Welcome to Olivia’s Magic Stone Jewelry Store – Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Two Years Later, a Letter


Olivia has been in the Royal Capital for nearly two years, and the magic stone jewelry store has been open for nearly a year.

A dreary, rainy afternoon at the end of winter.

on the second floor of the store.

Olivia, dressed in a long navy blue skirt suit for work, was lying on her back on the bed, unconcerned about her wrinkled clothes.

An open envelope and two sheets of letter paper were scattered around her.

She muttered as she looked up at the ceiling.

“I wonder what those people are thinking…”


that very morning.

Olivia is paying a visit to a certain baroness at her estate.

There were four ladies waiting for her at the mansion.

They were all friends who had banded together to purchase Olivia’s new collection before the social season began.

“This ring is adorable! It’s very fashionable. It also has a recovery feature!”

“These earrings are also quite lovely. I was told to wear detoxifying jewelry; can you do so?”

Olivia smiles as she tells the ladies about the products.

―for the past six months.

Olivia’s Magic Stone Jewelry Store has seen an increase in customers.

It all began with a visit from a fashion-conscious noblewoman who came through Sally’s salon.

When she began wearing items from Olivia’s store, the ladies of the nobility began asking for them as well.

As a result, the number of noble women calling her to their homes has increased.

The ladies converse happily as they listen to Olivia’s explanations.

They devote a significant amount of time to trying them on and matching them with their own clothes.

Then she starts getting a lot of orders.

“We’ll get them to you as soon as possible.”

“I appreciate it.”

Following that conversation, Olivia got into the carriage that the hostess had set up for her, along with the new samples and the magical stone she had brought.

“Phew. I’m finally finished.”

“Thank you for all your hard work.”

Lottie, a clerk who had come along to help, bows.

Olivia smiles.

“Well done, Lottie. You must be exhausted after standing there all day.”

“I’m fine, I’m used to it.”

Lottie responds casually.

By the way, she’s the girl Elliot introduced her to about 6 months ago.

She has brown, almost black hair, brown eyes, and a cat-like face, and she has worked as a maid in a nobleman’s house for a long time.

Olivia hired her on the spot because the number of aristocratic clients was growing at the time.

She has been tending to the store, cleaning, escorting, and attending to the nobles’ houses, as well as doing simple bookkeeping, since then.

She is a very capable person, despite her lack of expression and modesty.

The aristocratic district is traversed by a carriage carrying two people.

It’s making its way to Ramiris Street.

And when they get to the store.

A boy from Gordon’s Great Magic Tools Store was waiting for them.

“Hello, Olivia-san, long time no see.”

“I’m sorry. Did I make you wait?”

“No. Please don’t be concerned; I came here on my own.”

The boy politely bowed and took a letter from his pocket.

“This was sent to you… Gordon-san advised you to hurry.”

Olivia examined the surface of the letter.

[Gordon’s Great Magic Tools Store, Olivia Carter] was written in sloppy handwriting.

(It’s definitely me, but I’m curious who the letter is from.)

Olivia flips it over and freezes when she sees the return address on the back.

[Baronet Daniel Carter]

(…Huh? Isn’t that my uncle’s name?)

That’s the name of Olivia’s uncle, who threw her out of the store and out of the house.

She asks the boy, taking a deep breath to hide her agitation.

“What’s wrong with it?”

“It arrived at the store via regular mail…Gordon-san believes “they believe you still work for us.”

“…I see.”

Olivia’s face twisted.

She has not spoken to her uncle or his family in over two years.

So how are they going to find out where she works?

(… How unsettling)

She shudders uncontrollably, and the boy looks perplexed.

Lottie opens her mouth as she finishes carrying the bags into the store.

“Olivia-sama…it’s going to rain soon; is it okay if I ask the messenger to leave?”

“Huh, um, yes.”

Olivia comes to her senses and responds quickly.

“I’ll ask him to leave with a thank-you gift. Olivia-sama is probably tired, so please rest in your room. I’ll handle everything here.”

“Oh, yes. Thank you very much.”

Olivia thanked the capable Lottie and returned to her room on the store’s second floor.

As she closed the door behind her, she frowned at the letter.

(What on earth…

You fired me. You can’t possibly expect me to return and work for you, can you?

Maybe ask for money? But there will be income as long as the store is open.)

She has a bad feeling about it, but now that Gordon has brought it to her attention, she can’t stop reading it.

She opened the sealed envelope, took out the letter, and quickly ran her eyes over it.

[Catherine and Henry-sama are marrying.

You must attend as a witness.

Date and time 00/00:00

Location: Viscount Daregas’ main residence

Baronet Carter]


Olivia raised her eyebrows.

(I don’t understand this.

Isn’t this a wedding invitation? Am I supposed to attend the wedding of my ex-fiancee and stepsister who stole my designs? As a witness? After a month and a half?)

The sheer craziness of it all causes her brain to feel jolted.

It is customary to invite family members to a wedding.

even if she is her stepsister. It’s no surprise she asked her sister to be a witness.

But it’s a different story when it’s your ex-fiancé and step-sister’s wedding.

And, while invitations are usually sent out a year in advance, this one was sent out only a month and a half later.

To put it bluntly, this is nothing short of harassment.

(What on earth is this…)

Olivia is stunned as she listens to the sound of rain beginning to fall.

The daily routine she’s established for herself over the last two years is beginning to sway and fall apart.

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