Abandoned Lady Awakened in the Dungeon – Sacred Mark? A True Saint? No I Am Just a Monster Foodie! – Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Kraken, King of the Sea│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

Despite its massive size, the Kraken seemed to be the boss of the saltwater area. If you were caught by its thick, free-moving tentacles, you would be dragged into the water.

If it did, you’d drown or be eaten to death in no time.

And because the Kraken spits black liquid—squid ink—on a regular basis, the area is already pitch black and slippery because the ink sticks to the ice, which serves as a scaffold.

Lysette strengthens the ice flatform. If the ice cracks or collapses, the only destination is water, the Kraken’s domain.

The Kraken’s tentacle and ink attacks are all temporarily repulsed by Leonhardt’s magical barrier, 【Holy-Shield】.

“Run away quickly!”

Kraken’s rage is now solely directed at Leonhardt.

Leonhardt draws his sword and attempts to sever the Kraken’s tentacles, but the sword is bounced off the Kraken’s strong body surface and falls to the ice.

Lysette carries the unicorn’s horned staff on her back.

—First and foremost, we need to stop it from moving!

A single total attack magic shot is insufficient against this massive foe.

She points the staff’s tip at Kraken.



The freeze attack concentrated only on the Kraken’s body.

The Kraken transforms into an ice block and ceases to move. But it is not yet dead. Only the surface has been frozen. It will eventually break through the ice again.

And before all of that…

【Fire-magic (Intermediate)】【Manipulation-Magic】


She made a flame spear that pierced the Kraken’s eyes as well as the ice on its body’s surface.

As the magical flames enter the Kraken’s body, you can feel the flame reaction.

She poured more magic into the magical flaming lance, and it transformed into a different type of magic.


An explosion occurred behind the Kraken’s eyes, which appears to have been successful. All movement came to a halt, and its previously clear body turned white in an instant.

“Did we win?”

Leonhardt muttered in shock.

Meanwhile, Lysette picked up the sword that had fallen on the ice field’s edge and returned to Leonhardt.

She returns the sword to its rightful owner.

“Thank you for defending me—I was able to calm myself down as a result of your help.”


Leonhardt stares at Lysette, gulps, and takes the sword.

“Shall we eat then?”


“Of course, there’s the Kraken!”

“You should not. According to the fisherman, giant squids, which resemble the kraken, stink and are inedible.”

“Well, It’s incredible that such a massive squid exists on Earth. I’d love to see it someday.


“…Or does Leon-san want a merman cousine?””

“Kraken! I like Kraken!”


She fills a bowl with sea water and touches it with the unicorn staff’s tip, and the water that had previously been contaminated by squid ink, algae, and other substances becomes clear.

The water is then used to wash the kraken meat.

Then, using a knife, she cut the kraken into bite-size pieces and covered them in powder (batter) made from the first layer. And deep fry them in a deep frying pan filled with melted unicorn oil.

She created a small barrier around the pan to keep the oil from splashing.

Once they turn golden brown, she removes them and places them on a plate.

“It’s done! Kraken’s fritter! Itadakimasu!”


The light and crispy batter holds chunks of pure white Kraken meat. The texture, oil, saltiness, and sweetness all melt in your mouth and make you happy.

“Delicious~ I could eat all of it.”

Leonhardt, who had been looking like he was at the end of the world the whole time Lysette was cooking, ate the Kraken as if he had made up his mind after seeing Lysette’s melt-in-your-mouth expression.

His tense face relaxes as he chews.

“There is no odor—Perhaps because it isn’t from the open sea?”

He takes another bite after looking curiously at the Kraken’s fritter.

“I haven’t eaten anything this delicious in a long time.”

“Fufu, it’s such a relief to eat something so delicious.”

“Oh, really… And what’s this?”

“That’s a deep-fried water reaper.”


He’s a little hesitant, but he eats it.

“It tastes like white fish.”

The Water Reaper tastes like fine white fish. It’s slightly fibrous, but it dissolves quickly in the mouth.

—It tastes like frog meat.

Lysette thought.

“By the way, Leon-san, how is your stomach injured?”

“Thank you…I’ve used Recovery-Magic and should be fine.”

“Can you use Recovery-Magic as well?! That is incredible!”

Lysette was truly impressed.

“You are also very powerful; that shield barrier is incredible, and you can use Recovery-Magic. You truly are a Dragon challenger.”

“…It’s not great.”

Leonhardt says as he looks at Kraken floating on the water.

“My abilities are defensive in nature—I doubt I could defeat the dragon, let alone the Kraken, on my own—I only came here because I had friends…”

He falls silent.

He sighs deeply and holds his head in his hands.

After a few moments, he sets his plate down and stands up. Then he walks over to the two corpses lined up against the wall.

He kneeled beside the healer and placed his hand on her wound on her neck.

Leonhardt mutters something, and the blood that had been flowing out of the wound magically returns to her body, closing the wound and turning the blue skin red.

Her doll-like face begins to move slightly, and her tightly closed eyelids open.

Except in the dungeon realm, it is impossible for a dead person to be revived.

—This is revival magic.

Lysette was taken aback by this miraculous sight.

—I’m wondering if the goddess’s rule is eroding within the dungeon.

Her eyes, which had regained their light, relaxed with relief, but when she saw Leonhardt’s face, it stiffened again.

“Please revive Gunter.”


The healer rushes to his feet and casts a revive spell. Soon, the warrior comes back to life.

“That water reaper… ugh… Where is that son-of…?

The warrior revives, about to swear, and collapses on his face when he sees Leonhardt.

There is awkwardness and tension between the three of them.

“Good morning. In the meantime, why don’t you join us for dinner?”

Lysette’s carefree suggestion echoed throughout the dungeon.

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  2. Batman says:

    If you are taking suggestions for new novels, can you translate this one?


    Broken Engagement Otome + Party Banishment Isekai fusion!

    It has a manga which is getting translated with 25 chapters.

    1. It’s interesting, but we only translate completed series.

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        That’s a shame. How about this one? It has a manga too. Webnovel has 56 chapters in RAWs.


        There are some gaps in translation. Prologue, Ch. 1 & 2 were translated on Foxaholic, Ch. 3 – 12 were translated on the now-deleted site Ganmaz and Ch. 13 – 16 were done by Blue Rose 6 months back. No translations in 2022, so it can be considered abandoned AFAIK.

        It is a otome where the Villainess FL falls in love with the ML at their first encounter and breaks off her loveless engagement to pursue him. ML is a transmigrator and cares for the FL as well, they have a sweet relationship.

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