Welcome to Olivia’s Magic Stone Jewelry Store – Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Travel in a Private Carriage

Olivia’s mouth opened.

“What I wanted to know was about Elliot. We don’t talk much about each other, so we barely know each other. It seems strange not to know the bridesmaid you are partnering with.”

“I suppose so.” Elliot mumbles.

He slowly opened his mouth after some hesitation.

“Let me first introduce myself. My name is Elliot Dixx, and despite being the Dixx family’s third son, I was adopted and sent to work for the Dixx family.


Olivia’s eyes widened as she heard the unexpected confession.

It’s common to hear about gifted children from low-income families being adopted into the service of wealthy relatives.

But she had no idea that the aristocratic Elliot would be one of them.

(… I wonder if it’s right to ask.)

It’s a common story, but it doesn’t always sound good.

Many people discriminate against adopted children, referring to them as “lowly people in the skin of nobility”. It is common practice to conceal one’s adoption status.

Besides, it seems to him that being sent out to be adopted from his former home is not a very good memory for him either.

Elliot smiles as he notices Olivia’s worried expression.

“Oh. Don’t worry about it. I’m glad I was adopted.”


“Yes. My original family is quite unique. My father always said, “A man should speak with his fist.”

“With his fists?”

“Yes. We would duel whenever there was a disagreement, and our days were full of raw wounds.”

Olivia is surprised to hear about his family, which she never expected from the mild-mannered Elliot.

By the way, he has two brothers, all of whom seem to be muscle heads.

Elliot gave a distant look.

“It’s a duel if the size of the snack differs. It’s your birthday, so you’re having a duel. Every three days, you are involved in a duel…”

“I-I see.”

“Yes—So the Dixx family is much more sensible. At the very least, we can talk things out without making fists.”

Olivia giggled uncontrollably.

(I thought he was big and strong, but there was a reason for it.

He’s much more aristocratic than I am. Appearances are not always what they seem.)

Then, when the story is finished.

He opened his mouth to speak.

“It’s now my turn. I have two inquiries. One concerns Olivia’s ex-fiancé.”

Olivia’s eyes fluttered.

“What, you mean Henry-sama?”

“Yes. I thought you forgot to inquire about the engagement.”

“… It isn’t a big deal.”

“I don’t mind. I just want to know.”

Elliot’s voice is soothing but slightly strained.

It’s really no big deal. Olivia opens her mouth.

“I won a prize in a local design competition, and I heard that he was so impressed with my abilities that he asked me to marry him. My father was opposed to it, but as the son of a lord, he was quite firm in his decision.”

“… So it’s not a case of falling in love and getting married.”

“Yes—I met Henry-sama only after we got engaged.”

“I understand.” Elliot smiles reassuringly.

His face looks strangely handsome and Olivia turns her head.

(I still think he looks different than usual. Maybe it’s the clothes, but his eyes sparkle.)

And then it occurred to her.

Because he always wears colored glasses, she never saw his eyes.

(I’ve wondered about that before, but it’s a strange thing to wonder about today.)

While Olivia is thinking about it, Elliot asks.

“And I have one more question for you.”

“Yes, I wonder what it is.”

“How the store was robbed. I thought I should be know.”

(Maybe he should know about it.)

It’s not a great story. She started speaking matter-of-factly.

・My father ran a small magic tool store, where I worked.

・My uncle took over the store after my parents passed away.

・I did everything I could to protect my father’s store, but I was fired and couldn’t work as a magic tool maker in the town, so I came to the royal capital.

Elliot’s brow furrows as he listens to her story.

He exhales slightly to control his anger.

“…Wasn’t there an adult on whom you could rely? Even if you are a good magic tool maker, how can you run a store even if you’re a minor?”

“There was a guy named Jack, about my father’s age, who was a magic tool maker and worked in the store for a long time. I worked with him for three months before he was fired.”

“And how did your uncle even get to take over the store?”

Olivia exhaled a sigh.

“Without my knowledge, the title deeds were rewritten. When Jack discovered this, he approached the authorities and protested. However, the officials turned him down. They claimed they couldn’t change it any longer.”


“Then my uncle began bringing in a lot of work from the nobility, and we got very busy. Then Jack became ill and abruptly quit. When I came here, I sent him letters of condolence, but he never responded…”

Olivia’s eyes were sad.

(Jack had a family. I hope he didn’t lose his way.)

“I see.” Elliot is deafeningly quiet, muttering to himself.

He looked up and smiled after a brief pause.

“Well. We have some extra time, so let’s stop by Jack’s house on our way back from the wedding.

“I-Is that all right?”

“Yes—Where is it?”

“In Rojas, a small town an hour’s drive from Daregas.”

“Okay. Then, I’ll look into it.”

Olivia thanked him with relief.

Jack’s abrupt departure had been bothering her for some time.

It would be a great pleasure for her to meet and speak with him again.

Afterwards, they conversed as usual.

They bought some food at the station and ate it together.

“Hey, Elliot, take off your glasses.”

“What is it? All of a sudden. No It’s embarrassing.”

They are having a pleasant conversation.

―Following that,

“Olivia, we’re almost there.”

Elliot, who has been sitting next to her for some time, looks up from his shoulder.

An orange sunset illuminates the town outside the window.

They’ve finally arrived in Daregas.

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