Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 27

Chapter 27: The crown prince and the court ladies



As I changed my shirt and entered the sunroom, Ina, who was already waiting, smiled with a blush. Wearing a light yellow sundress, she stood up from her seat and ran towards me.

As I picked her up in the middle of the room, she gave a light scream of happiness and laughed.

“Ina is still cute today!”

“Ufufu, Elias-sama is also very gallant, but…”

Ina said that as she reached for my face.

“Did you lose a bit of weight? Your complexion doesn’t look very good.”

Sigh… I didn’t know I was making Ina worry.

“It’s just busy. How about you, Ina?”

“I’m fine! It’s just a little bit hard.”

As I looked at the court ladies who were waiting along the wall, most of them looked away from me. There was one who was staring at me, so I spoke to her.

“Hey, that lady over there.”

A woman dressed in a sober black-and-white courtesan’s dress showed off her lady-like etiquette.

“Give me a direct answer. How is she being treated?”

“To His Royal Highness Elias, the young lion who is the dawn of the kingdom. I think that what you have just seen is all there is to it.”

“…what does that mean?”

“It would only be acceptable for a five-year-old child to act cute by rushing over to embrace His Highness when he arrives.”

“No way, Ina is just happy that Elias-sama came to see her!”

Ina protested at my chest. Oh, how lovely.

But the maid continues.

“It’s only commoners or children who act according to their emotions? It seems His Highness likes it, but is it appropriate for a crown princess?”

“Of course, on the public stage I have to act as a princess consort, but I won’t make such a rude comment when I’m enjoying tea with myself.”

“I respectfully inform you. Miss Madetoya, your appearance here is also being evaluated.”


Ina was surprised and the court lady said, “I have already told you twice.”

“Ina is just happy to meet me and becomes so. Isn’t she lovely? If she can show a dignified appearance in public, the concerns will be dispelled.”

“…It may be premature to say, but…”

“Anyway, the tea party needs to be held soon enough.”

“Yes, certainly.”

The Crown Prince has many social events that he must attend or preside over.

Official duties are not just about parliamentary or paperwork work. Now is the middle of the social season. It should be a problem if the Crown Prince and his fiancé do not appear in public.

“Elias-sama, are you sure you have enough time?”

“Ina doesn’t have to worry. This is also a part of the Crown Prince’s job.”

Until now, I had to keep Wilhelmina next to me, but I thought it was boring. If Ina is with me, I think I can enjoy it.

Yes, that’s right!”

“Why don’t we have a garden party? Let’s open the royal gardens and have a casual meeting outside.”

The court lady interjects.

“Shall it be accompanied by Miss Madetoya?”

“Of course! It’s necessary for Ina and I to show our close relationship.”

“As I mentioned earlier, I think it is still too early to put her on stage in terms of etiquette, but it may not be bad to have a casual gathering rather than a formal tea party or evening party.”

“Well, Ina. I’ll have to make you a new dress and some jewelry to go with it.

“Well, I’m happy!”

“…Your Highness.”

The court lady seemed like she was about to object, so I spoke first.

“As the crown prince’s fiancee, there should be a budget for clothing expenses, right? Since inviting Ina to the palace, there have not been any such events yet. Furthermore, inviting such merchants and learning about precious jewels is also your job.”

“…At your will.”

“Oh, that’s right. Let’s invite Wilhelmina to the garden party.”

I married her to a commoner, I must see what the former Duke’s daughter looks like now.

“That person?”

Ina shows an anxious look on her face, but there’s no reason to worry.

“Yes. It’s true that there are some who do not kindly think of my and Ina’s engagement, especially among the royalties and high-ranking nobility. But by inviting Wilhelmina, I can show many that I have generously pardoned her.”

Earlier, the minister of internal affairs said that Wilhelmina seemed to be secretly supporting me, but that was just a vain effort on her part to win my favor.

If she shows her ugly appearance standing alongside a commoner man, everyone will recognize my righteousness once again!

“Elias-sama is very kind.”

Ina laughs and the court lady slowly lowers her head.

“…I’ll contact everyone about the garden party. Now if you’ll excuse me.”

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