Abandoned Lady Awakened in the Dungeon – Sacred Mark? A True Saint? No I Am Just a Monster Foodie! – Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Rabbit Grilled Sandwich│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

“What kind of heinous crime did you commit with 50 million gold coins fine? It usually doesn’t get that high!”

“Well… That’s…”

Lysette paused. Lysette’s crime is disrespecting the Saint. And disrespecting a Saint is a capital offense.

Lysette has no idea, but Saint’s word is absolute. If Saint says she was disrespected, so be it.

In addition, insulting the Saint is equivalent to insulting the Goddess.

How would they react if they were devout Goddess worshipers and learned of the crime?

The thought frightens her, and she is speechless.

Lysette noticed her hands trembling and clenched them tightly.

“Dee, even Lysette has issues she doesn’t want to discuss.”

Leonhardt soothes Dee, and silence falls.

In the silence, there is a thumping sound of the heart beating.

Lysette rises, her eyes tightly shut.

“I-I’m going to leave the party.'”


Lysette turns her gaze away from the startled Leonhardt.

“I can’t bother you both.”

“You should not make this decision on your own. Leader.”

An angry voice echoes softly in the abandoned house.

Lysette was taken aback by Leonhardt’s expression.

“What? Isn’t Leon the leader?!”

“Because you invited me, Lysette must be the leader, right?”

“Eeeeeh?! Was I the leader?”

Lysette was taken aback by this shocking revelation. She also had assumed Leonhardt was the leader all along.

But then…

“T-Then we’ll disband the party here.”

“I refuse.”

“I’m against it as well.”

“Eh? Is it a unanimous decision?”

Lysette is surprised to learn that both of them are opposed to it.

What is a leader if she lacks the authority to dissolve a party?

“First and foremost, it is impossible to dissolve a party in Dungeon.”

“…Y-Yes, that’s right… I’m sorry…”

Lysette sat down under calm admonition.

It’s true that you can’t split up a party in the Dungeon. Leonhardt and Dee were the victims of that, and she was surprised to realized that she had done the same.

—What should I do…

She was confident that if she were alone, she could do it. Eating monsters in the dungeon, resting in the barrier, and evading the bounty hunters

Yes. The same as in the first layer.

And if she could somehow return to the fourth layer above this one, she might be able to live like Kanatoko, which would be a much easier life than on this one.

But they are opposed to that idea.

Should she then try to flee with a forced breakthrough?

Despite the fact that it is a very wrong thing to do.

—However, I may not be able to outrun Leon and Dee.

Physical ability varies significantly.

Leonhardt is physically strong and intuitive, and Dee is quick.

“Are you thinking something strange, Lysette?”

“N-No, nothing.

“I certainly hope so. Let’s go eat for now.”

Dee says with one hand raised.

“Y-Yes. Now?”

“I believe we should eat while we think.”


She cut the meat, chopped the vegetables, and whisked the eggs together.

After lightly baking the bread, she sandwiched the grilled rabbit meat, fresh leafy vegetables, and omelet with the sauce that Kanatoko taught her to make.

Rabbit Grilled Sandwich.

Even when she is depressed, her cold body warms up a little when she touches the heat of the fire while cooking.


Wrapped in a slightly sweet bread, tenderized rabbit meat, vegetables, and a fried egg exploded with flavors in the mouth.

The sauce was a little spicy at first, but it softened when combined with the egg omelet.


It’s amazing how good food tastes good at any time of day, and how it gives you a little energy when you eat it.

—Perhaps it’s because my body is trying to survive.

“Hey, listen to me while you eat.”

Dee said about a third of the way through the meal.

Both Lysette and Leonhardt were staring at Dee as they ate.

“I grew up in the ghetto.”


Lysette almost chokes up when she hears this sudden personal statement.

When she managed to swallow and look at Dee’s face, he maintained a slightly annoyed but relieved expression.

“I have no idea who my parents are. I’ve been a pickpocket and thief since I was a child. It’s ironic that I was apprehended and thrown into this dungeon, but I was able to put my experiences to good use here.”

Dee eats his sandwich with a wide open mouth.

“This is excellent. If I make it out of here alive, maybe I’ll become a legitimate locksmith and eat this delicious food every day…”

He laughs.

His carefree smile was as bright as the sun.

“How about you, Leon? What are you doing here?”


When asked, Leonhardt put down his food.

After pondering something for a moment, he looks up as if he has made up his mind.

“I’m a member of royalty from a distant land…”


Dee coughed loudly.

To some extent, Lysette had expected this, but she had not expected him to reveal his identity so easily.

Leonhardt goes on,

“I came here to defeat the Dragon in preparation for my coming-of-age ceremony. But my companions from my country betrayed me, and Lysette saved me when I was dying in the Dungeon.”

Lysette meets Leonhardt’s emerald green eyes.

“I haven’t decided what I’ll do and I have no plans to return to my country yet.”

His expression is cheerful, with no trace of regret or remorse.

Leonhardt is looking ahead. Not dwelling on the past, but looking forward.

“What the hell…I thought you were just well-mannered and polite, but it turns out you’re actually…”

Dee, who has shrunk into a small ball and is clutching his head, grumbles bitterly.

“You asked me yourself…”

“Huh… Oh well. I’ll pretend I didn’t hear anything about the royalty part.”

He looks up, finishes his sandwich, and swallows.

“Anyone who dives in the Dungeon is a stranger anyways. I’m not going to drag you out for whatever reason.”


Dee talks about himself so Lysette, like Leonhardt, can tell them why she came to Dungeon.

It takes bravery to reveal your past.

They demonstrated their bravery to her.

Lysette wanted to react to that emotion.

She might be mocked. She might be disappointed. But that’s fine.

Even if they became enemies…

—If that happens, let’s flee as quickly as we can.

Food can make you feel a little better. Is this the reason Leonhardt suggested eating first?

She was grateful for their generosity.

She wishes to live up to that impression.

After finishing the last piece of bread and exhaling,

Lysette opened her mouth slowly.

“…I was originally a noblewoman of this country, and I once bore the sacred mark that was a testament to Sainthood on my body.”



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Abandoned Lady Awakened in the Dungeon – Sacred Mark? A True Saint? No I Am Just a Monster Foodie!

Abandoned Lady Awakened in the Dungeon – Sacred Mark? A True Saint? No I Am Just a Monster Foodie!

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Japanese
Marquess Lysette was robbed of her saintly power as well as her fiance by her sister. She has also been stripped of her title for a crime she did not commit, and is now abandoned in the dungeon. It was practically a death sentence, but with the initial skill【Noble-Bloodline】, the skill points she gained were tripled, and she was able to solo through the dungeon quickly and easily with the skills 【Total-Attack Magic】 and 【Preemptive-Action】. But the food problem stood in Lysette’s way. “… I wonder if monsters can be eaten… H-How delicious! Alright! From now on, I’ll just enjoy the dungeon’s blessings!” Lysette loves her life in the dungeon, where she cooks monster dishes for the adventurers she meets. Meanwhile, her sister, the Saint, was experiencing a mysterious weakening of her powers.


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