Transmutation Master Aria Is Doing Her Best Today ~a Happy Second Life for a Transmutation Master Who Had Her Results Stolen by Her Sister~ – Chapter 75

Transmutation Master Aria Is Doing Her Best Today ~a Happy Second Life for a Transmutation Master Who Had Her Results Stolen by Her Sister~ – Chapter 75

Chapter 75: The price of power

The wind enters the quiet room through the window.

The curtains sway.

The book on the table is blown by the wind, flipping its pages.

Time passes calmly and peacefully.





His Highness Ash, who was sleeping on the bed, woke up.

Yuren-kun talks to him with a crying face.

“Can you see my face?”

“Yeah. My body is still sluggish though.”

“I see… That’s good.”

Perhaps relieved that they can carry on a normal conversation, Yuren-kun relaxes his shoulders.

“How do you feel, your highness?”

“Aria? Well, I’m not feeling too bad, just as I said before, I feel sluggish.”

“Are you feeling any pain?”

“Not really. I didn’t get injured or anything.”

That’s right, he didn’t get injured.

He was bedridden for the past three days due to fatigue.

Both the doctor and I concluded that was the case and informed everyone.

In fact, he wasn’t injured anywhere.

“You’re pushing yourself too hard, brother. I was worried when you suddenly collapsed.”

“I’m sorry, Yuren. I also worried Aria.”

“…No, thanks to Your Highness, we were able to overcome the monster. People who were sick in the town have been recovering one after another since then.”

“Is that true?”

I nodded my head in affirmation.

The change happened the day after we returned to the town.

People who had been severely ill woke up together and showed rapid recovery.

The thorn-shaped patterns on their bodies began to disappear, and half of them were able to walk again by the next night.

“As expected, it seems that the monster was the cause of the disease. This is speculation, but maybe the people who were ill were being used as nutrients for that cocoon.”

“Nutrients… I see. That’s why healthier people were more prone to getting sick.”

“Yes. The disease was a signpost for the monster, and it was absorbing life force from far away. So I think everyone recovered because the monster was defeated.”

It was mostly my speculation, but I had a feeling that it wasn’t entirely wrong.

Everyone has recovered now, and as long as their lost stamina returns, they should be able to resume their daily lives.

“I see, I see! Then everything is settled.”

“Yes, as expected from my brother.”


——Settled… or is it?

Certainly, the issues that were happening in this town have been resolved.

But I am still carrying a feeling that I can’t conceal within my heart.

Should I ask about it now, while Yuren-kun is also present?

As I hesitate, His Highness Ash asks Yuren-kun.

“By the way, Yuren, have you reported to our father yet?”

“No, not yet. Brother was also still sleeping, so I thought it would be better to prepare to leave once he wakes up.”

“I see. Well then, sorry to ask this, but could you go ahead with the preparations to leave? I should be able to move by tomorrow, and it’s better to report to our father as soon as possible.”

“Personally, I would like you to take a bit more rest… but yes, understood.”

Yuren-kun stands up and walks towards the door of the room.

“I’ll step out for a bit. Aria, can you watch over my brother while I’m gone?”


“Geez, you don’t trust me at all.”

“I’m just worried.”

With those words, Yuren-kun left the room.

Intentionally or coincidentally, I was left alone with His Highness.

Now is my chance to ask.

But before I could say anything, he spoke up.

“So, you have something you want to ask?”

He sat up as he talked.

It was intentional after all.

If that’s the case, I don’t need to pretend not to notice anymore.

“…You use magic, right?”

“I see you noticed after all.”

His Highness sighed.

He admitted it all too easily, showing a dry smile.

“How did you know?”

“…I was taught that there are limits to what humans can do, and that magic is a way to surpass those limits. Your Highness is too extraordinary, so I thought maybe that was the reason.”

“I see. That’s a good guess.”


“It’s all thanks to Nebel-san that I noticed.”

The meaning of the last words she left behind was about His Highness Ash.

“When did it start?”

“From the beginning? It was quite a while ago. I was in a tight spot during a battle, and I relied on this power. It’s magic that transforms the body into a stronger one. The more you use it, the stronger you become.”

“But the cost of that…”

“I know.”

When humans use magic, it shortens their lifespan. To create something, an appropriate price must always be paid.

He is paying with his time of living as a human for his superhuman strength.

