Completed ― The Rainfall Princess of the Desert Country – A Former Wizard Who Was Executed Has Reincarnated as a Farmer’s Daughter

Completed ― The Rainfall Princess of the Desert Country – A Former Wizard Who Was Executed Has Reincarnated as a Farmer’s Daughter

Chapter 1: The Rainfall Princess of the Desert Land

Aura, who was the most powerful water wizard, plotted with other kingdoms to make it rain and flood in her own kingdom.

She was beheaded in the 62nd year of the Kingdom of Schemel at the age of 23 for the crime of taking the lives of thousands of people.


Aura’s execution was nearly thirty years ago today.



“Alesia, we are almost home, so don’t fall asleep.”

“Yes, yes, I’m not going to sleep…”

My mother’s soft voice and warm hands rubbing my back felt good and made me sleepy even more.

Why should I not sleep? It feels great.

It seemed strange to me at the time.

I was sitting in a basket on a camel.

We’d just gotten back from a trip to a big city, and my stomach was full and I was tired. I was three years old and riding a camel, overlooking endless sand dunes illuminated by moonlight. It was no surprise that I was sleepy.

My chestnut-haired head swayed with sleepiness, and my blue eyes, fluttering with gold stars, struggled to stay awake. My eyelids, on the other hand, close slowly.

I eventually dozed off.

In case I fell asleep on the road, my mother always had oiled paper and waxed tarpaulins on hand.

because it was going to rain. Only when I was asleep did they come around me.

I was born with this extraordinary ability. I had the ability to make it rain without my knowledge when I fell asleep.

My mother noticed it a few days after I was born.

Only around our small house in the capital does it rain. both day and night.

It begins when I go to bed. It comes to an end when I wake up. At first, my mother thought it was just a coincidence, but when she looked into it more, she saw that the rain and my sleep were perfectly timed.

It was a drizzle that couldn’t even be called rain when I was a baby, and the amount of rain was minimal.

“It’s raining a lot these days,” my neighbors would say, and my mother would respond, “Yes, it is, but thank God for rain.” She’d laugh and try to hide it.

She couldn’t say, “I think my daughter is causing it to rain.”

My father Serio was concerned, saying, “If this is known, she may be treated as a monster and killed.”

Hilda, my mother, also agreed. “If her power became known, someone with power would forcibly take her away and work her to death.” So my parents decided to keep my power completely hidden.

“If we stay here any longer, word will get out about the rain,” they reasoned. As a result, when I was two weeks old, they left their familiar home in the royal capital with me.

My father bought vegetables, wheat seeds, and basic building materials with the little money he had saved and the proceeds from the sale of household goods, and he built a hut in a valley in an arid region far from the capital.

Because there is no water, such a location is normally uninhabitable.

But, thanks to my power, my family never ran out of water—the rain that fell on the hut’s roof was collected by a rain gutter my father made, and a large barrel was always full of water.

The rain fell gently on the desert valley’s fields. When seeds were planted in fields that received both rain and sunlight, vegetables and wheat grew green and lush, and fruit trees bore an abundance of sweet fruit. My parents referred to me as “the rain princess” of our family, and they took good care of me.

To the west and south, high mountains surround the land. The Kingdom of Laminbo is a young kingdom that arose following the demise of the former Shemel Kingdom.

Moist air from the sea to the west and south hits the mountains, causing rain, while only dry winds blow over the mountains. As a result, three-quarters of the kingdom is desert.

The royal palace is near a river that brings water from the mountains, but the river runs underground and vanishes when it crosses the capital and enters the wasteland. Outside the capital, the people of the Laminbo Kingdom rely on water from scattered oases.

“In some parts of this country, water is more valuable than money.”

“Right. Our daughter would never be able to live a normal life if it was known that she had the ability to make it rain in her sleep.”

My father and mother were poor peasants who lived on the outskirts of the capital, so they never considered my ability to rise to power.

“Alesia’s power has grown as she has grown, hasn’t it?”

“Yes—The rain has recently fallen not only around the house but also much further away.”

The rains became heavier and heavier as I grew older, and when I was three years old, it rained on an area 400 meters in diameter.

No one approached us because our house and farm were far from the royal capital, the oasis, and the traders’ trade routes.

Until I was five years old, my family of three lived in the middle of nowhere.

My parents reaped a bountiful harvest thanks to the silent nightly rains, and my father left home at night to sell his crops at the royal capital’s market. He sold delicious and fresh fruits and vegetables, and our income was significantly higher than when we lived in the capital.

Then one day, a family came to our house.

Chapter 2: New Residents

“Nathan? What brings you here so early in the morning? How did you find us?”

“Serio, I need your help. Ethan, my son, is dying.”

Father, who had been dealing with the door through the narrow opening, finally opened it wide and looked at Nathan. Nathan’s wife was standing behind him, holding a limp child. A scrawny camel stood by.

I watched from the shadows.

“…Come inside for the time being.”

Father welcomed them inside, placed the child on a couch, and filled a copper cup with water before placing it in the child’s mouth. Ethan’s lips appeared to be cracked and skinless; his dark brown hair filthy; and his green eyes lifeless.

When Ethan’s upper body was lifted and a glass of water was placed in front of his mouth, he opened his eyes, grabbed the glass with both hands, and gulped it down all at once.

“I’ll make some milk porridge.”

My mother Hilda stood in the kitchen corner, heating the camel’s milk that had been squeezed that morning, then adding boiled oats and stirring it in. A little salt and honey were added and served in bowls.

Nathan’s wife, Benita, spooned a spoonful of the milk porridge, blowing on it to cool it before bringing it to Ethan’s mouth, and he gulped it down and snatched the spoon from his mother’s hand and began to eat vigorously. When he was done, Ethan fell asleep.

“Thank you very much… We haven’t had much to eat or drink in days.”

“We did everything we could to feed Ethan, but we eventually ran out of food.”

My mother dashed to the kitchen after hearing this and prepared a hearty meal.

“It’s okay, Alesia—come on out.”

My father summoned me from behind the pantry, where I had been trained to hide when visitors arrived.

“Hello, you must be Alesia. I’m Nathan, and I was your neighbor when you were born—Ethan, the sleeping boy, is two years your junior, and Benita is Ethan’s oka-san (mother).”

This is the first time I’ve seen anyone other than my parents at home, and I’m at a loss for words. I was perplexed and hid behind my father.

“In this situation, Alesia, you must say “hello”.


“Hello Alesia.”

Benita-san smiled at me and I hid behind my father again.

“Nathan, Benita, eat first. Then you can explain why you’re here.”

At first, Nathan and Benita ate with some reluctance, but then began to eat with gusto. My mother served milk porridge to the adults, as well as chicken meat and wheat dumplings stewed tender in a broth and milk tea with honey.

I sat in the corner of the room, listening to the adults’ conversations while holding my mother’s handmade dolls.

“… Actually, I saw you at the market a while ago. You seemed to be in good health, and the vegetables you had with you were great. You know, I was curious and wanted to know where you lived, so I followed you. Sorry about that. Actually, the well in the area where we used to live has been dry for some time.

“You were reckless to come all this way with a weak child. And only one well is running dry?

“Yes. There is no longer any water for crops in that area, and no drinking water is available. Poor people who become ill as a result of contaminated water are unable to see a doctor, so the number of sick children and elderly people is growing. However, the other districts refused to accept us.”

“Dear lord…” My mother sadly placed her fingertips to her mouth and said,

“There is no longer enough water in that area, so even the crops are not growing properly. Your vegetables and fruits, on the other hand, are fresh and crisp. Serio, do you have a secret well? There are lush vegetables and fruit trees growing all around this house, but there is no spring water—that must imply a hidden well, right?”

“There is no such thing as a hidden well. You will be beheaded if you conceal the fact that you have a well. Remember, we have Alesia? I would never do something so heinous.”

“Then how do you grow crops and fruit trees?”

He exhaled heavily.

The long-awaited day had finally arrived.

Because he was afraid of this happening, my father relocated to a remote area of the desert.

(If I had known about the water shortage earlier, I would have been able to conceal it—trying to avoid people as much as possible backfired.)

Father appears to be regretting it greatly at this time.

“Dear, why don’t you let Nathan-san and the others stay here?”


“If we believe we are the only ones who are happy, we will incur God’s wrath.”

My mother had become more religious since she began raising me.

My father told Nathan and his wife, who were staring at them with bated breath, only part of the truth.

“Do you want to live here and build a house? I’m not sure if you believe me when I say there are no springs or wells here. It’s just that it rains every night in this area.”

Chapter 3: Wild Horse

“Ethan, we’re going to dig out this row of potatoes today.”

“I know!”

Three years have passed since Ethan and his family arrived here. Ethan is six years old and I am eight. We work, albeit ineffectively, on our own family farm.

Pulling the potatoes is difficult but enjoyable work. It’s fascinating to watch the moment when the various-sized potatoes emerge from the ground and reveal their beautiful skins.

As the older sister, after Ethan digs, I probe again with my hands to see if there is anything else to dig.

“There is nothing left! I am certain of it!”

“No, you didn’t. There are still some medium-sized potatoes left.”

Ethan appears dissatisfied. I’m two years older than he is, and he can’t keep up with me in terms of running and field work. I’m also taller than he is. It’s not that I can’t help it.

We eventually got tired of harvesting potatoes and decided to eat and rest.

We peeled ponka fruits, which are sweet and sour citrus fruits, and ate the fruits with the juice dripping from our hands and chins. The sweet and sour ponka is like drinking water. I can eat as many as I want.

“It’s odd… Alesia’s been here longer than I have, and she’s never seen rain?”

This is not my favorite subject.

“Yes, I did. The other day, it rained briefly during the day.”

“No, I’m referring to the nightly rain. It’s a beautiful, gentle rain.”


My parents’ faces creased slightly as they listened to our conversation.

My powers were revealed to me two years ago, on my sixth birthday. I can’t tell anyone about the rain’s secret for fear of accidentally revealing it to others.

“Because I sleep well at night. I can’t help it because I can’t stay awake.”

“If you can stay awake at night, we can go out in the rain. It feels fantastic!”

I did not reply.

This exchange has been repeated numerous times.

I had asked my mother several times to wake me up at night, but the rain always stopped just as I got out of bed and left the house. As a result, I gave up.

After my break, I washed the mud off the potatoes and placed them in the shade of a tree.

That was the end of my day’s work.

Back at home, we use rainwater to wash our hands and feet and drink water filtered by the house filter.

Rainwater is poured into a barrel with layers of sand and charcoal from above, and we drink the water that comes out from below. The water tastes so good that it is hard to believe it is rainwater.

“You’ll make a lot of money if you sell the water. Ethan has repeatedly complained to his parents, but the adults refuse to listen.

Ethan’s parents, Nathan-ojisan and Benita-obaasan, had noticed my abilities by the time they had been living here.

It’s strange not to notice.

When I was tired and took a nap, it started raining even though the sky was clear, and it would rain at night even though the moon and stars were visible. And it comes to an end when I wake up.

As a result, Nathan-ojisan and Benita-obaasan do not invite relatives who would like to visit and do not sell water. They are afraid that someone will discover my power and I will disappear. My absence would spell the end of this farm.

“What would happen if it was discovered that Alesia-chan was a girl who could make it rain in a desert land? I can’t see a happy ending.”

Benita-obaasan takes care of me as if I were her own daughter.

Our farm is a green circle with two houses in the center, followed by a vegetable patch, orchard, wheat field, and pasture. Foxes and desert cats cannot attack the camels in the pasture, but chickens are attacked. That is why, when they are young, only chickens are raised next to the house, and camels are raised next to chickens.

Animals of all kinds come into the farms in search of precious greenery in the desert. Even if you want to build a fence, it is prohibitively expensive to purchase enough lumber to enclose the entire farm, and even if you could, you would have to purchase a large quantity of lumber, which would fuel rumors. That’s why the pasture land is connected to the desert (no fence). Though my father has installed traps around the perimeter, they aren’t perfect.

Ethan, my father, Nathan-ojisan, and I went to the orchard that day to pick nekta berries. The berries of nekta are red with thin skin and yellow flesh. They’re delicious and packed with sweet juice.

Ethan and I walk through the orchard, picking nekta from the tree’s base.

We were not far from our fathers, who were picking the upper berries from the tree’s center.

Ahead of us, we noticed a stray horse that had wandered into the orchard and was munching on some nekta.

“Ethan, we’ll let the Oto-sans and the others know right away.”

“Why?! Let’s go get him and take him home. We can get the horse for free!”

Wild horses dislike humans and are aggressive toward them. But Ethan was not scared of the first wild horse he encountered.

“It’s simply not possible for us. It’s not trained.”

Ethan, six years old, has not been listening to me lately. He just walked right up to the horse, shaking off my restraints.

“Come here! Come here! Come home with me!”

Ethan approaches the large horse, which is looking up and munching berries.

I knew that yelling would rouse the horse, so I ran up to Ethan, grabbed his arm, and tried to pull him back.

“What the hell! Stop it!”


Ethan yelled so loudly that the horse neighed and turned around.

He intends to kick Ethan!

He’ll die if he gets kicked by a horse that big!

I quickly pulled Ethan down and covered him.

A violent shock hit my body immediately after, and I was blown away.

Chapter 4: Memory

When the horse kicked me, my body flew into the air, hitting the nekta tree and falling to the ground. I was having trouble breathing. My shoulder, which had been kicked, and my back, which had been slammed against a tree, were both hot rather than painful.


My father and Nathan-ojisan rushed to me after hearing the horse’s threatening voice and chased it away before picking me up.

Despite my severely bruised body, I was awake. But every time I moved or breathed, pain spread throughout my body.

“I’m okay, Oto-san.”

“Thank you, God…Alesia…”

Ethan sobbed as he followed behind my father, who was distraughtly carrying me in his arms. I’m curious if he blames himself. I need to console him.

“Ethan, it’s all right. Don’t cry.”

When he heard it, Ethan burst into tears even more.

I was bedridden for about ten days after they brought me home. Because I was mentally confused at the moment, being bedridden was more convenient for me.

Perhaps it was being kicked by a horse and knocked into a tree at the age of eight that triggered my memories of my previous life.

My locked memories’ lid has been lifted.

I am Aura, the water wizard, and my mind is flooded with Aura’s memories from the past twenty-three years of her life.

The first thing I remember is a scene from the war.

I was sixteen years old, dressed in a white robe embroidered with gold thread, and commanding the army. I shouted and stretched my arms to the sky during my first war.

“Water! Fill the earth! Wash the enemy away!”

Then there’s Voom! A massive body of water appeared high in the air.

The massive body of water cast a wide shadow across the desert, shimmered for a brief moment, and then fell with a tremendous earth-shaking thud.

The massive volume of water turned into a muddy stream, engulfing the sand and sweeping away the enemy soldiers wearing heavy metal armor. After the water had receded, drowned bodies were scattered across the desert.

Because there were approximately 20,000 enemy soldiers who attacked us, the number of lives I took must have been less than a hundred or two hundred.

I was nauseous at the time, shaken by a sense of justification (it’s war, it can’t be helped) and disgust at myself (I’d taken so many lives).

The soldiers behind me were cheering and overjoyed, but I could not stop shivering in the scorching sun.

The other scene showed me, at the age of twenty-two, being sentenced in the royal palace halls.

“Aura. You colluded with other nations and caused a massive flood in our land. You will pay for killing so many people and destroying our land with your life!”

“No! This rain was not caused by me! The rumors about other countries are completely false! Greetings, Your Majesty! Please believe me!”

The young king, whom I was about to marry, did not respond and instead gave me a vile stare. The prime minister, who had wanted his daughter to be queen, stood near the king, her face almost smeared with pleasure as she struggled to keep it in place.

“You filthy woman! You just wanted to be the queen of a wealthy country!”

“Your Majesty, the people have lost their families and are so overcome with grief and rage that they will turn their wrath against their country at any time if Aura is not executed!”

I am heartbroken by His Majesty’s and the Prime Minister’s words. I will be killed if I do nothing. Will the girl who adores luxury and is so close to the king succeed me as queen?

“I didn’t do it! Please believe me!”

The scene shifts again, and I, a 23-year-old woman, am being held face down on a wooden table. With my shoulders hanging from the table, I was exposed to the public. I was dirty, thin, and covered in scars from being locked up and tortured for months to get me to confess.

“Give me back my father!”

“Return my child!”

“Vengeance for my son!”

“Death! Death!”

I was subjected to a barrage of abuse.

“No. This was not done by me !” But no one could hear my muffled little voice. My throat was burned to prevent me from casting a spell.

The heavy rains and floods were a natural disaster in the desert, but no one who knew about my water-creating magic believed me.

While being held down, I turned my face to the left and saw the executioner’s foot step in to decapitate me. Wack! My consciousness was immediately plunged into darkness.

My eight-year-old eyes welled up with tears at the horrifying memory.


“Let’s wipe you out, Alisia.”

“Thank you, Oka-san.”

In this life, my mother gently wipes my body with a wet cloth. My heart no longer belongs to eight-year-old Alesia, but to twenty-three-year-old Aura, but I am grateful for my mother’s tender care. My parents were aristocrats who received status and money in exchange for giving their children to powerful people.

“Oka-san, I think it’s time we left. They’ll find us here as the rain spreads. I believe it is preferable to be in a more populated area so that if it rains, they will not be able to detect my power.”

The hand that was wiping my body comes to a halt.

“I know. I’ve been talking to your father about it. I just can’t bring myself to give up the farm we’ve worked so hard to build.”

“I understand your concern, but if they discover this location, they will inquire as to where the water came from. They’ll take me away from Oka-san and the others if they find out I’m the cause of the rain. If that happens, this place will quickly revert to a desert.”

My mother is staring at me with her eyes wide open.

“Let’s go somewhere with a larger group so they don’t recognize me when it rains. As long as they don’t know I’m the cause, I can stay with Oka-san and the others forever.”

“Alesia…you’re speaking like a grown-up today.”

Oh no.

“R-Really? Maybe I’m speaking in a different tone because I’m sore all over.”

My father made a quick decision.

He came to where I was lying that night.

“Your mother told me—your father shares your point of view. They will eventually find us when the farm gets this big. We’ll all move to a bigger community. We can rebuild the farm from the ground up.”

“Thank you very much, Oto-san.”

“I’ll go talk to Nathan and the others,” he said, and went out to the neighbor’s house.

In bed, I was relieved. I don’t want the powerful to track me down. They will use me again if they find me.

Behind my closed eyes, I see the bodies lying in the sand. And the executioner’s foot movements as he approaches me.

I shake my head a little. I don’t want to live like that again. Now I care about my parents. I don’t want to lose the peace I’m enjoying right now.

Chapter 5: Chicken

My father harvested and sold the crops in the field one after the other, and he never planted anything else. The field began to resemble a vacant lot.

My father and Nathan-ojisan decided to relocate to the capital’s outskirts, near the slums. It is now an empty, dry wasteland, and the capital’s downtown area is about 4 or 5 kilometers away.

After taking their crops to market in the capital, they stop at the newly leased land and gradually build houses. All land in this country is leased from the government.

The presence of a royal palace, complete with royalty and officials, is unsettling, but a populated area would be ideal for me to blend in.

My bruises have healed, and I am back on the farm. It is a miracle that I did not break my shoulder. Since then, Ethan has not disobeyed me. I’m sorry he feels accountable in his own way.

“We’re going to pick all the carrots today, Ethan. All the little ones as well. Let’s do our best together!”


Ethan appears to be depressed.

“If it’s about me getting hurt, that’s okay. Don’t worry about it.”

“I’m so sorry about that time, Alisa.”

“Yes, I understand. You apologized properly, so that’s the end of it.”

He’s adorable. I had no idea a six-year-old boy could be so adorable.

I’ve been preoccupied since my old memories surfaced.

I want to be able to control and stop the rain that I have no idea is coming. It’s easy for people to figure out your secret if you make it rain while sleeping. And since I was called “the most powerful water wizard” in a past life, I’m afraid I won’t be able to control my magic now.

I’ve tried everything, but I still can’t stop the rain when I’m sleeping. I can’t even consciously create water.

I’ve got to do something about it.

“The houses we’re moving into are taking shape in some ways. It’s still a shack, but it has a roof and walls. We’ll move in once we’ve finished hauling our belongings by camel. We’ll have everything moved in ten days.”

I’m curious how frequently our fathers had their camels transport their belongings back and forth. My father was a dedicated worker. He had a hard time when I was first born. But he still adores me, my beloved Oto-san.

“Today is the final day. Let’s leave once we’ve loaded the chickens into the basket.”

“Oto-san, may I allow them to eat some grass and insects from the field one last time?”

“That’s all right.”

The chickens, which have been transported in baskets for quite some time, are finally released into the original fenced field. The thirty chickens pecked happily on the ground, where they were not normally permitted.

“After a while, we’ll have to put the chickens in baskets.”


I was talking to my mother about it when something dark fell from the sky. It landed among the chickens. Then it spread its wings, grabbed one of the chickens, and flew away.

That’s a hawk!

Other chickens panic and flee around the fence.

I looked up, helpless, in shock, that my chicken was carried away, motionless. As I stood there watching, I noticed a flash of light around the hawk’s leg.

“That hawk stole a chicken, Oka-san! We’ve never been attacked by a hawk, have we?”

“Yes, that’s unfortunate.”

“Is that hawk a domesticated hawk? Something glittered on it. Maybe it was wearing a leg ring.”


Father and mother exchange silent glances.

From what I know of my past life, it’s either royalty or a very high-ranking aristocrat who keeps hawks. My father’s face is hard.

“Let’s hurry up and get those chickens.”

“Yes, Oto-san.”

From there, all six of us caught the fleeing chickens as fast as we could. We were out of breath and sweat dripped down our faces. No one could speak for a while after we had caught them all.

“Come on, let’s get out of here. The hawk’s owner might come looking for us. We don’t want them to come looking for us at the last minute.”

We stuffed the squabbling chickens into baskets, tied them to the camels, and dashed away. The six camels moved in a single file. My father was in the lead, with Nathan-ojisan following close behind. Nathan-ojisan’s camel was dragging a large branch of nekta, which covered our path.


“Your Highness, Blackgold, has brought back a chicken!”

My hawk-watcher is in a panic.

Today, we took Black Gold to a location far from the capital to give him some exercise.

“Why is that… You released him to an area where there is supposed to be no vegetation, not even houses. At most, it should have been sand rats or desert lizards…”

The chicken that was held down by hawk claws is already dead. The brown-feathered chickens are plump and shiny, with feathers that match perfectly. It is unmistakably a raised chicken.

“There shouldn’t have been a farmhouse with chickens around here. Hey, this could be…”

“I think so too.”

It is a crime in this kingdom to conceal springs or wells. The location of a water source is considered a state asset, and no individual is permitted to monopolize it. Above all, finding a new watering hole is as important as discovering a gold mine.

“All right, let’s go.”

“Your Highness, please be patient! We’ll be in big trouble if they’re armed.”

“Then let’s just take a look at the location.”

“But we only have eight bodyguards!”

“I know that.”



The prince and his guards mounted their horses and rode in the direction of the hawk’s capture of the chicken.

The prince is Mark Heim Ramming, the land’s first prince.

He wears a simple gold ring around the knot of his straight black hair, which is tied into a bun.

He has a charming face and appears mature for a twelve-year-old. His eyes are blue-green and intelligent, and his lips are thin and strong-willed.

“I’ll track down those who hid the water…”

Prince Mark rode his horse, filled with a unique sense of justice.

Chapter 6: Mystery of the Farm

“What on earth is this place?”

Gil, my servant, and my bodyguards are all taken aback. I also have the impression that I am dreaming.

According to the guards, the farm is a beautiful circle about 1,500 meters in diameter. A circle of vegetable fields, orchards, wheat fields, and pastures surrounded two small houses on the farm.

The ground was moist, and the grass and trees were sprouting new leaves. The fields appeared to have been harvested recently. Weeds are abundant. The wheat hasn’t been harvested yet, but it’s already bearing a lot of grain. Beautiful wildflowers are blooming throughout the property.

“What exactly does this mean? Such fertile land, and yet no one lives on it?”

A quick look around reveals that there is no spring.

The two houses are empty, but there is no sand or dust inside, as if they were occupied not long ago.

“Your Majesty! This is!”

My servant indicates a large barrel.

The barrel is connected to the roof by a rain gutter, and when the lid is opened, it is filled to the brim with clean water.

With trepidation, a guard smells and tastes it, but after a while, he says, “It isn’t poisonous. Rather, it’s delicious!” and yanked the stopper from the bottom, swallowing the water that flowed from the rim.

The horses have gathered around the smell of water, eager to be given a drink.

“Didn’t they live by collecting rainwater?”

“No, of course not. It hasn’t rained this hard in a long time to collect this much clean rainwater.”

I saw a real gutter for the first time in my life. The U-shaped wooden gutter appeared to have been used for a long time and was blackened from water absorption.

“Is it really raining here?” But there is no well or spring water. The people who were inspecting the farm returned.

“How is this even possible? There is so much greenery growing here. How can there possibly be no water?”

“However, Your Highness, if they were using spring water, a channel should exist.”

Everything is strange in this place.

As they catch their first glimpse of this paradise, the guards scurry around. One of the men who went looking for the well returned with a handful of nekta berries. He has a large number of them under his arms.

“Your Highness! They are sweet, thin-skinned, and delicious! There were many torn-out shoot remnants, but there were also some that remained.”

It seems he has already eaten one.

Everyone, including myself, is swarming to receive nektas.

“What are you guys doing at work? How can you eat nectar under such extraordinary circumstances?!”

“Come on, Your Highness. I saved the best for last. Here you go.”

He hands me a bright red nekta berry, which I bite into. I’m surprised by how thin the skin is and how delicious the flavor is.

“What exactly is this? It tastes even sweeter than the royal palace’s nektas.”

I chew it while sucking the juice so as not to spill it. Drink the sweet and sour juice that overflows into your mouth. It’s really delicious.

I was eating nekta when I noticed a chicken coop in the backyard. According to the fallen feathers, Blackgold had probably caught a chicken here.

“You two! Stop eating and search for footprints. The people who lived here may still have been present when Blackgold captured the chicken.”

“Your Highness, there are tracks that resemble camel tracks, but they have been obscured by tree branches. In addition, the wind and sand have nearly completely erased the tracks. We’ve dispatched a tracker, but it’ll be difficult.”

“They’re extremely cautious.”

“But, Your Highness, if there are no hidden springs or wells, is there any reason to flee?”

“Yes, there is. “

I replied as I gazed out the window at the lush green farm.

“They had kept the secret of how they were able to grow so many plants and trees in such abundance without the use of springs or wells. It appears that they planned to abandon this location long before they fled because we might come.”

“Why is that?””

“There’s no way the number of people who lived in that small house could have moved everything so neatly all at once. They must have planned to leave this place for some reason a long time ago.”

“I see. But it would be a shame to abandon such a nice place.”

“You’re right. I’m not sure why the people here would waste so much time.”

I left three of my guards on the farm and instructed them to speak with the inhabitants if they ever returned. They had not yet harvested the wheat, so there was a chance they would return for the harvest.

However, the residents did not return, and a week later it was reported that the farm’s plants had run out of water and were rapidly dying.

His Majesty the Emperor and the Prime Minister were informed of the story, and a small force was dispatched to investigate. Despite extensive investigations, the mystery remains unsolved. It was reported that any rain that had fallen only on that farm had never fallen again.


Who were the people who lived there?

Why was it pouring?

Or how did they make it rain?

As far as we know, there are no wizards in this country.

What happened to the people who used to live here?

I want to know so many things, but I can’t figure any of them out. It has been a month. The plants on that farm are dying, and the land is reverting to desert.


“Oto-san, Oka-san, I’m leaving.”

“Are you still interested in going?”

“Yes, Ethan also wants to accompany me.”

We’ve been to the capital’s center many times since we moved here, but this is my first time going alone. My parents are concerned about me.

“If someone calls out to you, don’t follow them, okay?”

“I’m concerned about you, Alethea. What about having Dad send you there?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine! Okay, I’m going!”

I enjoy working on the farm, but I needed to check something out from the library. I hadn’t yet informed my parents that I could read, so I didn’t inform them that I was going to the library. They’d be terrified of me, a child, suddenly learning to read and write.

The library is four kilometers away, each way. It is not a problem for those of us who are trained in farming.

“Hey Alesia, do you know how to get there?”

“Yeah, I’ve got a map.”

My father drew me a map, but I don’t need it. It’s been 40 years since I died in my previous life, but the path is still roughly the same.

“Everything is fine. It’ll all work out.”

Chapter 7: I’m Nine Years Old

Ethan and I have been asked to go grocery shopping today. My mother has requested that I purchase buttons, salt, and spices. She also gave me money to “buy some clothes.”

When we lived on the farms and no one came to visit us, my mother used to sew me clothes that were easy to move around in and easy to wash, but now that we live in the royal capital, she says those clothes are a little shabby, even for peasants. My mother claims that now that our family is reasonably well-off, we can afford to buy clothes that look as good as other people’s.

Ethan holds my hand in his little hand and doesn’t let go of it, as if he is protecting me. He is really sweet.

I quickly finish my shopping and look for a thrift store. There are several thrift stores on a side street off the main street, with clothes stacked to the ceiling.

“Please show me the top light blue one.”


The shop’s ojisan used a tool with a hook on the end of a long pole to hook a light blue one-piece hanger hanging near the ceiling and take it down from the pole from which a large number of clothes were hanging.

“Because you’re a first-time customer, I’ll give you two small silver coins as a service.”

“Will you give me a discount if I buy two pieces?!”

“Oh, you’re sticking to your guns—how about three small silver coins in exchange for two pieces?”

“All right, I’ll take this white dress as well.”

“Yes, thank you!”

I take my wallet out of a big bag of cloth that’s hanging from my shoulder, pay for it, and put my folded dress in a bag. When I go out, I cover my head with a white cloth to protect myself from the sun, but inside, I usually wear a simple one-piece dress that allows me to move freely.

“Now, let’s buy Ethan’s clothes.”

“I don’t want to.”

“No. We’re going somewhere today where it’s best to dress cleanly.”

My mother told me to buy new clothes and is giving me money to do so. So with the money I get from buying used clothes, I should be able to buy Ethan’s clothes and pay the library fee.

“I’ll take this shirt, those pants, and these sandals, please.”

I buy Ethan’s clothes at the men’s second-hand clothes shop next door.”

I bought Ethan a white linen shirt, dark gray knee-length pants, and leather-strapped sandals. It’s my first time shopping at a thrift store, and it appears that I made a good choice.

I wrapped Ethan’s clothes and shoes in the cloth I’d brought with me and let him carry them as we walked into the park’s shade of a tree.

“Put on the clothes I just bought.”

“Me? Here?”

“Yes, quickly. I’ll change next.”

Ethan quietly changes his clothes, unaware of what is going on. He would have hated it before, but now Ethan listens to me.

I waited for Ethan to finish changing before changing myself.

It is a big problem for a nine-year-old girl to change outside, but I quickly change my clothes, using the white cloth I was wearing as a cape to cover myself from the neck down.

“I’m done. Thanks for keeping watch.”

“Wow, Alesia, you really look like an Ojo-sama!”

“Fufu, think of us as a nice young Ojo-sama and her brother wherever we go from here. Don’t say anything you don’t have to. Okay?”


“Don’t tell Ka-san or the others you went there. I’ll inform them myself.”


I made my way through the park with Ethan as my companion to the library near the royal palace.

The Royal Library was a formal structure with white walls. It was about two stories tall and contained an entire atrium.

“This is my first visit.”

I bowed gracefully in front of the receptionist.

When the young man at the front desk saw that we were only two children, he was skeptical, but he quickly let his gaze wander over my appearance and seemed relieved when he saw how well I bowed.

“Enter your name and address here.”

When I returned the card with our names and addresses written on it, the man said, “Be careful, you will be fined if you dirty or tear the books,” and he produced a permit for me and Ethan. Per person, the fee is four large coins. I presented him with eight large coins.

“Is this the library, Alesia?”

“Yes, but keep the chit-chat to a whisper. There’s a sign warning people to be quiet.”

“Can Alesia read?”

“Yes, because I studied.”


Actually, I can read it because I have knowledge of my previous life. Ethan follows me with a slightly frustrated look on his face. Yes, let’s teach him how to read and write.

The library was mostly full of men reading, but there were also a few women. We were the only children here.

I chose a picture-filled zoology and botany book for Ethan and three history books about the country for myself to read at the reading area.

Ethan is now engrossed in the first book he’s ever seen in his life.

All right.

I open the history book and look through the history after my execution…

(Oh my goodness!)

I was astounded to learn about the Kingdom of Shemer’s history after my execution.

Chapter 8: The Foolish Rulers

I’m reading a history book that was written after this country’s name was changed to the Kingdom of Laminbo.

I expected the king and the prime minister’s daughter to marry soon after my execution and that Aura would be a treacherous wizard who betrayed his country. The issue arose five years later.

The country’s people rose up in revolt under the banner “Overthrow the royal family.”

Sasha, after becoming queen, began to actively participate in politics, possibly at the request of her father, the prime minister. As a result, new laws were enacted one after the other in the name of [flood reconstruction].

• A significant tax increase.

• A law prohibiting the general public from consuming alcohol.

• A law prohibiting ordinary people from purchasing silk products.

• A law prohibiting commoners from purchasing or possessing gold, silver, or jewelry.

• A system for registering the use of medicinal herbs.

All of these laws were heinous. Worst of all was the rule that you couldn’t buy or own gold, silver, or jewelry.

It was not only illegal to purchase them. The state confiscated commoners’ gold, silver, and jewelry without question.

How can they pass such a law to further harm flood-ravaged people? How foolish.

Even commoners want to adorn themselves. And in this country, when a daughter marries, her family is expected to give her as much gold and silver as possible as a dowry.

So she can buy whatever she wants without relying on the groom’s money, and she can rely on them in the event of war.

According to the book, there was little information about the whereabouts of the confiscated gold, silver, and jewels.

A significant amount of the gold, silver, and jewels that should have been kept in the treasury vanished. The missing gold and silver jewels are still missing, according to a later investigation by the new administration.

The prohibition on the consumption of alcoholic beverages and the use of silk products made urban areas extremely dangerous. Reputable traders all went bankrupt, and informal traders most likely made a lot of money from the illegal trade in alcohol and silk.

Furthermore, due to the large number of applications, the registration system for the use of medicinal herbs took a long time to be approved, and many sick people suffered from disease complications as a result of their inability to obtain medicine. With a little forethought, this could have been predicted.

Even with such a law, the wealthy could do whatever they wanted with bribes.

It’s no surprise that people despise their country.

The uprising, which started because people had been angry for a long time, grew quickly into a huge wave that swept the country.

The people executed the royal family without waiting for a formal trial. All of the leading figures and their relatives were either beheaded or beaten to death, including the king’s family. The country’s army was ineffective.

All those who had been at the center of politics, including my family, had been wiped out seven years after my execution.

The ravaged country was put down by troops from the neighboring kingdom of Barwala to the east. For some reason, our army obeyed them. Was there a previous agreement? The rebellion itself may well have been led by Balwala.

The country’s new monarch is the second prince of the Balwala kingdom, whose son still rules the country today. The new king immediately repealed the stupid laws.

(I see…)

I sighed as I looked up from the history book I was reading.

“Alesia, are you finished reading?”

“Yeah, for the time being.”

“I’m also finished with the illustrated book. Let’s head home.”

“I guess so. Let’s go home now.”

We gave the man in charge of the inspection the books we had read.

With a practiced hand, the man flipped through all of the returned books, checking them to ensure they were clean and undamaged before saying, “Yes, they’re fine.”

As soon as we left the library, Ethan held my hand and asked me for a favor.

“Will you teach me to write, Alesia?”

“All right. Every day, I’ll gradually teach you to read and write. But you’ll have to work hard on the farm too.”

“I know.”

We ate bread from a nearby stall alongside a slice of richly seasoned grilled meat. We also filled our water bottles from a boy selling water by the roadside. We kept walking slowly and ate the bread together. It’s entertaining to try walking while eating.

(The King, the extravagant woman, and the Prime Minister were all executed…)

I was mumbling along. Ethan walks beside me and tells me about the chick that was born yesterday.

(It’s only been seven years, but the royal family’s power is not as solid as I thought.)

I’d like to read something more recent, but I have to go home now. My parents would worry if I came home late, and I have plenty of time, because I am only nine years old.

The sun was setting from its highest point in the sky.

“If we go home now, we’ll still be able to work before dark.”

“I’m going to feed the chickens today.”

“Let’s go pick some poncas.”

As we ate, Ethan and I walked side by side.


Hakeem is a thirteen-year-old water vendor. His father and grandfather were both water vendors, and he himself has worked as one. However, this job only pays enough to keep you alive. It was a job with no future prospects.


I was killing time in the park in the morning by lying down on a thick branch at the top of a tree because I couldn’t sell water when I noticed two children dressed in simple clothes sneaking around in the shade of the tree, changing into nice clothes, and entering the library.

“What are those children up to?”

Poor people have no place in libraries. Poor people cannot read, and the entrance fee is prohibitively expensive. Nonetheless, that girl went into the library with dignity and didn’t come out for a long time. I’m curious if she was reading a book. She didn’t appear to be wealthy.

“I wish I could learn to read and write. But I don’t have the money to pay someone to teach me.”

That’s why I envied them.


Hakeem descended from the tree and discovered a hair ribbon. He took the ribbon and placed it in his pocket. The red ribbon felt like it was going to connect her with him.


I wanted to call out to her and give her the ribbon when she came out of the library and bought water from me, but I couldn’t bring myself to say it.

… because the girl’s beauty captivated me.

“What am I supposed to do with this?”


Hakeem cleaned the water bottle in the canal that evening. He took the ribbon from his pocket and hoped the girl would return to the library.

Chapter 9: I Want To Go To The Library

My mother and I are standing in the kitchen.

An omelet with roasted vegetables, potato soup, bean stew, and seasoned lamb are on the menu because we’re having dinner with Ethan and his family tonight.

“Thanks for shopping, Alesia. Did you have a good time in the Royal Capital? Did you buy your clothes?”

“I had a good time at Royal Capital, and I got some clothes. Ethan was a good boy who was also cute!”

“I’m delighted to hear that.”

My parents are preoccupied with the new farm. The crops are flourishing as a result of the rain.

“Some locals came to see the farm today.”

I paused in my stirring and looked at my mother.

“Did they have any suspicions?”

“They didn’t. Everyone believes that rain at night is a gift from God. They were pleased when I gave them vegetables and fruits as souvenirs.”

” I see.”

“And you know, if you’re talking about the rain, since we moved here you’ve been sleeping in the wagon.”

Right. I ride the covered wagon two or three times a week to avoid the nightly rain in our area. I sleep early in the morning in a remote location, or late in the day when the wagon drives me slowly for a few hours.

Right now, the diameter of the rain I can create is estimated to be around 1,700 meters. The horse-drawn wagon should not be able to connect with the rain due to the large area of rainfall. However, my father and Nathan-ojisan lose sleep at least once a week. But they told me, “Don’t worry about it.”

I was removing the pot from the flames when I recalled requesting a favor from my mother.

“Hey Oka-san, I want to plant a hawthorn tree in the courtyard.

There was a vendor selling hawthorn candy near the library. Hawthorn candy is made by skewering bright red hawthorn berries and coating them with candy. Addicting crunchy, sweet candies with a sweet and sour hawthorn flavor. It was my favorite in a previous life. I recall eating them with nostalgia when my maid secretly bought them for me.

“Hawthorn? Okay, but why?”

“I came across hawthorn candies at a street stall. They looked delicious, but I didn’t have enough money to buy them.”

“Hawthorn candy… I used to enjoy it as a child. My mother’s family was poor, so she only bought it for me once a year during the festival, which I looked forward to.”

Then my mother suddenly looked sad.

“Alesia had grown up on the old farm until she was eight years old. She had no idea about Royal Capital’s festivals or hawthorn candy.”

“Don’t look at me like that, Oka-san. From now on, I’ll be able to enjoy the festivals and hawthorn candy!”

In this life, I had nothing but gratitude for my parents!

There was a knock at the door while we were having this conversation.

“Good evening.”

The first person to enter is Nathan-ojisan. Now it’s time for a pleasant dinner.

“Alesia-chan, I heard you bought Ethan clothes today. I will pay.”

“Ara, really?”

My mother and Oba-san are both staring at me.

When I look at Ethan, he gives me a small nod, as if to say, [don’t worry]. I see he didn’t mention the library to them. I’m sorry he had to go through all of that. But first, I’m going to tell them about it.

“I bought Ethan’s clothes and went to the library wearing the clothes we bought. So I’d like to visit the library from time to time. It is expensive, so I will work harder to pay for it—may I go?”

The four adults are taken aback. They’re probably wondering what a child who can’t read is doing in a library.

“I’d like to learn.”

“That’s all right.”

My father said it immediately. I didn’t think he’d agree to it without asking.

“I-Is it all right?”

“Yes, it’s fine. The farm is doing well, and we’re eating well. We’re saving a little money. Don’t be concerned about library fees. Alesia can learn if she wants to. But you can’t read, can you?”

I was expecting this question.

“There are books for children in the library—I’ll read and study them first. There are also a plethora of picture books. So everything is fine. Thank you for allowing me to visit the library, Oto-san!”

Oh, what a good parent I deserve.

Ethan, who had been quietly listening, stood up.

“What’s wrong? You want another slice?”

“Ethan, we’re in the middle of a meal. Sit down.”

Ojisan and Oba-san call out to him, but he remains motionless and stares at me. Ara?

“I want to go to the library too, so I can learn how to read with Alesia!”

