Welcome to Olivia’s Magic Stone Jewelry Store – Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Viscount Bergor

“You’re making quite a racket.”

A deep male voice can be heard echoing.

Olivia turns to see a middle-aged man with a sly smile standing in front of her: Viscount Bergor, the town’s lord and Henry’s father.

“My lord!”

Viscount Bergor casts a scornful glance at Catherine’s father.

“From what you’ve just told us, doesn’t that suggest that Catherine was stealing Olivia’s designs?”

“N-No, Olivia stole them!”

Catherine’s father shook, struggling to keep his voice steady.

Viscount Bergor gave Olivia a cold stare.

“What are your thoughts, Olivia?”

“I didn’t steal it, and I don’t have to,” Olivia says, straightening her back.

Viscount Bergor nodded, touching his beard.

“I’ve been wondering the same thing for the past six months or so: why is the Carter’s Great Magic Tools Store the way it is? If Catherine stole the design, it makes sense.”

“No, it isn’t!”

Catherine screamed in frustration, and the Viscount gave her a cold stare.

“I can let you two draw the designs right here. Can you do that?”


Henry looks incredulously at Catherine, who is blue-faced and silent.

The Viscount sighs deeply.

“I never imagined in my wildest dreams that you would plot against me, your lord, or Henry.”

Henry wants to say something, but is silenced by the Viscount’s stern, fearful expression.

The Viscount made a troubled expression.

“But then I cannot allow Henry and Catherine to marry, can I?”


With astonishment on his face, Henry exclaims.

Viscount Bergor sighs.

“There are two ranks between Catherine and Henry, and Catherine’s design ability filled that gap. However, I cannot allow them to marry now that I know that was a lie.”


Catherine sits pale on the floor, and Henry’s eyes widen.

Viscount Bergor smiled smugly as he looked at Olivia.

“However, if Olivia created the design, then her marriage to Henry is not in question.”

He smiled at the audience and asked the question aloud.

“As you can see, the situation is as you see it, so let’s call this Olivia and Henry’s wedding, shall we?”


Olivia looked at the Viscount in disbelief.

She knew it was strange.

She wondered why the Viscount would be so stupid as to call her.

(After seeing through Catherine’s lies, the Viscount summoned me here to force me to marry Henry-sama.)

The venue is quiet and still.

The audience is taken aback by the unexpected turn of events.

But when the servants started clapping their hands to show that they agreed, the number of people clapping slowly grew.

Her cousin Sara desperately tries to stop the applause.

Some people frown and do not clap.

But no one can loudly oppose Viscount Bergor’s will, who will be promoted to the rank of “Count” next year.

Or perhaps those who are capable of resisting are not called.

Olivia is taken aback when she realizes this.

(What on earth am I supposed to do?)

The applause becomes increasingly loud.

While Olivia was helpless as she stood there.

―That’s when.

“… Don’t worry.”

A deep, calm voice rang out from above.

She looks up to see Elliot, who has a strange smile on his face that she has never seen before.

He gently places his hand on Olivia’s surprised back as if to say, “It’s okay” and steps forward to shield her.

“Who are you?” The Viscount looks at him, puzzled.

The room is deafeningly quiet again as if something strange is happening.

And as the audience looks on,

Elliot smiles coldly at the Viscount and slowly opens his mouth.

“… It’s been a long time, Viscount Bergor, and it was a great sideshow.”

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