Abandoned Lady Awakened in the Dungeon – Sacred Mark? A True Saint? No I Am Just a Monster Foodie! – Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Rabbit Meat Pasta│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

Lysette had a dream that night.

She had a dream about a woman looking at her. A dream in which the sky and the earth were spinning in polar colors.

—Ugh, my head is spinning…

Lysette was distraught when she awoke the next morning.

She tried to get out of bed, but her body refused to cooperate. Her entire body was heavy and weak, and she couldn’t get out of bed.

“Get some rest today. I’m sure you’re sick.

Leonhardt squeezes Lysette’s hand and looks into her eyes.

with a shaky head,

“P-Please do not abandon me…”

Leonhardt laughed softly at the flimsy words she uttered.

“I’d never abandon Lysette.”

Leonhardt’s emerald green eyes looked into Lysette’s.

“Let’s take a break today. We’ll be in or near the house; just make a call if anything happens.”


He gently pulls his hand away, and Lysette’s eyelids lower. She falls asleep right away, perhaps because she is relieved or because she is tired.

She didn’t have any strange dreams this time.

She slept for several hours. She wakes up and drinks some water.

The fever has subsided after a restful night, but she still feels feverish. She decides to go back to sleep and lies down on her bed.

She is not hungry, most likely because she ate a lot last night. Her body gradually absorbs the nutrients it contains. It alleviates her body’s fatigue.

Then she idly wondered how long it had been since she had entered the dungeon. She had long since lost track of the precise time.

—When I first entered the dungeon, I was brimming with energy, magic, and stamina. I’ve never had such a high fever before.

She wakes up to the sound of people coming into the room and a nice smell that stimulates her appetite.

Leonhardt brings her a food tray.

“Do you think you can eat these noodles with rabbit meat?”

“Thank you very much. I’m hungry… I’ll eat it.”

Short noodles with rabbit meat and milk soup are served on a tray.

She started with the mushroom milk soup. light in the throat, slightly thickened.

The pasta comes next. The sauce was a perfect balance of acidity and sweetness from the meat fat, and the short pasta was easy to eat.


“That’s great—Kanatoko demonstrated how to make it, and Dee and I worked together to complete it.”

“The two of you? It’s really great!”

“I’m glad.”

His dazzling smiles make the food taste even better, and at the same time, her heart fills with joy.

Leonhardt even cleans up the mess after she finishes eating.

—I’m not sure if I should be so spoiled and well cared for in every way.

Dee arrives to replace Leonhardt just as she is feeling sorry for herself.

“Yo, how are you feeling?”

“I feel a lot better. What were you up to while I was sleeping?”

“I’ve been taking care of the fields and livestock—do you know? Harpies can be found here!


“In the shed, there were three small harpies. I’m not sure what kind of bravery it takes to domesticate monsters.”

—Domesticating… monsters!

Lysette was astounded as well. She thought it was incredible.

“By the way, Leon was assigned to repair the roof and clean the forge. We also process the rabbits into ground meat before being boiled down for canning. I have a jar of it, so we’ll eat it again. And I baked some bread.”

“Thank you. I’m really looking forward to it. I apologize for sleeping all the time.”

She looks down, embarrassed.

“Don’t worry about it. I’m glad you’re in a place where you can rest after being sick. And the food here was delicious. I’m going to work now, so rest up.”

Dee walks out of the room laughing, apparently just to check on Lysette.

Lysette reclines on the bed once more. It is now her responsibility to get in shape.

She gets another good night’s sleep and is no longer feverish when she wakes up.

She hears voices in the dining room when she gets up, leaves the room, and goes down the stairs.

“You’ve done more than I expected.”

“Thank you very much.”

“Well, it’s a service, after all. I’ll look after your weapons.”

“Is it OK?”

“Mine is fine. I don’t fight often.”

When she looks into the dining room, she notices Leonhardt walking out to get his armor.

“My god…”


“This is terrible.”

Kanatoko looks at Leonhardt’s sword and shield with a stunned expression.

You put too much pressure on it. There are spills and distortions. The hilt is almost ruined. The scabbard, too… Well, I’ll sharpen it, remove the distortion, repair the handle, and make a new scabbard. I’ll cost you.”

“Yo, fatso!”

“I never said free—not when it comes to such large-scale repairs—but I know you don’t have any money. You’ll have to pay me with your bodies.”

“You still want me to work…”

“That is the cost of the second night.”

“You smart@ss!”

Lysette realized after the exchange that they had worked and paid with their bodies because she had become ill.

“Okay. So, what exactly do you want us to do?”

“Mm. I need you guys to get rid of the Chimera.”

“A Chimera?”

—I’d never heard of that monster before.

Leonhardt appears to know, his demeanor darkening.

“A monster that has recently appeared is stealing my crops and livestock… He’s coming.”

In the window, a beast is seen running down from the top of the hill, as if on cue.

It resembled a lion. red fur and a beautiful mane. And next to its head, a goat’s head.

It had a thick, green tail. The head of a dragon was at the end of the green tail.

It, too, had dragon wings on its back, but they were so small that they made it appear incapable of flying.

A snarling, jumbled monster.

【Appraisal】Chimera. A massive, powerful beast with three heads: a lion, a goat, and a dragon. It breathes fire.

It lands easily in the fields and watches from inside the house as it munches on vegetables.

“You want us to fight that?”

Dee mutters.

Despite his enormous size, Chimera is light and agile, and he breathes fire.

It also has a head on its back, which eliminates blind spots.

Even from afar, it’s clear that this is a formidable foe.

“Let’s go!”

“Huh? Lysette?! Aren’t you sick?!”

“I’m alright. I can go. I’m brimming with motivation!”

Leonhardt pauses for a moment before turning to Kanatoko.

“OK, fine. I only need you to prepare one thing.”

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