Arara. Why are you staring at me while pleading with your parents? Your cheeks are puffy. Is it his character? Is it so frustrating that you’re the only one who can’t read? Ethan, you’re too cute!

“All right, Ethan. You’re always working hard on the farm.”

Benita-obaasan smiled and agreed.

Since the day I opened my memory box, I have been thinking about [why I was born with the memories of my previous life].

The war in my previous life took so many lives, but I didn’t go to hell, and I’m happy to start over. But what is the reason for this?

…There must be a reason.

Maybe the reason I was born with memories is to teach me to make the right decision this time. That’s what I think it means. No, I’ve decided to do so on my own terms.

This time, I don’t want to make mistakes. I don’t want to live in a way that I will come to regret. I want to live a life that will benefit others.

That’s why I’m going to the library to research magic, even if it’s only a hint. I want to do something about the unintentional rain.

Chapter 10: The Taste of Water

I was granted permission to visit the library up to twice a month.

“If you go and do the shopping while you’re there, your mother and father can work on the farm for the time you spend there.”

“Thank you, Oto-san, Oka-san.”

Today is the perfect day to visit the library.

I’ll work at the farm before going to the library, and then we’ll eat and leave. Ethan is here with me. I’ve decided to bring my lunch today because buying food is expensive.

I made pété, which is flour mixed with water and baked on a griddle in a round shape, beans and lamb stewed with garlic, ginger, chili, and bitter pima leaves, and thinly sliced onions fried and beaten with an egg.

I packed lunch for two and filled the water bottles, which were quite heavy. I put two in my backpack and was about to leave when Ethan stopped me.

“I’ll carry that.”

“It’s okay, but it’s heavy.”

“Because it’s heavy, I’m carrying it. You’re an idiot!”

I wonder if it’s a man’s pride. But I’m two years older than him.

“Then let’s split the load. That way, it won’t burden us both, right?”

“All right, but don’t treat me like a baby; Alesia has been acting strangely since she was hurt.”


Is it a child’s instinct? I’m curious if he noticed anything different about me than I used to.

We both put on our rucksacks and headed to the market. Today’s errands include brown sugar and tobacco leaves for Oto-san, a spool of black and white sewing thread, and a small bag of salt. A few spices here and there.

We went to the library after we had purchased everything.

We didn’t change outside because we wore our going-out clothes from home today.

The man at the front desk recognized us and greeted us with a friendly “welcome.”


I smiled as I greeted him, and Ethan and I each paid four large copper coins.

“Do you want to look at picture books again today?”

“Yeah, but I’d like to pick one for myself.”

“Okay, fine. Then I’ll go find my book.”

Today I’m going to read something about magic.

I could perform water magic from a young age in my previous life. If I put my mind to it, I could easily make water, but I can’t do it in this life. It’s inconvenient and dangerous to allow it to rain while I’m sleeping.

I was reading a book on water magic, and Ethan, who had just begun learning to read, was looking at a book on how to grow plants.

However, my book was useless. It is only a summary, not a practical guide. However, since I paid for the service, it would be a waste if I did not read some books.

So I decided to read a book about the lives of ordinary people in each country.

“Wow. This looks delicious!”

It’s a celebratory dish from another country. It was a dish called “Ptyu,” which was made by boiling potatoes, mashing them thoroughly with flour, flattening them, wrapping them in minced chicken with sweet and spicy seasoning, and deep-frying them in oil.

“We have all of the ingredients at home.”

I didn’t cook in my previous life because I was an aristocrat, but now cooking is half housework and half hobby. It uses your brain and your body. It tastes good, it pleases people, and it’s full of good things.

It got me interested, and I spent hours after hours looking for rare and useful dishes.

“Ethan, it’s time to eat lunch outside.”

“Yeah, I’m hungry.”

When I brought a magic book to the counter, the staff asked, “Are you interested in magic?”

“Yes, magic fascinates me.”

“Isn’t it true that every child fantasizes about magic at some point in their lives? I was also fascinated by magic as a child and read about it.”

“I see.”

That’s great. I’ve got it.

We went outside after I returned the book.

A boy selling water approached us as we were about to eat our lunch in the park in front of the library.

“Do you want some water? It’s the delicious spring water we got this morning from the spring.”

“I’m sorry. Today, we brought our own water bottle.”

“I see.”

When the boy was about to leave, Ethan boasted, “Because our water tastes really good.”

Seriously. Why is this kid bragging to a water vendor about water?!

“I’m sorry. Don’t worry about him.”

As he was about to walk away, the boy with light brown hair tilted his head slightly, his green eyes narrowed, and he looked at him strangely.

“You bought my water once before, didn’t you? Is it better than that?”

The water vendor boy inquired seriously. I was thinking about how to stop him from talking, but Ethan’s mouth was faster.

“I drank the water you bought the last time, but I thought our water tasted better! Do you want to try some?”

“Will you let me taste it? Thank you.”

Sigh, Ethan…

Stopping him now would be unnatural.

With an innocent expression on his face, Ethan extended the water bottle to the boy. The boy then pours canteen water into his business cup and takes a sip, savoring the flavor.


He sipped the water again, rolling his green eyes.

“What is this water with a sweet taste?! I thought the spring water was the best, but this is far superior.”


No, it’s not, Ethan. Because the rain I’m creating isn’t ordinary water, it’s only natural that it tastes different. I can’t believe you gave it to a water vendor, of all people.”

“Can you tell me where you got this water?”

“It’s rai—bufugafu?!”

In a panic, I covered Ethan’s mouth with my hand, but I couldn’t reach him in time.

“From a well? Can I get some water from your house?! ! If it tastes this good, I might be able to sell it. If I don’t make enough money, sometimes I have to skip dinner…”

After hearing that, I feel a lump in my throat

I thought he was just skinny, but it turns out he doesn’t eat well. He’s growing up. And he’s skipping dinner. Ugh.

I can’t take it anymore.

“What’s your name? How old are you?”

“H-Hakeem, I’m 13 years old.”

“Hakim-san, eat my lunch. No, please eat it! A thirteen-year-old boy. A child who is hungry. It’s intolerable!”

Ethan murmured to me in hushed tones when he heard it.

“Child … Isn’t Alesia, who is nine years old, much more of a child?”

Chapter 11: I Can Protect You Too

“I can go home and cook and eat as much as I want. I’m a farmer. We have plenty of food, so don’t worry about it. “

I gave Hakeem a noncommittal aura because he was hesitant.

“Feel free to eat.”

I took some of Ethan’s lunch, and the three of us ate it together.

“The lunch is delicious,” Hakeem remarked. Then, while eating his lunch, he lowered his brows and inquired, “About the water…”

“…because you have to balance a barrel of water, don’t you? My house is four kilometers away, you know. More importantly, how much do you need to make in a day to avoid skipping meals?”

Hakeem blushed, embarrassed for a younger girl to be concerned about him.

“A cup costs three small copper coins, but in order to eat, I need to sell at least fifty cups per meal. But it’s not like my parents are mean to me.”

A total of 150 small copper coins. This equates to one small silver coin and five large copper coins.

“Well… I’ll ask Oto-san about the water.”

“Thank you so much!! This water and this meal are both delicious. And…”

From his pocket, Hakeem pulls a neatly folded red ribbon.

“I found it in the bushes over there before.”

“Oh. That’s my favorite ribbon. You picked it up. Thank you.”

“No. You’re very welcome.”

We put our lunch boxes away and parted with a smile. “That guy’s suspicious,” Ethan said after a brief silence.

“Why? He’s not suspicious at all. He’s a hard-working young boy who puts in long hours.”

“But, how did he know it was Alesia’s ribbon? Why didn’t he just give it to her when we bought the water earlier if he knew?”

“Perhaps he overlooked the ribbon? Or maybe he asked a lot of people.”

“Alesia trusts everyone so easily. He could be a bad guy.”

We were walking hand in hand when I came to a halt.

“Bad guy? Are you saying he’s going to kill us?”

“I wouldn’t go that far…”

(A bad person is someone like me in a previous life who kills hundreds of people without question when there is an overwhelming difference in power.)

I fell silent, and Ethan flushed.

“What I mean is that Alesia has a tendency to trust people too quickly… I mean, I’m concerned.”

I couldn’t help but squeeze Ethan’s cheek.

“Thank you for being concerned about me.”

“Stop it! Do not treat me like a child!”

“Sorry about that. Fufu. But you shouldn’t say things like that when you don’t know anything about Hakeem.”

“I’m sorry.”

That night, over dinner with two families, we talked about Hakeem and his circumstances, where he struggled to earn one small silver coin and five large copper coins to eat, or he would skip dinner.

“Selling water is a thin profitable business that doesn’t require a lot of capital.”

“Thirteen is the age when you want to eat more than adults.”

Father and Mother lament.

Nathan-ojisan and Benita-obaasan also appeared depressed.

“Ethan, we almost starved when we were rescued by Alesia’s family. If something goes wrong, poor families will always go hungry.”

“Yes. You would not be alive today if your Serio-ojisan and the others had not accepted us.”

Ethan was also depressed.

“Serio, can I tell him something about Alesia? Ethan is old enough to keep secrets. We don’t want him to say anything out in the open again.”

My father paused for a moment before saying. “Is that all right? Alesia.”

He requests my permission.

Everyone is staring at me.

They don’t know anything until Ethan’s out there saying something. I think it’s time.

“Okay. I’m sure Ethan will keep a secret.”

Oto-san then told him everything from when I was a baby.

“If Alesia’s power becomes known, she won’t be able to live normally. Someone with authority would take her away. So, can you keep it a secret? Ethan.”

“Serio-ojisan…are you sure you want to live here? The neighbors will wonder why it started raining as soon as Alesia moved in!”

“Don’t worry, it rains everywhere else. That is why people are less suspicious here. Alesia has been sleeping in the wagon twice a week since we moved here.”

Ethan says, “Hmm?” with a puzzled expression on his face.

“Wouldn’t it be suspicious if it just rained every night here? That’s why Alesia spends two nights a week sleeping in a covered wagon. Your father and your Serio-ojisan take turns driving the wagons around the capital for a few hours at night or before dawn.”

“…Alesia, you poor thing.”

I know I’m making it hard for them by taking away some of their time. They cherish the work of the farmers. My rain helps the farm. I have thought about leaving home, but I just can’t. It is too hard for me to leave my good parents. My parents would suffer if I left home at the age of nine.

“That’s why I’m going to the library to look it up. I still don’t know how it happened.”

With a clatter, Ethan rises from his chair and declares angrily.

“I can also protect Alesia and keep her secret!”

You’re adorable, Ethan.

“So I was thinking about getting Hakeem to work here. Hakeem only works during the day, so he will not be able to see the rain. Oto-san and the others, you say you are short on staff, but you never hire anyone, do you? Because of me, right?”


My previous life’s memories flood back to me, and I can’t help but cry.

“Oto-san, please listen to me. It pains me to pretend that I don’t know what Hakeem is going through in order to protect myself! I understand why Oto-san and the others are concerned about me. But I can’t take it anymore. only during the day. Can’t he work during the day?

“Okay. All right, don’t cry. Alesia’s such a good girl.”

My father, who was unaware of my previous life, patted me on the back.

(Oto-san, I’m not the good girl you think I am…)

Although I wanted to help others, I was tired of causing problems for the adults around me.

I apologize for everything. But it’s difficult to know that I could help Hakeem if I wanted to, but I can’t.

Even though I am an adult at heart, I finally cried.

Chapter 12: Mother’s Persuasion

Even though he said, “All right,” my father was hesitant to hire Hakeem.

Then my mother, who usually doesn’t talk much, started to try to convince him fiercely. I’ve never seen my mother talk so much.

“Dear. It’s time to stop keeping Alesia in a birdcage and being suspicious of everyone else. Or are you simply going to let her grow up without any exposure to the outside world?”

“I am not…”

“I understand how important it is to keep Alesia’s power hidden, but she’ll be old enough. Do you really want to raise her alone, as a lonely girl with no friends or even a lover? We’ll be the first to grow old and die. Do you think about Alesia after we’re gone?”

The father lowered his gaze and remained silent. Then Nathan-ojisan joined us.

“Actually, some assistance would be appreciated. Alesia’s connection to the rain will go unnoticed if it is only during the day. And I’ve never seen Alesia request such a favor before. Have you noticed that, Serio?”

“Noticed what?

“Alethea has exceptional listening abilities. I’ve never seen her be so selfish. Alethea is probably afraid that her rain will get us in trouble and that she won’t be able to do everything herself.”


“We are the ones who owe Alesia thanks. We don’t want her to feel bad about herself. Alesia, who has always been so kind to us, is crying and asking for assistance. Hakeem, I’d like to hire him.”

“Yes. If we’re the only ones in the house, who knows what kind of bad guys will take advantage of us in the future? I have my own reservations about letting others in. But I believe it’s past time for Alesia to learn how to coexist with other people. The first is Hakeem.”

” …”

“You want her to grow up not knowing how to interact with others, not fall in love, and simply hide? Is that a happy life? It’s not much different from being taken advantage of by someone with a higher status.”

“I know… yes. You’re right. To ask her to live her life without any relationships in order to protect her is cruel…”

“Yes, dear. From now on, let us raise Alesia with a more positive attitude.”

My mother’s words brought the discussion to a close.

I was wrong about my mother. I assumed she was just a nice person, but she was much more. She was a wise older woman who taught me valuable lessons.


“Would you like to work here, Hakeem? It does not have to be on a daily basis. We’re just a little short on personnel.”

“We have issues with vegetables and fruits because they grow so quickly.”

Hakeem is recruited by Nathan-ojisan and Benita-obaasan.

“If you work for us on this farm, you can eat at our house for lunch and dinner.”

“Perhaps you can’t take time off from your water vendor job?”

My father and mother have also extended an invitation to him. Hakeem is perplexed because he has only come to ask for water.

“I’ll have a steady income if I work here, right? To be honest, I’d be extremely grateful. But I’m concerned that you pity me because I’m poor. I don’t want to be misunderstood, so please allow me to explain my family.”

The adults nodded in agreement.

“My family consists of myself, my mother, and my younger sister. My father left us a long time ago. My sister has been ill for a long time and requires medication. My mother, who works during the day, also skips meals on days when I don’t make much money because she needs the money for my sister’s medicine. So it’s not just me who goes without eating. My sister is the only one who can eat porridge and soup.”

“You struggle. He’s only thirteen, but he’s giving it his all.”

My mother clamps her mouth shut and tears up.

After the explanation, Hakeem smiles and agrees to work for us. He agreed to work in our house six days a week, earning two small silver coins and five large copper coins per day, with lunch and dinner provided.

My father showed him a rainwater collection barrel and said,

“We collect rainwater here, but we can’t sell it because we also need to distribute it in the fields. I’m sorry.”

He came up with an excuse.

“So that’s how it is. I understand.”

We don’t actually water the fields, but selling that delicious water will draw people’s attention.

Hakeem was a hard worker who started coming to the farm, and he often made the adults happy by saying things like, “Farming is fun,” and “It is worthwhile to work because vegetables and fruit trees grow well as long as you work hard.”

Hakeem is a strong thirteen-year-old, and despite his thin build, he works as hard as my father and others. He’s never late, and he works until the last second of the evening.

He always enjoys the food that my mother and I prepare for him. My mother and I would cook more food in secret and say, “We cooked a lot of food.” and we would give him some of the food so that he could share it with his family. I hope this alleviates his situation at home.

“My mother and sister will be very happy to eat it,” Hakeem says as he accepts the food.

Everything is going well, except my water magic isn’t working as well as I’d like it to. I still can’t even make a glass of water.

Chapter 13: Hawthorn Candy At Home

Mark Heim Ramming, the country’s first prince, had arrived at the “circular farm” with a small escort. The farm was dying and being buried under sand, as his men reported.

“Is it possible, Gil, that such a strange thing is happening?”

“Your Highness, I’m also curious if the people here knew it was going to stop raining here.”

“Or maybe they lost the means to make it rain.”

“It would be a tremendous blessing for our country if we could bring rain.”

“It would make people’s lives easier.”

When he realized it was pointless to look around, Prince Mark mounted his horse.

He intends to ride slowly home from here.

“Gil, are you aware of the recent rain that has fallen in the middle of the night?”

“Sir, yes. It’s just a light rain.”

“But it’s frequent.”

“I’d say it rains once or twice a week.”

It has never rained so frequently in this country.

“Don’t you think it’s related to the farm we just went to?”

“Well, a farm can’t survive on that kind of rainfall. I know this because my maternal grandfather’s family was farmers.”

” I see.”


Perhaps I’m guessing too much.

It’s fun to drive horses in the big desert and to let the hawks fly and hunt.

The Prime Minister keeps bringing up potential fiancées when I’m in the palace, which depresses me. I know I’ll have to get married eventually, but I just can’t bring myself to do it right now.

Since my grandfather, the second prince of a neighboring kingdom, became king of this land, the Kingdom of Lamimbu has been at peace. The predecessor of this kingdom, the Kingdom of Shemer, changed its name and continued to exist despite the execution of its royalty and high nobility. My father said, “As long as there are people, no matter what happens, the nation will not vanish. That is why we must live for the sake of the people.”


As he moved through the dry, hot wind, Mark remembered his father’s words.


“Oka-san, the hawthorns have already borne fruit. Look! Do you know how to make hawthorn candy?”

“Ara? That was quick. It was a wise decision to purchase larger seedlings, even if they cost a little more, because they will bear fruit the fastest.”

“Isn’t it nice to have a fruit-bearing tree? I’m going to take cuttings in order to grow more hawthorn trees!”

“That’s a good idea—by the way, when I was a kid, my Oka-san loved to make hawthorn candies, but she would also occasionally give us mulberries that she bought off the shelf at the market.”

Mulberries? I’ve never seen or eaten anything like that.

“What do they taste like?”

Hakeem, who was present, responded.

“They have a dark purple color that appears black and are sweet and delicious when ripe.” When I was selling water in front of the capital’s botanical garden, the gatekeeper gave me some to eat. Because it is a water-loving tree, you don’t see many of them.”


We have access to water. I’m curious if we can grow some at home.

I’d like to grow a whole bunch of them and eat the fruit.

I got a two-handed scoop of hawthorn berries in the evening to make hawthorn candies.

My mother demonstrated how to make it by boiling and melting palm sugar (made from coconuts) and then pouring it on.

“We’ll divide it among seven people, with each receiving only a small bite. We’ll be harvesting more and more in the future, so let’s make it again when we have more.”

With these words, my mother placed about ten hawthorn candies on each person’s plate.

Everyone commented on how “delicious” and “nostalgic” the hawthorn candy was, but Hakeem just smiled and did not eat it.

“Don’t you like hawthorn candy?” I asked Hakeem, who was sitting next to me after I finished mine. Then Hakeem blushed and said.

“I don’t hate it. It’s something I’ve never had before. Can I bring this home for my sister to eat?”

He replied in hushed tones.

Ah! That’s right!

I’m embarrassed that I, an adult at heart, didn’t realize Hakeem, 13, could care. Why hadn’t I considered his family?!

“Fufu, Hakeem, don’t worry about eating. I set aside some for your Oka-san and sister.”

“Really?! Thank you very much… But I still want to eat this with my family, so I’m going to take it home.”

“That’s very sweet of you,” my mother said with a smile.

I rubbed my face against my mother’s back as I hugged her from behind. Ethan and Ojisan are taken aback—well, I wasn’t exactly a clingy girl.

“Arara. What’s the matter?”

“Oka-san. I love Oka-san.”

“Fufu. Thank you very much.”

I’ve never hugged my parents in my previous life, as far as I can recall. This mother is wonderful. I was overjoyed to have such a thoughtful and kind mother.

Hakeem’s Oka-san must be a wonderful person as well, because he raised Hakeem to be a family-oriented person.


“What is it?”

“I’m so glad I was born as Oka-san’s child.”

“Oka-san is also happy that Alesia was born.”

“What about Oto-san, Alesia?”

“Of course I love my Oto-san too! I’m glad I’m Oto-san’s child!”

It’s true. I live every day grateful to have such a happy childhood.

As I hugged my mother, I expressed my gratitude to God for giving me a fresh start in life

(Thank you so much for allowing me to be born in this house.)

Chapter 14: Hakeem’s Family

“I’m back, Ka-san, Chana.”

“Welcome home, Hakeem.”

“Welcome home, Nii-san.”

Hakeem’s house is in the capital’s poorest neighborhood.


This was the only neighborhood where we could pay our rent with our earnings. My father went out to sell water six years ago and never returned. I’m not sure if he left on his own or as a result of an incident. We had no savings, so my mother and I continued to work to make ends meet. My sickly sister has been in bed for a long time, but she appears to be getting better.

“Chana, I have something good for you. Here.”

“What is this, Nii-san?”

“These are hawthorn candies. Okusama made candies out of the farm’s hawthorn berries.”

My sister and I had never tried hawthorn candies. When I asked my mother about it, she said she also never had any. We picked them up with our fingertips and placed one in each of our mouths.

“Wow, Nii-san, these candies are so crunchy!”

“Hawthorn and candy go well together. I’ve never had hawthorn candy before.”

“It’s delicious.”


It was before dinner, but the three of them took the time to enjoy sweet and sour hawthorn candy.


I was given a bowl of baked pété made of flour dissolved in water, beans and chicken stewed in a slightly spicy sauce, and a boiled egg as I left Alethea’s house. “It’s just a side dish,” Oku-sama says, but it’s a sumptuous main dish at my house.

I think to myself every time I look at the boiled eggs, “I feel especially energized on days when I eat eggs from that farm.” I’m sure it’s all in my head.

“Thank God. Hakeem was hired by some really nice people.”

“Yes, I believe so as well. I can now buy Chana’s medicine without fear thanks to their help.”

I place a side dish in a metal container on a plate and fill a wooden cup with water from the farm.

“Eat up, eat up. I’ve already eaten.”


His mother, who has spent the day cleaning, and his sister, who has been sick and sleeping all day, both eat deliciously. Hakeem felt like the family’s leader, and his heart was overjoyed.

“Nii-san, this water is really tasty.”

“I still can’t believe rainwater tastes better than freshly drawn spring water.”

“Is this just ordinary rainwater? It’s delicious.”

Hakeem described the filter Alesia’s father had shown him at the farm.

“He said that passing the water through a barrel filled with sand and charcoal cleans it and improves its taste.”

“I haven’t had a fever since I began drinking this water and eating the food Nii-san brings back. It’s similar to magical water and food.”

“Haha. Magic is an exaggeration. Even so, all the people on that farm are really nice.”

It rains at night on the farm, and the ground is always wet.

To be honest, it was a bit of a mystery to Hakeem, who had walked all over the place selling water.

It can’t possibly rain all the time in that area, in his opinion. And if it does rain, it does so without the presence of clouds.

“Well, I don’t care. I’ll just work hard for the people who are nice to me.”

“Yes. To thank God and the people on the farm, your mother will pray every day.”

“Me too!”


That night, as he lay in his shabby bed, Hakeem remembered his sister’s words.

She said the fever had stopped since she ate the water and food from the farm.


I haven’t bought fever medicine in a long time. She has a much larger appetite now than she did previously.

I’m curious if that mild, even sweet, water is truly magical.

“No, that can’t be it.”

Before my mother was born, I heard that there were no wizards left in this land. My father had previously stated that a wizard is only born every 20 or 30 years. There can’t be any wizards on the farm on the outskirts of the Royal Capital if that’s the case. They would live in the palace if they existed.

“But it’s still a magical farm.”

I said it out loud, and my sister, who was supposedly sleeping by the window in the same room, spoke to me.

“Nii-san, tell me about the people on the farm.”


Every day, his sister only looks at the house’s ceiling, walls, and windows.

Hakeem decided to tell her the story of such a poor sister.

“Serio-san and his wife Hilda-san are my bosses, and they have a nine-year-old daughter named Alesia. Nathan-san and Benita-san live next door, and their seven-year-old son is Ethan.”

“What’s Alesia-san like?”

“She appears to be very intelligent, kind, and hardworking.”

Chana was a little unhappy with that answer.

“I mean, how does she look?”

“Let’s see… Her hair is shoulder-length auburn and fluffy, and her eyes are unusual. She has dark blue eyes that are speckled with gold stars up close.”

“Wow. Is she pretty?”

Hakeem laughs.

Chana, like Alesia, is nine years old, but she appears much younger. Because she’s been sick, she’s been sleeping a lot, and her body hasn’t grown as quickly as it should. Alesia is more mature, or rather, she speaks and acts like an adult at times.


“Sorry about that. Alesia is more than just pretty.”



I think she gave me some kind of implied reply, but she just giggled and went back to sleep.

“Another farm awaits us tomorrow. I need to get some sleep.”

When I was selling water, I didn’t think so, but now I’m thinking, “I have to work tomorrow and do my best!”

Hakeem gave a small smile and closed his eyes.

Chapter 15: Growing Mulberry

Hakeem and I went to the market today to get mulberry seedlings. We are now on our way back.

“This is my first time on a camel, but I didn’t expect it to be so bumpy.”

“Hakeem will grow accustomed to it.”

When we lived in the desert, my family had three camels for transportation. We have a horse-drawn carriage now that we live in the capital, but I’ve never used it because “Alesia is still afraid of handling a horse by herself.”

I arrived today with two camels and purchased eight large seedlings. There are two male trees and six female trees. I had no idea there were male and female mulberry trees.

TL: Seriously?

I wanted to grow mulberry trees because I wanted to eat the fruit, but when I heard Hakeem say, “mulberry trees require a lot of water,” I had the idea to sell mulberry fruit.

The Royal Capital is a business opportunity. If you live in the Royal Capital, you should make money whenever possible, and if something bad happens, you should take the money and flee as quickly as possible.

I’m not sure how much longer I can live with my parents. In the worst-case scenario, I may have to flee alone in order to keep them safe. I should have as much money as I can get my hands on. I haven’t told my parents yet.

“You really wanted to eat mulberries?”

“That’s one thing, but since we have plenty of water, I decided to grow mulberry trees and sell the fruit—mulberries must sell for a high price in this country if they are difficult to grow without plenty of water, right?”

“I see. But how do you know how long the rain will last? Doesn’t it sometimes stop raining all of a sudden?”

“If that’s the case, then I’ll simply give up.”

It will rain as long as I’m there.

“I was surprised to learn that a single mulberry tree costs five small silver coins, and I was even more surprised to learn that you purchased eight of them.”

“Everything has an initial cost.”

Hakeem looked puzzled.

“Did I say something funny?”

“No. I mean, you use grown-up language.”

“Uh… I’ve been going to the library lately and picking up some new words, so I wanted to try it out.”

For a while, we walked alongside the camels, but Hakeem seemed to want to say something.

“You see, I have a favor to ask of you.”

“What is it?”

“I’d like to learn to read and write—can I watch Ethan while he learns to write?”

“You certainly can! Let’s study together instead of just watching. Although you can learn to write on your own, it is faster if you learn with someone else.”

Hakeem’s face brightened.

“Thank you very much! I can teach my sister to write if I learn to write. She sleeps at home all the time, so when she learns to read, I’d like to buy her a book.”

What a good young boy! That brings tears to my eyes.

I’m grateful to have met such a pure and lovely young man. I’m curious if any of the noblemen or royalty I’ve met in my previous life were such pure young men… None. There are none. And my former fiancee… No… Let us not dwell on it.

“All right, when we get home, we’ll plant some seedlings, harvest some vegetables, feed the chickens, and then study the alphabet!”

“Alesia didn’t have to work so hard or I’d lose my job.”

“Don’t worry—the work on the farm never ends!”

This country is extremely hot all year. I’ve heard that seasons change in some countries, but in this country it’s always summer. Crops can be harvested twice or three times a year. Plants grow and thrive when vegetable scraps, chicken manure, camel dung, and horse manure are added to fields after they have been planted, as my father taught me.

“It’s nice to work, isn’t it?”

“Yes. That’s how I’ve felt since working on the farm. I had to wait for customers when I was a water vendor. Farming is enjoyable because you see the fruits of your labor.”

“That’s true.”

We returned to the farm and immediately planted the seedlings.

I took a tub of rainwater and poured it on the seed’s roots, hoping it would grow large.

To be safe, we planted it at the end of the nekta tree, where it would be hidden when we entered the farm. Nobody visits the farm anyway, but just in case.


The mulberry tree grew quickly.

It grew branches and large leaves, and insects found their way inside.

“Hey, Oto-san, the mulberry tree has some whitish caterpillars.”

“They’re moth larvae, I see. Mulberry trees must be tasty.”

Oto-san uses his fingers to pick up caterpillars and wrap them in a sweat cloth.

“W-What are you doing?”

“Give them to the chickens to eat—they’ll love it. The eggs will be delicious as well.”

“Wow. They not only get worms but also caterpillars.”

The mulberry tree is under my supervision. So I would catch caterpillars with my homemade wooden tongs every day and feed them to the chickens.

The chickens quickly learned that I was putting the caterpillars in a box and began running up to me in a frenzy when I approached the coop with the box. It’s frightening how powerful they are when they charge in!”

“After all the trouble I went through to catch them, you should eat them for your own good.”

Well, there’s no way they can understand that, and the chickens swallow them whole.

Caterpillars appear on the mulberry tree whether or not we take them. It was as if the mulberry trees were giving birth to them. That’s why, when they couldn’t be completely removed, some of them turned into cocoons.

“Huh? This is…”

I saw something similar in a previous life when I visited a silk workshop in another country.

The cocoons appear to have been boiled and spun into raw silk, which was then used to weave silk cloth.

The cocoons I discovered in our mulberry tree were nearly identical.

If we increase the number of cocoons, I wonder if we can make silk thread from them.

Chapter 16: The Road to Silk Thread (1)

At the library, I looked up how to make silk threads.

They appear to use caterpillars that form cocoons on mulberry trees.

Libraries are so convenient! As long as you pay a fee, knowledge is available to everyone, regardless of status. I applaud the current royal family for establishing this system. I have no fond memories of the royal family, but I believe the current royal family has done an excellent job.

The method of raising silkworms appeared simple, albeit laborious and nerve-racking. If you put the caterpillar in an open box and feed it clean mulberry leaves, it will cocoon in about 28 days when the moon is full. Keep its stomach full and clean. Raise it with caution and keep an eye on it. It’s similar to raising chickens or camels.

Caterpillars that I would have screamed at in a previous life became accustomed to me as I cared for them, believing they were the material for silk threads. I diligently collected the caterpillars the next day and placed them in a closed basket with a lid.

“What are you doing, Alesia?”

“I’m thinking of collecting these and making silk thread, Ethan.”

“It’s going to be silk? Isn’t silk a very expensive fabric?”

“Yes, it spits out the thread that was used to weave the pricey fabric.”

Ethan is surprised to learn that the most expensive silk is made from threads extracted from the mouths of insects. Nonetheless, he worked hard to collect the caterpillars from the mulberry.

“Oh, you’re rearing silkworms.”

“Do you know anything about silkworms, Oto-san?”

“I’ve never done it, but I’ve heard good things about it. Alesia, did you look it up in the library?”

“Yes, I’ll repay Oto-san for the money he gave me when I can make silk!”

“Hahaha. I can’t wait for the day when you can make that much money.”

My father thinks it’s childish, but I’m not kidding.

I know silk products are popular among wealthy aristocrats, so I’m confident I can recoup my investment.

My nine-year-old body is incapable of assisting with farm work. Sericulture, on the other hand, will do me good.

I eagerly took more and more branches from the mulberry tree. Mulberry trees are required in large quantities if silkworms are to be grown on a large scale. I can save money on seedlings if I grow more mulberry trees from cuttings!

While I was thinking, Ethan warned me.

“Hey Alesia, I don’t think you’re aware of it, but you’ve been looking weirdly at work lately—you look like an oba-san who enjoys making money through bad business.”


I tried not to laugh as I looked at Hakeem, who was standing nearby. Wow, truly? Isn’t that a bit much?”

“Thanks for saying that, Ethan. I’ll be careful.”

“Yeah, be careful. If someone sees your face like that, you can’t get married.”

Geez. I never thought I’d be warned by this kid about getting married.

My rain has gradually grown in size, reaching nearly two kilometers in diameter.

A nearby farmer stated

“We used to have horses and people pumping water from the wells, but that is no longer necessary.”

They are all very happy about it.

The rainfall range will continue to expand.

As time passes, determining the cause of the rain will become increasingly difficult. Our farm can now proudly plant more mulberry trees. I wish that not only my family, but all farmers could make silk.

Hakeem said at dinner,

“My sister has recently been able to stay awake without the use of medication. I believe it is due to the water and food available here.”

“So the water and food are like medicine, huh.” Ethan said.

“Well, no one in my or Alesia’s family has ever been ill,” said Nathan-ojisan.

“A small cut heals quickly if washed with rainwater.” said Benita-obaasan.

“Even though I work hard every day, my back doesn’t hurt,” said Oto-san.

“I don’t even have stiff shoulders at my age,” said Oka-san.

No, no, wait.

That kind of power cannot exist in the rain I send down.

I was a water wizard in a previous life, but I was unable to use healing magic at all.

Everyone except Hakeem notices my alarm. No, I don’t have that kind of authority, so I can’t tell you.

“Hm?” said Hakeem. “Is something wrong?” He is completely clueless.

“Ahen.” And my father swallows and clears his throat.

“Whatever the reason, it’s good that Hakeem’s sister is improving. I hope she comes to visit us soon.”

“Sorry. Actually, my sister has been begging me for a long time. She wants to see all of you at once. She wants to thank you. She also wants to see the farm.”

“Okay, next time I go to the library, I’ll take the camel. How about we pick up your sister on the way back, spend the night at my house, and bring her home the next day?”

“That’s a great idea. We can do that once your sister is feeling much better.”

Hakeem looks happy that my father gave his permission.

I’m happy as well. After all, I have no female friends or even acquaintances in this life. My only friends are Ethan and Hakeem.

The first step to helping others was my family and Ethan’s family.

I’d be happy to help Hakeem’s family next.

I check the silkworms in the box every night before going to bed.

Silkworms are molting and expanding. I hear “shak-shak-shak” when I put my ear close to the box. It’s the sound of them chewing on mulberry leaves. I can’t wait until I can make silk thread from cocoons. A single silk thread is enough at first. May you be successful.

I later noticed that the mulberry tree was rapidly growing.

Even after the leaves have been removed, new sprouts appear and quickly spread their leaves.

“Mulberry trees grow fast.” I was told by a nursery-ojisan, where I bought the seed.

Silkworms consume the rapidly growing mulberry leaves and quickly construct cocoons here and there inside the box.

Chapter 17: The Road to Silk Thread (2)

The book says that the cocoons are put in a pot of hot water for a short time and then pulled apart to make threads.

The silkworms’ fine, thin threads are stronger than expected. They can be pulled out of a cocoon that has been floating in water for hours without breaking. We were all impressed by the fact that cocoons are made from a single strand of thread.

I combined several strands into a single strand, which Ethan wrapped around a piece of board. Many of the cocoons were bright yellow, but when they were boiled, the color lightened.

In increasing quantities, white threads were wound onto the board.

“The silk thread is so beautiful.” Ethan was taken aback. “They’re smooth and gleaming.” Hakeem runs his fingers through the threads and is impressed by how smooth they are.

At dinner, the adults were ecstatic when I showed them raw silk.

“I assumed it was to eat mulberry fruit, but you’ve created something incredible!”, “Selling the thread will be more profitable than selling the mulberries,” my parents explained.

“I wish we could weave cloth with it,” Ethan’s Oka-san remarked.

That’s exactly what I’m aiming for! Make my own silk fabric.

“I’ll look into weaving cloth in the library as well.”

Hakeem muttered when I said that.

“If we collect a lot of threads, we can weave with a loom (a weaving machine), right?”

“Loom? Have you ever tried your hand at weaving on a loom?”

“No, I haven’t. I recall an oba-san from the neighborhood telling me that her family used to weave silk in another country.”

“Wow. I want to meet her!”

“Okay. Tomorrow, I’ll take you there.”


“Weaving silk? That is a significant amount of work.”

Hakeem took me to meet Isabelle. She is from Halya, which is well-known for its silk weaving.

“I’d like to check to see if it’s possible.”

“Is this Ojo-san’s pastime?”

Isabelle wore loose-fitting trousers and a blouse that covered her waist—her white hair was cut at her shoulders. The small house was neat and tidy, with tasteful plates decorating it.

“My physical strength is insufficient for farm work. I reasoned that if I could raise silkworms and produce silk, I could earn more money than helping out on the farm.”

“Are you going to make silk yourself, from silkworms to silk cloth?”

“Not at the moment.”

Then Hakeem interrupted.

“Teach her, Isabelle. I owe this girl’s family a great debt of gratitude. Please!”

Isabelle-san laughed.

“You’re always bringing me vegetables. Surprisingly, I’ve been feeling a lot better since I started eating those. Are those vegetables from Ojo-san’s family by any chance?”


Hakeem fidgets.

“I’m sorry, Alesia. I shared some with Isabelle because we get something every day and can’t eat it all.”

“No problem at all.”

Our vegetables arrived at an unexpected place.

“If you want to try it, I’ll show you how. My family used to weave silk. Everything you need to know, I can teach you.”

“Thank you!”

“Then, will you continue to share your vegetables with me?”

“Yes. Without a doubt!”

As a result, an experienced weaver taught me how to weave silk cloth.

Hakeem apologized to me as we rode back on the camel.

“I’m sorry for sharing the vegetables—Oba-san was suffering from knee pain and was having difficulty shopping. However, she only requires one meal per day.”

“That’s all right,”

“By the way, are those vegetables, by any chance, just vegetables? Are you providing them with a special fertilizer?”

I’m at a loss for words. I’m not sure if vegetables have a healing effect, but if they helped Chana and Isabelle-san, I suppose that’s what it means.

It would be fantastic if my rain had such power. I guess healthy people don’t notice it because Chana, who was sick, said it took two months for the effects to become apparent.

“You’re a really nice boy, Hakeem.”

“What’s that all of a sudden?”

“Of all the men I know, you’re the nicest.”

Hakeem chuckles.

“However, Alesia’s only male acquaintances are Serio-san, Nathan-san, and Ethan.”

“Eh? T-That’s right.”

Yes, I should have stopped counting the men I knew in my previous life.

Chapter 18: Isabelle and Chana

When Isabelle-san visited the farm, she advised us to “grow more mulberry trees first.”

“This is insufficient. Silkworms have a voracious appetite before producing cocoons. We won’t be able to discuss silk cloth until we have more mulberry trees.”

After saying that, Isabelle-san continued in amazement, stroking the raw silk thread in her hand.

“I get to see the most beautiful thread for the first time in my life. Did you really just read a book and nothing else?”

“Yes. I made it this far after reading a book.”

Isabelle sighs and shakes her head.

“I’m amazed—the silkworms were not harmed, and a novice spun such a strong and beautiful yarn.”

“Does it make good yarn?”

“It is, indeed, the finest yarn I have ever seen. You have talent.”

I’m glad. I never expected to be praised in such a way. After all, it was a do-it-yourself job that I had only read about in books.

Aside from Isabelle-san, there was another visitor today: Hakeem’s sister, Chana, who says she was able to stop taking her medication after drinking the water and food Hakeem brought.

“I wonder if our water and vegetables really have that kind of effect.”

“Yes, Alesia-san. I was bedridden for years, but when I started drinking Nii-san’s water and eating his food, I started feeling better!”

Chana is adamant.

Chana is still small and skinny, but today she was able to ride a camel up here and also curiously checked out the chicken coops and fields around the house. She still needs to bulk up.

“Even after I was able to move, I only went for walks around the house with Ka-san, but this is the first time I’ve seen a farm.”

Chana was dressed in a light blue dress with a blue ribbon tied around her light brown hair. Her green eyes, like Hakeem’s, were round and gentle. When I first saw her, I thought she was a fairy or an angel because she was so adorable.

Hakeem eventually left to work on the farm, leaving me, Isabelle-san, and Chana behind.

“It’s almost noon, so I’ll make you a meal. I’m not much of a cook, but our vegetables and eggs are delicious.”

“Alesia-san, I’ll help you as well!”

“Yes, please. I’d never talked to a girl before. I’m so happy!”


No wonder she’s surprised. A healthy nine-year-old child with so few friends is unusual.

“I’ve only been here about a year. I used to live in a rural area with few people.”

“Oh, so that’s how it is—nice to meet you, Alesia-san!”

“I’ll take a look around the farm for a moment.”

“All right, Isabelle-san.”

It’s lunchtime, and everyone has returned to the house.

With a bow, Chana greets my father, mother, Ojisan, and Oba-san. She also welcomes Ethan home at the end of the day.

For some reason, Ethan stands at the entrance unmoving.


I’ve looked around, but I can’t find anything that would surprise him. What’s the deal with Ethan?

While the others were arranging dishes and serving food, Ethan was the only one standing in the doorway. He’s staring at Chana with his mouth open like an idiot. Chana arranged the spoons.

(Perhaps Ethan is…)

As we begin to eat, Ethan looks at Chana with a dumb look on his face. Chana, meanwhile, is greeting everyone with a smile and eating a dish of steamed barley with stir-fried chicken and vegetables while saying, “Delicious!”

Ethan is the only one who appears to have entered another dimension.

(First love? Love at first sight?)

“Is something wrong, Alesia?”

“It’s nothing, Oto-san.”

There are now nine of us at the table, all talking to someone nearby. I had a conversation with Isabelle-san.

“Do you sell a thread winding tool, Isabel?”

“Yes, but even a novice can create a simple one—I’ll tell Hakeem about it later, and he’ll make you one.”

Is that all right? When I looked at Hakeem, he nodded. It is easier to communicate with someone who has prior experience.

“Alesia, you’ve been scurrying around for a while now; what’s the matter?”

“Uh, nothing. I just noticed something unusual.”

