Abandoned Lady Awakened in the Dungeon – Sacred Mark? A True Saint? No I Am Just a Monster Foodie! – Chapter 33

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Lysette sat on the dirt floor in front of the door, holding the unicorn’s horned staff and allowing her magic and energy to flow through her. She was not in the mood to lose now, no matter who her opponent was.

The Chimera is still eating vegetables in the field, which she sees through the small window. It’s odd that he resembles a simple feline monster.


Dee comes in with a bow slung over his shoulder and an arrow barrel on his back, sighing loudly.

“Does Dee use a bow?”

“No, I borrowed it—I know how to use it—I misplaced one of my knives, and I’d rather avoid that thing. I’m a wimp.”

Despite these words, Dee does not appear to be fleeing or refusing to fight. She believed Dee was strong enough not to flee from something he was not good at.

Then Leonhardt returns from the forge, fully prepared for battle.

“Let us have a quick meeting.”

Leonhardt starts drawing on the ground with a stick.

“As you can see, the chimera has three heads. So it has three brains but only one body.”

With a stick, he drew a picture of Chimera. It was a nice drawing with a lot of charm. He is accustomed to drawing.

“The lion’s head, the goat’s head, and the dragon’s tail—It is the goat’s head that spits fire.”

“What is the purpose of the dragon’s head?”

“…Perhaps it’s a rear guard. There’s no need to be concerned about the dragon’s head as long as you don’t get too close. The wings are mostly for show and cannot fly.”

He embellished the Chimera’s drawing with wings. The wings are tiny in comparison to the body. They appear to be mere decoration, but in comparison to the size of the dragon’s head, they appear to be the correct size.

It’s a distorted monster, rather than a mixed and refined one.

“The flame-spitting goat’s head is the most dangerous—I’ll look after it here—I need you to distract the dragon head from behind, Dee.”

Behind the Chimera is a stick figure holding a bow.

“The Chimera will be distracted back and forth, preventing him from moving freely.”

“Got it.”

“I want Lysette to use the magic she used to freeze the exploding rabbit when I give the signal.”


The explosive rabbits were frozen by a snowstorm.

“All right. Leave it to me!”

Dee heads for the kitchen door after an overview of the operation, leaving Leonhardt alone with her.

The Chimera is still visible through the small window and appears relaxed, as if about to nap.

“Shall we go then?”

“What do you have on you, Leon?”

Leonhardt carries not only a sword and a shield, but also a large sack on his hip.

Leonhardt gives a wry smile in response to Lysette’s question.

“It’s only iron.”

They walk slowly out the front door and around the field, taking care not to draw Chimera’s attention.

Dee also emerges from the kitchen and approaches quietly. He takes cover behind a tree and draws his bow and arrow.

And then he fires.

Dee’s arrow strikes the dragon’s head, but it bounces off the scales, attracting the dragon-head-tail’s attention.

The Chimera raises the goat’s head and opens his mount’s mouth to aim in the direction of the arrow’s origin.

As the Chimera’s goat’s head attempts to fire at Dee…


The Chimera’s body is blown away slightly, but not enough to knock him down. The strike was ineffective.

The lion and goat’s attention is now focused on Lysette.

Now, the dragon’s head prefers to move backward, while the two heads on the front prefer to move forward.

They’re stuck, as if dragged back and forth by a rope, and can’t move in either direction.

The different heads’ orders contradict each other, which makes the body confused and stops it from doing anything.

Leonhardt begins to run.

The mouth of the goat opens again.


The goat head’s flame breaths are so powerful that they threaten to consume the entire area, but the magical barrier keeps this from happening.

For a short time, the flame breath is exhaled, but it does not last forever.

Leonhardt closes the gap even further by thrusting his arm into the mouth of the goat that expelled the flames—he shoves it in and quickly pulls it out.

Meanwhile, the lion’s mouth opens wide to bite Leonhardt. But Leonhardt brushed it away with his sword and thrust it deep into the lion’s throat in order to shut its mouth.

The goat opens its mouth once more. With a sign of fire.

However, no fire was spewed out.

Only a small burst of red fire comes from the corner of his mouth.

It keeps struggling and looking down, as if in pain.


It’s the Freeze-Storm signal. But if she does, Leonhardt will be caught in the middle as well.

Fearing for his safety, Lysette quickly learns new skills.



On the spot, an ice storm is brewing.

Leonhardt, fortunately, was not affected by the ice storm. This is most likely the result of the skill 【Friend-or-Foe-Identification】.

The Chimera and the iron in his throat are quickly chilled by the icy wind. The iron clogs the Chimera’s airway, causing him to suffocate.

Although the monster has multiple heads, it only has one internal organ (throat).

Unable to breathe, the chimera finally collapses.

The dragon-tail-head was the last to die as death spread throughout its body.

“Are you okay, Leon?!”

She dashes over to Leonhardt’s aid. Dee, who had been hiding, notices that the danger has passed and approaches them.

“I’m okay. I’m a little hurt, but I’m fine now.”

“I’m glad to hear that, but don’t overdo it. So, what exactly did you do?”

“I shoved an iron lump into its mouth.”


The heavy sack around his waist is now empty.

“The flames melted the iron, causing it to cool, harden, and choke him.”

“You did well!”

Dee says, in amazement.

The Chimera’s body, which was lying on the field at the time, began to melt into sludge. It splits into three bodies in an instant: the head of a goat; the head and wings of a dragon; and the head and body of a lion.

An amber-colored magic stone, melted hardened black iron, and a crushed sword remain in the body’s center.

After that, the stairs to the next layer and the Return Gate appear in Kanatoko’s garden.

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