Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Someday in the Future

“When I first met you, you told me that you were the Crown Prince’s fiancée, but that you were set up to justify his infidelity and that he had banished you from your home.”


Alex furrowed his brow.

“But in the capital, there is talk that His Highness Elias condemned the cruel and abusive fiancée Vilhelmina and established a kind-hearted Lady Ina Madetoya as his new fiancée. He is also said to be a benevolent prince, not executing Vilhelmina but instead stripping her of her noble status.”

Sigh. I’m not surprised to hear that.

“What did Alex-sama think when he heard about this?”

“…I didn’t have any interest in nobles, and as a commoner, I have no involvement with that. So if there was talk about it, I just assumed that was the way things were and lived my life.”

Well, that makes sense. As a commoner and a serious researcher, he probably doesn’t have many opportunities to learn about the truth of such classes.

I nod and he continues.

“But I thought that these rumors must have been deliberate lies spread by someone.”

I feel my cheeks loosen.

“Of course, not all rumors are true, and conversely not all rumors are false. However, the rulers intentionally spread rumors to make it easier to govern the people. On the other hand, those who rebel against the ruler, for example, an enemy country or territory, spread rumors that stir up public anxiety.”

Alex-sama sighed.

“It’s a shameful thing to believe rumors without clarification… “

“It’s probably like that. Why was the rumor false, and why did you believe the words said to be doubtful?”

“That the crown prince suddenly gave me a wife who he didn’t even want, as a reward? It’s about Vilhelmina being cruel and inhuman…”

He hesitated.

“Fufufu, it’s okay. Please speak.”

“I also had a bad first impression because I was hit right away… Well, even if I had faults, I probably thought she was a noble and arrogant woman.”

“… How about now?”

“You are my wife as a commoner, you shouldn’t have wanted that but you seem to be listening to my words and supporting me.

And when I think about Miss Hilka looking for you, you couldn’t have been wicked as a noble lady.”

“There’s no such thing as wickedness, nor are you a saint. I always try to act in a manner appropriate to my status and I also expect that from others. So, I’m sorry for hitting you.”

Alex-sama stops me with his hand.

“No, an apology is not necessary. It was because you judged me as an unrefined commoner who was not appropriate for that place because of my clothes and behavior at that time.”


“Is it a lie that you mistreated a woman named Ina?”

“No, I swear I did not behave in such a manner.”

Alex-sama seems relieved.

“So, was the claim of trying to assassinate her a lie?”

“No, that’s true.”

His body shook with a jerk. He tried to speak but seemed unable to form the words.

“Of course, I’ve been cautioning them verbally and in writing about their relationship, but they wouldn’t listen.

Just as a nobleman would treat a commoner with disrespect, it is not appropriate for a Baron to behave in such a manner towards me, a Duke’s daughter. That’s why I tried to kill her.”

“… was that an appropriate action for a noble?”

“Yes. In the end, it turned out to be successful.”

“So, uh, couldn’t you have just exposed the infidelity or something in a legal setting?”

“It is not desirable for the reputation of a crown prince of a kingdom to be lowered.”

Alex-sama pondered with his hand on his chin.

“So that was your position…If you’re asking me if assassination is the right thing, I can’t answer. But I’ve understood a little.”

Fufufu, it’s touching that he is considering my feelings. I am pleased.

“Do you still cherish the Crown Prince and the country?”

“His and Her Majesties are not bad people. But after all, they’ve been tacitly approving the growth of the crown prince. I have already run out of patience. And with the Duke Periknen family as well.”

“I see, I feel the same.”

Alex-sama smiled and I smiled too. Ah, maybe it’s the first time we laughed together.

“If someday, my research succeeds, gets evaluated, and I get a good position…”


“It would be good if we could invite Miss Hilka and other servants as servants of Vilhelmina. Come, let’s have dinner. It’s getting cold.”

My vision blurs and I see Alex-sama’s face.


Yes, it would be nice if such a future comes.

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