Isabelle-san, who was eating a boiled egg and a steamed potato, seemed interested in my response. But it’s a shame to reveal Ethan’s first love in public.

“It’s nothing; please continue eating.”


Hakeem, Chana, Isabelle-san, and I are riding two camels to Hakeem’s house. I told them they could stay the night, but they refused. I took the two camels on the way back. It’s only about two and a half kilometers each way.

I was traveling alone with Isabelle-san, but she rehashed the story.

“Alesia, you seem quite surprised. What’s the matter?”

“Well, actually, Ethan was smitten with Chana, so I assumed she was his first love.”

“Alesia and Ethan don’t leave the farm very often, do they? Ethan was probably taken aback by Chana’s cuteness. Isn’t that wonderful?”

“Yes, Chana is adorable, isn’t she?”

If this is Ethan’s first love, who followed me everywhere I went, I’m both happy and sad as his Onee-chan.

If it’s the first love of an adorable seven-year-old, we should watch over him quietly.

Chapter 19: Weaving Silk Cloth

It’s been a year since Chana and Isabelle-san first visited us.

Hakeem is now fourteen, and Ethan is eight years old. Chana and I are ten years old.

Many mulberry trees have grown in the backyard, which can no longer be hidden from the entrance. The number of silkworms has significantly increased. There is also a large collection of silk threads.

According to Isabelle-san, “The threads spun from cocoons must be gently washed with soap to remove the sticky substances on the threads; otherwise, the threads will lack luster.”

Growing, boiling, spinning, and washing are all part of the process.

“It must be expensive if it takes so much time and effort.”

“That’s right—the cost of silk is the cost of the individuals involved.”

After a year of growing mulberry trees and silkworms and steadily accumulating silk threads, Isabelle-san finally said to me, “Well. If we have this much silk, shall we weave cloth?” and she gave me permission to make it into a cloth.

My father had bought the weaving supplies for me. The loom is narrower than I had anticipated.

“How wide a piece of cloth can you make with this, Isabelle-san?”

“Around 40 centimeters.”

“I see…”

“Are you disappointed?”

“No! I expected it to be twice as wide as that…”

Isabelle-san chuckles.

“It’s the first time a beginner weaves. That’s how wide it should be at first.”

I strung several warp threads on the loom, set the weft threads, and we began weaving! But then there was Chana, an unexpected candidate who came in.

Chana gradually gained strength, and now, a year after our first meeting, she walks to my house with Hakeem almost every day.

Our house is about two and a half kilometers from the slums on the outskirts of the capital. She can now walk five kilometers to and from work. She also assists me in caring for my chickens and silkworms. Of course, we compensate her for her efforts. “I don’t have to pay for medicine anymore, and our income has increased,” says Hakeem’s Oka-san, who is relieved that life has become easier.

“Would you mind letting me do the weaving?”

“Chana? You know, it’s a lot of work…”

“I believe I am capable of completing this task! Please allow me to do it. I can only do a little work on the farm, but I want to be of some help!”

A fairy-like girl stared at me, her eyes welling up. If anyone can say “no” to this, that person must be a demon.

“Okay. I’ll let you take care of it.”

“Thank you!”

Chana weaves on the loom exactly as she has been taught.

After a while of observing her, I realized that there is such a thing as the right person for the right job.

She weaves with the same force every time, tapping the weft yarn down and passing the weft to the left and right in a rhythmic motion.

The silk cloth is woven gradually. The fabric is gleaming and lovely. Even the movements of the lovely lady are lovely.

Meanwhile, Ethan looks at her with rapt attention, as if to say aloud, “I love this girl!”

By the way, Chana is unaware of Ethan’s passion. Hang in there, Ethan!

I, on the other hand, am delighted to be able to pick mulberries all year.

You can eat them raw, make jam with them, or bake with them. If you take them to market, fruit vendors will pay you a fair price for them. My father has a contract with another fruit store for mulberries, and I have developed my own distribution channels.

Today, I received two small silver coins in exchange for a large colander full of them. I’m taken aback. It’s no different than Hakeem’s daily wage for working hard all day. I was concerned that our pay was too low.

An oba-san fruit vendor said excitedly to me, “Your mulberries have an excellent reputation! They have a strong flavor, are sweet and fresh, and are insect-free. Mulberries are scarce in this country. A royal palace cook recently tasted them and requested all of them. I’ll raise the price slightly, Alesia-chan, so you don’t sell them to other fruit vendors!”

I was overwhelmed by the momentum and forced to say, “Y-Yes. Don’t worry, I will not sell to other stores!” which Hakeem later chastised me for.

“In such a case, Alesia, if they persist, we can raise the purchase price slightly more. At first, don’t nod your head.”

“Really?! I messed up! I’ll work harder next time. But I’m not sure why a deal with the royal palace would be beneficial.”

“I believe this is because the royal palace always pays in cash rather than on credit. You buy on credit and pay at the end of the month at restaurants and street vendors, but you don’t get paid in the meantime, and if you don’t get a good deal, you can get ripped off.”

“Wow. I’m gaining a lot of knowledge.”

Hakeem laughed as I expressed my admiration.

“Alesia is an Ojo-sama for teaching me how to write and do math despite her lack of knowledge in those areas.”

“I am not an Ojo-sama. I’m the daughter of a wealthy farmer!”

“Hahaha. I see.”

For three weeks, Chana has been weaving silk. She finished the silk cloth during her commute home.

It’s difficult to believe that a ten-year-old girl created it, or is it because a beautiful ten-year-old girl created it? A very lovely and gleaming silk cloth was created. It appears to be cool, but it is quite the opposite. It’s a little warm.

I brought it to Isabelle-san’s house and showed her. Isabelle-san placed the cloth on her lap, put on her reading glasses, carefully examined it, and exclaimed, “Oh my!”

“Is it not good enough for an amateur, Isabelle-san?”

“No. No. They’re of high quality. This item could be sold to the nobility for two small gold coins. What’s going on with kids nowadays? For the first time in their lives, they raised and wove silkworms, and the finished silk cloth is of the highest quality!”

I couldn’t believe how much money I made selling mulberries for two small silver coins, but a gold coin for a silk cloth?

“A trained young camel can be purchased for two small gold coins! While selling mulberries, I made a pittance, but two small gold coins for silk cloth?!”

“Alesia-san, please calm down.”

Because I was so excited, Chana-chan was a little scared. “I’m sorry.” But I couldn’t stop laughing because I was so happy.

I only have a hunch that I’ll be able to make a lot of money out of silk. That night, I went to bed with a smile on my face.

While I slept, the rain I had caused to fall slowly spread, and according to my father, it was about two kilometers in diameter.

I still don’t know how to control the rain, but my life is going well so far.

But then…

Isabelle-san said the silk cloth was worth two small gold coins, but it turned out to be even more incredible.

Chapter 20: The Power of Silk Cloth

The children walked away with the silk cloth.

Isabelle mumbled to herself as she looked out her window chair at the street, a habit she had developed over the years.

“I’m surprised. I had no idea Chana could weave so well. She’s been sick and unable to play outside since she was a child. She developed into a fantastic weaver.”

Chana’s mother says she has been doing well since she started drinking the farmer’s water and eating the food he gives her.

“They never told me what the disease was, but I’m guessing it was the nutrition that helped her recover?”

Isabelle believes she has completed her task and stands up, clutching the arms of her chair to protect her knees.

“Oh, my?”

Her knee, which had been feeling better recently, was now completely pain-free.


My knee’s stabbing pain, burning discomfort, and stiffness were all gone.

“What exactly does this mean?”

I make my way around the room. I can jump, bend, and stretch without discomfort.

All I can think about is the silk scarf I just wrapped around my knees, unless the girl is a very good healer.

No way.

But it’s the only thing that comes to mind.

She neither cast any spells nor approached me.

After about a dozen or so exchanges with her, I concluded that it had to be that cloth.


Isabelle was conversing with her husband’s memento bracelet on the cabinet.

“Perhaps it could be. The vegetables and the silk cloth are a mystery.”

Isabelle lovingly stroked the bracelet.

She then went to Hakeem’s house that night when he returned home.

“Isabelle! Did you walk here? Is your knee okay?”

“Look. I’m fine.”

Isabelle jumped up and down in place.

“Hakeem, I need to talk to you.”

“Y-Yeah. Okay.”

“Hakeem, where’s the silk?”

“She intends to sell it.”

“Ask her to wait.”


“That silk is more than just a nice piece of fabric. Simply spreading it across my lap healed my knee. Someone would pay a hundred large gold coins for its power if you priced it correctly.”

“…Isabel… Are you okay in your head? Are you sick?!”


Isabelle stood up and slapped Hakeem on the forehead.

“My head and knees feel fantastic! Go get a rental horse! I have an urgent trip to the farm.”


“So, Isabelle-san, you say this silk cloth can cure knee pain?”

“That’s right. I felt responsible for the pricing. That’s why I came over late.”

“I see. It did happen.”

Serio sighs and turns to face his wife, Hilda. Alesia remains silent, her gaze wandering, unsurprised by anything.

“Wait a second. Do you believe in everything?”

Serio unexpectedly bowed to Isabelle.

“I do believe you. That is why I am pleading with you. Can you keep this silk cloth hidden? If word gets out about your knee, we will most likely abandon the farm and flee. That’s all I have to say for the time being.”

Hakeem listened to their conversation and realized that everything he had been wondering about was related.

There were numerous strange things to consider.

It rains more frequently in this area than in others. It only rains at night. Rainwater tastes better than freshly tapped spring water, Chana’s health is improving. It stands to reason that “magic” exists on this farm.

(I have to say something.)

“Serio-san—this farm saved my life. I’m telling you this because my sister has recovered from a lung disease. The medicine didn’t work very well, and I was worried that Chana would die soon. But the water and food provided here have greatly improved her condition. I am thankful. I’m not going to say anything to anyone.”

Alesia’s parents hung their heads in silence. Alesia looked at the walls with distant eyes before opening her mouth.

“If word gets out about this, Isabelle-san, people will probably come to our house, and we won’t be able to stay here. I really want to use the power of the silk cloth to help people, but I’m not sure how.”

“I understand what you’re afraid of. So here’s what I’m going to do. I can keep Alethea safe by claiming this silk cloth. I, who appear to others to have nothing to do with you, will assist.”

Isabelle’s suggestion to return the favor of fixing her knee pain was listened to seriously by everyone. Alesia bowed her head toward Isabelle.

“Thank you, Isabelle-san; this silk scarf’s power will not be wasted.”

“Alesia, I would be happy to be of service to you.”


Hakeem thanks her as they return to the rental horse.

“Isabelle, thank you.”

“No, my knee was accidentally healed without my knowledge—this is my way of thanking you—and, since I won’t be around for much longer, I’d like to be useful to someone.”


Alesia’s parents had a lengthy conversation in bed that night. The rain is getting heavier. There’s also the issue of the silk cloth. Alesia’s power may no longer be concealable.

“Even if we can rely on Isabelle-san for the time being, I’m not sure it’s right to keep Alesia’s power hidden… Alesia is a surprisingly strong young girl who wants to help others, isn’t she?”

“Yes, she does. Thinking back, Alesia was very desperate when she hired Hakeem.

“I was halfway between agreeing and being concerned. But Alethea had already decided she wanted to help people. I’m not sure why she feels such a strong desire to help others.”

Serio’s wife gently stroked his cheek.

“You’ve always gone out of your way to protect Alesia. It’s fine. Hakeem and Isabelle-san, who was related to Hakeem, were both nice people.”

“Yeah, that’s true.”

“She’s no longer a child, dear. I believe it is time to observe how she lives her life.”

As they fell asleep, they encouraged each other.

Chapter 21: First The Boy

The next day, we discovered the silk cloth had mysterious healing powers.

We talked for a long time, nine of us, including Isabelle-san, Hakeem, and Chana. And we came up with a theory.

Everything boils down to the rain.

If the rain I’m sending down has healing power, the drinking water that collects from it, as well as the vegetables, fruits, and mulberry leaves that grow by absorbing the rain, will accumulate healing power.

Mulberry leaves absorb healing rain and store it as healing power. Silkworms are raised on mulberry leaves.

Cocoons are made from the silkworm’s own body threads that have accumulated healing power. Many of these cocoons were collected and spun into thread, and the cloth was made of these threads.

The secret of the silk cloth’s power is that the rain’s power was concentrated on multiple levels. This brings me to my conclusion.

It’s all conjecture, but given the effects on our farm’s plants, it all makes sense.

Chana’s health improved, Isabelle-san’s knee improved even before the silk cloth was applied, and all of us are tireless and extremely healthy.

When we arrived at the conclusion, my father abruptly declared, “Let’s not make any money with this silk cloth. We’re already doing well enough without relying on it.”

“Are you sure? Oto-san.”

“Yes—If you make money from this, you’ll be in even more trouble than if they discover the rain’s secret—the source of the silk will be sought after by the wealthy and powerful.”

Isabelle-san gave a nod.

“Sigh. That is entirely possible.”

“Then I’d like to use this cloth’s power to help the poor.”

“As expected of Alesia-san, I knew you’d say that!”

Chana’s eyes have been sparkling ever since we started talking about this. By the way, last night I told Chana and her mother that Chana’s recovery was due to medicine and nutrition.

“But don’t wealthy people suffer from illnesses that money cannot cure?”

Hakeem said something surprising.

“Wouldn’t it be a shame if rich people and aristocrats were barred from using silk because of this? There are good people among the wealthy. When I was a water vendor, such people frequently bought water from me.”

Everyone in the room looked at Hakeem with a stunned expression on their faces.

Hakeem was probably the person in the room who had struggled the most with money. His father abruptly stopped coming home when he was very young, and he worked carrying heavy water for his sick sister from the age of six or seven. If the water sales were poor, he would have to skip dinner to save money for his sister’s medication.

I was thinking to myself, (“There are people in this world whose hearts are never clouded, even if they struggle with money.) Since the first time I met him, Hakeem’s heart has always been beautiful.

“You are right, Hakeem. However, many people in this country are suffering as a result of a lack of money. Why don’t we help them first?”

Everyone nodded, and it was decided that the silk cloths would be used for the poor for the time being.


The first was the child of a woman who worked in the market’s butcher shop. Her ten-year-old son had been immobilized since he was a baby when he had a high fever due to an epidemic.

The woman and my parents are acquainted, and she occasionally expresses her concerns about her son’s future.”

“As long as my husband and I are healthy, it’s fine. But I can’t help but wonder what will become of him if both of us die.”

I also can’t bear thinking about it. So we decided it was a good idea also because Isabelle-san had never been to this location before.

TL: They used Isabelle-san as a stand-in.

First, my parents asked where their house was, saying, “Perhaps next time I’ll bring some leftover fruits and vegetables,” and ten days later, Isabelle-san went to their house with a silk cloth.

Can such a difficult condition really be cured? If we can’t cure it, what should we say? Everyone was concerned. But in the end, Isabelle-san said, “At that point, I’ll just make it through with the wisdom of my years.” So we waited restlessly for Isabelle-san to return.

Isabelle-san returned to the farm at night.

“They didn’t believe me at first. But I told them, “I don’t need money, and if there are sick or injured people in this house, I’d like to pray for them,” and they let me in.”

Isabelle says they were quite suspicious of her.

However, she was allowed to enter the house thanks to her good talk, and while chatting with her son about this and that, she draped a silk cloth over the boy’s entire body and said, “This is a piece of cloth that my grandson lovingly woven. I wish I could share some of his strength with you.”

“I was drenched in sweat on my back. If nothing else had happened, I’d be nothing more than a crazy old woman.”

But then, in the midst of the suspicious looks, their son moved his legs.

His toes began to move on the tips of his thin, fleshless feet, and when he touched them, “I can feel them touching me!” The boy cried out and moved his legs slightly in front of his parents, who were in disbelief. Isabelle-san also cried when she saw the boy and his parents crying with joy.

“He will be able to walk normally if he practices walking. This cloth had a terrifying effect.”

As a thank-you, the boy’s parents gathered all the money they had in the house and attempted to give it to Isabelle-san.

“Didn’t I tell you at the start that I wouldn’t take any money? The only condition is that you keep my identity and the cloth a secret.”

She stated that she would not take any money from them, but instead remained silent about the cloth and returned.

“However, they insisted on taking a lamb home with me.”

That night, the nine of us said, “Thank God,” “It was useful,” and ate a lot of the lamb.

Chapter 22: The Night Visitor

A house in a slum.

Because his wife was feverish, Hasen could only hold her hand.

Since his wife gave birth to their child, her fever has not subsided. The fever has been present for over twenty-five days. The baby is being breastfed, but she has lost her appetite and is only drinking water.


(She might not be able to make it.)

My wife has been mumbling in her sleep since yesterday. I’m afraid the poison in her blood has gotten into her head.


What will I do with the baby if my wife dies? Who will look after the baby while I go to work? The neighbor’s wife, who is nursing the baby, will not look after it. “I don’t have that much milk myself,” she apologized.


There was a knock at the door while Hasen was at a loss for words. He hesitantly opened the door, wondering who it could be at this late hour.


“I’m here to help your wife.”

Hasen opened the door wide after hearing an elderly woman’s voice.

“Who are you?”

“Please don’t ask me that. Isn’t your wife in critical condition? Perhaps I can assist you.”

“Thank you for your offer, but we only have a few coppers. But if you help me, I will work and gradually repay you! Please help her.”

Hasen mistook the woman for a doctor or a pharmacist. The elderly lady wore a hood over her eyes and a coat that reached her ankles. She took a look around the house.

“No, you don’t have to pay. I’d rather you buy your wife some food first. I’ll see if I can help you with your wife. But there is one condition.”

“I will do whatever you say you want. I’ll give you everything except your life and family!”

In her hood, the elderly lady appeared to smile.

“I’m not interested in your life or your family. There are two conditions. You must never tell anyone about me, and she has recovered by herself. The other requirement is that you report back to me whether or not what I’m about to give you works.”

“…Is that all?”

“Yes. You don’t have to pay if you don’t talk about me. When people ask, simply say, “[My wife recovered on her own] but… If you tell them about me…”

As the old woman slurred her words meaningfully, Hasen shook his head up and down several times.

“I’m not going to talk. Never. Never. I guarantee it. So, please!”

But, in the back of his mind, he thought he was being cheated, but if she didn’t want the money, what could be worse than his wife dying? Hasen wanted to cling to whatever he could find.

The elderly lady inquires about Hasen’s wife’s health. He replied truthfully, “She has been babbling non-stop since yesterday.”

The elderly lady then looked at Hasen’s wife and took a gleaming white cloth from her pocket. The cloth was draped over his wife’s head and down to her waist. And Hasen got down on his knees and prayed on the floor.

(What is that cloth?) he wondered.

Three or four minutes passed. When the old woman removed the white cloth, his wife opened her eyes and looked around. Her previously erratic breathing became smooth.


“Hasen, I need water. I’m hungry.”

His wife, who should have been mumbling to herself, said these things clearly.

“Gashna. Gashna. Oh, God. Thank you very much!”

He sobs and tries to hug the elderly woman but is pushed away.

“I’m not God. Look. I’m going to leave this cloth. Don’t be afraid to use it if something happens to you or your family again. Simply place the cloth over the sickly area. Place a flower pot in the lower right corner of the entrance after you’ve used it again. When I see it, I’ll come back and tell me if it worked or not.”

“All right. Is that all you need?”

“You just don’t tell anyone about me or the cloth.”

His wife, Gashna, had been breastfeeding the baby since that night.


After that, Gashna was completely fine.

But after a while, our baby developed a heat rash, so I applied the cloth to him. His recovery was not as dramatic as my wife’s, but the heat rash appeared to be less severe.

As instructed, I placed the flowerpot in the lower right corner of the entrance, and three nights later.

The elderly lady returned.

“I see. Your wife has been in critical condition because this cloth is no longer effective after the second try. I repeat again, it would be a disappointment if you mentioned me. Can you ignore me if you see me in the future?”

“I know. I’m not going to tell anyone. I’ll even pretend I don’t know you!”

What if I didn’t keep my promise to the powerful old lady? I can only imagine how terrifying it must have been.


The couple bowed their heads in unison. The elderly lady rose from her seat.

“I’m leaving now. And remove the flower pot; it’s unnecessary now. So, do you know anyone who is too poor to see a doctor and is in a lot of pain? Not only sick, but also injured.”


His wife, Gashna, told her about a man who lived alone across the street from the general store where Gashna worked and had arthritis for many years. He could get by with a cane, but it was clear that soon he would not be able to make ends meet.

“I see. Can you promise not to talk about me with him if he gets better?”

“”I swear to God!””

The couple said it together.

Gashna gave the elderly lady a knitted hat she had made herself. “At the very least, receive this.”

A few months later, the three family members visited Gashna’s former workplace.

Unaware of his wife’s illness, the shopkeeper offered tea to the three of them, laughed at the baby, and began to chat cheerfully.

“Do you remember old Joaquin who lived across the street, Gahsna?”

“Yes. He appeared to be in a lot of pain.”

“Yes. And then he started feeling better. He no longer uses a cane. I had no idea it was possible to be pain-free all of a sudden. I was astounded!”

Gashna muttered something as the three of them walked back to the house.

“Hey, Hasen… did someone tell the old lady about my illness by any chance?”

“I see. I suppose so.”

“I have no idea who it was, but I’m grateful.”

“Yeah, that’s very thoughtful of them.”

Gashna talks to the sleeping baby in her arms as they walk side by side.

“My baby—there are more good people in this world than we thought.”

Chapter 23: Princess Edna’s Pleasure

There are two sons and one daughter in the royal family.

Mark Heim Ramming, the first prince. fourteen years old

Moshe Adi Ramming, the second prince. Twelve years old.

Edna Blaha Ramming was the first princess. ten years old

The Emperor and Empress adore the princess because she is the youngest girl. Her light brown hair adds to her calm demeanor, and her eyes are the same blue-green color as her three siblings’. While her brothers’ eyes have long slits, the princess’s eyes are more rounded, which is adorable.

Everyone in the palace adored the princess. Nonetheless, because of her own qualities and her consideration for those around her, she did not grow up to be selfish.

“You will eventually marry into the nobility of this or another country and leave this palace—when that happens, things usually won’t go your way. It is critical to understand your patience.”

This was repeatedly taught to her by her mother, the queen.

Her older brothers were also very nice to her, but they never tolerated excessive selfishness or pampered her. Princess Edna, who grew up in such circumstances, is modest and wise, but she has recently been begging her lady-in-waiting for something.

A mulberry-decorated cake was sometimes served as a reward for the princesses.

The two princes are so preoccupied with learning and practicing swordplay that they eat their treats whenever they can. As a result, the princes’ snacks are mostly baked goods that do not spoil when they want them to.

After tasting the rare mulberries, the princess fell in love with them. And the princess, who is usually reserved, placed an unusual order for her meal.

“I’m craving a lot of raw mulberries.”

“Please be patient. I’ll check with the kitchen to see if they have any.”

The chef panicked when the maid inquired about mulberries.

The mulberries they purchased the day before yesterday had already been consumed, and the fruit shop did not have any in stock this morning.

“Ask them where they obtained them! No, wait a minute. I’ll go. I’ll pick it myself from the trees!”

Senesch, the head chef, adores the lovely princess. So he wants to be present as much as possible when it comes to food. “I’m going to the farmhouse right now.” and rode away.

Senesch began by asking the fruit vendors for the location of a farm that supplied mulberries.

“This is so far away from the capital… Your Highness, please wait for me. I’ll bring you some delicious mulberries!”

Serio’s farm’s “workers” were startled when a large horse rushed toward the entrance and a loud voice said, “Is someone in charge!”

“My name is Serio, and I’m the farm manager.”

“Do you happen to have any mulberries?”

“Uh, I’m not sure. My daughter looks after the mulberries. Alesia! Alesia! Oh, you’re there. Do you still have any mulberries?”

Alesia smiled in response.

“Yes. We have more to harvest tomorrow morning.”

“Thank you! I’m curious if you’ll let me handle the harvesting. My employer, Ojo-sama, loves the mulberries around here.”

She looks at her father, who nods and says, “It can’t be helped.”

“Yes, it’s fine.”

As a result, the head chef, Senesch, gets to see a plot in the Serio farm’s back yard that even the neighbors have never seen before.

“This is incredible. Vegetables, nekta, ponkas… they’re all so shiny and unique. Oh, Hawthorns, too? The soil is also nice. It’s pitch black, wet, and crawling with earthworms. How can you make soil like this in the middle of a wasteland?”

As Alesia shows him around, he can’t help but say. Everything he sees in the fields is of the highest caliber. But the farm girl only smiles and does not respond.

“Mulberry covers everything from here to there. If you want, we’ll give you our colander, and you can take as many as you want. A full colander costs two small silver coins.”

(Only two small silver coins?)

“I think we used to pay four small silver coins for a colander. Well, it can’t be helped because it’s through a vendor.”

He mumbled as he approached the mulberry tree, surprised once more. He had assumed that only the best mulberries were chosen and delivered to the fruit shop, but almost all of the fruit was exceptional.

(Does this girl really grow them? They’re all of high quality, aren’t they?)

Senesch gathers the berries and strains them in a colander. Ripe mulberries are easily crushed, so he is cautious but in a hurry. He eventually fills the colander to the brim and pays Alesia, who is waiting nearby, out of his pocket.

“Thank you very much—here are some nekta fruits for you, if you like.”

“Oh, this looks delicious. Thank you very much. I’m in a hurry, so this will suffice!”

The chef stowed the nekta in his backpack and wrapped the mulberry colander in a cloth before riding away with one hand in the other.


Princess Edna popped a fresh mulberry into her mouth with her delicate fingertips.

“Oh, my gosh! Delicious. better than usual. This is something I could eat for the rest of my life!”

“Don’t be silly, Edna.”

“That’s right. If you continue to eat mulberries, you will despise them.”

Princess Edna frowned as she looked at her two brothers. They are sipping tea and reading.

“If you say such a thing, Mark-niisama and Moshe-niisama, I won’t let the Onii-samas eat them. I’m going to eat them all!”

“You must enjoy it a lot.”

The second prince, Moshe, who resembled his brother, ate the mulberry fruit and exclaimed, “Wow.” The first prince, Mark, sees him and asks, “Which one?” and eats a mulberry as well. Then, with a surprised expression on his face, he ate the sliced nekta from the plate next to it.



It tasted exactly like the nekta I ate at the mysterious farm.

I knew that no matter how many times I ate nekta since then, I was always disappointed.

because they were much more delicious.

Chapter 24: The Red-headed Young Man

“Chana, shall we make lunch?”

“Yes, what shall we make today?”

“Today I’m going to try [Petite], which I’ve read before in the library…”

TL: Please correct me if I’m wrong. [プティユ]

“You wrap the filling with boiled and mashed potatoes?”

“Yes, I made the stuffing last night. I’m going to deep fry them in coconut oil. “

The filling is made up of finely chopped chicken and vegetables. They’re sweet and spicy, with herbs and a dash of red pepper.

“It’s for eight people, so 24 pieces, three for each, but I’m thinking about making another 30. Ethan and Hakim are growing up after all.”

“Growing up… Fufu. You sound like an adult, Alesia-san.”

Chana giggles. She smiles like an angel. She’s dazzling.

Petite is made of sweet potato dough, covered with something and deep fried. But I forgot what it was… I’m in trouble.

“Alesia-san, why don’t we crumble the bread and sprinkle it on the surface?”

“Oh! there’s some hard bread that I’m thinking of feeding to the chickens or making into bread gruel.”

We ground the bread into a coarse powder using a mortar and pestle.

While Chana fried and baked the petite, I made the petite. I mix the flour with salt and water and knead it.

“Excuse me, but do you grow nekta on the farm?”

I heard a voice outside the door. Because Chana, who was frying, couldn’t get away from the fire, I opened the door with my elbow because my hands were sticky.

A young man with red hair stood there.

“Yes. May I help you?”

“I’m sorry to barge in. My name is Gil. I’m looking to buy some nekta from your farm, if you grow any.”

“If it’s Nekta, we have, but I’m busy right now, so could you please wait a moment?”

I showed my sticky hands.

“I apologize for bothering you at lunchtime.”

“No, I’m sorry for my appearance.”

I return to preparing the petite and offer him a seat at the table. I need to finish it quickly or else the consistency will change. The young man with red hair looks at us with interest as we work, which makes me uncomfortable.

“Um, would you like some petite?”

“Petite? Is that all right? I thought it looked delicious.”

“Here. Be careful, it’s very hot.”

I presented him with a Petite. He ate it with his fingers while saying “Hot!” but I heard a crunching sound and turned to see him eating it with his mouth wide open, huffing and puffing.

“Delicious! I’ve never had anything like this before. Is this something called petite?”

“Yes, it is. I’d only read about it in a library book, but I’d never tried it. I’m glad you liked it. If you like, you can have another one.”

“Well, I just can’t resist the petite’s allure. I’ll have one more.”

Chana and I exchanged laughs and smiles before turning to face the young man. The young man took a petite as well, looked at us, and laughed.

We finally finished baking a large quantity of petites after a while.

“Thank you for your patience. I’ll go get some nektas right now. How many do you require?”

“Ten, I think. Can’t I choose them myself?”

“I’m sorry, but you’re not allowed to enter the farm.”

I talked to my father about that last time, and that’s what we decided.

“I see. That’s too bad. May I please have a glass of water?”

“Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t notice.”

I’m a little hesitant about giving him our water. It tastes good and could help with some health issues. But the young man appears to be in such good health that I doubt he will notice any effect from the water.

“Oh, it’s delicious. What is this? well water? spring water?”

“No, it’s rainwater that’s been filtered.”

“Wow. Perhaps it’s because of all the rain we’ve had recently. But it’s difficult to believe it’s rainwater.”

“Perhaps it’s because we use so much charcoal for filtration—I’m going to get some nekta now.”

I dashed to the nekta tree, put ten of the best ones I could find in a colander, and dashed back home. The others would return soon, but I was concerned about leaving Chana alone with a stranger.

But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. They were laughing and chatting happily.

“Thank you for your patience; here you go!”

“Thank you very much. How much is it?”

“Ten large copper coins for five.”

“It’s rather cheap, isn’t it?

“We sell our nekta at the market to Ben-san and his wife’s fruit store, so please look after them.”

“Ah, I see. Thank you very much. The petites were delicious.”

The young man with red hair greeted me politely and then exited. He was riding a very fine horse when I went out to see him off. He dressed like a commoner, but he had to be wealthy.

Soon everyone returned for lunch, and the petites were a big hit.

“I had no idea you could look up food in the library.”

“Oto-san, if there’s anything you want to look into, please let me know. I’ll look into it.”

“Haha,I’d like you to check out the delicious foods again.”

“Leave it to me!”

Peaceful, joyful, happy times.

The rain causes crops to grow, mulberry trees to grow, and Isabelle-san to use the silk cloth Chana weaves. The rain that I send down is being used to help others.

Every day, I go to bed thinking how fortunate I am to have been born.

Chapter 25: The Prince and His Servant

“Your Highness, I visited the farm that the chef told me about—here’s your nekta.”

“Welcome back. Oh, this is it. So, let’s get started. Huh? Gill, you have a pleasant odor around you.

“Really? What is that odor?”

For a moment, Gil looked away from the prince and blurted out.

“You…Did you stop by and eat while you were at work? I’m going to have to cut your salary.”

“Please don’t! That is not true! I went to that place when they were making lunch…”

“So, you made your lord wait for lunch—that’s it, salary cut.”

“That’s not true!”

Prince Mark laughed and took a bite of the fruit.

(Oh, this tastes exactly like…)

The juice in his mouth is both refreshingly sour and richly sweet. The pulp contains fine fibers but is infinitely soft.

“It’s delicious.”

Gil keeps his eyes closed, mumbling to himself (Nekta. From someone who grew up on the most opulent cuisine.) He chuckles.

So? What did you eat?”

“They were making something called “petite”

“Petite? Are they from another country?”

“They didn’t appear foreign. They were freshly fried, hot, and delicious.”

“Hmm. Salary cut”

“Your Highness!”

Mark considered this as he bit into the second nekta.

“Pe” means small in the language of the other side of the sea, and “tite(tyu)” means treasure chest.

(Hot petites. I haven’t had it yet. I can’t wait to try it.)

“The girl said that she had never made it before and had only read about it in books.”


“Yes. They’re just kids in the kitchen. Both of them are going to be stunning in the future. One is wise, while the other is fairy-like. The wise one lives on the farm, and the fairy-like one has recently visited.”

When Mark sees Gil’s face, he makes a teasing expression.

“So, you were eating a beautiful girl’s homemade meal while I, the lord, was sweating through the papers?”

Gil suppressed his laughter and continued speaking.

“The petits were so good that I ate two of them as recommended, and the water I drank afterwards tasted even better. I thought I’d like to live there.”


In response to Mark’s question, Gil’s face became solemn.

“The water tasted just as good as the rainwater from the barrels we drank at the mysterious farm. They used to collect the rainwater from the gutters and store it in barrels, just like at that farm.”

“I see.”

“…Are you going to interrogate them?”

There was a brief pause before Mark responded.

“That area was surveyed a long time ago, and there is no water source. Interrogation is usually unnecessary because they are not concealing the source of the water. There is no reason to question them because it is raining outside the residential areas and around the royal palace. But I’m curious.”

Gil looks restless.

“It’s a well-maintained and prosperous farm. It doesn’t look like a place where bad people gather.”

“That is true. No decent farmer can be a bad person who takes the easy way out to make a profit. It’s a job that requires you to work with crops all day. They’re most likely serious people… Fresh petites. Was it really that good?”

“Yes, absolutely.”

“Gil, go to the kitchen and tell them to make the petites right now. You go explain what a petite is to the chef if he doesn’t know.”

Gil walks away, muttering, and Mark returns to his thoughts.

(I suppose I should go find out what kind of people they are. Hopefully, we will discover the rain’s secret. I’m curious if a wizard is involved. If a wizard is born, the state is supposed to be notified. Don’t people realize that when my grandfather became king, a system of privileging wizards was established?)

The chef was on a rampage in the kitchen.

Gil, whose vocabulary is limited, is forced to explain the petite to the chef, whom he has never tasted before.

“Tonight? His Highness requested that it be served tonight?”

“Yeah. I believe he means he wants it right now.”

“Mmm. So it looks like a potato on the outside? Crispy on the outside? Perhaps bread crumbs. I’m curious about what’s keeping the potatoes together. Chicken and vegetables included? Sweet and savory with a hint of heat?”

“Yes. and it had been fried in oil.”

“You ate it, right?”

“Yeah, It was really good.”

The head chef, Senesch, wrinkled his brow and began to cook.

When Gil got a taste of the petite that was made a little later, Senesch nodded his head and said.

“It’s different, isn’t it? What’s the distinction?”

“The oil had a pleasant aroma.”

“Is this it?”

He took a whiff of the oil in the container.

“Oh, it smells exactly like that.”

“That’s coconut oil! You should have told me earlier.”

“I can’t tell the difference between the oils!”


Gil is much more important than the head chef, but he is used to this kind of reaction since he started working as the prince’s bodyguard.

The prince, whom he looked after like a little brother from a young age, always faced his challenges with sincerity. His studies, swordsmanship, physical training, and demeanor. For him, the work was never-ending, and the challenges were never-ending.

(I’m willing to endure a sigh or two for the sake of the Lord.) It’s worth it if it makes him happy.)

“How about right now?”

(The odor was the same. The crunchiness is the same. But something isn’t right.)

The chef half-cries when he sees Gil brooding.

“Hm…It’s the same but not the same…”


“No, it’s fine. Please give it to me…”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’ll take responsibility.”

That evening, the royal family’s five members had their first taste of petite. Petite was a common food in other countries, but it was the first time the entire royal family had eaten it.

“It’s delicious.”

“Mmm, yummy.”

Mark’s parents were overjoyed, and his younger siblings ate their second and third helpings in silence. The lamb main course has not gone down well. This would break the chef’s heart.

Mark remembers Gil’s words as he watches his family eat their petites with relish.

[On the farm, the vegetables and chicken tasted better than they did in the market.]

“I see. I’d like to try it, too.”

(I wonder if they know how to make it rain. But why did they give up on that farm? I guess I should go see these people for myself before I have to conduct a formal investigation and they try to flee.)

Chapter 26: Gil’s friend, Al

The “Serio Farm” now has a sericulture shed.

“It makes it easier to work, doesn’t it?”

“Thank you, Oto-san, even if the silk cloth isn’t profitable…”

“N-No. Earning a living isn’t everything. And, thanks to you, your father is well-off. It’s fine—God sees everything.”

“Yes, God has determined that your power is required for everyone.”

Then a husky voice cuts in.

“Don’t worry about it. The silk cloth is very effective and beneficial.”

Isabelle-san’s knee has improved significantly, and she now walks to our house once or twice a week. “I’m happy if I can have lunch here with everyone,” she says, and she helps us with sericulture and weaving for free.

My mother also told Isabelle-san, “You can eat with us if you want.” She also gives Isabelle-san some vegetables and food to take home with her.

On Gil-san’s second visit, he said, “I will buy fruits here and pay for the food, so please let me have lunch.” My father politely declined. Gil-san, on the other hand, did not give up.

He was a soldier of the royal palace, and when he told his friend that he had eaten a petite the other day and enjoyed it, his friend said, “I want to eat it, too.”

“I’m sorry, but could you please let my friend try the freshly made petite?”

Gil-san, who appeared to have had a good upbringing, bowed down and asked for it, and so finally my father couldn’t refuse, so Chana and I ended up making the petite for Gil-san and his friend.

“Hello, my name is Al. Thank you for allowing us to eat here. I appreciate it.”

Al-san, who greeted us, was also a soldier dressed in civilian clothes like Gil-san. He had long black hair tied back with a leather strap, blue-green eyes, and appeared intelligent.

(They must be important nobles to be riding such beautiful horses at such a young age.)

“Would you please keep our meal a secret so that the story doesn’t spread any further? I asked and they accepted my condition.

It’s a little cheeky for a ten-year-old farmer’s daughter to impose conditions on a nobleman, but I used a weapon only available to children: I made a half-crying face and said, “I’m ten years old, and I can’t make that much food. Also, Oka-san and Oba-san have a lot on their plates working in the fields.”

Chana and I made pitite and fried them fresh, and Gil-san and Al-san ate them quietly. The two of them had completely consumed the six petites in no time. Other dishes eaten by everyone on the farm, such as salty bean and potato soup, leeks with eggs, and braised lamb with leafy greens, were also described as “delicious.”

“They were all very delicious. I heard that you learned how to make petite from a book?”

“Yes, Al-san.”

“Do you frequently buy and read books?”

“N-No. I read them at the library. Isn’t the library fantastic?!”

Al-san appeared surprised that a farmer would go to the library.

“…And the water in this house tastes exceptionally good.”

“P-Perhaps it’s because the filter contains a lot of charcoal.”

My family’s most prized sword(excuse) is the Charcoal . To get through everything, we always say, “We use a lot of charcoal.”

When they left, they handed over a large silver coin with the words, “Here’s your payment.” But my mother said, “We can never accept such a large sum of money,” and only two small silver coins from each of them.

I assumed that was the end of their meals, but Gil-san and Al-san would occasionally return after making reservations.

When Gil-san and Al-san lowered their brows and made a sad face like [I really want to eat], they made us feel like we were being mean to them because we kept refusing.

So be it. It’s not like there’ll be any more work for the two of us. Besides, they appear to be having a good time talking to everyone, and it appears that everyone on the farm has grown accustomed to them and doesn’t mind them visiting.

The rains have already surpassed our farm. We are no longer the only ones in the neighborhood who are suspicious. Maybe.

Furthermore, I was pleased that they praised my mother whenever they ate any of her homemade dishes, exclaiming, “It’s delicious!”.

They appear to be well-off, so they could have dined at any number of upscale establishments.

When I told them, Al-san laughed and said, “No, it’s better and more enjoyable to eat here than anywhere else.”


After a meal at the farm one day.

The more Prince Mark seems to enjoy his time on the farm, the more thoughtful he is on his way home.

Gil cast a glance at his Lord as he led his horse slowly so as not to damage the nekta, ponkas, and mulberries he had bought during the meal.

The Lord wants to learn from them and share what he learns so that this country can benefit.

But he’s not sure if it’s that kind of knowledge, or if it’s some kind of magic that only they have, or if they’ll flee and disappear when they find out who they are.

(I suppose he wants to avoid using his authority as much as possible.)

Gil believes this is the Lord’s gentle and thoughtful side.

Chapter 27: Donna-san

In Mark’s room, Princess Edna was sobbing.

“Stop crying so much. I’ll bring you something as a souvenir.”

“…I’m not looking for a souvenir. I’d like to go as well! I’ve never been to such a fun place. Onii-sama is cheating! I want to eat good food at the farm too!”

Even when he says no and after repeated pleadings, his younger sister begs in tears. Mark had never seen his sister so insistent before, and he was deeply troubled.

“I’m going to be sent somewhere to get married, and then I’ll never be able to sneak out again Uwu~uuu.”

Princess Edna, who appeared to be having breathing problems from crying so much, said a sad thing in a stifled voice while crying, “wuuu.” In fact, everything she says is true, and Prince Marks sighs deeply.

“Okay. So, no more sobbing. Just this once. I can’t keep taking you out like this.”

“Sniffle, sniffle… all right.”

“And don’t hide in the closet anymore, and don’t eavesdrop. Understand?”



It’s been a while since Gil-san and Al-san came to my house for lunch.

I turned eleven years old. The rain zone has expanded to a little more than two kilometers in diameter. It now rains five days a week in the slum area next to the farm.

Because no one else arrived, Al-san and Gil-san appear to have kept their promise not to tell anyone about us. They simply ate a middle-class meal, paid their bill, and exited. So I was taken aback when Al-san showed up with his sister that day.

