Abandoned Lady Awakened in the Dungeon – Sacred Mark? A True Saint? No I Am Just a Monster Foodie! – Chapter 37

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She never imagined the day would come when she would tell anyone about the sacred mark on her body that was a testament to Sainthood.

Lysette continues her story in front of the stunned duo.

“The Black Magician transferred the sacred mark to my sister Meldiana, who is now the Saint of this country.”

Lysette puts her hand gently on her chest. The location where the sacred mark first appeared.

Meldiana’s mark is now on the back of her neck.

“…I was fined 50 million gold coins and imprisoned for insulting the Saint, and now I’m here.”

A painful silence awaited her after the brief conversation.

She couldn’t look up because she was afraid of how they would react.


She looked up, terrified, into Leonhardt’s emerald eyes.

“I knew you’d come to the dungeon for a specific reason—your story now makes sense—thank you for telling us.”

Leonhardt’s demeanor was the same as it had always been: calm and peaceful.

“Fortunately, I made it out.”

Dee crouched with his hands scratching over his ears.

“I thought I only had a lot of problems! But a saint and a royal… hmm… You guys must have been having difficulties as well.”

He leans on his elbows in sympathy as he alternates between Leonhardt and Lysette.

After hearing Lysette’s confession, neither of them changed their minds.

Lysette was almost in tears with relief.

“So, why did your sister go to such lengths to become a saint?”


Meldiana’s reproachful eyes come to mind.

[Oneesama is not fair!]

“She has always wanted everything that was mine, and now she wants to be a saint as well.”

“Does that explain why you…?”

“Well, you can only be envious of what those closest to you have.”

The position of Saint is an honorable one, but Lysette herself was not attached to it. She was well aware of the importance of blessing the earth, but she had no freedom if she was the Saint.

So when the sacred mark was taken from her, she felt both pain and joy.

She was thinking at the time.

[Oh, I’m truly not a saint anymore. And I’m glad Meldiana is a Saint.]

“…If you use black magic to obtain the sacred mark, the Church of the Goddess will capture everyone involved.”

“Eh. Is it truly so bad?”

“The ancient species of the last age used black magic to harness the power of the earth giants. It is said to strengthen Earth’s curse and hasten the weakening of the barrier.

Leonhardt’s explanation makes Dee look fed up.

“It’s a tough story, man.”

“Well, it’s prohibited magic.”

If there is a problem with the fake saint, Meldiana, it must be due to the use of black magic.

From where did her father and sister learn the subject of how to transfer the sacred mark?

And where did they find the Black Magician?

Why did they break the taboo in the first place, just to deprive Lysette of her sainthood?

Lysette has no idea.

She can only recall the black magician’s eyes.

Silver eyes that seemed to despise everything.

“What do you want to do, Lysette?”


Leonhardt kneels in front of Lysette.

His emerald eyes are fixed on Lysette.

“Do you want everything back? Do you want to be a Saint again? Do you want revenge, or do you want something else?”


“I’d like you to tell me how you’re feeling.”


Lysette was confused about her true feelings and what she wanted to do.

First and foremost, she had never considered such a possibility.

What she longs to do is…

She has decided how she wants to live her life.

Is she longing for her old life?

Is she out for vengeance?

—Neither, I’m not interested in anything to do with them. What I want is…

“I-I want dragon steak…”

The room becomes silent.

“…Are you kidding me?”

“I’m not kidding when I say I want to kill the dragon and eat dragon steak!”

“Are you sure? Come on!”

As a noble lady, it’s disgraceful to be upset.

You must maintain your poise at all times.

That’s what she’s been taught, but she now can’t stop the feeling swelling in her heart.

When you break the dam and allow the emotions to flow, they don’t stop flowing.

“… I was sick of everything! The outside world, my sister, and my father! So I want to stay in the dungeon! I wanted to flee! I wanted to flee to a place where there was no one!”

She’ll get in trouble if she stays on the ground. There was a chance she’d be forced to do unsavory work in order to earn gold.

That is why she fled to the dungeon at the first opportunity.

to the Dungeon, which was also her ideal place.

“But…but while I was enjoying the blessings of Dungeon, I met Leon and heard his dragon story…”

The tears that had been welling up in her eyes began to fall.

“So I wanted to eat the dragon steak!”

” …”

She desired to defeat the most powerful monster in the dungeon, the dragon, and then feast on dragon steak with everyone.

“That’s exactly what I want to do!”

She discovered meaning in the dungeon.

It began as a passing fancy. But then it became a motivator to keep going, and it evolved into a goal.

Perhaps it’s childish selfishness. Perhaps it’s a bad desire.

—However, this is how I truly feel.

“…It’s settled.”

Leonhardt, who had been kneeling in front of Lysette, rises.

“Lysette’s wish will be granted—Dee, how about you?”

Dee sat down and fixed his gaze on Leonhardt.

“Kill the dragon, eat dragon steak, so what next?”

“If we sell the dragon material, we should be able to make a good profit—at the very least, we can use it to get rid of the bounty.”

“Reckless, reckless. You guys are tough, but I’m not! We have no healers. It’s a fool’s errand for two people to take on a Dragon.”

“I have the ability to heal and revive.”

“Leon is supposed to be the tank, you understand!”

He sighs deeply, bending his back, resting his elbows on his knees, and turning away.

“…We’re going to die—we’re really going to die if we die somewhere no one can reach us.”

Even if you die in the dungeon, you can be revived with revival magic.

However, if you become bones and ash, you cannot be revived and become a part of the dungeon.

That is real death.

“I advise you to flee and turn yourself in as soon as possible—the bounty hunters will take you for far more than your worth.”

“Perhaps the Goddess Church or the Saint is the one who placed the prize money—I doubt they’ll assist us if we come out in the open.”

Dee is unable to dismiss the thought and remains silent.

“However, deep within the dungeon, there might be something that can upset the status quo.”

“Trying to get rich quick by conquering the dungeon?”

Leonhardt smiles wryly at Dee, who laughs back.

“First and foremost, isn’t that the reason for challenging the dungeon?”

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