Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Rebuke to the Dauphin

“Kingdom’s unbroken sun, His Majesty Vainamo III, has returned safely. Congratulations on your safe return.”

In the audience hall of the palace, nobles, officials, and military officers stand in line. I bow my head before His Majesty and Her Majesty, who have returned to the throne from their travels.

“I’m so happy to hear that.”

Ina also performed the etiquette of a lady behind me.

Next, my younger sibling, the prince and the other royal family members, and the nobles celebrated His Majesty’s return.

“Indeed, I am grateful for the warm welcome from all the lords.”

His Majesty received it with a flourish.

The parade for the return to the capital was held and received the lords’ welcome. The celebration night will be held on another day, but today is finished for now.

However, during the ceremony, wrinkles appeared on His Majesty, Father’s forehead.

After the ceremony, when His Majesty left the audience chamber, he spoke to me.

“Elias, come to the White Lotus room later. I must hear your report. Parvallis let’s talk after dinner.”

I was prioritized over my sibling, as I am the Crown Prince!


The White Lotus room is a private room for the royal family. Although it is the simplest room in the palace, it is a room that father likes because he says it makes him feel at home.

First, let’s set aside Father’s desire to speak with my younger sibling and report on my work as a substitute during their absence.

However, upon entering the room, I saw my father’s unhappy face.

“Elias, first sit down.”


I sit on the sofa across from His Majesty.

“You have worked hard as a substitute for the king’s work. Of course, I have to examine what happened afterwards, but from what I have heard in the report, there seem to have been no problems.”


Hahaha, I have shown my worth as the crown prince.

“By the way, I noticed that your fiancé, Duke Periknen’s daughter, was not there today at the reception.”

“Yes, I…”

His Majesty stops my words by putting his hand up.

“I heard strange rumors when I got close to the capital.

I heard that you condemned the cruel and inhumane fiancé, Duke Periknen’s daughter, and now have a new fiancé named something. Also, it is said that the benevolent Crown Prince Elias reduced the wicked woman Vilhelmina to a commoner.

“Y-Yes! I condemned Vilhelmina who abused my beloved Ina!”

“Elias, I have some questions for you.”


“Is that Ina the young lady who was next to you?”

When I affirm, my mother turns away with an expression like she is looking up at the sky, and utters words of grief.

“Ah, a girl who can’t even do the courtesy of a lady!”

Certainly, Ina is not yet accustomed to wearing shoes with thin high heels, and there are times when her body still wobbles. But such things are not a problem if she gets used to it, right?

My father says, tapping my mother’s shoulder comfortingly.

“Since the details are unclear, be honest and tell us. Did Miss Vilhelmina mistreat Ina?”

“Yes, she even tried to kill her!”

“Isn’t that because you were having an affair with this Ina?”

“No, it’s not about an affair! I found true love!”

“Your change of heart is not something to be praised. It’s not commendable, but it’s understandable. Love may be like that.

But wasn’t Miss Vilhelmina trying to kill that woman out of affection for you?”

“What are you saying!”

I involuntarily stood up.

“Surely, the response may be harsh, but can you not see that it was to avoid having your affair become publicly known and avoid criticism?”

“That woman would not have such noble intentions!”

“…so without telling us, you condemned her at the evening party and married her to a commoner?”


“And without permission.”


“You fool!”

My father stood up suddenly and swung his fist across the desk.

His fist hit my face.


I was thrown to the floor and blood flowed from my nose, spreading a red stain on the carpet.

My father sat down on the sofa with a thud.

“Do you understand that you have broken the engagement contract, made in my name, King Vainamo III?”


“The issue is not whether Miss Vilhelmina has done something wrong.”

My father sighed and my mother wiped her tears with a handkerchief.

“We know, Elias, that you are the one who has been moving the ‘shadows’ of the royal family and spreading rumors to the public. And it’s also known that you used the Cardinal to allow Miss Vilhelmina to marry a commoner. I haven’t investigated yet how you made Duke Periknen recognize it. This is what I call deviousness at work.”


“Well thought out. Indeed, it is not easy to return the situation even in the name of the king.”

So is he going to recognize my engagement with Ina?!

“Your words as the acting king carry more responsibility than you think. Alright, I will recognize your engagement with Ina and cancel the engagement with Miss Vilhelmina.

“W-What a blessed happiness!”

“But keep in mind. When you are judged unfit to be the next King and Queen, it will be your undoing… you may leave.”

“Y-Yes, excuse me.”

When I left the White Lotus and the door was closed by a servant, I faintly heard my father’s voice.

“…I’m sorry, Miss Vilhelmina.”

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