“Hello! My name is Donna. I apologize for disturbing you!”

The lovely doll-like girl bowed and looked at me with curiosity.

“I’m sorry, Alesia, I broke my promise. My sister wanted to tag along, and she cried so hard.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Onii-sama was talking about going out for a nice meal. Listening to him, I felt sad because I could hardly go out!”

When I looked up at Al-san and said, “You talked in front of your sister, didn’t you?” He panicked.

“I didn’t do it! I didn’t talk about this place in front of my sister. She overheard my conversation behind my back. Besides, this is the first time she has been so unreasonable in her life. I sincerely apologize for everything. But I also want her to eat well here, so…”

I feel bad for Al-san, who is sweating and looking miserable. Besides, she already brought her here.

“I understand. I can’t make anything too complicated, okay?”

“Of course, Alesia, thank you!”

“Thank you, Alesia-san.”

Donna bowed gracefully. She’s dressed very nicely. A pale pink dress lies beneath the sunshade, which completely covers her head. It’s comfortable and stylish.

Chana and I light the oven fire and cook the vegetables and lamb in the broth before toasting the spices. We removed it from the fire and placed it in a pot when it smelled good. We grilled the pita now. More pita was baked, and more pita was piled on top of each other.

Since Donna-san was here, I decided to prepare the marinated chicken for dinner.

I baked it until the fat oozed out of the skin and it was crispy. Cut it into pieces and serve it with a sour-sweet-spicy sauce. The herbs were freshly picked by Chana. I also took out the mulberry jam, ponka jam, and nekta jam I was making.

“I can help you with something,” Al-san said, so I asked him to bring me as many eggs as he had from the henhouse.

Six eggs were combined with camel milk, palm sugar, and salt. I cooked them on the grill with finely chopped scallions and sliced intestines. I made another batch of the same mixture because there were so many of us.

When everyone returned for lunch, they were surprised to see Donna-san, but when I told them she was Al-san’s sister, they all smiled and said, “She looks so much like him” and “She’s so cute.”

“Yummy!” Donna-san ate her petite with jam, and Al-san gave her a taste of everything else. Benita-obaasan asked, “Is your tummy okay?” because she was concerned about her stomach after eating and drinking so much.

After lunch, everyone else went back to work.

Donna-san asked, “Can I look around the farm for a while? I’ve never seen a farm before.”

Donna-eyes san’s were red, and her eyelids were slightly swollen. She must have shed a lot of tears.

“Donna-san doesn’t get out much?”


Donna-san sighed and looked down.

“I’m going to have to get married when I’m fifteen. I’ll never be able to go out again once I’m married. This is only temporary. That’s why I sobbed in front of Onii-sama. I apologize for bothering Alesia-san.”

I’m sure she’s a good Ojo-sama. I see what you mean. Daughters of nobility are raised as if marriage is their duty.

I was taken back to my previous life.

The more prosperous a girl’s family is, the less freedom she has. They have no idea about the bustle of the city or the chill of the night winds in the wasteland. They are never allowed to leave the grounds alone when they marry. The higher your rank, the more you are a caged bird for the rest of your life.

“Donna-san, you’re welcome to come back any time! I’ll make sure to have plenty of Donna-san’s favorite jam on hand if you let me know ahead of time. I’ll also make some food that you might enjoy!”

Donna-san gave me a surprised look before hugging me tightly. “Thank you so much, Alesia-chan; I love you.” Her voice was slightly teary.

Chapter 28: Letter from Al

I’m walking around the farm with Donna-san, Al-san, Gil-san, and others.

Actually, I wanted to walk with Donna-san alone, but Al-san refused, saying, “I can’t leave my sister’s side—Please accept my apologies.”

“Wow, chickens! Ponca trees can be found everywhere! The nekta’s branches are shaking! Oh there are so many mulberries!”

Donna-san ran excitedly out of the house. Then she slipped and fell with a thud after getting her foot caught in the soft soil at the base of a ponca tree.

“Your Highness!”

Gil-san yelled, and he and Al-san dashed to her, with Al-san picking her up.

” Hehe. I fell so hard.”

Donna-san got up laughing.

(Your Highness? Did he just say “your Highness”?)

My heart was racing, but I pretended not to hear him and examined Donna-san’s injuries. Her knees and palms were swollen with abrasions. There was some blood, but it was nothing serious, so I was relieved. I rushed to bring Donna-san inside, rinsed her wounds with water, and wrapped her in the cleanest cloth I could find.

After they had another look around the farm, I gave them lots of fruit and homemade jam as souvenirs, and it was time for them to leave.

“We appreciate everything you did for us today.”

“No, it’s not a problem.”

“I’m sorry that Donna caused you so much trouble. I’ll apologize later.”

Al-san said, and I quickly responded in hushed tones.

“It was nothing, Your Highness. I am afraid I cannot accept your apology.”

I bowed deeply and looked up to see Al-san, or His Highness the Prince, with a sad expression looking down at me.

“Alesia, I lied about my identity—I’m sorry.”

“I know. Thank you for everything, Your Highness.”

When His Highness heard this, he opened his mouth as if to say something, but he closed it without saying anything and said, “I’m sorry,” before departing.


Princess Edna’s wounds on her palms and knees were immediately discovered and reported to higher authorities. “Her Royal Highness is taking a nap.”

The queen also summoned Prince Mark.

“Do you know why you were summoned?”

“Yes, I escorted Edna out of the palace—I’m sorry.”

“That’s not all—you have made a lady-in-waiting lie to me.”


The lady-in-waiting who has been caring for Edna since she was a baby has been temporarily reassigned.

“You’ve been moved by emotion—If anything happens to Edna at your discretion, you can’t take responsibility alone.”

“…I’m sorry.”

“I heard you visited the farm. Edna must have asked you to accompany her, and you wanted to amuse her. However, two royals should not leave with only one servant.”


“If this happens again, I’ll need someone to watch your every move, and Gil will be removed from your retinue.”

“…I won’t do this anymore. I’m sorry.”

Returning to his room, Prince Mark wrote a letter to Alesia apologizing for lying about his identity. And [thank you for everything; the farm was a lot of fun. The food was good] was delivered to the farm by Gil.

Mark paid several visits to the farm but did not order an investigation. He was afraid that if he revealed his identity and questioned them about the source of the water, they would leave the farm and vanish. That would be a “failure” for a royal.

They could have been watched and searched to make sure they couldn’t flee, but that didn’t seem right. They had not broken any laws. The royal family wanted to protect these hardworking, gentle, and honest peasants. Even if one of them was a wizard, failing to report them is not a crime.

“Alesia clearly avoided me as soon as she discovered I was the prince—That does not constitute discretion. She meant it as a bother. A royal family that is despised by its subjects should not be a royal family…”

The thoughts and feelings of this time would be deeply etched in the mind of the fifteen-year-old Mark.


That night, I told my parents about the contents of His Royal Highness Prince Mark, aka Al-san’s, letter. They were stunned for a moment.

“I was surprised… your mother thought Al-san was a wealthy young man—I had no idea he was a prince.”

“Your father wondered if such a fine horse would be given to a soldier of that age. So that was the case…”

“Hey, Oto-san, do you think His Highness the Prince was probing our farm?”

“Well, that may be so, but I didn’t think that smile was a lie. However, in terms of politics…”

“…Your mother believes that if he was a prince, he could have prevented us from fleeing and then interrogated us about the rain. But he did not do so. Besides, why would he take his precious little sister to a dangerous location? Maybe he was suspicious at first, but I believe he decided there was nothing suspicious about it.”

After a brief moment of silence, my father turned to face the table and spoke briefly.

“Alesia. If something bad happens, don’t think about your mother and father; just leave. While we buy you some time, ride through the wasteland on horses. Go to Isabelle’s and see what happens, then flee far away—Just in case, I’ll give Isabelle-san some money.”

“Our happiness is for you to live a happy and healthy life. Don’t forget that.”

I can’t leave such caring parents, and I don’t think I could outrun the soldiers on horseback.

“Oto-san, Oka-san, perhaps the royal family isn’t as terrifying as we think—Don’t you think His Highness seems to be a serious and gentle person? Let us not be alarmed, but rather wait and see.”

It won’t rain if I don’t sleep; if they want to exploit me, they won’t kill me or my family.

But months passed and the farm was never called into question.

Following that incident, I began to consider the possibility of fleeing to another country with my family, just in case.

(Maybe Farrill Kingdom… No.)

The Farrill Kingdom in the north is the land of the soldiers I swept away with a lot of water in my previous life. If I had to flee, I’d rather go to the neighboring Balwala Kingdom to the east.

So I began studying Balwala’s language in the library. Because Balwala receives more rain than the Kingdom of Laminbo, unnatural rain may be hard to detect.

And one more thing. There are still many people in this country that I want to help. So I also started to look for a way to avoid running away, even if my power is known.

Chapter 29: Madame Yael (1)

“Are you interested in the Balwala language?”

I was eating my lunch on a park bench in the shade when I was approached by a man who had just walked out of the library. He was wearing glasses and appeared to be in his mid-twenties. He had reddish brown hair and brown eyes.

“I’ve seen you around, but you always take a book from the Balwala shelf to transcribe or read, don’t you?”

Ethan is out with Ojisan today, leaving me alone. I set my lunch on the bench and grabbed my backpack, ready to take off at any time. The man notices this, smiles bitterly, and steps back a little.

“I apologize if I scared you. I’m Mikhail, and I’m a new scholar… I know how to speak Balwala and thought I could teach you if you didn’t understand something. My mother is from Balwala, so I just wanted to help you if you are interested in visiting the country.”

So that’s how it is. I loosen my grip on my shoulder bag a little.

“I’d like to be taught, but I’m afraid that befriending a stranger would worry my parents. I’m sorry.”

It’s really a shame. As a self-taught person, you can learn to read and write, but [hearing and speaking] is difficult. If she were a woman, I would have jumped at her invitation. Perhaps it was this kind of depression that showed on my face, but Mikhail made another suggestion.

“My mother is all alone when I’m away. So, would you like to learn from my mother? Of course, you don’t have to pay tuition since you’re going to talk to her. She would love to have someone to talk to in Balwala.”

“…If you don’t mind, I’ll bring a friend.”

“Of course! Okay, we lived here. You are welcome to come here at any time during the day without contacting me.”

Mikhail-san scribbled the address on a scrap of paper and handed it to me. It was the name of a neighborhood with big old houses.


I went to Mikhail’s house with Hakim as my escort, and my father drove us there in a wagon. Hakeem has grown so much since I met him that sometimes I ask him to be my bodyguard.

The house is an old but magnificent structure with a large garden filled with flowers and plants. On the property, there is a well or spring.

“Isn’t this a nobleman’s home, Alesia? — It’s simply magnificent.”

“Your father felt the same way. I’m not sure if it’s okay that we came here without warning.”

I’ve also never been to a nobleman’s house before.

Just as I was deciding what to do, the door opened and Mikhail-san and a plump woman who resembled Mikhail-san emerged. The woman, who appeared to be in her late fifties, waved at me and smiled broadly. Her hair was the same color as Mikhail-san’s, auburn. Mikhail-san dashed over to us and opened the ivy-patterned gate. My father was relieved, just greeted and left.

“My name is Yael, and I am Mikhail’s mother. I can’t believe two such young people are here! Please enter. In the fountain, we chilled melon and ponka. Do you like it?”

“I really like it.”

Hakeem responds with a smile.

“Well, I’ve got to get going.”

“Have a safe journey.”

Mikhail-san departs, leaving just the three of us. Yael, the woman who introduced herself, enters the house, makes a cup of tea, and arranges the gourds and ponkas for us. The tea tasted and smelled delicious.

“This tea is popular in the Balwala kingdom. I was missing it so much that I ordered it. So, why are you interested in learning Balwala?”

“I’d like to visit the country someday, but it’s extremely difficult to get there. At the very least, I wanted to read about Balwala in books. Not books translated into the local language, but books in Balwala that show the lives of ordinary Balwanians. It would be even better if I could also learn to speak it.”

“What a pleasure—I come from Balwala and my only relative is my son. I was lonely because I was afraid I would forget Balwala. And I don’t agree with my neighbors of the same age.”

“If you don’t mind, could you tell me why you disagree? I might say something that will offend you.”

Madame Yael gave me a strange look.

“Did you know that this country experienced a major flood long before you were born? I’m from Balwala, and I have a completely different perspective than the people here. We had a minor disagreement about it once, and I greeted them with a smile.”

Madame Yael said this with a bitter smile.

“People in this country think that the flood was caused by a wizard, don’t they? But nobody in Balwala believes it. It was a natural disaster. The water wizard was executed for this. And they spread lies about a secret agreement between the wizard and Balwala.”

“Eh?” “What do you mean?”

Hakeem and I both inquired at the same time.

“The rain that wreaked havoc on the former Shemel kingdom moved to Balwala, causing heavy rains. Several structures were damaged. It doesn’t make sense that the country’s wizards would collaborate with Balwala to cause the heavy rains, does it? My neighbors were furious when I told them that Aura was innocent and that she had been falsely accused of the crime. I tried to be friendly with them at first, but as I grew older, I lost the desire to be friendly with them.”

Yael motioned to us and offered us some fruits.

“And the promised Aura to be queen of the Balwala kingdom is complete nonsense. At the time, the queen of Balwala was a highly respected figure who had made significant contributions to reforming the country’s education system. There was no need for Aura to be the queen at the expense of Balwala’s queen, also, because there was no shortage of water in Balwala.”

Chapter 30: Madame Yael (2)

I’m simply astounded by Madame Yael’s story, which I’ve never heard of in this country.

“They say [knowledge is power] in Balwala. The Balwala royal family, which is descended from generations of scholars, has always emphasized academic culture as the key to the country’s growth. The country’s massive floods were foreseen to some extent in Balwala, where records were kept.”


I was completely taken aback.

How can heavy rainfall be forecasted?

“You don’t know exactly when it’s going to rain. The royal family has instructed the scholars of the kingdom of Balwala to take every precaution possible to keep records. They would discover things like frequent heavy rains and droughts, as well as an unusual increase in grasshoppers.”

“Are there cycles?”

Hakeem asked.

“Yes. However, the longer the cycle, the more difficult it is to predict. But we all know it will happen sooner or later. My parents were shocked to learn that the Shemel kingdom had blamed the heavy rains on Aura and had executed her at the time. Children at the time, including myself, were repeatedly told by our parents that ignorance can lead to such a terrible tragedy, and that you must learn from it.”

Hakeem admires what he is hearing, while I was too tired to make a witty remark.

I was shocked to find out that our neighbors to the east had thought for a long time that the heavy rains weren’t my fault.

“But people in this country say Aura made a secret deal with Balwala to flood the country in order to conquer it, and that Aura was to become queen of a country richer than her own, but there was no invasion, was there?”

“But, according to history, while there was no invasion, the kingdom of Balwala supported the rebellion, wasn’t it?”

Yael looked at me once more, impressed.

“That’s correct. Because [the Kingdom of Shemel falsified the Wizard Aura and the Kingdom of Balwala had a secret agreement]. My father was a simple diplomat in Balwala at the time, so he found it difficult to swallow. He hadn’t returned home in a long time because he was too preoccupied with his work.”

Madame Yael stated that the Balwala side [which had made a secret deal with Aura and was looking for opportunities to invade] was being poked like a beehive, and that measures were being worked out in parliament. During this time, they became aware of the growing anti-royalist sentiment among the country’s people and decided to lend their support to the movement.

“Because of the people’s rage, who believed that Balwala and Aura were to blame for the flood, they planned that when the Shemel kingdom was stabilized, they would attack Balwala. So the Balwala kingdom assisted in defeating the Shemel royal family in order to protect their own land and people from war. “

“So they took the initiative?”

“Yes—They joined forces with some of Shemel’s military and worked behind the scenes to support the rebellion. As a result, the Balwala royal family’s second prince became the country’s king. It was fortunate that the people’s anger was directed against the Shemel royal family because of all the stupid laws that were being passed at the time.”

“Is it okay to tell us something so important?”

“Oh, my. Everyone in the Laminbo royal family knows it now, as does everyone in this country’s government. Most of the country’s high nobles today must be descendants of those who deserted the royal family and joined the Balwala side. But, I’m not sure what the current nobles think of Aura.

Madame Yael panicked after saying all of this, “Oh no, we won’t have time to study!” The study session ended with Balwala’s and Shemel’s history lessons.

“Alesia, are you alright? You look a little down.”

“Yes. I’m fine. I just heard a lot of things I didn’t know, and I was surprised.”

We’re walking home, munching on sweets we bought along the way.

“Is Alesia learning Balwala because she wants to run away to Balwala?”

When asked by Hakeem with straight eyes, I couldn’t answer.

“Balwala, from what I’ve heard, is a country that cares about its people. But I believe there is still hope because this country’s royal family is also of Balwala descent. His Highness Mark is also a good man in my opinion. So…”

Hakeem didn’t say anything else, but it’s possible he didn’t want me, his friend, to leave. And the thought of abandoning Hakeem and the others and fleeing to protect myself made me feel guilty.

When I first began to recall my previous life, all I could think about was staying safe. Ultimately, I wanted to protect my parents and Ethan’s family, and then I wanted to help as many people as I could.

And now I’m thinking about fleeing. Am I making the correct decision? I was reborn into a loving family, and I’m wondering if all I have to think about is myself and my family. I’m very self-conscious.

Though I could not give an answer to my doubts, my weekly Balwala study continued happily. Madame Yael had a lot to teach me.

Little by little, I became able to speak Balwala.

Chapter 31: Three Years Later

It’s been three years since First Prince Mark took Princess Edna to that farm.

Three years later, Marks still remembers the taste of the common people and the good times he had on the farm.

“I wonder how Alesia is doing.”

After a few moments, he cleared off his desk and got up. It was late at night.

(Are my mother’s attendants still awake? Is there a night watchman nearby?)

“I’ll check mother before I go to bed.”

The Queen, Mark’s mother, has been suffering from headaches for the past six months. Seizure-like headaches have become more common and painful. It was initially thought to be psychological, but she has recently experienced dizziness, nausea, and numbness in her hands and feet. It was clear that this was more than just a headache. But the doctor did nothing but give her pain relievers.

Even though it is late at night, Mark finds the ladies-in-waiting rustling in the queen’s room. Everyone’s expressions are stiff.

“? What happened?”

“Your Highness! The queen has collapsed in her room. The doctor is on his way.”

Mark runs to his mother’s room and finds a knight guarding her, holding her up, and putting her to bed.


“Mark. I’m sorry to bother you so late at night.”

“Does it hurt in your head?”

The queen moved her face from side to side, shaking her head.

“I’m all right now. My leg is giving me trouble.”

“Is there anything I can do for you before the doctor comes?”

“I’m afraid there’s none.”


My mother has lost a significant amount of weight, and the wrinkles on her neck and arms are visible. She has lost her appetite.

“If you want anything to eat, I can have it brought to you.”

“Everything is fine. Thank you for coming to see me.”

My mother appears pale. I’m curious if she wants to sleep but can’t because of a headache.

Eventually, the doctor came and said, “Let me give you some medicine.” I left the room after waiting for my mother to fall asleep. She should have taken the medication for a long time, but her condition was deteriorating.

The queen’s lady-in-waiting, tasked with preparing her bed, followed me.

“Your Highness, The queen seems to be a bit more receptive to fruit. May I notify the kitchen? I personally informed the person in charge of the meal, but they chastised me for interfering in matters that were not my business.”

“Yes, I allow it—inform them that I gave the order.”

“Thank you very much.”

As I walked back to my room, I reflected on the farm. I was curious whether my mother had ever eaten fruit from that farm. I wanted her to consume the nekta, ponkas, and mulberries.

(I would be breaking my promise to your mother if I did so. But I’ll apologize to her later.)

The following morning.

“Gil, I’m going to get some fruit from that farm. I’d like my mother to eat it.”


Gil looks at me as if he’s about to say something, but he doesn’t.

“What is it?”

“Wouldn’t it be better if I go instead?”

“Yes, that’s right—N-No, I’ll go by myself. If I can’t do anything else, I’d like to go get the fruit myself. The fruit there is delicious.”


Ethan, who was standing near the farm’s entrance, was surprised to see Prince Mark and Gil for the first time in three years.

“I apologize for showing up unexpectedly, Ethan.”

“No…Not at all…”

“I want some fruit. Various kinds—well, hurry up now.”

Gil, who had previously been standing behind Prince Mark, appeared out of nowhere.

“Hey Ethan, how are Alesia-chan and Chana-chan doing?”

“They are perfectly fine. Alesia is in the shed, while Chana is out gathering mulberry leaves. Hey, Alesia! Alesia!”

“No, no, it’s alright as long as she’s okay…”

As Prince Marks panicked, the door of a nearby hut opened and he heard voices.

“Yes, what is it? Oh…”

He was surprised when Alesia, whom he hadn’t seen in three years, appeared and looked at him.

“Alesia, it’s been a long time. I’m sorry for showing up unexpectedly.”

Alesia was significantly taller than he remembered. Her long brown fluffy hair hung down her back. Her chin is narrower, her face is smaller, and her eyes appear larger. Her entire body has softened and become more ladylike. She has matured into a stunning beauty.

Alesia looks at him with her gold-starred blue eyes, puzzled.

“I stated in my letter that I would not return, but there is a reason I am here… I’m really hoping my mother will eat the fruit here. She is not feeling well, you see.”

Alesia’s face clouded a little.

“I see. The queen is…”

“She can eat fruit in some ways—you have the best fruit I’ve ever tasted. That’s why I came here to get some.”

Alesia entered the house, dressed as stonily and simply as ever, and brought a basket. She almost walked into the orchard, then returned his gaze with a thoughtful expression.

“What’s wrong?”

“No, nothing. I’m going now.”

Alesia comes back out of breath with a basket full of ponkas and nektas that look like they were picked quickly.

“I’ve gathered as much as I can that looks good—Please allow me to use them as a token of our farm’s sympathy.”

A-potato: “Condolence” does not seem to be the right word.

Alethea offers it to him(for free).

Gil tried to pay, but Alesia did not receive it, so he thanked her and proceeded to the horse. Gill turns his back on the horse and strokes it as if giving it attention.

A-potato: A typo maybe?

Her and Ethan’s parents were not far away, looking at them with concern and bowing when they met their gaze. Alesia noticed this and dashed over to them. They were talking about something, and then Alesia turned around and ran back to the first house, and then ran out again.

“This is a token of sympathy from all of us.” Alesia presented him with a white cloth.

“I’ll go over how to use it quickly. Please pay close attention.”


“Your Highness, Alesia-chan, has blossomed. It’s been three years, so you’re fourteen now.”

“Yes…that’s right.”

“Don’t you also want to see Chana-chan?”

“Chana? Why?”

“Oh, I see…”

“What are you on about?”

“Nothing at all.”

Prince Mark made his way to the palace, accompanied by Gil, who looked convinced of something.

Chapter 32: Sympathy From a Friend

“Mark, did you bring me some fruit? Thank you.”

“Go ahead, Mother, put some in your mouth.”

Queen Verna sat up, leaned back against the cushions, and examined the plate placed before her.

“It looks delicious.”

“Yes, they should all be tasty—please pick whatever you want.”

Several fruits, peeled and cut into bite-size pieces, were on the platter. Sweet and sour hawthorns, juicy poncas, sticky nektas, large ripe mulberries, fragrant green grapes

“Ponca, then,” the queen said, picking a ponca from Mark’s plate and putting it in her mouth.

“Oh, it’s delicious. I haven’t had such delicious food in a long time.”

After a while, the maids sigh in relief behind him.

“What’s wrong? Mother didn’t have much to eat?”

A maid replied, “No. After eating, the queen—”

“—I vomited more frequently.”


“But this one doesn’t make me nauseous. Thank you, Mark.”

“I’ll bring you some more.”

The queen ate all of the fruit and leaned back on her cushion, satisfied. Prince Marks handed the plate to a maid, and then dismissed all maids present with the words, “Step back for a moment.”

“Is this important?”

“Yes, Mother, can you leave it to me without question?”

The Queen nodded kindly. Seeing this, Mark took a folded white cloth from the inside pocket of his jacket and gently wrapped it around the queen’s head twice. The queen did not ask any questions, but instead touched her fingertips to the cloth wrapped around her head.

“What a beautiful piece of silk.”

“It’s a cloth with a healing wish put on it. It was given to me by a friend.”

“Oh, my. You had a friend like that.”

The queen’s face lit up with delight.

“You became involved in politics at a young age—I assumed Gil was your only friend. So Gil isn’t your only friend… Eh? Oh?”

As Mark sat down on the bed next to her, the queen’s eyes widened, and she grabbed his arm.

“What’s wrong? Are you feeling any discomfort? Mother!”

“It’s gone… The headache that has plagued me for so long. It’s no longer there! And the nausea has subsided. What did you do, Mark?”

Prince Mark, who had wrapped the cloth around her head, blinked for a moment before beginning to laugh.

“This is, this is…”


“Please don’t tell anyone about this cloth, Mother. Neither my father, nor the maids, nor any of my siblings. I made a promise to a friend. I’m not going to tell anyone about the cloth. But I didn’t think it would come to this either.”

For a while, the queen stood there, nervously removing the silk cloth from her head.

“After the cloth is removed, the pain and nausea do not appear to return—It’s nothing short of miraculous. Are you going to tell me what’s going on, Mark?”

“I, too, am unaware of the specifics. Let’s take it off if the pain doesn’t return. If you leave it wrapped around you, the maids will become suspicious. If the pain comes back, I’ll wrap it again.”

Mark folded the silk cloth and tucked it into his pocket.

“Oh, Mark, how wonderful it is to be free of pain! I’ll realize how much pain I’ve been in when the headache goes away.”

“Mother—I’m so glad.”

Mark smiles as he holds the Queen’s hand. His mother’s face has improved significantly.


“Yes, Mother.”

“I’m awfully hungry. Please get me something to drink and some food. I just want so much food. I’m dying of thirst!”

Mark burst into tears of laughter.

“Mother, yes. I’ll have them delivered to you right away! I’ll start with something soft so your tummy doesn’t startle.”


My mother, who was thin and bony, was laughing. I haven’t seen her smile like this for a long time.


Mark said to the maids who were waiting in the hallway, “My mother’s hunger has returned. Pick out my mother’s favorites. No, let the head chef take care of that.”


Two maids walk down the corridor as quickly as they can. One will most likely go to the kitchen, while the other will most likely report to His Majesty the King.

“Don’t fall.”

He wiped the corners of his eyes with his fingertips as he spoke.

“Alesia. Who the hell are you?”

The queen is eating a hearty meal that was brought to her. The king rushes in, horrified by his wife’s meal.

“V-Verna. Are you sure you can eat so much in such a short period of time? Aren’t you overeating? Don’t you feel sick?”

“Fufu. This isn’t even enough, Your Majesty. But I think I’ll have to put up with this for the time being.”

Finally, the queen said, after drinking some warm, sweet coconut juice, “I feel sleepy after eating.” She then fell asleep.

“What happened, Mark?”

“I’m not sure either. I was talking to my mother when the pain vanished.”

“How is that possible?”

“It is possible. I, too, was taken aback.”

That time. Senesh, the head cook, was instructed to serve the food again after everything had been cleaned up and the fire extinguished, and he questioned the maids about the plates that had been returned to them.

“The queen definitely ate it, didn’t she? Not His Highness. All of it? All of it?! What?! You didn’t see it? What the hell. Which one is it?!”

“It’s delicious, according to the queen. She says she’s looking forward to breakfast tomorrow.”

“Hahaha, oh my goodness! That’s great. That’s fantastic!”

Senesch laughed, and his face was brighter than it had been in a long time.

Mark had Gil deliver a letter the next day.

According to the letter, “I am extremely grateful—I’d like to express my gratitude. I’ll do whatever you want. And I’m curious about that cloth.”

Gil returned to inform him that Alesia had politely declined his gratitude.

Alesia also handed Gil a letter. “This is for your highness…”

Mark hurriedly opened it.

[I hope I was of assistance to Your Highness. Please keep the cloth hidden. All I ask is that.]

Chapter 33: Isabel’s Research

I told Hakeem, Chana, and the other people that I had given the silk cloth to His Highness.

“I see. The Queen. “

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell Hakeem and Chana about this. But now that I know that she is suffering, I thought I couldn’t ignore her even if she is the queen.”

Though, it’s almost rude to say, “Even if it’s the queen.”

“It’s all right. It was originally Alesia’s power. If Alesia wants to help, that’s fine.”

“If someone in the queen’s position is that sick, it means medicine will not be able to cure her.”

Hakeem and Chana told me. But Isabelle-san looked worried.

“Perhaps some investigation will be conducted.”

“Isabelle-san, For a long time, His Highness came here to eat, but he kept this location hidden from others until the end. His Highness would never betray us. No, I’m hoping not.”

“That would be great. I’m just concerned about the distinction between eating here and using the silk cloth.”

“We’ve been eating with His Highness for a long time, Isabelle-san—He’s a very nice young man. I believe we can put our trust in him. If His Highness does not keep his word and tries to harm Alesia, I will give up and say we were blind. We can flee once more—we already have enough money to cover it.”

“Yes, me too. Thanks to Alesia, I have made a lot of money—I have enough in reserve to sneak out and do something else for a while. Even if I’m not a farmer, I can still make a living.”

Did both my father and Nathan-ojisan have that in mind?

I also hoped that His Highness would not betray us. I knew it was a risk, but I wanted to help the queen.

I believe that it is God’s will for me to live happily in this life after having done sinful things in my previous life and that I should not make the wrong choice this time.

I didn’t think [helping someone only when your own safety is guaranteed] was the best option.

Everyone was restless for a few days, but the country did nothing. His Highness sent me a thank-you letter, which I politely declined. Since then, nothing has happened. His Highness appears to have kept his word to me.

Chana has been weaving silk cloth for a long time. Chana is as healthy as any other person because of her daily contact with silk threads and silk cloth. She was delighted to compare her height to mine the day before.

“I’ve caught up to Alesia-san’s height!”

Chana’s petite frame has grown to the point where she is nearly as tall as me.

“I think this place is heaven,” Chana says.

I can’t laugh in many ways, so please don’t call it heaven.

“Alesia, can I cut the silk cloth again today?”

“Yes, please.”

Isabelle-san has been cutting the silk cloth Chana has finished weaving into different lengths and bringing it out one by one for the past three years. We only receive reports on the types of symptoms people have and how they are treated.

“It’s better for you. If you don’t know, you don’t have to hide it from the authorities if they ask—you guys are too kind to tell a good lie.”

True, no one seems to be a good liar around here.

Isabelle-san was telling us the results of her research one night at dinner.

“I told them that if they used the cloth again, they had to report the outcome to me. Over the last three years, I’ve learned a lot about how many times this cloth can be used and how much it can heal. I documented everything.

“What’s the result?”

Hakeem leans in to listen.

“This silk cloth can be used to treat almost any disease or injury. However, there appears to be a limit. Broken bones, high fevers, cuts, epidemics: depending on the severity, it can be used repeatedly or only once before becoming ineffective.”

I understood what she was saying.

My father simply nodded.

“If it’s a non-life-threatening injury or illness, it can be used several times. However, if it’s a serious illness or injury, it loses its power after only one use?”

“That’s exactly what I mean.”

“Isabelle-san, I’ll keep weaving more cloth for you. Leave the weaving to me!”

“Good luck, Chana. I’m relying on you. There are numerous houses I should visit.”

“I’d like to investigate the effects of eggs as well.”

“What? We’re giving away free eggs?” Ethan said in a pitiful tone.

“It’s not like what you think—Let us think about it more slowly because our eggs are delivered to our contractors. “

My father says, and Ethan looks relieved.

Yeah. Let us pause for a moment to reflect. There is still plenty of time. Maybe.

Chapter 34: Night Chase

Two months have passed since the queen’s recovery.

The mood in the palace is cheerful.

Prince Mark has just finished reading and signing a document containing the most recent developments in neighboring countries. His Majesty, his father, gave it to him and told him, “We should keep this in mind.”

“The reason why our country is being overlooked by that country is probably because we are so poor.”

The Kingdom of Farrill is a northern power with abundant forest and water resources.

The Kingdom of Farrill has been focusing on strengthening its military for the past 20 years or so, and since the current king took over, it has grown into a massive country, taking on neighboring countries one after the other.

There will inevitably be places out of sight as the country grows, but the Farrill Kingdom has four princes, all of whom are regarded as outstanding. The kingdom is now divided into four districts, each ruled by the king and three princes.

“What is the fourth prince’s purpose in visiting our country to study?”

If a great nation asks, “The fourth prince will be staying for a while; please look after him.” We have no choice but to refuse as a weak country.

Last week, Prince Herrud arrived in their country with only eight guards. In the royal palace, he does not appear to socialize much. It’s concerning that they still don’t know why he went on this trip.

He is 18 years old, the same as Prince Mark, but he appears three or four years older due to his large build. He had blond hair, blue eyes, and a handsome face, as is common in Farrill’s northern kingdom. The women who work in the palace seem to make a lot of fuss about his appearance.


Prince Mark noticed movement outside the window. When he looks around, he sees a tall man moving through the garden’s trees and disappearing into the darkness. For a brief moment, the bonfire lit up, and he saw what appeared to be a dark gray hooded cloak. Most likely, Prince Herrud.

“Where is he going at this late hour without an escort?”

(It’s fine if it’s just a walk, but if it’s not, it’s a problem.)

Prince Mark quickly rises and exits the room.

Outside the room, two guards stood silently looking at him.

“Come along with me.”


They dashed down the stairs and out the hall window, taking the shortest path to the garden. The guards trailed silently behind. They muffled their steps as they followed Herrud at a quick pace and noticed the tall figure of Herrud ahead of them.

They maintain a certain distance when pursuing. Herrud moves through the deserted streets in the middle of the night, as if he has a specific destination in mind. Through the residential areas of the aristocracy, through the business districts, past the settlements of the commoners, Herrud now passes through the so-called “poor district”, where the rents are low.

An uneasiness settles over Mark.

That “farm” up ahead. Maybe Herrud is trying to get to that farm.

“No, a newly arrived prince from another country would not go there… I hope not.”

But Herrud is quick on his feet, and he’s already at the farm as soon as he crosses the poor quarter.

The night rain has arrived. A lovely, gentle rain. For years, it has been known to rain in this area, and the farm owners stated that they would take advantage of it. A nationwide survey was conducted when the rains were mentioned, but the cause of the rains was not clear. The area was too large for anyone to believe it was man-made.

“The slightly lower topography probably makes cold, stagnant air settle in the air, which leads to light rain.”

The scholar stated, “I doubt that even Aura, which was of unprecedented strength, could have done such a thing—If you magically sprinkled an area that large every night, it would shorten your lifespan. It also rains on the slums, the aristocracy, and the business districts. There is no reason to magically rain on them to reduce your life expectancy every night.” Was the answer.

Mark had noticed that both the buried farm and Alesia and her family’s farm used rain gutters, but the surrounding slums and farmhouses had been using rain gutters to store water for some time. It appears that he is the only one who sees parallels between the buried farm and Serio’s farm.

Herrud soon found himself in front of the farm gate. The farm’s gate is a simple, handmade wooden gate with an inside canopy. By reaching out from the outside, anyone can open it and enter.

“That was reckless. I’ll have to notify them that it needs to be rebuilt.”

As he thinks so, he sees Herrud here late at night. However, the fence that surrounds the farm is so open that anyone with ill intent could enter from anywhere.

(We need to do something; it’s not safe. That silk cloth must be on the farm.)

Herrud takes a step back and looks at the farm. To avoid detection, Mark and his two guards hide behind the houses in the area.

Herrud walks around the farm, keeping his distance from the farm fence. He eventually arrived on rough terrain. Herrud continued on, but Mark paused. On the left side was the farm, and the rest was dry wasteland—there was no protection ahead. It’s a dark night, but he’ll probably see them if he looks back.

(What is he going to do in the wasteland?)

As they stand in the shadow of the last house, Herrud is walking along the fence of the farm, keeping a certain distance from the farm. His figure becomes smaller and smaller.

“All right, let’s go.”

“But we’ll be in plain sight.”

“Don’t worry about it. If he ever gets into the farm, I’ll be in big trouble.”

The moon is as thin as a thread tonight. Herrud walks alone in the dark without the light of the moon to guide him.

But, upon looking into it deeply, he’s walking around the rain’s boundary right now.

(As expected, he…)

Chapter 35: Herrud’s Quest

Herrud, the Kingdom of Farrill’s fourth prince, is eighteen years old.

It was time for him to make a decision about who he would marry.

His three older brothers had all married and had children, and they were all involved in their father’s political activities. He was aware that he would eventually be included in this group, but Herrud desired to be more free.

A country he’d never visited, a landscape he’d never seen, and a culture he’d never experienced. Only after he had experienced them would he become his father’s pawn.


I wanted to postpone my life for as long as possible so that I would not have to live in the same situation as my siblings, staring at my father’s face all day.

So I told my father, “I’d like to travel to other countries for a while.” My father didn’t seem to have high hopes for me, and he didn’t tighten his grip on me because I was fourth in line. As expected he quickly agreed.

My relief and joy, however, were short-lived because he instructed, “If you go to another country, make it the Kingdom of Laminbo.”

The Kingdom of Laminbo is mostly arid, with little industry and little to see.


Herrud was disappointed.

“Don’t be so obvious in your disappointment. Those who have visited the country report that the Laminbo Kingdom has been experiencing unusual rains in parts of the capital for several years. Aura was born in that land. Maybe another wizard was born. Go investigate. And if you can bring him/her back, please do so.”

I was surprised that my father would deploy his men to such a poor country.

“Yes, sir.”

After I said that, I went back and investigated the kingdom of Laminbo.

In the Kingdom of Laminbo and the former Kingdom of Shemel, wizards were born every 20 or 30 years since ancient times, but sometimes no wizards were born for many years. It remains a mystery why wizards are born only in that kingdom.

Even if there were wizards, they could only make fire without a flintlock or produce enough water to fill several bath tubs. These abilities were useless in today’s world of advanced weapons and tools.

with the exception of Aura.

People said that Aura was the most powerful wizard of her time because she could create and control large amounts of water whenever she wanted.

She was betrothed to the king and led the army that swept away the Farrill kingdom’s armies before they grew too large. Despite being the country’s patron saint, she was summarily executed. She seems to have been blamed for the heavy rains and flooding, but our secret documents show that she didn’t admit her wrongdoing until the very end. If it really was a natural disaster and not her fault, it was a laughing matter.

Floods occur on rare occasions in desert countries as well. She would have been invaluable in a country without rain. Furthermore, she played a role in the war against our country.

A few years after the foolish king executed Aura, he was executed without trial in a public uprising. A fitting conclusion for a fool.

I have been going around the city every day since my arrival in the Kingdom of Laminbo, listening to what people have to say.

Thanks to my gorgeous appearance, many women, from young girls to old women, became my conversation partners.

“Rain? For the last five or six years, yes. It lightly rains at night. How much is it? Not a lot. It’s already dry in the morning.”

“It appears that it rains once or twice a week. In the middle of the night, it just drips. I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

Such stories could be heard, but they did not appear to be useful information.

But one day,

“A slum resident told me that it rains several times a week in one section of the slum. Overnight They complain that it makes nighttime laundry drying impossible.”

I headed toward the slum with a thrill of anticipation, only to find that the streets were damp in one section.

(This is the neighborhood with so many run-down houses.

Perhaps because there is no winter cold in this country, every house has gaps. The walls were constructed of sun-dried bricks, and the roofs were a little rough.

I returned to check out the place and sneaked out late at night. I was able to leave the palace without being caught. In my own country, where war was looming, this would have been unthinkable. And the number of soldiers guarding the palace was significantly lower than in my own country.

It was simple to locate the area where it was raining. After all, it was the same block I had guessed earlier in the day.

It rains when I go out in it, but when I look up, I can see the stars. It rains all the time in our country, but it is impossible for it to rain so unusually several times a week for years. I believe the country’s rulers are a bunch of morons for failing to recognize this. That is why this country remains impoverished.

Soon there was a farm.

There was a simple fence and gate, so I walked along the fence of the farm to look around tonight. As I walked, I noticed that the farm had been completely covered by rain. There is no doubt that the rain zone is much larger on the farm.

The farm almost forms a perfect circle.

“I suppose that means the rain falls in a nice circle as well.”

The soil was dry some distance from the farm, but the inside of the farm was as lush and green as if I was in another country. As far as I could see in the darkness, there were many trees planted.

“It must be the rain.”

Unfortunately, the moon is nearly full tonight, and it is completely dark.

I felt something as I walked along the fence to get a better look.

(Is it a human? Or is it a beast?)

Herrud came to a halt and looked around for signs.

Chapter 36: Meir

Because of the rain that falls on the property, the area around the Serio farm is overgrown with grass and weeds.

This is a well-stocked canteen for the animals of the wasteland, who are in desperate need of water and food. At night, lizards, snakes, rabbits, mice, foxes, and even wild horses and camels congregate in search of grass, rain, or prey.

In a territorial dispute in the forest far west of the capital, a male cougar was injured. Since his injury, the large cougar had been losing the territorial battle and had drifted down here.

This is now the cougar’s domain. He has plenty of both water and prey here.

There were some humans on the farm also looking for prey that day, but they weren’t supposed to be here at night. Because the cougar was afraid of the humans, he let the first one pass before lying down in the grass to let the others pass. However, a human at the end of the line noticed him.

The predator spotted the human and spread the “smell of fear”—the characteristic of animals.

The cougar was tempted by the scent and movement of the human as it tried to flee from him, and he jumped at the human out of instinct. From behind, it bit the human by his legs and pinned him to the ground.


