the 50th floor boss.

They brought 99 adventurers for this reason.

They were one step ahead of the number of players, because if the number of players exceeded 100, it would become unmanageable on the 49th floor.

Garga was certain that with 99 people, the demon in the 49th layer would be extremely powerful, but if everything went as planned, they could be defeated.

“All right, let’s go!”

He called out to the adventurers who were resting in a safe zone free of demons.

They then proceeded to the 49th floor.

” Roarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

The demon’s screams filled the air as soon as they stepped inside.


EX-Rank class.

Demons of undefined rank fall under the EX class.

It was covered in black scales and had enormous wings.

It is a unique demon that grows in size in proportion to the number of adventurers against it.

“All right, then, let’s go as planned!”

The [Gray-Brigade-Clan] has fought the Gigante-Dragon many times.

They’ve even beaten the demon in the past.

As a result, they know everything there is to know about the Gigante-Dragon, including its strength, weaknesses, and attack habits.

This time, the goal is to defeat the boss on the next floor.

So the Gigante-Dragon must be defeated with no casualties.

And Garga was certain that if they stuck to the usual plan, it would work.

The first strategy was as follows.

The Gigante-Dragon will always spit out a fire breath at first, which those with large shields will completely block.

“”””””””””Holy Shield!””””””””””

In the vanguard, a group of ten shield-bearers deploy their shields.

And in the rear, wizards started chanting to inflict heavy magical damage.


The Gigante-Dragon spits out a breath of flame, as expected.

It’s an attack they’ve seen many times.

And Graga knew that with such a large shield, they would be able to block it completely.


The sound of shield cracking was heard.

And then the breath hits the shield-bearers.

“What in the world is going on?!”

The shield had never been broken before.

Is it possible that the breath is becoming more powerful?

“Don’t be alarmed! Release the spell now!”

All of the magicians used their magic at the same time.

“Detonate-Explosion! “

The Gigante Dragon was hit by an explosion.

Once the Gigante-Dragon is hit with it, it will undoubtedly fall to the ground.

Then the melee fighters would then attack it in mass, as planned.


The Gigante-Dragon soars through the air.

Then it dives toward the ground while spitting out its breath.

The adventurers were thrown into a panic by this completely unexpected move.

Because they can’t make a good defensive line, they are brutally burned into cider.

“Hey, don’t be frightened! Keep the formation!”

While saying so, some of them are probably no longer alive.

But they can’t just stand there or they’ll be hit by the dragon’s line of breath.

“Hey, where’s Ninya?!”

Suddenly, a girl approached Garga and spoke to him.

Her name is Nell.

She was raised in the same orphanage as Ninya.

She has dark blue hair and dark eyes.

Unlike Ninya, she has a wide range of abilities.

“The All-powerful Nell”

In contrast to “Ninya the Incompetent.”

“Now is not the time to worry about that; it’s the demon in front of you! Nell! You’re the bait, so get the Gigante Dragon’s attention!”

“It’s impossible.”

“Huh?! What are you talking about?!

Nell would try to get the Gigante-Dragon’s attention while the other adventurers attacked.

This should have been part of the plan all along.

In fact, Nell’s ability allows her to survive even if she becomes a decoy.

“Because I don’t feel Ninya’s [buff] today.”

“Huh? What exactly do you mean?”

“So I can’t fight without Ninya’s [buff].”

“What exactly do you mean?! Ninya’s weakening skill is ineffective. I expelled that incompetent from the clan!”

“What are you talking about? Ninya’s [buff] is so strong that she could [buff] all of the clansmen for 24 hours! It was, to put it mildly, a monster.”

Garga had no idea what Nell was saying.

Buffing the entire clan for 24 hours?

There was no way she was capable of such a thing.

“The only reason things aren’t going as planned is that Ninya isn’t here.”

Nell says it in a whisper.

It’s true that she fought the Gigante-Dragon many times before, but Ninya was always there.

“I’m going home—if Ninya’s not here, we can’t win anyway.”

“Hey, wait!”

Ignoring Garga’s warning, Nell was heading for the transport station.

(We can’t win without Ninya?)

That’s impossible.

“Restore the defensive formation immediately!”

Garga took up his greatsword as he gave these orders.

” Pesado-Dive! “

Garga uses his skill.

As he leaps into the air, the soles of his shoes heave.

Then he jumps over the head of the Gigante-Dragon and points the tip of his sword straight down.

He then uses another skill.


The sword’s penetrating power is increased, and it lands with great force.

This will deal some damage to the Gigante-Dragon.

Meanwhile, we should be able to reestablish the formation.

The great sword, however, came to a halt with a clang.

Only a small portion of the sword’s tip has pierced the scales of the Gigante-Dragon, and it has lost momentum.

Had Garga made the same attack before, he would have done enough damage to cause a spurt of blood.

The Gigante-Dragon feels something on its back and flies against the wall, as if to scratch it.

(Not good!)

Garga leaps to the ground in time to save his life.

The Gigante-Dragon’s breath hits the adventurers once more.

Garga assesses the situation.

The formation has already disintegrated. It had nothing to do with strategy anymore.

Without a clear view, the adventurers engage the Gigante-Dragon.

They clearly can’t win anymore.

“Retreat! Retreat!”

Garga had no choice but to make that decision.

There were initially 99 clan members.

However, only 64 of them survived.

Chapter 19: Nina-Chan, Riding in a Carriage

“I feel like I’m being watched.”

“It’s only natural that they’re looking at us after what we did yesterday.”

Ninya and Neneli were in the Adventurer’s Guild.

They had come hoping to hunt demons or something similar, but the other adventurers gave them strange looks.

“Hey, isn’t that the rumored berserker girl?”

“I heard she knocked Aguinda down with just one finger.”

“Maybe I’ll get her autograph.”

“Hey, don’t do that. You’re going to die!”

Ninya hears the conversations.

(What’s a berserker girl?)

One of the words Ninya hears piques her interest.

“Since we’re here, let’s make today’s request more difficult than yesterday’s… Let’s see…”

Neneli said this while picking up a request form.

[Defeat the Goblins] was written on the request form.

“C-Can we defeat goblins on our own?”

“Why is it that you were so comfortable with the man-eating ogre but so terrified of the goblins…”

The Man-Eating-Ogre ranks D, while the Goblin ranks E.

Anyway, Ninya and Neneli set out to defeat the goblins.

The goblins’ habitat, however, is further away, so Ninya and the others decided to take a horse-drawn wagon.

“Ninya, could you please bring it out?”

In the carriage, Neneli informs Ninya.

” Alright. “

Ninya immediately knew what it was.

In the morning, Neneli asked Ninya to store it in the item box.

“Yes, the magic-book.”

Ninya pulls the magical book from the item box and hands it to Neneli.

“May I have the glasses as well?”

Neneli said that she wears the glasses only when she reads the book.

“Here you are.”

When Neneli wears glasses, she appears smarter than usual. Ninya couldn’t help but think that she would like to wear glasses like Neneli.

“Well then, I’m going to study.”

Neneli then opened the magic-book.

Ninya had previously studied magic and knew firsthand how difficult it was to learn.

You can only perform magic if you know every word in the thick spell-book and fully comprehend its contents.

Neneli believed that in order to go on adventures with Ninya, she needed to gain as much strength as possible in order to be as close to Ninya as possible.

That’s why, in her spare time, she decided to study hard.

“I also tried my hardest to memorize the magic-book a long time ago, but in the end, I couldn’t use magic…”

“Well, magic is based on talent, so some people can’t use magic no matter how hard they try.”

Neneli said this while her gaze was drawn to the magic-book.

“Um, Neneli-chan.”

“I need to concentrate, Ninya; could you please be quiet for a moment?”


After hearing that, Ninya has no choice but to remain silent.

Ninya keeps her mouth shut and remains silent.

Then, about five minutes later…

” …”

Ninya was so bored that she thought she was going insane.

(I wish I could be of help to Neneli-chan, who is working hard.)

But Ninya is limited in her skills.

Ninya can only [buff].

No, wait a minute.

Ninya can also do certain things.

(Ninya-chan got an idea!)

Ninya beams.

“Intelligence [upgraded/modified]!”

Ninya [buff] Neneli’s intelligence.

(I know it won’t be much help, but I hope it will help Neneli-chan in some way.)

Ninya went about things calmly.

“N-Ninya, what did you do…?”

Neneli, on the other hand, was taken aback.

She was so taken aback that her glasses fell off.

“Has your memory improved slightly?”

“What do you mean, just slightly?!”

Neneli interjects.

“I can recall everything just by looking at the page for a few seconds!”

Neneli had acquired the ability to have an instantaneous memory.

“Wow, Neneli-chan, you’re incredible!”

“No, you’re the amazing one!”

“Wahaha, Neneli-chan is really good at complimenting others.”

Ninya didn’t take Neneli’s praise seriously, no matter how much she deserved it.

Neneli began by flipping through the magic book.

Neneli, who had developed an instantaneous memory, could remember what was written on the pages even if she only flipped through them.

Neneli closes her eyes after finishing all of the pages and tries to recall what was written on them.

Then, like a detailed image, every word on the page appeared in her mind.

“I-I memorized the entire thing in one minute…”

Neneli was terrified.

“Um, Ninya…from now on, please stop buffing my intelligence…”

“Eh, why?”

“I’m afraid I won’t be able to live without your help if I get used to this.”

“Whaha, you’re exaggerating.” Ninya burst out laughing.

Chapter 20: Ninya-chan, Goblin Extermination

The carriage comes to a halt in a safe zone where no goblins enter.

“Please wait here for a few hours.

“Aye, girls.”

Neneli gives the peddler instructions.

From here, they’ll have to continue on foot.

“There are goblins around.”

Neneli points to something in the bushes some distance away.

There were dozens of goblins hiding in the bushes.

“Ninya, I’ll do it first on my own. I’d like to experiment with my new magic.”

“I understand!”

Ninya gave a nod.

Neneli focused all of her strength on her staff and chanted.

“Ice spear, Lanzafiero!”

When she chanted this, an ice spear was generated and attacked a goblin.

The ice spear pierces the goblin’s body, killing him instantly.

Then all the other goblins turned their heads this way at once.

They appear to have been noticed.

Neneli raised his staff once more and chanted.

“Thunder Torueno!”

She summons a thunderbolt that deals damage in a specific area.

The lightning was then directed at the goblins who had gathered in one location.

It succeeded as expected.


A goblin appeared out of nowhere.

(Was there still some left?!)

Perhaps it was fortunate enough to avoid the lightning strike.

She was caught off guard.

Neneli shut her eyes.

“Physical-attack-power [buff/modified].”

Ninya smacks the goblin across the face.

” Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

The goblin screams and blasts off.

“Thank you for saving me, Ninya.”

“I’ve finally done something useful!”

Ninya celebrates by throwing her hands in the air.

Neneli noticed this and made a subtle expression.

She wonders why Ninya doesn’t realize that she is always useful.

Neneli decided not to worry about it since Ninya was so cute and happy.

“Let’s collect the goblins’ bodies first.”

They divided up to retrieve the bodies and place the remains in the item box.

“That’s done.”

A few minutes later, Neneli takes a breather after putting all the goblins’ bodies in the item box.

“We still have time, so let’s go a little deeper.

Neneli proposed.


That was the sound of a horse screaming.

” Huh?”

When they turned around, they saw a horse charging at them.

It was the same horse that had earlier carried Ninya and the others to the halfway point.

But there was a problem.

For some reason, the loading platform was not attached to the horse.

Did the horse jump off the loading platform and flee?

These were the thoughts that plagued Neneli’s mind.


The horse whinnied once more.

The horse’s torso was covered with what appeared to be a cut.

Thud! Then the horse falls to the ground.

The horse’s torso had been slashed, and blood was dripping from it.

The horse was no longer breathing.

It was as if the horse had galloped all the way here for this purpose…

The cut was obviously caused by a demon.

Neneli considered the possibility that the horse had come here to seek assistance for his master.


Neneli found herself yelling.


Ninya seemed to sense it too and immediately nodded.

“We’re coming to help!”

Neneli began to run after saying this.

” Agility [buff/modified]! “

Ninya begins to run as well.

” Eh?”

When Neneli blinks, Ninya is already far away.

“Wait a second, Ninya!”

Perhaps it’s her fault for being so slow, but Ninya is far too quick. She’ll never be able to keep up with her.

” T-That’s right!”

Ninya realizes something and rushes over to Neneli.

As she does so, the resulting wind causes Neneli’s hair to stand on end.

“Arm strength [buff/modified].”

“Eh? W-What are you doing, Ninya?!”

Ninya was lifting her up in her arms, and before she knew it, she was holding her like a princess.

“Agility [buff/modified]!”

Ninya then focuses her energy on her legs, and rockets to top speed in an instant.

“You’re going way too faaaaaaaast!”

Neneli’s exclamation echoed.


“Haaaaa, Ahhhh, Haaaa.”

Just as they arrived, Neneli was released and had to breathe on her shoulders.

“Are you all right?!”

Ninya inquired.

She notices the fallen peddler ahead of her.

“Aye, girls…”

The peddler squeaked his voice out.

It seems he is still breathing.

“But if things continue like this, he’ll die.”

They noticed that the peddler’s stomach had been slashed open and was bleeding profusely. He’d bleed to death at this rate.

“Please wait a moment.”

Neneli said as she rummaged through her bag.

She had a healing potion with her just in case.

“Natural-healing-power [buff/modified].”

Ninya was suddenly doing something to the peddler.

“O-Oh, this is…”

The peddler was amazed when he saw with his own eyes how the large wound healed.

“You can do that?”

“Hehehe, it’s nothing compared to Neneli’s magic.”

Ninya scratched her head.


Neneli smacked Ninya on the head.

“Wah?! Why did you hit me all of a sudden?!”

“Try to figure it out on your own!”

I digress.

“Could you please tell me what happened here?”

Neneli approached the peddler and inquired.

” Y-Yes. As a matter of fact, the goblins just showed up.”

“That’s strange. The whole area is supposed to be a safe zone.”

A safe zone is a place where demons do not appear for various reasons.

In this case, it is inhabited by a white-flowered plant called datura. Datura emits an odor that local demons find repulsive, which is why these areas were designated as safe zones.

“It wasn’t just the goblins who appeared. The goblins were engaged in combat with the adventurers. I happened to be present and was caught in the crossfire.”

“So that’s what happened…”

The fighting adventurers must have unintentionally drawn the demons to the peddler’s location.

It’s just that demons don’t like to enter safe zones, but they can if necessary.

“Can you tell me what happened to the adventurers and the goblins?”

“I’m not sure. Perhaps the adventurers noticed me and relocated with the goblins.”

If this is the case, the goblins and the adventurers may still be fighting.

“That’s concerning.”

Perhaps the adventurers are having difficulties.

“Yes, have you seen my horse?

(That’s right, I haven’t told him the horse is dead yet.)


Neneli was at a loss for words.

“That’s fine. I see, he’s no longer alive…”

Neneli’s expression told the peddler everything he needed to know.

“But he was brave to the end.”

Neneli then explained how the horse died.

It was injured, but it dashed to Neneli and the others to assist his master.

“…I see. Thank you for helping me as well.”

The peddler said with tears in his eyes.

Chapter 21: Ninya-Chan, Can’t Do Anything!

“For the time being, I suggest that we cancel the expedition and return to the city.”

Neneli makes a suggestion.

They’ll have to return on foot now that the horse is gone.

Going back would take time, so even though it’s still early, it’s time to call it a day.

“Shouldn’t we go over there and help them?”

Ninya asked.

The peddler claimed that the adventurers and goblins were fighting and making their way somewhere. And Ninya must be thinking, “Neneli-chan can easily destroy goblins!”

“That’s not something you should do. They weren’t your average goblins. It’s a lot for you girls.”

Not your average goblins.

Concerning what Neneli said, the peddler appears to agree with Neneli.

“To be honest, we should leave right away. We must return to the city while escorting the peddler; otherwise, we risk traveling at nightfall.”

They had made no preparations for a night camp because they expected to return before nightfall. If they returned at night in this state, they would almost certainly be attacked by demons and killed.

