A Serious Error in Chihaya-chan’s Reputation – Volume 2 – Chapter 15

𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐒𝐞𝐜𝐫𝐞𝐭 𝐏𝐥𝐚𝐧

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟓: 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐒𝐞𝐜𝐫𝐞𝐭 𝐏𝐥𝐚𝐧

While Chihaya was participating remotely in a study session, a meeting was being held between representatives of certain factions in the sixth section of the New World Development Zone, an area dotted with high-end hotels and restaurants in the New World.

On one side was Atsuho Mio, the representative of Unison Human-Machine Technology, an innovative Actanoid development company that sent things like Psycholon to the New World.

On the other side was Surenno Chocolat, the representative of Citro Science Group (SSG), a group of emerging companies contributing significantly to the New World’s resources by gathering small and medium-sized ventures in the fields of science and engineering.

Both were in their twenties, female CEOs, and leaders of their factions, and they knew each other. There was a certain empathy between them.

However, neither Atsuho had thought that they would meet face to face and dine together like this.

Surenno Chocolat lets a sweet smile naturally cross her round face.

“Thank you for taking the time for me.”

It was a drawn-out, perhaps silly tone, but a voice that naturally became easy to hear.

Surenno, holding a glass filled with non-alcoholic cocktail, raises it, and Atsuho also raises her glass to toast.

“Thank you as well. I’ve wanted to meet you for a while.”

With a pleasant response, Atsuho Mio searched Surenno Chocolat’s expression.

Neither of them had time to spare. It was more than just small talk to set aside this much time for a meal together.

In such cases, the emphasis was often on preliminary arrangements before formally entering into negotiations.

Under the guise of casual conversation, they would probe each other about the current power dynamics in the New World, determining if they could take a collaborative approach.

Surenno might sound relaxed, but she was quite the skilled player and well-informed.

It would be good if they could be allies and evaluate each other positively, Atsuho thought, behind her polite smile.

“Unison wants iron ore, doesn’t it?”

Surenno put in a deliberately clumsy probe.

Taking Surenno’s unspoken offer to expand the conversation, Atsuho nodded.

“Yes. If Actanoid parts can be manufactured directly in the New World, we can significantly reduce costs.”

Transporting to the New World requires various procedures like disinfection, taking time and cost.

Securing a stable supply of iron ore and refining and processing it in the New World is an immediate challenge for Actanoid-related companies.

Surenno puts her cocktail glass on the table and sits up straight.

“Would you like to explore the 『Light Mirror Sea』?”

The sea located to the east of the New World continent, that’s the Light Mirror Sea.

Nearby flows the Akuguro mountain range, where iron ore can be extracted, and the Shizuhara River, which could be utilized as a transportation route. It’s a key location suitable for port development, with calm currents and navigable depths.

Visualizing the geography and power dynamics, Atsuho is convinced that this is the main topic.

At the same time, she understands instantly that this will be a significant undertaking.

Until now, their discussion of the New World’s power dynamics had been to share the importance of the Light Mirror Sea.

The Akuguro mountain range has been targeted by 『Kaien Heavy Industries』 and 『Order Actor』 for its iron ore. However, the Kakuhara Group has built a sphere of influence in front of the densely forested high and low terrain of the Akuguro mountain range, obstructing the iron ore transportation route, and it is not being utilized.

The Akuguro mountain range itself is still a difficult place to develop, as it’s hard to get radio waves to reach.

However, if the Light Mirror Sea can be converted into a garage, the situation will change completely.

With the strength of radio waves and the stability of the connection as a background, there is a high possibility of being able to launch from the Light Mirror Sea and take control of the Akuguro mountain range.

Naturally, various forces will try to interfere. A large-scale battle in the New World is also possible.

And, this diagram shouldn’t be drawn by Surenno alone.

The Citro Science Group, where Surenno is a representative, does not include telecommunications companies. If they want to effectively use the Light Mirror Sea, they must have a telecommunications company backing them.

“Ω Style Electrical Engineering, huh? I’d like to meet them.”

“Oh my, that’s reassuring, isn’t it?”

Surenno places a hand on her cheek and smiles faintly. Apparently, Atsuho’s reading seems to be correct.

I’m the one who should be saying that’s reassuring, Atsuho also smiles faintly.

This is a gamble worth taking. Even if only the Citro Science Group agrees to work together, it would be appreciated, let alone being able to form an alliance with Ω Style Electrical Engineering.

“In that case, we should start with the investigation of the ocean and seabed. If it’s a waterproof Actanoid, we can arrange it right away.”

Unison Human-Machine Technology’s Actanoids the 『Psycholon』『Warabe』『Husaria』 can be minorly changed for underwater activities.

Especially Warabe, being a small unit just one meter tall, faces less resistance in water, and using an underwater scooter can make movement smooth.

Psycholon also has an excellent field of view, and depending on the transparency of seawater, it can survey the seabed. Husaria, although a large Lannoid and more prone to water resistance, can resist being attacked by underwater creatures due to its wireless equipment.

Upon explaining, Surenno smiles happily. There’s something about that smile that makes you want to spoil her.

“The conversation is progressing quickly, which is helpful. What about the Actor? The resistance of the water can be stressful for the Actor, more than the lag. I’m looking for a good person for this task.”

There are several Actanoids that can adapt to underwater conditions.

The difficult part is finding an Actor who has experienced underwater work. The resistance of lag and water makes movement difficult, and underwater guns can be tricky. Moreover, there are many marine creatures in the New World against which guns are ineffective.

Thinking of a few Actors, the first one Atsuho mentioned was a novice Actor without underwater work experience.

“I know one person. They’re a novice, but an All-Rounder. A stray actor who singlehandedly defeated an Order-series Actanoid.”

“Are they a combatant, then? We must anticipate battles with marine creatures, and a novice may face significant financial burdens. It would be pitiful to force them into this situation, wouldn’t it?”

Ruining a promising talent due to financial difficulties is unacceptable, Surenno asserts.

Atsuho agrees with this opinion, and they make a proposal.

“They’re quite aggressive, so we want to keep a distance without being hostile. So, for this Actor, we will lend a Sprinter-series Actanoid 『Warabe』.”

Although it’s a fairly expensive machine, it’s a good opportunity to create a relationship with Bomber. Atsuho intends to ignore any damage as a preemptive investment.

Surenno looks surprised, her eyes wide.

“You really seem to favor them. Do you want to get them used to Unison Human-Machine Technology’s Actanoid so they won’t be taken by other companies?”

“If anyone can tame that Bomber, I’d like to see them try.”

It wouldn’t just end in a bite; it could be an explosion.

Realizing that Atsuho is serious, Surenno answers with a small smile.

“Then, let’s ask that person.”

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