Using the Hero Who Likes Me Too Much, I Intended To Live Longer in This Life, but Maybe I Failed Again – Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Another Reunion

After getting lost in an unbelievable place, I returned to the assigned room feeling exhausted.

Indeed, Ralph’s feelings towards me are too heavy. He claims it’s an infatuation, but it’s definitely not love. It’s something else entirely.

But in return, I’m certain he will protect me with all his might. In order to survive, I must use him without hesitation. With that thought in mind, I laid back on the bed once again.

Suddenly, a knock echoed through the room, and I immediately called out, “Please come in.”


Then, with a loud bang, the door swung open, and an incredibly beautiful girl entered the room with tears streaming down her face.

I wondered who she could be, but her silver hair and perfectly arranged features were too familiar. She came straight to me, knelt down, and gently took my hand.

“Oh, it’s the real Lisette-sama! I’ve always, always wanted to meet you!” 

“. . .Um, Ralph’s sister, right?”

As I asked, she nodded repeatedly, tears like pearls flowing from her large eyes.

“Yes, I am Nadia. I am the one you saved that day.”

“I’m glad to see you well.”

“Th-thank you!”

She had grown up beautifully and healthily, far from the girl who was on the verge of death on the roadside that day.

When she expressed her desire to talk, she immediately instructed the maid to prepare tea. In no time, preparations were made as if for a tea party, and we sat down facing each other across the table.

Looking at her again like this, she was a terrifyingly beautiful girl. It’s no wonder, as she shares the same blood as Ralph.

“But really, Onii-sama—to hide the fact that he reunited with Lisette-sama all this time! I can’t forgive him!”

Apparently, Ralph had been hiding the fact that he had reunited with me from her. And she only found out that I had been brought here just a while ago. 

“Um, Nadia-sama. . .”

“Please call me Nadia, Lisette-sama.”

Feeling a sense of familiarity with the exchange, I decided to accept it. When I nodded, she smiled like a flower.

“I heard that you will be staying in this mansion from now on.”

“Yes, I am grateful for your hospitality.”

“To be able to live together with Lisette-sama is like a dream. From now on, I want to live my life devoted to you.”

“Oh. . .”

I felt a similar intensity from her as I did from Ralph, and I really didn’t want them to feel this way. They didn’t have to go that far, but when I voiced my thoughts, she shook her head from side to side.

“On that day, I thought I was going to die just like that. It was painful, agonizing, and I felt so powerless and helpless.”

“. . .Nadia.”

“And in the midst of that, you suddenly appeared and saved us. You were like an angel. Warm, kind, beautiful, and dazzling. At that time, I couldn’t even utter a word, but being touched by you in that state. . .I was truly, truly happy.” 

As she continued to shed tears, my eyes also grew warm.

──The intensity of the emotions they direct towards me may be proportional to the hardships and sorrows they felt at that time. When this thought crossed my mind, my heart ached terribly.

“But now, we can be together forever, right?”

She said in a voice as light as a bell, and a smile reminiscent of Ralph appeared on her face.


That night, I had dinner with Ralph and Nadia. It seems that the Marquis couple is currently in their territory and will be coming to the capital soon.

They have already been informed about me, and they assured me that I don’t need to worry about anything.

Nevertheless, I continued to be impressed by the Marquis family. The dinner was too luxurious, and the taste was so delicious that my cheeks were about to fall off. And above all, I was quite surprised by one of the fruits that came out for dessert.

“I like this fruit. It’s rare, isn’t it?”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

“Onii-sama has also liked it since a long time ago.”

This bright red fruit, which was out of place on a noble’s dining table, was the first time I had eaten it in this life. It is commonly found in some rural areas, and while it is more sour than sweet, I love it.

Nadia tried a bite, and said, “As long as Lisette-sama likes it. . .” it seemed that it didn’t suit her taste. On the other hand, Ralph continued to eat with a smile, showing that he really likes it.

“Lisette-sama, I will mostly be in this mansion, so please call me if you need anything.”

“Okay, thank you.”

“It’s unfair that it’s only Onii-sama. I also want to be with Lisette-sama more, but starting from tomorrow, I have to go back to school. . .”


“Yes. I am currently a fourth-year student at the magic academy in the capital.”

She, who is one year younger than Ralph, attends the magic academy in the capital and has achieved top grades.

“Both of you are truly amazing.”

“No, Lisette-sama, are you interested in magic?” 

“I can’t use it, so I envy those who can.”

Yes, in this current life, I can’t use magic.

In my first life, I could use something like healing magic. I used it without proper instruction, but I think I was able to heal most injuries.

And in my second life, I could use a little bit of the same power. But in my third life and this current life, I can’t use it at all, and I felt disappointed because it had been so useful.

As I pondered about that, I noticed that Ralph was staring at me intently.

“If you’re okay with it, would you like to go out together tomorrow?”

“I’m fine, but where are we going?”

“It’s been a while since you’ve been to the capital, so I thought we could go shopping for things you need and explore various spots.”

Hearing such an offer, I immediately nodded. It’s been so long since I went out shopping in the city like this.

“Thank you, I’m looking forward to it.”

“Likewise, thank you.” 

He must be considerate of me, who has been in the countryside for so long. Ralph is truly kind. Nadia, however, had a pout on her face, internally scolding her brother for being unfair.

──And little did I know that I would learn an unbelievable truth the next day. With excitement for my rare outing, I went to bed.

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