When Mark turned around, he saw that a large cougar had wrestled Meir to the ground and was biting his leg.

“Joachim, after him!”

Joachim pursued the Herrud-like figure, while Mark drew his sword to confront the cougar.


The cougar, still biting and snarling, eventually drew its mouth away from Meir’s leg and backed away, eventually disappearing into the darkness.

“Meir, are you alright?! Stay with me!”

“Your Highness, I’m sorry.”

Meir’s pants darken in the dim moonlight, apparently due to damage to the thick blood vessels. Mark rips off his shirt, ties Meir’s knees together, and encourages him by lending his shoulder as they walk through the fence to the farm building.

“Somebody! Please help me!”

When Mark got within hearing distance, the lights turned on, and a man with a lamp ran toward him. Meir began to tremble, possibly due to excessive bleeding.

(This isn’t good.)

“What’s wrong?!”

“He’s hurt—a cougar attacked him.”

“Isn’t that… your Highness?!”

Serio and Nathan followed, and the three men carried Meir into Serio’s house. Meir was dazed, but eventually hung his head and passed out.

Then the sound of the rain stopped.

Alesia, dressed in her nightgown, came out and brought a white cloth as soon as she saw Meir lying on the couch.

“Your Highness, I’ll use this!”

“That’s… Please. I’m sorry.”

Alesia rolls up Meir’s pants and wraps a white silk cloth around his legs. A few moments later, she carefully removes the cloth, revealing a perfectly smooth leg.

“Wow!” Ethan was surprised, while Serio murmured, “I didn’t expect it to be this good.” Everyone in the room exhaled a sigh of relief. The people on the farm appeared to be witnessing the effects of the silk cloth for the first time.

“How am I supposed to explain this to Meir…?”

Meir is still unconscious.

“Oh, that’s right.”

“Let’s say he was attacked by a cougar and peed his pants,” Nathan explained. “That’s all we can do for now,” and began pulling Meir’s bloody pants down to his underwear.

Hilda and Benita rushed over to assist him in changing into Serio’s trousers. Everyone moved quickly and without a second thought.

“Your highness must change as well, You have blood on you.”

Alesia instructed him to remove his torn and blood-splattered shirt and replace it with Serio’s. Alesia quickly hid the bloodstained cloth and clothing.

A few moments later, the door slammed violently.

“Your highness, it’s me, Joachim! Is everything all right?!”

Mark rushed to the door after hearing a call from outside.

“I’m fine, and Meir is fine—what happened?”

“He got away. I’m sorry.”

“I see. Can you keep an eye on things outside the door? Please notify me if the guy appears. I need to speak with the farm workers.”


“I apologize for waking you up in the middle of the night—someone was actually looking into this farm. We followed him here. He’s a dangerous individual. He could have been looking for this cloth. He was… If his father came out, our country wouldn’t be able to resist.”

Alesia nodded slightly as she listened to the story.

“Perhaps it wasn’t the cloth that he was looking for.”

“How do you know that?”

“If he was probing from outside at this hour, he’s probably unaware of the cloth. If they knew, they would have searched us by daylight.”

Alesia said in a calmer manner.

Chapter 37: Confession

“Your Majesty, could you please tell me who this “he” is who has been exploring our farm?”

His Highness is thinking with his eyebrows furrowed.

“The person His Highness the Crown Prince finds so troublesome is someone from another country, isn’t he? Your ancestors are from the Kingdom of Balwala in the east. In terms of countries bordering our country, the Kingdom of Farrill in the north is the only one who would be sneaky enough to spy on us and whom His Highness would need to pay attention to.”

“…Actually, His Highness Herrud, the fourth prince of the Kingdom of Farrill, is currently residing in the royal palace. He came to our country recently under the guise of studying abroad.”

I understood what [troublesome] meant.

“Your Highness, this Prince Farrill was here, wasn’t he? How long will he be here?”

“I’m not sure. He’s staying in the royal palace at the king’s request.”

If it’s only for a short time, I can flee temporarily and let the prince enjoy his stay here. But if it’s for an extended period of time, I’m in big trouble. All of the mulberry trees on the farm will die if I am gone for an extended period of time. And a lot of people I could save would perish while I had to restart the farm from scratch.

Instead of fleeing now, it would be a good idea to rely on the royal family’s power.

“Your Highness, I have a general idea of what the Kingdom of Farrill is like. I can imagine what he was looking for as well. He’s probably unaware of the cloth if he’s walking around the farm. Will you promise to protect not only me but everyone on the farm if I tell His Highness everything, including the cloth?”

His Highness Mark appeared perplexed by my sudden condition.

“You are legal residents of this country. You also have this cloth that heals illness and injury. You wouldn’t give it to someone else, would you?”

“Do you swear?”

“Naturally, I do. In the name of my parents, I swear.”

I opened my mouth firmly.

“Your Highness, what he was probably looking for was the source of rain.”



My father and Ethan both yelled.

To reassure them, I speak quietly. “It’s fine.”

“We’ve been doing well for fourteen years, Oto-san. But I knew this day would come. It seemed impossible to keep it a secret for the rest of my life. The Farrill Kingdom is a terrible place. If we do not rely on His Highness now, we may be attacked and taken to the Kingdom of Farrill one day.”

My father is shocked by the unexpected news.

“Oto-san, I believe the time has come to rely on the royal family’s assistance rather than run and hide from them.”

“Alesia, will you please explain what is going on?”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

I gave my parents and Ethan’s family a friendly smile.

“I need to have a talk with His Highness so that he can protect me, everyone, and the farm. I want you all to listen to me.”


“I understand. No… I don’t understand all of this yet. I’ve been thinking about the rain for a long time. I’ve always been curious about the connection between you and the rain. Maybe the desert farm is also yours.”

I already knew he was on to us.

“Knowing your personality, I didn’t dare tell anyone about this location. I thought it would be a shame if you escaped again like you did at the desert farm.”

“So that’s what happened.”

“I believe in the silk cloth’s power because I’ve witnessed it twice. But I had no idea you had been studying the effects of silk for three years. No—it’s been raining since Alesia was born. It’s been fourteen years. You guys are incredible.”

“Your Highness, please keep Alesia safe.”

My father bowed down. Ojisan and Oba-san, my mother, Ethan, also bowed.

“Alesia will be safe with us—I will not let Farrill take her away from us. We will find a way to safeguard this farm. Just give me some time to arrange everything”

He said this while looking at Meir, who was lying down.

“I’m not sure how to explain to Meir that he wasn’t hurt when the cougar knocked him down…”

“Fortunately, Your Highness, there is no moonlight tonight. Let’s just say Meir-san is mistaken. That’s all. I changed his clothes because “he peed himself.”

Nathan-ojisan’s suggestion was odd, but it seemed to be the only option.

His Highness jolted Meir-san awake and approached Joachim-san, who was stationed outside the door.

“Haha, well, we’ve caused trouble for the people on the farm,” he said with a cheerful laugh.

“Your Majesty! How is Meir doing?

“Meir is fine. It’s just that Meir peed his pants. I just asked the farmers to change his clothes.”

“What? He’s not hurt?”

Joachim-san is taken aback.

“No, he is not hurt. It was dark, and he had made a complete mess.”

His Highness had changed his jacket and shirt into my father’s clothes after getting blood on his hands while assisting Meir-san, and Meir-san, who was wearing only Nathan-ojisan pants underneath, came out from behind his Highness with an “I’m so sorry!”

” A cougar jumped on me and pushed me down, but that’s all I guess… I really thought there was a lot of blood and pain, but I guess I was wrong. I apologize for causing such a commotion.”

Meir-san rolled up his pants to show Joachim-san.

I’m sorry for Meir-san, but we all told him he peed himself. He had no choice but to be convinced by the sight of his leg, which was neither lacerated nor bleeding.

Joachim-san laughed heartily.

“Hahaha! What the hell, Meir, I thought a cougar had done it to you, Meir!”

His Highness said, “True, there was a cougar. It would have left footprints. The farm manager went outside to summon the guards. The queen’s favorite fruits come from this farm. If she knows a cougar is nearby and they don’t have a guard, something will go wrong.”

Nathan-ojisan called out, and the guards came.

His Highness said to me, “I’ll call you later,” and then left.

Later, on the way home, his highness told us, with a wry smile, “I felt really sorry for Meir.”

Meir-san complained of a stomach ache on their way home, and Joachim-san chastised him, saying, “Enough! You made His Highness clean up your mess, and now you’re sick to your stomach?!” He was so embarrassed that Joachim-san scolded him and apologized profusely.

Chapter 38: Demonstration

“Father, I’d like to discuss something with you, even if it means delaying today’s duties.”

King Isayal and Queen Verna were surprised when their son walked in on them while they were eating breakfast.

“How unusual, Mark. Would you like to join us?”

The maids were about to start preparing the first prince’s breakfast when Mark interrupted the maids. “Thank you, but no—Would you mind taking a step back for a moment?”

“What’s the matter?”

“Father, in fact, there is a reason why my mother’s illness was cured.”

“Oh. Can you tell me now?”

“Yes, Mother.”

Mark then explained that the queen’s headaches and other symptoms had vanished due to a silk cloth “woven on a certain farm.”

His father, the king, initially listened skeptically but then asked, “Verna, is it true?”

The queen apologized and said, “That is true—I sincerely apologize for keeping secrets from Your Majesty.”

She bowed her head and turned a different color.

“Why did you keep such an important story from me, Mark? And why are you telling me this now?”

because I promised that I would never reveal the person who gave it to me. I was well aware that if I had broken my promise at the time, they might have abandoned the farm and fled to another country.”

There was a brief pause.


“For 14 years, the people of a certain farm had hidden and protected the girl, the source of the miracle, so that the country, nobility, and other powerful people would not take her away from them. Nonetheless, when they learned of my mother’s illness, they presented me with a cloth that could perform miracles. It was in return for a promise.

Mark took the small white silk cloth he’d been given the night before from his pocket.

“Isn’t this a different cloth than the one you gave me back then?”

“Yes. They say that once a life-threatening illness has been eradicated, the cloth loses its ability to heal the sick or injured. Now I’ll show you proof of the cloth’s power.”

With these words, Mark reached out and grabbed the knife from his mother’s seat.

“Pay attention to this.”

“Hey! What are you up to?!”

“Mark! Stop doing it.”

“Quiet! Don’t make any noise.”

The door was knocked on, a finger was extended, and a voice called out.

“Is something wrong, Your Majesty?”

“Nothing. Please stay back.”

“Please excuse me,”

Mark checked the door, made sure it was shut, laid down his handkerchief, and slid the knife blade hard into his palm.


Mark’s palm had been slashed open, and blood was dripping from it. He frowned and covered his hand with a white silk cloth. The wound was deep, and the white cloth turned red quickly. The queen clenched her teeth and held back a scream.

“Everything is fine. Take a look at it.”

After a while, he removed the cloth, carefully wiped away the blood, and extended his palm to them.


“There isn’t any wound!”

Mark folded the bloodied cloth, wrapped it in a handkerchief, and tucked it into his pocket.

“As can be seen, the farm’s silk cloth has the ability to cure diseases and injuries. Over a three-year period, one of the weavers recorded the effectiveness of the cloth. This cloth also made my mother’s illnesses disappear.”

He approaches his parents and displays his palm. They moved their faces closer together to check for wounds and touched them with their fingers. Mark sat back down, closed his mouth, and waited for his parents to digest what had happened.

When the king regained his composure, he asked a question in the manner of a statesman.

“I see. It’s difficult not to believe something when it’s right in front of your face. So, what made you decide to reveal their secret right now?”

“Prince Herrud was walking around the farm late last night—Perhaps the kingdom of Farrill knows something.”

The king clenched his fist in spitefully

“Farrill… It would be a terrible thing if they obtained information about the cloth. They’ll go after the girl themselves, for sure.”

“I’ve already placed Prince Herrud and his guards under surveillance, and by the looks of him, he is already well aware that it’s raining on the farm.”

The king looked sharply at Mark.

“Rain? Is that related to the [circular farm] in the desert?”

“Yes, do you recall?”

“Don’t underestimate me. That was a fascinating story. Were they the ones who sewed this fabric?”

“Yes. They began weaving after moving to the Royal Capital and accidentally discovered the benefits of the silk cloth.”

The king spoke softly.

“Mark, is she a wizard?”

“Well… I’m not sure. She doesn’t appear to be able to do anything consciously. Except make it rain when she’s asleep.”

“Rain while sleeping…”

The ladies-in-waiting had been discussing the recent nightly rain that had fallen.

The queen recalled several nights when she couldn’t sleep because her headache was so bad, and when she went out on the terrace at night, a passing shower fell. The rain was fine and gentle, falling briefly and then ceasing.

“The girl is the owner of the rain—was it? Someone in this country was born to make it rain?! What a wonderful gift.”

“What is the connection between the rain and the cloth?”

Mark can’t help but relax at his father’s words. His father is perceptive.

“She said that the rain itself had a mild healing power, that the mulberry leaves that grew in the rain accumulated the power, that the silkworms that ate the mulberry leaves concentrated the power even more, and that the threads had a strong healing power. Another girl who drank the farm’s water and ate the crops was cured of a lung disease.”

“So that’s what those Farrill guys were sniffing out about the rain…”

“Perhaps it’s because of the rain.”

“We must take action against Herrud. Not just Herrud, mind you. We need to protect the girl because Farrill’s men are probably already in town.”



“I promised them that I would safeguard the entire farm in the name of my father and mother—It’s not just against the Farrill kingdom. I asked them to reveal their secret, promising to protect her so that the powers that be in this country, including our royal family, would not take her and keep her for themselves. That is non-negotiable.

King Isayal fixed his gaze on the ceiling, his lips pursed. Then he raised his head and inquired.

“Mark, do you know how long the cloth has been around and how long it takes to weave?”

“I did not. The silk cloth is their property. If you ask them [how much of your property is there], you will lose their trust. They will think you will take it away from them. Because I kept my promise not to tell anyone, they trusted me to help cure my mother’s illness. I don’t want to lose that trust.”

“I see. It was because of them that the queen was saved.”

Chapter 39: Invitation to the Royal Palace

After a pause, the king made a decision.

“Let us take the girl to the palace. She will not be kidnapped if she lives in the palace.”

“N-No, her rainfall now has a radius of less than 3 kilometers, and she is unable to bring healing rain from the palace to the farm because it is approximately 5 kilometers from the palace.”

“Does that mean the rain’s range will change?”

“Yes—As she matures, the range will increase for at least a few more years. The diameter has recently increased by about 200 meters per year, according to the girl’s father.”

“Hmm. I can’t believe they’ve kept that kind of power hidden for fourteen years. How did they keep it hidden for so long?”

“They say the girl had to sleep in a wagon two days a week while being driven around, so no one would suspect she was the cause of the rain.”

“I didn’t know they were so afraid of being taken in by the powers that be. That is regrettable. They must have considered the royal family to be extremely domineering. I’d like to thank her and her family for saving my life, but I guess that won’t be possible.”

“Mark, this is a very serious matter, and even if we want to protect the girl from Farrill’s hands, we can’t do it without first meeting her face to face.”

“…I’ll have Gil inform her of the meeting.”

“In addition to the parents, we should contact the cloth’s investigator who has been working on the case for the past three years. I’d like to hear the outcome.”

“Father, she is a national treasure in our country. Please do not make them do anything they do not want to do. Please!”

“Marks, your father would not be so foolish as to frighten those who have been hiding their daughter in fear of power for 14 years.”


That morning, His Majesty’s chamberlain gave instructions to Eitana, the chief chamberlain in charge of the detached palace.

“At the detached palace, the queen’s favorite fruit growers will be invited—Prepare the hospitality.”

Eitana pondered (It is unprecedented for the royal family to go to the trouble of preparing a detached palace for a commoner.) Eitana thought that being called on must have been a special honor, so she told the housekeepers what to do.

“Wipe down every crevice and nook. Put the flowers up. You prepare the tea as well as the refreshments. Nothing must go unfinished!”


In a carriage sent by the palace, four members, consisting of Alesia and her family and Isabelle, arrived at the detached palace. They had all dressed up in their best clothes and shoes, but their appearance was out of place among the splendor of the detached palace. Everyone is nervous because they feel out of place.

“Why me as well? Wouldn’t it have sufficed if I had provided a written summary?”

“Isabelle-san, I, too, am depressed. We’ve come this far; don’t tell me that.”

“Both of you should learn from Oka-san. She’s composed and confident.”

They all turned to look at Hilda.

“Sadly, my legs are trembling.”

Hilda laughs as she straightens her back and maintains good posture.

When the king and queen, as well as his royal highness Prince Mark, enter, Alesia and the others stand and bow in anticipation of their speech.

“Look up—Please make yourself at home.”

The King and Queen, as well as the Prince, took their seats and greeted Alesia and her family. The attendants and knights were dismissed after tea and pastries were served.

Queen Verna was the first to express gratitude.

“The silk cloth you gave me saved my life—It truly healed me of a painful illness in an instant—I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Queen Verna and the king both thanked her politely.

The tension between Alesia’s parents reached an all-time high, and Isabelle never opened her mouth, so Alesia, who was the most composed, took control of the conversation.

Alesia’s behavior was later described by Hilda to her husband Serio as follows.

“She was like an adult who had grown accustomed to the environment—she was my child, but it’s like she was someone else.”


Meanwhile, Herrud, who had failed in his late-night search, went for a morning stroll through the city, but soon became aware of the presence of several people. One of his guards approached and stood beside him as he turned his face to the side.

“We’re being followed.”

“Yes, Your Highness. Did something happen last night?”

“I went for a short walk, but I was discovered.”

The leader of the bodyguards accompanying him from Farrill appears dissatisfied.

“Your Highness, I warned you not to go out by yourself.”

“No, I’m not going to do that anymore. But I believe I have discovered where the treasure is hidden. They sent so many spies because they didn’t want me to go anywhere near “that” place. Then I’ll change my approach.”

He had asked for a casual tour, but he was unexpectedly given an order that would test him.

Herrud was eager to succeed.

Chapter 40: Isabel-san’s Pride (1)

“Alesia, from what Mark has told me, I have a general idea of your powers…you literally bring the rain of blessings and healing, but you can’t control it?”

“Yes, Your Majesty. I can’t get it to fall freely. However, I intend to use this power to benefit the people of this land. So, if the Kingdom of Farrill is keeping an eye on me, I hope you’ll protect me.”

“Alesia, after last night, I ordered my guards to watch their every move—they won’t be able to get close to the farm as easily as before. I’ll also station guards around the farm. I’ll make sure they don’t do anything selfish while they’re here.”

“What if Farrill formally requests something from you regarding me? It’s not like they won’t find out more about the rain sooner or later.”

His Majesty King Isayal spoke up.

“For that matter, how much information does the Kingdom of Farrill currently have on you? Farrill is a water-rich country if you can just make it rain, but they won’t think much of you if you can’t make it rain at will.”

“However, father, if they learn of the rain’s power, they may threaten to use force to force us to give them Alesia.”

“That’s the issue, but what are the chances of the secret leaking out from those who have been under the cloth’s care?”

Isabelle-san was the first to speak up.

“All I can say is that no one has leaked the secret in three years. First and foremost, the people to whom I delivered the silk cloth are unaware of my identity or the location where the silk cloth was woven, and they are all unaware of the causal relationship between Alesia’s rain and the silk cloth.”

“Isabelle-dono, you’re the one who needs to be extra cautious from now on because you’re carrying the silk cloth all by yourself. They will notice that the people you visit have suddenly recovered their health if they follow you to the farm. Why don’t you stay at the palace for a while if you live alone? It would be less noticeable and safer than having a guard in your home if you live alone.”

“I’m very sorry, Your Majesty, and I beg you not to do that.”

Both families agree that “that’s the safest and surest thing.”

Isabelle-san repeatedly said, “Please don’t do this. It’s not right. I don’t want to stop because visiting the sick and injured with a silk cloth is now my reason for living.”

“Then…When you visit with the silk cloth, you must be escorted by an escort dressed as a commoner. Otherwise, you can live in peace in the palace.”

“I hope you will report to me on a regular basis—I’d like to hear about the silk cloth, as well as what you’ve seen and heard on the streets.”

The king and queen’s conversation had been so well orchestrated that Isabelle-san’s life in the royal palace appeared to be secure. Isabelle-san, on the other hand, flatly refused the proposal.

“I am deeply sorry, but I am unable to accept your offer.”


I called out her name in a questioning tone of voice.

“Without you, Isabelle-san, there would be no one to carry the silk cloth. Hakeem, like Isabelle-san, would be unable to use the cloth without suspicion, and they would know where the silk came from… Except when transporting silk, it would be safer for you to stay in the royal palace.”

Isabelle-san chuckled bitterly at my voice.

“I began this as a thank you for repairing my old knee, but I refuse to serve the royal family. I have my own pride to protect.”

“…However, Isabelle-dono, our royal family has a responsibility to protect our people. If the people of the Kingdom of Farrill learn the value of the silk cloth you carry, they may come after you.”

“I will demonstrate my resolve if they target me and demand that I tell them where the silk comes from. I will protect Silk’s secret even at the cost of my life. So please rest assured.”

“Why are you being so hesitant, Isabelle-san? Why don’t you just get a room in the palace where people of comfortable status live?”

“Alesia—there are some factors that make that impossible. If I stay here and am looked after, I will be betraying my husband and son, who died in the Farrill Kingdom.”

Prince Mark, who had been quietly listening in, overheard the conversation and chastised her.

“Isabelle-san, are you saying that your husband and son’s past has something to do with our royal family?”

Isabelle-san looked Prince Mark in the eyes and replied, “Yes,” before looking away without expression and continuing to speak.

“I know I’m accused of impiety, but I have to tell you something. Your grandfather, the previous king, sent my husband and son to Farrill as a tribute. Farrill exploited my husband and son so much that they died as a result. I was left behind, and officials in this country cursed them, saying that my husband and son were useless men who deserted in the middle of their duties.”

Chapter 41: Isabel’s pride (2)

Isabelle-san’s statement stunned everyone into silence, and His Majesty the King responded.

“In the third year of our country’s founding, the document said that the agreement between the two countries was to send the wizards, your husband, and son back home after five years of service, but your husband and son deserted after less than three years.”

“A long time ago, a former soldier from there came looking for me, posing as a merchant. He told me the truth and was carrying a memento that my husband had requested before he died.”

His Majesty explained the situation to me and my parents, who were completely unaware of what was going on.

“I heard that the former king, after much thought, agreed to Farrill’s request.”

According to His Majesty, the Kingdom of Farrill was looking for wizards who could use healing magic during a time when the kingdom was fighting war after war with its neighboring countries in order to grow.

The Kingdom of Farrill, which had only recently re-established diplomatic relations with our newly founded country, and had not yet solidified, asked us to lend them a healing wizard.

“I remember that when Aura was caught and put in jail, all the other healing wizards had already left for other countries, leaving your husband and son as the only ones left.”

“Yes, but my husband told me, “My son and I are healing wizards, we can’t hurt anyone,” which was a huge mistake.”

“…Our country is rebuilding, and had we not complied with Farrill’s demands, he would have started a war. We would have had no choice if that had happened. That’s why, despite his reservations, my father agreed to lend Farrill both Isabelle-dono’s husband and her son.”

“During the war, Aura-sama defeated many of Farrill’s soldiers. There was no way they could feel good about wizards from such a country. My husband and son were not allowed to complain right away that they had run out of magic and had been overworked to the point of collapse.”

When a wizard runs out of magic, his/her life span decreases gradually. You must try to use as little magic as possible. I discovered this in my previous life after losing consciousness several times.

A former soldier from Farrill said, [Your husband and son were a great help to me. They worked me until they often lost consciousness and collapsed. many times] Before the end of the third year, my son, who was still a boy, died, followed by my husband.”

“So it was true… It is indeed…”

His Majesty the King closed his eyes and murmured quietly.

“The Farrill Kingdom stated that they did not exhaust them to death, but that my husband and son deserted. Those who came to my house, on the other hand, saw for themselves where my son and husband had died. They came all the way across the border to see me and told me that [having been saved by them, I owe it to you to tell you the truth].”

Isabelle-san was wearing a silver bracelet around her wrist.

“…I understand. My father had no choice but to accept Farrill’s statement in silence, and I deeply regret your loss. Even though these words will not bring you any comfort, I apologize on behalf of my father. I’d like to offer you a token of my condolences—please accept my sincere apologies.”

His Majesty, the King, rose and bowed. The queen followed suit, standing up and quietly bowing.

“No, please don’t. This is not your Majesty’s fault. However, state officials of the time said that “we are a family of useless people who deserted”.  I vowed at the time that I would not expect anything more from state officials. I’ve worked myself to death since then. I cannot face my husband and son if I am in state custody. I apologize, but I refuse to live in the royal palace or accept any token.”

I killed so many of Farrill’s men without question. I’m curious if that’s why Isabelle-san’s family was hated and mistreated… I couldn’t bear looking Isabelle-san in the eyes.

“Alesia. What’s the matter? You look awfully pale.”

When I heard His Highness the Prince’s voice, I panicked and looked up, but the room became distorted, my vision became dark, and stars began to fly in my vision. Oh, no! I can’t possibly collapse here.

“I apologize. Let me lie down for a while…”

I was groggy on the floor and couldn’t finish what I was saying. I slid out of the chair to avoid collapsing, but… It did not turn out the way I had hoped….


My parents were looking down at me from above when I opened my eyes.

“Thank heavens. Alesia, you appeared relaxed, but you must have been tense.”


“You’re anemic. You’re fine now, but you should get some more rest.”

“Where is Isabelle-san, Oka-san?”

She just got home a few moments ago. She was worried about you.

“I see.”

“Alesia. When you sleep, you really make it rain. I was surprised to see it with my own eyes.”

A voice could be heard from the window in the far corner of the room. It’s the queen!

“Your Majesty! I beg your pardon.”

“Oh, it’s fine. Continue to be where you are. I ordered His Majesty and Mark to leave the room where you were sleeping. They were, however, also taken aback. It does rain while you sleep. And it has now stopped raining.”

While making a vague smile, I was thinking about something else.

(I want to apologize to Isabelle-san, but I can’t… Isabelle-san, I don’t make stupid judgments anymore. That’s the least I can do. I’m sorry, Isabelle-san. I’m really sorry.)

Chapter 42: Agitation

I expressed my gratitude to Her Royal Highness for waiting for me until I awoke and decided to return home.

“I’ll get a carriage ready. Please wait at the palace’s entrance.”

His Highness Mark came running toward me as a lady attendant told me to wait.

“Alesia! How are you doing?”

“I’m all right now. I apologize for causing you concern.”

“Can you give me a moment?”

My father and mother were waiting in the carriage that came to pick them up.

“I will not allow Alesia to go to Farrill. You’ve been hiding for so long, and now you’ve given me that cloth for my mother. I’d like to repay the favor. I promise to keep you safe.”

His Highness looked me straight in the eye and said in a strong tone.

His Highness is a straightforward individual. He never spoke arrogantly or looked down on us during our lunch at the farm. Rather, he was always humble and serious as he listened to my father’s farming stories.

My parents and I have changed our minds about the royal family because of His Highness. So I have to believe him. I have to tell him.

“Your Highness, I’m counting on you. But if you insist on handing me over… If there is going to be a war related to me, please prioritize the safety of this country’s people. I’m prepared. Please look after my parents a little bit. Please.”

“What? What exactly are you saying? Don’t worry, I’m not going to hand you over.”

I didn’t respond, but instead smiled and bowed once more.

There is no such thing as “absolutely fine” . In terms of military power, our country is far inferior to Farrill’s. We will be outnumbered militarily.

I’d rather go to Farrill than start a war for no reason. As long as I keep my mouth shut, the healing power of my rain will go unnoticed.

While we are stalling for time, we can find something to negotiate and make arrangements that will allow me to return to this country. We have no plan now, but as long as we are alive, there is a possibility.

Of course, I would despise going to Farrill. I did not expect Farrill to notice me so quickly, but I am willing to go to Farrill in exchange for many lives. It could be my destiny to be born with memories of my previous life.

[Aiding Others] I’ll consider it a thank you for giving me a second chance at a happy life.

“Now, if you’ll excuse me. Thank you for your valuable time, Your Highness.”

His Highness gave me a puzzled look as he saw us off.


“Your Highness, are you all right? You’re not getting any work done.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I was just thinking. Hey Gil, I’m curious why Alesia said that.”

Gil plays with his redhead’s hair.

“Handing her over? Did she really say that?”

“Yeah. She sounded like she was willing to give her life for the sake of the people.”

“What made you say that? She’s only 14 years old and a farm girl. I don’t think that’s something that most people would be prepared to do.”


Alesia appeared to be an adult, with a look of resignation and sadness on her face. I’m not sure why. Why is she so willing to give up herself?

“Anyway, Gil, what happened to him after “that”?”

“He’s been very quiet. He recently wrote a letter to his parents back home.”

“What exactly is in the letter?”

“I did a little work, opened it, and re-sealed it because it’s all sealed tight with wax and stamped with his personal seal. The only thing in the letter is, “I found the souvenir you were looking for.”

“I see.”

I’m assuming he means Alesia when he says “souvenir.” They wouldn’t, however, attack a farm guarded by guards, would they? This would result in a war between countries. I hope they aren’t that stupid.

Even though I am aware of this in my head, I am uneasy for some reason.

We’re heading to the farm now, Gil.

“What? What about your work?”

“I’ll take care of it later.”


After that, Mark exited the room.

He needed to get to the farm as quickly as possible. That was his thought as he spurred his horse. In addition to Gil, there were six guards behind him.


If all goes well, I’ll buy them a drink. “I’m sorry, I’m just a little agitated.” I can only laugh at that. That’s what I tell myself when I ride my horse. I squint against the afternoon sun and wipe the sweat from my eyes. For some reason, I feel a strong sense of urgency.

A soldier from the farm escort is approaching us from the front, horse in tow.

“Your Highness, Herrud’s men are here!”

“I can see them!”

We rush our horses through the slums and into view of the farm.


Herrud’s men wrestle with the royal guards at the gate. Herrud’s guards have swords in their sashes. If one of them draws their sword, it’s a matter of national discussion.

“What are you doing?!”

“Your Highness, Herrud’s men are trying to enter the farm and will not leave!”


Mark dismounted and dashed over to Herrud.

“What are you doing to my people?!”

“Well, well. If It’s the Crown Prince—we’re not doing anything wrong. I’m just taking a tour of a very wealthy farm in the desert. However, these people get in the way.”

They must have heard the commotion. The adults from the farm are inside the gate, looking at them from a distance.

“This is the Queen’s favorite farm. I’m sorry, but I’d like you to submit a formal tour application.”

“Oh. Since when? Isn’t this just a regular farm run by a commoner? What’s the problem with that? At the very least, we can look around.”


Herrud walks up to Mark with a smug smile on his face.

“Is that so? Okay, that’s what we’ll do. I’ll go through the formalities, and we’ll return to this farm.

Chapter 43: Herrud’s Visit

Herrud’s group returned to the palace, escorted by Mark and the guards.

“Well, Your Highness, we will make an application and return for a visit tomorrow morning.”

With a faint smile, Herrud entered the room assigned to them. Mark discussed the situation with his parents after confirming this.

“Mark, you did an excellent job. They could have gotten in by force.”

“I let my guard down. At the farm, I had guards on standby, but I didn’t expect them to move so forcefully.”

“Your Majesty, not only Alesia but everyone on that farm saved my life. I beg you to protect them.”

“Verna, your benefactor is also mine. No, she is a benefactor of this country, in my opinion. Especially with such power. We must safeguard them at all costs.”

Following much deliberation, it was decided that Mark would accompany Herrud on his tour, escorted by ten guards. King Isayal suggested informing the Minister of War and the Prime Minister of Alesia’s power and better protecting her, but Mark said, “That will have to wait for now” and bowed his head.

Mark was worried about what the Prime Minister and the Ministers would think and do if they found out about Alesia’s power. Alesia’s power is extremely enticing. They must have a plan in place to control them in the event that the powers that be in this country seek Alesia’s power for themselves.

It is too soon to tell. A cloth capable of eradicating life-threatening diseases and injuries is a pipe dream come true. Everyone is desperate for life. Those with money and power, in particular, because the only things they are not free of are disease and life expectancy.

Later that day, Mark went to the farm to inform them that Herrud and his group would be touring the farm the next morning. Serio, Alesia’s father, responded with a grim but determined expression.

“I’ll tell Hakeem and Chana to take a day off tomorrow.”

“That would be extremely helpful—and Herrud has no idea whether Alesia or Ethan is to blame for the rain. What are your thoughts on this?”

Alesia looked at Ethan with a surprised expression, as if Ethan hadn’t expected to be targeted.

“Do we have to assume adults are excluded?”

“Yes. The fact that he visited this farm as soon as he arrived in our country suggests that he had received information from Farrill’s spies. It should be noted that the rains are from recent years.”

“…If I have to answer for the rain, I will be honest and say that I am the cause of it, because I cannot implicate Ethan.”

Mark was even more uneasy because Alesia was as calm as ever.

“Alesia, I’ll be there with my bodyguards. We can’t be too cautious, but we also can’t be too pessimistic.”

“Yes, Your Highness. I look forward to working with you. And I have a suggestion.”

Alesia expressed her (plans)thoughts to Mark, who listened to her and said, “That is a good idea. Make certain you do.”

The following morning.

The farm’s adults took time off from work to welcome Herrud and his group.

Last night, the silk loom, woven cloth, and silkworms were hidden in Isabelle’s house.

“Hello, I’ll be here for a while, though I’ll be accompanied by a rather over-the-top security detail.”

Herrud arrived at the farm with a beautiful and friendly smile.

Except for Alesia, who stood behind the adults with a gentle smile on her face, all of the farm workers greeted him with awe.

“I’ll have the young lady and the little boy take me on a tour of the farm.”

” Yes, Your Highness.”

Alesia politely replied, and Ethan silently followed her.

Herrud was in a good mood the entire time, looking around the farm and asking Alesia and Ethan questions. Behind him were Herrud’s bodyguard, Mark, and Mark’s bodyguard.

Herrud looked at the farm’s vegetables and fruit and said, “This is another great crop,” but refused to eat any of them. Though not visibly, Mark and Alesia were relieved that the rain’s benefits would be unknown.

Herrud’s visit lasted only about an hour.

Herrud abruptly ordered his guards to leave as they were about to return to Alesia’s family house, and his tone changed dramatically.

“So? Which one of you is causing it to rain?”

Ethan froze at the unexpected question. He looked at Alesia and then down at the ground. Alesia, on the other hand, maintained her smile and asked, “What are you talking about?” She turned to face Herrud, who was staring at her.

Herrud, who had been staring at her, smiled cheerfully.

“So you’re the one—aren’t you causing it to rain? It’s pointless to try to hide it. My country doesn’t have a water shortage, but you’re quite lovely, so I might as well keep you around.”

Herrud placed his finger on Alesia’s chin and turned her face upward as he spoke.

Alesia’s smile faded, and she returned a blank stare to Herrud.

“I like that you’re feisty~”

He said this before grabbing Alesia’s arm and pulling her to him.

Mark cut him off with a “Stop!” and Ethan approached from the opposite side of Mark, with Herrud in between, both attempting to stop him.


Herrud kicked Ethan in the chest with the sole of his shoe, right in front of Mark. He didn’t even bother looking at Ethan.


The large Herrud kicked Ethan in the chest, slamming his back hard against the edge of a wooden bench near the entrance.

“No, Ethan!”


Screams from Alesia and shouts from Mark echoed.

Chapter 44: Ethan

“Ethan!” “Oh my god!” “Noo!”

Several people screamed at the same time.

Ethan was unconscious and had his back turned at an unusual angle. When Alesia noticed this, she attempted to run to Ethan, but Herrud grabbed her arm and wouldn’t let go.

“A commoner who tries to harm another country’s royalty should not complain about being killed, right?”

Ethan’s parents scream and rush to Ethan’s rescue while Herrud is surrounded by Mark’s guards.

Herrud’s guards rushed to him at the same time, their swords poised to be drawn at any moment.

“Oto-san, bring Ethan home!” quick!”

As Alesia’s screams reverberate, the adults rush Ethan inside.

“Prince Herrud, Do you think you can get away with hurting my people?”

“Is it my fault that a peasant kid tried to jump at me?”

“His spine was broken! The boy had no weapon!”

“Why should I care about one or two peasants? But I like this girl so much that I’m taking her home. Is that alright?

“Don’t be ridiculous!”

“You cannot.”

When a calm, dignified voice is heard, Herrud, who had his back to the farm’s entrance, quickly turns to see Queen Verna standing calmly with dozens of guards.


“This farm’s fruits are my favorite, Prince Herrud. The young man you just kicked was a valued employee here. That boy was fortunate to survive, but he will never be able to walk again. Now we have a problem. It is no longer possible for you to stay with us after such an outrage in our country. We request that you return to your home country as soon as possible.”

“Oh? Are you allowed to say such a thing? With all due respect, Your Majesty, I don’t think you understand the situation of a weak country.”

Then Queen Verna laughed, revealing her white, thin neck.

“Oh, dear. Have you forgotten that our king is descended from royal Balwalas? If you want to conquer this land, you must defeat not only Laminbo, but also the kingdom of Balwala. Fourth Prince Herrud, has your father agreed to this?”

It is a statement that bluntly asks, “Do you, the fourth prince, have the authority to start a war involving the three kingdoms?” Herrud seemed to understand the queen’s words correctly, but he swallowed his words in frustration.

“Now! Please bring His Herrud to the royal palace! And take him straight to the border!”


Herrud was surrounded by knights as he left the farm. The queen, Alesia, and Prince Mark rushed into the house.

“Ethan! Are you alive?”

A moan came from behind the adults’ backs.

“Ugh. Yes, I’m still alive, but…”

“Ethan! Ethan!”

Ethan is slouched on a couch, staring up at Alesia and the others. His body was wrapped in a white silk cloth.

Alesia ran up to Ethan, hugged him, and began to cry.

“Uwuuu… thank God “it” worked in time.”

“I’m glad I was prepared. But, I didn’t expect him to kick me without even looking at me. I broke my spine, didn’t I?”

“I’m glad. I’m glad. We wouldn’t be able to cure you if you were dead! What were you thinking? You’re such a dummy!”

After Alesia said that, she started to cry.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry I lost my temper when he said he was going to take Alesia away.”

“I’ll never forgive myself if you die! Ethan’s an idiot! Ethan’s an idiot!”

Serio then stopped Alesia by patting her on the back.

“Just forgive him; Ethan is self-reflecting.”

“Yeah, I’m reflecting on myself. And then there’s the agony of having your spine broken… No, there are no words to describe it. I’ll never forget that sound. The pain was like being hit with a huge force all over my body, let alone a broken spine.”

“You deserved it!”

“That’s too much, Mother!”

Ethan’s mother was also upset and crying.

“We must protest against Farrill.”

Everyone nodded in agreement when the queen spoke.

Alesia and Ethan had discussed the matter the night before, and before Herrud’s visit, they had all wrapped silk cloths around their bodies. The silk cloth was proven to be effective in most cases, but once you were dead, it was impossible to bring you back to life. So, while everyone else was taking precautions, Ethan forgot about himself and went up to Prince Herrud.

“I know you think you’re okay, Ethan, but your life expectancy has been shortened. I don’t know if things would have played out this way if you’d been cut off at the neck.”

“It’ll be troubling if you die.”

As the Prince and Queen said this, Ethan and the adults lowered their heads in horror.

“Just to be safe, Ethan will be kept out of sight for a while.”

Ethan’s father, Nathan’s, words compelled him to say “Yes!” Ethan’s face became sad, but no one offered to assist him.

Alesia cried so hard that her eyes swelled up and refused to open the next day. When she remembered that scene, the thought of losing Ethan, who meant as much to her as her little brother, made her sob uncontrollably.

She also remembered that it was the two members of the royal family, whom she had avoided for fourteen years, who had protected them.

Chapter 45: The Royal Family and My Family

Our farm continues to produce delicious fruits and vegetables. However, something has changed.

It has been decided that our farm will supply the royal family with fruits and vegetables. At first, Gil-san said, “I want to buy all the produce from this farm.” but we asked him not to do so.

My father appealed to Gil-san that he wanted to use the power of the rain to contribute as much as possible to the health of the people, even though the crop on the farm was small.

“Please prioritize the care of ordinary people who cannot rely on doctors and medicine—this is the wish of my daughter.”

After negotiating with him, my father was permitted to give only five members of the royal family, with the remainder being sold to the general public. This was only possible because of the silk cloth that saved Her Royal Highness from illness.

Every morning, my father would drive the vegetables and fruit to the market in a horse-drawn cart, and the man in charge would only pick up the royal family’s portion.

Ethan spends his days at home doing household chores. It would be a problem if people from the Faril Kingdom, who may have infiltrated the country, saw Ethan, who has been “severely injured”.

Prince Herrud was transported safely, or rather forcibly, to the border. So my house is currently quiet.

However, His Highness “I want to thank you for the silk cloth,” Mark keeps saying, and I keep refusing.

“Alesia, you saved my precious mother’s life: how can I not thank you for that?”

“All I can say is thank you for keeping my secret. And you’ve already thanked me for keeping me safe while the fourth prince was at the farm.”

“You’re stubborn.”

“Yes, I’m stubborn.”

This conversation is currently taking place at our kitchen table. His Highness is eating stewed chicken, spooning a spicy country dish of chopped salted pork and mashed beans into his mouth, and gulping down ponka and hawthorn juice.

The Queen has granted him permission to come here as long as he brings his bodyguards. My parents welcome him, saying, “He is the one who prevented Alesia from being taken away”.

My parents’ fear of the royal family seems to have diminished.

