Using the Hero Who Likes Me Too Much, I Intended To Live Longer in This Life, but Maybe I Failed Again – Chapter 27

Chapter 27: One Second Before the World Ends

Why does something like this exist?

Back then, of course, I never had anyone draw my portrait. And this painting is relatively new. It seems like someone who knew me back then drew it recently.

Faced with an unbelievable fact, my mind went blank, and I didn’t even notice that the door to this room had opened.

“Lisette, Onee-sama. . .?”

Startled by that voice, I quickly turned around, and there was Nadia right by the door. Her originally large eyes were even wider now.

“You’re safe. . .!”

She ran towards me, tears welling up, and hugged me as I sat on the floor. Her warm body temperature, after such a long time, made me want to cry.

From the looks of it, it seemed that Nadia hadn’t heard anything from Ralph. I stopped her when she tried to call for a maid right away.

“Don’t call anyone. Besides, I won’t be coming back.”

“Why, where are you going?”

“. . .” 

I couldn’t possibly tell her that I was being held captive in the basement by Ralph. And if I didn’t return to that place before Ralph came back, I didn’t know what would happen to him.

Nadia gently held my hand, as I remained silent.

“It’s okay, I will always be on Onee-sama’s side. I will respect Onee-sama’s will. So, could you please at least tell me where you’ve been, what happened?”

I didn’t know how to respond to her words. But now that I had been found, if I tried to deceive and disappear, it would only cause her more worry.

“Ralph has been hiding me in a safe place.”


“Yeah. He might be worried if I didn’t return soon after sneaking out.”

“. . .Is that with Onee-sama’s consent?”

Her gaze shifted to my bare ankles. There were clear marks of shackles left there. 

I squeezed Nadia’s hand, who had an expression of disbelief, and nodded, “Yeah, that’s right.”

“. . .If that’s what Onee-sama says, then I understand. Onii-sama may be a hopeless person, but I believe he will definitely protect Onee-sama. I would do anything for Onee-sama’s sake too.”

Nadia hugged me tightly again and murmured, on the verge of tears, “I love you.” I had come to find her very cute and dear to me as well.

After hugging Nadia back for a while, I eventually said, “I’m going now,” and gently stroked her beautiful silver hair before standing up.

“I have to talk to Ralph.”

“Yes. But why in this room?”

“I wanted to see this painting.”

When I pointed to the painting in front of me, Nadia tilted her head.

“This painting? I believe Onii-sama drew it shortly after coming to this house.”

“Ralph drew this?” 

I thought they were so skillful that they must have been painted by an artist. I never knew Ralph had such a talent.

“Yes, Onii-sama drew all of them. He’s very talented, isn’t he? Onii-sama has always been able to do anything. He knew things that he shouldn’t have known, anything and everything.”

“Things he shouldn’t have known?”

“Yes. Since I can remember, he had knowledge beyond his years. Even though he never properly read books.”

Dots connected with lines, and expectations turned into certainty.

“Ralph Onii-sama undoubtedly has memories from a past life.”

And Nadia boldly declared it.



As soon as I returned to my original room, Ralph came rushing in, looking flustered. There must have been signs of my escape.

Seeing me in the cell, he had an expression of immense relief, almost on the verge of tears.

“Lisette-sama, why?” 

“I have something to tell you.”

As I quietly informed him, Ralph came over without saying a word and knelt in front of me, sitting on the bed.

His beautiful eyes were filled with a deep shade of anxiety.

“Ralph, I’m sorry. I left for a little while.”


“There was a painting I wanted to see.”

When I told him that, Ralph’s eyes widened.

“Do you know Erica, Ralph?”

In my first life, my name was Erica. I think I was an ordinary girl, except for being able to use magic. I didn’t know how to doubt people, and I was foolishly straightforward.

Eventually, Ralph, who had been looking at me, nodded slightly.

“. . .I also know a little about Monique-sama.”


That was my name in my third life. I felt my heart pounding at the unexpected words.

“As you might have imagined, Lisette-sama, I am also a reincarnator.”

“. . .!”

“But, I’m a little different from you.” 

Taking my trembling hand, Ralph lowered his eyebrows and smiled, looking troubled.

“I’m on my thirteenth life.”

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