A Serious Error in Chihaya-chan’s Reputation – Volume 3 – Chapter 14

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟒: 𝐓𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐠𝐞𝐫 𝐇𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐲

Chihaya, who was loading the arm of the Actanoid with the last explosive, noticed that the speakers had gone quiet.

“. . . . . .It became quiet, didn’t it?”

Had the battle ended? If so, she thought it might be best to withdraw once, and Chihaya moved the neck of the All-Rounder.


She felt that something black appeared on the main monitor.

Blood drained from Chihaya’s face as she quickly turned the camera in that direction.

A black Actanoid was rapidly approaching.

“I, I’ve been discovered! I’m sorry!”

Even though the internal speaker of the All-Rounder was off, Chihaya reflexively apologized.

The black Actanoid was not going to stop.

While leaping backward, Chihaya looked at the enemy mech with the All-Rounder.

It was a female-type Actanoid with cat ears and a tail, dressed in a black wide-sleeved maid’s outfit. She had never seen such a mech before, but it was running too much on a specific taste. It was certainly an Order-series Actanoid.

Since it came from the direction of the battlefield, it must have come to retaliate for Chihaya’s bombing.

Chihaya tried to flee but gave up immediately.

The enemy mech was too fast, reaching speeds of over 200 kilometers per hour. Even a Sprinter-series might not be able to escape at this speed.

With the All-Rounder of the Rounder-series, escape was utterly impossible. Being shot from behind would be the conclusion.

“O, Oh, no, no, no!”

In a panic, Chihaya operated the All-Rounder.

As she tried to throw the arm filled with explosives that the All-Rounder held, the enemy mech raised its right arm.

Recognizing the body line that resembled a wide-sleeved maid’s outfit, Chihaya reflexively made the All-Rounder leap backward while releasing the arm filled with explosives.

The main monitor’s image turned pure white for an instant. With one eye closed in surprise, Chihaya moved her arm.

The speakers resounded with an explosion. The loud noise of a close-range explosion echoed in Chihaya’s control room.

Immediately after, the system screen spewed a multitude of errors.

Loss of leg armor, loss of right hand, right shoulder function stopped, right sub-camera error.

While scared by the system screen filled with red letters, Chihaya noticed that the speakers were resonating with thunderous, continuous gunfire, like an earthquake or landslide.

The enemy mech was firing a heavy machine gun while approaching at that speed.

“No way?!”

Even for a Heavy Rounder-series, it’s difficult to fire a heavy machine gun with large weight and recoil while running, let alone at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour.

Even if it’s an Order-series Actanoid, this is beyond standard.

Nevertheless, Chihaya operated the All-Rounder’s left hand and aimed the muzzle of the assault gun 『Breakthrough』 at the enemy mech.

The main monitor recovered and displayed the enemy mech that had come close.

The enemy mech also seemed to have just recovered its monitor and slightly reduced its speed when faced with the aimed gun barrel.

Before it could evade, Chihaya moved her finger, thinking to pull the trigger, but something unbelievable was happening on the other side of the monitor.

Incredibly, the enemy mech lightly jumped over the All-Rounder’s head, twisted in the air, landed right behind the All-Rounder, and thrust its arm at the All-Rounder’s head, showing up on the back camera at the same time.

“What is that move. . . . . .”

Chihaya was astonished by the unexpected agility of Actanoid, but she had been operating the All-Rounder with her left hand since the moment the enemy mech flew.

She aimed the barrel of the assault rifle at the All-Rounder’s neck, fixing it with the chin and chest armor, and targeted the black Actanoid behind her. She created a blind spot with the All-Rounder’s body and hid the gun.

The bullets fired from the assault rifle at close range blew off the All-Rounder’s neck.

Even though it’s a humanoid mech, Actanoid can move without a head. If you can take out an Order-series Actanoid with just one shot, you’ll get change with the sale money.

Several bullets that blew off the All-Rounder’s neck attacked the enemy mech from the blind spot.

The enemy mech, seemingly surprised, retreated while having one of its cat ears blown off and shot through the All-Rounder’s legs with heavy machine guns stored in both sleeves.

The All-Rounder, now only a left arm and torso, tumbled to the ground.

The enemy mech stepped on the All-Rounder’s left hand, aiming the barrel of the gun on its right arm at the All-Rounder’s torso.

Chihaya slumped onto a pressure-sensitive mattress. It was the moment of confirmed defeat, and consequently, a confirmed loss.

However, what she heard from the speaker in front of her wasn’t the last gunshot, but a woman’s voice from the enemy aircraft’s built-in speaker.

“――Just because it’s not your own body, shooting through the neck to attack is insane. I wanted to talk to you, can you hear me?”

“. . . . . .Eh?”

Chihaya, who never expected to be engaged in conversation, looked at the All-Rounder’s system screen in disbelief.

Because of the close-range explosions and decapitation by the attack on the throat, she couldn’t receive images or even communicate through loudspeakers.

However, the microphone had survived, and she could hear the enemy aircraft’s voice.

The enemy’s Actor said,

“I’ll introduce myself. 『Order Actor』 representative, Mecha Mecha Guidance Commander. Mr. Bomber, or should I say, Miss? You really did it, seriously.”

The top of the civilian clan 『Order Actor』, Mecha Mecha Guidance Commander.

“T, The person who caused me to move!”

Chihaya inadvertently pointed at the mosaic screen, realizing that the black machine from earlier was the strongest Actanoid, known as 『Trigger Happy』, and understood.

How many times do you have to bother me before you’re satisfied? Chihaya lamented with teary eyes.

“Hey, Mr. Bomber? Ah, is the speaker broken?”

Mecha Mecha Guidance Commander said in an exasperated manner.

“I decided only to connect communications directly with insiders because reverse detection is scary. I hope you can hear me. Does the left hand move?”

Chihaya glanced at the system screen. Although covered in red letters and she couldn’t understand, she didn’t feel like moving her left hand.

She didn’t know how much damage the bombing caused, but she would certainly go bankrupt if billed.

At that moment, Chihaya realized that she recognized the voice of the Mecha Mecha Guidance Commander.

“. . . . . .Could it be that drunk woman? No, it couldn’t be. Surely, I haven’t been bothered that much, I hope.”

But she hadn’t returned the memo paper, Chihaya thought, feeling distressed. She turned pale at the Mecha Mecha Guidance Commander’s next words.

“I want to talk a little. Come to Area 7 of 『Hai-ju Mountain Range』 tomorrow at five in the afternoon.”

With that said, the footsteps of the enemy machine controlled by the Mecha Mecha Guidance Commander faded away.

Chihaya trembled and muttered,

“A summons from a delinquent. . . . . .”

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