Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 77

Chapter 77: Reason

“It’s like a Mina-sama play-pretend kind of thing.”

I tried to stop it, but I was held back by Lex and ended up having to watch until the end.

I put my face in my hands and just trembled.

“Ugh, I can’t get married anymore…”

“You’re already married, so it’s okay.”

While saying that, Hilka sends a fan to cool the wind. I wonder if you would say it cools the face that’s becoming hot.

Ugh… I tap Lex lightly.

“You were very dignified, Mina.”


Hilka’s face is crisp and she holds her fan in front of her.


Lex bursts out laughing.

No more! No more!

I was hitting him with a cushion on the sofa, but Hilka took them away.

Lex asks.

“…Anyway, was the shadow of the royal family, a spy essentially. Why was that eliminated?”

Hm. That’s right.

“Well, simply put, I hated the shadow of the royal family…”

“Yeah, that’s right. Let’s change the way we say it. Why now?”

“From now on, we will carry out business more widely, which means releasing magic stones in the market on a grand scale. In that case, we must publicly disclose our technology. Of course, there’s no need to go into every detail.”

Lex nods.

“You mean patents. Of course, applications can be filed at any time.”

Patents are necessary as long as you make your business public. Besides, Lex said that another researcher somewhere besides himself will eventually realize it.

“In that case, there may be spies coming. If there’s a story that one-sidedly ruined the shadow of the royal family during that time, it will become a major deterrent. That’s one thing.”

Lex nods and the servants around him do the same.

The attack from last night will stir up tomorrow’s news. The truth will never be known to the public, but it should spread among them.

“That’s why we don’t want the king to know about what we’re about to do.”

“By that do you mean the publication of the patent?”

“No, it’s about asking for the protection of the Pope.”

“Well, it’s certainly a problem if you’re seeking protection from someone who isn’t your king. But the Pope…”

“Yes, as I said before with the 100-carat magic stone, I am still a follower after all. I didn’t run to a neighboring country and seek refuge(protection) there because I had concerns that it was worth more than one country could handle.”


I look around at Lex and the servants. People who are looking at me with passionate eyes. Even if I said this now, it’s not like they will be shaken.

“Lex’s invention, there is a fear that it may be considered heretical by the Church.”

A silence, and the sound of someone swallowing their breath. It seems to have made a certain impact.

However, Lex nods. Was it expected?

“I see. Is that so… I mean, yes, that’s right. Yeah, that’s what’s going to happen.”

When I tilt my head, he continues speaking.

“We didn’t expect that.”


“Someone would definitely try to take away the commoner’s epoch-making invention. So that’s it, they can take everything.”

I feel a dimness in his brown eyes.

Yes, Lex must have been deprived of much of it before he became a part of my life. The research, or the opportunity to do research.


Called out from the servant.

“I-It’s a heresy…right?”

Without blaming impoliteness, I slowly shake my head.

“No, it’s impossible for Lex’s research to tarnish the glory of God. But the fools who are blinded by the extraordinariness of his research will surely discredit us by saying so.”

I stand up, point my finger at Lex and speak in a low voice like a drama.

“You have meddled in the great work of God to create a magic stone out of nothing.

“…that’s incorrect. I crystallized the magic elements in the atmosphere, not from nothing.”

“Oh, magic elements! You absorbed magic elements from the dungeon and artificially created the magic stone.”


“Dungeon is the realm of the demonic god who rebelled against the supreme god! Thou art an evil law-user who brings out the magic element from there!”

“That’s incorrect.”

“If it’s incorrect, then prove your innocence in a holy trial!”

I will lower my hand.

“It’s like this with a typical inquisitor of heresy. Maybe during the trial, you’ll be thrown into the river, and when you sink, you’re innocent.”

A servant speaks.

“But wouldn’t the church be unable to obtain the technology of heresy?”

“The result of the heretic inquiry was a mistake, Alex Peltra was telling the truth. He is recognized as a saint and his technology should be properly managed by the church.”

He is speechless.

“That’s why I’d like to discuss business directly with His Eminence the Pope first.”

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