Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Patron

I am with Alex-sama when Alex-sama is off, and when Hilka is here, we run around the merchants and banks in the Capital.

We are looking for people who are willing to invest in Alex-sama’s research and become patrons.

The painful thing is that my connection to the nobles is mostly unusable. I may be able to meet with some ladies I was familiar with personally, but I cannot talk to their heads(heads of families). That’s just the way it is. If you try to take advantage of the situation, it may be perceived as showing disloyalty to the royal family or Duke family.

And many of my former friends also refuse to meet with me, and even if they do, they have no rights or interest in investing in the research when it comes to the ladies.

Today I went to a Chamber of Commerce that I once used, because they said they would listen to my story.

But is this a reception room …?

The room is dusty, with boxes of deals stacked in the corner. I was waiting for at least two hours, without tea being served, sitting on a cheap chair.

I quietly talk to Alex-sama sitting next to me.

“When I was Duke Periknen’s daughter, everyone treated me with hospitality. I’m sorry I couldn’t reciprocate.”

Nowadays, this is not the case. Even if you have an appointment, you may be stood up or made to wait for hours.

“No, Wilhelmina, I’m grateful that you are trying to help me. Although there are no results yet, this kind of perspective is not something I could have had on my own, and I would have been turned away if I was on my own.”

When I nodded, Alex-sama continued.

“But, if the owner of this Chamber of Commerce changes his attitude just because your position has changed, it’s not preferable.”

I smiled bitterly.

“This is what it means to lose your position. But if Alex-sama feels that way, he can look back on it someday when he succeeds.

“Is that so?”

In the end, the owner of the trade association never met us.

Well, it’s a ‘common occurrence’.


So after spending several weeks this way, a letter arrived from Mr. Cremetti of the central bank in the capital city where I exchanged checks before.

He was interested in Alex-sama’s research and wanted to hear more about it.

“Mr. Cremetti is?”

I hold the letter and think while clutching the stationery. Although it’s a short message, the paper used is of high quality, something that is used in communication between nobles. It is far too good for commoners like us to use.

Alex-sama tilts his head.

“Is it good news?”

“…yes, it is.”

“What’s troubling you?”

I close my eyes and think for a while, whether it’s troubling or not…

“My father, Duke Periknen, gave me a check from the Central Bank in the capital city. Of course, being the largest bank in the country, it’s not strange. I think Mr. Cremetti was kind to me. However, I still have concerns that he is connected with the Duke family.”

“You think the Duke family is still watching you?”

“Of course. But it is not clear whether Mr. Cremetti will inform Lord Periknen or not, and whether Lord Periknen will interfere with Alex-sama.”

Alex-sama also falls silent with his arms crossed. As they both hum in thought, suddenly Alex-sama spoke.

“In the end, the length of a noble’s hand is something that I, who am just a commoner, cannot comprehend. But if that’s the case, then wouldn’t it not matter which merchant I take my supporter’s story to? If the merchant I rely on for support is powerful enough, in the end, their relations with the royal court’s favoritism will emerge, won’t they?”

“…Yes, that’s right.”

There is also a saying that a dragon’s egg cannot be obtained unless it’s entered into the dragon’s nest.

I nod.

“Alex-sama, are you aware that your research will infringe upon the interests of the kingdom and Duke family?”


The Duke Periknen family, who make their fortune through magic stones, and many other royalties and nobles also mine magic stones for wealth. If magic stones could be made elsewhere, it would greatly change the balance of power and wealth in the world.

“What is your resolution for this?”

“The fact that I discovered it means that one day someone else will make it happen. I can’t stop the flow, and I’m doing it with the determination to advance the times.”

“Even if it kills you?”

Alex-sama nods.

“But if this research progresses, the number of people who will die will decrease. The number of crying children will decrease.”

Yes, he has that much resolve. To produce research results that would earn him a medal, even though he was just a commoner, he must have been despised by researchers of noble background.

“Wilhelmina, it pains me to involve you, but…”

This is both revenge for Alex-sama, who lost his own parents, and for me, revenge against the Crown Prince and Duke who exiled me.

I stood up and embraced him.

“Let’s listen to Mr. Cremetti’s story. And let’s fight together.”

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