Abandoned Lady Awakened in the Dungeon – Sacred Mark? A True Saint? No I Am Just a Monster Foodie! – Chapter 10

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When Lysette first joined the Adventurers’ Guild, she got in trouble with another adventurer and Leonhardt helped her out.

The guild receptionist informed her that Leonhardt was the leader of the party that was on the verge of conquering the dungeon.

—Why was he alone?

The footprints that surrounded him belonged to more than one person. The other members may have escaped, leaving him alone and trapped.

She dashed over to him, sat next to him, and placed her hand over his mouth to check his breathing.

She also placed her hand on his neck and felt his pulse just to be sure.

—He’s breathing.

“Thank you, God…”

She feels relieved, and her tense body relaxes.

However, he is still in danger.

—I must save him… but I am unable to use Recovery Magic… It’s not even on my skill list.

For the time being, he must be treated. There is a great deal of work to be done.

A closer look shows that he is very weak, but he doesn’t have any serious wounds or bleeding.

【Appraisal】Dying. Hungry. lack of magic power.

—Hunger and lack of magic power… You can die of starvation no matter how strong you are.

—I will not let you die.

Lysette is determined not to let Leonhardt die and begins to treat him.


【Water-Magic (Beginner)】

First and foremost, she needed to improve the sanitary conditions.

Then there’s water. The water in this area is salt water because it is seawater. What she needs now is fresh water.

She takes out a cup and fills it with fresh water using water magic.

—If I force an unconscious person to drink it, it may enter his windpipe.

She paused for a moment before casting a new spell.


A small ball of water is formed next to Leonhardt’s mouth, allowing one drop at a time to enter. The water ball is filled with recovery potion and sweet nectar from the first layer. She then added some of the aether potion into the sphere.

She tastes the water and finds that it has a light floral aroma.

This should quench his thirst and provide him with magical power. At the very least, he won’t get any worse.

“Let’s cook something now… Something warming and easily digestible… Okay, let’s make soup!”

The food should satisfy his hunger. Lysette started cooking right away.

Lysette chopped up some anti-poison grass and maitake mushrooms and put them in the pan. She also put some chopped unicorn meat that she had kept in her bag. After frying it lightly, she added water and lye and let it simmer on low heat.

When the ingredients and the broth are well mixed, she seasons it with salt and tastes it.

“It is delicious.”


Leonhardt regains consciousness and goes to check on him.

His closed eyelids open and he sees emerald eyes.

“Are you all right?”

She continues to converse with Leonhardt, who is still dazed.

“Can you tell me your name? —My name is Lysette, by the way.”

“Le…. Leon…”

His voice is hoarse, and he is unable to move his body as freely as he would like. He is, however, conscious.

“Leon-san, you’re all right now. I made some soup for you. Do you think you’ll be able to eat it?”

She assists him in getting up and sits him down, leaning him against the wall.

She spoons the freshly made soup into a large bowl and holds it to his mouth.

“Please take your time eating.”

She slowly feeds him, one mouthful at a time.

By the time the plate is half empty, there is a slight blush on his cheeks and his color has improved.

“It’s delicious…”

“I’m delighted to hear that.”

“…It’s incredible that you can eat food like this in the dungeon.”

“…I’m glad you liked my unicorn meat and dried maitake soup.”


He was on the verge of choking.

“Are you all right?!”

Leonhardt covers his mouth with his hand and stares at the soup with his eyes wide open, as if it were burning a hole in it.

“U-Unicorn meat?”

“Y-Yes… From the dungeon’s horse-like monsters. And the vegetables in it are anti-poison grass from Dungeon. “


Leonhardt stares vacantly at the shreds of meat floating in the soup.

Perhaps he is one of those people who does not consume horse meat. It is said that, except in an emergency, knights and other people who have a close relationship with horses do not eat horse meat.

Leonhardt shakes his head, as if trying to persuade himself.

“What exactly is Maitake?”

“It’s a humanoid mushroom monster from the forest.”

“… “

His face became pale once more.

“M-Most mushrooms are poisonous, but the ones that grow on brown maitake are delicious. I used dried ones, which are even better. I also keep anti-poison grass on hand just in case, so you don’t have to worry.”

“… “

“E-Eat some more.”

She spoons a spoonful of soup into Leonhardt’s mouth.

Leonhardt looked at it with a puzzled, hesitant, and loathsome expression.

He was eating it with gusto until recently.

“Perhaps it wasn’t to your liking?”

“Oh no! T-Thank you very much. I can finish it by myself.”

He accepts the bowl from Lysette and eats it by himself with a spoon.

Lysette was relieved that he was finally eating on his own.

Lysette also eats some of the soup. The flavor of the meat and mushrooms is delicious and comforting.

“Thanks for the soup.”

“I’ve got some more…”

“…Thank you very much. Please give me some more.”

“I’m glad you liked it, Fufu.”

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Abandoned Lady Awakened in the Dungeon – Sacred Mark? A True Saint? No I Am Just a Monster Foodie!

Abandoned Lady Awakened in the Dungeon – Sacred Mark? A True Saint? No I Am Just a Monster Foodie!

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Japanese
Marquess Lysette was robbed of her saintly power as well as her fiance by her sister. She has also been stripped of her title for a crime she did not commit, and is now abandoned in the dungeon. It was practically a death sentence, but with the initial skill【Noble-Bloodline】, the skill points she gained were tripled, and she was able to solo through the dungeon quickly and easily with the skills 【Total-Attack Magic】 and 【Preemptive-Action】. But the food problem stood in Lysette’s way. “… I wonder if monsters can be eaten… H-How delicious! Alright! From now on, I’ll just enjoy the dungeon’s blessings!” Lysette loves her life in the dungeon, where she cooks monster dishes for the adventurers she meets. Meanwhile, her sister, the Saint, was experiencing a mysterious weakening of her powers.


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