“Anyway, walking from here to Wynn would take a very long time.”

“Then, if we use my agility [buff]… “

“No, please.”

Ninya’s proposal is rejected with a bite by Neneli.

She had firsthand experience of being moved around in Ninya’s arms and resolved never to go through it again.

“How about we go to Luster Village? It’s a lot closer from here than Wynn City, and Luster Village has accommodations. If you really need to get back to the city today, Luster Village has horses available to rent.

The peddler proposed.

(That does sound like a good idea.)

“Can you tell me how to get to Luster Village?”

“Of course, you can leave it to me.”

So Ninya and the others went to Luster Village.


(How did this happen?!?)

Zach the Swordsman, a C-rank adventurer, laments.

Three hobgoblins stood in front of him, and a massive goblin-king stood in the back, waiting for an opportunity to strike.

Zach’s party, on the other hand, was made up of four C and D-rank members.

They had no chance against the Goblin-king.

Zach and his party were initially just looking for goblins to hunt.

But before they knew it, they found themselves surrounded by hobgoblins and the  goblin-king.

A total disaster.


A voice from behind him calls out to him.

When he looks back, he sees a hobgoblin about to attack him with a sword.


Zach uses his swordplay skill to successfully parry his opponent’s sword.

He then blows the hobgoblin backwards with a kick.

“You guys, go back even further!”

Zach moves further back while instructing the rest of the party to do the same.

Zach’s strategy against a superior demon was to flee for cover.

Fortunately, the opponent did not appear to have any long-range attacking means, and they would be safe as long as they kept a certain distance.

Furthermore, although hobgoblins are quick, the goblin-king is not, and they have yet to be attacked by the goblin-king.

“Listen, if you get within the goblin-king’s range of attack, you’ll be dead! So keep a safe distance!”

Zach yells.

(Come to think of it, I made the mistake of engaging the peddler and his horse in a fight earlier.

Is the peddler going to be alright?

I would have been devastated if he had died as a result of my actions.

Should I have at the very least assisted him in recovering from his injuries?

But, if I had waited that long, someone in my party might have been sacrificed.)


The voice called out to him once more.


As the hobgoblin’s sword approaches, he parries it.

Then she keeps his distance once more.

“Damn it, how long will they follow us?”

They had to have traveled a long distance from where they first encountered them.

Nonetheless, they persist in their pursuit of their goal.

The Goblin-king was grinning wickedly.

As if to say, “I can kill you whenever I want, but for now, we’ll play with you.”


“I know!”

Zach defends himself with his sword against the oncoming hobgoblin.

“No! Behind you! “


It is too late to react.

Another Hobgoblin lurks behind him and thrusts his sword at him.

(It’s too late!)


The attack hits Zach.

He was armored, but it passed right through him.

“Zach, I’m on my way to save you!”

Soott, a swordsman as well, rushes in and begins fighting the three hobgoblins by himself.

“I’ll heal you right now!”

The party’s healer, Merrone, rushes to Zach’s aid.

“Don’t worry about me, you guys get out of here without me!”

Even though he was severely injured, Zach insisted.

Soott is the only one in the vanguard now.

Soott couldn’t possibly take on three hobgoblins by himself.

Furthermore, Merrone’s healing him means she’ll be here for the duration.

If she does that, the Goblin-king will catch her.

“I can’t do that!”

Merrone insisted, tearfully.

“Just get out of here!”

At this rate, the party will be annihilated.


By the time they found themselves, Soott had fallen down, spitting blood.

The hobgoblins had severely injured him.


Coco, the archer, fights back desperately, but the arrows are easily knocked off by the sword.


When he came to his senses, the Goblin King was already in front of Zach.

And, as if to brag, the demon raises his massive sword into the air.

(I’m dead…)

Zach was certain of it.

Merrone covered him with tears to protect him.

“I’m sorry, guys.”

Zach expresses his regret, and then―

“What the heck is going on here?! It’s so noisy.”

A man with long blond hair suddenly appeared.

He wore a sword around his waist, and it was obvious that he was a swordsman.

And, despite his thinness, you can see through his clothes that he has a muscular and toned body.


The goblin-king shifted his gaze to the blond man.

The man remained motionless, also staring directly at the goblin-king.

His commanding stature suggests that he is a seasoned adventurer.

Seeing such a man, Zach said without thinking.


Chapter 22: S-Rank Adventurer Krassis

The sudden appearance of a man with long golden hair and a handsome face perplexed Zach.

“You are rude not to know who I am,” he said while drawing his sword.

A sword is a katana, which is a rare type of sword. While most swords have two edges, katanas have a single edge.

“All right, let’s go, shinsozan.”

The man made slashing motions, and the three goblins were immediately cut into pieces and died on the spot.


Merrone marveled at how quickly he had done it.

Zach had the same reaction.

“Isn’t that Krassis, the S-rank adventurer?”

Suddenly, he hears someone’s voice.

“Did you just see that? Wow, it was so fast!”

“He’s awesome!”

“Good luck!”

“There’s a strong-looking demon here, but we’ll be safe with Krassis-san!”

When they looked around, they noticed that they were surrounded by a large crowd. Some of them were cheering loudly.

“They must be locals…”

As Merrone had said, there was a village that was only a stone’s throw away.

They were so preoccupied with fighting that they didn’t notice it.

Zach guessed that this was probably the Luster Village.

“Leave the rest to me—you guys stay back.”

“Thank you very much, Krassis-san.”

Zach thanked him and moved back.

Meanwhile, Coco, the archer, was carrying the badly injured Soott.

Merrone prioritized healing Soott first.

“We survived…”

Merrone expressed herself emotionally.

“Yeah, I guess so…”

(It’s hard to believe because I was ready to die just a few seconds ago.)

They were, however, saved.

Zack bites his tongue, surprised by his good fortune.

“Hang in there, Krassis-san!”

“Did you see that?! The demons are easily killed!”

The villagers cheered him on.

Nobody expected Krassis to lose.

They didn’t, of course.

Krassis is a legendary S-rank adventurer, whereas the Goblin-King is an A-rank.

The goblin-king had become wary after witnessing Krassis’ strength firsthand.

“All right, let’s go!”

Krassis said, drawing his sword again.


Krassis swung his sword with incredible speed after activating his skill.

The Goblin-King is engraved in the blink of an eye.

Krasis sheathed his sword with a “snap.”


The Goblin-king is slain in a hail of blood.

Against the S-ranked adventurer, the Goblin-king was helpless.

“A-Amaziiiiiiiing! “

“That’s your legendary S-rank adventurer!

The villagers applauded.

“He is truly incredible…”

Merrone is taken aback.

“Yeah, I guess so.”

Zach felt a surge of emotion in his mind as he agreed.

That’s the strength of an S-rank.

(Someday, I hope to be like that.)

Zach was filled with zeal after witnessing the overwhelming strength.

And just when everyone thought it was finally over…


The Goblin-king, who was supposed to be dead, suddenly stood up.

“W-What the hell was that?!” asked someone.

The goblin-king in front of them looks nothing like the goblin-king who was there just a moment ago.

It has dark skin and has slimmed down from its previous round shape.

His arms were slim but looked powerful.

An undead goblin-king


A goblin-king resurrects as an undead.

Everyone was puzzled by such an unheard-of phenomenon.

“Hmph, he’s still no match for me.”

Krassis drew his sword and faced the undead goblin-king.

“Yes, that’s right. We’ve got an S-rank Krassis here!”

“Keep going, Krassis-sama!”

“That demon will be a piece of cake for Krassis! “

The villagers cheer.

No one expected Krassis to lose.

That is, of course, a given.

They didn’t think Krassis could lose after such a strong performance earlier.

“Here I go.”

Krassis drew his sword and took a step forward, activating his skill.


Krassis slashes at the undead-goblin-king with incredible speed.

“W-Wait, it didn’t work?!”

Zach can’t help but say these words.

With its long claws, the undead-goblin-king had deflected Krassis’s constant sword blows.”

“That demon is even more powerful than before…”

“Hey, isn’t this a bit dangerous?”

“No, I’m sure everything is fine. It’s Krassis we’re talking about.”

The villagers are shaken by Krassis’ desperate battle with the undead-goblin-king.

However, it was not that Krasis was losing.

No, Zack thought Krasis was the superior fighter.

The undead-goblin-king is on the defensive as Krassis slashes unilaterally.

Krassis will eventually win if he continues to attack.

But only if his skill lasts indefinitely.

The undead-goblin-king gave a grin.

The following moment.

Krassis’ movement becomes slower.

The effect of the “Shinsozan” skill had worn off.

The undead-goblin-king doesn’t miss that chance.


The undead goblin’s claw pierced through Krassis’ stomach.

Krassis vomits up a large amount of blood.

The undead-goblin-king flailed his arms wildly.

Then, with great force, Krasis’ body is blown away.

Boom! The crashing sound echoes.

The body of Krassis is blown away, destroying houses in the process.

“Hey, this is bad!”

“Everyone, run away!”


The villagers immediately became terrified.

Because they’re going to be next.

Krasis is showing no sign of coming back, perhaps because he fainted.

He has taken far too much damage.

“Hey, Merrone, hurry up and fix Krassis-san!”

Zach stands up and gives Merrone instructions.

Soott’s wound has already been closed by Merrone’s healing.

“What are you going to do, Zach?!”

“I’ll stop him!”

“That’s impossible!”

“I am the only one who is capable! He’ll kill the villagers if I don’t stop him.”

“B-But… “

“Merrone, hurry up and heal Krasis-san! I’ll buy some time before he recovers!”

He shouted with a fierce look on his face.

(I’d probably die. But I have no choice! This is my mission! )

“Yes! “

Merrone nodded vigorously and dashed away.

“Hey, goblin! I’ll be your partner!”

The undead-goblin-king gave him a wicked smile.

“You can’t fight me!” That’s what he seems to be saying.

“Shut up!”

Zach yells as he reaches for his sword.


A moment later, the undead-goblin-king he thought was still far away appears in front of him.

Its sharp claws are already right before his eyes.

(I-I can’t even stall for time…)

His heart is filled with regret.


(Would things have turned out differently if I had been stronger?

But, it’s too late to bemoan such things now.


Zach tilts his head.

It was as if time had stopped, because no matter how long he waited, his death would not come.

He opens his eyes and sees the undead-goblin-king’s attention elsewhere.

There was―

“We’ve finally made it!”

A girl stretches her legs, saying that. She’s a petite young lady with gleaming silver hair.

Zach is baffled as to why the undead-goblin-king is staring at the girl.


With a scream, the undead-goblin-king attacked the girl.

“Hey, run!” was all he could manage to do.


The young lady turned around.

The undead-goblin-king’s claws were already closing in on the girl at that point.

(She’s dead.)

Zach could not bear witnessing the girl’s death.

That’s why he immediately closes his eyes.

(A civilian is going to die because of me!)

Zack was overcome by feelings of helplessness.

“Physical-attack-power [buff/modified].”

Boom! and the wind pressure hits Zach.


Zach blinks open his eyes, unable to comprehend the scene in front of him.

Because the undead-goblin-king is flying through the air for some reason.

Chapter 23: Ninya-chan Wants To Go Home

“I’m tired, Neneli-chan…”

“Hang in there, we’re almost there.”

On the way to Luster Village. Ninya is chastised by Neneli for complaining.

“That’s the Luster Village, girls.”

The peddler pointed ahead to a small village.

“Wow, at long last!”

Ninya runs with her hands in the air.

“Wait, Ninya, wait! “

She heard Neneli’s voice behind her, but she didn’t stop.

She was eager to get to the village and rest.

“Whew, we’re finally here!”

When Ninya reaches the village, she comes to a halt and stretches.

And then…

“Hey, run away!”

A shout was heard.

Hm? She turned her head to face the voice.


A goblin was approaching with a moaning sound.

It was a massive goblin.

It has dark skin, and she’s wondering if it’s a rare breed of goblin.

Anyway, she clenches her fist because she is about to be killed if she doesn’t do something.

“Physical-attack-power [buff/modified].”


The goblin is blown to pieces when she delivers the punch.

But she doesn’t feel any reactions from the large goblin.

After all, punches have their limitations.

Ninya then draws a dagger from her waist.

“Agility [buff/modified].

She quickly catches up to the goblin, who is still in the air.

“Physical-attack-power [buff/modified], sharpness [buff/modified]!”

She piles on the [buff] as she draws her dagger.

“Critical-hit-rate [buff/modified]!”

She then cuts the goblin with her dagger.

and lands on her feet. “Alright!”

With a thud, the undead goblin that had been so badly cut up fell to the floor.

It was larger than a typical goblin, but not significantly stronger.

After all, it was just a goblin.


Neneli came running from far away.

“Are you all right?”

“Yeah, it was just a weak demon.”

“I-I see…”

For some reason, Neneli was saying this with a frustrated expression on her face.

“H-Hey, how did you just defeat it…?”

They looked around, and there was a man.

Given the sword on his back, he must be an adventurer.

He was the one who was yelling “Run!” earlier.


How did she beat the demon? Ninya had no way to answer.

She tilted her head and said,


because she has no recollection of doing anything noteworthy.


The man exclaimed.

Why is this the case?

“Hey, the large goblin is dead!”

It was the voice of another person.

It sounded like a villager who lived here.

“No way…”

“W-Who killed it?”

The villagers streamed out of the woods.

“That adventurer had to have slain it! “

“I-I saw him fight! “

Maybe he’s a great adventurer?”

“Yeah, of course he is. “

“Then, he’s our hero! “

With these words, the villagers approach the male swordsman.

He has claimed credit.

(Well, we went goblin hunting today, so I don’t mind if he takes one of my goblins.)

“What are we going to do now, Neneli-chan? Are we going to spend the night? Or are we returning by carriage? “

Nina was more concerned about going home.

“Well, I’d like to go home if I can, because I’m worried about my parents, but can we find a carriage?

“Well, let’s go find out first.”

Ninya said and was about to head for the center of the village when―

“No, no! I didn’t kill him!”

There was a deafening denial.

“I-It’s her! She is the one who killed the goblin-king!”

Ninya can hear a voice behind her.

“He’s pointing at you, Ninya.”

Neneli, who was standing nearby, says.


Ninya was not very happy about it.

(It’s just one goblin. Who cares who killed it?)

“This girl killed it.”

“Does that make any sense?”

” Is she even an adventurer?”

Ninya is regarded with suspicion by the villagers.

At first glance, Ninya looks like a frail girl. Her dagger, the only thing that could make her look like an adventurer, was now hidden in her cloak, so it was no wonder that she did not look like one.

“Well, it wasn’t me.”

The adults were suspicious of her, and she was surrounded by so many people.

Ninya was in a difficult situation.

So she lies in order to get out of this situation as soon as possible.

“Hey, that swordsman over there killed the demon!”

“Thank you for saving the village!”

“Hey, what’s your name?”

Ninya denies it, and the villagers resume their praise for the swordsman.

(Sigh. That’s a relief.)

“Are you sure about this, Ninya?”

Neneli inquired abruptly.

“What is it?”

“Nevermind, I think it’s cute that you’re so pure and innocent.”

Neneli expresses her resignation.

She doesn’t understand what she is saying anyway.

“Everyone, I’ve kept you waiting! This Krassis will knock the demon down right now!”

A man suddenly leaps out in front of everyone.

He’s a tall, blond man with long hair.

He’s a very flashy individual.

“Zach! I apologize for being late! Are you all right?!”


Aside from the blonde, there is a girl who appears to be an adventurer.

“I’m glad you’re safe, Zach.”

“I’m sorry I worried you.”

When the girl, who goes by the name Merrone, confirms that Zach is safe, she collapses to the ground, possibly relieved.

“Huh? What the hell is going on?”

Krassis looked at the lifeless undead-goblin-king.

“Oh, about the goblin, this boy slayed it.”

“What did you say?”

Krassis was perplexed.

“It wasn’t me who slayed it; it was that girl!”

Zach yells.


Ninya yells in her head.

(Why is everyone so obsessed with such a trivial thing?)

