Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 19

Chapter 19: The Master’s Study

We enjoyed our tea and returned with a souvenir cake for Senni and Alex-sama who watched the house while I was away.

On the way, Jacob whispers softly.

“We’re being followed.”

That’s right.

“Do you think there is any intention to attack here?”

“It doesn’t seem so right now… should we scatter?”

I shook my head leisurely.

Eventually, I was told that the feeling continued until I returned home, but there was no actual contact.

“In the end, we don’t know who was following or whether it was due to ill will or not.”

I explained to Hilka. Simple theft, surveillance by the royal family, whether Mr. Cremetti arranged for my protection, or whether to attack.

“So there’s no point in worrying too much. But Hilka, be careful when you come and go here.”

“Understood, Vilhelmina-sama.”

And so the two of them went back.

Well, with the check and jewels cashed, I have enough money to live for about ten years as a commoner, but this is not enough to do anything significant.

I asked about it before in a casual manner, but Alex-sama is a competent researcher who has been awarded medals and his salary is by no means low.

At least it is enough to support me and hire a maid.

However, I can’t live like I used to.

I know that all this money wouldn’t even buy me one dress because I used to wear a new one every time there was a tea party or evening gathering.

I have considered moving to a slightly larger place, but this is a house prepared by His Highness so I am afraid moving might displease His Highness Elias. It’s difficult.

“Let’s use this as a reserve for now in case something happens.”

Now, after spending several days looking through Alex-sama’s books and documents, I have come to understand what his research is all about, more or less.

“Collecting and crystallizing low-concentration magic elements that are dissolved in air and water…”

In other words, research to artificially create magic stones.

Those referred to as magicians, alchemists, and saints are mostly con artists, but some genuine ones use their ability to manipulate the magic essence in the air to ignite fire or heal wounds without relying on the power of magic stones.

Monsters store magic essence in their bodies, allowing them to exceed the biological power of their original animal form and make movements with greater strength and durability, such as being able to control fire or poison. Many flying monsters such as dragons and griffins have bodies that are too small to fly naturally, but they are able to do so because of the large size of their wings.

These abilities are made possible by the magic essence stored in their bodies that is crystallized into magic stones, which they extract magic energy from.

Dungeons are also spaces maintained by a giant magic stone known as the core, and are favored by monsters due to the high density of magic essence.

Magic stones are a source of energy and tools using them are expensive, but they are common among royalty and nobles. Examples include lamps and fireplaces powered by magic stones and ice chambers.

Artificially creating magic stones, which are the source of these powers, is likely the research of Alex-sama.

…Isn’t that groundbreaking!

I also read the report about Alex-sama receiving a medal. Its contents were about the research he was conducting as a preliminary stage for creating artificial magic stones. The study on the conditions for the concentration of magic elements was evaluated.


I understand that with such groundbreaking research, there are also opinions that dismiss it as just a pipe dream. However, Alex-sama is producing results and advancing towards his goal.

So why did His Highness Elias act in a manner that would interfere with Alex-sama’s research by making me his wife?

His Highness Elias probably doesn’t have a direct acquaintance with Alex-sama. In other words, when His Highness Elias was looking for a mundane, unimpressive commoner to marry me off, someone told him the name Alex-sama. That means Alex-sama is at odds with someone who holds a high position such as a head of a faction or a high-ranking scholar.

“… I don’t understand.”

“What is it?”

Senni, who was cooking, turned around in response to my muttering and asked.

“No, it’s about Alex-sama’s research.”

Since our house is small, even minor mutterings are heard immediately.

Senni laughs.”

“Madam(Oku-sama) can understand even difficult books. I once looked at them while cleaning, but they were difficult to understand.”

“It’s a specialist book, so the language is naturally difficult. It’s not like a story.”

“It would be nice if we had more interesting books that I could read too.”

“Ara, did you mean you found one you could read?”

“I was interested when the Master hid the book behind the bookshelf.”

I look behind the shelves.

Ah, ‘Doki-Doki★Marin-chan no Muchipuri ❤️ Paradise’ is here in this place…!

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