Welcome to Olivia’s Magic Stone Jewelry Store – Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Catherine’s Point of View

“… What the hell is that?”

Catherine couldn’t stop staring.

Out of the corner of her eye, she sees her stepsister, Olivia.

She’s transformed from a tired, skinny woman dressed in plain, out-of-date clothing to a classy woman dressed in the latest fashions and luxury goods.

Also, the man next to her is the most stylish and attractive man she has ever seen, and he is much better than Henry.

People were whispering, much to Catherine’s surprise.

[Olivia-sama, you have become truly beautiful.]

[I hear she lives in the Royal Capital. I admire her. She’s so knowledgeable about fashion.]

[That Elliot guy’s a real piece of work for a young guy. I learned a lot from him.]

[He’s really cool. He looks like a prince. I envy Olivia-sama.]

All she hears is unadulterated praise.

She feels like she’s about to erupt in a rage.

This past year

Nothing was going right for Catherine.

Things went wrong about a year and a half ago.

They were no longer selling the magic stone jewelry they had created based on Olivia’s designs.

Customers who used to buy the products as soon as they saw them now tilt their heads and walk away.

They didn’t figure out why for another six months.

Olivia was working on a yearly design for the Watch Union.

The union’s head looked at the design Catherine had brought from the stolen design book with her with a scowl on his face.

“Round watches are popular these days. It is not a good idea to create a square watch.”

Catherine realized at this point that the designs in Olivia’s design book were outdated.

“My daughter is not well,” said her father, who was with her at the time. The union devised a plan to redesign the square into a circle, but it would not work the next time.

Also, the craftsmen didn’t like how rude the Baronet was or how the jewelry didn’t sell, so they quit one by one. This caused the store to close.

Catherine, who had been pushed into a corner, trembled with rage.

(She definitely did it on purpose!)

Catherine thinks she left such a useless design book on purpose to make things hard for herself.


Catherine discussed it with her mother, who offered an idea. “We should invite Olivia to the wedding. We can “persuade” her to listen to us and draw designs.”

“Oh, dear mother. That’s a good idea. Let’s do that.”

Catherine laughed.

(I heard from my father that she is in the royal capital, but I bet she still looks boring. She must be living a shabby life without a boyfriend. I’ll invite her to be the maid of honor at the wedding and humiliate her at best. And… I will show her how beautiful and happy I am.)

“Fufufu, a beautiful young sister and a dull, old sister. They’d make an excellent counterpoint.”

But then she opens the door, and there she is, more beautiful than ever, with the most handsome man you’ve ever seen.

The dress, the decorations, everything is better than her.

(This is unacceptable.)

With a demon-like face, she glares at Olivia, who is chatting with Sara.

“What’s the matter, Catherine?”

Then Henry appeared behind her.

Catherine gives him a quick smile, slightly brightening her mood.



There was Henry, stunned, staring at Olivia.

His eyes are filled with surprise, emotion, and regret.

Catherine was stunned, as if she had been struck by lightning, and she erupted in a murderous rage.

She lifted the corner of her mouth and said it with a smile.

“My stepsister has arrived. May we come in and say hello?”

“A-Ah, yes…”

Henry nodded, his gaze still fixed on Olivia.

Catherine walked towards Olivia with a dark smile on her face.

(I won’t let you ruin my happiness. I’m the star of this party.)

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