“It wasn’t me.”

“Why do you continue to tell lies?!”

He screamed at her.

(Why…Why do I have to get involved in such a difficult situation simply because I defeated a goblin?!)

Ninya-chan burst into tears just thinking about it.


“You, stop it! She says it’s not true, so it isn’t! Ninya, don’t cry; Onee-chan is on your side. “

Neneli embraces her.

She’s so lovely.

“I didn’t mean to…”

Zack was shocked.

“W-What’s going on after all?”

The villagers were puzzled.

They were so divided that they couldn’t agree on who had beaten the demon.

“I, in fact, see her. I witnessed the girl defeating the large demon.”

One of the villagers suddenly claimed to have seen it.

“I-I saw it as well. It’s difficult to believe, but she knocks the large demon with one punch. Although I wasn’t sure because I was watching from a distance.”

“M-Me as well… I couldn’t get a good look at her from a distance. But I believe it was the girl who defeated the demon…”

The other villagers followed suit.

“I certainly saw her knock it down with my own eyes. I didn’t tell because I knew she’d deny it.”

The peddler responds.

“I-Is that true?”

“Are you certain that this is the same girl who killed the demon?”

The villagers, who were initially skeptical, gradually came to believe it.

“Ninya, have you calmed down?”


Ninya was in the middle of being nursed by Neneli.

“I’m sorry I doubted you before, young lady. Are you sure you’re the one who killed the goblin?”

A village representative approaches her.

Ninya nods her head.

“Well, then, young lady, everyone in the village should be thanking you.”

Ninya thinks that would be alright.

(But I’d rather stay at home.)

“Wait! Did that little girl truly defeat him? It’s unbelievable! “

A certain someone poured cold water on the spot.

It was Krassis, the S-ranked adventurer.

“Hey, you! What is your rank?”

“It’s D…”

“D-rank is so low that it’s beneath me!”

(Why am I being yelled at yet again by a stranger?!)

“Hey, wasn’t Krassis weak to begin with?”

“It’s a demon that even a girl can defeat. Was it really such a big deal?”

“Krassis, on the other hand, loses…”

“But he’s an S-rank adventurer.”

“I’ve heard of adventurers who take credit for other people’s accomplishments and use them to climb the ranks. “

Some of the villagers began to have suspicions about Krassis.

“Hey, you guys, you’re being disrespectful! “

Krassis chastises.

He then turned to Ninya and declared

“If you really beat the goblin, you’ll have to prove it by fighting me! “

She doesn’t know what’s going on anymore.

Ninya only defeated a goblin that attacked her.

(What’s happening?!)

“I want to go home…”

Ninya blurts out.

Neneli must have heard her.

“I object!”

Neneli spoke up on Ninya’s behalf.

“Can’t the people of the village provide us with a carriage?”

“Yes, but we would like to thank you.”

“Are you the village’s chief? “

“I am, indeed.”

Neneli spoke softly in his ear after confirming that the man in front of him was the village headman.

“I am the Elgard family’s third daughter. Please follow my instructions.”

She spoke in hushed tones so that the others would not hear.

“I’m so sorry. Get these people a carriage right away! “

A few moments later, a carriage comes to pick up Ninya and the others.

“Please accept this small token of our appreciation. “

The village chief presented them with a small bag.

There were several gold coins inside.

” I-I can’t accept this…”

“Ninya, take it. Not ignoring kindness is a virtue.”

” O-Okay, I understand. Thank you very much.”

“Do you also want to load the goblin’s body?”

“No, that’s fine. I was already compensated for it.”

(it’s just one goblin anyway.)

“I’m sorry about earlier. I didn’t think it would come to this!”

A man suddenly approaches Ninya and bows deeply.

Zach is an adventurer and a swordsman.

There were also several others who bowed behind Zach.

They were most likely adventurers from Zach’s party.

“Well, it’s nothing serious.”

“Yes, I did not do anything serious.”

“You’re so humble…”

“Thank you so much.”

Ninya and the others boarded the carriage after Zach and the others thanked them once more.

Krassis challenged her once more as they were getting into the carriage, “Are you trying to run away?!” but Neneli successfully rejected the challenge.

Meanwhile, Ninya was thinking in the cart that she could finally go home.

Chapter 24: Ninya-Chan Meets a New Friend!

The day after the goblin hunt, Ninya and Neneli came to the Adventurers’ Guild.

They had returned directly to Neneli’s house by carriage the day before, so they came to sell some of their materials today.

They hoped to get some requests for demons as well.

“It’s truly incredible…”

When the receptionist at the guild’s warehouse saw a large number of goblin corpses coming out of the item box, her tongue curled.


Ninya is in a good mood.

For Neneli, hunting this many goblins is no big deal.

Because of the recent demon subjugation, Neneli’s rank as an adventurer went from E to D.

“Shall we go hunting for stronger demons today?”

Neneli makes a suggestion.

“Neneli-chan can now easily defeat a goblin, isn’t she?”

“Yes, I guess so…”

Neneli, who didn’t mind being praised by Ninya, nodded her head in agreement, although it was thanks to Ninya.

Ninya would have misunderstood if she had been corrected, so Neneli simply agreed with her.

“I hope we get another good request. Let’s see…”

They examine the sign board with the emblazoned request.

It lists the various demons and their locations.

“Well, flying demons like the Griffin are too powerful for us, and fire-salamanders can only attack from a distance.”

They can’t seem to pick demon requests who suit them best at the moment.

The truth is that Neneli and Nina didn’t have much variety in their attacks.

With Ninya, though, it appears that they can defeat any demon by using her buff skill.

Neneli was contemplating this when she overheard the following words.

” Hey, you guys…”

A voice spoke from behind.

They noticed a girl when they turned around.

reddish-brown hair, Her hair was tied back in a bun with a large ribbon at the end. Her clothes were also frilly, and she was dressed more fashionable than in adventurer’s gear.

“Yes, what is it?”

As she turned around, Neneli said.

“Hump, you can be Valla-chan’s servant!”

The young lady was blowing her nose.


Neneli was speechless.

She didn’t quite understand what she was saying.

“Hey, what’s your rank?”

“I’m a D.”

“I’m a D as well.”

“Fufufu, Valla-chan is a C! Isn’t that wonderful?!”

“That’s… great.”

“Fufufu, give me more praise!”

“Wow, you’re amazing!”

“You look like a good girl, so Valla-chan will make you a special servant!”

Ninya is likely to become a servant at this rate, so Neneli pulls Ninya close to her.

“Ninya, don’t get too involved with weirdos.”

“Wait, Valla-chan isn’t a weirdo!”

The girl raises her hands in protest.

“L-Let’s hear her first…”

Neneli steps forward to protect Ninya and confronts the girl.

“Can you explain what you mean by servant?”

“A servant is a servant! Don’t you know what that word means?”

“Ninya, let’s go.”

Neneli takes Ninya’s hand in hers, deciding she is the wrong person to be involved with.

“H-Hey, where are you going?!” Neneli ignores her and continues walking.

“I-Is that all right?”

“It’s best to avoid getting involved with someone like that.”

They walked out of the Adventurers’ Guild while ignoring her.

“Don’t ignore me! Valla-chan, a C-rank, will make you her servant! You’re supposed to say yes!”


“Hey, wait a minute! At least listen to me!”


“P-Please, just listen to me first…”

Finally, she started clinging to them in tears.

Crying on a busy street, they’ve been getting a lot of stares from the people around them.

“Neneli-chan, let’s at least listen to her.”

” I guess so…”

They couldn’t afford to ignore her if she was that desperate.


They had come to the nearby restaurant to talk.

“Fufu…so you’ve finally decided to become Valla-chan’s servant?!”

“…Let’s go home.”

Neneli stands up, wondering if talking to her was a mistake after all.

“Wait, wait! I’m sorry, I got carried away!”

“Neneli-chan, she apologizes. Let’s wait a little longer…”

“…We’ll leave the next time you mention the word servant.”

” Y-Yes.”

Neneli persuaded herself to listen a little longer after Valla nodded.

“Yes, I should introduce myself before we talk. My name is Neneli. “

“My name is Ninya.”

“Valla-chan is Valla-chan!”

“I already know that.”

“What? How?!”

She knew her name without having to introduce herself because she had been calling herself “Valla-chan.”He doesn’t appear to be aware.

” So, what’s the deal?”

“It’s about being Valla-chan’s serv…. No, it isn’t!

Neneli stood up silently as she was about to say “servant,” and Valla quickly corrected herself.

“W-Well, I’d like you to have a party with Valla-chan.”

“A party?”

(Just when I was just thinking about having more people in our party.

I mean, if she wanted to join the party, she should have stated it from the start.)

“By the way, what kind of skills do you have?”

“I’m a healer.”

A healer is an absolute necessity in any party.

Neneli and Ninya aren’t healers, so they’d appreciate it if one joined their party.

“I’m also an astrologer! Isn’t that wonderful?!”

Valla declared, with a smug look on her face.


Amazing, to be sure.

Priests, who use the power of gods and angels, alchemists, who make potions from medicinal herbs, and astrologers, who use the power of the stars, are the three main types of recovery professions.

Astrologers are rare and few in number.

On the other hand, Neneli decided not to say anything about astrologers because she felt Valla would get carried away if she said they were amazing.

“Can I ask you a question? You said you were a C-rank astrologer, correct?”

“Of course I did!”

“I’m sure there are a lot of parties out there looking for a C-rank professional healer, so why us?”

Nina and Neneli are both D-ranked, which is not very high.

If Valla is C-ranked, she can form a party with higher-ranked adventurers, so forming a party with lower-ranked adventurers didn’t make sense.

“Look, because Valla-chan is cute!”

Valla declared proudly.


Neneli was starting to feel like walking out again.

“That’s why the previous party I was in fell apart.”

“What do you mean?”

Because the context isn’t connected, Neneli doesn’t understand what she’s saying.

“Well, the party split up because the men were fighting over Valla-chan.”

“I-I see…”

It’s a common story that a party ended due to a love affair.

“So, because we were the only women in the party, that’s why you approached us.”

“That’s right! I’d had enough of men and was looking for a girls-only party, but I couldn’t find one. I couldn’t go hunting by myself because I’m a healer, so I was in big trouble.”

Neneli decided that, although she had a character flaw, she did not appear to be malicious, so there would be no problem.

“What are your thoughts, Ninya?”

“I think it’s OK. I don’t think she’s a bad person.”

“If Ninya says so, then alright. Let’s form a party.”

“Wow, thank you! It’s a crime to be cute, isn’t it~”


Neneli wondered if everything would go smoothly.

“By the way, what do you mean by servant?”

“When I was there before, I used to call the men servants and they were happy to hear it, so it’s like a habit from that time?”


Neneli began to wonder if she had made the right decision.

Chapter 25: Ninya-chan Worship You!

“So, what kind of demon are we going to hunt?”

The group’s three members, Ninya, Neneli, and Valla, had formed a party, but they hadn’t decided on the most important thing: what kind of demon they should hunt.

“How about a fire salamander?!”

Valla insisted.

Fire-salamanders are a C-rank, but they are considered too difficult for a party of two D-ranks and one C-rank to handle.

“Neneli, you are a magician by the looks of it—can you use ice magic or water magic then?”

“Yes, I can use ice magic. But I’ve heard that fire salamanders are extremely fast. To be honest, I’m not sure I’ll be able to hit it.”

“Hmph, what do you think Valla-chan is here for?!”

So Valla confidently snorts.

Neneli wonders if she has a strategy in mind.

“By the way, Ninya, what can you do?”

“I can only offer support…”

Ninya mutters nervously.

“Support? What exactly is it?”

“Ninya can fight with a sword. That’s good enough. “

“… I’m honestly sorry for leaving the fighting to Neneli-chan.”

“You don’t have to worry about that.”

While saying so, Neneli wondered when she would realize her strength.

“But a swordsman can’t attack a fire salamander directly.”

True, fire-salamanders are engulfed in flames. If you attack it at close range, the flames will immediately spread to your body.

“Ninya, can’t you use a bow and arrow?”

“Well, I don’t have any bow and arrow skills…”

“But, don’t you think, if you use [buff], you might be able to use it a little?”

“I-I’ll give it a shot!”

As they reached an agreement, they decided to get the tools they would need to fight the fire salamanders.


“Hey, what’s that…?”

Valla is surprised.

“It’s an item box…”

Ninya was storing the bow and arrow she had purchased when she went to the weapons shop into the item box.

“Is this really that rare?”

“No, it’s not just a rare item, it’s an extremely rare item!”

Valla explained, but Ninya was skeptical.

“If you have an item box, you don’t need to bring a lot of luggage.

Normally, if you intend to hunt a large number of demons, you would bring a cart to transport them, but this is unnecessary if you have an item box.

(You will not be able to survive if you are taken aback by something like this.)

Neneli thought to herself.


They then took a horse-drawn carriage ride.

This time, there was a horse-drawn carriage that ran regularly to the village at the foot of the Grande Newde volcano, where the fire-salamanders dwell, so they decided to take it and walk there after arriving.

“Okay? Defeating demons will be a piece of cake if you leave it to Valla-chan!”

Valla, who was leading the way, was proud of herself.

“Wow, Valla-chan is so reliable.”

“…Yes, she is.”

Valla appears to have a lot of experience, so for the time being, Neneli decided to delegate the task to Valla.

“What do you have in your left hand?”

Neneli was intrigued and inquired.

Valla held in her left hand an object made up of various circles floating in the air.

(I suppose it was a magical tool.)

“It is a celestial globe. It is an essential item for astrologers.”

“What does it tell you?”

“It can tell you where demons are!”

Having said that, Valla is leading the way.

Neneli is taken aback because she assumed they were just wandering aimlessly.

“How can you use the power of the stars to track down demons?”

“Exactly because of the stars’ influence and the aether they bring. We can predict the future to some extent if we measure the concentration of this aether.”

“Predicting  the future?”

“Yes, well, the truth is that we really don’t know what the future holds, so all we can do is predict the level of danger. If you go to the darker danger zone, there will be demons there!”

“Wow, that’s really impressive…”

“Fufu, you can continue to worship me.”

“You’re incredible!”

“Muwahaha! Because Ninya is a good girl, Valla-chan will make her a special serv―woohoo!” “

Neneli  hand chopped Valla’s head silently.

If this continued, Ninya was going to be her servant.

If Valla hadn’t gotten carried away like this, Neneli could have also honestly praised her.

“Does this risk assessment count as a skill?”

“It is, indeed, the skill’s name is Danger-Prediction!”

Neneli thought that Valla’s skill would make it much easier to find the demons than she had thought.

Chapter 26: Valla-chan

Ninya and the others were walking with Valla in the lead, and according to Valla’s danger prediction, they could locate the demon.

“We’ve got one up ahead!”

Valla says this while pointing her finger.

Indeed, a fire-salamander can be seen, albeit at a distance.

There appears to be no other fire salamanders nearby, and it appears to be alone.

“Hey, Neneli. Can you shoot from here?”

“I’m not sure I’ll be able to hit it from this distance.”

“You don’t have to hit it. I simply want you to lure the demon.”

Luring the demon. It entails provoking demons from afar and bringing them to advantageous terrain.

“I don’t mind, but you do have a plan, right?”

“No problem, just leave it to Valla-chan.”

Valla’s got a big grin on her face.

“Well, all right,”

Let’s follow Valla’s lead here.

Let’s see how she performs.

“Here we go, Ice-Sphere-Lanzafiero!”

She creates an ice spear and launches it at the fire-salamander.

It just barely reaches the fire-salamander, but as expected, it doesn’t hit it.

On the other hand, it looks like the fire-salamander has seen them and is staring at Neneli in particular.

“Look out! It’s coming this way!”

The fire salamander moves in this direction, just as Ninya said.

And it’s much faster than Neneli expected.

At this rate, it won’t be long!

“Valla! Are you certain about this?!”

“Fufufu, I told you to trust Valla-chan. And Neneli, get the second ice spear ready.”

In this case, there was no other option but to believe Valla.

Neneli casts a spell and prepares to fire the second shot at any moment.


