Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 75

Chapter 75: The Hounds

Taxation is always something that lags behind in terms of social development and economic activity.

In ancient times when the monetary economy was not developed, taxes were paid in kind and in services. The reason was to pay a portion of the grains harvested from their own lands for public works, such as labor for water management.

With the development of the monetary economy, merchants who do not engage in direct production but instead engage in trade increased, and taxes were imposed in the form of market tax, entry tax, customs duties, business license tax, etc.

Well, then, what taxes will be imposed on us, A&V company?

We are “selling nothing” in the market. No customs duties will be imposed as long as we only move magic stones within the capital. By the way, the magic stones created in Periknen Territory have not yet been moved, and some of them are transported using adventurers. They pay taxes in the form of their income being deducted by the adventurer’s guild, but in return, they have the privilege of being armed and moving.

So taxes are not necessary if you don’t engage in commercial activities.

That is, under the current tax system, we, A&V company, cannot be captured.

“The income that remains in the public records, such as selling information on people with a lot of magic power to places like the magic school, is of course reported, but on the accounting side, it is offset by the development costs of the appraisal machine, so it is almost non-existent.

So how does this mansion and its servants get hired?

This is operated through loans from the Central Bank of the Capital and donations from patrons.

Instead of selling the magic stone to Mr. Cremetti, it is deposited and used as collateral for a loan. We have not yet made it clear that we are producing magic stones.

It is not possible to deceive the tax collector for a long time. There is no reason to take an unlimited loan. However, if it’s only to deceive last year’s tax revenue, it’s extremely effective in the short term and specifically.



Standing at the dance floor by the stairs in the entrance hall of the mansion, I address the people gathered in the hall downstairs.

“All of you, loyal employees of A&V Company.”

What sets tonight apart from the other day is that it is midnight now. The chandelier’s magic stone lights have been turned off, and most of the city lights have also disappeared, creating a quiet time. The cool moonlight falling from the windows in the upper part of the hall and the lights lit along the wall of the hall cast their shadows in the darkness.

“It’s time to hunt.”

And another thing, everyone here is capable of fighting.

Jacob, the guards, and the servants who are not regular guards but have martial arts skills to protect their master in case of emergency. Mr. Oliver and the mages of the family. Adventurers hired by the company, especially those in scout roles.

Tonight, Lex is not even here with us. His hands, hands that create the future, must not be stained with blood like mine.

“The order is one.”

There is no response. There are no foolish enough to make a sound during a night raid.

I feel like the enthusiasm of the gathering people has wavered.

In the past, when trying to kill Miss Ina, I should not have hired assassins like the one my father used. Now I know that It was not enough.

A like-minded, well-trained group. This was all that was needed.

“Death to the rats who sniff around us!”.”

Yes, what we have been deceiving until now is the tax collectors and another group known as the shadow of the royal family.

Having my status stripped by the crown prince, I showed myself to be obedient and acted as if I had no ill will towards the royal family, first cautiously and then by interacting with young noble ladies and gentlemen in the royal capital such as Miss Milcah.

“The rats have been enchanted with a spell to become a beacon marked with magic stone powder.”

A free magic diagnosis clinic, or seen from another perspective, a charity business. It started from a place close to the slums and distributing candy appears to be a kindness to the commoners.

The lack of profit is also a disguise to show that the business is not successful.

“And their whereabouts are constantly detected and captured using spells with excess magic power.”

Fine fragments of magic stone, like sand, have been scattered around the mansion. The positions of those attached were investigated over the long term by people from Mr. Oliver’s people using detection spells to see how they are moving.

Ordinary people cannot do such things, no matter how much magic power they have.

But there are countless magic stones here, so we can supplement the necessary magic power.

“Rats that know where it’s hiding are no threat to us.

But from now on, I have to be on the front of the stage.

What is needed is not to keep up an unrealistic disguise. What we need is to blind their eyes and hands.

“All that’s left is to mow the finish.”

I close the fan that hides my mouth and expose a smile like a shark, and declare to them.


Hounds have been released in the Capital City.

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