A Serious Error in Chihaya-chan’s Reputation – Volume 3 – Chapter 12

𝐆𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐭 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐨𝐬

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟐: 𝐆𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐭 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐨𝐬

From anyone’s perspective on the battlefield, the situation was in utter chaos.

The possibility of clashing with other forces had been considered, but a three-way all-out brawl was a different story.

While issuing instructions to his comrades in the 『Kaien Squad』, Rango gritted his teeth.

“Everything went haywire because of that All-Rounder.”

It all started with the firing of 『Trigger Happy』, operated by the Mecha Mecha Guidance Commander, a representative of 『Order Actor』, probably sent as a decoy by the 『Intensive Hunting Club』.

But it’s incomprehensible.

“Why is even the 『Intensive Hunting Club』, who should have set this up, in confusion?”

Although they were in a standoff with the 『Kaien Squad』, the 『Intensive Hunting Club』 must have known that just putting out a decoy wouldn’t attract attention.

As far as Rango could figure, that All-Rounder was bait to attract 『Trigger Happy』. There was no doubt about it.

“There must have been a plan to lure out Trigger Happy using the All-Rounder as bait. What caused their plan to fall apart?”

The shooting coming from the mountain opposite by the Intensive Hunting Club is not as controlled as before.

Some Actanoids are being attacked by friendly units after moving post-sniping. The confusion is uncharacteristic of the Intensive Hunting Club, the masters of group guerrilla warfare in mountainous areas.

The cause of the chaos is unknown, but the attacks have not stopped.

To begin with, Rango couldn’t laugh at their disarray.

His own camp, the 『Kaien Squad』, was in total chaos too.

Because the firepower from the Order Actor side, who had attacked from the flank, was too high, the priority of handling them had been disrupted.

“How many enemies are there?”

“On radar, four, but the sounds of battle make it impossible to ascertain. There seem to be three mechs with distinctive engine noises.”

At the report from his subordinates, Rango’s face hardened.

The firepower was not something that three or four mechs could produce. The Order Actor side must have mixed in some highly stealthy mechs.

If those stealth mechs circled around to the rear, they were likely to be driven from the mountains to the swamp. Then, they would become targets like the All-Rounder earlier.

Without knowing how the stealth mechs would move, they couldn’t recklessly shift their forces. They needed to watch for changes in Order Actor’s firepower and judge the situation.

However, if ordered to hold the line under the current pressure, non-professional soldiers tend to lose morale significantly.

Likely, the commander of the Intensive Hunting Club was struggling with the same problem.

All of this was the fault of that All-Rounder.

That All-Rounder, who brought confusion to the battlefield, was a nuisance to all the forces.

When he realized this, a hypothesis floated into Rango’s mind.

“That All-Rounder, could it be a fourth faction? . . . . . .No, that’s ridiculous. If it’s a fourth faction, how would they know that three camps were gathered here? No matter what, that’s being too much of an information powerhouse.”

Hiraizumi, the leader of the 『Intensive Hunting Club』, listens to reports of ally casualties while running his Sprinter-class Leaf Sprinter.

“The Psycholon has been taken down. Protect the Lannoid, and keep moving, using the trees of the forest as shields! The gunfire of 『Trigger Happy』 will incapacitate you instantly if you get hit!”

Unlike the 『Kaien Squad』 beyond the mountain, who have heavily armed units, the Intensive Hunting Club’s units are mostly lightweight.

They are nimble and can chase their hunting targets, and by saving power, they can extend their activity time.

That’s why the appearance of the high-powered 『Order Actor』 was a nightmare.

“Damn it. Remember that All-Rounder. . . . . . “

Their chances against the Kaien Squad in a staring contest were slim, but even without winning, it was enough of a victory to pin down the enemy’s Actanoid. That’s because the main force of the Intensive Hunting Club, who are better skilled, are engaged in the mission objective of searching for the 『Renegade Warrior』.

However, the situation changed dramatically with the appearance of the All-Rounder climbing the swamp.

The Order Actor, despite being a civilian clan, is a strange group where all the affiliated Actors control Order-series Actanoids.

They are a formidable group that holds sway even though they are in direct opposition to Actanoid development companies, including Kaien Heavy Industries.

A head-on firefight is too much of a disadvantage.

But letting them have free rein is too risky an opponent. Even at this moment, the main force is searching for the 『Renegade Warrior』. If the Order Actor were to interfere, the entire main force could be annihilated.

“Hiraizumi, it’s impossible now!”

“I know! But if we lose more Lannoids, we can’t maintain communication with the main force!”

“Even if you say that, we’ll be wiped out if we continue like this, won’t we?!”

He wanted to agree with his comrades’ advice.

Losing everything except the Lannoid series would be a major loss for the Intensive Hunting Club. The Lannoid series itself is not a combat asset.

Still, in the context of the Intensive Hunting Club as a whole, it’s better than the main force being completely wiped out due to communication failure.

The problem is that the Intensive Hunting Club consists of private Actors. Each person’s unit is basically funded by the Actor controlling it.

The command to defend the Lannoid series here is equivalent to being prepared to incur a loss of several tens to hundreds thousands of dollars.

A solution must be found quickly, or there will be deserters and the battle line will collapse.

What to do? Hiraizumi looks at the monitor, seeking a way out.

Even now, the Intensive Hunting Club and the Kaien Squad are laying down a barrage on the mountain where they are hiding from each other. The gunfire, capable of felling trees, was the embodiment of environmental destruction.

“Think a little about conserving New World resources, you muscleheads!”

Anyway, there’s no choice but to minimize the damage and retreat.

When Hiraizumi considered who to make the rear guard for the retreat, an Actanoid rolled down from the mountainside of the Kaien Squad toward the swamp.

The Conductor’s Actor is sharing the footage, screaming in voice chat.

“The Renegade Warrior has appeared on the opposite mountain!”

A Lannoid type 『Shepherd』 with a giant arrow stuck in it is captured in the shared footage.

The situation has worsened.

“The Renegade Warrior is interfering here?!”

Hiraizumi switches his thinking immediately.

The last remaining force in this place will have the opportunity to capture or destroy the Renegade Warrior.

The Kaien Squad, attacked by the Renegade Warrior, has no choice but to leave the mountain, but since Morinomiya Garage is nearby in their territory, there’s a high likelihood they will act desperately. By now, a separate squad must be departing from Morinomiya Garage.

If the Kaien Squad collides, it will likely be the Order Actor boasting maximum firepower.

For Hiraizumi and his Intensive Hunting Club, this was an opportunity. There’s no way to win against the Order Actor alone, but if they can bring it into a melee, there’s a chance to win.

Above all, if they call the main force, they’ll engage the Renegade Warrior in combat.

If they clear the path here themselves, the mission objective is accomplished.

Hiraizumi calculates and makes up his mind.

“We’ll reduce the Order Actor’s combat power to match the Kaien Squad! It’s the Shimazu strategy. Charge and retreat!”

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