His Highness always pays more for food than usual, claiming, “because I’m making Alesia go through all this trouble.”

(Oh, he can eat a lot. I can’t believe how much food he can fit in there.)

“Sigh. It’s really good. Why is the food so delicious here?”

“His Highness is a picky eater, but it’s rare that he eats so deliciously.”

“Is that so, Gil-san?”

“Yes. Perhaps it will taste even better when Alesia-san cooks it.”


Gil-san looks up at His Highness, who is choking on his own breath.

After finishing all the dishes and straightening his posture, His Highness asked me to do something for him.

“Edna wishes to meet with you—She desperately wants to come here, but my mother will not allow it.”

“You want a commoner to visit the royal palace? But, the recent incident with His Highness Herrud has piqued the interest of the neighboring country. Their attention has also been drawn to the guards who are guarding our fruit in the name of the queen’s favor. I don’t want to draw too much attention to myself.”

“Then I’ve got an idea!”

Gil-san said to me, smiling.

“When you take the vegetables to market, Alesia-chan, you can ride in the royal servants’ carriage with them.”

“But even if I go, I don’t know what to say. Because I am a farmer’s daughter, the topic of discussion is…”

“Edna is surrounded by young ladies who are eager to climb the power ladder—It’s exhausting for her. Edna feels better just being around Alesia.”

I see.

The future royalty (queen/princess) must be flocking to Her Highness Edna with two princes of the right age for betrothal. As a result, she is being used as bait to catch the princes. That breaks my heart. Her Royal Highness is a gentlewoman.

“All right, if you don’t mind me coming.”

“Okay! That’s a relief! Thank you very much!”

His Highness offered me an appointment, which I accepted because I’m always available.

“It’s really helpful. Edna seems to notice that I’m here for some reason. She stares at me on the days I come here.”

“Isn’t it because you eat so much garlic, ginger, herbs, and spices? Perhaps it’s the delectable aromas emanating from His Highness.”

“Ah, that’s exactly what it is. I’ve been careless. And I’d like to accompany you as much as possible. This is my wish, Alesia. I couldn’t shield Ethan. I was aware of the cloth’s existence, but that’s an injury that could have killed him. I can’t let that happen again.”

That is true. I doubt I could have healed him if his head had been split open and he had died right there. Just because silk cloth exists, does not mean we can relax our guard. Even a healing silk cloth cannot bring a dead person back to life.

After using the silk cloth, everyone says, “I am thirsty—I am hungry.” We believe this is because the body is attempting to repair itself by utilizing the nutrients in the body. We must be on our guard because once we are dead, the repair process will not work.

In three days, it was decided that I would meet Princess Edna.

I’m allowed to bring her gifts, so I’ll bring her mulberries as well as a variety of fruits.

I resolved to anticipate meeting Her Royal Highness Princess Edna. To be honest, that royal palace holds too many painful memories for me.

But wallowing in the agony of my previous life will bring me nothing. All of the people who tormented me are no longer alive.

“Yes. I just need to relax and enjoy myself with Her Highness Edna.”

Chapter 46: Eitana, the Head Chambermaid (1)

Eitana, the head chambermaid, raised her brows slightly at her planner. Her Highness Edna’s friend is visiting the palace today.

She is the daughter of the queen’s favorite farmhouse.

She gently suggested that a commoner befriending Her Highness Edna might be a bad influence, but the queen replied, “No problem at all, she’s a clever girl.” With a smile.

Eitana, on the other hand, decided that Mimir, who was in charge of Edna today, would not be in charge of today’s reception, but that she, the head chambermaid, would.

(A peasant is a peasant, no matter how clever she is, and she may be rude to Her Highness Edna.)

Eitana was ready to do this when she noticed Alesia coming through the kitchen door with the vegetables and fruit as planned.

When Eitana greeted her, Alesia gracefully bowed and greeted her with a downcast expression, a lovely gesture.

“Thank you so much for having me here today. My name is Alesia. I will do everything in my power to be respectful to Your Highness.”

It was as if a pebble had been thrown into Eitana’s heart pool when she heard her voice greet her.

Hadn’t she heard the same voice somewhere before?

(How is that possible? This young lady appears to be a teenager. There’s no way we had a conversation a long time ago.)

So she smiled professionally and led Alesia to Her Highness Edna’s room.


As I led her to the room, I observed the girl named Alesia casually walking behind her as we turned each corner, but I did not recognize her figure at all. When I showed her to her room, Her Highness Edna seemed very happy as she ran up to me and hugged her. I rarely see her with such a bright smile on her face.

She spoke to Alesia in a low, relaxed tone, as if they were sisters rather than friends of the same age.

Her voice really sounded familiar, but I chose not to pay attention, assuming I was mistaken.

“Here’s your tea.”

The finest tea is fragrant and expensive, and it can only be found in the royal palace or the homes of high-ranking nobles. I expected her to be surprised by the taste of the tea, but Alesia was simply enjoying it with grace. Alesia must have noticed my gaze because she turned her head toward me and smiled again, saying, “It’s very delicious,” with a downcast expression.

“However, the tea I drank at Alesia-chan’s house was superior.”

“No, that’s just regular tea for regular people—It’s not the same as this high-end item.

“The tea at Alesia-chan’s house was excellent. It was smooth, had a lovely color, and had a pleasant aroma. so much so that I wished you would give me some of your tea leaves.”

Alesia chuckles.

That is not a possibility. It was simply a unique tea from a peasant’s home.

I was standing by the wall, looking away and only hearing their conversation, when I felt an eye on me and turned to face them again. But the two of them were happily chatting.

Was it all in my head?

Her Highness inquired about Alesia’s jewelry preferences, to which she replied, “I don’t have any jewelry, so I don’t have a preference.”

“Not even one? Then please accept one of mine!”

This is not good. This is not good. A commoner cannot accept jewelry from a princess. I was about to stop her, but Alesia flatly refused.

“I’ll just accept your thoughtfulness, Your Highness. I won’t be able to visit you again If you give me jewelry. Some people may believe I’m here for the jewels.”

“Ignore such people!”

His Highness sounded unusually angry.

“No. I don’t want Her Highness to say anything bad about someone for my sake. Besides, even if I was given jewelry, I wouldn’t be able to wear it. I only go to the grocery store or the library afterall.”

I see.

Like the queen had said, she seemed to be a clever girl. I expected her to be dazzled by the jewels and gladly accept them.


Eitana approached them with the teapot to make them a second cup of tea, and for the first time up close, she saw Alesia’s face.

She almost dropped the pot when she looked into Alesia’s starry blue eyes.

However, the body of a veteran who has been working in this field for several decades supported the teapot without my conscious effort and I did not drop it.


“Thank you very much, Eitana-san. The tea is delicious.”

That voice.

And how could I forget those enigmatic eyes? blue as the summer sky, with gold stars strewn about.

Now I understand why I thought I heard that voice before. It was the exact same voice as Aura-sama’s. a voice that is deep, calm, and gentle.

the same tone of voice.

The same eyes…

The person’s face, body, and hair color were all different, but this was Aura-sama.

That’s what my instincts tell me.


Eitana hid her inner turmoil by squeezing her fingers, which trembled when she wasn’t paying attention.

She leaned back against the wall, trying to hide the fact that she was about to fall to her knees.


(Oh, God. Did she know everything? Is she testing me?)

The one and only major blemish on my life, which I lived with the utmost integrity.

A memory I could never tell my parents and siblings about, and one that has haunted me for decades.

It’s still my nightmares that wake me up in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat.

The thought of a girl with the voice and eyes of Aura-sama standing in front of me after all these decades.

The two girls’ conversation continues while I try to suppress the fear that would cause me to sit up if I weren’t aware of it.

“Well, something else will do, then.”

“If you insist, I’d like to read a book in the royal library.”

“E~eh, then I wouldn’t be able to chat with Alesia-chan.

T-That’s right…

The topic had already shifted.

Chapter 47: Eitana, the Head Chambermaid (2)

Eitana escorted Alesia out of the palace at the end of the allotted time.

Alesia didn’t say anything to Eitana, just said her goodbye and walked away.


(This can’t be. It’s not possible. Because Aura-sama was beheaded and died, he couldn’t have appeared before me.)

I told myself this over and over again, trying not to lose my composure.

Many years ago, I was in the midst of the crowd.

I watched her die in the midst of people yelling at her to be killed as soon as possible.

I assumed it was my responsibility.

I sat silently in the sunshade I wore over my head to keep the people around me from noticing my tears.

The great wizard who was interrogated and tortured but refused to admit her guilt until the very end.

My beloved Lady Aura.

Before becoming the king’s betrothed, she traveled throughout the country for the benefit of her people, creating water and causing crops to grow.

Only I, a housekeeper devoted to Aura-sama, visited her daily after she was imprisoned to encourage her.

“Only Eitana is convinced of my innocence—thank you very much. May God bless you.”

Aura-sama stood firm, even though her throat was burned so that she could not utter the incantation, and she was beaten and kicked, her whole body covered with scars and bruises. Her hair was blood-stained and in bunches here and there, but she maintained her dignity.

I was younger than she was, and I adored her as if she were a goddess, like my older sister.

But…In the room of Aura-sama, whom I adored so much, I planted a forged letter.


“I can’t do it, Prime Minister!”

“I understand. Your mother and siblings could then be killed in an “accident”. They could live longer if you were a little more adaptable. I’m sorry.”

“T-This has nothing to do with my family!”

“Yes, it does. You are aware of this, aren’t you? You’re worthless, and all you have to do to protect your family is plant a letter. I’ll even give you a reward—be wise, Eitana, and demonstrate your filial piety.”

Because of the flood, the country was in disarray. I didn’t have the status or money to ask for protection for my family, and I didn’t want to die to discredit Aura-sama. I also knew that if I refused out of loyalty, that role would have to be filled by someone else.

Since he was accused of causing the flood, Aura-sama has been imprisoned. Aura-room sama’s was guarded, but I was allowed to enter after saying, “I was ordered to dispose of Aura-sama’s clothes.”

Nobody expected Aura-sama’s beloved housekeeper to plant a forged letter. Even the security guard followed me into the room, but he turned away as I packed the ladies’ underwear.

As a result, a letter was discovered in Aura-sama’s room ten days after I placed it, stating that “she had made a secret agreement with someone from another country,” and as solid evidence of treason, Aura-sama was sentenced to death.

Aura-sama was concerned about my future when I went to see her for the last time to say goodbye.

“You may face difficulties in the future as a result of your service to me. I apologize, Eitana. Thank you for everything you’ve done—May God love you and give you a long life.”

Her voice, which sounded like the agonizing breath of a burned throat, had become so shrill due to her weakened state that I could only hear it if I held my ear close to her mouth.


It was late in the afternoon. Eitana recalls every detail vividly while drinking an unfamiliar drink in her palace room.

She packed first, then wrote a letter.

As penance, she apologized to Lady Aura again.


I want this to be the final chapter.

I wrote in the letter that I was going to commit suicide on the road.

…I’ll leave at dawn to live quietly somewhere far away.

I made an effort not to feel guilty about my family.

I had never married; instead, I worked and sent money to my siblings until they were adults. For decades, I have carried my heart’s anguish alone.

I want to be liberated.

I can hear Alesia’s, or rather Aura-sama’s, voice asking, “This can’t be an accident. You did this.”

The King and Queen, the Prime Minister, and their families. The great men were killed to the point of being replaced by new ones.

Everything was swept up in a wave of anger from the people, and nobles were killed without a trial.

Among the ladies-in-waiting, the daughters of the high nobility disappeared one day, and there were rumors that they had fled the country or died in private executions.

I was not noticed because I was the daughter of a low-ranking noble family, and I was able to continue working for the new king.


Eitana poured herself a glass of strong wine and gulped it down.

“…God had not forgotten what I had done.”

As she poured the second cup of tea, a girl named Alesia said to her, “Thank you, Eitana-san.”


I didn’t tell her who I was. Did Her Highness Edna reveal who would be meeting her ahead of time?

No, she didn’t. In fact, Mimir was in charge of picking up Alesia. Just before the meeting, I took over. Alesia, on the other hand, recognized my name because she was the reincarnation of Aura-sama.

But how could she have been reincarnated?

“Perhaps she could do it.”

Aura-sama accomplished many feats that I never imagined were possible. Maybe that’s why she could be reborn, to settle her grudge.


Eitana drank the entire bottle of liquor before falling asleep on the floor with her head against the bed.


“You work extremely hard. I’m fortunate to have found a reliable housekeeper. Please accept this. For all of your cleaning efforts and for always buying me hawthorn candy.”

In my dream, Aura-sama praised me as a new housekeeper.

Aura-sama hands me a bracelet studded with large round crystals.

That’s when I awoke with a severe headache.


Eitana imagined her parents sleeping eternally beneath the tomb and her siblings laughing with their children and grandchildren.


I was just trying to protect my family at the time.

The prime minister’s thin, wrinkled face comes to mind.

“It’s his fault, not mine.”

Maybe I’ll be forgiven if I can restore Aura-sama’s honor.

I feel bad for my siblings, but they must deal with this on their own.

I’ve put in a lot of effort for my family.

There will be no more.


She takes her crystal bracelet from the back drawer.

(I could sell it and profit.)

However, it appears to be stuck in something in the drawer—the small bag containing the bracelet is difficult to remove.

Eitana, who is drunk, pulls on it with all her might, and the hook appears to come loose, and the small crystal bags pop out.

The bracelet inside jumped out and fell to the floor.

The string that held the bracelet together snapped, most likely as a result of the impact, and the crystal beads scattered.

Chapter 48: Eitana, the Head Chambermaid (3)

Eitana, the head chambermaid, was the oldest woman in the palace.

The young lady-in-waiting was worried when Eitana, who was serious and never late, did not wake up and went to see her.

“Eh? Kya!”

She found her lying on her back in the middle of the room, motionless to her knees.

Hearing her screams, the guard knight entered the room, dragged the maid out, and immediately barred anyone from entering.

A suspicious death in the royal palace is a serious matter.

An investigation was started right away, and it was found that Eitana, who was drunk at the time, tripped on a crystal ball on the floor, fell on her back, and hit the back of her head hard on the corner of the table, killing herself.

The diagnosis was made quickly because the depleted liquor bottles of liquor and Eitana smelled like liquor.

Eitana’s body was returned to her family.

A letter was left on Eitana’s desk. Because the letter’s content was important, it was handed from the guard who read it to the captain of the guard, who immediately delivered it to His Majesty the King.

Mark rushed to the king’s office, accompanied by his brother Moshe and mother, to hear the king’s explanation.

“According to the letter, she intends to flee the palace and commit suicide. A letter of resignation was enclosed with the letter of confession. Before the accident, she was in the process of packing her bags, which contained all of her assets.”

“Are the contents of the “forged letter” authentic?”

“According to the investigating officer, the location and contents of the forged letter were correct and could only have been known to the person who hid the letter.”

“Father, would a woman who was supposed to confess her crimes and commit suicide pack up all of her personal belongings and take all of her money with her? Perhaps she was actually planning to escape punishment and live in hiding somewhere?”

“Perhaps that’s the case. This is not the baggage of a dying woman. But why now, after decades of concealment?”

The queen makes a bitter interjection.

“Didn’t she just want to be free of her years of guilt? She was already old enough to be summoned to God’s garden. But Aura was innocent, and she was tortured and executed. I’m truly sorry for her.”

“It all started with the prime minister’s attempt to elevate his daughter to the status of queen in order to gain more power.”

“It’s a shame that both the Prime Minister and Eitana are no longer alive and cannot be punished. Many people in this land still despise not only Aura, but all wizards. Then it is our responsibility as the royal family to spread the truth. Father, I beg you to tell the people the truth and to send out the touch that will restore Aura’s and all wizards’ honor.”

Mark appealed to His Majesty with a bitter face.

“Yes, we will. We must pay off the debts incurred during the Shemel era.”


A few days later, the royal family’s edict was carried to the royal city of Laminbo, every oasis, every remote settlement, and nearly every inhabited place in the kingdom, and posted prominently. Personnel were also employed to read aloud to those who were unable to read.

The people were stunned, especially those who had hoped for and rejoiced in Aura’s execution, and they felt deep remorse.

The news spread throughout the country that “Aura the Wizard was innocent and that it was a conspiracy by the Prime Minister at the time.”

Isabelle stood there for a while, reading the royal proclamation posted in the slums’ streets, before returning to her house. She prayed for a long time, pressing her husband’s bracelet to her chest.

A memorial service was held in the nearby village where Aura had frequently visited and filled the reservoir. Older people who knew Aura felt conflicted emotions over the years, both gratitude to Aura and anger at the loss of their homes and families in the flood, but they were relieved to learn the truth.

Many people who knew the story at the time were shocked that Aura-sama had been falsely accused and executed.

The entire farm had gathered in the royal capital’s marketplace to see the sign.

“The royal family hereby declares the wizard Aura’s innocence…”

The adults around heard Ethan’s voice reading the sign. The people on the farm appeared relieved because if Alesia’s power was known to the general public, they would be less inclined to malign her.

Alesia seemed to lose her expression as she read the sign’s text over and over; it says that the evidence that sentenced Aura to death was fabricated, but the name of the person who confessed to the crime is not mentioned, only that she was already dead.

(It’s according to a lady-in-waiting’s confession at that time. You don’t mean Aetana, that person in the palace who was there at the time? Did she trick me? No, she… because she visited me in jail and encouraged me… she cried for me…)

She was delighted to see the old Eitana when she paid a visit to Princess Edna the other day (I’m glad she was working here safely).

Eitana, whom she hadn’t seen in decades, had been promoted to head chambermaid and was now immaculately dressed and groomed. Alesia relished the opportunity to catch a glimpse of her during tea breaks.


It was difficult to believe that Eitana had brought me down.

Did the timing of the announcement imply that Eitana confessed her guilt right after we met? And she is dead? Did she kill herself? I didn’t believe it, but I hoped that meeting her wasn’t the trigger.

Except for my eyes, my current self and the Aura of my previous life bear no resemblance. In my previous life, I had dark hair and was taller, and my face was stiffer than it is now. Most importantly, my age. As a result, she would not have noticed.

“There’s so much I don’t understand!”

“Huh? What’s the matter with Alesia?”

“Oka-san, I need to go to the palace to ask His Highness Mark a question… I’m not sure I can meet him on such short notice.”

“What are you going to do? If you want to go, I will escort you.”

“No. I’m perfectly fine on my own. Gil-san may be arriving soon. Ah, I see him!”

“Wait, Alesia!”


Alesia’s father grabbed Alesia’s arm and held her back, but she shook him off and ran away, saying, “I’m going with Gil-san, so it’s okay!”

Chapter 49: Yael-sensei’s past.

“What’s the matter, Alesia-chan?”

“Gil-san, I’d like to question you about that announcement. Was it Eitana-san who confessed her sins? Is she dead?”

Gil was taken aback to see Alesia, who usually appeared calm and collected, in such distress. He was even more surprised when she mentioned Eitana’s name, and he smiled to hide his surprise.

“What made you believe that? Is Eitana acquainted with Alesia-chan?”

“Eitana-san was the one who made me a cup of tea the last time I visited the palace. She was working at the palace at the time of Aura’s execution, and there weren’t many people her age still working there, were there?”

Gil directed the maidservants to prepare tea and clear out the visitors’ room.

“Do you know why the post was missing the confessors’ names? This was done to ensure that the remaining relatives were not harmed. That is why we are unable to reveal her name. The woman is no longer alive. Her body was discovered yesterday morning; she was killed in an accident.”

“Death by accident…”

“A crystal bracelet was broken and scattered around. While picking it up in a drunken state, she stepped on a crystal ball and fell down.”

(The crystal bracelet.)

Alesia’s heart aches.

“Wasn’t she going to confess her guilt and be tried?”

“I’m afraid I can’t tell you that either. Hey Alesia-chan, why do you care about that person?”

“Eitana-san was a wonderful person.”

“I see. Sorry, I can’t tell you her name.

“Without a doubt, I understand why you are unable to tell me. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule.”

“What? You’re leaving? Don’t you want to see His Highness?”

“Yes, I am leaving. I apologize for interrupting.”


A crystal bracelet.

I wonder if it was something I gave Eitana in my previous life.

Eitana said, “Are you sure about such a large and beautiful crystal? I’ll treasure it for the rest of my life! Thank you very much, Aura-sama!”

She was so overjoyed that she burst into tears.


Alesia dashed out of the room and followed the guide out of the palace.

“I heard Eitana-san passed away. I’m sorry to hear that.

The old woman who was Alesia’s guide didn’t hesitate to answer her question. She might have thought that Alesia had already heard the story from Gil, or she might have wanted to tell Alesia the story herself.

“Yes, we were taken aback that someone so strict would do something like that. Furthermore, she had no intention of being punished, and a bag full of cash was found in her luggage. I’m curious how much torture Aura-sama endured before her execution because of her. It must have been divine punishment for her to have fallen down and died.”


I didn’t want to go straight home, so I walked aimlessly. I’m curious how far I walked. I strolled down the busy shopping street and sat on a bench.

Did she trick me? Did the prime minister direct her to do so? If that’s the case, why did she come to see me every day and console me until my execution? And how could she have expected to go free after confessing to her crimes?

“Eitana, why? I don’t understand.”


Alesia cried on the street, completely unaware that people were watching her.

Despite her despair at being imprisoned by the king she adored, she had faith in Eitana. She was concerned about her future the day before her execution.

(I wonder how she felt watching me like that.)


She came to her senses and found Yael-sensei standing right beside her.

“What’s wrong? What happened?”

“No, nothing. It’s nothing.”

“It doesn’t appear to be “nothing”. A beautiful woman crying alone in this place attracts bad men. Come along with me. I can’t leave you in this state.”

Then she grabbed Alesia by the arm, helped her to her feet, and pushed her backward. Alesia wiped her tears with the handkerchief offered to her and repeated, “I’m fine,”  but Yael-sensei took her back to his house.

“Simply tell me what you can—what happened? Did you get hurt?”

“No, nothing like that. It’s just that I’m shocked. Have you ever been betrayed by someone you trusted completely?”

Madame Yael blinked at the unexpected question, but nodded quickly.

“Yes, I have. There are times when I don’t believe anyone in the world. I almost lost my will to live when I realized how filthy some people are. A man who had been my husband for 20 years cheated on me.”

Alesia was taken aback because she had assumed she had led a peaceful life. She told her about her past over a cup of tea.

She and her husband had met in Balwala and were married in love.

The man was a poor businessman from another country who loved the teacher, who was the youngest daughter of a wealthy merchant family. At first, her parents didn’t want them to get married, but in the end, they did.

The parents were concerned about their youngest daughter, who had never known poverty, and sent her money on a regular basis, but the husband pocketed it without informing her. When Madame Yael suspected the existence of another woman, she hired someone to investigate and discovered that her husband had married another woman a long time ago.

It was not his job to be away from home so frequently. He just wanted to see his real wife again. When she discovered that she had been his mistress rather than his wife for 20 years, she became enraged and blamed her husband. When she questioned him, he simply abandoned her and her son.

She wrote a letter to her parents’ house to inform them of what had occurred, and as she was about to return with her son, her brother and sister-in-law, who had taken over the house after her parents’ deaths, said to her, “How pathetic and disgraceful—You still want us to look after you after we’ve given you so much of our money?!” That was the first time she realized her parents had been sending her money for a long time.

“There are people in the world who would dare to do something like this. He must have been overjoyed because he thought he would be able to get a better deal because I was the daughter of a wealthy man, and now a large sum of money has come to him without my knowledge.”

She has been addressing herself as “Madam Yael” since then. People who don’t know the whole story regard her as a freak.

“But, you know, even the worst of my experiences have shaped who I am today. I can’t pretend what happened in the past never happened. Then I could somehow accept that even that terrible past is part of what makes me who I am now. It took me a long time to come to that realization.”

Madame Yael continued, looking at Alesia.

“I have officially filed a complaint against them. Despite the fact that I am a former foreigner, the laws of this country have been kind to me. Because I preferred restitution to imprisonment, I was able to reclaim the majority of the money my parents had sent me in installments. He would have been sent to forced labor if he had not returned the money, and the government made sure he paid me back. I have high regard for this country’s system and the royal family who keep it running smoothly.

Madame Yael took Alesia’s surprised hand in hers with care.

Every experience shapes you into the person you are. It is your responsibility to live with them.”

Chapter 50: The One Who Saved Me

Yael-sensei gave me a ride home in front of the farm, and when we parted, I went into the wasteland rather than the farm. I needed some alone time to think.

[Every experience shapes you into the person you are.]

I kept repeating these words in my head.

I took so many lives because of the war.

I, who adored a king who easily abandoned me.

I was the one who didn’t notice when the maid I trusted betrayed me.

I was executed as the people I was protecting screamed for my death.

“Yes, all of them are me. They’re all stupid and miserable, but they’re all part of me.”

I expected that admission would bring me peace of mind.

On the contrary, a tremendous amount of anger rose from the depths of my heart.

A hatred and anger that I was aware of but had avoided for so long.

A black resentment that stood my hair on end and burned within me.

Yes. Yes, that’s right.

When I was imprisoned, tortured, and sentenced to death, I wanted to kill all of those people out of rage and resentment.

The king, the prime minister, the prime minister’s daughter, my birth parents, and everyone else who screamed at me to die. I wished over and over that I could drown and kill everyone who had wronged me, and I tried to forget that there was nothing but pain as I imagined the moment when I would end their lives.

At the moment of my decapitation, I thought to myself, “I will definitely be reborn and exact my revenge. I will kill everyone who has harmed me!”

I died wishing to be reborn and exact my vengeance.

My resentment and hatred.

It’s my desire for vengeance that caused me to be reborn.

Tears stream down my cheeks as I recall the ugliness and pity of my previous life. In my previous life, I thought I was a pitiful victim, but actually I was a monster who had discarded her human heart.

If my parents had abandoned me in this life. tired of their troublesome child. If they had treated me worse.

I would have become a terrible person. I would have hated people and killed anyone I didn’t like without hesitation.

However, my parents showered me with love in this life. They were always there for me, no matter what.

That’s why I didn’t turn into a monster.

“I was able to rebuild myself as a decent person.”

I was so grateful that I was lucky enough to be born to those parents.

“Oto-san and Oka-san came to my rescue.”

My father picked up my injured self and carried me with a tearful face, “Alesia, my Alesia.” My mother raised me with love and never raised her voice.

My parents, as far as I recall, were always devoted to me. They saved my life, which should have been the beginning of hell…

Something began to move slowly through my body.

Something soft, warm, and powerful is clearly circulating through my body.

It begs me to let it out as it moves faster and faster through my body. I raised my arms in an attempt to release [it], which is familiar to me from a previous life.

“Come forth, water…”

A large body of water appeared in the air, whoosh!

The irregularly shaped, shimmering mass of water quickly transformed into a sphere, floating with a slightly rippling surface.


I looked up at the transparent sphere with my face wet with tears and cried again with nostalgia.

The voices of people I had heard in a previous life came back to me in the depths of my ears.

“Such clean water!”

“We can drink water at last!”

“Thank you, Aura-sama!”

“It tastes so good!”

I slowly lower my arms, and the water sloshes! The torrent of water landed with a thud and was sucked into the wasteland.

Now I stretched out my arms, palms up, and chanted,

“Rain! Rain!

Silent rain began to fall on the wasteland.

The rain glistened silver in the afternoon sunlight and continued to fall.

The whitish wasteland quickly transformed into black. I was so happy and nostalgic that I kept staring at the scenery through tears.

“Welcome home, Alesia.”

When I turned around, there stood my father, mother, Ethan and his family, Hakeem, and Chana.

My mother rushed up to me and tightly hugged me, and the rain ceased.

“I was worried. You simply vanished. You were acting strangely when you left, and it scared the living daylights out of me! I went to look for you at the palace, but they said you’d already left.”

“Oka-san, um, this is, um…”

Ethan rolled his eyes and made a strange noise as I tried to explain the rain to my mother, who was gently wiping my tears away with the sleeve of her dress.

“Alesia, you’re incredible! You’re like a wizard. Since when have you been able to do that?”

“Well, just now. I just accepted myself, and then I realized I could do it.”

“I heard the water rushing and it was raining, so I came over to see what was going on, hmm? What do you mean by accepting yourself?”

“Fufufu. That is precisely what it means.”

I called out to Hakim and Chana, who were both surprised.

“I’m hungry. Shall we have tea? I’ll cook something and we can all eat together.”

“U-Uh, sure, let’s do it.”

“I want petite jam sandwiches!”

“O-Okay! Let’s go home, Oto-san, Oka-san, Ojisan, and Oba-san!”

I went home and poured water using magic in front of everyone while I was cooking.

I was able to fill the cups and pots with the desired amount of water without spilling a drop. My sense of my previous life returns to me.

Everyone is silently watching.

When I had put everything on the table, I confessed, “I think I’m a wizard”.

My mother, who I thought would be surprised, said, “It’s been similar for a long time,” and my father said, “It seems much more convenient now that you can control it.”

“I was even more surprised to learn that you could make it rain when you were just born.”

His tanned face wrinkles at the corners of his eyes as he smiles.

“Me, too. I was even more surprised to learn that you create healing rain in your sleep.”

“Eh? Really? Hakeem.”

“I think they’re both very much the same. Although Alesia-chan is more like a goddess than a wizard.”

“Stop, Chana, this isn’t funny.”

My water magically poured into a glass and tasted exactly like rainwater through a filter.

“Maybe we don’t have to hide and run anymore.”

Chapter 51: Registration

The day after I was able to produce water freely, His Highness Mark and Gil-san came to the farm.

“Alesia. When I heard you were coming to the palace, I was worried.”

“When I told His Highness that Alesia-chan was acting strangely, he became concerned.”

His Highness fixed his gaze on Gil-san, who pretended not to notice.

“Well, I wanted to ask you about Eitana-san. But that’s all right now. I have something to tell His Highness… I’ve become a wizard.”

“…You became a wizard?”

“I gained the ability to freely produce water yesterday. So I’m going to register with the government as a wizard.”

“I understand you’re signing up. How much water can you generate?

“Well, I’m pretty sure it’s a lot. Do you want me to show you?”

“Y-Yeah, please.”

My parents, His Highness, and Gil-san followed me out to the wasteland.

“Well, I’ll show you… Water, come.”

I raised my hands and chanted, and a large body of water appeared in the air. I consciously formed a sphere out of the mass of water and looked at His Highness, who opened his mouth thinly and looked surprised. I spread my hands out to the left and right, and the water lumps transformed into a dozen or so large balls of water that floated and swayed.

“It’s… Magic.”

I threw the water balls and chanted, “Let it rain,” and a light rain started to fall around us.

“Oh, I forgot to mention that all of this water probably has healing properties.”

“Healing properties? What a waste! Alesia-chan! Stop, stop, stop! It’s a waste!”

I couldn’t help but laugh when I heard Gil-san’s panicked cry.

“The ability to create water alone is a tremendous power, but water with healing properties? Alesia, you…”

In thought, His Highness rests his hand on his brow.

“Your Highness, I don’t want to run and hide any longer. I want to ease my parents’ long-held concerns, and I want to be of greater service to the people of this country than I am now. That’s why I’m signing up. Will you protect us?”

His Highness inhaled deeply, looked at me and my parents, and responded emphatically.

“Yes, of course. Can you come to the palace, Alesia? The sooner you start, the better. I need to inform my father and others that a wizard has been born.”

“Yes. I’ll be happy to come!”

The palace was as crowded as it had always been.

Everyone was staring at me as I walked under His Highness’ and Gil-san’s protection. I hope I didn’t appear to be being taken away.

A few moments later, I was led to a luxurious room where, in addition to His Majesty and His Highness, the Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, and Interior Minister were all present.

I introduced myself and explained that I had learned water magic. I also mentioned that water has healing properties.

The men bombarded me with questions one after another.

“All of a sudden, when you turned fourteen?”

“What kind of healing ability?”

“How far can you make it rain?”

“What is the most water you can produce at one time?”

When I showed them a glass of water, they were surprised, but when I told them that the most I could produce was as much as this room, the room fell silent. The decision was made to show it in a secluded location on the waste land next to our house.

They fell silent when I showed them a large lump of water. I had done the same thing when I was six years old, so I smiled and quietly finished, “Like this.”

“However, if I’m too tired, mentally depressed, or suffering, this may not be the case.”

This is just a failsafe.

“Your Majesty, this is… This is Aura’s second coming.”

“I thought all the references to Aura were exaggerated, but from what I see here, it’s true.”

We then returned to the palace, where I detailed its healing abilities.

I didn’t tell them about the silk because His Highness was concerned and asked me not to.

“If the information got out, there was a chance they’d fight over the silk.”

“I’ve registered with the government, so please keep my parents and my friends safe. Now that His Highness Prince Herrud has taken notice of me, I’m concerned about the future.”

Everyone was taken aback when they heard that.

“our Majesty! What is the meaning of this? All I heard was that he had harmed a farm boy.”

The Foreign Minister flushed. He had not been given any information about this.

“I had stopped them. Previously, the farm had been discreetly guarded. Alesia’s existence was confidential. She’s never had complete control over water magic; she only allows it to rain when she sleeps. They didn’t want the rain to stop abruptly as a result of a commotion. However, the kingdom of Farrill is already aware of Alesia’s rain, but they don’t appear to understand the benefits of rain yet, but they will in time.”

“We must come up with countermeasures at once.”

For the time being, we were dismissed.

I was successfully registered as a wizard, and the farm was to be guarded at all times by soldiers. I’m ready to attract the attention of neighboring countries.

A week later, something happened that made me think, “I’m glad I registered quickly and had them put me on the protected list.”

Chapter 52: 500 Large Gold Coins

A week after Alesia registered as a wizard, a letter from the Kingdom of Farrill to the Kingdom of Laminbo arrived.

The letter says that [people from the Kingdom of Laminbo crossed into the Kingdom of Farrill without going through the border gate. They then attacked the homes of Farrill’s farmers and stole their money, goods, food, and other things].

When a royal court civil official asked the Farrill envoy who delivered the letter if there was any proof that the robbers were from Laminbo, the envoy replied, “The criminals we caught confessed.”

Hearing the other party’s request to immediately notify His Majesty the King, the civil official read the letter, thinking, (Why bother telling His Majesty’s ears?) but was taken aback when he saw the total amount of damage written at the end of the letter.

“500 big gold coins?! How could they cause such destruction simply by vandalizing peasants’ homes?”

“During the long winter off-season, peasant women in the area weave. Godard weaves It is a high-quality product with precise silk patterns. Not only were these completed products uprooted, but several master weavers were severely injured, rendering them unable to work as godard weavers. As a result, the damage has increased significantly.

After hearing the details, the civil officer withheld his response and asked him to return to the royal palace in a few days. Then he went to report to the vice minister of foreign affairs.

When he heard the report, the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs said.

“They’ve made another big deal out of this. This is most likely just harassment, and they’re looking for concessions on another political issue.”

He went through the letter.

“Hmm, It’s not political, but they said [You may hand over a girl instead of 500 large gold coins, because Herrud-sama fell for a peasant girl during his studies].”

“Ha! They’re making such a scene because he desires a peasant girl? What are these Farrill people thinking!”

“We’ll have to get the girl and her parents’ approval, but it’s a big step up for a farmer’s daughter if she’s in the Farrill royal family’s good graces.”

The Foreign Vice Minister reported to the Foreign Minister, believing that the decision to give up the girl had been made, but the Foreign Minister, who was listening to the report, looked at him puzzledly.

“What is the name of the girl?”

“It says her name is Alesia.”


The Foreign Minister stood up with such force that his chair fell backwards.

“I will notify His Majesty!” and exited the minister’s office.

The vice minister’s mouth is half open. (Huh? Why?) and turned to face the door through which the minister exited.

The king’s office.

“I see. There are 500 large gold pieces. Another excruciatingly irritating amount. It’s a sum we can afford, but not one I’d be willing to offer. Let’s talk about it, Foreign Minister. After what happened to Herrud, I knew they’d try something. That country…”

The matter that had so upset King Isayal reached Princess Edna via an unexpected channel.

“Do you know a peasant girl named Alesia?” The Vice Foreign Minister asked the civilian official. “Is she well known for anything?”

A secretary who was working nearby knew Alesia’s name.

Her cousin, who was Her Highness Edna’s lady-in-waiting, had once told her about a girl named Alesia.

According to her cousin.

“She’s the farmer’s daughter who supplies the Queen with her favorite fruit, and she’s a girl who Her Highness Edna looks forward to seeing at the royal palace.”

So it is said.

While listening, the secretary pretended to work.

She went to her cousin that evening after she finished her work and told her what had happened.

Her cousin, the lady-in-waiting, hesitated for a moment before telling Her Highness Edna the story: “Your highness, I have heard rumors…”

“What? That guy?! I’m not going to let that happen!”

The lady-in-waiting was surprised and startled to see Edna, who was normally cheerful, gentle, and kind, angry.

“I had a feeling he’d do something like this. Do you think I’d hand over Alesia-chan, of all people?! Argaaa!”

Finally, Her Highness Edna was so angry that she was chewing on her handkerchief and stomping her feet, which scared the lady-in-waiting.

“I’m going to see Onii-sama!” The lady-in-waiting followed her out of the room quickly.

Edna had grown up in a palace where everyone loved and respected her since she was born, so she could tell if the other person’s affections were genuine or not.

Herrud’s affections were all phony: his smile, tone of voice, and demeanor.

People outside the palace were also shown fake affection, but they were flattering gestures. But it was Herrud’s affections that set off the alarm bells in Edna’s head, warning her of danger after only a few hours together.

Edna had no idea that Herrud had scouted the farm late at night, or that he had seriously injured Ethan on the farm.

(Not that guy. Absolutely, positively not allow him to take Alesia-chan. She walked quickly to her brother’s office.


Edna opened the door, ignoring the guards stationed in front of her brother’s office door, and walked into the room with a bang, only to find Gil organizing the finished papers.

“Gil, where is Onii-sama?!”

“His Highness has gone to the office of His Majesty.”

“Oto-sama? What about Herrud’s request to hand over Alesia-chan?”

“Who told you that, Your Highness?”

Edna, who had always been upset that she couldn’t take part in political debates, said,

“Hmph. I belong to the royal family. I have the means to obtain such information.”

She was smug.

“Gil reasoned, (She probably got that information from a light-mouthed lady-in-waiting),” and he responded,

“Exactly what I expected from your highness. I’m extremely impressed.”

He bowed his head. Her Highness Edna immediately realized she had been treated sarcastically.

“…Gil, have you ever noticed how you have a habit of slightly twisting your lips when you say something you don’t mean? As a Crown Prince’s retinue, you still have a long way to go.”

Edna turned and walked into her father’s office.

Gil, who had stayed behind, couldn’t stop himself from touching his mouth. (Really? It’s twisted). He looked worried.

Chapter 53: Alesia’s Worth

The King, the Prime Minister, the Foreign Minister, the Interior Minister, and Mark were meeting in the King’s office to discuss the letter from Farrill.

“Can we meet with the person responsible for the damage?”

“No. He “died” after the interrogation as a result of injuries sustained during the fight with Farrill’s side.”

“Because dead men do not tell tales, so they added a slew of charges. I doubt he did anything with the weavers.”

There was a commotion outside the door.

“What’s going on?” said the interior minister as he rose from his seat and opened the door.

Princess Edna slipped in.

“Oto-sama! You’re not giving up Alesia, are you?!”

“Edna. You’re off limits here. Leave now.”

“To protect Alesia, I will give up all of my jewels. Please don’t abandon Alesia!”

King Isayal’s face softened unexpectedly.

“Don’t worry; Alesia is a state-protected wizard. I’m not going to give her away.”

“Alesia is a wizard?”

“That’s correct. As a result, the kingdom of Laminbo will not relinquish Alesia. You don’t have to use your jewelry. So you can return to your room with peace of mind.”

“…Yes. Yes! I apologize for bothering you.”

Edna is making her way back to her room.

(Alesia-chan is a wizard. Alesia-chan is a wizard. I see. Fufufu. That’s incredible. I wonder what kind of magic she does. Maybe she will show me next time.)

Her blue-green eyes, which had been upturned when she arrived, had returned to their usual droopy state, and she appeared to be about to dance. The lady-in-waiting, who had been sweating profusely behind her, was taken aback by how much she liked Alesia. (From now on, I’ll have to treat Alesia-san with more respect), she told herself.

The Interior minister was sweating in the king’s office as he explained the financial resources.

“We’ve already decided how to spend the reserve fund this year. There is a medama disease epidemic in the country’s south. We know that many young children will go blind in the future. We’ll have to spend a lot of money to support these kids for the next decade or so.”

“Medama flies (メダマバエか)…” (Maybe fruit flies?)

Bitter voices can be heard all over the place.

The medama flies are desert flies. The parent flies lay their eggs in the eyes of animals. It is a dangerous fly that can cause blindness if the eggs are not discovered in time. The flies cause serious illness, especially in babies who are unable to express their discomfort with their eyes. There has been an outbreak of these flies this year.

“In addition, the wells on the capital’s eastern outskirts have run dry. At least three at a time. As a countermeasure, we intend to draw water from the river.”

“How much does this cost?”

“The two will total about three hundred large gold coins.”

The King and Prince Mark exchange glances and nods.

“Alesia could possibly solve those two problems.”

“…However, the three dry wells are used by 5,000 people. Is it possible for one girl to produce that much water? I’ve heard that using magic beyond one’s limits will shorten one’s life.”

“I don’t know for certain. But I’m going to ask her.”

“Your Majesty, if we postpone the canal construction, what should we do about the medama flies?” The Prime Minister wrinkles his brow.

“Alesia’s water has healing properties. I’m not sure if it will cure them, but it could be more effective than current medicine, which is unlikely to work. Let’s ask her about it as well.”

