Villainous daughter who loves her hand-me-downs – Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Later Story: Sui-chan and Mr. Ruff│Read translated stories and daily updates at:

Mr. Ruff is busy feeding Sui-chan.

My marriage to Mr. Ruff will take place after I finish school. For now, we live apart in Metelink and Enonai.

Once a week, during the school weekend, I go to his estate in Enonai to visit him.

The territory assigned to him by the king is far from the royal capital, Enonai, and he tries to stay as far away from the center of power as possible.

Thanks to my grandmother, I had a high tolerance for stress, which probably contributed to the fact that I did not feel as much stress as I thought I would.

It is nice to see Mr. Ruff in his office in his mansion, seriously examining his papers.

The long lashes and downcast eyes were under the silky black hair on his forehead, the bridge of his nose, and the beautifully shaped lips. I can not help but admire them.

I want to help the estate after we’re married. I’m good at paving roads and sweeping.

Sometimes we spend time together at my house in Hicomite.

Every time Mr. Ruff comes to Hicomite, he brings demon-rockfish and trout and releases them until the pond is full.

Sui-chan remembers that she can eat a lot of delicious demon fish when Mr. Ruff comes, and when she finds Mr. Ruff, she goes to see him (the demon fish he has).

A demon fish was thrown from Mr. Raff’s hand directly into Sui-chan’s mouth.

(I thought the bird wouldn’t allow such a thing!)

Also, she spends more time with Mr. Ruff than with me.

Is the amount of the tribute in proportion to the amount of time you get to pet her? I have been feeding her since I was 13….

As I sat on a bench in the garden, jealously watching Mr. Ruff and Sui-chan play, Sandra and Coco came up to me and comforted me.

“Sandra, Coco, thank you~.” I squealed.

Oh, fluffy is the best…

“I want to be a part of this…”

A smiling Mr. Ruff came over to me. He cast a neat spell on his hand.

“Thank you.”

Sui-chan is back in place. Her stomach feels a little bloated.

“Addy, ahh—.”

Mr. Ruff puts a strawberry in front of my mouth.


I open my mouth wide and take a bite. Munch, munch.

“You’re adorable.”

Then Mr. Ruff kissed me lightly on the lips while I was still eating.

Mr. Ruff’s feeding is the best!


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  1. Erumwhat says:

    Thank you so much for translating this story! It’s a short read, but very cute! 🙂

  2. Christianot says:

    Thank you for this amazing translation, I wish this gets a longer light novel adaptation in the future.

  3. Sl says:

    Aww so cute. Tq for translate this story.

  4. Zoya says:

    It was simple and nice. It makes you feel at ease without giving you time to guess what will happen next…… And suddenly it was the end. I hope it is longer with marie wanting mr. Ruff and rejected. Ending with addy and mr. ruff marriage. Hahaha

  5. Pruplesh says:

    This was sooo cute 🥰 I love it! Thanks you so much for the translation.

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