Abandoned Lady Awakened in the Dungeon – Sacred Mark? A True Saint? No I Am Just a Monster Foodie! – Chapter 19

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They resume their search after a brief break, aided by Leonhardt’s hand-drawn map.

“Is that a mimic over there, Leon?!”

Lysette notices a silhouette that resembles a treasure chest and points excitedly as she moves through the unchanged corridor.

There it was, a half-opened treasure chest with a human body’s lower half stretched out from inside the box and the upper half inside.

The person doesn’t seem to be alive.

When the Mimic finds himself eating, it spits it out and pounces on them with a great leaping leap. He exposes his razor-sharp fangs and extends his long tongue.

“Freeze Lance!”

The Mimic, now covered in ice and resembling an object, rolls to the stone floor.

“Is it dead?”

“Yes, it’s dead.”

“Does that look like a knight? I’m curious if he’s with anyone else.”

“Maybe he’s diving alone or got separated from the group. He’s not badly injured… he doesn’t resemble a zombie or a ghoul… let’s revive him…”

Leonhardt revives the corpse, which has teeth marks and blood on its upper body.

The revival is successful; the previously flowing blood returns to the body, the wounds are sealed, and the body begins to twitch and move.

“This… This is…”

“Welcome to the Norun Dungeon! Could you please tell me your name?”

“…Douglas. I am a Knight of the Church of the Goddess. Thank you so much for saving my life.”

The church knight bows deeply, perhaps because he has calmed down after drinking the water Lysette has given him. His armor had been damaged, but his sword and the cargo he was carrying were unharmed.

“We’re all on the same side in Dungeon. Don’t worry about it.”

“No, I will repay your generosity someday.”

Leonhardt smiled and remained silent.

“You would have been in the Mimic’s belly by now if we hadn’t met you. Your friends are probably worried about you.”

“No…I’m acting on my own.”

“So you came all the way here by yourself?”

Lysette was both surprised and impressed by him.

“But why is a church knight alone in the dungeon?”

“I was actually looking for someone.”

“In the Dungeon? Is it an adventurer?”

Finding someone in the dungeon must be difficult.

“She’s not an adventurer, but a criminal… a vicious criminal named Lysette. Do you know who she is?”

“Yes—My name is Lysette.”



The sound of happy laughter reverberates throughout the labyrinth.

“Seriously, I’m looking for a sinner with the heart of a demon, as strong and ferocious as a Giant-Killing-Bear before hibernation. Not a dainty one like you.”

“Ara, am I comparable to a Giant Killing Bear?”

“That’s not the part to be happy about, Lysette.”

—It was a privilege to be compared to such a powerful and beautiful ground monster.

Despite the fact that Leonhardt is stunned.

“But it’s not a mistake. I am Lysette, the sinner. How can I help you?”

“Huh? Really? Are you certain it’s you?!”

“I suppose so.”

The church knight’s expression darkens, and the air becomes heavy and dark.

“… I’m sorry. I need a moment.”

He says this weakly as he walks away with the dazed gait of a zombie.

“I’m not sure what’s going on here… Should we start preparing dinner now, Leon?”

“Lysette—You stay here.”

“Eh? That’s…”

Leonhardt pursues the church knight before Lysette can stop him.

“What impatience.”

Lysette lets out a small sigh when she is left alone.

—Well, I suppose I should start preparing the meal.

—We should eat whenever possible.

—The church knight, too, must be hungry. I’d like to offer him something warm to eat.

She looks around for a good place to cook.

“Hmm… T-This is…?”

Then she discovers several plant roots growing between the broken stone walls.

【Appraisal】Yam Roots. The vines wrap themselves around living things, strangling them and using them as fertilizer for themselves.

—I don’t need to be concerned; it’s just the roots.

This is the same plant monster she saw in the first layer.

She pulls out a knife that she found while searching and cuts the roots into chunks. The roots’ shivering from time to time is a sign of freshness.

It’s the same thickness as Lysette’s wrist. The cross section is as white as snow, with a fine and smooth texture.

“It does look delicious. What kind of food should I prepare now?”

She wants to use the mimic she caught for the main course.

To do so, she must first conduct research on the Mimic.

She returns to the Mimic, which is frozen, and thaws it out. From the outside, it looks like a completely cracked treasure chest.

Lysette made an important discovery while studying the structure of the mimic.

She was about to inform his companions when she noticed the two were gone and pursued them.

She soon found them.

However, the atmosphere was not conducive to casual conversation.

The tense atmosphere made her cower. They appeared to be about to draw their swords.

—Eh? Why?

Lysette should be the church knight’s target. Why is he so eager to confront Leonhardt? It’s incomprehensible.

“Do church knights in this country brandish their swords at their benefactors? What a dedication to duty. I’m not sure whether it’s piety or blind faith.”

Leonhardt says this provocatively.

“You dare to point a sword at the Goddess Church?”

A low voice quietly echoes.

Insults to the Church and its faith will not be tolerated by the Church Knights.

“Are you going to use the church’s authority as a shield? —Unfortunately, I am not a member of the Church of the Goddess.”

Leonhardt maintains his cool while sharpening his blade.

Blood will be spilled at this rate.

Lysette does not want to see people fighting in the dungeon.

Leonhardt also stated that fighting among adventurers is prohibited.

—First, we need to talk about what’s more important…

Lysette can’t take it any longer and speaks up.

“Um, sir knight, Leon. Please assist me with the cooking.”

“…I’ve got other things to do.”

—other things to do?!

Leonhardt’s words made Lysette tremble with anger.

She was enraged by Leonhardt’s words, as if he was ignoring her food, despite the fact that the most important things in the dungeon are food, sleep, and hygiene.

You can only perform well if both your body and mind are in good working order.

Her stomach is churning with rage.



Instantly, she magically freezes their swords, sheaths, and feet, preventing them from drawing their swords and moving.

She looks at the two men who are frozen and immobilized.

“Sir Knight, we can fight later—I’m not going to run or hide—If you have anything to say to me, please do so after dinner—Please assist me right away!”


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