Abandoned Lady Awakened in the Dungeon – Sacred Mark? A True Saint? No I Am Just a Monster Foodie! – Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Reunion and Death with a Former Party│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

“With my remaining magical power, I could open this door.”

To return to the surface, they must first return to the exit door from the secret area.

Lysette touches the door and pours magic into it, just as she did when she first entered. The door easily opens, letting in the scent of seawater.


There is still some ice on the water’s surface, but most of it has melted and become part of the sea.

They also encountered a party of two, a male warrior and a healer woman, who were walking toward them on the water’s surface.

—They’re walking on the water’s surface!

Lysette is taken aback.

—What kind of magic is it? Is it a skill? Perhaps it’s a good thing you don’t have to walk on slick ice. But the ice would keep monsters at bay…

Curiosity smolders.

She’s about to ask them questions about magic when she notices the air is unusually tense.

“Hilde, Gunter…”

In the tense atmosphere, Leonhardt’s voice echoes softly.

—Does Leon-san know them?

—Ah, yes, I remember!

Two members of Leonhardt’s party who were with him at the Adventurers’ Guild. In other words, two of the people who deserted Leonhardt.

“Did you come here to look over the body? Or are you here to kill me?”

Leonhardt’s expression is a mix of disgust and resignation.

When asked, neither of them responds.

Only the sword and the staff, held with sadness and determination, provided an answer.

“I see.”

Leonhardt raised his sword and shield as if accepting everything.

“Hey…Hey, everyone, please calm down!”

Lysette dashed over to intervene. They weren’t beasts. They were people who could communicate with one another.

She can’t believe they’d settle it with violence, despite the fact that they were once friends.

However, neither of them laid down their weapons.

Point of contact.

The atmosphere is tense.

“Seriously! Flame-Burst!”

Under the water, fire-magic explodes.

A massive column of water rises and descends on the warrior and healer.

Water forms a veil over the area, obscuring vision.


Then she carved an ice path and grabbed Leon’s arm.

“Leon-san. This way!”

She escapes by pulling Leonhardt’s arm as the moisture in the air cools and a deep fog rolls in.

The ice behind them melts as they approach the stone passageway, and the path vanishes. They are listening intently, but there is no sign of a chase.

—I wish they would just quit.

“Lysette, who are you… and how do you have this much magical power?”

“It doesn’t matter. I understand your reasoning, but humans should not be fighting in the dungeon.”

“…I understand it’s against the rules.”

“Eh? Is there a rule like this? It’s not about the rule; it’s about the danger. This is a monster’s lair.”

Leonhardt should know better than Lysette.

“Those two are definitely going to kill me. If I don’t kill them, they will kill me.”

“That’s… There could be a reason for that.’ Yes, for example, if a family member or a friend is kidnapped.”


“However, that doesn’t mean it’s acceptable…”

Then, from behind them, a woman screams.

Lysette and Leonhardt exchanged glances.


Lysette made a straight line of ice in a screaming direction.

They dashed off to discover a frozen sea of reddish blood.

and see two floating human corpses, as well as four frozen mermen who attempted to retrieve them.

Leonhardt’s sword slashes the heads of four mermen in an instant.

“This wound—It must have been attacked by the water reaper during a surprise attack…”

Leonhardt muttered to himself as he stared at the two dead bodies after the monsters in the area had vanished.

Both of them have had their carotid arteries in their necks severed. Their hearts have been ripped open.

They were probably decapitated by the Reaper’s fin blades, and before they could heal, their hearts were pierced by the mermen’s spear, and they died.

Lysette was shocked.

They are both experienced.

Even seasoned warriors can be killed in the blink of an eye. It is a reminder of the terror of monsters.


Leonhardt, who is motionless and staring at the two dead bodies, responds.

“…How come they don’t have anything to resurrect or return…”

“… “

Lysette is only aware of [Heart-Substitution], which states that the body returns after death, but surely if they had such an item, it would have been activated. But the body is still dead. There’s no sign of them returning.

They are too unprepared to finish him off if they came here. Either they didn’t think about the retaliation or…

—Did they intend to kill Leon-san and then die themselves? No way.

If this is the case, they were prepared in the wrong direction.

Lysette moves the healer’s body from the ice to the floor. If left unattended, the ice would melt. They will be completely submerged once the surface-walking magic has worn off.

“Lysette, what are you…”

“I’m unable to use revive magic. But if we do this, someone might find them.

She came across a corpse collector in the city. Requests for corpse collection have been made to the Adventurer’s Guild. In other words, there is an entire industry dedicated to collecting and reviving corpses.

If bodies fall into the water, it becomes marine debris or an easy meal for underwater monsters.

If they’re lucky, someone will find and revive them as long as there’s a body left.


Leonhardt also was about to move the male warrior and place it next to the healer, when….

A disturbing presence stirred deep beneath his feet.

Crack, crack, crack… The sound of cracking ice became increasingly loud. Then, as if a great crack were forming all over the surface, it is broken open by a force from the depths, revealing ice and seawater as well as a piece of a giant creature.

Lysette initially mistook it for a massive snake.

Its surface is covered in round and flat warts. There were several of them writhing and wriggling at the same time, coiling around and sinking the mermen’s corpses.


Leonhardt exclaims in surprise, and a large amount of black liquid spurts forth.

Then Leonhardt raises his shield in front of Lysette.

The shield creates a light wall.


The magically charged wall of light catches and repels the pouring black liquid.

【Appraisal】Kraken. A giant mollusk that lives in the sea. It uses its eight legs and two arms to catch and submerge its prey.

—A giant squid!

“How did such a large creature end up in such shallow water?! Lysette, I’ll hold it off—Get the hell out of here!”

“No way! I’m not going to abandon my friend and flee!”

Even if it’s a makeshift party, a friend is a friend.


—Squid! Squid! It must be delicious!

The soup wasn’t enough to fill Lysette’s stomach.

Abandoned Lady Awakened in the Dungeon – Sacred Mark?

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