The fire salamander snarls and leaps at Neneli.

It is surprisingly large up close.

It appears to be two meters long.

At that moment, Valla yells


And a jolt of electricity is delivered to the fire salamander.

The fire-salamander then collapsed to the ground and stopped moving.

“Now, Neneli, take care of the rest!”


It’s impossible to miss at this distance.

The Ice-Spear-Lanzafiero strikes and penetrates the body of the fire-salamander.

Fire salamanders are terrible at ice.

As a result, if it had been penetrated by ice, it would have died helplessly.

“Did you see that? Isn’t Valla-chan amazing?!

“It’s truly incredible.”

“By the way, what was that?”

Because astrologers are few and far between, information is limited.

So Neneli had no idea that astrologers could do things like stop demons from moving.

“Fufu, Most diseases are caused by the stars. You can cure diseases if you know the stars. That means it is also possible to deliberately make demons sick.”

Make them feel sick.

Neneli is impressed that such a thing is possible.

(Well, I’ll never say it out loud.)

“Valla-chan, that is truly incredible!”

“Yes, yes I am, and you can heap even more praise on Valla-chan!”

“Super amazing!”


Neneli pulls Ninya’s hand toward her.

“What is it?”

“Don’t praise her any more than you have already, or she’ll get carried away.”

“Wait a minute, Valla-chan is not getting carried away!”

“Obviously, you’re getting carried away.”


Valla’s cheeks swelled.

“Look, Ninya Put the fire-salamander carcass in the item box.”

“Right away!”

When the fire-salamander was alive, its body was enveloped in flames, but the flames have vanished now that it is dead.

Then you can easily grab it by hand.

“That’s really a convenient item, isn’t it?”

Valla mutters to herself as she observes the two-meter-tall fire-salamander effortlessly enter the item box.

People would normally dismember a carcass and take only the parts that could be sold for money.

But thanks to the item box, they don’t have to do that.

“Does the number of items that can fit in the item box have a limit?”

“That’s… I’m not sure.”

They never tried to see how big the item could fit in the item box.

“I’ve put a man-eating-ogre carcass in there before and it worked fine.”

“Isn’t a man-eating-ogre quite large? If it’s not a problem, the space should be as big as a house, right?”

Neneli laughs off Valla’s joke.

Chapter 27: Ninya, Using a Bow and Arrow

“Everything is going swimmingly! After all, Valla-chan is a genius!”

Valla was smiling broadly as she said this.

A fire salamander’s corpse lay in front of her.

Things were going well indeed.

Three fire-salamanders had already been killed.

It was a good achievement if they could kill that many people in one day.

“Don’t overestimate your abilities. Such carelessness can be fatal.

“Valla-chan’s Danger-Prediction will tell you where the dangers are. So you don’t have to be so careful!”

“Does danger-prediction also indicate the degree of danger?”

“Yes, that’s right. Valla-chan tries to stay away from very dangerous places. Look, you can praise Valla-chan more!”

” Valla-chan is incredible!”

“Wahaha, Ninya, praise this Valla-chan more!”

“Valla-chan is fantastic!”


Neneli was holding her head in her hands.

(At this rate, I was wondering if it would be okay.)

“Oops, what should we do?”

Valla suddenly muttered, holding the celestial globe.

“It’s a little riskier up ahead. A pack of fire salamanders is most likely ahead.”

When there was only one fire-salamander, Neneli’s ice spear would bring it close, and Valla’s paralysis would paralyze it before finishing it off.

If there are several fire-salamanders in a group, even if they only want to target one, other fire-salamanders will likely attack them all at once.

If that happens, it will be difficult to deal with them.

“Neneli, what are we going to do now?”

“All right, let’s keep a safe distance for the time being. Then we can decide what to do. “

Neneli decided.


Ninya suddenly sighed on the road.

“Is there a problem, Ninya?”

“Oh, well… I’m sorry I’ve been the only one who hasn’t been of assistance.”

It’s true that the fire-salamander hunt has been helped only by Neneli and Valla.

“Don’t worry about it! You are worth an S-class adventurer just for having an item box!”

Valla says, possibly to encourage her.


Ninya was moved by Valla’s generosity.

Neneli sighed and rolled her eyes. Where was the element that impressed her now?

“They’ll notice us if we get any closer.”

Valla came to a halt.

Several fire-salamanders could be seen in the distance.

Valla was right; the fire-salamanders were swarming the area.

“How many of them can Valla paralyze at once?”

If Neneli’s ice spear shoots to lure one, all of those fire-salamanders will attack as well.

“Well, I guess I can do three at the most. Any more than that could be difficult.”

No matter how you look at it, they’re going to be facing more than three fire salamanders.

“Should we turn around?”

Valla proposed.

Neneli also thinks it’s a good idea, but there was one thing she wanted to try.

“Ninya, can you shoot a bow and arrow from where you are?”

“I can’t reach there from here.”

“Is it possible, for example, to [buff] the distance?”

“I’m not sure, I’ve never done it before.

“Do you want to give it a shot?”

“If Neneli-chan says so…”

Ninya takes a bow and arrow from the item box.

“Eh, as expected, this is impossible!”

Valla says

“Valla, just in case, please be prepared to release the paralysis.”

“Are you sure you want to do this?!”

While Valla was puzzled, Ninya was preparing her bow and arrow.

Then, as she drew the arrow, she said

“Physical-attack-power [buff/modified], Distance [buff/modified], Accuracy [buff/modified].”

She then released her grip on her hand.

With a “Gwynn!” sound, the arrow is released.

And the arrow rips the fire-salamander’s body apart from the far distance.

“T-There’s no way…”

Valla was at a loss for words.

“Ninya, the other fire-salamanders are all heading this way!”


Ninya responds by pulling arrows from the item box, hooking them to her bow, and then drawing her bow and arrow.

The [buffed] arrows did indeed strike the fire salamanders, killing them with a single blow before they could get any closer.

Neneli was prepared that there would be about one fire-salamander to reach this point.

But Ninya had annihilated all the fire salamanders by the time she realized it.


Valla was still in shock.

It must have taken her some time to realize what was going on in front of her eyes.

Neneli had anticipated this to some extent, but she also couldn’t help but be surprised by the outcome, which far exceeded her expectations.

“Well, Ninya… is amazing isn’t she…”

Valla, finally awake from his trance, said to Ninya.

“I’m not very good.”


“I’m incompetent and can only perform [buff].”

“B-But… You’ve actually killed a lot of demons…”

“Hmm, I guess bows and arrows are surprisingly amazing.”

“No way, no how… It’s not the bow and arrow that’s amazing… it’s you!”

“Valla-chan is even more incredible because she knows where the demons are!”

Ninya said, with a pure look in her eyes.



Valla grabbed Neneli’s arm and whispered so that Ninya could not hear.

“What exactly is going on?”

“Even if you ask me, I don’t understand either.”

“But you’re Ninya’s guardian!”

“I’m not her guardian; I’m her sister. Please don’t make that mistake.”

“It doesn’t matter! Why is she so unaware of her own power?”

“…I tried several times to explain, but… I just thought it was okay.”

“Okay? What do you mean okay? You must not give up!”

” No, I think it’s the most adorable thing to be that pure.”

“A-Aren’t you a little crazy when it comes to Ninya?!”

And when Valla finished saying what she was going to say…

“What are you talking about? “

Ninya asks.

Valla pondered and then lied.

“I was just telling Neneli how great Valla-chan is! “

“I’m already aware of how great Valla-chan is!”

“Y-Yes, you are right… wahaha…”

Valla was no longer very flattered by Ninya’s compliments.

Chapter 28: Nell, Reminiscing (1)

It had been a long time since Nell had been to the orphanage.

Her snack was stolen by a boy her age.

Snacks are extremely valuable in an orphanage where there isn’t much to eat.

As a result, Nell was quietly enraged that she had been robbed.

“Hey, you want to mess with me?”

The boy said this when Nell stood up.


Age: 7

Skill: None

Talent: None


For as long as Nell can remember, whenever she sees someone, she gets information about them.

She later discovered that this is known as a unique skill.

The boy is agitated.

She was able to relax once she realized this.

So Nell calmly punches the boy in the face.

The boy let go of the snack.

Then Nell gobbles up the snack she picked up.

The boy is crying by her side.

That didn’t bother her at all.

The director was later upset with her, but it didn’t matter.

She just says she is sorry and pretends she had nothing to do with it.

When she looked at the director, the word [fatigue] popped into her head, and she thought to herself,

(I don’t want to be like this.)

Nell could also see herself.


Age: 7

Skill: Appraisal/modification

Talent: Scouting


It appears that when she looks at people, the [Appraisal/Modified] skill allows her to see information about them.

Nell had no idea what the “modified” character was or how it differed from the standard [appraisal] skill at the time.

She also appears to have a talent for scouting.

So Nell made various efforts to hone her scouting skills.

Every day, she practiced running, sword fighting, throwing stones, and even sword dodging with the help of other orphanage children.

And so forth until she was nine years old.


Age: 9

Skill: Appraisal/modification, stone throwing, agility (minor).

Talent: Scouting


She was able to achieve a satisfactory outcome.

So she reasoned that once she was out of the orphanage, she could make a living as an adventurer.

Then there was one day.

A man posing as an appraiser arrived at the orphanage.

“Wow, for a 9-year-old, you have a lot of skills.”

“Thank you.”

Nell expressed her gratitude bluntly.

Even without his appraisal, she knew her own skills.

Several days later.

Garga, an adventurer, visited the orphanage.

He had come to the orphanage after hearing about Nell.

“Hey, you must be the kid with many skills. How would you like to become a member of my clan?”

This man, according to the details, is the leader of a clan called [Gray-Brigade-Clan].

( How should I proceed?)  Nell was perplexed.

Because there wasn’t much food at the orphanage, she had no qualms about becoming an adventurer, even if her plans were a little hurried.

However, when she employs her ability on Garga.


Age: 37

Profession: Great Swordsman

Skill: (concealed)


Because of the [concealment] status, she had no idea what skills Garga possessed.

However, she could detect the malice in the status.

She was at a loss of what to do.

But, after some deliberation, she decided to join.

(I was going to be an adventurer anyway. If so, joining the clan would be more advantageous for me in the future, but…

The only thing that worried me was Garga’s malicious intent, but I could overcome that hurdle.)

She knew as soon as she stepped into the [Gray-Brigade-Clan] that her life was being taken for granted.


The training was physically demanding.

Despite the fact that she had only been an adventurer for a short time, she was forced to fight dangerous demons.

But, for Nell, these difficulties were surmountable if she worked hard enough.

She felt herself growing stronger with each victory.

As a result, life in [Gray-Brigade-Clan] was satisfying for Nell.

But that was not the case for the other children at the orphanage that had also been recruited, and the number of those who died was uncountable.

“Hey, get up!”

Suddenly, she heard a grown up’s loud voice.

They were in the midst of sword training at the training hall.

“Who do you think that feeds you?! Don’t you want to be stronger? Now get up!”

Someone must have fallen down during training.

When someone falls down, the person in charge yells at them.

It’s a common occurrence.

“Sir! Please! Please give him some time to rest!”

She turned around to see a girl reaching out her hands to protect the fallen child.

Her silver hair is translucent.

(Her name, I believe, is Ninya.)

“Ninya! You’re the most incompetent and useless person I’ve ever seen! Despite this, you continue to oppose me?!”

Ninya was beaten for saying so.

For the past two years, Ninya has been a member of the [Gray Brigade Clan].

At the time, [Gray-Brigade-Clan] had only recently been formed, and Ninya was considered an old member.

As a result, Ninya frequently assumed the role of orphanage leader, and it was a common sight to see Ninya defending other children, as she does now.

Ninya was the most diligent worker of all.

She was more skilled with a sword, a bow and arrow, and reading and writing than anyone else.

But she never acquired any skills.

Without skills, no matter how much she improved her sword skills, she couldn’t fight demons properly.

(With no talent; no matter how hard you try, it is useless.)

Nell concurred.

A child without talent cannot acquire skills no matter how hard he/she tries.

But it seems that talent cannot be understood by ordinary appraisal skills.

Nell’s [appraisal/modified] possessed a unique ability.

But she hasn’t told anyone yet.

“Hey, Nell, I need you to do something for me.”

One day, she got a call from Garga, the clan leader.

“Yes, sir?”

Nell had grown up to be an excellent adventurer by this point, and the other clan members were no longer picking on her because she was an orphan.

“You have an appraisal skill, don’t you?”

“Yes, I have.”

“Give Ninya special training so that she can at least be useful.”

She saw Ninya crouching next to Garga.

“OK, but what is the grace period?”

“A month.”

“What if she doesn’t succeed?”

“Ninya will be expelled.”

Expulsion is such a nice-sounding word.

(When you really just want to get rid of her.)

“All right, I’ll take care of it.”

Then Nell began training Ninya.

Chapter 29: Nell, Reminiscing (2)

“Nell-chan, I’m sorry… I’m not good enough.”

Ninya immediately bowed to her when they were alone.

“I don’t mind. This is also my job.”

Nell responds matter-of-factly.

In fact, she had not anticipated such a bothersome request. Furthermore, if she failed, Ninya would only be expelled, and she would be unaffected.

Immediately, Nell uses appraisal on Ninya.


Age: 12

Skill: Buff Level 3

Talent: None


(As expected, she has no talent.)

But there is one thing that concerns her.

“Because you lack talent, no matter what you do, you will never learn a new skill.”

(I’m going to be honest with her first. )

” I see…”

Ninya lowers her head.

(However, it is still too early to give up.)

“Ninya, tell me about your [buff] skill.”

“Well, it’s a unique skill that I was born with. It can raise another person’s status, but the boost is so minor that it is ineffective. I was told that I should learn other skills in order to fight.”

True, raising one’s status is a useful skill, but if one cannot fight, he or she is nothing more than a liability.

However, because she can’t seem to learn any other skills, they must deal with [buff].

(It appears her [buff] skill has a level concept.)

Nell had never seen a skill with the concept of levels before.

“Ninya, we’ll take the route of increasing your [buff]. Apparently, the more you use your [buff], the stronger it appears to become.”

“R-Really? I understand…”

Ninya nodded in confusion.

Then she let Ninya use the [buff] skill as long as her magic power allowed it.

“It hasn’t been very effective.”

Nell says, after a week of appraising Ninya.


Age: 12

Akill: Buff Level 4

Talent: None


It only advanced one level.

(We only have about three weeks left, and at this rate, we’ll be out of time.)

“I’ve been using my [buff] as much as my magic powers allow me to…”

Ninya’s words were most likely true.

But if they continue in the same manner, Ninya will be expelled.

“We’ll take aggressive measures.”

Nell makes a decision.

“I’ll have it ready by tomorrow; see you then.”

And the next day.

“Ninya is going to drink this.”

She showed her a liquid in a small bottle.

“What is this?”

“It’s a magic-restoring potion.”

It’s something you drink when your magical power is low.

“When my magical power runs out, I take this medicine to increase the number of times I use my skill, right?”

“No, it isn’t.”

” Eh?”

“You must drink it even if you have sufficient magical power. The body will then have an excess of magic, and it will try to consume it by using the magic itself. If you keep doing this, your [buff] skill will naturally improve.”

As she spoke, Nell brought a box of them.

“If you drink this many bottles, your [buff] should be strong enough to keep you from being expelled.”

The box in Nell’s hand held over 100 bottles of magic-restoring potion.”

“I understand.”

Ninya says as she reaches for a bottle.

“Wait a second.”

Nell stops her.

“Excessive use of magic drugs is likely to result in side effects. Do you still want to go through with it?”

“Y-Yes, I will!”

Ninya gave a nod.

“Ugh, ugh.”

Ninya had experienced something by the time she had finished her fifth bottle.

She was clutching her head in pain.

“Do you want to quit?”

“N-No, I’ll do it…”

Nina drinks the magic-restoring potion one after the other as she says this.

As she does so, she nearly vomits, but manages to suppress the nausea as she drinks.

(Why is she putting in so much effort?)

Nell was perplexed.

Ninya’s status bar displayed the word [responsibility].

