Abandoned Lady Awakened in the Dungeon – Sacred Mark? A True Saint? No I Am Just a Monster Foodie! – Chapter 9

Chapter 9: The second layer is the water area│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

“…I think it’s time to raise the stakes…”

That’s what Lysette thinks after spending a long time in the dungeon.

Her sense of time was a little hazy, but she’d been in the dungeon for quite some time. Approximately 20 days.

She is hopeful that she will be considered dead on the surface because she has not left the dungeon for so long.

And she had a lot of things that could be sold for money.

At this point, she decides to go back to the surface to get some gold, gather information, and buy the things she needs.

“All right, let’s take one last look at the second layer before we go.”

She decided to do so and set out in search of the stairs that led down, which she soon discovered. It’s as if they were there because Lysette wanted them to be.

She was a little disappointed this time because there were no giant flying sea urchins nearby.

—Come to think of it, I never met another adventurer.

She’s curious if she’ll see anyone on the next layer.

Lysette went down the stairs, more nervous than usual but also more excited about the unknown dungeon.

The dungeon’s first level was a forest, but the second level had a different environment. The ground was stone rather than earth, there was no sky above but a ceiling, and the majority of the area was covered in water.

It felt like she was in an underground aqueduct.

Fortunately, she didn’t need a lamp because there was so much light coming through the moss growing everywhere.

“It’s amazing how quickly things can change. I’m curious about what’s going on here.”

She looked down at the water.

The water is absolutely clear. She can see fish swimming in the water but not the bottom. Maybe it’s deeper than she thought. There was also a distinct salty odor.

【Appraisal】 Seawater. Salt, trace metals, and aether are present.

“Seawater…? How could there be seawater here?”

The Dungeon is located in the mountains. The ocean is a long way away. This far out, there is no way to get seawater. That means the seawater is created within the dungeon.

“The dungeon is truly another world.”

Lysette shakes her head. She’s taken aback.

She was supposed to take a quick look around and then return, but she was convinced it was better to take a closer look and continue down the aisle.

“The footholds aren’t great… It’s extremely slippery due to the seaweed and other debris. Monsters may appear from behind… Hmm, that’s right!”



The entire surface of the water freezes over as far as the eye can see. The ice is thick, and she tested it by putting her foot on it, then standing on it with both feet, but it showed no signs of cracking.

“Yes, a huge success!”

She is now free to go anywhere.

Lysette’s quick stride takes her onto the ice, where a frozen fish is stuck to her feet.

It was her first encounter with a fish. It had a toad-like face and gills that were extremely well developed. similar to wings

【Appraisal】 Water Reaper. A type of fish with blade-shaped gills. It swims like it’s flying across the water’s surface. Fierce and lethal.

And she spotted three large fish heads protruding from the ice nearby. And these fish are wielding spears.

【Appraisal】 Merman. Fish that have evolved into humanoids. They are both dexterous and vicious. They hunt in packs, armed with weapons.

—They’re vicious, vicious monsters.

They’re now paralyzed from the neck down, but you can never be too cautious.

“Frame Arrow!”

She casts fire magic from a safe distance.

Since her opponent was a monster that lived in the water, the fire magic worked very well. When the fire arrow hit the mermen, it let out a lot of steam and roasted them whole.


Lysette felt conflicted when she saw the mermen roasted to a golden brown.

She couldn’t stomach eating a humanoid monster.

But she doesn’t consider the mermen to be human in the least. She only sees them as fish monsters.

—Because they make me think of humans?

The way they appear, the manner in which they employ tools

—Does my heart reject it because it feels like a human?

—However, if I’m starving to death, I’ll eat to be alive.

That is how voracious her appetite is.

When the icy ground is about to melt, Lysette uses her magic to repeatedly freeze it and move deeper and deeper.

Her level increases slightly with each monster she freezes, possibly because she freezes them in groups.

Water, stone walls, and stone paths are the only things that can be found everywhere, and there is no diversity like in a forest.

—I wonder if there is some kind of magic that allows me to go into the water and see things differently. But I’m sure I’ll be outmatched by fish monsters.

The water reaper, too.It’ll most likely kill her in an instant.

As she progresses, she remains vigilant and keeps an eye on her footing. She knows it’s reckless, but she keeps going because the elven alchemist gave her the 【Heart-Substitution】, which says it’s okay to die.

Even though she is aware that it is a dangerous lifeline, her inquisitive mind will not be deterred.

Lysette discovered a strange door as she went deeper. A door that appears to float on the water and is unrelated to the passage.

—A secluded room…I don’t understand. Could it be a secret area?

Patterns of ancient characters were carved into the door. Lysette moves her gaze to the front door. But, Lysette is unable to read ancient characters.

And appraisal reveals nothing.

Lysette then puts both hands on the door.

—This type of mechanism should be activated by pressing a switch or by pouring magic power into it.


As she poured magic power into them, the ancient characters began to glow pale green.

Lysette poured more magic power into the characters and was relieved when they all lit up and the door shook slightly.

She then pushed open the door, which opened inward.

“I did it!”

She opened the door slowly, keeping the danger of traps in mind, and then went inside.

There is a room inside. She doesn’t have to worry about lighting because glowing moss grows here as well.

—Is this, after all, a secret area? Perhaps there are still some hidden treasures?

Her excitement reaches new heights. She could pay off her debts immediately if she could get her hands on the precious treasures. She will then be liberated.

Lysette notices something as she walks along in a good mood.

There are several footprints on the floor, which she notices. Not the old ones, but the more recent ones.

And her excitement is gradually fading.

And Lysette witnessed something incredible. But she understands that this is normal in the dungeon.

A human body that has collapsed and is motionless.


—A corpse?!

For a brief moment, she mistook it for a monster impersonating such a thing. She wanted to believe it.

She approached it with caution and fear.

When she got a better look, she noticed it was a young man in armor with golden hair.

And she recognized the figure, as well as the sword and shield.

He had approached her at the Adventurers’ Guild.

His name was…


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