Transmutation Master Aria Is Doing Her Best Today ~a Happy Second Life for a Transmutation Master Who Had Her Results Stolen by Her Sister~ – Chapter 48

Transmutation Master Aria Is Doing Her Best Today ~a Happy Second Life for a Transmutation Master Who Had Her Results Stolen by Her Sister~ – Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Prince and former prince

Four o’clock in the afternoon.

The time when the sun leans towards the west.

Yuren finished his work and was taking a break in his room.

Checking the clock, Yuren turns his gaze out the window.

“They should be back soon.”

“Aria and Fusaki?”

“Yeah. I said by evening, but they have probably already finished exploring.”

Yuren sips his tea while looking out the window.

“…If you’re that concerned, why don’t you go pick her up?”


Yuren is caught off guard and spits out his tea.

Denying while coughing, “I-it’s not like I’m concerned!”

“Well, it’s pretty obvious you are. Fusaki is with her. They wouldn’t get lost or anything.”

“Well, yes, but…there was that bandit thing, too, wasn’t there?

“That had nothing to do with them. Besides, see, you’re worried after all.”

Unable to argue back, Yuren sulks and finishes his tea in one gulp.

He places the empty cup on the table a little forcefully, then stands up quickly with force.

“Yeah, I’m worried! That’s why I’m going to meet them in the forest.”

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll come with you too.”

“I’m fine on my own.”

“Don’t say that. I’m worried too.”

Ignoring Hisui’s gestures, Yuren quickly left the room.

After calmly tidying up, Hisui followed him.

The two walked to the edge of the forest.

As they walked, people passing by whispered something to each other.

It wasn’t just one or two people.

When Yuren and Hisui looked back in the direction they were headed, the people quickly ran away.

“It seems kind of noisy.”

“Yeah, something might have happened…hey, look at that!”

Yuren was the first to notice.

People were gathering at the entrance of the town.

No, the focus wasn’t on the gathering crowd, but on one person that they were watching from a distance.

Fusaki, covered in mud and blood, staggered as he walked.



When Fusaki spotted Yuren, he fell to his knees.

The two quickly rushed over.

“What happened?! Who did this to you?”

“Your Highness… Nee-san is… worse off than me…”

Fusaki grabs Yuren’s arm.

He pulls weakly, as if clinging to him.

“Aria? Has something happened to her too?”

“I’m sorry… She was kidnapped…”


Yuren couldn’t hide his agitation.

His expression paled.

However, in front of him was Fusaki, who looked like he was in pain.

“N-No, we need to provide first aid first! Hisui! I’ll carry him, so please arrange for a doctor!”

“Right, and I’ll round up the town guards while I am at it. We’ll probably need them.”

“Good idea. Thank you.”

“Leave it to me!”

The two head off in different directions.

Fusaki, who was carried on Yuren’s back, repeatedly apologized as his consciousness started to fade.

“I’m sorry… I’m so…sorry.”

He didn’t blame Fusaki at all.

On the contrary, he was relieved that he was safe.

However, he couldn’t hide his anxiety.

His heart was racing for a different reason, not just from running.

Aria…please be safe.


At eight o’clock on the same night.

The forest was darker than usual with very little light.

There was a cave there.

Two men were watching in front of the cave.

“Ha, this is boring.”

“Hey, don’t let your guard down. You don’t want to get in trouble with the boss.”

“It’s fine. Nobody’s… what?”

The sound of trees rustling and the sensation of wind blowing through.

There are limited sounds that echo in the forest.

Therefore, they are easily heard.

The sound of metal clanging, and heavy footsteps pounding the ground.

Light appears.

One, two, ten… even more.

At the head of it all, two angry eyes glare silently.

“I found you. You’ve been wreaking havoc in my country.”

“Enemy attack!”

The battle begins.

Behind Yuren were the knights who had been stationed at Floria.

In addition, some of the guards who were protecting the town were mobilized.

They rushed into the cave with overwhelming numbers, taking down the bandits along the way.

Yuren and Hisui lead the charge.

“Where is she? Where are they hiding?”

“Don’t get too hasty, Yuren. Don’t rush too far ahead.”

“I know, I know, but…”

He cannot suppress his anger.

Aria was abducted, and his important subordinate was injured.

As soon as he saw the blood of someone close to him, Yuren’s anger boiled over.

“Yeah, me too.”

Hisui was also angry.

Despite knowing that his master was being reckless, they ran together.

It was not a calm judgment considering their position, but the two were exceptional in terms of their abilities.

They mercilessly cut down the bandits who appeared one after another.

“There’s no end to them.”

“This is the bandits’ hideout. What do you expect?”

“…Leave the bandits to the soldiers. We need to make our way deeper as soon as possible.”

“Understood. You guys, I and His Highness will move ahead! Catch the thieves, don’t let any of them escape!”

In response to Hisui’s voice, the soldiers answered back.

The two of them hurried through the cave.

They jumped over the rough terrain and navigated the maze without getting lost.




They finally arrived.

“Long time no see, Prince Yuren. Did you miss me?”


The former prince and the prince.

Two people who followed different destinies meet again.

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