Abandoned Lady Awakened in the Dungeon – Sacred Mark? A True Saint? No I Am Just a Monster Foodie! – Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Mimic Gnocchi With White Sauce│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

“I just found out something amazing. The part of the Mimic that resembles a treasure chest is its exoskeleton!

Leonhardt and the church knight look at Lysette blankly as she shows them the mimic’s belly, which is spread out on the floor.

The Mimic had a black belly, a large mouth filled with sharp fangs, and a long red tongue lolling out.

“The toes have the structure of a crab or shrimp and are filled with meat inside! But I don’t have the strength, so could you two cut Mimic’s toes make a cut in the shell?”

With a puzzled expression on his face, the church knight raises his hand.

“What are you doing?”

“Because I intend to cook it?”

Lysette tilts her head when asked the obvious.

“Are you planning on eating monsters?! You might die!”

“Don’t worry, Fufu. I can disable the poison and thoroughly cook it.”

“…Are you that desperate?!” To the point where you’re forced to eat a monster?!”

“There was definitely that aspect at first, but now it’s just fun!”


Lysette gave a nod.

“Yes. It’s fun to eat the monsters and live off the dungeon’s blessings.”

There is the sound of cracking shells and joints.

Lysette starts the Mimic toes in salted water and boils them. When the toes are boiled, they turn bright red, making it easy to see how well they are cooked.

Lysette peels the yam roots between boiling the mimic, then boils them, purees them after, mixes them with flour and eggs, rolls them into bite-sized pieces, and boils them again.

She makes the white sauce next. She melted the butter, sautéed chopped onions and dried maitake mushrooms in it, then seasoned with flour.

When the sauce has been thoroughly cooked, she adds the water and brings it to a simmer.

Finally, she adds shelled mimic toes slices and quickly cooks them over the boiled gnocchi.

“Mimic gnocchi with white sauce is ready!”

Lysette devoured the gnocchi that had been divided into three portions.

first bite. Another bite.

The butter and onion flavors, mushroom flavor, and Mimic flavor combine.

The mimic is still shelled, but it is easy to remove and eat. With each bite, you can feel the white fibrous meat.

“It tastes like shrimp.”

“It’s a shrimp. Delicious.”

Leonhardt, who began eating at the same time as her, agrees.

—Mimics have a shrimp flavor. Another new discovery!

“This gnocchi is smooth and chewy as well—how delectable.”

“You’re eating a monster, Oh my Goddess.”

The Church Knight stared at the Lysettes’ food, as if he couldn’t believe his eyes. His brow furrowed, and tears streamed down his cheeks.

Then he smelled the food on the plate in his hand and his stomach growled.

The church knight takes a bite as if he had made up his mind.

As he chews, his tense face gradually relaxes.

“It’s delicious…”

With a stunned expression, he muttered.

“I’ve never eaten anything like… I can’t remember the last time I ate such delicious food…”

“You’ve had a difficult time—please, go ahead, keep eating.”

As she eats, Lysette simply boils the rest of the mimic meat in salted water.

She never gets tired of eating and is filled with joy no matter how much she eats.

“Mimics are fascinating. It’s a phony treasure chest that deceives people, but it also has a delicious side!”

“…You really enjoy it, don’t you?”

The church knight exclaims

“…Lysette-san—How do you feel about Saint-sama?”

Lysette is taken aback. After all this time, she hadn’t expected to be asked about Meldiana again.

The church knight’s expression was solemn.

“Hmm, I’m trying to live my life, and I don’t think about her much…”

She speaks the truth honestly.

She used to think about Meldiana occasionally, but now that she’s enjoying life in the dungeon, she doesn’t have time to do so.

“Do you never hold grudges?”

“… I’m not sure. I just hope she’s happy.”

That is the unvarnished truth.

She no longer wishes to be distracted by Meldiana. All that matters is that she is in a stable environment and is focused on her work at Saint. And forget about Lysette; she doesn’t want any more drama.

“…You can’t see everything about a person by looking at one side… That is undeniably true.”

—Is he referring to the mimic, or monsters in general?

Lysette just nods as she silently extracts the meat from the shell.

—Anyways, what a delectable mimic meat is! If this delicacy becomes popular, the Mimics will be driven out of the Dungeon.

Lysette then suddenly remembered something she discovered while investigating the Mimic.

“Sir Knight.” Doesn’t this belong to a knight of the church?”

Lysette presents the medal she discovered in the Mimic. It was most likely removed when the mimic devoured him.

The medal is given to a knight when he is appointed as a knight of the church.

“Y-Yes, it is mine.”

He accepts the medal with trembling fingers, clutching it tightly and staring down.

A knight of the church is a man who has given the goddess his life, heart, and fortune.

The depth and sincerity of their devotion is well known, and Lysette is well aware of it.

Lysette was relieved that the medal had been returned to its rightful owner.

“That’s right. I’d give my life only to the goddess…”

The church knight looks up a few moments later. There it was. His eyes were clear, as if he had overcome his doubts.

“I apologize for causing you so much trouble. I’m returning to the surface.”

“Did you not want me?”

“It’s…no longer required.”

With a sigh of resignation on his face, the church knight said this.

A ball of light then appears when the Church Knight uses the Return Gate. The Church Knight returns his gaze to Lysette and Leonhardt in front of the mysterious soft light.

“I’ve been wondering what the right thing to do is since I arrived at the Dungeon. But, because of you, I am no longer lost. Everything I am is dedicated to the Goddess, not the Saint.”

“Ara? I’m glad I could help you.”

“You returned it to me. Here, this is the least I can do.”

“Well, thank you very much!”

The Church Knight gave her his precious food that the Mimic had been unable to consume.

Lysette embraces it as she watches the church knight vanish into the light of the Return Gate.

As the mysterious light fades, the church knight vanishes, and the dungeon returns to silence.

“He was a decent man. But what exactly is he doing here?”

“I’m not sure. I’m just saying it’s alright. It’s pointless to be concerned.”

“That’s right.”

Lysette turns to face Leonhardt.

Leonhardt’s feelings for Lysette remain unchanged, despite hearing the church knights refer to her as a sinner. He does not request any additional information.

Lysette appreciates it.


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