Yes, the Troubled Saintess (Temporary) Who Was Summoned Is Me ~I Was Expelled for Not Having Magical Power, but I Will Team Up With a Handsome Summoner To Save the World!~ – Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Henry’s Magic Circle and Pauline’s Letter

“We did it! We were able to combine two spells!”

Cheers erupted from the training grounds of the royal castle. Finally, the new spell was a success. Although there was only one pair so far, they were able to create a whirlwind that effectively absorbed magical power. Those who had struggled to put theory into practice were relieved.

From there, things progressed quickly. The pairs consisting of a wind magic user and a drain magic user began succeeding one after another in creating the whirlwind. The unfortunate prisoners who were targeted as subjects were drained of their magic power one by one.

The report of everyone’s success reached the Prime Minister shortly after.

“Alright, now let’s make it larger so that it can be used in warfare.”

Brent nodded in response to the Prime Minister’s words. He had a plan in mind. Brent headed straight to the summoner wizard Henry.

He knocked on the door, and a weary-looking Henry opened it.

“How is the summoning going?”

“I’m sorry.”

“No good?”

“Yes. We’ve been searching for summoning targets every day, but no matter how many times we try, we can’t find any suitable subjects. Brent-sama, perhaps Victor’s summoning was a success. And maybe Haru Ayukawa is a genuine saint.”

Brent let out a deep sigh and stopped his subordinate. 

“Stop. Don’t say that out loud. The Prime Minister didn’t consider it a failure. If we were to say that we succeeded now, it would be criticizing the Prime Minister’s judgment.”

“Y-Yes, you’re right. I apologize. Besides, Haru Ayukawa didn’t have any magical power. So, what is your business today?”

“Oh, right. Henry, can you create a convergence and expansion magic circle?”

“Yes, I can. But which magic do you want to expand? The fire and ice magic users wouldn’t like it. It would make it difficult for them to take credit.”

“Don’t worry. This time, it’s for the wind magic and drain magic users.”

“Ah, the new spell, right?”

“That’s right. It’s the Prime Minister’s instruction. It’s meant for use in warfare.”

“Warfare? I thought we had good relations with neighboring countries.”

“It’s probably to prepare for any unforeseen circumstances. Anyway, I’m counting on you.”

“Understood. Then I’ll go and observe this new spell.”

The magic Henry was asked to perform was not simply enlarging one spell, but using a magic circle to combine multiple identical spells into one powerful spell. Since summoning magic also involved using magic circles, Henry was skilled in creating them.

After going to the training grounds, Henry would soon find himself struggling with an invisible new spell. The target of the spell couldn’t be seen, and its strength and direction were also invisible.

“This is…troublesome. If it’s meant for warfare, it must be powerful and accurate. I accepted it without thinking, but I can’t make excuses if it doesn’t succeed.”

Henry returned to his room and began working on creating the magic circle. 


That night, Pauline’s foresight revealed an even clearer vision of the future of this devastated country.

“What should I do? Something has started. What on earth has happened?”

Should I contact Brent? But if I do, he’ll tell me to come back. My hundred-day vacation is almost over. But can I really leave Haru in this state?

Seeing Pauline in a fluster, Cyril brewed tea and handed it to her without asking any questions.

Even now, Pauline believed that Haru was the saint who would protect this country from the great disaster. So Pauline reported the current situation without disclosing their location. To summarize the contents. . .

“I am currently with Haru Ayukawa. Last night, I had a foresight of the approaching disaster. I still believe that Haru is the saint. Therefore, I want to stay by Haru’s side and observe how the situation unfolds. If I can use the remaining vacation days after my hundred-day leave is over, I would like to use them. However, I am prepared for the possibility that this request will be denied, resulting in my dismissal from the royal castle.”

Pauline, who had lived her life with the principle of not causing trouble and not opposing others since she could remember, wrote her first letter asserting herself. Cyril watched over Pauline nearby.

After finishing the letter, Pauline got on the carriage driven by Cyril and went to deliver the letter. 

“If my value lies in making accurate predictions, then being with Haru is more important than my duties at the royal castle. Yes, I’m not mistaken. This should be the right choice. Even if I get dismissed, I won’t regret it. It’ll be fine.”

As she walked while talking to herself, Pauline encouraged herself, speaking her thoughts out loud.

After requesting the letter at the counter, Pauline stared at her trembling fingertips, feeling unfamiliar with this act. Cyril, who had followed her, enveloped her hands with both of his.

“If you get dismissed from your duties at the castle, you can live with me. If you don’t mind, that is.”

“. . . Huh?”

Surprised by the unexpected offer, Pauline became flustered. Cyril smiled while still holding her hand.

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