He himself does not know how much his lifespan has been reduced.

“Keep it a secret from Yuren.”


“Please. I want to tell them with my own words. I’m trying to find a good solution before that, but I haven’t found one yet.”

He was secretly searching for a way to regain the lost lifespan since he first relied on magic.

However, he hasn’t found any significant clues yet.

Half-giving up, he spoke sadly from his own mouth.

“…Then please let me help, too!”


“Yes! I will search for a way to solve Your Highness’s worries together. My Transmutation Art can create something new.”

“That’s reassuring, but don’t push yourself. This is my problem. I should bear the responsibility that relies on my own strength. So——”

“That doesn’t matter!”

I deny it strongly.

His Highness seems surprised that I would talk back to him.

“So many people will be sad if Your Highness is gone. Yuren-kun, and even the king… I can’t do nothing knowing that such a future will come.”


“I don’t want to give up on the life in front of me anymore.”

I wish everyone to live a happy life with laughter and joy until the end of their lives.

That is my wish.

It’s not just me; it’s also Yuren-kun’s ideal.

Of course, this includes His Highness Ash.

“…I can understand why Yuren is attracted to you.”


“I got it! I don’t want to die either. If possible, I want to keep living with everyone from now on.”

He clenches his fist tightly.

“I’m counting on you, Transmutation Master.”


On this day, I was entrusted with a new expectation.

I was given the task of protecting the life of a noble warrior, a prince.

Extra Chapter: Time left to talk

“What’s wrong with you? Is that all you’ve got?”

“I can still keep going!”

One afternoon.

The second prince, Ash, and the third prince, Yuren.

The two princes were crossing swords.

“Is that all? Your thrust is weak, Yuren!”

“Gah! Don’t be harsh, Brother. You’re not completely recovered from your illness, are you?”

“Don’t be ridiculous. Then I’ll just have to try a little harder.”

“So will I!”

The two brothers exchanged playful banter.

But their swords clashed fiercely as they closed in on each other.

They were both serious.

They were serious about practicing, but also serious about winning.

However, there was a significant difference in their raw strength.

No matter how hard Yuren fought or struggled, the outcome was always the same…

“Damn it…”

“I won again this time, didn’t I, Yuren?”

“…I concede defeat to you, Brother.”

The winner was Ash.

His title as the strongest in the kingdom was well deserved.

Of course, Yuren was also strong, but Ash’s strength was on a different level.

After finishing their practice, the two princes sat down under a tree.

“I worked up a good sweat.”

“I’m sorry, Brother. I made you practice even though you’re still recovering.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. I’m already feeling better as you can see. It’s not good for the body to rest too much, this is just right.”

“Brother is tough. I was really worried when he collapsed.”

Yuren smiles with relief.

Ash behaves brightly while watching him.

Yuren, his younger brother, still doesn’t know the secret of his brother.

What kind of expression will he have when he realizes the cost of his power?

Waves of worry rush through Ash’s heart.

“I’ll deal with it when the time comes.”


“It’s nothing. But Yuren, you were really focused on your strikes. They felt heavier than before.”


Yuren asks with happiness, and Ash nods in response.

“Yeah. It’s like your sword was imbued with resolve.”

“Resolve… Is that such a big deal?”

“What? You look like you already know.”

“Yes, well…”

Yuren smiles kindly and touches the sword at his waist.

“I have someone I want to protect. Thinking of that person strangely fills me with strength.”

“I see.”

Ash didn’t ask who it was, since it was something he already knew.

“You’re a man, too.”


“Men become stronger the more they have to protect. They don’t want to lose what’s most important. They become strong because they’re afraid of losing something and will protect it even if it costs their life. Human men are the most cowardly creatures in the world.”

“Cowardly…yes, that might be true. Although those are words that don’t suit my Brother.”

“Well, maybe not. But I’m the same. I sought strength because I didn’t want to lose you guys. Even if it meant sacrificing my own life.”

Choosing death to protect instead of living without being able to protect.

He was willing to take that vow.

But he never thought that his choice was the right one.

“Yuren. Don’t make a mistake.”


Words from an older brother.

Perhaps these would be his last.

Ash spent every day thinking that way.

Fearful of the moment when they would eventually have to part ways.

Who knows who would know how much sand remains in the hourglass.

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