Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Delivery

“Well, they really did send a messenger of such poor quality. Or maybe that was all they could get.”

After the messenger returned, we entered the house.

“What do you mean?”

“Even the messenger sent by His Highness today, and the strategy itself, is quite amateurish. Compared to the thorough measures they took to set us up, it feels impulsive.”

Lex nods as if he understood.

“They had even arranged everything up to the church for the wedding.”

“Yes, it doesn’t seem like the same level of preparation as when they even pulled out The Cardinal.”

“Isn’t it the same thing?”

So, you mean someone who contributed to the plan? That’s possible. There are many noble people who don’t like me. If that’s the case, why isn’t that person involved now?

“It’s possible. Or maybe they simply don’t have the time to make a plan, or both.”

“Don’t have time?”

“I’m not handling his work right now, so maybe he’s trying to call me back because his business has come to a standstill? I don’t think it’s such a big job, but perhaps Now that His Majesty has returned and other personnel have left from around the crown prince, or the prince is undergoing strict reeducation?”

“I see.”

In the first place, His Highness has not been seen at any social events except for that garden party. It is mainly because Miss Madetoya was not recognized as the fiancé of the Crown Prince, but it may also be possible that Prince Elias is in consideration of being dropped from the Crown Prince possition.

Lex sighs.

“Still, I was a little uneasy because you were talking about something provocative.”

“Don’t worry. The royal family can’t kill us and can’t take us away forcibly, especially in public. Because that would cause a fatal contradiction.”

“I see, Prince Elias showed mercy to the evil woman Vilhelmina. Will that be the underlying story?”

I nod to Lex’s understanding.

“Anyway, it’s good news to know that people don’t realize that we can now create magic stones.”

“Yeah, because you said we’d be in trouble. If they thought we were making magic stones, you’d say so.”


“Yes, Madam.”

She sticks her upper body into the basement storage while wearing a cat-like smile.

And she took out a huge jar that was covered in cloth, large enough to be carried.

When she removed the cloth, the contents were a glowing mass of colorful light, made up of countless pieces of magic stones, lit up like a Western-style lamp.

“I’m leaving tomorrow. You’re coming with me.”


The next day, Alex-sama, Senni, and I leave the house early in the morning and head to the Central Bank of the Capital.

We will meet with Mr. Cremetti, who we had an appointment with.

“You’re trying a very interesting experiment, isn’t it? ‘A & V Simple Magic Quantity Appraisal Office’.”

Lex answers with a laugh.

“Yes, it’s thriving, thanks in part to the financing you provided. But of course, the appraisal office is free, after all.”

“An interesting experiment, I think. You’re looking for magic owners among the commoners and then enclosing them to make magic stones, right? How is it, have you found any employee candidates yet?”

I answer that.

“Yes, but we still consider it a stage where we should hide what we’re doing, so I haven’t made any specific requests yet. Of course, we’re thinking of hiring in the future, but.”

“I see, you have a long-term perspective.”

Alex-sama took a bundle of papers from his bag and put it on his desk.

“Here is the list of magic power surveys from the southern part of the capital. Names, ages, addresses, magic power holdings, and attributes are linked to approximately 20,000 people. Would you be interested?”

“This is… haha, certainly. I’d pay a lot of money for it, but wouldn’t you become unhireable if you handed over the data of magicians?”

“There is no such thing. If the number of magicians increases in the future, the demand for magic stones will also increase.”

“Indeed, that is true… but wouldn’t it be looking too far ahead? As A&V Inc., shouldn’t we prioritize securing our current income source first?”

I smile.

“There are many places I can sell the information to. The Chamber of Commerce, the Academy, the Church… of course, I have connections with the Central Bank of the Capital, and I will prioritize selling it to them.”

“Haha, I see… “

In the end, it’s best to sink your teeth into the national employment statistics.

Examine the magic power of all citizens. Well, if the crown prince wasn’t like that, that is.

“By the way, Mr. Cremetti said to double the production, didn’t he?”

I present the jewelry box.

“This is, as before, something I made.”

“I will take a look”, Mr. Cremetti began checking the state of the magic stone.

Meanwhile, he continues talking.

“I think. With magic stones this size, there’s no helping it even if there are so many of them.”

“I see, indeed it would be difficult to release a large number of these large-grained, standardized magic stones onto the market.”


I called out to her who was standing in the back.


Thud, a bundle of cloth was placed on the desk.

“Excuse me!”

She removes the cloth. Numerous scraps of magic stones sparkle on the desk.

“These are 25,000 scraps of magic stones, please take them.”

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