(What is the purpose of this ‘responsibility’?)

“Hey, why are you trying so hard?”

When a week had passed since Ninya had started taking the magic-restoring potions, Nell had suddenly asked.

“Because if I don’t put in the effort, the other kids will…”

Ninya continued to drink the magic-restoring potion.

She later discovered that Ninya wanted to improve the treatment of the orphan children.

She was told that in order to do so, she needed to strengthen herself and contribute to the clan.

Nell had been trying not to get involved with other children, so she had never heard of such a story.

(You look like a fool.)

Nell honestly believed this after hearing Ninya’s story.

(It’s ridiculous to be concerned about others when you can’t even take care of yourself.)


“Hey, Nell. I have a favor to ask you…”

Two weeks after the start of special training

Ninya, crouching sickly, said this after the day’s special training session.


“Would you mind stealing some snacks from the kitchen for me?”

(Stealing snacks?)

Nell was surprised because Ninya didn’t look like the kind of person who would misbehave like that.


“I occasionally steal snacks and give them to other children. So, every now and then, I get caught and beaten up. I haven’t been able to do it in a long time because I’ve been sick, so… could you do it for me?”

“Well, sure.”

Nell gave a nod.

She thought to herself, (What a stupid thing to do, stealing snacks for other kids.)

However, Nell’s scouting skills make it simple for her to steal, so she has no qualms about doing so.


When she returned, the children came running to Ninya.

“Today, we brought snacks for everyone.”

Really? Thank you very much, Ninya-oneechan!”

“Well, I didn’t bring them today, but Nell did.”

“Here you go.”

At these words, Nell hands over a box of cookies.

“”””””Thank you very much, Nell-oneechan!””””””

When the children thanked her, they were already absorbed in the box of cookies.

“You must share the cookies with everyone, okay?”

Ninya said, then retreated into the background.

She seemed to be maintaining her composure, but Nell could tell.


Age: 12

Skill: Buff Level 25

Talent: None


The word [responsibility] had been replaced by [headache].

She must be enduring a lot of pain.

However, at this rate, she should be able to make some headway before Garga’s deadline.

She must persevere until then.

(Ninya will make it through.)

That’s what Nell believes.

Chapter 30: Nell, Reminiscing (3)

A month has gone by.

“This one would be of use, at the very least.”

Ninya’s [buff] level finally reached 30.

This showed the advantage of Ninya’s [buff] over the normal buff skill.

“A skill that grows the more you use it.”

Saying so, Garga makes a gesture of thinking.

Nell did not inform him that Ninya’s [buff] has the concept of levels.

because she didn’t want them to know that her appraisal skills were unique.

“Interesting. Ninya, we’ll keep you for the time being.”

“Thank you very much.”

Ninya takes a bow.

(This is the end of my duties.)

Nell thought that now Ninya would be relieved.

But the real hell was about to begin for Ninya.


“Um, Nell-chan, can I come in?”

One day, Ninya came knocking on Nell’s door.


It’s past midnight.

Nell is exhausted and about to fall asleep in her bed.

Nell wonders what she wants  at this hour.

“I’d like to talk to you about something…”

“Well, sure.”

She lets Ninya into the room.

It had been a long time since she had spoken to Ninya in person.

TL: Ninya’s 12 the previous chapter


Age: 14

Skill: Buff Level 65

Talent: None


It had been more than a year since the training.

The level of her [buff] has also improved a lot.

“So, what do you want to discuss?”


Ninya remains downcast, as if she is having difficulty speaking.

Her complexion is very pale. The word “headache” has not disappeared all these years.

Ninya seemed to have been made to take magic-restoring potions since then.

Nell didn’t tell Garga about the magic-restoring potion, but the story must have gone out somewhere.

“Hey, hurry up and tell me. It’s late.”

She urged Ninya, who had yet to speak.

“That’s right, sorry…” Ninya apologizes.

“Actually, I came here to ask you for a favor, Nell-chan.”

“A favor?”

“Yes, please.”

“What exactly is it?”


Ninya took a breath and said, “I want you to kill me.”

At that moment, Nell’s mind was flooded with all kinds of emotions.


Nell can’t make a judgment without hearing the reason first.

“I’ve been having terrible headaches lately. There are times when I’m not sure if I’m dreaming or awake. My memory is frequently interrupted…”

Various side effects appear when a large amount of magic-restoring potion is consumed.

There must have been hallucinations and insomnia among them.

“…I went into a dungeon with some clan members today, and I don’t remember much, but I think I killed someone.”

[killed someone] Nell’s spine tingles with fear as she hears Ninya say these ridiculous words.

(What is this girl trying to say?)

“…I don’t think you’re strong enough to kill an adventurer. I think you’re mistaken.”

Nell deliberated.

Ninya, who only has a [buff] skill, should not be able to kill other adventurers.

“Yeah, maybe I’m mistaken.”

Ninya admitted truthfully.

“But my memory is terrible, and I’m not sure if I did it or not. But I still think I really did it.”

“I’ve heard that a clan member didn’t return from the dungeon today…”

Yes, there was an adventurer who died today in the dungeon.

Ninya was also rumored to be at a party with that adventurer.

(I still can’t believe it.)

It wasn’t because Ninya couldn’t have done it, but because Ninya lacked the skills necessary to kill other adventurers.

“If you think about it rationally, Ninya is incompetent with only [buff] skill. You could never kill another adventurer.”

So Nell pointed out the facts in a matter-of-fact way.

“No, but I’ve been thinking about it recently. I think this skill of mine is a more terrible skill than I thought…”

“But your skill can’t kill any other adventurer.”

“…But what if I buff the demons?”

Ninya looked at her and muttered.

“Are you capable of doing that?”

“Yes, I [buffed] the demons for a split second before “he” attacked me, and the demons broke through his shield, which the demons shouldn’t have been able to break.”

“Was that why you killed him?”

“Because he hit me.”

“I understand.”

Nell reasoned, (That’s a good enough reason to kill him.)

“So why should I kill you?”

“If things continue like this, I may end up killing the other clan members. So, before that, kill me.”

“It doesn’t matter if you kill them or if I kill you.”

Nell speaks her mind honestly.

(I don’t mind if she kills the clan members. It’s actually refreshing.)

“I’m not as strong-minded as Nell-chan.”


Nell responds quickly.

Then she raised a sudden question that had just popped into her head.

“Why me?”

She had only met Ninya while they were training together, and she had no recollection of them being close friends.

There must have been other orphan children left in the clan, or someone Ninya was closer to.

(How come she was telling me such an important story?)

“Isn’t Nell-chan kind? Besides, I have no one else to talk to about this except you.”

(I’m kind…?)

Nell has no recollection.

It’s Ninya who’s the kind one.

“If you’re going to die, die on your own terms. Please don’t drag me into it.”

Nell expresses her true feelings.

Nell has no reason to go to the trouble of killing Ninya.

“Right, I’m sorry…”

Ninya nods and stands up.

“I’m sorry for asking you to do such an unreasonable thing. I was most likely taking advantage of Nell-chan’s kindness.”

Ninya begins to walk out of the room after saying this.

Nell kept an eye on her back.

(Perhaps this is the last time we say goodbye.)


The next thing she knew, Nell was holding Ninya’s arm.

“I’ll see what I can do about it.”

As she says this, she pulls Ninya into an embrace.

“Hehehe… I knew Nell-chan was very kind.”

(I’m not.)

By the time she thought so, Ninya had already closed her eyes.

Chapter 31: Nell, Reminiscing (4)

Nell was thinking as she tucked Ninya into his bed.

(How will I proceed?)

“I’ll figure something out,” she said, but she didn’t have a specific plan in mind.

She just blurted something out in the heat of the moment.

But once she says she’s going to do something, she has to own up to it.

Ninya had two requests.

to kill her.

and to prevent her from killing other adventurers.

(What should I do to fulfill these two wishes?) She racked her brains until she reached a conclusion, just as the sun was about to rise.

“G-Good morning, Nell-chan.”

Suddenly, she noticed Ninya getting out of bed.

Her concentration was off, and her steps were shaky.

Ninya’s ambiguous state of dream or reality is most likely happening right now.

” …Good morning, Ninya.”

Nell responded.

Ninya then tries to leave the room.

“Ninya, from today you are going to live with me. You must come back to this room at night.”


Ninya responded vaguely and exited the room.

She was a little worried, but all she had to do was wait and trust that everything would be fine at the end of the day.

Then Nell spent the entire day preparing.

“I’m back…”

Ninya returned to Nell’s room at night, as promised.

She could see that Ninya’s eyes were vacant and that she must have been in a state of unconsciousness.

“Ninya, please take a seat.”

Ninya was seated on the bed.

“Drink it.”

She presses a small bottle of liquid against Ninya’s lips.

Ninya downs the entire bottle without hesitation.

“What I just gave you is a hypnotic drug.”


Ninya replies shortly.

Perhaps she didn’t understand everything Nell said.

All Nell has done today is figure out how to get this drug and make it suggestible.

Ninya is obviously easy to influence, but she thought that giving Ninya the drug would work better.

Now for the specifics of the suggestion…

Nell placed her hand to her lips and considered it before saying,

“You are an incompetent person who is incapable of doing anything.”

“I’m an incompetent person who can’t do anything…”

Ninya, who appeared to be in a trance, recited the same words.

“Every result was caused by someone other than you.”

“Every result is the cause of someone other than me…”

“Because you are incompetent, you have nothing to do with whatever happens.”

“Because I’m incompetent, I have nothing to do with whatever happens…”

Ninya repeats Nell’s words over and over.

(That’s all for today.)

For several days, Nell worked on suggestions.

And then, after a few days,


Age: 14

Skill: Buff Lv68, Cognitive Disability

Talent: None


There was an extra skill.

Nell wasn’t sure if [cognitive disability] was a skill, but she had accomplished her goal.

Ninya believes that she is incompetent.

Ninya would not be able to come up with the idea of killing someone in this state.

And if she accidentally kills someone, she will not realize she is to blame.

(The first wish has been granted.)

Nell gives Ninya one more suggestion: [buff] all clan members.

A skill has a distance limit by definition.

A priest, for example, can heal within a 10 meter radius.

Nell, on the other hand, expected Ninya’s leveling skill to have a much wider range of distance.

In fact, when she tried it, she was able to [buff] someone who was over a kilometer away.

So she told Ninya to [buff] as many clan members as she could.

Ninya, who was being influenced, unconsciously listened to what Nell said.

Nell forced Ninya to do this for two reasons.

The first reason was to bridge the gap between reality and Ninya’s belief that she is incompetent.

If she realized that something other than reality was going on, she had the option of removing the suggestion.

Ninya’s [buff] skill would be like slicing pound cake, and the more subjects she [buffed], the less effective it would be.

It was Nell’s [appraisal/modified] skill that made her realize this.

Since Ninya takes on the burden of secretly buffing everyone in the clan, she can only [buff] a few people when she receives the order to do so.

Then Ninya would be further implicated as being incompetent.

Another reason is the faint hope that everything will go well.

Ninya’s wish was to kill herself.

(There was no need to force a solution to this problem anymore.)

The reason Ninya wanted Nell to kill her was that she might unknowingly kill someone, and even if Nell does not take direct action, Ninya will die sooner or later.

That’s how weak Ninya was.

That’s how Nell managed to gain complete control over Ninya.

Chapter 32: Nell Makes Her Move

When Nell did a self-appraisal one day, she saw that the words “all status buffs” were no longer there.

This was caused by Ninya.

(Ninya is dead…)

All of a sudden, Nell thinks so.

She wasn’t particularly sad.

However, there was a sense of loss.

Ninya was obviously going to die at some point.

So there was no reason to be depressed.

Nell did, however, dig a small grave.

It’s just a simple stone grave.

There were many other graves around it.

They are the graves made by Ninya.

They all belonged to clan members from the orphanage.


Several days later,

Garga, the clan’s leader, declares an attack on the dungeon.

It was a massive dungeon assault on an unprecedented scale.

They are going to attack the boss in the deepest part of the dungeon.

Nell will accompany them.

Perhaps Nell’s secret plan would work. With such faint hopes.

And seeing the [Gray-Brigade-Clan] being destroyed in the face of the Gigante-Dragon, Nell thought that her ruse had worked.

Nell is happy because the results are better than she expected, even though she thought the chances of failure would be higher.

Then the [Gray-Brigade-Clan] had a rough go of it.

36 people were killed.

They were all the best members of the clan that perished.

The discussion shifted to who was to blame for the deaths.

Garga, the clan’s leader, was, of course, blamed.

Garga vanished from public view after declaring that he would investigate the cause.


“Hey, Nell.”

Nell was walking down a back alley by herself.

Garga, the clan leader, stood in front of her.

“Everyone is searching for you.”

“It makes no difference… Is it true that Ninya was buffing everyone in the clan?”

(Come to think of it, I remember telling Garga about it.)

She was so excited at the time that she said a lot of things that were unnecessary.

“That’s not possible. If I am saying such a thing, it is just a misunderstanding. “

Nell flatly denies it.

“Yeah, you’re right.”

Garga scratches his head.

Garga then walks away, as if he has completed his task.

(Should I tell the rest of the clan about what happened? To begin with, is it really necessary to inform them?)

In the [Gray-Brigade-Clan], Nell held a unique position.

Nell is an outcast who is not affiliated with any faction.

As a result, now that Garga’s influence was gone, she was not involved in the factional strife within the [Gray-Brigade-Clan].

Nell was strolling alone in the city.

That was back then.

“I heard that there was an extraordinary adventurer named Ninya…”

She is startled to hear a conversation.

She looked around and noticed two men conversing.

“Can you tell me more?”

Nell said.

The men became terrified.

When people in this city realize they are speaking to a [Gray-Brigade-Clan], they always shrink.

“W-Well, let’s see, there’s a great adventurer named Ninya in Wynn…”

One of the men tells her.


Nell thanked the men casually and handed them some money.

It’s a small token of gratitude.

(Probably the adventurer of the same name…)

Ninya is no longer alive.

So Ninya can’t be there.

She thought so, but Nell’s heartbeat was quickening.

And her steps are leading her to the city of Wynn.

Chapter 33: Ninya Cat Ears!

“Here’s a tassel, Ninya!”


“Come over here!”


“It really is this way!”

“Don’t tease me, Nyan!”

“S-So adorable…! I’ve decided to keep Ninya for the rest of my life!”

Neneli was nuzzling Ninya, who was wearing cat ears.

“W-What are you guys up to?”

Valla was perplexed by the situation at hand.

“What do you mean? Ninya said she wanted to buy new equipment, remember?”

Neneli looks at Valla with a “What are you asking the obvious?” tone.

Yes, Ninya mentioned that she needed to replace her equipment, so the three of them went to the equipment store today.

“I know that, but…”

Valla is baffled as to why this is happening while they are looking for equipment. Valla is embarrassed because people are staring at them.

“Do you not think this equipment is cute, Valla-chan?”

Ninya rose to her feet and cocked her head.

Ninya was dressed entirely in cat attire.

She wore a hood with cat ears, paw-pad gloves, and even a tail. Valla can’t help but be impressed that she found such equipment.

“Well, Ninya is the cutest thing Valla-chan has ever seen, aside from Valla-chan.”

Ninya’s cat ears were adorable.

She’s particularly drawn to her cat ears. She also wants to pet her all over her body as much as possible.

But Valla suppressed such desires.

“Yay, Valla-chan complimented me!”

Ninya starts jumping around.

Valla thought to herself as she saw her like that,

(I can see why Neneli likes Ninya so much.)

“What’s that in Neneli’s hand?”

“It’s a toy with a harpoon.”

Neneli said this while moving the toy in her hand.

Then Ninya yells, “Nyan!” and leaps on it.

Valla feared that if Ninya chose to wear this equipment, she would be forced to look at it every time they went out.

“Ninya! Valla-chan, who has good taste, will select better equipment for you!”

“Are you criticizing my sense of style?”

Neneli casts a stern look at Valla.

Yes, that’s what happens when you let Neneli choose her own gear.

Then let Valla decide.

