Welcome to Olivia’s Magic Stone Jewelry Store – Chapter 6

Chapter 6: [Other side], Baronet Carter

The day after Olivia’s departure for the royal capital

in a gilded reception room with opulent taste.

Olivia’s uncle and stepfather, Baronet Carter, told Henry’s father, Viscount Bergor, about the affair.

Viscount Bergor, dressed in a fine suit, gave the Baron a cold stare.

“So Catherine designed the majority of the magic stone ornaments in Carter’s Great Magic Tool Store, not Olivia?”

“Yes—Catherine was responsible for all of the designs created in the last year and a half. The award-winning design, for example, was originally designed by Catherine.”

“…What does Catherine have to say?”

“She was too afraid to speak.”

Viscount Bergor snorted.

“Hmm. She doesn’t strike me as a fragile young lady. And I hear she’s made friends with Henry, her stepsister’s fiance. I can’t imagine such a girl remaining silent about her designs being stolen. Is the story accurate?”

“Y-Yes, that is correct.”

The baronet continues to wipe the sweat from his brow.

His wife, who was sitting next to him, said calmly.

“It’s true. Please look here.”

She placed a small sketchbook on the low table.

There are drawings of various jewelry designs inside.

“All of these are Catherine’s drawings. They were taken in this manner.”

The viscount took up the sketchbook and began flipping through it.

“Is that it?”

“No, that includes all of them.”

She arranges a dozen or so sketchbooks on the low table.

“I can assure you that these were drawn by Catherine. I’ve seen them numerous times.”

“I see.” The Viscount thinks for a moment.

He turns to the Baronet after checking the signature “Catherine Carter” on the back of the sketchbook.

“The same thing was said by Henry. If two people who are close to each other say the same thing, there should be no doubt… Henry’s fiancée was created by me due to her exceptional sense of design—If the designs are Catherine’s, there is no reason for him to stay engaged to Olivia, so I will dissolve the engagement and make Catherine his fiancée.”

“Oh, thank you!”

“However, if they get engaged too soon after the engagement is called off, rumors of mistreatment may circulate. They won’t be officially engaged for another year, and their wedding will be a year after that.”

“I understand.” The baronet and his wife smile broadly.

Catherine clenched her fists as she listened in the next room.

(I did! I am officially engaged to Henry-sama!)

She then hugged Henry, who was delighted to be with her.

“Henry-sama. I’m so happy!”

“Yes, I’m happy too.”

Henry wrinkles his nose as he hugs Catherine.

Catherine bursts out laughing into his chest.

(I did it. I finally have everything.)

Catherine’s family used to live in poverty in a remote part of town because her father, who couldn’t work, didn’t make much money.

She wears clothes that have been mended numerous times and has difficulty finding bread every day.

One day,

Catherine ran into Olivia in town.

She felt angry in the pit of her stomach when she saw her happily walking with her fiancé in her beautiful clothes.

(How unfair that I should have to go through this!)

Olivia’s parents died suddenly of an epidemic a year later.

Catherine knew what she had to do when she arrived at her house.

“Take everything from Olivia.”

She stole her room, clothes, and jewelry.

She took her fiancé, collaborated with her mother to steal her designs, and drove her out of the house and out of the store.

And she officially took Henry’s fiancée’s place today.

Catherine returned to her room after Henry had left and opened a drawer.

There are ten design books inside.

There are over 200 designs available, including rings, necklaces, and earrings.

Even if ten works were published in a year, it would last twenty years.

(Now I can do it as a genius designer too.)

Olivia’s designs have many fans.

Catherine, who acquired the design, seems to have been promised security as a designer.

(Now, if only we could find the bank note, everything would be perfect, but we’ll have to wait and see.)

With the bank notes, she can withdraw her savings and rob the safe-deposit box.

Olivia will be left with nothing once that is completed.

She tosses her design book aside and chuckles mischievously.

“Thank you very much. stepsister. Goodbye.”

(It’s now time to start living the good life.)

―a week later.

“Oh, there it is!”

“She snuck it in here!”

Catherine and her mother discovered the banknote on Olivia’s bookshelf.

Then they ran up to the bank teller and exclaimed,

“The card was reported stolen.”

“That’s funny. Olivia-sama herself informed me that your family was also unaware.”

They were still unaware that they would be subjected to extensive questioning.

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1 year ago


1 year ago

Shit! they have several books’ designs from Olivia so they could use them to fool people !!!!!!! I hope the author, somehow make that fail!…
And I am also a bit anxious about when she is “invited” to the wedding and “And for some reason, the invitation is accompanied by a letter of command from the town lord”

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