Using the Hero Who Likes Me Too Much, I Intended To Live Longer in This Life, but Maybe I Failed Again – Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Birthday Party 2

I braced myself, thinking that this would be the typical development of “You are not good enough for Ralph-same!” but. . .

“. . .Um, are you close with Nadia-sama?”

Eventually, the young lady who appeared to be the leader of the group muttered with a bright red face. I was taken aback by the unexpected question, but I quickly answered, “I think we get along well.”

Then their eyes widened, sparkling.

“We. . .we want to get to know Nadia-sama.”


As I listened to their story, it seemed that they all admired Nadia. She was the Marquis’ daughter, ranked first in the magic academy, and she possessed incredible beauty. I could understand the feeling of admiring her.

Furthermore, they said that she, like Ralph, was usually quiet and reserved, making it difficult to approach her. In the academy, she was always alone, always wearing a smile and being friendly. I couldn’t help but be surprised. 

In the midst of that, they saw me talking to her earlier and came to listen to our conversation. It seemed like they were glaring at me, but it was probably because their faces were tense.

“Well, if Nadia agrees, we’ll create an opportunity for all of us to talk.”

“Thank you!”

With that, I asked for their names and said I would contact them another day. First, I needed to hear Nadia’s intentions.

Anyway, it was a relief that it didn’t turn into the bad situation I had anticipated.

“. . .Lisette?”

Suddenly, a familiar voice called my name.

I turned around fearfully, and there was Roy’s figure. It had been since the day we were attacked by monsters in the sanctuary that I last saw him.

“Why are you here?”

He muttered, his expression showing great surprise.

It was a natural reaction since I had been living in seclusion in the countryside and now I was attending Marquis’s son’s birthday party.

“Well, why are you here?” 

“It’s just a social gathering, and well, I had some business and arrived late, but what about you?”

If he is the Count’s son, it wouldn’t be all that strange for him to be invited to this occasion. I regretted completely forgetting about it.

“Since the sanctuary is no longer safe, I’m currently living in the capital. . .Oh, by the way, is Grandma doing well?”

“Ah, yes. She’s staying quietly at home. She’s doing well.”

“That’s good.”

I had heard reports that Ralph had returned home, but hearing that he was doing well relieved me. I was saved by Grandma many times.

Roy had heard from Grandma that I was a former noble. So he seemed to have misunderstood and thought I had returned to that house.

“Even though it’s a bothersome gathering, I was curious about the face of that woman who is engaged to the hero-sama. Have you seen her already?”

“Huh? No, well. . .”

“That man who was famous for not being interested in women seems to be head over heels for her. They say she’s an unparalleled beauty.”

“Oh. . .” 

It’s beyond difficult to bring up the fact that I am that fiancée. Moreover, there are rumors circulating that she is an unparalleled beauty, which made me feel heavy-hearted.

I feel sorry for not living up to people’s expectations.

However, it’s something that will eventually be revealed. I decided to be honest and opened my mouth.

“Actually, I am that fiancée. . .”

Upon hearing that, Roy let out a dumbfounded “Huh.”

“Stop with the unfunny jokes. You, who had always been living in that countryside, are the hero-sama’s fiancée?”

“Well, um. . .”

He couldn’t believe it at all. It seems that he doesn’t know that Ralph had been visiting the sanctuary frequently.

But there’s no need to convince him forcefully and make him believe. Just as I was thinking of casually brushing it off and leaving, it happened.

“Is that true? What is this, Onee-sama? Who is this person?”

Nadia appeared as if hugging me from behind, and Roy’s eyes widened in surprise.

“. . .Nadia Redford? Could it be, really?” 

Indeed, it seems that to Roy, Nadia was proof of my words, and I nodded in response to his question.

“. . .Since when were you involved with him?”


“Well, compared to someone like Ralph Redford, I don’t stand a chance. I understand why you didn’t even spare me a glance. Were you living in that place for secret meetings or something?”

It’s becoming a confusing conversation. Moreover, he seems genuinely angry. It’s as if he actually likes me.

Nadia, who was still clinging to me, whispered in my ear, “Shall I silence this man with my magic?”

“I gave up on you, as you belong to no one. . .”


“And yet, like this!”

Eventually, Roy, with a pained expression, muttered those words and roughly reached out his hand towards me.

“What are you doing?”

But his outstretched arm didn’t reach me. Ralph, who had come to my side without me noticing, firmly grabbed Roy’s arm. 

Ralph’s beautiful eyes were chillingly cold.

“It seemed like you were about to touch Lisette-sama.”

“. . .I, I originally with this guy–”

“Stop it, stop it. You’ll die, you know.”

The one who said that was the magician named Melvin, who popped up from behind Ralph.

Remembering the incident where he almost killed me the other day, I instinctively took a step back. He chuckled, saying, “I won’t do anything in a place like this.” I can’t trust him at all.

“But seriously, what’s so good about this monster woman? It’s such a terrible taste.”

“A. . .monster woman?”

“Melvin, do you want to die too?”

He was glared at fiercely by Ralph, and he said in a stiff manner, “Yes, yes, I’m sorry,” then eventually turned his gaze towards Roy.

“You better get lost if you don’t want to be killed for real.”

“. . .”

“You should be thinking about your family more, don’t you think?”

Upon hearing those words, Roy made a frustrated expression and quickly turned his back, walking away.

“Um. . .” 

“I didn’t help you, I saved that man’s life. I’m kind to humans, you know.”

That man named Melvin said such incomprehensible words and looked down at me with a mocking expression.

Ralph turned towards me and took my hand. His cold demeanor from earlier was now replaced with a soft atmosphere.

“Lisette-sama, are you alright?”

“Yeah, thanks. But Ralph, are you okay?”


“Don’t lie. This guy isn’t okay at all. He suddenly jumped out in the middle of an important conversation with some important old man. I was feeling tired too, so I just tagged along.”

He doesn’t seem okay at all. Ralph seemed completely unable to focus on socializing with my presence.

“I’m sorry for causing you trouble.”

“Lisette-sama, it’s not your fault!” 

“That’s right! Onii-sama is just going on a rampage on his own, so please don’t worry. If he had been a second late, I would have blown that guy away anyway. It’s unnecessary meddling.”

The man named Melvin, who was watching the two of them with a withdrawn expression, suddenly spoke up. “By the way. . .”

“It seems like Beverly will be coming back next week.”

“. . ..Is that so?”

“Yeah, I just heard.”

“That’s right. Lisette-sama, let’s go meet her together.”

“Yeah, thank you.”

The opportunity came sooner than I had expected, and I felt a mix of happiness and fear. It was a very weird feeling..

But in order to move forward, in order to stay alive, it was necessary. I couldn’t thank Ralph and Saintess-sama enough.

As Ralph gently murmured, “It’s okay,” towards me as if soothing a child, I unconsciously squeezed his hand tightly in response.

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