Welcome to Olivia’s Magic Stone Jewelry Store – Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Epilogue

Several months after the Daregas fiasco,

The sky is clear and bright blue in spring, and hazy clouds float above.

The town of Daregas is in full bloom with colorful flowers.

Olivia, dressed in blue, and Elliot, dressed in gray, stand outside Carter’s Great Magic Tools.

“Have they returned?”

Elliot smiled as he looked into the blue eyes staring back at him.

“Yes—Without a doubt. This store is entirely yours.”

As Olivia looks up at the store, her eyes widen.

(Oh. It has returned.)

Olivia’s house and the Carter’s Great Magic Tools store have been returned to her as the wrongfully taken property.

“Come on”. Elliot urged her.

Olivia inserted the key into the lock with trepidation.

She hears a familiar click and slowly opens the door.

Her eyes widen as she looks around the dimly lit store.

“Well, it’s lovely!”

“Even if it was only for research purposes, the knights trampled on it. So I requested that someone clean it up for you.”

It’s a far cry from the dusty, run-down shop they last saw.

To keep dust at bay, the floors have been meticulously swept, and the furniture has been draped in white clothes.

Through the curtains, polished glass shines.

Seeing Olivia, who looks very moved, Elliot says softly,

“I’m going to go outside for a bit.”

“Yes—Thank you very much.”

Olivia expresses gratitude to Elliot for leaving her alone.

She walks into the store and takes a gentle sniff of the air.

(Ah. I can smell the antique wood. You’ve returned.)

With blurred vision, she opens the curtains and windows to let in the warm sunshine and a spring-scented breeze.

Olivia turns one of the white pieces of fabric beside her as she listens to the cheerful chirping of birds outside.

(This is the design desk. When my father was designing magic tools, he used to sit on it.)

(This enchanted stone box. I used to put the magical stones in here and let the customers choose.)

(All of these lamps suspended from the ceiling…)

Olivia looks around the store, flipping through the fabric, looking up and down, holding back the tears of nostalgia.

Elliot comes back from outside, watching her with narrowed eyes.

And after she’s finished browsing the store,

Elliot inquires.

“What are your plans for the store, Olivia?”

“Well.” Olivia lowers her head, as if she’s thinking.

“First and foremost, I’m considering opening once a month for a few days. Then, I’ll bring some magical stone jewelry to display.”

“I’m sure it’ll be popular.” Elliot gave a nod.

“When it gets back on track, I will hire someone. I’m going to speak with Jack. Gordon-san agreed to assist me as well. I believe I can make it work.”

(To be honest, I’m not sure how well it’ll work. But I want this magic tool store to be like the old days, where customers leave happy.)

“I’m confident Olivia can pull it off. So please allow me to assist you.” Elliot gives her a friendly smile.

Olivia looked up into his kind purple eyes as she approached him.

“I couldn’t have gotten this far without you, Elliot.”

“What are you on about? You gave it your all.”

They exchanged smiles.

The white curtains sway in the breeze of spring.

In the warm spring sunlight streaming through the cracks,

They exchanged gentle kisses.

~The End~

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