“Wow, I want Valla-chan to pick my own equipment as well.”

Ninya leapt to her feet.


30 minutes later.

“Kukuku. How’s that? My rebirth… what was it again, Valla-chan?”

“Say like this…”

“Kukuku. What do you think of my reborn form? I don’t have to ask. It seems that I am so dazzling that I could steal your gaze.”

Ninya finished her lines, though she struggled in the second half.

Ninya was dressed completely in black.

She also wore a cross as an accessory, as well as a black eye patch, the purpose of which was unknown.

It had to have been a style known as “gothic lolita”.

“All right, there we have it!”

Neneli gave her approval.

Valla’s concept impressed Neneli.

“This is a great way to boost Ninya’s cuteness.”

“Wow, Neneli-chan, praise me! Eh, what was it again? It’s very kind of you to compliment me. Valla-chan! What else should I say?!”

“This is what you’re going to say…”

Valla whispered to Ninya.

“You are very wise t-to compliment me!”

Finally, Ninya says


The stuttering feeling became even cuter, and Neneli almost got a nosebleed.

“H-How did you get these clothes?”

“Fufufu, Valla-chan is the only one who can find this!”

Valla puffed her chest out.

“However, you did a good job with these clothes.”

Neneli takes Ninya’s clothes.

You can see the detailed embroidery if you look closely, which is a different kind of fun.

“Does Valla like these clothes?”

“There’s no way that could happen!”

For some reason, Valla was denying it with a red face.

Perhaps she remembered something from the past.

“Um, in these clothes, I can’t fight…”

Ninya was right.


“So you decided on that outfit after all.”

Ninya puts on the cat ears (hood with cat ears) and walks out of the equipment store.

She did not, however, purchase gloves with paws or a tail. Neither will be needed for the fight.

“Ninya, you look cute.”

Neneli compliments.

“Hehehe~, thank you nyan.”

“You don’t have to add ‘nyan’ to the end of your words just because you wear cat ears.”

“You’re right, that’s true. I mean, yes, that’s right.”

(Valla-chan was right; there was no need to include the word “nyan” at the end. I mean, I’m not even sure why I wore it…)

“It would be cuter if you added a “nyan” sound at the end.”

In frustration, Neneli cracks a joke.

“No, it’s not appropriate to speak like that in public…”

Valla scolds calmly.

“On that note, why did you change your equipment, Ninya? You could have kept your old gray hood. “

Valla suddenly says something like that.


Ninya was at a loss for words.

To be honest, she had wanted to upgrade her equipment for quite some time.

She was finally able to fulfill her wish with the money she had saved after hunting demons for a long time.

She wanted to change her equipment because…

The gray hood represents [Gray-Brigade-Clan].

She disliked wearing such clothes.

“I’ve had that outfit on for a long time, and it’s pretty worn out.”

“Hmm, it certainly appeared that way when you said it.”

Valla concurred.

Ninya is relieved that she was able to persuade Valla to believe the lie she told on the spur of the moment.

Ninya wonders what their reaction would be if she told them about the [Gray-Brigade-Clan].

(They’re both lovely people, and I’m sure they feel bad for me…But I don’t want to tell them.)

Ninya didn’t want to bring the dark past into the joyous present.

“Um, may I take your hand?”

“I’m always glad to take your hand!”

Neneli then firmly grasps Ninya’s hand.

“Can I also hold Valla-chan’s hand?”

“Well, I don’t mind…”

Valla shyly holds her hand.

The three of them then walked down the street while holding hands.

People passing them on the street smiled at them.

Ninya was a little embarrassed, but she increased the pressure on her hands.

Ninya will be very happy if this warm relationship can last forever.

“N-Ninya… How?”

A girl in a gray hood stood in front of them.

Her hair was a bright navy blue, and her eyes were black.

Yes, her name was—


Ninya softly murmurs.

It was a chance encounter after a long time.

Chapter 34: Ninya-chan, Remember

Ninya, whom Nell had assumed was dead, is standing right in front of her.

For a brief moment, she wonders if she has unexpectedly encountered a ghost.

But then she realized she wasn’t seeing a ghost in front of her.

“N-Ninya… how?”

The question was out of her mouth.


Age: 14

Skill: buff/modified, Cognitive Disability

Talent: None


She sees Ninya’s information at the same time.

“… Nell-chan.”

Ninya was perplexed as well.

There were girls on either side of Nina that she didn’t know.

And Ninya’s status had shifted from [headache] to [Happy].

Nell guesses that Ninya now has friends and is having a good time.

That’s why Nell shouldn’t have come out in front of Ninya; she was the one who was going to ruin her happiness.


Unconsciously, Nell was running away as fast as she could.

(I need to leave…)

She thought.


“Was that your friend, Ninya?”

” Y-Yes.”

“Aren’t you supposed to be going after her?”

“I’m not sure…”

She yelled “Wait!” but she wasn’t sure if she should pursue the person who had fled so quickly.

“If you’re concerned, it means you want to pursue her. You shouldn’t have bothered in the first place if you didn’t care about her.”

“That’s right. I’m not sure what your reasons are, but shouldn’t you go if you’re friends?”

The two of them back her.

“Yes, you’re right. Thank you both!”

Ninya takes a step forward.

(Let’s think about what we’ll talk about after we meet.)

“Quick-Feet [buff/modified]!”

Ninya stomps on the ground.


This world is harsh for Nell.

To survive, she must be tough.

It’s been like this since the orphanage.

They will take away your food if you are weak. So Nell focused on growing stronger and grabbing food.

And that’s what she did after she joined the [Gray-Brigade-Clan].

The weak were all killed.

And Nell was able to survive because she was strong.

Ninya is a weak person in Nell’s opinion.

As a result, the adults exploited her and weakened her.

And Nell will continue to live in a harsh world, watching the weak perish before the strong.

It’s like a wedge for Nell that will last until she dies.

(I had the option of escaping the harsh world.)

When she saw Ninya’s current state, Nell realized it for the first time.

For Nell, the [Gray-Brigade-Clan] was something she would have to live with for the rest of her life, and she didn’t see any way out.

In fact, the [Gray-Brigade-Clan] will not let you leave, and if you do, they will punish you severely.



When she turned around, she saw Ninya.

(No way, I didn’t think she’d come after me.)


Nell uses her scouting ability.

You’ll never catch up to her with acceleration unless you’re also a scout.

“Wait, Nell-chan!”


Ninya was running next to her.

(This is crazy. I’m supposed to be running quickly.)

” Acceleration…!”

(Maybe I didn’t activate my skill properly.)

She ponders this, then employs her skill once more.

Then her speed increased even more.

“Nell-chan, you’re so fast!”


(How is Ninya catching up to me?!)

Ninya, for starters, lacked the ability to run fast.

Normally, she should be able to overtake Ninya in the blink of an eye.

(Something’s wrong.)

“A-Acceleration… What?!”

She quickened her pace even more.

Following that,

“Don’t run away from me, Nell-chan! I just need to speak with you for a moment!”

She just can’t seem to get away from Ninya.

Before she knows it, they’re out of the city and running through the woods.


Nell was perplexed.

It’s impossible for Ninya to catch up with her.

(How can she possibly be following me?)


By the time Nell realized it, her strength had reached its limit.

Her legs wobbled and she collapsed to the ground.

Her legs didn’t appear to be moving any longer.

“Nell-chan, you’re so fast that I couldn’t keep up with you…”

Ninya was standing nearby.

She’s breathing heavily but appears to be fine.

“Pursuing me… Are you here to exact vengeance?”

Nell responds quickly, unable to think of another reason for Ninya to pursue her.

“Eh? Why would I do something like that?”

Ninya tilted her head.

“Because I did something terrible to you.”

“D-Did you…?”

Ninya looks distracted.

“You don’t recall?”

“Is there such a thing?”

“I suppose you forgot.”

“Wait a minute, yes, I’ll remember now!”

Ninya puts her fingers to her temples and moans. “Hm~~~~~”

She was desperately trying to recall something.


Ninya then falls silent.

She appears to have given up trying to remember.

The following moment, Ninya smiled as she clapped her hands.

She appears to have had a good idea.

“Intelligence [buff/modified]!”

Ninya buffed her head at these words.

Nell had no idea what she was doing.

“Thinking… I’ve got it!”

Ninya turned around to face Nell.

“Did you remember?”

“Yes, I remember now. But not everything. However, I remembered what Nell-chan did to me.”

“So you know I was awful to Ninya?”

“N-No, I don’t believe so…”

“Why? I was the first to administer her restorative potions.”

“But Nell-chan only gave it to me for the first month, after which the others continued to give it to me. And I know Nell-chan kept the restorative potion a secret from everyone…”

“…But I let you die.”

“Garga was the one who kicked me out. After all, no one can stand up to Garga.”


“Besides, I was the one who begged Nell-chan. I asked her to kill me. And didn’t Nell-chan fulfill that request?”

“But, I never considered saving you!”

“In any case, I was so weak at the time that I was doomed to die.”

“But I took advantage of your death…”

“You did?”

“…yes, I’m the worst.”

“But Nell-chan had her own ideas, didn’t she?”

“Why are you protecting me so much?!”

“Because I know Nell-chan is kind.”

“I’m not!”


She was so taken aback by herself that she burst out shouting.

“I… I’m not kind…”

She wanted to deny it with all her heart.

(Yes, I’m far from being kind.)

“But you are. Because Nell-chan was extremely helpful to me.”

Ninya gently hugs Nell.

“I should thank Nell-chan for everything.”

“I don’t recall doing anything that is worth thanking…”

“I know Nell-chan was watching over us behind our backs.”

“I-I have no knowledge of that…”

“Nell-chan was the first of the children from the orphanage to become strong, and she gave the adults a hard time.”

“…It didn’t mean much.”

“But because Nell-chan was leading the way, we had hope. We all worked hard with Nell-chan as our goal.”

“But, I did not attempt to save everyone.

“I know. I understand how difficult Nell-chan’s situation was, and how she tried to gain acceptance by being strong, despite the fact that she was discriminated against because she was an orphan.”

” B-But.”

“Nell-chan has also saved my life numerous times.”


“When I was being forced to fight a demon, I realized that Nell-chan was secretly helping me.”

“Hehehe,” Ninya chuckles.

“And for that, I can’t thank Nell-chan enough.”

Ninya looked very dazzling.

That dazzle nearly engulfs Nell.

Something changed inside Nell after that.

“…Ninya, I’m sorry.”

Her words revealed her true feelings.

“There is nothing to apologize for with Nel-chan.”

Nell was expecting Ninya to say that.

because Ninya is a nice person.

(That is why I should not rely on such kindness.)

Nell made her decision quietly.

Even if Ninya does not accuse her, the fact that Nell committed a sin remains.

Yes, sin requires punishment.


Ninya lets a word slip out.

In the next moment, Ninya is lying on the floor.

In Nell’s hand was a sleeping bag.

Nell then sprinkles Ninya with a powder made from a plant called dachura, which emits a smell that demons do not like.

This would prevent her from being attacked by demons while she slept.

Nell then trudges forward.

Looking for a place to die.

Chapter 35: Ninya-Chan, I Want To Be Loved and Cared For

Neneli and Valla wandered around the city after Ninya vanished, with nowhere to go.

“Hey, Neneli, why did you decide to become an adventurer?”

Valla asked.

She wasn’t particularly interested in Neneli’s motivations for becoming an adventurer, but she couldn’t think of anything else to say.

“It’s just something to do to pass the time.”

Neneli said casually.

(Is that it?)

Valla wondered.

The topic would be over if they couldn’t expand on it any further.

“I see.”

Valla responded, stifling the thought.

“So, why did you decide to become an adventurer, Valla?”

Neneli asked a question out of the blue.

(Good. We can now continue the conversation for a little longer.)

“Well, Valla-chan is quite the genius…”

“…Perhaps you should practice a little more humility.”


Valla snorts.

“It’s true. Because Valla-chan is a genius, and the profession in which she can best demonstrate her genius is that of an adventurer. As a result, Valla-chan became an adventurer.”

“But you can’t compete with Ninya.”

“…That’s out of the ordinary.”

Valla was no match for Ninya, no matter how hard she tried.

“How is she so strong anyway?”

“I’m not sure.”

“You don’t know?”

“Because she doesn’t even realize it, so there’s no way of knowing.”


“And I think Ninya doesn’t like to talk much about herself…”

Valla was curious if this was true.

Not that Valla had ever considered it.

“But you’re very protective of Ninya, aren’t you?”

“Because she’s very cute.”

(Well, I’m not sure about that.)

“I believe Valla-chan is cuter.”

Valla looked at Neneli with a superior look.

(I have to say, I’m honestly not happy that Ninya is the only one who gets all the attention. Valla-chan is also cute. Then Valla-chan should be equally adored.)


Neneli sticks out her tongue as if she had witnessed something repulsive.

“You’re hurting Valla-chan’s feelings!”

“I’m not sure you’re the type of girl I’d want as a younger sister.”

“What! What exactly do you mean by “little sister?!”

“Only pure girls appeal to me.”

“P-Perhaps Valla-chan is pure as well…”

“All right, good luck with that.”

She cheered her up in a nonchalant manner.

“By the way, I was wondering what you were doing all this time with your left hand?”

Neneli inquired abruptly.

“Oh,you mean this?”

Valla held a celestial globe in her left hand.

“It’s my danger-prediction skill. It’s been measuring Ninya and that dark blue girl to see if they’re okay. Well, I’m sure they are, but just in case.”

“That’s what you were doing…”

For some reason, Neneli gives her a stern look.

“Oh no…”

Valla said shortly.

“Is there something wrong?”

“The threat level has shifted. One of them will probably die!”

Chapter 36: Valla-chan, Fall

(How did this happen?)

Nell was alone in the twilight.

(A little while ago, I would have been fine with anyone’s death.)

It was the same when she assumed Ninya was dead.

She had been in a situation where she had to accept it, and her senses had become numb to it.

But after experiencing Ninya’s kindness, she felt miserable.


She lets out a sigh naturally.

(It would be harsh to continue working in the [Gray-Brigade-Clan] with such emotions in my heart. Then it is preferable to die. Besides, I still can’t forgive myself for what I did to Ninya.)

“Why are you here?”

Behind her, she hears a voice.

She looks around and notices a girl standing there with her reddish hair pulled back in a pigtail.


Age: 15

Skill: (Hidden)

Occupation: Astrologer

High Self-esteem

Thanks to the appraisal/modified skill, information about the girl flows into her head.

(I recalled her being one of the girls with Ninya.)

“Where I am is none of your business.”

Nell shows a disapproving attitude.

“This is my business. You were with Ninya. So why did you leave her?”

Valla inquires once more.

Nell was irritated, but she knew the girl would keep asking her even if she ignored her.

That’s why she gave a straightforward answer to the question.

“To die. This is the ideal place to pass away.”

“…It most certainly is.”

Nell’s current location.

The deepest section of the forest near the city.

Once there, you’ll notice a massive sinkhole.

The Gates of Hell.

That is the sinkhole’s name.

It’s so deep that even standing on the edge and looking down, all you can see is darkness.

Furthermore, it is believed that a powerful demon dwells in the pit’s depths, but no specifics are known.

This is due to the fact that no adventurer has ever returned after falling into the pit.

As a result, it was without a doubt the best place to die.

“Are you saying you got into an argument with Ninya?”

“…Something like that.”

Actually, no, but she felt that explaining it would be too much trouble, so she accepted it.

Is that why you’re so obsessed with death?Are you stupid?”

(Why do I need to be told this by someone I’ve just met?)

Nell was annoyed.

“It’s none of your business.”

“Speaking of which, what’s your name? I haven’t heard it yet.”


“By the way, Valla-chan’s name is Valla-chan.”

“I know.”

“Eh? How did you find out?”

(It’s because of my appraisal skills, but I’m not going to tell her that.)

“So, Nell, what makes you want to die? Please explain your reasoning in detail.”

(Why should I? But I think it’s a good idea to talk at least a little bit to sort through my emotions before I die.)

“I did something terrible to Ninya. That’s why I don’t deserve to live.”