The Interior minister exuded enthusiasm and made a suggestion.

“We’ll need a lot of barrels if we ration water instead of drilling wells. We need to make some plans.”

“Oh, yes. It is critical. Assuming that Alesia can help us, that amounts to a balance of two hundred large gold coins. If we can’t persuade Alesia to assist us, the royal family will foot the bill. Still, it’s preferable to handing over Alesia.”

With a relieved expression, the Interior Minister reveals his true feelings.

“The worth of this one girl is truly astounding. I can see why her parents worked so hard to keep her hidden in order to keep her from being taken away… Oh, no, I didn’t mean it like that, Your Majesty! I apologize!”

King Isayal looks everyone in the eyes and says so solemnly.

“Yes, Alesia is extremely valuable. In the future, this country will continue to produce wizards. However, we must dispel the notion that [our children will be taken away from us and used by the state]. Wizard children will continue to be hidden away if wizards are not treated as national treasures. Worse, they’ll flee to other countries. This is something we must remember whenever we deal with Alesia from now on.”

“Treat Alesia well,” Mark said emphatically, and the prime minister and the ministers took his advice to heart.


“Water for 5,000 people? I believe I can. I should give it a try, right? And if you use the healing silk cloths to cure the medama fly disease, we can save water by washing their eyes with my water. The silk will be disposable after, but we have a lot of it woven and stored away, so we should be able to prepare it in time.”

Gil uttered a stunned “huh.” The King and Queen, His Highness Prince Marks, and Gil were the only four people in the country who knew about the silk. Gil was appointed as the liaison.

It’s difficult to believe Alesia can easily do the work of 300 large gold coins by herself. Gil locked his gaze on Alesia’s.

(I have to tell her this.)

“When you try to cast water, Alesia-chan, put it in a barrel, okay? We’ll get a barrel for you. Please do not dump it in the wasteland. It’s too good to throw away! We’ll assist you in not wasting a drop. Please!”

Chapter 54: Water Rationing and Isabel’s Activities

The soldiers of the country surround the dying well, and the common people are surrounded by layers.

Everyone has gathered to witness the spectacle, not knowing what to expect. The soldiers did not chase the crowds away. “Please don’t crowd in!” They simply warned them not to crowd in.

Soon after, a beautiful carriage arrived, and a woman dressed in a blue-green robe with a veil over her head stepped out. A soldier led the woman through a space created by dividing the crowd.

“Now we’re going to request that the wizard bring out the water. You should each bring a container from home.”

The soldier informs them, but no one moves. Everyone wants to see the Wizard bring out the water. Because wizards have not been born in decades, most people have never witnessed magic.

However, some of the people ran back with bottles of water.

“Here, please!”

“Yes. I’ll put it in.”

The voice is young. There have been rumors that the newly registered wizard is a young woman.

The robed lady extends her hand toward the water bottle.

“Here you go.”

The water bottle owner expected water to flow from her hand, but it did not. The bottle’s owner peers inside. It was already full of water. He reached in with one hand, scooped up the water, and sipped. With a surprised expression on his face, he exclaimed to those around him:

“Hey! This water tastes good!”

When this was announced, many people dashed to their homes to retrieve their water bottles.

But they were disappointed to see that the wizard had vanished, leaving only a few soldiers behind, but they were relieved to see a pile of water barrels.

“The wizard has already filled the barrels and is on her way to the next well! You can count on her to bring more water if there isn’t enough!”

For a time, the fact that Alesia’s water had healing properties was kept hidden. They were concerned about people fighting over water as well as gathering in areas where there was no shortage of water.

Nonetheless, word quickly spread that the “water served by the wizard is unbelievably delicious,” and the number of people gathering at the well to get water grew day by day.

“It’s not safe to gather too many people. Let us fill water from the royal palace in barrels and transport it to the wells. Everyone is already aware that there will be plenty of water and that the wizards will help them.”

Mark told the officials.

Even in the palace, Alesia wore a veil so that only a few people could see her face.

She enters the palace in simple everyday clothes with a load of vegetables, along with many visitors that are doing business.

Then she puts on her robe that covers her identity in a prepared room before pouring water into the barrels.

The job of filling the many barrels with water was done in the blink of an eye, and the people in the palace were amazed by her magical abilities.

Every morning, the wizard would emerge from the palace and then vanish. “She must be living deep within the palace.” The servants were gossiping.

The state plants mulberry seedlings outside the farm’s fence. The extent of the rain was intended to capitalize on rain that fell far beyond the farm.

Serio laughed, saying that the farm wouldn’t be expanding any further because he already had his hands full with the current size of the farm.

Even with the magic, it still rains when Alesia sleeps, and she has no idea how to stop it.

She can’t control her magic when she’s unconscious. She can only assume that she possesses an excessive amount of magical power.

“If you breed silkworms with mulberry leaves grown in my rain, the silk cloth should have the same effect regardless of who weaves it.” said Alesia.

Sericulturists and silk weavers were recruited under Mark’s supervision. Alesia doesn’t mind that the silk made from the mulberry trees outside the farm belongs to the state.

The mulberry fields surrounding the farm, ostensibly “to be used for our country’s first production of silk,” were to be guarded by the country’s soldiers.

Isabelle was on her way with a large amount of silk cloth to an area where the medama flies’ disease was spreading. It was official business, but Isabelle readily agreed.

“Isn’t it true that the poor are suffering? Then it’s my job.”

To keep the locals from noticing that the silk itself had power, she soaked it in water, which was considered a [magical potion], and then applied it to the eyes.

The infants’ parents, seeing their children’s sore eyes heal miraculously after only a few hours of use, worshiped and thanked Isabelle, but she made sure to stop them every time.

“No, no. Stop worshiping! You were cured by the Wizard! Not me!”


“I’m sorry, Alesia-chan; I understand you’re preoccupied with the water. But I’m glad to see you here, even if only for a short time.”

“I’m glad to see you, too, Your Highness.”

“Call me Edna. Alesia-chan is the country’s most powerful wizard! I’m glad to hear that Alesia-chan wasn’t stolen by Farrill.


When Princess Edna sees how surprised Alesia is, she recognizes the situation and quickly shuts the door.

“Have you not heard of the kingdom of Farrill asking us to hand over Alesia-chan?”

Edna’s expression darkens as Alesia nods quietly.

“Oh my goodness. I wonder why Oto-sama and others aren’t telling you. They should inform you. They think women should be protected anyway…”

Alesia’s conversation with Her Highness Edna faded into the distance after the details were explained to her.

(Five hundred large pieces of gold? That’s how much money Farrill received in exchange for not handing me over?! Wasn’t that money a tax paid by all the people? I’m sure they’re losing money by deducting it from the water and silk I make. Oh my God, it’s so frustrating!)

Alesia is unaware of her own worth.

After a short tea party, she gets in a carriage at the palace’s commoner’s entrance and goes back to the farm. Her guards, who are dressed as commoners, go with her.

According to neighbors, the farm is “a luxury farm that grows the queen’s favorite fruits.” A national mulberry field was recently planted in the area, and the locals have been recruited to care for it. Because of the new job opportunities, the residents of the slum are prospering.

Alesia is pondering while feeding vegetable scraps to her chickens.

(There are 500 large gold coins. a substantial sum of money. The man was a jerk, but so was the Farrill kingdom.)


“It’s infuriating. He was so cruel to Ethan. Shouldn’t we also charge him?! It isn’t right…”

Then I discovered an egg behind a box designed for hens to rest on.

“I’m curious as to why they sometimes don’t lay in the nest box. We’ll find them even if they hide them anyway. Hmm?… Hmmm?”

I think someone else said the same thing.

I suddenly recall a scene from a previous life.

The room is long and narrow, with a low ceiling. I’m in a cold room with no decoration and nothing but bare stones on the floor and walls.

Several years prior to the Great Flood.

Didn’t the king, to whom I was betrothed, say something similar when explaining how to enter “that” room?

[If we build this room, we will starve to death if we remain hidden forever. And if our adversaries enter the palace, they will find us. But the Prime Minister is a worrisome person.]

Chapter 55: Because I’m a Wizard

“Alesia, the pot will burn if you don’t take it off the fire soon.”

“Oh, no! No!”

She quickly took the pot off the fire.


I was so lost in thought that I almost burned the stew. Tonight is the night for my father’s favorite spicy lamb stew.

“Are you all right? You’re not pushing yourself too hard on the water, are you?”

“No. It’s not that difficult, Oto-san.”

His highness also advised me not to overwork myself.

“Don’t worry. I can handle twice that much.”

That night, I told myself, “I’m going to bed early just in case,” and I settled into my room’s bed, but I couldn’t sleep.

I’m curious. In the palace, there is a hidden room. I wonder if the current royal family is aware of its existence.

When the rebellion broke out, the people rushed into the palace and executed the royal family and top nobles in record time, according to a book in the library.

In other words, everyone who knew about the hidden room had to be killed in a single day. The current royal family is very unlikely to be aware of “that” room.

What if someone hid in the hidden room during the rebellion? What if the bodies have been there for decades and have yet to be discovered?

I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who knows about “that” secret room now. The craftsmen who created the secret room are most likely no longer alive. After all, commoners don’t have long lives.

Maybe there are forgotten bodies lying there. Maybe it’s someone I know.

Once you suspect it, you can’t get it out of your mind.

Even if I wanted to open the door and look inside, I couldn’t explain how I knew about the hidden room.

Even though I know it’s a ridiculous fantasy, I keep imagining and picturing, hoping to send the “poor body” back to the family.

It was only a [maybe] idea at first, but the image of a starving person lying in a small hidden room became clearer and clearer in my mind’s eye.

Not checking the hidden room is as unsettling as walking around with a pebble in your shoe.

So, the next morning, after I filled the barrels with water, I asked to see Her Highness Edna.

“What do you want to talk about, Alesia-chan?”

“Your Highness, I’m prepared to be mocked, but I occasionally sense a bad omen in the palace. It’s probably because I’ve never been there before, and because it’s so weak. Will Her Highness show me around the palace?”

“Oh, no! Is this a bad omen? That is something we will have to figure out!”

Her Highness Edna looks at me with a twinkle in her eye, as if she wants to explore her familiar palace.

This is not what I had in mind.

The plan was only to frighten her.

But I’m still curious about the hidden room. I’d like to get the pebbles out of my shoes.

His Highness and I, along with the lady-in-waiting, set out.

Instead of going straight to the hidden room, I took a deliberate detour and returned to it. We’ve reached the third floor of the west tower.

Just as I was about to enter the hidden room, the door to the room I was passing opened, revealing a young man who resembled His Highness Mark. He gave me a sidelong glance before calling out.

“Huh? Edna. What’s the problem?”

“Moshe-niisama! Alesia-chan is now sensing a bad omen in the royal palace…”

“Perhaps I’m imagining things, Your Highness Edna!”

“A bad omen? That’s not a promising sign. You are a wizard, after all. Do you mind if I join you?”

This isn’t exactly what I had in mind.

I wasn’t supposed to take the prince and princess, along with their maids, to look for a hidden room. Should I have tolerated pebbles in my shoes?

…What if there were a slew of dead bodies lying around the room? If it had just been Her Highness Edna, I would have quickly looked in and said, “Your Highness, I can’t let you see this!”

But I’m not sure if I can use that method in the presence of His Highness Princess Moshe.

I was staring at His Highness Moshe’s face, thinking about everything in my head, when His Highness Moshe said, with a sad tone, “Can’t I?”

Sigh…It’s not what I wanted to do, but it’s what I have to do.

“Of course it’s fine.”

The west tower’s third floor has come to an end. There are two doors next to each other. I point to the door on the left and request that it be opened for me. It appears to be unused. There were some white cloth-covered shelves, chairs, and tables. To the left of the entrance, facing the outer wall, there is a hidden room in the wall.

“Is this it, Alesia-chan? Is this where you sense a bad omen?”


I take a deep breath and walk up to the wall on my left. I fix my gaze on it. A shelf stands in front of the hidden room’s entrance. I can feel the excited expressions of the two princesses and the suspicious gazes of the maids.

“I’ll move the bookcase.”

“I’ll take care of it.”

His Highness Moshe, who is much taller than me, lifts and moves the empty shelf with both hands.

Since last night, I’ve checked my memory several times to remember how to open the door to the hidden room. When someone asks how I knew how to open it, all I can say is, “Because I’m a wizard.”

I squat down and use both hands to press on the third stone from the bottom, which is a completely different colored wall. A section of the floorboard lifts slightly to the right after a few steps. Remove it and step on the stone inside. Inside the wall, there was a thudding sound. Then I pushed as hard as I could on the top of the stone I’d originally pushed in, and the wall, which was barely big enough for a person to fit through, retreated. You could get in if you pushed it to the left.

“Oh! Does Alesia even know of this?!”

“Yes. Because I’m a wizard.”

I pushed my weight to the left on a section of the wall that had been pulled back.

The door under which the door wheel is located makes a loud thump.

An entrance appeared.

I pushed my upper body into the entrance and looked inside quickly to avoid the three people behind me.

However, it is dark because my body is blocking the entrance, and I can hardly see anything.

I take a step back to let the light in, but His Highness Moshe quickly pokes his head in. And then His Highness screams.


Sigh, this is not at all what I planned.


Chapter 56: Rehabum

Gold, silver, and jewelry were haphazardly stacked in a space half the size of the hidden room. The treasure’s highest point appeared to reach the ceiling.

We three went inside and examined them in the dim light. There were common bangles, necklaces, and anklets, as well as rich people’s gold ornaments and silver tableware. They were piled on top of each other in a heap.

But there were no bodies with anguished expressions.


“Perhaps they were taken from the people after the flood. The entire amount that went missing after it was collected was hidden in the palace. It’s a shameful story.”

His Majesty’s expression is solemn. On the contrary, the Finance Minister appears to be overjoyed.

“Your Majesty, this is enough to pay for the construction of the canal to the dry well!”

“The wizard’s power is truly incredible!”

The ministers are ecstatic. And I’m glad I got the pebbles out of my shoes.

I’m going to sleep well tonight.

After the meeting, I attempted to catch a ride back to the farm in my usual simple attire. But for some reason, Second Prince Moshe’s would not let me go.

“Alesia, is there anything you can think of that could be worse?”

“…I don’t think so.”

“Well. That’s too bad. I thought there might be more rooms like that.”

His Highness Moshe looks so disappointed, I can’t help but smile.

“What are you up to?”

A rough voice approached. It was Prince Mark.

“Brother, welcome back! Alesia just discovered the treasure in the hidden room!”

“So it seems. I’ve been notified. So, what are you up to?”

His Majesty Mark’s gaze is fixed on His Highness Moshe’s hand, which has gripped my wrist and refuses to let go.

“Oh, this is nothing, brother. Then I’ll excuse myself!”

As he walked away, His Highness Moshe merrily whispered, “My brother is jealous!” And then he flees…

“Alesia…I’m sorry for making you stay with my younger siblings when you are exhausted from working on the water supply.”

“No, your highness, the hidden room was my idea to begin with.”

His Highness Mark raises his eyebrows for a moment.

“I’ve been meaning to ask you, can’t we return to the tone we had when I first arrived at the farm as Al? It’s far too stiff. Don’t you like it?”

“No, it doesn’t bother me. It’s just that if I spoke in a casual tone, the women around me would criticize me.”

“I see. That breaks my heart. If a nobleman or a servant says anything, please mention my name.”

In a previous life, I was the daughter of a lesser noble who was summoned to the royal palace when I was eight years old due to my magical abilities. Because I was treated so well as a child, I was frequently mistreated and bullied. They were not limited to women. There were men, too.

They eventually stopped saying anything when my power became known and I became the king’s fiancée, but I learned then that if I put up with it quietly, the harassment would only get worse and would never stop. The first time is the most crucial, and it is a common practice of abusers to take advantage of you when you believe you are weak.

“Alesia? What’s wrong?”

“No. If something happens, I might use your name.”

“Please do so. If you do, please give me the name of the person you’re speaking with.”

However, when I meet His Highness Mark, I am usually dressed as a wizard in a robe and veil, so nothing happens. The issue arises when I’m with Her Highness Edna, dressed as a commoner. It’s amazing that nothing has happened thus far.


After they talked about it, the thing happened on her way back from a tea party with Edna.


The man approached from the front, his face distorted and mumbling, as if something was wrong with him. Then he noticed me.

“Hey, you there! You’re a peasant, aren’t you, because of your tan? Why are you so deep inside the palace?”


Her Highness Edna’s lady-in-waiting, who was with me a short distance away, tried to stop him.

“I wasn’t talking to you. Stay back!”

I wonder why this person doesn’t consider why the lady-in-waiting was with me.

“Answer me. Why is there a peasant here?!”

“Because I was summoned.”

“What? What arrogant language is that! You’ve been summoned? Don’t lie to me. You must have entered out of curiosity. Like a peasant!”

“I only answered because you asked. I didn’t tell a lie.”

I was so enraged by the man’s arrogance that I purposefully made eye contact with him, lifted my chin, and responded something like, ‘Try it if you can,’.


I fell to the ground with a hot pain in my left cheek.

I wasn’t scared. Men like this don’t have the guts to kill. But people like this can’t be tolerated. Pests do not grow to be useful. They only grow into bigger pests.

As I lay on the floor, I nodded to the lady in waiting, and she dashed toward Edna’s room with surprising speed. The man grabbed my collar, forced me to stand up, and slapped me on the left cheek. I fell to the ground once more. What a knucklehead! But I won’t mention His Highness Mark’s name just yet.

Let him carry on with his violence.

Soon, Her Highness Edna dashed in. She was accompanied by two guards. Rehabum was about to grab my collar and be violent again.

“Stop right now!”

Rehabum quickly removed his hand from my collar. His Highness rushed over, looked at my red, swollen cheek, and yelled at the calm Rehabum.

“You hit my friend!”

“What? No, I mean, this one has a cheeky mouth!”

“What did he do to you, Alesia-chan?”

“He asked me why I was here, and I told him honestly that I had been summoned, but he accused me of lying and hit me.”

“Guards! Take Rehabum to the dungeon. I’ll notify your father.”

“Oh, no! Your Highness! Please forgive me! I don’t understand what you are talking about!”

Her Majesty Edna fixed her gaze on Rehabum, who had been detained.

“Yes, I know. I knew you were stupid, but I didn’t know you were this vile.”

She signaled to the guards with a snap of her chin after saying this. I thanked her and tried to leave, but was not allowed to do so and had to cool my face in Edna’s room.

“Rehabum is the Finance Minister’s second son. He is taking advantage of his parents’ success. I’m not going to let it happen. I’m going to have him executed!”

Her Royal Highness is furious. But the death penalty is too much.

“I was also a little cheeky myself because I found the whole thing so off-putting.”

“That is completely normal! I hope your cheeks don’t turn blue.”

“If they do, it’s nothing. It’ll heal in no time.”

“No. You’ll be staying for a while.”

Applying silk takes only a few seconds. I apologize for not informing you, Your Highness.

Chapter 57: Wedding Celebration for Her Royal Highness, Princess Edna

“I’m very sorry!”

The finance minister knelt and bowed his head. He’s about to scrape his forehead on the floor if I remain silent.

My left cheek is still red and swollen.

“He must have thought I was just an ordinary peasant—Please raise your head.”

“To raise his hand against the Wizard! I’m truly sorry!

His Majesty stated that I had the authority to determine the father and son’s punishment. The person who raises his hand on me may be executed, and I have the legal authority to do so.

No, no, I’d like to refrain from taking anyone’s life.

The minister must have drained the blood from his head. He’s so pale that I’m afraid he’ll pass out.

“We will remove him from the family register and he will become a commoner. I’ll resign and accept responsibility. Please, at least spare my eldest son!”

“I sincerely hope the Finance Minister does not resign. And this has nothing to do with your eldest son.”

“Thank you for your consideration!”

“You can thank Alesia for that. Rehabum will now be demoted and sentenced to five years of forced labor in a remote location! He is barred from entering the royal capital following his forced labor. Keep him there, or he will resent Alesia. There will be no punishment for the eldest son. Work will make up for your mistake in raising the second son.”

The matter was settled with His Majesty’s words.

This is His Majesty’s office. For some reason, Her Royal Majesty has also arrived, as has the entire royal family. This must have shortened the life of the Finance Minister.

I want my face to be known as little as possible. I’m glad Rehabum revealed his true nature because he didn’t know who I really am. Now, fewer commoners will fall victim to these fools.

“Let’s get you back to the farm, Alesia.”

His Highness Mark gently took my shoulders in his hands and motioned for me to leave.

Inside the carriage.

His Highness is in such a bad mood that I believe the air has cooled in the land of eternal summer.

“Your Highness, you don’t need to worry so much, I’m all right.”

“I’m concerned, but also enraged. Alesia, your face is…”

My left cheek is red and swollen with purple bleeding spots. I knew I’d been hit hard, but I didn’t know how hard. Rehabum was used to it. He must have been physically abusive to his subordinates on a regular basis. He should now understand how difficult it is to be treated in this manner.

“Your Highness, the Farill Kingdom is not the only one that is terrifying. I believed that aristocrats like him were rotting the country from within.”

“You’re right. If I had been there, I would have slashed him in half. That dastard! I heard he hit you in the face and grabbed you by the collar. But Alesia’s strong willed.”

I couldn’t stop myself from laughing bitterly.

This is nothing compared to the torture I endured in my previous life.

“I’m fine. But, Your Highness, thank you for being mad for my sake.”

“It’s Mark.”

“Yes, you are. Thank you for getting mad for my sake.”


“Mark-sama. Fufufu.”


His Highness sighed again and said,

“I can’t seem to get over my rage. No, I’ll quit now. Yes, Edna’s getting married. It’s to the second prince of the kingdom of Balwala.”

“Well. Congratulations. She’ll be right at home in her bloodline, I’m sure.

“Yes, but my sister will never return to this country.”

“…I’m going to miss her.”

“Alesia-chan!” I wonder if I’ll ever see her again, laughing as her highness walks up to me. It makes me want to cry.

The carriage stops, and His Highness gets out after me.

“I would like to apologize to your parents. You were hurt because we brought you there.”

“You don’t have to go that far.”

“No, I don’t want to.”

Everyone on the farm turned pale when they saw my face, but they quickly calmed down when they heard about Rehabum’s punishment: [reduced to commoner], [forced labor], and [banned from the royal capital].

Hakeem was a little scary when he muttered with a straight face, “If I find him around after becoming a commoner, I’ll kill him.”

“I’m sorry. My royal family is to blame.”

“Your Highness is not at fault.”

My mother chimed in.

“Your Highness bows to commoners too, doesn’t he?”

I turned around and saw Isabelle-san standing behind us. She usually doesn’t come in when there are important people around.

“Did you hit him back, Alesia?”

“If I had, I would have been even more hurt. But I did provoke him because he made fun of the peasants.”


My father was shocked. He pressed a silk cloth against my cheek.

“Don’t make any rash decisions—you’re going to cut your father’s life short.”

He gave me a pitying look.

“Oto-san, I heard that Her Highness Edna is getting married. Is it okay if I give her a roll of our silk cloth to celebrate?”

“That would be fantastic. The bride-to-be will be overjoyed to receive a wedding present that will help save many lives.”

His Highness, who had been silently listening, inquired, “Are you certain? Isn’t the healing silk cloth meant for our country’s poor?”

“If the Kingdom of Balwala and our country’s ties are strengthened through Edna’s Highness, it will be for the safety of our people.”

A plan flashed through my mind as I said this.

“Your Highness! I’d like to make a suggestion.”

“What is it?”

“I’ll carefully plan the strategy and explain it to you tomorrow after I fill the barrels with water.”

“…All right, then, let’s look ahead to tomorrow.”

Later that day, word of Rehabum’s folly and punishment reached all of the capital’s nobles, their families, and servants.

The fact that the son of a minister had been reduced to commoner status and forced to work after violently attacking a wizard without realizing he was dealing with a wizard was a heavy blow. After the death penalty, the most severe punishments for a nobleman are deprivation of status and forced labor. The fact that the minister’s son was not an exception must have come as a surprise.

The slap on the cheek was not in vain.

Chapter 58: Alesia’s Suggestion

“Why don’t we give each of the neighboring countries, except Farrill, a roll of silk cloth? In exchange, they must agree to work with us in the event of an emergency. If they realize the strength of the healing silk cloth, they may join hands and work with us.”

“…I see, but if the silk cloth is linked to Alesia, they’ll be after you, and If anything happens to Alesia, we lose everything.”

“No. By distributing it to each country, I believe they will be able to check each other and make it more difficult for them to get their hands on me. Even if several countries collaborated, one country could not share one person with multiple countries. We could make an agreement to give them one roll of silk cloth every year in exchange for their cooperation.”

“So, regardless of which country invades, we can rely on military assistance from other countries. We can, however, sell the healing silk cloth. It’s not necessary to give it to them.”

He’s tough.

“Yes, you’re right. Because our country is suffering from a lack of exports, we can use the country’s healing silk cloth as a diplomatic material in due course.”

His Highness Mark listened and nodded.

“If the country is capable of producing healing silk cloths, we can export them as a specialty. This will result in our country’s acquiring foreign exchange. We can also encourage international cooperation. Every country will want the cloth if it can cure serious diseases and injuries. Even our poor country could spend some of the proceeds on its children’s education.”

[Knowledge is power] Right?

“… Alesia can communicate in Balwala?”

“Yes, thanks to the royal family for constructing the library.”

His highness’s expression hardened for a moment. I was wondering what was wrong, but now it’s time to talk to the bigwigs about my suggestion first.


Following Alesia’s proposal, a meeting was held between the King, His Highness Mark, and the Ministers.

“First of all, do you agree that each country should be given a healing silk roll to strengthen cooperation with our Laminbo Kingdom?

“Yes. First, the messenger shows a sample of the silk cloth and only provides a roll if he is confident that the other party will cooperate. One ten-meter roll of healing silk cloth can save the lives of seven or eight seriously ill or injured people.”

The Foreign Minister appears to be impressed.

“Being able to put healing magic into a silk cloth is very convenient—Wizard-sama does not have to go out by herself, and the other people can use it whenever they want.”


The ministers are impressed.

Alesia’s proposal was approved by the top brass, and a “seven-nation delegation” was quickly dispatched to the six neighboring countries, excluding the Kingdom of Farrill. The mission was made up of soldiers who acted as security guards and people from the Foreign Ministry, and they set out for each country disguised as merchants.

The Foreign Minister met with the Interior Minister later that day.

“Isn’t Alesia-sama a peasant girl?”

“Yes, but… the manner in which she speaks and the contents…”

“She sounds like a general.”

“I’m curious if all wizards are like that.”

“I’ve never heard of such a thing.”

“Perhaps she was just born that way.”

They sigh in that spot.

“My grandfather told me that when Aura, the daughter of a lower nobility, became betrothed to the king, she struggled with her status.”

“But a peasant is…”

“But isn’t that something His Majesty’s will can change as well? She can use magic like that, and she’s a brilliant woman.”


It’s been about a month since then.

The six countries around the Kingdom of Farrill suddenly announced, “The Kingdom of Laminbo and our country, as allies, want to increase exchanges and promise military support in times of need.”

The announcement reached the Kingdom of Farrill’s royal castle.

“What in the world is going on?! How come this message did not reach our country?”

“Your Majesty, it appears that the Kingdom of Laminbo has secretly dispatched delegations to six different countries. And it appears that no one has heard anything about it except the leaders of those countries.”

After thinking about what the Prime Minister said, the King of Farrill called the fourth prince, Herrud.

Herrud is in the difficult position of not only being sent back to his homeland after only a short time, but also being unable to bring the “souvenir” his father desired.

“Herrud, what can the girl do? You met her, didn’t you?”

“…I believe she has the ability to make it rain.”

“You think? Is that it?”


“I was already aware of that! It can’t be just the rain! There was something so valuable in that country that six nations would agree to Laminbo’s proposal. And you were sent back so quickly without knowing whether it was her power or not! You useless dastard!”

Urgent orders were sent to Farrill’s agents in the countries, [Find out what kind of deal happened behind the official announcement.]


Farrill’s agents used their contacts and money to obtain the information. Despite their efforts, they received very little information.

[A deal was struck in exchange for something far more valuable. Even the nobles were unaware of what it was. But it was something that the king and all of the ministers welcomed wholeheartedly.]

It was the same as not knowing anything. What can a country offer when it cannot even provide enough clean drinking water for its people?

“Your Majesty, come to think of it, I’ve heard that the wizard invented a cure for the medama fly disease.”

The medama flies are only found in arid regions. Due to a lack of water, they target the eyes of animals. However, no medama fly outbreak can be found in the six countries that have declared their support for the Kingdom of Laminbo.

“Are you saying that what they offered them were the best eye drops you could find? Certainly not! There is no outbreak of eye disease in any of the countries.”

Finally, none of the infiltrators were able to obtain solid information from any of the countries. But, there was only one report from the Kingdom of Hartha, which is located southeast of the Kingdom of Farrill.

“The second prince of the Kingdom of Hartha had been deafened by a high fever as a child, but he has recently recovered and can hear well. This happened soon after the delegation’s visit.”

With this information in mind, Farrill contacted the agents in Laminbo.

“The wizard who recently appeared in Laminbo may be able to use healing magic—Could the wizard have come secretly as part of a delegation?”

The agents in the kingdom of Laminbo replied, “No,” to the king’s question.

“The wizards produce water in the palace every day.”

“So, how did the Laminbo put together their coalition! Herrud’s incompetence is infuriating!”

Chapter 59: Gift of Her Highness Princess Edna

The Kingdom of Laminbo is experiencing peace as a result of Alesia’s proposed mission.

Because they still don’t know what they get, the Kingdom of Farrill is hesitant to cause trouble with the allies.

In each country, only a few people are aware of the healing properties of the silk cloth. If the information spreads, the suspects will be limited. Nobody wants to miss out on the miracle cloth’s benefits for themselves or their families. As a result, the secret was closely guarded.

Alesia reached the age of adulthood in this country when she turned fifteen. Her highness Edna, who was the same age as her, married the second prince of the kingdom of Balwala shortly after turning fifteen. It is said that some in the Kingdom of Balwala objected to the marriage to the poor Kingdom of Laminbo, despite the fact that they were blood relatives, because it was not in their best interests.

However, following the delegation’s visit, the Balwala’s royal family overruled all such objections.

“Having a second prince’s wife from Laminbo is a great blessing for our country.” The King stated this publicly. And Princess Edna is said to be cherished.

Princess Edna addressed a letter to Alesia.

[I am very well taken care of by the people around me, thanks to Alesia-chan. Thank you so much for such a thoughtful gift. As a small token of my gratitude, I’m sending you a dress and some accessories from a popular Balwala store. I’m overjoyed that I can finally provide Alesia-chan with some accessories!]

Dresses, shoes, and accessories that look like they cost a lot are sent to the farm by the Prime Minister.

“I’m grateful and happy, but I have no idea where I’m supposed to wear this…”

Alesia was asked by her parents to try them on. When she wears them, her mother and father are in tears.

“W-Wait, why are you crying!”

“Because you resemble a bride.”

“Your mother is pleased with how well Alesia has grown up—you’re so beautiful.”

“Don’t cry now…”

The farm was also hosting a party.

Hakeem was getting married.

“I’m surprised. Who’s the lady, Hakeem?”

“She works in the vegetable store in the market. She lives in my neighborhood. Her father died when she was a child. My family does not have a father either, so we supported each other. I’ve saved some money since starting here. And we agreed a long time ago that we would marry when we had enough money to rent a house and live together.”


Meanwhile, in His Majesty the King’s private chambers.

“Father, I have told you many times that I need more time to get engaged.”

“But, Mark, I prefer Alesia to any noblewoman. Don’t worry, I’ll speak up if anyone complains.”

“Alesia is the best thing that could happen to you. She’s also a fantastic wizard with a wonderful personality.

Mark remonstrates with his parents with a troubled look on his face.

“Do the people and the nobles know that Alesia the Peasant is the Wizard? Besides, Alesia’s feelings are…”

“Mark, why is Alesia so hesitant to reveal that she is a wizard?”

“I can think of a number of reasons, but I am confident that neither she nor her parents would be pleased if they were forced to do something by royal authority.”

Moshe, the second prince, joined them.

“You didn’t tell Alesia how you really felt about her, did you? If you’re too slow, she’ll be taken from the side, won’t she? Aren’t there two young men on the farm?”

“Don’t worry about Ethan; he’s like Alesia’s little brother…”

But he doesn’t know what Alesia thinks of Hakeem. Hakeem is a man of integrity and dependability that women seem to like.

“Mark, get married and show me your heir. Your father has no idea how long he will live.”

“I’m sure Father will live a long time because the silk cloth that the country produces will be woven soon.”

Mark stands up.

“Give me a minute to go to the farm.”

“Have a good day, Mark. “

“Good luck, brother.”

“I’m hoping she’ll announce that she’s a wizard.”

“Please don’t, I just want to talk to Alesia!”

Mark, along with Gil and the guards, arrives at the farm and is about to knock on Alesia’s door when his fist comes to a halt.

The broken conversation coming from within startled him.

[Bride…Alesia…beautiful… Hakeem…marriage…living together…]

(Huh? Marriage to Hakeem?)

Prince Mark is standing at the front door. His brother’s words reverberate in his head.

[If you’re too slow, she’ll be taken from the side.]


The door opens from the inside, and Alesia’s parents appear. They are taken aback to see Prince Mark standing dazed at the front door.

“Your Highness! I beg your pardon. Go ahead, Alesia is just wearing a dress, so please take a look. She’s breathtaking.”


Prince Mark walked into the house with a blank face and saw Alesia looking at him with a worried look on her face. She was wearing a light blue dress and a beautiful necklace.

Chapter 60: Cooperation

“Your Highness, this is a gift from Her Highness Princess Edna…”

In comparison to Alesia’s shyness, Mark’s expression is dark.

“Edna? I see. Edna knew it all along.”

“Knew what?”

“Congratulations, Alesia, Hakeem. I wish you both the best.”



Hakeem realized right away that his highness was mistaken.

“No, Your Highness! No. It’s not Alesia I’m marrying! It’s the girl who works in the market.”

“Huh? R-Right, I see. I see. It’s just a misunderstanding. N-No, I mean, Alesia, you look beautiful.”

“Thank you for the compliment, your highness.”

The blushing Prince and Hakeem, who was looking down and shaking his shoulders and holding back his laughter, made Alesia feel very awkward.

“Have you had your lunch yet, Your Highness? I have some rabbit meat, so I’ll make rabbit meat petilles.”

“O-Oh, Petilles. I’d like to try it. It’s been a while.”

“Then I’ll go change first.”


After watching Alesia walk away, Hakeem straightens up and turns to face Mark.

“Your Highness, I don’t think she realizes it, but there are many men in the market who are after Alesia. She is a beautiful woman who does not show it, and she is a hard worker who treats everyone with respect.”

“… I see. Of course she is.”

“But Alesia is a wizard, and she has to look after the mulberry trees on the farm, so she can’t leave.”

Hakeem continued, looking directly at Mark.

“And for some reason, she’s always had this [need to be useful to others] ever since I met her. As a wizard who can’t leave the farm and is obsessed with being useful, Alesia will put her own happiness on the back burner for the rest of her life.”

“Yeah, I guess so…”

They both appear to be very serious.

“In this country, there is only one person who can make Alesia happy and protect her with the power of the state.”

“… I know. I’ve always followed Alesia’s wishes, but I came here today to express my true feelings.”

“Oh. That was new to me! Best wishes! I’ll be cheering for you.”

Alesia returned after changing her clothes.

“Come on, let’s make the petilles. Will you assist me, Hakeem? Chana is on vacation.”

But, Hakeem suddenly said, “Sorry. I’m going to pick up some ponkas “and left.

“…If you want to make petilles, I’ll help you.”

“Your Highness? Can you pull it off?”

“Don’t be silly. I cook with the soldiers when we’re at camp.

Alesia is chopping leeks and garlic while Mark stands nearby.

“Alesia…Do you want to help people?”

“Yes. That is my life’s work.”

“Why don’t you marry me? You will be able to serve the people much better if you become a member of the royal family.”

“…I believe I will have difficulty dealing with important people.”

The answer comes quickly, and Mark washes and places the potatoes in the basket one by one.

“If you want to keep your wizardhood a secret, I’ll do my best to keep it that way.”


Alesia started cooking the vegetables and rabbit meat in a pot.

“I will do everything in my power to protect Alesia and everyone else on the farm.”

“…For at least another decade, I want to work for others, not for myself.”

“If it’s ten years, If you want me to wait, I’ll wait.”

“Mark-sama will be 29 years old in ten years. I have never heard of a crown prince being alone at that age. But I am indebted to the royal family and the state, so it would be unfair to just give my opinion… Can’t we just be friends?”

Alesia peels and quarters the potatoes after roasting them.

“Friends then. I’ll wait for Alesia to change her mind. But I’m not going to waste time waiting; I’m going to wait while I get rid of any man who comes near Alesia.”

“Pfft! What are you talking about? It’s not funny.”

Alesia burst out laughing.

Mark places the potatoes in the pot and begins to boil them.

“Does your highness want to marry me because of your position? It’s hard, isn’t it, when you have to marry for a job?”

“I’m not marrying Alesia for that. And coming here for lunch was not a job. But I know you don’t think so. I’d like to take Alesia as my wife, and I’d like to resolve this misunderstanding as well.”

Alesia paused. She looked at the profile of His Highness, who was mashing potatoes next to her. He continued to talk while cutting the bread while looking at the recipe.

“Being royalty is my mission. The hard times and the good times are on my path. I can only choose the best path and live for my country, you and my people.”

“Your Highness…”

“Call me Mark.”

“Mark-sama. I’m impressed that you’re only 19 years old and have such a strong resolve.”

Mark gives a bitter smile.

“I’m not going to force you into a marriage you don’t want, but I’m also not going to give up. How about we collaborate for the good of the people of this country? There will be people who want to take Alesia for themselves out of self-interest. I can protect you from them.”

“… Your Highness, no, Mark-sama, I have no objection to working together. Then let us cooperate for the sake of the people of this country! Now let’s fry some patilles.”


“Petilles? Did you discuss it while you were making patilles next to each other?! Normally, you’d do it by giving her a jewelry bracelet or necklace!”

“I didn’t have much of a choice, Gil.”

Mark speaks to Gil with a distant look.

“What exactly do you mean by “cooperation”?! Wasn’t His Highness going to ask for a marriage proposal?!”

“They’ve been hiding for 14 years in order to keep Alesia out of power. We are no better than Herrud if we force her to marry. So let’s start with cooperation…”

“This isn’t a military plan!”

Chapter 61: Rumor

Alesia and His Highness Mark’s collaboration was still going strong.

“I will prioritize distributing my water to homes with babies and young children.”

The water was prioritized for homes with babies and toddlers as “water to build strength” at Alesia’s suggestion.

The leaders also proposed Alesia’s plan to travel throughout the country to ensure that water was not limited to the capital. In preparation for this, the farm is currently constructing a number of water towers with water tanks on top of tall towers.

Alesia fills the reservoir in each mulberry field, vegetable field, orchard, and wheat field before riding her horse to the various regions. When she arrives at her destination, she refills their water reservoirs and returns home.

When she is traveling far from home, Alesia can also make it rain in the fields at her own request. Despite pests and diseases, vegetables and wheat grow abundantly. The people watched the veiled wizard and the Crown Prince, who was always by her side, with a certain expectation.

Such times have passed after about a year.

“Isn’t the Wizard a young woman?”

“She has a young woman’s voice.”

“Will she marry the Crown Prince?”

“I’m sure she will.”

“But why is she hiding her face?

“Is there a scar on her?”

People began to wonder, [Does the wizard have a scar on her face? That’s why she’s not showing her face?] People began whispering here and there.

Negative rumors have a greater ability to spread. The rumor quickly spread that “the Wizard wears a thick veil to hide her ugly face.”

Alesia and Prince Mark were riding horses together on the road that day.

Alesia, who had grown up on a farm, relished the opportunity to get away from home once a month for four days roundtrip.

“Still, the rumors are vexing. We should thank Alesia for her dedication to the people—what an unforgivable thing to say.”

“That’s fine. It’s easier than being told that I’m incredibly beautiful.”

“You can’t, Alesia! I’m attempting to put these slanderous rumors to rest.”

“I don’t mind whatever they say about my face.”

(It didn’t make a difference.)

After riding through a large, dry area, they came to a place where they should make it rain. The rain poured on the fields and filled the reservoir.

If someone was seriously ill, she would use silk to make the illness disappear.

Alesia’s days are productive.

The Prime Minister proposes a consolation party for Alesia, who works hard, and the nobles who want to meet her agree.

“Is it a consolation party? Do I have to attend?”

“I was against it as well, but Alesia works the hardest, and if she doesn’t go, it will be more difficult for the others to go to the consolation party.”

“Yes, I see. Is that the reason? Then I won’t cause you any problems; I’ll take part.”

“I’m sorry. I told the Prime Minister not to make any further unneeded suggestions after this.”


Oriela, the daughter of Jibril, the Prime Minister’s personal assistant, has been a candidate for the Crown Prince’s wife since birth.

Oriela is two years younger than His Highness Prince Mark, is competent, and comes from a good family. It was assumed that she was a candidate for the position of queen.

When a wizard girl was registered in the kingdom and she was always accompanied by His Highness Mark, talk of her being a candidate for the queen faded.

“Give up, Oriela. His Highness is very fond of her. She’s a wizard and a genius—with the exception of status, you’re no match for her.”

“How about me, who has never been engaged to anyone at this age?! Don’t you feel sorry for your daughter, Oto-sama?!”

“I will find you a suitable marriage. So give it up.”

