Villainous daughter who loves her hand-me-downs – Chapter 2

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I had a flashback to my old self in the royal palace’s garden.

As a surprise, a Japanese woman is unexpectedly thrown into a European-style dress-up garden party. But I also remember Adele.

I was confused. I went to bed nonetheless, and woke up in the middle of the night, presumably because I went to bed early.

It is a large room with beautiful furniture and a king-sized bed with a canopy.

I felt nothing but apprehension.

(… Wasn’t it all a dream? Yes, the book!).

I assumed it was a magic book, but it’s a Japanese light novel for females.

When I took the book off the shelf and saw the cover, I was embarrassed by the title, which deterred me from reading it. When I persisted and flipped the page, there was an introduction to the characters at the beginning, with their names in katakana.

“Wait, what?”

The second prince, my brother, and my name.

In my hurry, I read the whole book at once.

Even though I was perplexed, I went to bed.


I was nervous and weary last night, so I went to bed as soon as I got home. Then I awoke in the middle of the night and remained awake till daybreak. I just didn’t get enough sleep.”

Tristan said, “Yes,” and returned to his meal.

He ate sparingly, but appeared to appreciate the walnut bread with honey. It’s his favorite meal. He’s adorable.


The book in question was a novel based on a popular otome game. It’s what we call a reverse-harem storyline.

Marie, the main character, is the daughter of a baron’s brother who lives in a tiny village with her commoner mother.

Many ordinary people lack attributes and, hence, are unable to wield magic. Mary was supposed to have no power, yet when she prayed for healing for her sick mother, the sickness vanished in an instant.

Adopted by her uncle, a baron, she attended an aristocratic college at the age of 15, where she met the second prince, the son of a duke, the son of a knight, and the son of the Prime Minister.

She is courted by all four and is unable to choose between them, but finally marries the second prince, while the other three remain her friends.

The second prince has a fiancée. She is the duke’s daughter.

A jealous duke’s daughter harasses Marie, and when the second prince and others find out, they condemn her at a graduation celebration, and the engagement is broken off.

She is subsequently deprived of her aristocratic position and brought to a monastery…


I was your ordinary office worker. My parents and younger brother were the sole members of my family. I graduated from college, found a job, and moved out on my own. a couple of ex-boyfriends.

Did I die at the age of 28 and reincarnate as Adele? Maybe I’m simply lying in a hospital bed dreaming a lengthy dream of an unreal fantasy.

Or is this “Japan” rather than my fantasy? No, no, this world and “Japan” are very well made for a dream or fantasy. I don’t have that much creativity.

(What if it’s a light novel version of the Book of Cursed Spells?)

“I haven’t seen Adele with her hair straightened in a long time.”

Tristan’s words jolted me out of my daydream.

After my bath in the morning, the maid attempted to curl my hair as usual, but I refused. It would take a long time, and I wasn’t going out anyhow.

“It looks fantastic on you,” he added.

Oh… I’m a target. Are you really 14?

If that was my brother in Japan, I’d be suspicious that he was going to ask for a significant favor.

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