“Hmph, is Ninya upset?”

“Not at all…she’s kind.”

“You don’t have to die then, do you?”

“…Are you trying to stop me from dying?”

Nell asked.

Valla paused for a moment before saying,

“Look, Valla-chan is a perfect girl. So, as a perfect woman, it is her responsibility to prevent someone from dying in front of her.


Nell reflected, (I don’t get this girl.)

“Besides, I would feel bad if you died in front of me, as if Valla-chan had left you for dead.”

“…It does not change the fact that I will die.”

“Oh, Valla-chan has got an idea.”

In a flash of inspiration, Valla claps her hands.

“If Nell falls down the hole, Valla-chan will also fall down.”

Smugly, Valla declared.

“You cannot fall.”

Nell reasoned.

(Is she insane? I’m not going to stop myself just because you said so.)

“So let’s go back to Ninya. You’ll wonder why you bothered with this nonsense after you’ve calmed down.”

But Nell had stopped paying attention to Valla’s words.

Nell approached the hole slowly.


Valla’s attempts to stop her were ignored.

“Tell Ninya ‘thank you’.”

At the same time she said this, Nell fell into the hole with a jerk.

(This is how I intend to die.)

Nell thinks this as if it were someone else’s problem, peering into the darkness at the bottom.

Nell closes her eyes and feels her body falling.


After that, she hears a scream.

When she looks up, she notices Valla falling with her.


Nell says it unintentionally.

“Why did you…?!”

“Because Valla-chan keeps her words!”

As she falls, Valla makes a smug face.

“But if things continue like this, Valla-chan will perish! What should I do?!”

Nell was internally questioning whether there were truly people who would fall as she had declared.

Chapter 37: Ninya-chan, Good Night

Nell was falling into a deep hole called the Gates of Hell.

“Hey, Nell! You must help me!”

For some reason, Valla had fallen into the hole with Nell.

“It’s impossible. There’s nothing I can do!”

Nell is adamantly opposed.

In fact, Nell can’t think of any way to fall from this height and survive.

“Well, first we have to get over the fact that we can’t see anything!”

Valla stated before casting her skill.


Valla’s celestial globe shone with a brilliant light.

With this, the hole, which had been dark, became visible.

Nell remembers that Valla is an astrologer as the results of her appraisal.

“Nell, hold my hand!”

Valla extends her hand.

Nell unintentionally takes her hand.

“Fufu, you held my hand!”

Valla laughed.

“Did you think Valla-chan would have jumped in without thinking?!”

Nell’s eyes widened.

(Did she really have a plan?)

“Gravity manipulation!”

At that moment, their falling speed drops sharply.

“Valla-chan is an absolute genius! She made it through the fall from such a great height!”

Valla was proud of herself.

(I’ve been set up.)

Nell pondered.

She had no idea Valla had such a skill.

“Was that a ruse?”

Because earlier, Valla was yelling, “What should I do?!”

But if she had such skill, there was no need for her to be in a hurry.

“Half of it was a ruse.”

Valla looks down.

“However, it is true that I want you to help, because this is where it all begins.”

In the pit’s depths, a shadow was stirring.

At the bottom of the Gates of Hell, there is a powerful demon.

(Now that I think about it, there was a story like that.)

“You will help Valla-chan live. She will not take no for an answer!”

“I sincerely wish to be killed by a demon.”

“Are you going to let me die?!”

Nell is unable to answer, because she has recently come to regret her decision.

“I don’t have a choice. I’ll help.”

Nell simply nods.

“Then let’s get out of here alive!”

Valla staggered to the ground upon landing.

Nell also landed on the ground with her.


In front of them was a demon figure screaming.

Earth Dragon


A massive dragon with rock-like skin.

The strength of the SS-rank is so great that more than 10 S-rank adventurers are needed to manage to get even

It is too powerful for Nell and Valla to handle alone.

“What can you do?”

“Valla-chan has the ability to heal and disable the enemy!”

“Alright. Then I’ll be the tank that draws the demon away from you, while you protect me from behind.”

A tank who takes on the enemy’s attacks is typically played by a durable shield, axe, or greatsword wielder.

When Nell was hunting monsters with the [Gray-Brigade-Clan] members, she frequently took on the role of a tank despite being a scout with low durability.

This is because Nell’s low durability is balanced by her high evasion skill, which lets her do her job as a tank.

In addition, an evasion shield is someone who takes over the tank by using his or her evasion ability.


Nell approaches with skill, holding twin swords in both hands.

The Earth-Dragon is a dragon with no limbs.

It shifts its torso and collides with Nell.

Nell, on the other hand, can avoid it.

Nell takes a sidestep, avoids the Earth-Dragon’s attack, and draws her twin swords.


Nell uses her most offensive ability.


There is only a crackling sound.

(It doesn’t work at all!)

This was to be expected.

The earth-dragon’s skin is as hard as a rock. Then it must have a certain durability.

But it’s difficult to bear when your attacks fail completely.

(Is there such a thing as a weak spot?)

Every demon has a weakness.

As an example, consider the eyes, joints, and so on.

The Earth-Dragon, on the other hand, lacks an eye-like feature. It has no limbs, so its joints are unlikely to be weak.

The inside of its mouth is the only other possibility.


Valla’s voice can be heard.

Immediately, a surge of electricity runs through the Earth-Dragon’s body.

“Huh? It does not appear to be working!”

The Earth-Dragon appears to stop moving for a brief moment before restarting.

It seems to have noticed Valla and turned its attention away from Nell and toward Valla.

Valla will be attacked if this continues.


Nell charges at the Earth-Dragon.

The Earth-Dragon, on the other hand, seems unconcerned about Nell’s approach, as if it knows Nell’s attack will be ineffective.

(Then I will attack as I please.)


She swings down on the Earth-Dragon’s mouth, even if it bites her and she loses both arms.


As predicted, the Earth-Dragon collapses to the ground, coughing up blood.


“It doesn’t matter.”

When the arms are pulled out of the Earth Dragon’s mouth, they are covered in blood because its teeth are caught in them.

“I’ll fix you right now.”

“We don’t have time for that!”

Nell screams.

The Earth-Dragon was about to launch another attack.

It had done some damage, but it was far from fatal.

Nell questioned whether the two of them could truly defeat it.


“What is Ninya doing sleeping here?”

both at the same time.

Ninya had been discovered sleeping in the woods by Neneli.

She held a celestial globe, the same copy of the globe that Valla possessed.

The Danger-Prediction skill has informed Valla and Neneli that Ninya and Nell are in danger. However, they discover that they are in different locations while searching for them, so Valla and Neneli decide to split up and search for them separately.

So Neneli borrows a spare celestial globe and goes in search of Ninya.

Ninya was sleeping in the forest when she came across her.

She didn’t have to worry about demons attacking her because the area around her was sprinkled with dachura powder.

“Ninya, wake up.” Neneli pinched Ninya on the cheek.

She doesn’t appear to be waking.


Nyanya was peacefully breathing in her sleep.

She pokes Ninya on the cheek.

(It’s soft.)

“Yes, just a little bit is fine…”

While making some incomprehensible excuse, Neneli was enjoying Ninya’s cheeks.


Neneli smiles a sloppy smile that she would never show to anyone.

“But isn’t it a fairly complicated structure?”

Neneli looks up at the celestial globe.

The celestial globe was floating in mid-air, spinning in various directions.

Before borrowing it, Valla had taught Neneli how to look at the celestial globe.

(If I recall correctly, when this round thing spins, it is in a dangerous state.)

It was spinning very fast.

Ninya, on the other hand, does not appear to be in danger as far as Neneli can tell.

(So the dark blue girl is in a more perilous situation.)

“Let’s move on for now.”

Neneli rose to her feet and took Ninya in her arms.

Chapter 38: Valla-chan, Chanting


The Earth-Dragon in front of them screams.

“Valla, don’t you have any powerful offensive weapons?!”

Nell raises her voice.

(I don’t think I can do any more harm to the Earth Dragon than I already have.)

“There’s only one!”

“Do you think you can deal some damage?”

“Yes I can but…”

“What is it?”

“It takes about a minute to activate. Can you keep Valla-chan safe during that time?”

Some abilities require a long time to activate.

The longer it takes, however, the more powerful the skill becomes.

一One minute.

That seems like a long time to Nell.


“We have no choice.”

(Because there is no other option, I must take the risk.)

“All right, Valla-chan will start chanting.”

“Do it right now.”

As soon as Valla closes her eyes, a series of magic circles appear around her.

Nell has no idea what these magical circles mean.

Then Valla starts muttering in an unknown language.

She’s probably starting some sort of chant.

(Until then, I must defend Valla at all costs.)


Valla must have been deemed too dangerous to be left alone by the Earth-Dragon.

It’s going after Valla.


Nell charges at the Earth-Dragon, wielding twin swords.


“I’ll be right back, Valla.”

She was six years old at the time.

Valla’s father placed his hand on her head.

She recalls thinking as a child, (a very firm hand).

“Good luck, Papa!”

Her father, however, did not return home that day.

It wasn’t until the next day that she learned he had died.

The day after he passed away, she recalls being very busy with other things.

“I can’t express how grateful I am to your father!”

Many people from the village came to the house to express their gratitude.

Perhaps all of the villagers have arrived.

She was so busy that her mother and she divided the work amongst themselves.

to the point of not even remembering one’s father’s death.

“Valla’s Papa is the village hero.”

She was impressed by the way her mother said this.

She told her that her father had risked his life to protect the village from an attack by a powerful demon.

Although his father was no longer present to protect them, her uncle was, so Valla was able to live comfortably.

Because she was the daughter of the hero, the people of the village rallied around her.

Because of this life, she remembered that her father’s death did not make her very sad.

(And how about Papa? Did Papa have any regrets after his death?)

Valla often pondered this.

Then she had the opportunity to study astrology with an elderly astrologer who happened to be in the village.

And she discovered she was an astrology genius.

So it was only natural that she was convinced that she was born to be a hero like her father.

Hence, Valla became an adventurer.

To die as a hero

As such, it is a natural act for her to give up her life for someone who is dying in front of her.

(The chant is finished.)

Valla opens her eyes.

“-— ?!”

Valla’s eyes widened as she took in the scene in front of her.

“I protected ‘cough’ you for a minute…”

Nell was dying in front of her.

She’d lost her left arm and was covered in so much blood that it was a miracle she was still able to stand.

Despite her injuries, she stood firm to protect Valla.

When she saw her, she was tempted to say something, but she had more important things to do.

Valla cast her skill.


A cross-shaped flash of light struck the Earth-Dragon a split second later.

The flash shattered the Earth-Dragon from the inside.

“I did it…”

(Even the Earth Dragon won’t be safe from this.)

“Nell! It looks like we survived!

Valla rushes over to Nell’s aid.

Nell’s lips curled into a smile.

“I suppose so…”

Nell nodded and almost collapsed.

Valla rushes to catch her.

“I’m going to fix you right now.”

(Where’s the missing left arm? If not, I won’t be able to put her left arm back together. Let’s put a stop to the bleeding first.)

Sha uses her healing skill.


Nell’s body was gradually healing.

They still have to figure out how to get out of this hole, but for now it’s time to rest.


A shrill groan was heard.

“No way…”

However, if it’s the demon, Valla already killed it.

As evidence, the Earth-Dragon’s carcass lay on the ground.

Then it all happened in an instant.

Nell vanished in front of her eyes.


Nell’s body collides with a wall, vomits blood, and falls limp to the ground before becoming entangled in the debris of the impact and disappearing from view.


Is Nell dead?

She had no chance of surviving that attack.

It takes Valla a few seconds to process that information.

The Earth-Dragon’s second form

Nearly all of the rocky skin that covered its body has fallen off, revealing what’s inside.

A massive serpent with steel scales appears in front of Valla.

“No way…”

Valla’s life is now in jeopardy.

Chapter 39: Valla-Chan Is in Big Trouble

“Valla-chan thinks she’s in trouble…”

Valla frowns as she says this.

The Earth Dragon’s second form stands before her.


Valla quickly unleashes a skill as the Earth-Dragon approaches.


The entire body of the Earth-dragon is struck with electricity.

For a moment, the Earth-Dragon stops moving, but it immediately starts moving again.

The effect is weak.


The Earth-Dragon’s attack slows slightly but does not stop.

Boom! The tail of the Earth-Dragon swings.

It lands a direct hit on Valla’s stomach.

Valla’s body was thrown into the air and slammed into a wall.


She coughs up blood, but the Sleep-Dormil’s power appears to have weakened the attack because she is still conscious.

“This is not good…”

First and foremost, astrologers specialize in recovery and support and are not trained to fight alone.

Without Nell, Valla will be unable to face this challenge alone.


The Earth-Dragon snarls and leaps at her.


It made the Earth-Dragon’s body heavy.

The Earth Dragon, who was about to pounce on Valla, falls to the ground with a thud.

“It’s surprisingly efficient…”

Paralysis and Sleep-Dormil could only slow the movement slightly, but Gravity-Manipulation could.

The Earth-Dragon keeps crawling on the ground.


She doesn’t have enough magic to release another Grundy-Cross.

She won’t even have a minute to chant.

chanting for fifteen seconds.


A small meteorite strikes the Earth-Dragon from above.

It’s not as large as the Grundy Cross, but it should be effective.

“Uh, no…”

Before her eyes, the Earth-Dragon was unharmed.

Valla’s strength abruptly left her body.

She found herself lying on the ground.

She tries to get up, but her strength fails her.

(I don’t have any more magic…)

She used far too much skill.

(There is no way for me to resist now.)


Her tears are streaming down her cheeks.

(Am I going to die here?)

If she died at the bottom of the sinkhole, her body would not only be lost, but it would also be declared missing.

Then her death would not be remembered by anyone.

It would be a far cry from a heroic death.

(But it might suit me if I can’t even protect Nell.)

The Earth-Dragon was staring at her, as if mocking her from on high for having lost the ability to resist.

(If you’re going to kill me, do it quickly…)

Valla concurred.

She wished that this period of despondency would end soon.

The Earth-Dragon opens its mouth.

At that moment…

It was pierced with a dagger.


The Earth-Dragon coughs up blood and turns to face where the dagger came from.

“Get the hell away from her!”

Nell is standing there.

She has lost her left arm and is bloodied.

One of her eyes is crushed, and she cannot even walk properly.

Nonetheless, Nell was attempting to maintain her position.


Valla said these words unconsciously.

“Why are you going to such lengths to protect me?!”

In the first place, Valla had fallen into the hole with Nell to save her.

Nell had planned to die from the start, so she had no reason to defend Valla, and now Nell is standing up to defend Valla.

“Ninya will be upset if you die. That is not what I want.”

(What is she on about?) Valla wondered.

She fights for Ninya, not herself.

“I don’t get it…”

Valla wept.

Nell dragged one of her legs forward.

She has a dagger in one hand.


As she speaks, blood pours from her mouth.

Nonetheless, Nell ran with grace.

(I don’t need my own life. But you’re going to hell with me.)

Nell plunges the dagger into the Earth-Dragon’s mouth and pulls it out with blood on the dagger.

Almost immediately, she is flung away by the dragon’s tail.

Her body collides with the wall, nearly knocking her out.

But she manages to get up using only her willpower.

She advances one step.

Then, staggered.

The Earth-Dragon does not miss that moment.

When she came to, her body was flying in the air again.


The impact of her body hitting the ground caused her to cough up more blood.

Her body had already reached its breaking point.

Even so, she was able to get up when she thought she needed to do something.


However, the moment she attempted to stand, she lost all strength in her body.

Her body didn’t move at all, no matter how much she thought she should.


(I still have something to do. Why isn’t my body moving?)

“Move… Move… Move… Move…”

That’s what she keeps repeating to herself.

But her body refuses to move.

“Nell, that’s enough…!”

Before she knew it, Valla was nearby.

No, Valla could have been right where she had been knocked away.

“Thank you, Nell.”

Valla gently hugged her.

(What is she thankful for? I haven’t done anything yet.)

“Valla, run away.”

Nell noticed the Earth-Dragon approaching them.