“Didn’t they say the wizard was ugly? How can an unattractive peasant girl become the Crown Princess simply because she can perform magic?!”

“Oriela, watch what you say! Our house will be destroyed if anyone hears those words. The Wizard-sama is using her power to protect us from the threats of the Kingdom of Farrill.

Her father, Jibril, although it was not confirmed, is widely regarded as the next Prime Minister.

As the Deputy Prime Minister, he is one of the few people who knows Alesia’s true identity.

She is not ugly. Rather, she was a lovely young lady with a gentle charisma. But knowing her face was a secret as well, so he couldn’t tell his daughter.

Oriela, who believed that her future as a crown princess and, eventually, queen of the country was secure, was not convinced. Her father saw her as a danger as she became more and more withdrawn day by day. Oriela was not even allowed to go near the palace, where the consolation party was to be held that day, by her father.


“Alesia, isn’t tonight a consolation party at the royal palace?”

“Yes, Ethan. I’m sure I’ll get some strange looks. I can’t help myself.

“Is it because of the rumor that Alesia is ugly? How about you show your face?”

“No. People knowing my face would make it difficult for me to go to the market and the library. It doesn’t bother me that people think I’m ugly. It’s just that I dislike the attention I receive when I meet new people.”

Alesia’s parents watched their conversation with trepidation. Serio and Hilda were well aware that Alesia would almost certainly be asked to marry His Highness. But if negative presence stands out and bad rumors start to spread, as they have this time, it makes them feel uneasy as parents.

“But you know what, dear? This is Alesia’s own decision. She’s trying her best to help people. We should support her and not worry about rumors.”

“You’re right. She is wiser than we are. We simply have to believe her. However, she is not ugly! Alesia, our Alesia! She’s beautiful!”

Alesia ran up to her father, who raised his voice behind her and smiled wryly.

“Don’t worry, Oto-san. I’m not going to die as a result of rumors, and I’m going to the party pretending I don’t know.”

Chapter 62: Consolation Meeting

Alesia was the focal point of the royal family’s [consolatory party on the cooperation among the seven countries]. Along with Alesia, there were officials who had worked tirelessly on the partnerships, soldiers who had escorted them, and those in charge of behind-the-scenes operations who had organized the distribution of water to the various regions.

His Majesty the King expressed gratitude to Alesia and the others at the start of the consolation party.

Alesia was busy as usual in her blue-green robe and thick veil, dealing with those who came to greet her, accompanied by Mark.

Some of those in attendance were considerate enough to keep their gaze away from her face, while others continued to look at her casually, attempting to make out her face through the veil. Those who did so were quickly forced to flee by Mark’s ruthless gaze and angry aura.

“Are you tired? Do you need a break?”

“It’s fine, Your Highness. I’ll try harder, so it won’t be rude if we leave in a few minutes. Hm? Did I say something odd?”

“No, it’s not. I just thought it was odd that you sounded like you’d been to this kind of party many times.”

“I was just wondering if that was the case. Of course, I’ve never been to such a glamorous place.”

Alesia was greeted by the Minister of Military Affairs.

After thanking her for keeping Farrill, the greatest threat, at bay with the cooperation of the six surrounding countries, he said, “I would like to borrow Your Highness for a moment,” as if addressing the prince’s fiancée or wife.

(I can’t let things go on like this with His Highness…)


I don’t dislike his highness. Actually, I like him. He is a gentle man who treats me with respect.

I just can’t get over the fact that in a previous life, I was executed because the king didn’t believe me. I apologize for my predicament. Your highness is not guilty of any crime or responsibility.

But I’m now used to entering the palace. I used to despise it.

Isn’t it true that I’m finally getting over my bad memories from my past?

After a while, His Highness Mark reappeared.

“Alesia, that’s enough. Let’s leave.”



They quietly exited the hall together. The four soldiers who were guarding them all exited the hall at the same time. Then, apparently waiting outside, a lovely young lady approached them.

“Your Highness!”

“It’s been a long time, Oriela. How are you doing today? Is Jibril still in the hall?

Oriela, the young lady, smiled as she looked at Alesia. Her gaze, however, seemed strangely piercing, in contrast to the smile she had given His Highness.

“This is my first meeting with you, Wizard-sama. I’m Oriela, the daughter of Jibril, the Deputy Prime Minister.”

“Oriella-sama. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“May I ask what your name is?”

Mark slipped in between the lines.

“Oriella. Wizard-dono does not reveal her name.”

“So she won’t even let us see her face, let alone tell us her name?

“Yes. I’m sorry. Now, if you’ll excuse us.”

They were about to leave when Oriela reached out from the blind side and grabbed Alesia’s veil. One of the guards notices her and quickly brushes her arm away, but it’s too late. As a result, the veil was grasped by Oriela’s fingertips and placed in her hand.


“What are you doing!”

With Alesia’s veil removed, Mark raged at Oriela, and the guards surrounded her. The sound and presence of that rage could be felt in the hall, and through the wide open door, several people near the door emerged into the corridor to see what was going on.

Mark quickly removed his jacket and draped it over Alesia’s head.

“Restrain Oriela. I’ll be back to hear from you later.” and urged Alesia to leave.

Oriela remained in the corridor, muttering and clutching her hand. Jibril, the Deputy Prime Minister, dashed in, possibly because he had been informed by someone who had been watching.

“Oriella! Why are you here?!”

But Oriela remained silent, her face expressionless.

“Oriela! What’s wrong?!”

Jibril turned to face the guards when he noticed his daughter clutching something in her right hand.

“…Oriela-sama has removed Wizard-sama’s veil.”

“How dare you! Oriella, you’re sick—come on, let’s go home.”

“His Highness has given orders to restrain her. We’ll confine her to the barracks until His Highness returns.

“…I see. My daughter is sick. Please don’t hurt her if at all possible.”

The guards did not respond, instead grabbing Oriela’s arms from both sides and dragging her away. Many people spilled out into the aisle to watch the entire thing.

“Alesia, are you all right?”

“Yes, I’m perfectly fine. I was simply taken aback.”

“I can’t believe Oriela was so impolite. She will be severely punished. She will never be permitted to be near Alesia again.”

Alesia thinks that the veil being ripped off was insignificant in and of itself. It was only Oriela’s desperate expression that bothered her. She has been unable to forget it since they boarded the carriage.

“Your Highness, my resolve was half-hearted. Perhaps she wants to see it because I keep it hidden. I was not hurt. I will no longer wear the veil from now on. I don’t want this to happen again and for someone else to be blamed…”

“But wouldn’t it be inconvenient if they knew your face?”

“Your Highness once said, [both hardships and joys are on my path]; then I’ll live my life knowing that both inconveniences and joys await me.”

Mark watches Alesia as she repeats his words from over a year ago. as if to see if she really meant what she said.

“Well… If that is what Alesia desires, so far, I’ve kept my guards hidden from plain sight, but they’ll be visible around you from now on. I understand how inconvenient it is, but please bear with it for your own safety.”

“Thank you for your consideration. And there is no need to punish Oriela-sama.”


“Perhaps she is sick at heart. I had a strong feeling. Her expression was one of sadness rather than hatred.”

The source of her sadness was most likely her relationship with His Highness. Her behavior was most likely caused by the fact that they do daily activities together.


Everyone in the hall was whispering at the time.

“Oriela-sama was taken away, wasn’t she? What exactly did she do?”

“Didn’t you notice? She ripped Wizard-sama’s veil off.”

“Huh? Why did she act so impolitely?”

“It’s not only impolite but also outrageous… I did, however, catch a glimpse of her profile.”

“Yes, she is stunning. Ugliness is a big lie.”

“She was beautiful in profile, but she had a softness about her.”


Mark returned to the palace after dropping Alesia off at the farm.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Oriela. The Father and daughter are waiting for him in the barracks.

“No charges would be brought against Oriella,” Jibril looked as if he could not believe his ears.

“Alesia says it’s human nature. However, Oriela requires medical attention.”

“I’ll have her examined, and we’ll make sure she’s treated! I swear we’ll never bother you again. I will never forget this kindness!”

“Jibril, I will not allow you to quit your job. Keep serving my family and my kingdom.”

“I will serve you with all my heart. Thank you very much, your Highness!”

As a result, the Deputy Prime Minister burst into tears as a father.

Oriela was diagnosed with a mental illness and placed in medical care following a medical examination.

Chapter 63: A First Love with a Lot of Problems

Alesia started to show her face as a wizard.

Naturally, living as an ordinary person on the streets is no longer possible. She draws attention even when she is not surrounded by guards, such as when she is at the market or the library.

Market-goers who used to shout “Alesia-chan!” now bow their heads as they realize she is the government-protected wizard.

Alesia feels a little sad. (I hope they get used to the presence of the guards over time.)

One day, on the way back from the royal palace, where they had stopped to fill the water barrels throughout the country, they were sitting side by side talking.

“Your Highness, I’m considering building a house on the outskirts of the farm to sleep in, because Gil-san has often said that [it’s a waste of rain that falls in residential areas and seeps into the ground].”

Alesia’s rain has a diameter of about 3,200 meters (3.2 kilometers), and one-third of the rain falls on the area around her house, which is built closer to the slum. It will most likely increase by more than a third in the future.

“Gil? Why is Gill discussing this with you rather than with me?”

“It seems that if I build a house where I sleep near the farm’s wasteland, he will be able to expand the mulberry fields under state control.”

“Probably the finance minister’s idea—Alesia, I’m sorry you have to sleep alone.”

(I appreciate your concern, your highness, but I’m already sixteen years old. I have no complaints or concerns about sleeping alone in a house.)

“No, I can be of service to a lot of people, too. But I don’t want to talk about building a house with public funds. I have enough money to build myself.)

Mark ponders over Alesia’s words.

“Alesia—What if the royal family builds a separate palace for you and me?”

Alesia looked Mark in the eyes.

“You don’t like it?”

“I don’t mind. If it’s okay with you…”

Mark, who had anticipated a refusal, looks at her blankly.

“…What did you just say?”

“I said, I don’t mind. If it’s okay with you, only His Highness would consider a troublesome woman like me as a wife anyway… If His Highness’s proposal from a year ago is still valid, I would be delighted to live with him… Kya?!”

Mark embraced Alesia with all his might.

“Your Highness! You’re going to hurt my back!”

Mark finally relaxed after she patted him on the back.

“Thank goodness… I was really prepared to wait ten years. I won’t accept cancellations, alright?”

“I won’t. I’ve been working with His Highness every day for a year now, and I’ve made my decision.”

Mark’s face became concerned.

“Are you sure you’re not overdoing it?”

“No, I do not. His Highness has always respected my opinion since you came to our house for petites six years ago. He has also shielded my parents and me. I can’t find a dependable husband anywhere in the world… Kya!”

Mark’s arms, once loosened, hugged her tightly again.

“If you ever feel like you can’t handle being the crown princess, just tell me.”

“What if I tell you I’m not up to it?”

“I’ll hear all of your complaints. I’ll make improvements where I can.”

Alesia cannot help but laugh.

Working with His Highness Marks, she saw that he was flexible while staying true to himself and what he believed in.

His Highness never said anything like “because you are a woman” or “because you are a commoner.” He listened to whoever he had to listen to, and if he thought he should accept them, he did.

(This person…)

Mark waited for Alesia to be ready to accept him. Little by little, Alesia was moved by His Highness’ patience and generosity.

Six years have passed since their first meeting at the farm.

His Highness Mark’s troubled first love finally comes to fruition.

But Alesia was mistaken about one thing.

She thinks that no one would want a troublesome woman like her for a wife, but in reality, the country was inundated with marriage proposals from foreign nobles and princes.

The local nobles wanted to bring benefits into the family, while princes from other countries wanted to move into the country and have one of their children sent to their own country in exchange.

The king rejected these offers.

Mark, who knew what was going on behind the scenes, was impatient when Alesia correctly pronounced the Barwala words [knowledge is power].

(Has she already made a commitment to marry someone in Balwala?) He wondered.

He quickly checked the situation and was relieved to discover that no one in Balwala was in a relationship with Alesia or had directly asked her to marry him.

in Alesia’s kitchen at night.

“Oto-san, Oka-san, I have accepted his highness’ marriage proposal.”

For a while, the parents were in a stupor.

Hilda, her mother, was the first to speak up.

“I’m sure it will be difficult.”

“Yes, it is. But His Highness has always been kind to me. He has always been concerned about me. I’m sure there will be many hurdles, but I’m not too worried.”

Serio finally spoke up.

“I’m going to miss you, Alesia.”

“No, no. I think we will construct a detached palace around the farm’s meadow. That’s why I’ll be staying here after I get married.”


“What do you mean?”

“His Highness intends to construct a detached palace on the outskirts of the farm, and we will live there. So I’ll be able to stay here with Oto-san and Oka-san. And I still have to make it rain on the farm, right?”


“Does the Crown Prince plan to live here?”

“Yes—but he could be at the palace for half the week.”

“Alesia… When you were born, your father couldn’t sleep because he was worried about how difficult your life would be.”

Her father’s voice trembled a little.

“Your mother felt the same way. We both expected you to struggle in life, which is why we will cherish you until that time comes.”

Her mother hugged her gently, with tears in her eyes.

“Congratulations, Alesia.”

“Thank you, Oto-san, Oka-san; you have made me happy for a long time. I cannot express how grateful I am.”

(I’m not sure what my life would be like without them.)

Chapter 64: Statisticians and Raids.

The Kream Institute, which receives government funding.

Demir Kream, the director, is reviewing the documents while receiving reports from Mikhail.

“A lot has changed.”

“Yes. Infant mortality has significantly decreased. In addition, the number of abandoned children has decreased by more than 30% from the previous year.”

Demir looks up at Mikhail as he taps his fingers on a piece of paper.

“Is it, after all, the healing water?”

“The healing water’s effect is one thing. But I believe the most important factor is that the crops were harvested without being harmed by pests and diseases.

Director Demir shakes his head while sitting back in his chair.

“It’s incredible how one wizard can affect an entire country’s statistics. It is a terrifying force to be reckoned with.”


“Continue the disease research and statistics. You’re fast and accurate.”

“I appreciate it.”

Mikhail sat back down and checked the tally sheets for the voluntary surveys he was working on.

Six months ago, the government started working on an education policy to increase the number of people who can read and write and to invest funds into the health care of children.

(Where did such funds in this country come from?)


I was intrigued and conducted some research out of personal curiosity. However, I was surprised to discover that, despite the institute’s government support, there is a lot of information that is not available.

It should be a few years before the number of sick people decreases and tax revenues increase. I’m curious where the money for the kids came from.

The only thing that comes to mind is that they began exporting a small quantity of domestically produced silk cloth. But how much money can silk make?

A farm located in an area recently dubbed the “Rainy District”. The Crown Prince’s fiancée lives there with her family.

Mulberry fields managed by the state surround it. Despite the fact that no official announcement has been made, Alesia-sama is most likely responsible for the rain that falls in that area.

Rumors abound throughout the city that all of Alesia’s water contains healing properties, though this has yet to be officially confirmed.

“Drinking Alesia-sama water will cure illnesses.” “Injuries will heal faster.” These are the words of the residents of the three water supply areas. This is most likely correct. We wanted to collect statistics on this, but the state denied our request for a survey.

“Will they fight over the water if we make the numbers public?”

If the effects were known, they might have expected the water she was producing to be bought and sold at a high price.

“It’s all a bunch of maybes and mystery.”

This is extremely frustrating for me as a statistician.


Alesia eventually became the Crown Prince’s fiancée.

A serious incident occurred.

It happened when Alesia and a platoon of troops were on their way to the request of “letting rain fall on the fields of the northern villages and filling the reservoirs.”

“We’ve been expecting you.”

The men who greeted them were all too bulky. Alesia and the platoon leader both thought it was unlikely that these were the bodies of poor villagers.

“Isn’t it strange that not a single woman or child greeted us?” Alesia inquired. The guards were also skeptical of the village’s peace and quiet.

After some distance and a conversation, and the guards’ hesitation to get closer, dozens of men attacked from hiding.

It was a well-planned operation.

As the battle was about to begin, the soldiers guarding Alesia surrounded her and drew their swords.

Alesia, who was being guarded, yelled “Water!” and quickly threw her right hand to the side. Then balls of water appeared, enveloping each of the fifty or sixty or so enemies’ heads.

When they tried to get the water out of their heads, it spread out for a moment but quickly gathered back in their heads, blocking their noses and mouths.

Alesia lowered her raised right arm as they all fell to the ground, gasping for air.

Water ran down their faces and was absorbed by the earth. When they finally got their breath back, most of them were coughing so hard that they couldn’t fight back and were quickly overpowered and tied up. Those who could still breathe and attempted to fight back were hit in the face with a water ball once more.

Everyone in the village was bound and rolled up in their homes. Alesia, relieved that no one had been killed, despite the fact that some had been punched and kicked, told the captured enemy soldiers in no uncertain terms.

“We will spare your lives for the time being because you did not murder our people.”

After some thought, the platoon leader releases an enemy soldier, and Alesia calls out to him.

“You can go ahead and report that they’ve all been apprehended. Tell those who ordered you what I did to you. Tell them that [I can do the same to you and that distance doesn’t matter.]

One of the enemies is freed and flees.

“It’s most likely Farrill, isn’t it?”

“We will question the people we have apprehended, but I am confident that it is Farrill. They may have been enraged by the agreement reached between our country and its neighbors.”

Because of the royal family’s wishes, Farrill is the only country where Laminbo does not export silk.

“Um, Alesia-sama, is what you just said true?”

“Hm? That distance doesn’t matter? Of course, that’s a lie.”

Alesia’s candid confession made the platoon leader laugh.

(Isn’t that an effective way to frighten them?) Her bravery impressed the guards.

“Now let us get on with what we came here to do.”

Alesia treated the wounded with healing silk cloth, raining one field at a time and filling all the water bottles.

On the way back, leaving half of the soldiers to watch over the prisoners, Alesia’s guards were whispering about the magic Alesia had used.

“That’s more certain than any of your sword abilities.”

“And the fact that she can use it from afar while we remain completely safe…”

“I’m glad we have Alesia-sama on our side.”

“It certainly is.”

The guards’ strong bodies trembled as they remembered the scene.

Alesia, who had heard the whispering and was riding her horse, laughed.

(That’s how I imagined using it in my previous life when I was in prison and despised the people around me, but I never imagined it would come in handy like this…)


The prisoners turned out to be Farrill’s soldiers.

In exchange for the prisoners, the kingdom of Laminbo officially demanded an apology and compensation from Farrill, as well as 700 large gold coins. The sum was so large that the soldiers expected to be abandoned. Surprisingly, Farrill paid for it, perhaps because of the presurres of great powers.

The king of Farrill apologized politely and insisted that “military deserters were responsible for what happened.”

“You can make whatever excuse you want. They demanded 500 large gold coins in exchange for me, so they should have offered me gold this time.”

When he heard Alesia’s words, Gil had an indescribable expression on his face.

“Gil, you thought I was a money-grubbing woman, didn’t you?”

“No, His Highness Mark said exactly the same thing.”


Alesia was a little happy.

Chapter 65: Nigel and Emilia

A new small palace was built on the farm’s waste land, and the Crown Prince and Alesia were married there shortly after it was finished.

The birth of a commoner princess was celebrated. It was like something out of a fairy tale. After all, commoners make up more than 95% of the population. Even though she was a wizard, the fact that a peasant girl became the Crown Princess greatly improved the royal family’s public image.

None of the aristocrats who were ostensibly opposed to the prince’s marriage to a peasant girl because rumors circulated behind closed doors that “Alesia-sama is not only a water giver. She appears to be capable of curing any serious injury or incurable disease.”

On Mark’s orders, Gil deliberately spread the rumors to a few people to warn them that public opposition to Alesia as Crown Princess would bar them and their families from the wizard’s benefits.

It was assumed that Alesia would require time to learn royal customs and knowledge of foreign lands.

But when it comes time to open the door, there is no problem at all. Even gestures that require physical memorization are not a problem. It was because she had memories of a previous life, but she told the teachers, who were surprised, “I learned it from a book in the library.”

Even those who thought, “That’s ridiculous,” had to accept it because it was enough to teach Alesia once to learn everything. Finally, the queen’s education, which was expected to take at least a year at the most, was completed in less than a month.

“Your Highness acts like a naive young man in front of Alesia-sama, but in reality you are a cold-hearted individual who silences nobles with such rumors, right? He never gave up after falling in love with Alesia-sama at first sight.”

“How can you just stop when you’ve fallen in love.”

Gil chuckled and teased Mark.

“I suppose Alesia-sama has no idea how vindictive and cold-hearted your highness is.”

“…I’m wise in my own way.”

Gil and Mark are as close as they have ever been.


Two years after marrying His Highness Mark, Alesia became pregnant. They appear to be twins. People around her were expecting the birth of a child with magical abilities, but Alesia was skeptical.

“Wizards are said to be born only once every few decades. Getting your hopes up is pointless.”

She just laughs it off.

Isabelle, on the other hand, disagrees.

She told Alesia’s parents. “However, both my husband and son were healers. It’s not impossible.”

Alesia struggled with a large belly during her pregnancy, but she gave birth to twins two weeks before her due date. The twins were male and female.

“How magical are your children?” a flustered crowd of influential people asks.

“As long as Alesia and the children are safe, it’s fine. It’s too greedy to wish for them to be wizards as well.”

He warned them to be ready for anything.

The birth went off without a hitch, and there was no need for the healing silk cloth that had been prepared in case of an emergency.

The twins were named Nigel for a boy and Emilia for a girl.

The children resembled Mark, with dark hair and intelligent faces, except that their eyes were blue with gold stars, showing their mother’s blood.

The royal palace has been raining like a drizzle day and night since the twins were born. The rain stopped when the babies cried, and it started again when they drank their milk and went to bed. The king and queen, as well as the ministers, are ecstatic.

Alesia and her mother, Hilda, were whispering to each other the day after giving birth.

“Alesia, it’s raining just like when you were born.”

“Do you know who is causing the rain, Oka-san? I only hold my babies when they are awake.”

“Both of them. It always rains regardless of who is sleeping.”

“Oh, dear. That must delight the great people.”

Gil, who had tasted the drizzling rain that the children had created in a cup, exclaimed, “okay! The rain tastes exactly like Alesia- sama’s!” He was delighted.

One day, about ten days after the birth of the twins, His Highness Mark was looking at the sleeping faces of the babies and discussing the future with Alesia.

“Even if the children can make it rain and produce water, the country will eventually come to a standstill if it depends on them.”

“Yes. In the long run, water security and medical development are critical to the country’s future—not every generation is fortunate enough to have many water wizards.”

When Mark looks at the baby, his face tightens.

“That’s right. We will now work to secure deep wells and better medical care.”

“We must also take care of scholars who study diseases.”

“Haha, you’re one of those people who gets ten things right when they say one.”

Mark gently kissed Alesia’s forehead with these words.


Kream Institute of Statistics.

“The prime minister has summoned you, Mikhail. The reason is unknown. Can you think of a reason?”

“Perhaps it’s because I’ve been bugging him for the breakdown of export sales.”

“…Be careful not to cause too much trouble.”

“I don’t mean to make waves. I’ll be right back.”

The Prime Minister’s office.

“So, your name is Mikhail. I apologize for summoning you.”

“No. How may I help you?”

“You’ve been tracking disease outbreaks and deaths across the country for a while, haven’t you?”


“You also requested a breakdown of export sales.”


“Then I’ve got a job for you. I’d like you to accept it. In the next room is a veteran of the field. You’ll hear all the details there.”

He has no way of saying no.

(Did I get too close to some top-secret information? Perhaps I’ll be demoted?)

Mikhail ignored his inner turmoil and proceeded to the next room.

There was an elderly woman sitting there.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Mikhail, and I work at the Kream Institute of Statistics.”

“I’m Isabelle, and you don’t have to say anything formal.”

“What kind of work do you do, Isabelle-san?”

“Helping the wizard, I suppose. I’ve been in desperate need of assistance recently, so I requested that Her Highness Princess Alesia find someone I can trust.”

“Help the wizard?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Isabelle reached into her pocket and pulled out a white silk cloth.

“It’s top secret because if people found out about it, there’d be a big fight. What I need you to do is visit oases and settlements and assist the sick who cannot be treated with medicine.”

Mikhail followed up with a few more inquiries.

It appears that it is a job to heal the sick in various locations using a cloth imbued with Alesia’s power.

Mikhail was overjoyed to learn that he could conduct statistical research following his treatment.

Chapter 66: Disaster of the Maidservant

After her body recovers from the exhaustion of giving birth, the Crown Princess Alesia gets back on her horse and rides from place to place to bring rain and distribute water.

She rides the horse because the carriage takes too long.

Because of this, Alesia’s health is a source of concern for Mark.

“Horses will exhaust you. We’ll add more water towers so you can stay in the carriage.”

“I enjoy horseback riding. That is something I rarely get to do. Besides, I don’t want to be away from my children for too long. They won’t be babies for long afterall.”

While Alesia is away, Mark makes frequent visits to see the babies.

“Your Oka-san is a beautiful, strong, wonderful person. But she can be a little stubborn. But that’s what I admire about her. I’m hoping she returns soon. Let us wait for Oka-san to return home.”

Mark has a habit of saying things to his children that he does not want Gil to hear.


Mikhail and Isabel are carrying the healing silk cloth with the claim that “Alesia-sama has imbued it with healing powers.” Mikhail heals people outside the capital, while Isabelle heals people in the capital.

Mikhail was astounded by the silk cloth’s effect.

(This is definitely the reason why the treasury has been enriched.) He was convinced.

Because of the silk cloth, the young scholars and engineers of Laminbo were able to learn from and work with people from other countries.

In the wasteland, a series of deep wells were dug. Underground rivers snaking through the wastelands were used to bring clean water and expand agricultural land. The silk cloth was the cost of this. It is said that once a country began to use silk cloth, it could not live without it.

People who had gotten advanced medical training in other countries moved to different parts of the Laminbo Kingdom.

The twins are doing well, and their daughter, Emilia, has been receiving marriage proposals from other countries despite the fact that she is only two years old. But Mark and Alesia have no intention of sending their children abroad to marry.

Alesia now knows what it’s like for her parents to keep their children hidden from power.

(I don’t want my child to be a useful tool)

She thinks as she holds Emilia in her arms. Mark protects her, but her heart aches at the prospect of marrying her daughter off to another country where she cannot be seen.

One day,


A maidservant’s screams echoed throughout the palace, and the guards rushed into the children’s room.


The guards who entered the room were frozen at the door.

Emilia laughed as many small balls of water floated around her, while Nigel raised his arms in response to a large ball of water that reached the ceiling beneath the maidservant’s head. It’s large enough to fit an adult.

“Hey, let’s get the maidservant out of the way before the big one falls on her.”


They approach the maidservant quietly and with a tight smile so as not to startle the young princesses. They grab the paralyzed maidservant’s arms and pull her out from under the large water ball.

The three adults can’t take their eyes off the big water ball. When they were relieved to have finally pulled the maidservant out from under the large water ball, Nigel dropped his arms innocently because he saw his mother coming to the door and tried to run to her.


They expected a massive amount of water to fall on the floor, but it did not.

Alesia recognized the situation at first sight and shouted “Water!” and, with a graceful movement of her arms, she maneuvered both the large ball of water and Emilia’s small ball onto the terrace before dropping them there.

Thud! Splash, splash, and more splash!

The water balls all landed on the terrace. The guards exhaled and sighed. They bowed to Her Highness Princess Alesia. The maidservant bowed her head as well.

“I’m sorry if I scared you, Era. I’ll tell the kids not to let something like this happen again. Oh dear, I wonder when they learned how to make water balls.”

(In a previous life, I couldn’t do that until I was four and could correctly pronounce it. I doubt I could manipulate water without the aid of a chant.)

Alesia laughs with a troubled expression as she is hugged by two children who ran up to her.

Era, the maidservant, is still speechless after nearly drowning under hundreds of kilograms of water.

After that, the two kids did a lot of things.

They can make water balls without chanting, so you never know when you’ll see water. The maidservants and guards were both on their toes all the time.

Ethan’s surprise at getting water on his head while playing with the children during a visit to the palace has long been a source of amusement.

Ethan confessed his feelings to Chana, but he was never taken seriously, and he is now seeing a girl who works at the state-owned mulberry farm.

Chana, who resembled a fairy, said, “I’m not ready to get married just yet—Now that I’m healthy, I want to do a lot of things to compensate for the time I spent in bed.”

She enjoys weaving and expanding her horizons.

Alesia takes time away from her hectic official duties to teach her children water magic.

She instructs them to practice filling a large bucket with water without spilling it, and then she instructs them to practice filling cups. She taught the children not to become frustrated, not to exhaust their magical power, and not to cast water in the house too frequently.

Nonetheless, the kids would occasionally start fighting, and small balls of water would fly around the room. Only Alesia could stop them, and Gil, who happened to be nearby, exclaimed, “Oh, what a waste!”

Because of this situation, the children were given the task of filling large buckets with water from the time they were as young as three years old. Because they are unable to make it rain evenly over a large area, the job only entails roughly distributing the water.

Emilia, on the other hand, who was good at controlling magic down to the smallest detail, copied her mother and started making coucious rain every day.

Then Nigel, who had a rivalry with Emilia, attempted to make it rain next to her and created a large water ball. “Make sure you practice filling the barrels with water here!” Gil said again, but his request did not seem to go over well.

The plants in the courtyard, where the twins wrestled with the water, were clearly flourishing. The gardeners quickly realized that “something in the water that Your Highnesses cast causes the plants to grow.” So when there were weak flowers, they were potted and brought to the courtyard, where they were placed in an area where the twins could play.

The stablekeepers also noticed that when the twins gave the horses water, their hair became shinier and they did not tire after a long run. The gardeners and the stable keepers are having a quiet battle over the water in the barrels that Gil keeps lined up in the courtyard.

On the other hand, Gil frequently discovers the barrels empty these days and wonders, “Have the Highnesses stopped playing in the courtyard?” because the water in the barrels was quickly removed and replaced with empty barrels.

Chapter 67: Two Lives

King Mark and Queen Alesia stand close together, overlooking a vast wheat field.

“From now on, there should be no one left to starve.”

“We’ve finally gotten this far.”

“Many thanks to Alesia.”

“It’s due to your efforts.”

Nigel and Emilia, both ten, are standing nearby. They are both smiling at their parents, who are very close. The children are waiting impatiently for their mother to bring rain to the vast fields.

“Let it be Rain.”

Alesia chanted as she stretched her arms toward the sky, and a gentle, silvery rain fell on the parched wheat fields.

“Wow! So far away! That’s incredible, Oka-sama.”

“Nigel, don’t talk when Oka-sama is performing magic.”

“Emilia always nags.”

They were not yet permitted to rain on the fields. They had to be careful not to let the water fall in chunks with a bang, as this would destroy the crops.

“Would you like to try it, Nigel and Emilia? You’ve recently had a lot of success in the royal garden.”

“Are you sure?!”

Emilia first raises her arms and closes her eyes. A light rain then falls, similar to the rain in Alesia, but the area is significantly smaller than that of Alesia. After a while, Nigel takes over.

By extending his arm to the sky, Nigel was able to make it rain over a much larger area than Emilia. After a while, Alesia called out to Nigel.

“Yes, that’s about right. The fields seem to be moist enough. Thank you both. Let’s head home.”

“Oka-sama, will you tell us the story on the way home? The story of how you found the hidden room.”

“Emilia loves that story. She enjoys it when Uncle Moshe pokes his head in and causes Oka-sama to panic.”

“Hey! Don’t say that now.”

The soldiers who are guarding them are listening and trying not to laugh.

Mark and Alesia got into the carriage hand in hand.

Alesia looked out the carriage window.

Laminbo, a poor country with three-quarters arid land, is being transformed into a prosperous country over the next thirteen years. There is no longer a scarcity of drinking water thanks to the construction of waterways and wells. No child should die due to a lack of water, as was the case with Ethan previously.

There are some pleasant surprises.

Since Alesia became queen, there has been a slow trickle of wizards registering.

The parents of those who registered said they had the courage to sign up after seeing how the royal family and the people accepted and cared for Alesia. Mark and Alesia were relieved to see that things were improving once they got going.

“When you eventually pass the throne to Nigel, I’d like to travel around.”

“Yeah, let’s do that.”

Mark replied right away.

“I want to see every corner of the country. No, I also want to see foreign landscapes.”

“If that’s what you want, I’ll do my best to make it happen.”

“I hope Farrill remains silent.”

“Since the first prince became king, they haven’t done anything stupid. He wouldn’t be so stupid as to antagonize all of his neighbors. When he said ‘that’, I assumed he was telling the truth.”

The previous king of Farrill died of illness eight years ago, and Fassar, the First Prince, ascended to the throne.

King Fassar personally visited the Kingdom of Laminbo and bowed down to them, requesting silk cloth from them. He was already aware of the silk cloth. His youngest son, only two years old, was critically ill. Marks paid the man and had a long conversation with Alesia before handing over the silk cloth. And since then, there has not been a single incident involving Farrill in Laminbo.

He didn’t say anything about what happened to the fourth prince, Herrud, but he did promise that “he’ll never bother you again.”

“Tell me about the hidden room, Oka-sama!”

“Yes, yes, of course.”

She is grateful that in this life she is protected and loved.

In the bustling carriage, King Mark was happily listening. Nigel, who had finished listening, had a question for her.

“Oka-sama, come to think of it, how did Oka-sama meet Oto-sama?”

“Oh, I forgot to tell you… Gil was still the Crown Prince’s squire when he came to my house, and I happened to be making petites, so your Oto-sama, fufufu….”

“Alesia, I am ashamed to speak of the past.”

“Ara. But, the story of Al-san, the soldier, is quite fascinating.

“Who’s Al-san?”

“Let’s not get into that, Alesia.”

The carriage carrying the four members of the royal family is returning to the palace today. The mulberry fields managed by the state have increased a little every year.

When Alesia turned 20, the area of rainfall she brought ceased to expand. The final rainfall area had a diameter of about 4,000 meters (4km).

“I prefer the detached palace to the royal palace. The farm’s food is delicious. I could eat hawthorn candies every day when Obaa-sama made them.”

“Emilia loves hawthorn candy, doesn’t she?”

“I like sweet and spicy chicken, too!”

Mark and Alesia exchange a friendly smile with the children sitting across from them. The kids had had enough of the fun and fell asleep with their heads against each other.

Outside the carriage, a light rain began to fall.

If these two make it rain, the land will be blessed for decades to come. In the meantime, it will be up to them to make sure the country can run without wizards.

Mark rests his hand on Alesia’s shoulder, and Alesia rests her hand on Mark’s hand.

“Alesia, you have laid the foundation for this land to flourish. Our children’s generation will be more prosperous.”

“I’m proud to be a part of this country’s history, and I thank you for picking me despite all of my troubles.”

Mark, who had been politely listening, became solemn.

“Alesia, I’ve been meaning to ask you three questions.”

“Three questions? I’m curious what it is.”

“Every year on the anniversary of Eitana’s death, I hear you send flowers to her grave. I’ve always wondered why, because you didn’t know Eitana very well.”

Alesia winced.

“Someday, I may or may not tell you that. But you already knew that and never asked me, didn’t you?”

Mark softens up again.

“I’ve been waiting for Alesia to tell me for herself.”

“For more than a decade? That’s a long time to wait. And what about the second?”

“You’ve always tried to help people since I’ve known you.”

“Yes, I have.”


Alesia looked up at Mark in the eyes, who sat next to her.

“It’s related to the answer to your first question.”

“Has it anything to do with Eitana?”

“This isn’t Eitana herself.”

“Then the third is the hidden room. You were well aware of it, weren’t you?”


“Don’t tell me this has something to do with Eitana?”

“It’s not directly related to Eitana.”

“Are you still going to keep it a secret from me?”


(How do I explain a life that ends in hatred and resentment and two lives that end in love?)

“Maybe one day I will be able to tell you, but maybe I will carry it with me to my grave.”

“…I understand.”

“Will you forgive me for this answer?”

“Naturally, I do. If you didn’t want me to, I would never question you. Since the day I ate your petite, I’ve been thinking about you—No, I’ll stop here.”

Mark looked embarrassed and hugged her again, and Alesia closed her eyes and rested her head on Mark’s shoulder.

“Thank you for loving me.”

Her voice was muffled, but it seemed to reach Mark’s ears. The arm around her shoulder pulled Alesia tightly against him.

Chapter 68: Extra Edition Mira, the Wizard Girl

“Oh, my Queen!”

A girl of about ten tries to run to Queen Alesia, but is stopped. The guards are blocking her path with their arms outstretched in front of her.

“It’s fine. Allow her to pass.”


“It’s fine. Isn’t she a lovely young lady?”

With a wide smile, Alesia tells them, and the guards drop their outstretched hands.

“Hello. What’s your name?”

“I’m Mira! I heard the queen was here, and I’m here to ask you a question.”

“I wonder what it is. It’s just tea time, so come with me.”

“My queen!”

The guards appear tense.

They must feel neglected in their work, Alesia decides, placating them.

“I can leave the palace in peace because of your constant protection. I am thankful. However, it is also my responsibility as queen to listen to the people. I’d be grateful if you could forgive me today.”


They couldn’t argue with the queen after hearing so much from her, so the men on guard returned to their original positions.

To be honest, Alesia could fight off fifty well-trained men at the same time. If she puts water on their faces and stops them from breathing, they won’t be able to do anything.

But to say that is the end of the matter. That’s why she’s always tried to speak softly enough to avoid destroying the soldiers’ faces.

They are now in a district about two days’ carriage ride from the royal palace.

There appears to be a large number of pests on the crops, which must be eradicated.

“Alesia-sama doesn’t have to go there herself; we’ll just bring her healing water,” Gil explained. But carrying a hundred or two hundred large barrels of water would be inefficient. It would suffice if Alesia went herself and brought healing rain. There would be no need to transport water or manually spread it evenly. Gil is a man who puts efficiency first, so he agreed to Queen Alesia’s expedition.

“So, Mira, what is your business here?”

“Yes, I am capable of using magic. But Oto-san warned me not to tell anyone. But I want to be of service to my country.”

“I wonder what kind of magic Mira can do. Can you show me?”


Mira stood a little way from Alesia, picked up a pebble at her feet, wrapped her hands around it, and chanted, “Let it glow.” The stone began to glow, as if it contained an internal light source.


Alesia was taken aback, and the guards surrounding her gaped open-mouthed.

“That’s incredible. How long can you keep it glowing?”

“Perhaps all night.”

“You mean Mira can keep it glowing while she’s awake?”

“No. Even when I’m sleeping, it still glows on its own.”

(What exactly does that mean?)

Wizards who can make light are sometimes found, but only when the user is awake. The magic usually breaks when the user turns his or her attention elsewhere or goes to sleep.

Mira explained, with a slightly proud expression when Alesia said so.

“That is also possible. But this is imbuing the stone with magic. So the stone, which had been glowing on its own the entire time, will be shattered and turned into sand.”


(Isn’t this wonderful magic? Why isn’t her father reporting the child to the state?)

“How come your Oto-san doesn’t report you?”

“Because Oka-san is not particularly strong. If I go to the royal capital, we’ll be in big trouble because no one will do the chores.”

“What does your Oto-san do?”

“He’s a carpenter.”

“Yes. I see. Mira, you have incredible power. I hope you will help our country.”

Mira’s face brightened.

Before Alesia’s marriage to Mark, the kingdom of Laminbo was known for its poverty. The treasury is now well-stocked, thanks to the healing silk cloth and Alesia’s water.

However, the entire country is still not comfortable.

“So even those rare talents are sometimes buried by having to help out at home. The royal family has a lot of work ahead of them.”

Alesia summoned one of her companions and spoke in hushed tones.

“Could you please request that Isabelle-san bring some silk cloth to Mira’s house? Mikhail-san can also accompany her to determine how many people are sick in the area.”


After the official has left, he returns to Mira and resumes the conversation.

“Do you want to use your magic, Mira?”

“I certainly do! But because I have a younger sister and a younger brother, I am responsible for the housework. I’m at a loss for what to do.”

“That’s all right. In the near future, your Oka-san will be in excellent health.”

“Really?! Thank you kindly, my Queen!”

Mira arrived at the palace after Isabelle and Mikhail had visited her with the healing silk cloths and confirmed that her mother had recovered completely. She is now performing her magic in front of King Mark.

“This is…”

Mark exclaimed when he saw the many stones glowing softly in the night.

“Does such magic exist?”

“I’ve never seen anything like it before. The stones’ slight warmth appears to be a kind of magic that works on them. Apart from stones, Mira, is there anything else that can make things glow?”

“Wood glows brightly but quickly disappears. Glass glows for a long time as well, but I haven’t tried it much because I don’t want to ruin it.”

“No, stones will suffice. I’d rather have stones. To be able to use all of the stones around us for lighting would be a dream come true.”

Mira thus became a wizard in the royal palace.

Despite being a wizard, Alesia became queen, and the number of wizard declarations increased after she was adored by the royal family. The Laminbo Wizards have become a national treasure in the impoverished country.

Mira started working for the same or even higher pay as the adults.

Since then, Laminbo has been attracting more and more tourists.

The glowing stones scattered throughout the palace’s gardens and corridors illuminate the surroundings in a magical way at night. Mira’s magical stones also light up the streets around the palace with a soft glow.

Mira is the reason Laminbo’s royal capital has earned the moniker “City of Light.”

Mira’s magical power grew with her, and she begged Gil, “Please let me put more magic into the stone because I have too much magic.”

So, the desert country of Laminbo changes into a place where there are healing wizards, water wizards, and light wizards. Eventually, this leads to Laminbo becoming a wealthy country.

This transformation was witnessed by Alesia’s twins’ generation, but that is a story for another time.

~The End~

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