A Serious Error in Chihaya-chan’s Reputation – Volume 1 – Chapter 9

𝐃𝐢𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐭 𝐑𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟗: 𝐃𝐢𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐭 𝐑𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭

Put the All-Rounder in Wagawa Garage and ship the secandia apples to the client, New World Chemical Industry.

There seems to be a research facility near Wagawa Garage, where they apparently conduct component analysis and genetic analysis. Chihaya doesn’t understand the technical details, so she just follows the instructions to package it.

The payment is due tomorrow, and Chihaya puts the All-Rounder in a government-owned warehouse.

Calculate the used ammunition and battery remaining and pay the costs. A total of $698 is no small amount.

Chihaya had heard that shooting guns carelessly could result in a deficit, and if you only consider the battle with the fern-legged scorpion, it was a complete loss. Moreover, the shooting with an assault rifle was entirely wasted except for the finishing blow to the abdomen, so it’s enough to make you cry a little.

Paying immediately through a bank withdrawal makes it even more painful.

“Please give me my reward soon. . . . . .”

As Chihaya was lying on the sofa bed and muttering, her smartphone rang.

It seems there was a message to her account on the Actor’s Quest app.

Wondering what it could be, she opens the account management screen, and there was a direct request and message from the New World Resources Agency.

The message was about the auction results of a rare metal deposit that was accidentally discovered during a mission.

Chihaya, who hadn’t thought it would be sold the day after it was discovered, smiles at the unexpected income, jumps up from the sofa bed while looking at the details.

“. . . . . .$13,977?!”

$13,977 for mere location information.

Chihaya understands that since the coordinates weren’t published, it could monopolize the deposit.

Although it may be cheap for a rare metal deposit, since the New World Resources Agency had pre-set the valuation before the auction, it might be above the market price.

Anyway, it was a substantial amount for Chihaya, an individual, to obtain in one day.

“. . . . . .Taxes are scary.”

A common citizen.

Chihaya, who had been stunned for a while, takes a break with a cup of tea and then looks at the direct request.

It was a request that came through the New World Resources Agency from the company that won the auction for the location information of the rare metal deposit, asking for guidance to the site.

Since they had put it up for auction to avoid revealing the discoverer’s information, Chihaya’s account was not known to the company. That was why the New World Resources Agency had acted as an intermediary, as stated in the request’s remarks section.

“The client is 『Unison Human-Machine Technology』 huh. . . . . .I feel sick.”

『Unison Human-Machine Technology』 is a domestic company that designs, develops, and manufactures Actanoids.

A new company focused on Actanoid development, it already has achievements and is known nationwide.

Actanoids developed by this company, such as the Rounder-type Actanoid 『Psycholon』 with a dice-like head and the Lannoid-type Actanoid 『Husaria』, ridiculed as Rio’s Carnival, have distinct appearances.

Though they consistently design Actanoids that are treated as jokes for their unique looks, they are also a highly regarded company among Actors for their extraordinary strength in information processing.

For Chihaya, a novice Actor who debuted a few days ago, this client is too big.

Collapsing onto the sofa bed, Chihaya is troubled.

The next job is not decided. Although the $13,977 from earlier ensures some leeway for rent, Actanoids cost money for ammunition, and if Chihaya wants to continue as an Actor, she must keep taking on jobs.

Frankly speaking, living paycheck to paycheck is the reality for an Actor.

“I have no reason to refuse, but. . . . . .”

It’s a guide to the ore deposit, so naturally, she’ll be taking others with her. For the socially awkward Chihaya, it’s a heavy burden. What’s even heavier is the feeling.

Depending on the reward, she scrolls the screen.

A down payment of $1,397; if the guidance to the site is completed, $3,494. Necessary expenses are included in the down payment.

The period is three days. Chihaya, an All-Rounder, finishes the round trip to the site in almost one day, but considering the speed of the Unison Human-Machine Technology’s Actanoid and the transport vehicle for mining machinery, it’s a reasonable number of days. Since it’s also a one-way guide, it is considered that a spare day is also included.

The conditions are normal. There are things like fern-legged scorpions, but the guide, Chihaya, has no obligation to join in the battle. In other words, she doesn’t have to consume ammunition.

Even if she consume ammunition for self-defense, it’s calculated that a profit of more than $3,494 will be made.

“I can’t refuse. . . . . .”

Rolling around on the sofa bed, Chihaya continues to worry lazily.

She also looked into the Unison Human-Machine Technology, the client, on a whim.

When she search with the Actor’s Quest app, which is for actors, she find the official account of Unison Human-Machine Technology.

“Since they’re placing the order, they have it. Huh. They also rent out Actanoids. . . . . .”

One day, she might need their help. So, refusing this request and leaving a bad impression isn’t good.

“I could also remake my account, but. . . . . .”

If she remakes the account by starting all over again, making all achievements null, there would be no problem as long as personal information isn’t leaked, even if she leaves a bad impression.

Chihaya, who was looking at the list of requests placed by Unison Human-Machine Technology, stops her hand when she sees a certain piece of data.

“The Actanoids’ wear rate is high. . . . . .?”

Intermittently, thirty or forty percent of the Actanoids that participated in the requests are severely damaged. There were also requests where all were wiped out.

Apparently, they seem to be actively moving towards the development of the new frontier, and because they are also placing orders for performance surveys, the wear rate of Actanoids tends to be high.

But, looking at the data, something bothers her.

“What is it? I, I don’t know.”

After a lot of lazy worrying, Chihaya accepted the request.

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