They will both die if she does not act.

“No, I’m not running away.”

For some reason, Valla did not try to run away.

Instead, she gripped Nell even more tightly.

“What are you doing?”

(If I had the power, I would move Valla right now. I should have been the only one to suffer. Why won’t Valla just flee? God. If you’re here, at least save her!)

All Nell could do was pray.

Then she noticed a light.

A frighteningly bright light.

She didn’t know what it was.

It’s just―

“Physical-attack-power [buff/modified]!”

A silver-haired girl stood in what should have been an empty space.

Chapter 40: Ninya Appears

It was supposed to be an empty space.

When Nell came to, Ninya was right in front of her.

“Physical-enhancement [buff/modified]!”

Ninya delivers a punch.

The punch has tremendous power.

The wind pressure of her fist threatened to blow Nell and the others away.

The Earth-Dragon could not withstand such a punch, and it slammed into the wall and stopped moving.

A single blow.

The demon, who had caused them so much trouble, had been defeated with a single blow.

It was almost like a miracle, and Nell wondered if she was dreaming.

“It can’t be a dream…”

Valla appears to be thinking the same thing.

“No, this isn’t a dream.”

Yes, it is a reality, not a dream.

(It looks like we survived.)

“Thank God we arrived on time.”

Other than Ninya, there was another girl standing there.


Age: 15

Occupation: Black Magician

Skills: Flamethrower-Varaderama,Ice-Sphere-Lanzafiero,Lightning-Torueno,Transition-Traction

Likes little sisters

The Transition-Traction ability catches Nell’s eye.

(Perhaps this ability was used to reach the bottom of the hole.)

However, even a high-level magician is said to struggle with transition traction. But the girl in front of her succeeded.

“Where did you come from?”

Valla asked.

They came out of nowhere. Nell understands why she would want to scream.

“I’d rather heal you than tell you…”

“Nell-chan, are you all right?!”

Ninya yelled, interrupting Neneli.

“Well, somehow…”

Neneli is bruised and battered to the point where she can’t speak, but she’s alive.

“If I don’t do something, Nell-chan will die! Let’s see, let’s see, natural-healing-power [buff/modified]!”

Nell can feel her wounds gradually healing.

“You could do that…”

“Valla-chan was supposed to oversee healing, but…”

Neneli and Valla had different reactions.

“I don’t think she’ll be able to recover her left arm…”

Ninya’s natural healing power [buff] is simply enhancing the healing ability that all humans have. As a result, regenerating a lost arm is impossible.

“Did you lose your left arm somewhere…?”

“It was eaten by that demon.”

“Then we might be able to find it by dismembering it. But it’ll be a pain in the arse.”

“Uh, I need you to fix Valla-chan too.”

“Ah, sorry Valla-chan. Natural-healing-power [buff/modified]!”

Within a few minutes, the wounds had healed sufficiently for both of them to be able to move, at the very least.

Nell’s left arm, however, showed no signs of regrowth.

“Didn’t Valla’s healing not regenerate the left arm?”

“No, I don’t think even Valla-chan is capable of doing that.”

“Then why don’t you let Ninya [buff] it and then heal it?”

“W-Well, I don’t know about that, but…”

“I don’t think my [buff] will be that effective.”

“Ninya should just listen to what I have to say.”

“Yes, I understand!”

“You’re such a good girl.”

Neneli patted Ninya on the head. “Hehehe~”

“If Ninya was fine with it…”

Valla mumbled something, but Ninya didn’t seem to hear it.

Valla’s magic ran out, and she had to wait for it to recover.

“So Ninya, please [buff] Valla’s Healing-Ability.”

“Uh, Healing-Ability [buff/modified]!”

“W-Wow?! Valla-chan thinks she can do it now!”

Valla stands up and runs over to Nell.

“Heal Sangria!”

Then Nell’s left arm regenerates, albeit slowly.

“Ninya, you’re incredible…”

Nell said.

“Eh? Valla-chan is the amazing one, not me…”

“What are you on about…wait!”

Nell was thinking about what she had done in the past. It made Ninya unaware of her own strength.

“Ninya, I’m sorry. I’m going to die. Please forgive me…”

In tears, Nell apologized.

“What? Why? You can’t die!”

“T-That’s right! There’s no point in Valla-chan risking her life if you die!”

They both stall desperately.

“Joking aside…”

Neneli stated.

Nell’s declaration was dismissed by Neneli.

(I’m not joking at all.)

“We have to find a way to get out of this hole.”

(In that case, why not use transition traction?)

Nell pondered.

Chapter 41: Ninya, Surprised

“We need to figure out a way to get out of this hole.”

“Then we can use the transition-traction you used to get here.”

Neneli’s comments were met with a suggestion from Nell.


“The fact that Neneli can utilize such sophisticated magic genuinely surprises Valla-chan.”

Valla expressed her admiration.

“No, I just learned it.”

“What are you saying?”

“Neneli-chan is wonderful! With the help of a magic book, she recently discovered how to teleport far away from here in an instant.

“Yes, that’s right…”

For some reason, Neneli was smiling bitterly.

“Ah, so it’s Ninya’s work.”

Valla had no doubts.

Nell surmised that Ninya had aided her in quickly learning Transition-Traction. Although she is unsure of the specifics, she wouldn’t be shocked if Ninya was able to accomplish it.

“Anyway, I’ll need some time to learn how to operate the Transition-Traction, so kindly be patient. I’ll return this to Valla as well.”

” Oh, Valla-chan’s celestial globe!”

(A spare celestial globe, perhaps.)

When Valla receives it, it folds into small pieces and she puts it away.

“Thanks to this celestial globe, we were able to locate you and successfully teleport to your location.”

“Therefore, Valla-chan is smart!”

“Valla-chan, you’re the best!”

“Fufufu, you can worship me more!”

“Valla-chan is awesome!”

Nell wondered what she was seeing.

“Don’t be so silly— “

“What do you mean, “silly”?!”

“We have time to collect the materials.”

“Ah, the Earth-Dragon’s materials. They’re worth a lot of money, aren’t they?!”

“No, that’s not all.”

“How? What else is there?”

“I didn’t think Valla was not aware of this.”

Neneli then advances toward the sinkhole’s wall.

“Wow, beautiful.”

Ninya muttered.

Yes, there are a lot of shiny ores buried in the wall.

“Wait, maybe there’s gold in there too! And this one, isn’t that orichalcum ore?!”

“Perhaps the Earth-Dragon has a penchant for gathering ores.”

“It’s extremely beautiful. I want to turn it into a piece of jewelry or something.”

“It’s not even an accessory, Ninya!”

“Eh, Really?”

“You can buy a house.”

“House!? Can you purchase something similar?!”

“Even a mansion.”

“A mansion?!”

“But we can’t carry all this stuff.”

Nell blurts out a thought.

“Ufufu, Nell. We have a secret weapon here.”

Valla proudly boasts.

“Right, there’s an item box!”

Ninya’s ring takes the shape of a box.

(Is that…an item box?)

Nell can’t believe Ninya has such an expensive item.

“Then, Ninya. Let’s see which one can get more!”

“I won’t lose, even if it’s against Valla-chan!”

With that, Valla and Ninya start digging with their swords.

“They really can’t get enough of it, don’t you think?”

Neneli muttered from a distance.

“Come on, Nell, help us!”

Valla is waving at Nell.


Confounded, Nell gets to her feet.

Nell would then toil diligently to mine the ore.

Chapter 42: Ninya, Another One

After some of the ore had been mined, Neneli, who was preparing for the transfer, said this.

“We’ll be moving on now.”

Ninya and Valla insisted that they wanted to do more mining because there was still a lot of ore buried in the walls.

Neneli brushed them off, saying that they could come back and dig again later. In fact, it was unlikely that other adventurers would come to the bottom of the sinkhole and snatch them away, so they could just mine slowly at a later date.

After storing the Earth-Dragon’s carcass and the mined ores in the item box, Neneli activated her skill.


As soon as a magic circle appeared, they were immediately taken to the opening at the top of the pit.

“Wouldn’t it be simpler if we could just teleport to the city?!”

Valla protested.

“It’s not that kind of simple magic. Don’t be so selfish!”

Neneli countered.

Transition is an advanced magic spell, and there are various restrictions.

After that, they walked back to the city on foot.



After returning to the city, they went to a restaurant to celebrate.

Nell was undoubtedly with them.

“Wow, everything is delicious! Can I order more?”

“Ninya can place as many orders as she likes! After all, Valla-chan and her pals are now extremely wealthy!

“Excuse me, you two. This is a fancy restaurant; you need to be a little quieter.”


The four of them had come to the priciest eatery in the city after successfully mining a huge quantity of ore.

“What are you going to do now, Nell?”

Neneli asked. They had almost reached the end of their meal.

Valla, who was sitting next to Nell, suddenly spoke,

“Why don’t you join our party?!”

(Join this party? That’s impossible. Ninya would oppose it…)

But Ninya said

“Our party will be more enjoyable if Nell-chan comes along!”

Nell found it strange that Ninya concurs, for whatever reason.

“Valla-chan believes that since Nell and she survived death together, they would make the ideal partners.”

“Well, I don’t mind at all if you two agree.”

“Then, Valla-chan is all for it!”

“I’m with you, too!”

Then, in agreement with one another, Valla and Ninya rose up, joined their hands, and said, “Yay!”

Nell had the impression that the outer moat was naturally filling in.


Nell quickly got to her feet.

The tension was most likely brought on by Nell’s enigmatic expression.

“I cannot work with you.”

She initially flatly rejects it.

“Why not?”

Ninya casts a dejected glance Nell’s way.

(Why would Ninya make such a face, of all people?)

“Have Ninya forgotten what I did to her?”

“Oh, I remember. But that was then.”

“That’s right. Ninya said so. You don’t have to worry about it.”

Valla claims as much, but Valla has no idea what their past was.

Besides, there is another reason why Nell can’t work with them.

The 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】  will not allow their people to leave.

She will undoubtedly come under attack if she secretly leaves the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 and begins working with other adventurers.

“…Can I talk to them about it, Ninya?”


After a brief moment of astonishment, Ninya nodded and replied, “Yes, sure.”

“…I want to share something with you. About mine and Nina’s past.

If she told them, they would despise her. But Nell thought it was okay.

Chapter 43: Ninya, You Done Great!

“Ninya and I both grew up in orphanages. And we were taken in by a clan called the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】…”

Nell started to speak about what goes on in the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】.

Additionally, she disclosed to them the wrongdoings she had perpetrated against Ninya.

“The 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 won’t let you go. I will be seen as a defector and an enemy of the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 if I join your party. I cannot involve you in this.”

After finishing her sentence, Nell shut her mouth and observed their reactions.

Neneli and Valla must have been shocked at what she said.


Neneli opened her mouth.

“I’m terribly sorry.”

For some reason, Neneli was bowing her head.

“As a nobleman, we have a duty to protect children like yourselves. I have not done so. I am truly sorry.”

Neneli spoke while lowering her head.

Nell was shocked because she didn’t anticipate an apology.

“Neneli-chan has nothing to apologize for!”

Ninya said, and Nell agreed.

“You tried your best, Ninya.”

Suddenly, Neneli stood next to Ninya and hugged her tightly.

“I will protect you with my life.”


Ninya detected a strong sense of resolve in Neneli’s words.

“Nell also, despite the difficult circumstances, you did your best.”

“Don’t you blame me…?”

“I have no right to blame you because I grew up in a greenhouse.”

Nell feels uncomfortable because she had expected to be scorned and the reaction is different from what she had imagined.

“Nell, are you going back to the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】?”

Valla asked Nell, who was standing next to her.

“Yes, It’s the only choice I have.”

“That is definitely not a choice! Nell is being used by an organization that makes no sense, and Valla-chan will never allow that!”

“The 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 is more than just a terrible clan. The benefits of belonging to the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 are numerous. So you have nothing to worry about.”


“Or are you pressuring me to oppose the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】?”

“It’s not that…”

Valla falls silent.

Valla seems to have been persuaded by this.

“I do have one thing on my mind.”

Neneli abruptly raised her voice.

“You said earlier that the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 will not allow you to leave. “

“So what?”

“Ninya is also, likewise, seen as a defector; if she stays in our party, won’t the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 pursue her?

In retrospect, that’s logical.

Nell was so focused on herself that she failed to consider Ninya’s situation.

“Oh… I see.”

Ninya seems to have realized that now.

“Ninya is treated as dead, so she should be fine.”

“But they’ll learn the truth eventually. It won’t be long before the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 learns of Ninya’s presence, just as you did when you discovered Ninya was alive and followed her here.

That’s right.

Also, Ninya’s [buff] is far too beneficial.

If the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 learns of this, they will take immediate action to secure Ninya at all costs.

“Nell-chan, let’s run away together!”

Ninya insisted while standing up.

“Let’s escape from the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 together, Nell-chan and I! Is it no good…?

Ninya worriedly enquired.

Nell didn’t want to cause trouble for those who cared for her by leaving the clan.

However, Ninya would still remain an enemy of the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 regardless of Nell’s action.

Nell might even be given the order to catch Ninya herself if she went back to the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】.

“…I-I’m not saying no.”

Nell couldn’t find any reason to refuse.

“Of course I’m included in the running around with you.”

“Are you sure, Neneli-chan? You’re not related to the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】, so it will cause you trouble if you…”

“I told you earlier that I would protect you, or are you going to leave me out?”

Neneli looked disappointed.

“No, if Neneli-chan comes with us, it will be a lot of fun! Please come with us.”

“Ufufu, I don’t have a choice.”

“V-Valla-chan will follow you! She doesn’t wish to be excluded.”

“Yes, now we can all work together!”


Nell just realized that all four of them are going to be working together.

“…Why doesn’t anyone blame me?”

Nell had said that without realizing it.

Yes, sin requires retribution.

If things go on like this, she’ll end up unpunished.

“Nell, if you feel guilty about Ninya, I will decide your punishment instead.”

Perhaps recognizing Nell’s emotions, Neneli raised her voice.

“Next time, protect Ninya at all costs. That is your punishment.”

(Protect Ninya…I’ll do my best if that’s my punishment.)

“I will.”

Nell nodded vigorously.

“Well, since that’s done, let’s pick a name for our party.”

“Hmm, that’s not a bad idea.”

“I like a cute name!”

“…I don’t mind.”

“Yes, Valla-chan has thought of a really great name!”

“Is that so? Tell me about it.”

“Fufufu, 【Jet Black Wings】. What do you think?!”

“…? What’s that supposed to mean?”


“Terrible name.”

“Hey, what’s with that reaction?! You’re hurting Valla-chan’s feelings! If that’s the case, you two really need to think of something! Yes, let’s begin with Neneli.

“Ara, me? Ah, yes. How about 【Ninya Guards】?”

“That makes it sound like Valla-chan and the others are Ninya’s servants. Rejected!”

“It’s better than 【Jet Black Wings】.”

“I’m not very good at this.”

“Yes, yes. Ninya-chan got a good idea!”

“Well, Ninya, come on!”

“Fufufu, how about 【Cute Neko-chans】?”

“What, is that even a party name?”

“That’s my Ninya! That’s the name of our party.”

“Neneli is too soft on Ninya.”

“Still, it’s better than 【Jet Black Wings】.”

“Isn’t Nell being too harsh?! Okay, it’s Nell’s turn!”

” Let’s see… 【Black-Brigade-Clan】.”

“You just changed the color of [Gray-Brigade-Clan]. Rejected!”

“It’s better than 【Jet Black Wings】.”


“Yes, Ninya-chan  got a better idea!”

“Well, I can’t expect much, but Ninya, please!”

“【Little Party】!”

“By the way, where did it originate from?”

“It’s the name of this restaurant.”

“Well, it’s a bit of a mess.”

“But it’s not bad, right?”

“I agree.”

“I think it’s a great name because it sounds like a lot of fun.”

“Well, if that’s what everyone says, Valla-chan wouldn’t object.”

“So that settles everything then,”

“The party of Valla-chan is called― “

“”””【Little Party】!!””””

Advanced Chapters




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