A Serious Error in Chihaya-chan’s Reputation – Volume 3 – Chapter 8

𝐌𝐨𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐎𝐮𝐭

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟖: 𝐌𝐨𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐎𝐮𝐭

Chihaya was cooped up in a hotel, while the situation in the New World was shifting significantly.

Companies such as Citro Science Group, Unison Human-Machine Technology, and Ω Style Electrical Engineering were hurrying to turn the Light Mirror Sea into a garage, while Kaien Heavy Industries, which has the Morinomiya Garage nearby, announced concerns about “radio wave interference” to hold them in check. A standoff had begun.

Elsewhere, the civilian clan Intensive Hunting Club had started a subjugation battle against the Order-series Actanoid Renegade Warrior, prompting the Order Actor, thought to be the creator of the Renegade Warrior, to officially announce the subjugation of the Renegade Warrior.

Considering the specs of the Renegade Warrior, fearing that if captured, the Order Actor’s technological prowess would increase further, Kaien Heavy Industries also officially announced its move towards capturing the Renegade Warrior.

This resulted in a three-way battle among the top martial clans in the country over the Renegade Warrior, with unrelated clans and individual Actors fearing collateral damage such as stray bullets and striving to grasp the battlefield and share information.

Additionally, focus was placed on the Renegade Warrior’s characteristics on internet message boards and in some media coverage.

The Renegade Warrior was thought to be equipped with highly advanced automatic control AI due to its lag-free responsiveness, but speculation also arose that there might be a shutdown code if it is indeed an AI.

Since the Order Actor, presumed to be the manufacturer, is participating in the subjugation battle, some conjectured that they don’t know the shutdown code, and therefore might not be the manufacturer.

“Hmmm. . . . . .”

Chihaya, who had been watching disinterestedly, turned off the TV and picked up her bag.

Today is moving day to her new residence. She must prepare to withdraw from the hotel where she has been living for about half a month and move into her new territory.

Her new home is a residential area about three kilometers away from where she has been living. The apartment is the same in terms of layout and rent, but with good security.

There are also many convenience stores and supermarkets in the vicinity, meaning that if she rotates her visits, store employees will be less likely to recognize her. Additionally, a police box is close by, and the contracted security company is testing the introduction of Actanoids for security, with one always stationed at the apartment.

Chihaya, who had arrived near her apartment by bus, was drawn to a Western pastry shop she glimpsed on her way to her new home.

She could see the moving company’s workers chatting, with time to spare.

Chihaya unlocked the door to her room first, then called the movers.

“. . . . . .Um, please, take care of things.”

“Leave it to us! We’ll be done in about thirty minutes.”

The quirky, forceful movers started moving.

Apparently, they were wearing powered suits developed in the process of Actanoid creation and were even lifting beds by themselves.

Chihaya, impressed without knowing, silently clapped, and the brothers shyly smiled and struck a pose, showing off their biceps.

As they declared, the work was finished in about thirty minutes, and the brothers took off their hats and bowed.

“Thank you very much!”

“Yes, uh, thank you. . . . . .”

Bowing deeply, Chihaya saw off the quirky movers and entered her room.

She looked around her new home and activated the security gadgets to check for bugs and other surveillance devices she had purchased a few days earlier.

“. . . . . .No problems.”

Assured of the safety of her new residence, Chihaya relaxed and began arranging the deodorizers and other items she had bought to create a comfortable environment.

The work was mostly done by late afternoon.

“I’m tired. . . . . . .”

While patting the head of the capybara cushion in the living room, she sighs.

Though she was hungry, she didn’t have the energy to make something after moving all day.

After thinking for a while, she decided to buy a cake as a celebration for moving and returning to her work as an Actor.

She felt like she could eat something sweet. She also just wanted an excuse to go to the pastry shop that she was curious about.

With that decided, Chihaya left the apartment. Checking left and right for any strange cars or Actanoids, she was cautious.

Judging it to be safe, she headed to the pastry shop at a jog. Since it was her first time out in this area, she kept her back hunched and her face down, avoiding people’s eyes.

The pastry shop was a half-café type of store with a terrace that had orange parasols.

It was known for experimental cakes made with fruits grown from the New World, cultivated on Earth, and were local specialties only available in the New World Development Zone.

She bought a cake with a pointing gesture and a nod, then jogged back home, being careful not to shake it.

After closing the door and locking it, Chihaya who finally took a breather brought the cake to the living room.

“Surprisingly, no one recognized me. . . . . .”

The footage of Chihaya being chased by Actanoids has spread widely. Because it’s not clear, only her silhouette and approximate age and gender can be determined.

Relieved that no one recognized her, Chihaya opened the box with the cake.

“Wow. . . . . .”

A unique aroma spread as soon as the box was opened.

It’s similar to mint but a more calming and slightly sweet fragrance.

“This is the scent of New World’s fruit. . . . . .”

Until now, she had never experienced the scent of the New World except through Actanoids. Even though it’s just fruit, there’s a deep emotion thinking about the fragrance of another world.

An instruction manual was in the box. The cake was made using a New World fruit called crepe herb. It’s been through various tests, so there’s no worry about health issues, but allergies are still unknown, so they request observing your condition for a few days after eating.

If there is an issue, it would probably be valuable data.

She forked the cake, observed the golden flesh that seemed to be crepe herb, and put it in her mouth.

“. . . . . .Delicious.”

With a light sweetness that wasn’t sticky and a refreshing herbaceous aroma, the flesh that resembles peeled mandarin melted in the mouth.

Crepe herb, despite being a recent discovery, was used in a highly refined cake. She could clearly taste the characteristics of crepe herb, and the whipped cream and other elements emphasized its features.

“A high understanding of the ingredients. . . . . .Craftsmanship. . . . . .”

Muttering words that might sound pretentious, Chihaya quickly finished the cake, satisfied.

New World’s food should not be underestimated. Wanting to discover more, Chihaya took out her smartphone and opened Actor’s Quest.

She decided the next request would be related to New World’s plants, especially fruits, and scrolled through the battle-related board.

“Ah, this. . . . . .”

Finding a collection request for crepe herb, the fruit she had just eaten, Chihaya accepted it immediately.

The reward was unusually high, as the known habitat was deep in the New World, and it would take days to collect.

But if it means that such a delicious fruit could be more widely used, Chihaya was excited to borrow an All-Rounder.

The nearest garage to the habitat was――Morinomiya Garage.

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